UFO Encounters Over The Yukon

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We have examined several locations around the planet that are apparent “hot-spots” of UFO activity. Some of them make perfect sense, others distinctively less so. One area that is particularly intriguing is Yukon (or The Yukon) in Canada, where UFO activity is quietly rife and has been so for decades, perhaps even longer.

What makes this part of the world so special in terms of UFO sightings? And are the plethora of incidents in the area across many decades connected or merely a series of “one-off” and random, albeit unexplained incidents?

Artist's impression of a UFO over Yukon

Artist’s impression of a UFO over Yukon

Indeed, we have examined one of the most intriguing incidents from this part of the world previously when we looked at the mysterious disappearance of an entire Inuit village in the Yukon in the early-1930s. While the incident is not strictly a UFO case, there is some suggestive evidence that the encounter could have been one of “mass alien abduction”.

We have also examined previously the case of “Kevin” whose apparent abduction encounter on the North Canal Road took place in September 1987. As we will see, these are but two of many bizarre incidents from the Yukon region.

Perhaps as good a place as any to start would be an incident that occurred in December 1996 and had over 20 witnesses, to boot. Although all but one of the witnesses wished to remain anonymous, all were happy to speak of their experience to investigators.

Multiple People Witness “Giant UFO” Over The Yukon, December 1996

At just after 8 pm, the witness – labeled by Martin Jasek as “FOX1” – was driving alongside the frozen waters of Fox Lake. In the distance, he suddenly noticed a strange light seemingly on the surface of the water.

The closer he got, however, he could make out what appeared to be the outer edge of a solid object. He continued on, keeping the lights in his sight. However, oncoming traffic forced the lights out of his vision for a moment. When he returned his focus to the surface of the lake, they were no longer there.

Artist's impression of a UFO over Yukon in 1996

Artist’s impression of a UFO over Yukon in 1996

Then, as he moved his focus across the night sky, he picked out a “group of rectangular lights” heading towards a hill in the distance. Not intent on losing sight of the lights again he sped up the car and headed towards a spot with a clear view of the lake and valley where he could bring his vehicle to a stop.

He eventually did so. However, he could no longer see the lights or the object anywhere. He jumped back in his car and drove to the nearby Braeburn Lodge owned by Steve Watson. FOX1 immediately ran inside, animatedly telling Steve what he had just seen. He also began to quickly scribble down sketches of the object.

Within the next few hours, it would come to light that he would be just one of many who would witness the strange lights that evening. And what’s more, several of those witnesses would find themselves at the Braeburn Lodge, telling their accounts to the intrigued owner.

A “Smooth And Solid Object” Over The Frozen Waters Of Fox Lake

At a little before 8:30 pm on the evening of 11th December 1996, running along the side of Fox Lake, two witnesses, FOX2 and FOX3 who were cousins, traveling together but in separate vehicles on the Klondike Highway, would witness a “huge UFO” seemingly hovering over the frozen water.

Seemingly each of them saw the bizarre and mysterious craft at the same time as each pressed down on their respective breaks in unison with the other. While FOX3 remained in his vehicle, FOX2 would exit his car in order to get a better look at the hovering, glittering craft.

As he did so, it appeared to move through the air towards him. In seemingly no time at all the object was directly over the top of him. As both of the men continued to look from their respective vantage points, the object moved away from them. It would eventually disappear over a nearby hill.

Map detailing sightings in the Yukon area

Map detailing sightings in the Yukon area

Each would later recall how the object was a “smooth and solid object” with various lights on the underside.

Although the two cousins were not aware of it at the time, several moments before they watched the object approach and pass over them, two other witnesses, FOX4 and FOX5, a young couple with their young child, traveling in the same direction, were approaching the southernmost tip of Fox Lake.

From their perspective, they could see “rows of lights” moving across the surface of the lake. Around these steady rows of lights, several other, flashing and seemingly random lights would appear. The pair would entertain the thought that what they were seeing was a truck or even a commercial airplane that had crashed into the lake.

