The International Space Station – UFOs, Lasers, And Live-Feed Cuts

Marcus Lowth
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March 14, 2018
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October 13, 2021
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The International Space Station is perhaps the clearest evidence yet of science-fiction becoming reality. A permanent human residence in space, albeit in the confines of Earth’s orbit. Its presence not only allows us to learn about life in the cosmos but improve the lives of people on Earth.

International Space Station

The International Space Station

Although many believe the exploration of space to be wasteful and even unnecessary, the fact is, many of the modern items and gadgets we enjoy today only come to us off the back of the space race. [1] Everything from microwaves to pacemakers, baby formula to high-tech comfortable running shoes, and water filters to scratch resistant lenses. In short much of the modern world on Earth, is largely due to the desire to explore what’s outside of it.

While the ISS is certainly a benefit to humanity, it also comes with many conspiracies. These mainly revolve around the censoring of video proof of crafts of an extra-terrestrial origin. Some, however, suggest the space-station to be part of a covert secret space program. We will look a little at that shortly.

First, though, we will look at some of the more intriguing experiments taking place on the ISS. Ones that may indeed contribute to a better quality of life on Earth. Before we do, check out the short video below. It looks at some of the everyday items we have NASA to thank for.

Bizarre Space Experiments

While they are perhaps not the first type of experiment that would come to mind when thinking about the International Space Station, the growing of cherry tree stones [2] was certainly one of the most interesting.

The experiment began in November 2008 when 250 cherry tree stones were seeded aboard the ISS. They remained onboard for almost eight months, during which time they would complete over 4000 orbits of the planet. In July 2009 they returned to Earth and were planted in fourteen separate locations around the globe.

Five years later, after steady monitoring, several locations would boast exciting results. Perhaps one of the best examples would be those at the Ganjoji Temple in Japan. The saplings boasted growth of thirteen feet and showed several prominent flowers. This was six years ahead of expected results.

Scientists believe that the time the stones spent in space likely quickened their development on Earth. Exposure to cosmic rays is one possible reason for this. Although the trials and many like them continue, if such methods can be perfected, even quickened, and carried out on a larger scale, it could mean replacement of entire regions of rainforest and even rapidly increased growth times for harvest and food-stuffs.

Another intriguing experiment of the ISS involved experienced astronaut, Scott Kelly. [3] While spending a year in space, Kelly was monitored in various ways to establish the effects of such a long time in the cosmos. At the same time, his twin brother, Mark would be subject to the same monitoring on Earth. The hope is the experiment will offer scientists a glimpse into precautions that may be needed for any proposed long-term space flight. The short video below looks at this a little further.

Many UFO Sightings

Whenever eagle-eyed space and UFO enthusiasts spot a suspect object during shuttle launches carrying vital cargo from Earth to the space station, the usual reason offered for this by NASA is that it is “space debris”. One such occasion was the STS-115 mission in August 2006 [4] – known as “The Triangle Incident”.

As the space shuttle Atlantis set off on its journey into the Earth’s orbit, a set of lights in a distinct triangular shape appeared to follow them. The craft – it that is what it was – came into view just before the 30-second mark of the launch. Although NASA would dismiss the sighting, the commander of the Atlantis, Brent Jett would state that it was “unlike anything he had seen” on previous space missions.

Critics of NASA’s explanation would state the object remained remarkably close to be debris. They would also point to the timing of the object, which appeared very late in the launch for debris. The video below shows that particular footage.

One of the more recent sightings concerning the ISS would come from twenty-year-old, Jason Beeson from Worcestershire, England. Not only had he managed to spot a “metal spaceship” but it looked almost exactly like the famous craft from the Star Wars films, the Millennium Falcon. [5] It even had a bizarre blue glow at what he assumed to be the back of the craft as if this was its propulsion system.

The object was visible for almost two minutes, and despite sending a screenshot of his to find to NASA, he is still awaiting a response. You can see that footage in the video below.

