Bizarre Encounters From The Woodlands Of Elliot, Maine

Marcus Lowth
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November 5, 2018
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October 6, 2021
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We recently examined a string of sightings along The Tote Road in Maine which remain unexplained half a century later. This bizarre and mysterious location, however, is far from the only place of interest in this north-eastern state of America. The small town of Elliot and the woodlands that surround it have a plethora of strange stories. Two of which would happen within five years of each other in 1977 and 1982 respectively.

A depiction of the black box UFO over Maine in 1982

A depiction of the black box UFO over Maine in 1982

While the sightings are both different in terms of the descriptions of the apparent crafts, quite bizarrely, each encounter features what could be a “morphing” craft or object that would appear to change their shapes. And each of them would begin with a light emerging from the trees of the woods close to the homes of the respective witnesses. Indeed, perhaps such ancient woodland provides the perfect cover for such objects, and their occupants, to move largely undetected around this part of the United States. Not only are the following encounters intriguing, they both remain unexplained. And both add yet another layer to the ever-mysterious UFO and alien question.

A Strange Craft Coming Out Of The Woods, Above The Trees

In the summer of 1982, the (then) 14-year-old witness known only as “Chris F.” [1] was preparing to move from their family home in Elliot, Maine, across the country to Alaska. In fact, all of their possessions were boxed up and currently in transit across the United States. The family now had just the bare essentials for the last few days before they would set off for their new home thousands of miles away. On this particular evening, Chris was lying on his sleeping bag listening to his radio. There were no curtains on the window, so he could see events happening clearly in the immediate vicinity outside.

It was as he was lazily staring out of the unprotected window that a “black, geometric object” came into view. Chris would describe it as “zig-zagging rapidly in the air above the tree line of the woods” that crept up to the back of their home. He would estimate its distance to be one-and-a-half times the size of a football field. Furthermore, the way the strange craft moved would make him think of “an air hockey puck, with seemingly instantaneous changes in direction”.

Although the craft was most definitely “zig-zagging”, it was still very much moving towards their empty property. All the while it would maintain its height of around ten-feet above the top of the trees. The closer the strange object got, the more it resembled “the general shape of a coffin”. Chris would move closer to the window. However, by the time he moved his focus to get a better look, the object had gone. He remained where he was for several moments, hoping it would return. Just as he went to move away, though, there it was, forty feet away, hovering over the backyard.

Does this show a UFO over Maine in 2018?

Does this show a UFO over Maine in 2018?

A Gun-Black Metal Object “Like A Pyramid Tipped On Its Side!”

Not quite believing his eyes, or how he could have missed the object’s presence only a second ago, Chris remained still, staring outside at this strange and surreal sight. He would recall that the craft was “made of metal” but a metal that was dull, like “gun-metal black”. He could see no door or windows. In fact, he couldn’t see any kind of seam or join anywhere on or around the exterior. However, he did notice several “protrusions” which suggested, to him, that the object “was some kind of machinery”.

The object, now that it was so close, he could see was approximately the size of a car. It was a rectangular shape, but almost like a “pyramid tipped over in its side with the pointed end removed”. He wasn’t sure if the object had changed shape now it was still, or if the way it moved previously had given the impression of a rectangle.

The object was only outside the window for a matter of four or five seconds. Then, it “left in an instant”. In fact, so fast was the object’s departure, that Chris would struggle to locate the direction it moved in. It would leave in the opposite direction to which it arrived.

At this stage, the song playing on the radio came to an end. The DJ’s voice excitedly came over the airwaves stating, “he was getting inundated with calls about some object in the air”. Chris would contact the radio station, also adding his report to the apparent surge coming in.

No Further Information (Yet?)!

Following the encounter, the move would go ahead as planned. Chris would never find out just what the object was. And it wasn’t until over thirty-five years later when he would log his report of the incident. Furthermore, although the Cash-Landrum incident featured descriptions of a similar pyramidic craft, that one traveled upright as opposed to “tipped over”.

Unfortunately, Chris can’t remember what radio station he had on during the incident, other than it was a typical mainstream pop radio station. Quite possibly, there could be records of the broadcast, or at least the calls received. However, if they exist, their whereabouts and who has them is unknown.