Then, the situation forced them to think again.

A Meeting Of Witnesses At The Braeburn Lodge

They reasoned that the lights were moving much too slowly and purposely for such a scenario. The slow realization swept over them that what they were seeing was a craft of unknown origin.

They watched the strange object for several more moments before it vanished over the hill and out of their sight. A little unnerved they decided to proceed with their journey. When FOX5 checked the clock on the car’s dashboard it read 8:23 pm.

It would be several minutes later when FOX5, with FOX4 in the passenger seat, passed by the two cousins, both of whom were now stood outside their cars. He would bring their car to a stop so they could speak with them. As he did so he asked out loud:

What the heck was that? [1]

The four of them talked for several moments before FOX5 and FOX4 returned to their vehicle. They would go to the Braeburn Lodge where they stopped to pick up a coffee. As he walked in, FOX1 was leaving. Several moments later, FOX2 and FOX3 arrived.

A sixth witness would also come forward. However, unlike the other witnesses, FOX6 was unsure of the exact time. Looking at the statements of the other witnesses, though, it would appear she was driving past Fox Lake at between 8 pm and no later than 8:30 to 8:40 pm.

She would suddenly notice a “sudden glow” hit the interior of her vehicle that was most definitely not due to the dashboard. Any such notions were dispelled when she looked out of the window to see a “large arrangement of multicolored lights” moving across the sky above. At the same time, the electrics of the vehicle appeared to fail as the lights went dim and the tape player slowed almost to a stop.

The Pelly Crossing Sightings – “It’s A UFO!”

Beginning around somewhere between 8:30 pm and 9 pm came another multiple witness sighting in nearby Pelly Crossing. The small town sits around two hours away from Fox Lake. Incidentally, the witnesses are recorded in a similar way to the Fox Lake sightings above.

The witness, PEL1 was tending to his game traps when he noticed several lights in a row moving across the top of the hills in the distance. Much like witnesses to the Fox Lake encounter only minutes previously, PEL1 at first thought he was witnessing a large aircraft crashing to the ground. However, he then noticed how slow and purposeful the movement was.

A depiction of a UFO sighting in Yukon in 1997

A depiction of a UFO sighting in Yukon in 1997

Suddenly, the realization hit him – “it’s a UFO!”

He began walking towards the craft, his flashlight swinging, almost forgotten, in his grip as he did so. Unintentionally, he would catch the lights in the beam of the flashlight. As if in a reaction, the craft then headed in his direction, speeding up somewhat as it did so.

In what appeared to be no time at all, the solid craft with multiple lights was hovering no more than 300 yards from him. No sound whatsoever came from the craft, but suddenly, a light emerged from the underside. It made sweeping motions of the ground below as if it was a searchlight.

As PEL1 remained where he was watching the craft move slightly to one side as if looking for something – or someone – several other beams of light emerged from the object. One, heading straight out in front, was an illuminous green color. Two more similar beams appeared to project from the back.

He began to back away from the scene, a little unnerved. He moved his focus away from the craft for a moment. When he looked back, it was gone.

A Huge “Row Of Lights” A Similar Size To The Big Dipper!

Like the sighting at Fox Lake, more people would also witness the bizarre activities. For example, PEL2 and PEL3 were traveling just north of PEL1’s location at around the same time as he witnessed the strange craft over the hills. As they were driving, they noticed a “huge row of lights” moving through the sky. In fact, so bizarre were the lights, they would pull the vehicle over so they could get a better look at them.

As an interesting perspective, PEL2 would recall how the star constellation, “The Big Dipper” was clearly present in the night sky near to the strange object. He would state the rows of lights were approximately the same size from his view on the ground.

The Big Dipper star constellation

The Big Dipper star constellation

At around the same time, four local women attending an evening class at Pelly Crossing Community College would also witness the strange rows of lights. On the record as PEL4, PEL5, PEL6, and PEL7, they were standing outside of the small college premises on a break from their class when they noticed the row of lights moving through the sky.