China’s Moon Mission, 2013

On 14th December 2013, China would launch their Jade Rabbit rover to the Moon. After an initial successful landing in the Bay of Rainbows area of the lunar surface, the rover set off on its fact-finding mission. For just over a month everything went as planned. Then suddenly, it stopped dead.

Conspiracy theorists, UFO enthusiasts, and even the Chinese media wondered aloud if the rover was “intentionally stopped”. [6] When footage of an unknown object came into view on the ISS live feed, at roughly the same time the Chinese rover’s journey came to an end on the lunar surface, many people wasted little time in connected the two incidents.

More conservative theories would suggest that a meteor had destroyed the rover. When a NASA probe went over the site, however, it was obvious that the meteorite theory was incorrect. The lunar rover was completely intact and (outwardly) undamaged. The official explanation was a combination of “moon dust” and extreme cold. While these are perfectly plausible, many believe the object appearing on the ISS feed at around the same time is more than coincidence. Particularly as NASA would cut the feed and offer no explanation as to what it was.

Strange objects in the ISS live feed, however, is something that happens more than many realize. As are the amount of “cuts” in the broadcast which coincidentally or not happen at the same time.

International Space Station

International Space Station

The Many Live-Feed Cuts

One of the things that many UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists agree on regarding the International Space Station is they have a tendency to cut the live video feed within seconds of anything unusual coming into the shot. On some occasions, whoever is in charge of doing this has been a little slow and several intriguing pieces of footage have remained in the public domain by eagle-eyed watchers of the channel.

In April 2016 a video of an apparent UFO on the ISS live-feed surfaced on social media. The video shows an object with a “horseshoe” shape to it which is clearly visible for almost a minute. Just before the feed goes blank a blue glow is visible on the craft. You can see footage of that incident below.

Just short of a year prior, in June 2015, several objects were spotted on the ISS live-feed. When the objects were viewed at close range, they appeared to be “an entity with wings!” Many UFO researchers would draw comparisons to the Salyut 7 Incident from 1984 when several Soviet cosmonauts claimed to see “angels” outside their craft. The objects, whatever they were, are known as “Space Angels” in such circles. You can view the video clip below.

Six months previously, in January 2015, another incident sent waves around UFO communities when a grey object appeared as if rising from the Earth. Once again, the footage went blank a few seconds after the object came into view. The video is below.

If each of these objects was merely space debris as the majority of official explanations offer they are, then why do NASA always cut live-feeds whenever any “debris” comes into view? Remember, we are not talking a couple of times here. It is understandable that some remain suspicious.

“Mothership Fires Red Beam” At The ISS?

In late-2017 a bizarre piece of footage showing an “alien mothership” seemingly firing a “red beam” at the International Space Station surfaced online. What made the footage even more chilling is that a similar object appeared online only months earlier [7] in March 2017. The appearance fueled speculation of a long-rumored “secret space program” operating outside of the public’s knowledge – possibly one with extra-terrestrial involvement. You can view the footage from March 2017 below.

When the footage of the “mothership” appeared in December 2017, it was of a very similar shape. This time, however, a row of intensely bright lights [8] is visible along what is presumed to be the side of the cigar-shaped craft. After several moments, a bizarre red beam, like a laser, emerges from the craft and towards the ISS.

A plethora of theories would abound around the Internet as to what the red beam was. Some would state it was possibly teleportation technology, while others insisted it was an advanced transferring of information. Others would offer it was merely a lens flair or simply a trick of the light.

The sightings of strange crafts and bizarre lights look set to continue as long as the ISS is patrolling the orbital space around our planet. And while some of these are undoubtedly the product of overactive imaginations or even flat-out hoaxes, others are a genuine mystery. Perhaps the reason people do keep spotting “strange objects” in the shuttle launches and live-feed footage of the space-station is simply that they are there to be seen.

Check out the video below. It features the alleged beam-firing incident in a little more detail.



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