The North Canal Road Abduction – Aliens In The Yukon

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September 5, 2018
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November 22, 2021
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Although the encounter of “Kevin” from the Yukon region of Canada occurred in September 1987, it would be over a decade before he would tell of the incident to anybody else. Then, on 8th July 2000 at a UFO conference in St. Paul, Alberta, the witness would introduce himself to UFO researcher, Martin Jasek. Over the following days and months, the encounter was pieced together through Jasek’s investigation and the details of the account that Kevin would provide.

The North Canal Road - scene of Kevin's UFO sighting

The North Canal Road – scene of Kevin’s UFO sighting

The details, as outlandish as they first appear, tally up with similar events, but perhaps more importantly, were arrived at from the witness’s memory with no need for regression. [1] This only further strengthens his credibility. Jasek would state that he had “no reason not to believe his entire story” and furthermore, he found the witness honest and “not at all the type looking for attention”. The incident remains one of the Yukon’s strangest and most intriguing incidents, in a place where strange and intriguing incidents are more aplenty than most.

A Rainy Start To A Hunting Trip

Although the Ross River weather was damp, and the Yukon sky overhead was grey, Kevin was in high spirits on the morning of 2nd September 1987. [2] His motorbike was fully loaded ready to indulge in a three-day moose-hunting adventure in the open areas between Sheldon Lake and Macpass. He planned to stay in a private trailer at Dewhurst Creek in between hunts. He had also arranged for several friends to join him for a further day or so of fishing on the open water.

Almost as soon as he set off, though, did the temperature begin to drop. Shortly after a drizzle began to appear and quickly turned into a downpour. By the time he arrived at a place named Gravel Creek, he was completely soaked and cold.  Realizing a friend had a cabin nearby, he would stop there in order to change his clothes, putting on more suitable attire for the weather. And the still considerable journey ahead.

When he finally arrived at the isolated trailer that would be home for the next few days, it was early evening. And although the sun had finally broken through the clouds, its time was limited with dusk immediately around the corner. Exhausted from the journey and the elements, Kevin prepared a fire and cooked something to eat before heading straight to bed. He would fall asleep to the sound of the rain tapping its song on the roof of the trailer.

The trailer where Kevin stayed during the hunting trip

The trailer where Kevin stayed during the hunting trip

A Sudden “Uneasy and Anxious” Feeling!

He awoke early the next morning, the 3rd September. The rain had stopped, although outside remained wet and damp. He immediately loaded the equipment he required for a days hunting on to the bike, and set off towards Macpass and along the North Canal Road. He kept the speed of the bike to a minimum of ten miles per hour in order to keep control of it. In the distance, he could see the shining white snow “hats” of the Yukon mountains reflecting back in the morning sun.

He continued down the road when a sudden “uneasy and anxious” feeling began to run through him. He couldn’t explain the feeling. However, he was experienced enough a person of these mysterious and treacherous terrains, and all they played host to, to trust such feelings. He looked into the trees to see could spot a presence of some kind. However, he could see no obvious movement to indicate such.

He would pull the bike to the side of the road and stepped off it leaving it leaning upright. He quickly scanned his surroundings once more before stepping into some long grass in order to relieve himself of his morning coffee. As he did so, a movement ahead of him caught his attention. He turned his head and saw what he thought was a low-flying airplane or even a helicopter. However, he couldn’t make out any wings or propellers. And furthermore, it was now only forty yards from the ground.

It was then he noticed that despite its low altitude, the strange craft made no sound whatsoever. He also realized that what he was seeing was not a plane or a helicopter.

“They’re Grasshopper People!”

He went to retrieve a camera that sat in his jacket pocket. However, for reasons he can’t explain – even to himself – he suddenly decided not to take a picture of it and quickly forgot the idea. He stared at the object more intently and saw several portholes along the side of the craft. It was a strange, green cigar shape with a grey section separating the top from the bottom. Then, it seemed to disappear right in front of his eyes for a second. When it reappeared, it was very much a solid form again, although slightly closer than it was second ago. That’s when Kevin thought to himself, “I don’t think I should be seeing this”.

He crouched as low as he could into the long grass at the roadside. The mysterious craft continued to move, eventually disappearing behind a nearby hill. He remained there for a moment before emerging cautiously out of his makeshift cover and back towards his bike. As he did so, though, he heard a metallic-like thud behind him.

Expecting another vehicle to be heading his way he ran out intent on telling them what he had just witnessed. He walked along the roadside and towards a slight bend in the road. However, instead of another vehicle or person, he found himself “face to face with two grey creatures” with “insect-looking heads and pointy faces”. Each adorned a tight-fitting blue “jumpsuit” and had exceptionally thin arms and legs for their torso.

In his mind, Kevin could hear himself say, “They’re grasshopper people”.

Artists impression of the "grasshopper" aliens

Artists impression of the “grasshopper” aliens

Pulled From Reality!

Before Kevin could take in what was happening one of the creatures raised its hands to its waist and on to what looked to be a flashlight. A bright beam hit Kevin and “pulled (him) from reality”. He would state that “there was absolute quiet. Nothing existed but me”. He tried to call out but was unable to form any words. His entire body was paralyzed and everything around him was completely black. He had a sensation of rocketing skywards.