They would recall how the lights – part of a solid, large object – moved silently towards them before moving away and out of their sight.

While there were 12 separate witnesses between the two locations of Fox Lake and Pelly Crossing, in the nearby village of Carmacks, a further 9 witnesses from two separate locations would also report sightings of what is almost certainly the same object.

The Carmacks Sightings – It Vanished As If “Behind An Invisible Wall!”

Approximately an hour to an hour and a half earlier in Carmacks, four men (CRM1, CRM2, CRM3, and CRM 4) were traveling towards the north in a pick-up on the highway. Each could see the strange lights moving across the sky and the driver would eventually bring the pick-up truck to a stop so they could each get out and watch the object closer.

Each would recall how it moved in complete silence, heading towards the northeast. It would then alter its course towards the south before disappearing out of sight near the microwave tower. Each would also recall how the object appeared to move “too slow” for its obviously large size.

At around the same time, a further five witnesses featuring a husband and wife and their three young children (CRM5, CRM6, CRM7, CRM8, and CRM9) would witness the row of strange lights from their home, moving slowly just above the treetops. Given the children’s young age, each of them believed that the sighting was “Santa Claus” getting ready for the Christmas holidays. While the two parents were content for their children to take this view, they both realized they were witnessing something extraordinary.

Perhaps of most interest with this particular sighting is how the family witnessed the lights vanish “one by one” as if “behind an invisible wall”. As there is no mountain near to the area, this is an interesting description. Did the light “switch off”, or did they simply disappear?

Over the following days, as local radio stations would discuss the sightings, it would come to light that many more witnesses on the ground had seen the strange incident unfold. What’s more, there were witnesses who claimed to have witnessed the same craft on the evening in question from a considerable distance away.

Tentative Similarities To (Still To Come) Phoenix Lights Sighting?

It is certainly interesting that this particular sighting bears very similar details to the Phoenix Lights sighting that would take place less than a year later south of the border in the United States through much of Arizona and Nevada. As happened on that evening, it would seem that the same UFO was witnessed by multiple people from different locations and at different times as the object made its way through the night skies, seemingly in full view of the population below.

Like the incident in December 1996, the Phoenix Lights sighting remains unexplained. And although the apparent shape of the craft would appear to be different, their general behavior – their apparent defiant journey through protected airspace – appears very similar. As is the silence of the object as well as the huge size which is at odds with the bizarrely slow speed at which it moved.

What is also interesting, Phoenix, much like the speculation surrounding the Yukon (and neighboring Alaska), has many rumors of apparent top-secret bases, some under extraterrestrial control depending on who you listen to.

Perhaps more specifically, the state immediately to the northeast of Arizona, Colorado, has multiple conspiracies and claims of such alien and top-secret government facilities. Remember, once more if we remove the borders, the two states are essentially and relatively speaking, the same area.

The video below looks at the incident in a little more detail.

UFO Encounter At King Solomon Dome, July 1996

Only six months earlier, another sighting would unfold over the Yukon region. In early-July 1996, just short of 300 miles to the north of the December sightings, twin sisters, Sue and Sarah, witnessed a rectangular UFO with “rows of lights” as they traveled towards the King Solomon Dome.

The time was just short of 2 am when the two sisters noticed “something” hovering in the night sky. A row of “rectangular windows” each emitting a bright light ran along the side of the cigar-shaped object.

A little unnerved, the sisters continued onwards, keeping their eyes on the object as they did. Sue glanced at her watch and realized it had stopped at 1:50 am.

They would lose the UFO for a small amount of time before it reappeared on the horizon as they began down Quartz Road towards the Indian River Valley. Now the two sisters could see several smaller “ships” seemingly going back and forth from the rectangular craft. The would count a dozen in total, appearing as “hazy lights” as they moved through the sky.

They continued onwards. The pair wished to get home, and to safety, as quickly as possible. They also, however, wished for someone else to witness the craft too, so people would believe them. Perhaps if they got back in good time, Sue’s son would also witness the huge otherworldly object.