Perhaps also worth noting, despite the close proximity of the object, no electrics, including the radio which remained playing in the background throughout, would falter. Nor were there any unusual smells to suggest an engine or fuel of some kind. Likewise, no sound emerged from the craft, nor were there any other sounds to suggest any other aircraft, conventional or otherwise, might have been in the area. There are, however, several military bases close to the location of the sighting. Whether that last detail is of consequence is, for now, up for debate.

It wasn’t, however, the first such sighting of strange crafts to come of the woodlands of Elliot.

A depiction of the UFO over Maine in 1977

A depiction of the UFO over Maine in 1977

Telepathic Invitations To William Cole

Five years previously in Elliot, in 1977 one July evening shortly after midnight, William Cole was in his bedroom. [2] Although he was wide awake, his girlfriend was fast asleep beside him. He was contemplating waking her to tell her of the strange lights he could see moving behind the trees at the back of their house. He watched the lights a little longer, seeing them rise above the treetops in the form of a very definite craft. Then, the “message” appeared in his thoughts. This was the proof of extraterrestrials. However, the voice would continue, he wasn’t to tell anyone. He could, though, wake his girlfriend and they could come onboard the ship.

He woke his girlfriend telling her to quickly go to the window. She did, and she too saw the large, saucer-shaped craft hovering over the trees. He asked if she could hear anything in her head. She concentrated for a second before stating, “It’s telling us not to tell anyone and that we can come onto the ship”.

The pair dressed and quickly began to make their way downstairs and out of the house. However, when William briefly turned around, his girlfriend was heading back inside insisting “she had” to wake her roommate. Telling her not to do so, he then rushed outside, intensely eager to look at this apparent otherworldly craft up-close. As he rushed forward, he could see a “yellowish light” coming from inside of the now landed cosmic vehicle. The walls inside would boast tiles, and in the center of a large room was a “tube filled with liquid”.

Then, everything changed!

“I Remember Running Up That Ramp!”

Suddenly, instead of rushing onto this vehicle from another part of the galaxy, he was once again at the door of his house. As he ran forward once more, the craft was now lifting up into the air. As he continued to watch the object make its way upward, his girlfriend and her roommate joined him in the garden. Then, something even more bizarre happened.

As the object continued to rise, right before their eyes, it changed its form. Within seconds, gone was the saucer-shaped craft. In its place, a standard United States Cargo plane now cut through the skies. Even the sound of its engines was authentic. They continued to watch the “plane” until it disappeared from sight over the trees.

As he stood there attempting to process what had just happened, William could feel “waves of mental energy attempting to block and confuse” his mind. Perhaps adding to this was the sound of his girlfriend’s roommate, who would insist the craft was, in fact, “just a plane”. The following morning, William’s girlfriend would also state the experience “was probably in their minds somehow”.

William, however, was privately insistent that this wasn’t a figment of his imagination. Or some collective hallucination. He knew it was real. He would state in his report, “What happened inside that ship, I can’t recall. But I remember running up that ramp”.

Newspaper article about a UFO incident in 1808

Newspaper article about a UFO incident in 1808

The 1808 Sighting Of Cynthia Everett

Although it happened close to 200 years previously, this time in the town of Camden, Maine, an apparent UFO sighting from 1808 is perhaps worth looking at here. If only to demonstrate just how long these types of bizarre aerial sightings have occurred for. Cynthia Everett was a schoolteacher who would teach in Camden throughout the early 1800s. It would appear she is certainly a credible witness and prone to falsehood.

The following is the diary entry in question:

“About 10 o’clock I saw a very strange appearance. It was a light which proceeded from the East. At the first sight, I thought it was a Meteor, but from its motion I soon perceived it was not. It seem to dart at first as quickly as light. And appeared to be in the atmosphere but lowered toward the ground and kept on at an equal distance sometimes ascending and sometimes descending. It moved round in the then visible Horizon, (it was not very light) and then returned back again, nor did we view it till it was extinguished”.

While she writes nothing more of the event, given her higher-than-average (for the time) level of education, including having a reasonable knowledge of the skies and stars, that if Everett could have said what it was, or even was likely to be, she would have. Instead, she dismisses that it might be a meteor and, indeed, leaves the object unidentified.

Perhaps these strange crafts, much like in other destinations around the United States, and indeed the world, have been negotiating Earth’s skies for much longer than we think. Check out the videos below. Each features recent UFO sightings from the Maine area.



1 Reader Recounts 1982 Encounter in Maine, UFO Casebook
2 Saucer With Multi-Colored Lights, Think About It

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