Did The Red Rain Of Sri Lanka Prove “Alien Life” Does Exist?

Marcus Lowth
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January 24, 2017
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September 28, 2021
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You might think that should anyone ever find proof of alien life, they would surely shout it from the rooftops as perhaps the most significant discovery in human history. However, it might be that proof of alien “life” has already been found. Until NASA gives it their seal of approval, however, it seems that the official stance on the matter remains unchanged – that Earth is the only known planet to support life.

There have however been several instances that fully support the fact that life does exist beyond the boundaries of our planet. What’s more these instances have been fully tested and backed up with scientific data. We are not talking about fringe scientists operating on the outskirts of discovery here – these are mainstream, academically accepted and serious theorists who have made these claims.

Blood red rain pool

Blood red rain.

On each occasion though, their work and indeed their results, have been brushed aside by NASA with little or no reasonable explanation. Perhaps it is worth bearing in mind the US policy from as far back as the Roswell Incident, that any discovery of any intelligent life that was not indigenous to Earth should be kept top secret. The general population was to be kept ignorant of any findings for fear they may panic and society itself would descend into chaos.

Whether you subscribe to that outlook or not, it was the one that was employed at the time and most likely is still in place to this very day. This begs the question if life were to be discovered to exist outside of our planet, would we be told about it?

The Blood Red Rain of 2012, Sri Lanka

On November 17th, 2012 much of Sri Lanka was lashed by torrential rain. The weather itself was normal for the time of the year. What made the residents of the area unnerved was the fact that the downpour was blood red in color. [1]

The mysterious rain continued for almost two months, leaving puddles of red and an increasingly uneasy population in its wake. So much so that the government was forced to intervene by sending scientists to investigate, and making numerous television statements in an effort to calm people.

Many local residents believed that the rain contained blood and was some kind of ominous warning. When samples of the rain were studied, however, they didn’t contain blood. They contained something far more remarkable – something that appeared to be unknown to modern science.

Professor Godfrey Lewis studied the cells and came to the conclusion that they were, for all intents and purposes, alive, and what’s more, they were replicating themselves – reproducing. He elaborated that this “is a new type of life form” and that it was an “organism that has come from space!”

Further study by Professor Nalin De Silva confirmed this, his research going on to state that this replication was happening despite the cells having no DNA structure – at least none known to modern science.

Theories And Light In The Sky

A multitude of theories was put forward, ranging from the scientific to the superstitious. In the weeks leading up to the start of the red rain, there were strange lights seen in the night sky above. Perhaps the red rain was caused by this UFO and was some kind of alien invasion?

Check out the short news clip of these below.

The case eventually came to the attention of Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, an experienced astrobiologist, university lecturer in Great Britain, and special advisor to the European Space Agency. He was also a leading researcher into the possibility of life existing elsewhere in the universe.

When Chandra went to Sri Lanka to investigate further, he spoke to an eye witness of the strange lights, farmer, Takiri Bandi. He described seeing a bright light in the sky that seemed to crash to the ground on his land. He had even managed to retrieve some of the debris, which he eagerly handed over to Chandra. This led the astrobiologist to firmly believe what had crashed to Earth that evening had been a meteorite as opposed to an intelligently guided craft. However, he still felt that there was a connection to be found between it and the organisms in the red rain.

He took pieces of the meteorite to be studied and compared them to the cells and organisms in the rain samples he had collected.

The video below is a series of clips from The Unexplained Files that looked into the incident.

Proof of Alien Life?

The results of the tests carried out by Chandra were thorough, unbiased, and perhaps most importantly, they were indisputable.

He concluded, beyond doubt, these organisms – which were replicating themselves despite having no DNA structure – had come to Earth from outer space. Furthermore, they had entered the planet on the back of the meteorite that fell in Takiri Bandi’s farm. Essentially, these organisms were alien life forms.

Chandra took his results and theory to NASA, fully hoping to have it verified and validated. Instead, they outright rejected his findings. When the television show “The Unexplained Files” asked NASA to make a statement into their reasons, they declined to “take part in your project” and only offered, “NASA is not doing, or funding research in that area. It’s on the far edge of things.”