Then, he looked around and realized he was stood on the other side of the road. He could see his bike across from him. The two creatures, however, were no longer there. He also noticed how the shadows of the trees at the side of the road had grown significantly. This suggested that more time than a few seconds had passed.

Beginning to realize something was terribly wrong, he stumbled across the road and jumped on the bike. When he reached for the keys, which he always left in the ignition, they weren’t there. It took him several moments to realize that his hand was clasped tightly around them. Coming to his senses a little, he placed the keys in the ignition, started the bike, and rode away from the area. He wouldn’t stop until he arrived back at the trailer.

By the time he had made a pot of coffee, it was already dark outside. He must have blacked out, he reasoned with himself. He was out most of the day but had no memory of it. Then, a “soft humming” came from above the isolated trailer and he could also sense a “vibration in everything” around him.

Uncomfortable Flashbacks

This would last for around ten minutes before suddenly stopping. He would recall that whoever the creatures were earlier at the roadside, he suspected they were outside the trailer now. He wouldn’t, however, risk looking out of the windows. Instead, he would check the locks and wait for daylight to arrive. Not that he managed to sleep. He did, though, have several flashbacks to earlier in the day and managed to string together a timeline to the mysterious events of the last twenty-four hours.

He would recall entering a strange “dream-like state” and also of looking down on the trees and ground below “as if I was flying”. Kevin would then recall of opening his eyes and seeing nothing but blackness. Suddenly, the blackness moved away from him and he could see the face of another strange creature. The “blackness” had been the eye of this mysterious host. A voice entered his mind telling him there was “nothing to worry about”.

These creatures, of which there were several in the room, were described as a “typical grey alien” and apparently different from the two at the roadside. He sat up and asked if they were going to do experiments on him. The creature would reply, again directly into his head that “they have already been done”.

As the creature asked if he wished to see Earth from where he was, he noticed a “strange sensation” in his hands. So much so, that he continually rubbed them together in slight discomfort. He was still doing so when he approached a window-like screen at the grey alien’s lead. The creature would point to a small dot and state “That bright white star is your home”.

It was then, Kevin realized, he was in space. Deep in space.

Kevin's sketch of the UFO

Kevin’s sketch of the UFO

A Star Map With Life-Sustaining Planets?

His memory of the next moments was hazy. He recalled the creature speaking to him about space and star systems. However, he “couldn’t remember any of it” except they all looked like white dots. It is the theory of Jasek that this was likely some kind of a star-map. This would explain the “white dots” in reference to planets. It is also likely, in Jasek’s opinion, that the information given to him was of either their own star systems and planet or other such systems in the universe that “can sustain life”.

After declining an invitation to “go on a trip” with his hosts they would inform him that he would “have to forget” the episode before returning. He was given a “clear glass with a yellow liquid” and told to drink it all. This, they said, would make him forget the incident “for his own good”. Not wanting to forget the incident, however, he took three quick sips and discreetly put the glass down on the table. Given that he would remember at least partial parts of the encounter, his decision to not drink all of the strange liquid appears to have worked.

Kevin’s next memory is of waking up on the roadside, disorientated and confused. He had returned to the trailer and awaited the arrival of daylight. He would remain there until his friends arrived the next day. Kevin chose not to say anything to them of the incident. He would reason later that the apparently cosmic visitors were unlikely to return. And more to the point, he didn’t think they would believe him. Following the trip, Kevin returned to Ross River and wouldn’t mention the incident until the summer of 2000.

One Of Many Strange Encounters In The Yukon?

In truth, and much to Kevin’s credibility, he had mentioned the incident in a letter to “Doug” one of the other hunters on the trip. This letter was written in 1997, and when Jasek managed to locate Doug, the details of the letter match the account offered by Kevin to Jasek three years later. Furthermore, although Doug himself didn’t witness anything strange on the trip in question, nor had he spoken to Kevin since receiving the letter due to the (now) large distance between their homes, he would vouch for his honesty and credibility. Incidentally, the detail of drinking a liquid to make a person forget comes up more than we might think in similar accounts.

The strange sensation in Kevin’s hands appears to be Dupuytren’s Contracture. This is a condition which causes one or several of the fingers to lock into a bent position. Jasek would research the condition. And although there is no medical diagnosis, it does appear that the incident is a reaction to the bizarre events.

Incidentally, several years before Kevin approached Jasek with his account, in December 1996 Yukon was the location of a mass-sighting encounter. Over thirty people viewed a large UFO in the skies moving along a particularly lonely stretch of highway in the region. It would appear that the area has accounts and legends that stretch back to the earliest of times. Many of which have similarities to the UFO reports in the region today. And maybe, may share details with the bizarre encounter of “Kevin” on the North Canal Road.

The video below looks a little at the 1996 sighting. However, and of more importance in relation to the above account, the historical legends, and myths of the area. And how they fit into the modern-day UFO phenomena.


1 Encounters with UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life, Michael Pye and Kirsten Dalley, ISBN 9781448 892525 (page 61-67)
2 Abduction on the North Canal Road, UFOBC

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