Disappearing “Behind” Haystack Mountain

The two sisters would continue on, occasionally losing sight of the object as it disappeared behind the hills and valleys of the mountains. As it came back into sight, however, it appeared as though the smaller ships had now gone, either into the larger, rectangular craft or to a destination elsewhere.

As the twins watched the object make its way through the night sky, they eventually saw it disappear behind Haystack Mountain. What amazed the pair about this was the fact that Haystack Mountain was almost 10 miles away and on the other side of the river. Given how clear and large the object appeared to them, its actual size must have been huge.

Artist's impression of a UFO disappearing into Haystack Mountain

Artist’s impression of a UFO disappearing into Haystack Mountain

They watched as the entire object seemingly vanished behind (or inside?) the mountain. As the sisters would ask rhetorically later:

How could this thing fit behind Haystack unless it went into the dirt!

As they finally pulled their car into the drive Sue’s driveway, she would press down repeatedly on the horn in an effort to wake her son. He would come running out of the front door of the property several moments later. However, by the time he did so, the huge object had seemingly vanished completely behind the mountain.

Perhaps even more alarming, was the fact that it was just after 3:30 am. There were almost two hours of their journey that they couldn’t fully account for.

More Evidence Of Extraterrestrial Bases In The Mountains Of North America?

This last detail is particularly interesting as it would clearly suggest a case of alien abduction, perhaps even a double case. Perhaps the UFO disappearing behind hills was, in fact, gaps in their account? This is something that would appear to be something that is still open to debate.

Perhaps of more interest, what should we make of the UFO disappearing behind the mountain? Did it vanish behind it, or might the twin sisters have witnessed the craft entering some kind of strange alien base inside Haystack Mountain?

Furthermore, and once again, if we remove the modern concept of what are essentially imaginary borders, the American state of Washington immediately to the south of the Yukon (and Alaska) region, is not only an area with a similar amount of UFO incidents, but also of several mountains with rumors of alien bases residing within them.

Just to roll that idea out even more, the mountains and woodlands of California are extremely similar, in terms of sightings and alleged “bases” and hot-spot. Might it be, then, that the entire west coast of the North American continent is home to a secret alien presence? Perhaps one that has resided there for some time.

Hovering Objects Witnessed In Whitehorse Throughout 1997

Almost a year after the sightings of the twin sisters, and six months following the Fox Lake sightings, came another sighting in Yukon, in the Whitehorse region in June 1997. Once more, Martin Jasek would investigate the incident.

At around 11:20 pm, the witness would let out her dog to the decking on the back of her house. Normally, it was happy to patrol around the garden for as long as possible. However, on this evening, it almost immediately began to scratch at the door in an effort to get back inside the house. The witness would later state that:

It was really spooked! [2]

It was as she was about to close the back door of her home that she saw a strange object fly from right to left in her field of vision. Not sure what she had just seen, but sure that she had seen something out of the ordinary, she rushed outside.

To her amazement, around 50 meters in front of her, was a pale, green “frisbee-shaped” object hovering over an adjacent field. It would eventually move off, around the speed of a “thrown frisbee” and disappeared from sight. She estimated it was in sight for around 20 minutes.

Although the sighting has all the hallmarks of a UFO encounter, the witness herself would state her belief in some of the Native American legends that reside in the region that the incident was more of a spiritual encounter than an otherworldly one.

Whatever the truth might be, 1997 was seemingly a very active time in the Whitehorse region of the Yukon. And while we will examine only a small amount below, the year in this region alone was subject to an absolute plethora of accounts.

The Whitehorse UFO Chase

At around 10:30 pm on the evening of 30th March 1997, a mother with her three children were returning home after a day out to the Takhini Hot Springs. The teenage, and eldest daughter was sat in the passenger seat next to her mother, while the younger girl, and even younger boy were sat in the back.

