A Random UFO Encounter In A Quiet English Town

Marcus Lowth
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October 11, 2023
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It is quite normal for those who have encountered UFOs and even alien entities to not recall the incident until years later. That is very much the case for PT, who experienced a close encounter with a mysterious vehicle and its equally mysterious occupants almost four decades ago when he was only a young boy, but didn’t realize, or at least, recall that he had until he was a young man when the memories suddenly, and for no apparent reason, came flooding back to him.

The incident in question was told to the author in confidence firsthand around 10 years ago, although it is only now when I have requested that I write of the account that the person in question has agreed, with the caveat being that their name be changed, and the exact location of the encounter not be revealed. The witness is not looking to investigate the incident further and is certainly not willing to undergo hypnotic regression to reveal any further memories.

While that might be a shame on the one hand, the incident is still worthy of our examination and is yet another encounter that adds to the small mountain of accounts of close encounters with potential visitors from another world.

Six Hours That Went By In A Matter Of Minutes

PT lived in a small town in Yorkshire in the north of England with his mother at the time of the incident. The encounter occurred when he was only six years old one day in the spring or summer of 1984. On the day in question, a little after midday, PT was playing outside in the backyard. It was a particularly hot, sunny day, and his mother, not a fan of the heat, remained inside preparing their evening meal. The yard was fenced at either side by neighbors and had a wire fence at the back, so she felt safe in allowing him to play unsupervised (although he could, and regularly did scale this back fence to access the fields at the back of the house).

What was strange about this particular day, after playing with them on the grass near the back fence, he suddenly realized his mother was calling to him. And by the sound of the slight annoyance in her voice, she must have been calling for some time. He suddenly turned around and answered, seeing his mother standing in the doorway that led to the backyard. She asked him what he had been doing and that she had indeed called him several times to come in for dinner. PT apologized and offered that he didn’t hear her. It was then that he took a glance at the digital watch on his wrist. To his shock, it was almost 6 pm. It felt like only minutes had passed since he had first stepped outside after eating lunch.

He came in and ate dinner. And while PT was indeed confused by the day’s events, or lack thereof, at least that he could remember, he went to sleep as normal that evening. And while he would occasionally think of it and just what had happened to cause him to not remember playing outside for almost six hours, he by and large put the incident out of his mind. That was until he was in his early 20s and moved into his own home with his fiancé. Then, as he stepped into his new backyard one sunny afternoon, the day came flooding back to him, as did the memories of what happened.

A Sudden Flashing Recall Of Memory

He wasn’t sure if it was because the backyard in his new home was very similar to the one he lived in as a child or not, but as soon as he stepped outside that afternoon as an adult, the memories of that sunny day in 1984 came surging back to him.

He had gone out to play as normal, sitting on the grass looking out through the back fence that overlooked the fields. At some point, a flash in the sky caught his attention. He stopped what he was doing and looked upward to where the flash had come from. There, hovering in the sky in front of him was what appeared like a large, shiny ball bearing. He wasn’t sure if it was spinning or not but every now and then, seemingly at random intervals, the light from the sun reflected brilliantly off its surface.

He had a quick look around to see if anyone else was outside but quickly discovered there wasn’t. He contemplated running inside to tell his mother but he didn’t want to leave the garden in case the object disappeared. Instead, he turned his attention back to the sphere in the bright blue sky and continued to watch it, only now, it appeared to be much closer, hovering over a railway line that ran along the back of the field, approximately 2000 to 3000 feet away (although PT admitted his estimations of distance were speculative).

Now, with the object much closer, PT could see that it did indeed appear to be of a metallic exterior and was completely smooth, with no panels, windows, or any other kind of markings on it. PT turned around to look at the back door of the house and then decided he would sneak off for a few minutes, climb over the fence, and view this bizarre craft a little closer.

Human-Looking Occupants Inside A Ball-Shaped Craft

Once PT was over the fence, he quickly looked behind him to ensure his mother wasn’t there and quickly ran into the field in the direction of the round, metal object. He couldn’t tell if it was not getting bigger as he ran to it or whether the object itself was getting closer, and perhaps even lower. However, the closer they got to each other, PT’s memory, even in recall, began to get hazy and a little disconnected.

His last clear memory is being a short distance from the object, which now appeared much larger, and was clearly lower down than it had been previously. He estimated that it was around 100 feet high and the same again across. Then, the upper semi-circle of the front of the object appeared to slide away, allowing the inside to be viewed.

PT could see several occupants, each wearing some kind of uniform, but each looking decidedly human. One of these occupants was looking straight at him and appeared to have a friendly look on his face. However, his recall now becomes jumpy. He can recall being inside the object, but he can’t remember what was inside. The only lasting memory is of flashing lights on large walls and that it appeared to be very dark but well-lit at the same time.

He can recall looking down and moving through the air but he can’t recall if he is simply moving through the air himself or if he is looking down from the object. One thing he does recall is that he can’t remember any feelings of fear or of him being in danger. Then things became blurry. The next memory PT has is of sitting in the backyard and of his mother calling to him.

He is uncertain if he had only returned there moments before his mother began calling him, or if he had made his way back from the field by himself, or if the occupants of the round craft had brought him there. Furthermore, he is uncertain of exactly what happened once he approached the craft, and why he couldn’t recall the encounter in detail. That something happened that day, however, PT is certain.

A Case Of Coincidental Alien Interaction?

Just what might have PT witnessed that afternoon in the summer of 1984, and what happened once he approached this strange object? And, if we accept for a moment that the memories are correct and not some kind of daydream that PT has somehow remembered as an actual event, were the occupants of this mysterious rounded object nothing more than humans in an experimental aircraft, or were they indeed visitors from another world?

We should also note that, at least to the best of his knowledge, PT has had no further encounters since that day when he was a young boy. This would suggest that the encounter was one of pure chance and not one of targeted abduction. This might also explain why his memory of the encounter once he witnessed the occupants became hazy. This very well could have been intentional on the part of the occupants. Indeed, we might recall that PT didn’t recall any of the encounters until almost two decades later.

Just what happened that day, and just what he might have seen remains a complete mystery. And the fact that he doesn’t wish to delve any further means that the encounter will very likely remain a mystery. At least for the foreseeable future.

The short video below looks at some of the best UFO encounters from the United Kingdom.

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  • Roy Rochelle says:

    I am 78. I would like to share a 20 second event I experienced in September 2015. It occurred right in front me in my neighborhood area. I have a 4 page report of drawings and my comments. This event was unlike anything I have ever read about.

    • Fango says:

      Marcus surely is on hand to hear your story !

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      Hi Roy – apologies for the delay. Would you be bale to send this to marcus@ufoinsight.com please? I get a lot of emails but I will keep a look out for it.

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