Perhaps of more concern, was that high levels of “alien uranium” were also discovered in the red rain cells – which if they were to come into contact with the human population, might prove to be fatal.

The red rain cells that were taken for study are currently in storage in Sri Lanka, and still appear to be replicating and very much alive.

Gilbert Levin And NASA “Denials” Of Life On Mars

Chandra’s experience isn’t the first time that NASA has publically refuted apparent proof of alien life despite scientific evidence to the contrary.

In 1976 when the Viking probe touched down on the red planet, one of the many experiments that it was to carry out were various tests for signs of life. One of these was designed by Gilbert Levin and would test for signs of organic life in soil samples it would take from Mars.

The experiment, testing devices, and methods had all been pre-approved by NASA – indeed they were on the Viking when it landed so you would imagine NASA had extended faith in the results it would reveal.

When the tests were carried out, Levin claims that organic molecules were discovered within the Martian soil. [2] NASA however, stated that the two other devices aboard the Viking, that were also testing for the same thing, failed to identify such molecules, and his results were treated as little more than an anomaly. Levin has spoken openly about his belief that the results were basically “buried” by NASA.

At least one NASA employee, Chris McKay from NASA’s Ames Research Center, has publicly defended Levin’s results, even going as far as to suggest that NASA’s other two experiment methods may, in fact, be flawed as opposed to Levin’s. He brought attention to experiments conducted in Chile’s Atacama Desert, where the same methods as those on the Viking were used. They again brought back results showing no organic molecules in the desert soil, even though it was they were clearly present.

Check out the short video below features Levin discussing what he believes, is evidence of Life on Mars.

The International Space Station Organisms

Living organisms have also been found on board the International Space Station [3] – or more to the point, outside, clinging to it. They were discovered in August 2014 by Russian astronauts who were serving on the ISS at the time. Initial tests declared that the organisms were plankton, although it was a mystery as to how they came to be outside the space station.

There were various theories as to how they might have come to be there, including that they might have “hitched a ride” with one of the delivery missions to the ISS – although this particular theory was eventually ruled out as a realistic possibility.

One of the leading theories was that “atmospheric currents” had sent the plankton on their way out of the atmosphere and to the ISS. If this were true, then it would suggest that certain species can survive in the vacuum of outer space – maybe even species from elsewhere in the universe that we don’t yet know about. This also lends further credence to the theory of living organisms coming to this planet on a meteorite.

As well as the meteorite that fell in Sri Lanka that Chandra firmly believes brought with it a living organism, there have been other documented cases that seem to show molecular organisms found in the remains of meteor landings.

Before we look at those, however, check out the video below that looks at the discovery of “life” outside the International Space Station.

The Panspermia Theory

In 1984, the Allan Hills 84001 meteorite fell to Earth, remains of which were discovered in Allan Hills, Antarctica. Over a decade later in 1996 following continuous study of the remains, came the announcement that there appeared to be the presence of “Martian bacteria” [4] within it – essentially a huge indicator that not only had life once existed on the red planet but that it might have arrived here on a meteorite.

The idea that life and molecular structures of life traveling from planet to planet – referred to as the Panspermia Theory – is certainly not a new one. Many leading scientists have expressed theories that life could have been brought to Earth “on the back” of a meteorite. [5] The idea that planets may even have intentionally been “seeded” by advanced races has some grounds in the ancient astronaut communities.

Given that the theory of panspermia – at least in principal – has all but been proven with the findings on meteorites that have been studied, then should we look at what we “know” of the Earth’s history a little more?

Whether this type of planet seeding is “Mother Nature” whose reach would surely stretch throughout the universe or purposeful targeting is also an interesting question. Even today, various groups have explored the idea of “seeding” Mars with vegetation and woodland by way of “rocket strikes”, which would in turn, should they grow as expected, would begin to terraform the planet to being more favorable for human habitat.

Check out the video below that looks at the Panspermia Theory in a little more detail.


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