They were heading down the Klondike Highway and towards the Takhini River Bridge when a “huge white light” became visible in the night sky overhead. It appeared as though red, yellow, and white lights were periodically flashing on the craft.

As she looked around, a little unnerved, the main witness noticed that their vehicle was the only one on the road. Although she was a little alarmed by the strange light, she would slow the car slightly so she could gain a clearer view of the bizarre aerial anomaly.

Bridge where the Klondike Highway sighting took place

The Klondike Highway sighting was one of the most intriguing

For a moment, the light had disappeared. However, it soon emerged from the riverbank and out of the valley. Of more concern, it appeared to be heading straight for them, although keeping a discreet distance. By this time, the two younger children had seen the light and were becoming increasingly upset.

As the mother and the older daughter watched events unfold, the daughter suddenly exclaimed:

Why are you stopping…Mom, let’s get out of here! [3]

The mother pressed her foot down on the gas pedal and the car began to move down the highway with a little more urgency. The brightly glowing object continued to follow them.

A Purposeful Display Of Aerial Maneuvers

When the Alaska and Klondike Highways was in front of them the mother brought the car to a sudden stop. All three of the children would protest against their mother’s decision. She would later recall that she had to get a “real good look”.

As she and her three children remained in the car, they all watched as the object “performed maneuvers” in the night sky, as if performing a purposeful display.

While the two younger children were extremely scared by the events unfolding in front of them, the mother and older daughter began to watch the display in awe. Both, for example, would remark why there was no sound coming from the seemingly alien craft.

The mother started the car once again and continued down the highway. The glowing object continued to follow them. It gave the impression that it maintained the distance it did at its own pleasure.

When they neared the Crestview Subdivision area, the mother brought the car to a stop once more and then got out of the car. This time, her eldest daughter got out with her. Both of them looked up in awe at the bizarre craft that now hovered overhead a short distance away. In the back of the car, the two younger children grew increasingly distressed.

At this point, around half a dozen other cars passed by the two women. The mother would later recall that it appeared as though none of the road users appeared aware of the strange aerial craft above them.

An Object Of “Dark Shiny Metal” That Vanished Into Grey Mountain

Suddenly, any tranquility the mother and her teenage daughter felt would evaporate when the craft began to head towards them at considerable speed. This appeared to snap the mother back to the potential reality of the situation. She moved with alacrity to the car, urging her daughter to do the same.

She pressed the accelerator as hard as she could and left the area heading down the highway once more. The UFO remained in pursuit for several moments. As they drove down Rabbits Foot Canyon, the light finally disappeared from sight.

Location where the Klondike Highway UFO was witnessed

Location where the Klondike Highway UFO was witnessed

However, as the road neared the end of the valley the teenage daughter saw the craft directly in front and almost directly overhead of them. She would blurt out:

I see it! It’s a round shape! It’s right above us!

At this point, the speedometer announced the car was screeching down the road at over 100 miles per hour. The car continued down the highway, with the teenage daughter looking out of the open window attempting to take in further details of the craft.

She would later recall it was made of “dark shiny metal” and was approximately a little larger than a standard car. The craft would continue down to follow them for several more moments before disappearing in the direction of Grey Mountain.

“Whitish-Bluish” Sphere Gives Chase To Fisherman, 1937!

Another sighting occurred in the Whitehorse region of the Yukon six decades before the apparent UFO wave of 1997. According to an account given in the late-1990s by “George” who while fishing off the coast of Vancouver Island in 1937 (possibly 1938) witnessed a “whitish-bluish” sphere hovering only several hundred feet away.

The incident occurred in broad daylight while he was on the water in an open boat. As he pushed the boat into motion now, the sphere appeared to follow him, maintaining its distance all the while. Although he was a little concerned, he at no point broke into a panic.

In fact, he managed to take in a considerable amount of detail as he calmly guided his boat through the water. He would notice how the edge of the object was made up of a “variety of blue tones” and how when it disappeared it seemed to “dissipate” as opposed to vanishing.

Although many people, including George himself, believed what he had seen was most likely some kind of natural phenomena – possibly St. Elmo’s Fire – he also had the distinct feeling that there was an intelligence behind the orb. And what’s more, he had seen it on several previous occasions although never as close as this time.

The 1980 “Shooting Beam” Incident Of Wolf Creek

Another incident that would come to light in the late-1990s/early-2000s through an account of an anonymous young man who along with his brother and two friends experienced a bright object firing a “laser beam” at them when they were “4 or 5-years-old” in the summer of 1980.

The witness lived on the new estate at Wolf Creek with his family, whose home was one of only “5 or 6 houses” on the estate. On this particular evening, the witness and his brother, along with another pair of brothers who also lived on the estate were playing together when a strange light caught their attention from the woodland near to their homes.

Artist's impression of the 1980 UFO light beam incident

Artist’s impression of the 1980 UFO light beam incident

Strange flickers of red, blue, and green were clearly visible. Then, without making a sound, a disc-like craft, approximately 50 feet across, emerged from the trees. It would stop almost directly over them. Each of the boys was in awe of the bizarre, metallic craft.

That awe changed to fright when a “blue beam shot out of the craft” in the direction of where they stood, touching a spot on the ground right in between them. The beam then retreated back into the bizarre craft giving the boys a chance to jump into a nearby ditch to take cover.

The craft remained where it was for several more moments, the four boys daring not to move while keeping their focus on it in case it came any nearer. Then, after what appeared an eternity, the craft carried on away from the group and disappeared into the distance.

The 1970 Tagish Lake Photograph Encounter

Ten years before the incident on the new development at Wolf Creek, an incident in early-1970 would result in perhaps one of the best photographs of UFO activity, not only in the Yukon area, but ever on record.

On this particular morning, at a little after 10 am, two couples were in two different boats on Tagish Lake. “Jim” and his wife took one of the boats while “George” and his wife took the other. The waters were relatively rough that morning due to a steady and strong wind. And while George was happy to take his boat out into the middle of the waters, Jim preferred to keep his nearer to the shore.

It was while they were looking out towards the water that Jim and his wife witnessed seven “strange glowing orbs” hovering in the air. You can see a picture that Jim managed to capture below.

Alleged UFOs over Tagish Lake in 1970

Alleged UFOs over Tagish Lake in 1970

The orbs remained overhead for around fifteen minutes before they seemingly lost interest in the two couples and ventured off and disappeared into the distance. All the while, George and his wife were unaware of anything out of the ordinary had taken place.

Only when the photograph [4] was developed several weeks later did Jim inform his friend of the bizarre events they witnessed taking place above their heads.

Incidentally, Jim would submit copies of his photograph to the Weather Office. They, in turn, would send the slide to the Department of National Defense for further analysis. When Jim chased up what the findings of the photograph were, he was told in no uncertain terms that the information was “classified”.

The sighting remains unexplained today. It would appear, however, from investigations and examinations of the scene and the picture, that the incident and the photograph were certainly genuine.

Close-up of the alleged UFOs over Tagish Lake

Close-up of the alleged UFOs over Tagish Lake

The Cabin Incident On The Porcupine River, September 1986

An incident from Old Crow in the early hours of 20th September 1986 occurred during another discreet UFO wave. The witness, who would request anonymity in exchange for his encounter, would state that she and “B” were staying at a private cabin along the Porcupine River.

It was “pitch black outside” in the middle of the night when a “rotating sound” woke the witness. A bright light was invading the bedroom, so bright it made it look as though it was daylight outside. Despite B being completely covered in this bright light, she remained asleep. Even when the witness shook her to wake her, she remained essentially unconscious.

This is an interesting detail as many people who have close contact encounters state that their partner or other people with them somehow remained asleep during their respective encounters.

The witness would watch the UFO – a definite solid craft – for around five minutes before it disappeared out of sight.

Upon returning home, the witness would relay the account to no one but her husband, who would recommend she report it to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). However, perhaps fearing mocking, or worse, she would decline. She would instead keep the incident private for over a decade before making a report of it.

By contrast, our next encounter was quite the opposite.

The Fox Lake Incident, 2000

Perhaps an encounter that took place in the early hours of 30th March 2000, along the same highway as many of the previous ones along the Klondike Highway, was reported by Leah Issac. The Pelly Crossing resident, who would speak to the both investigators and the media less than 24 hours after her incident would state:

I can’t even travel at night anymore…I was really scared, but I was really shocked!

What caused such an emotional reaction? According to Issac, she and a friend were traveling along the highway in question at a little after 5 am when a disc-shaped craft, hovering about 200 feet off the ground appeared in front of them.

She would describe the craft as being “silver and transparent” and of being “like a mirror”.  She would later state:

It was almost like you could see right through the craft!

It was a material that, according to Issac, was something completely out of the ordinary. Even more intriguing, Issac would catch a glimpse inside of the craft, stating there appeared to be a “blue, turquoise color”.

Map detailing the Fox Lake incident

Map detailing the Fox Lake incident

Although she claimed the craft was “so advanced”, she could not recall seeing any occupants at all.

Each witness would notice their watches had stopped working, although as they drove out of the “reach” of this strange craft, they slowly returned to normal working order (although both had to be reset).

Both of the women would happily speak of the incident to any interesting parties, even speaking to reporters as far as Los Angeles. However, most investigators and researchers who looked at their account would come away believing the witnesses to be extremely genuine and credible.

A Connection To The Claims Of A Stranded Alien Race?

In our article looking at Boriska and his claims of a past life on Mars we looked a little at the claims and work of Delores Cannon. One of those claims revolved around the claims of a patient who Cannon had regressed to a past life.

While we will not reexamine the entire contents of those claims here, the part that is of interest to us are the claims of an apparent crash to Earth of an extraterrestrial race in the region of what is now Alaska. We should remind ourselves that, “borders” aside, this region is for all intents and purposes the same as the Yukon. And we should also remind ourselves, like the Yukon region, Alaska has its own abundance of UFO activity.

Cannon claims that following the crash-landing, the realization came that they would be unable to repair their craft and were essentially “trapped” on Earth, which was, to them, an alien planet. One of the consequences of this was they were unable to reproduce among themselves. Instead, they were forced to do so with tribes indigenous to the area and so creating a hybrid race.

Might these stranded space-faring people have a connection to the mysterious “influence” that appears to reside in the unseen reaches of pre-history? While that would be pure, and indeed rampant speculation, it is an interesting notion nonetheless. And, if such accounts were true, might provide a deep backdrop for the increasing UFO activity in the region today.

You can check out the video of Delores Cannon speaking a little more about this below.

The Yukon – A Discreet And Intriguing Hot-Spot Of UFO Activity

So, with only a mere handful of the UFO encounters over the Yukon region examined here, just what should we make of the abundance of sightings in the region. There are certainly a number of intriguing factors and details to look at before we even begin to weigh up the options of an answer.

For example, is the increased waterways, rivers, and lakes in the area of any consequence? Might they cover unknown locations under the ice of the farthest northern points of the area? Locations that might host extraterrestrial bases right here on Earth.

Or, with alien bases in mind, what should we make of the presence of mountains in many of the above accounts? Or more specifically, the fact that these mysterious objects either appeared from or most often, disappeared into the regions of these mountains? Might the seemingly bizarre notion that such mountains, particularly along the western coast of North America, play host to top-secret alien hideouts have more truth than any of us might wish to imagine?

And what of the aforementioned, if equally outlandish account from Delores Cannon? Might this explain such a high number of sightings in the region? Maybe we’ll also find other, similar hidden histories from way before antiquity in other, supposed UFO hot-spots around the world? Might this combination of factors not only force us to face the question of extraterrestrial life, but what influence it might have on humanity, and for how long?

Check out the video below that looks at the Yukon region in a little more detail.


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