Is There A UFO Wave Over The Skies Of Yorkshire In 2017?

First Published: October 12, 2017 Last updated: May 22nd, 2018 Written by Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

While some are more authentic than others no doubt, UFO sightings happen all over the world, every single day of the year. However, beginning in late summer 2017, reports of such sightings on the east coast of the United Kingdom surged.

What’s more, rather than just the story of one or two excited witnesses, an encounter in the same area from 2009, one of a military presence, perhaps even involvement, would begin to intertwine within the recent spate of sightings. That particular incident – which we will look at shortly – was the culmination of a wave of reports in the area. After a relative “quiet” period in terms of UFO sightings, as we plow through 2017, the “unseen” skies over Yorkshire appear to be a little more active.

Scarborough UFO.

Scarborough UFO.

Before we look at some of these sightings in more detail, check out the short video clip below. It is just one of many of the apparent UFO sightings over the east coast of the UK.

VIDEO: Daylight UFO Sighting in Scarborough UK 2017

Camping Trip Sees UFO Light Up “Like A Bolt Of Lightning!”

According to twenty-two-year-old, Trent Mason, and twenty-one year old, Jack Holdsworth, while on a camping trip in the Yorkshire countryside near to the Ribblehead railway viaduct, they would witness a strange object “move around the sky” above them for two hours.

The object would perform various pattern-like movements while changing color from a hard white to a warm orange. Neither witness could quite believe their eyes, each looking to the other for confirmation of the strange events unfolding before them.

We have written before of the Yorkshire Moors being a hotspot for UFO activity, with several well-documented cases, including abductions of an other-worldly variety. Yorkshire UFO researcher, Philip Mantle would state following the sighting of the two campers that, “it comes as no surprise to learn of the sightings” given the amount of cases he has already been privy to during his work.

Mantle would also remark on the apparent sudden surge of UFO sightings, not only in the UK but more specifically over the skies of Yorkshire. After stating that sightings had become rare in recent years, “2017 has seen a sharp upturn in reports in this area!” Although Mantle isn’t able to offer why this is, he did offer that the recent sightings near the famous viaduct “fits with other sightings I have had from this general area in the past!”

While sightings in 2017 in this area do appear to be surging, it seems they may have been quietly increasing for some time. Perhaps even with the aid of military cover-ups.

Couple Witness “Spaceships Over The Sea!”

Only two days previously, a separate story appeared telling of an elderly couple who witnessed around forty UFOs hovering over a beach on the coast of East Yorkshire. Furthermore, an intense military operation in the area would follow this apparent out of this world encounter.

The incident took place on 14th September 2009 over Wilsthorpe Beach. It is better known in UFO circles as the Wilsthorpe Incident. The couple – both now in their eighties and with their names withheld – would view the bizarre events from their home in the purposely built seafront flats that look out to the North Sea.

At around 11 pm, as the couple prepared for bed, an intense glow was visible outside their bedroom.  Intrigued, the couple would look outside to a sight of marvelous, glowing UFOs over the beach in front of them. The lady would describe them later as “spaceships over the sea!” and of a “boomerang shape!”

According to the witnesses, there were “thirty to forty” of the strange objects. They would recall no noise coming from the crafts “but there was electricity going into the sea!”

The lights would remain over the coast for around ninety minutes. They then left “in pairs at a forty-five-degree angle until just two were left, which shot straight up!”

Thinking the incident was over, they went to bed. The following day, things would take an even stranger turn for the residents of this otherwise sleepy seaside town.

Military Operation “Shuts Down Beach”

The following morning, two military Chinook helicopters would descend on the beach. Each would unload a full unit of military personnel, who would quickly go to work.

Two bait diggers employed by a local bait shop on Bridlington Harbour would recall how they were suddenly surrounded by “soldiers with guns” and ordered to leave the beach immediately. Understandably fearful, the two workers did as ordered, but they would watch the units from the cliffs above. According to them, soldiers were going up and down the beach with what seemed to be metal detectors. Incidentally, each had informed their employer of strange “triangular craft” that “entered the sea” in the days leading up to the sudden lockdown of the beach.

Another witness in the area, a man at Blythe Park boat compound, would confirm a military presence that morning. More reports would surface of “gunfire and explosions!”

UFO researcher, Paul Sinclair, would even file a Freedom Of Information Act in an attempt to obtain the details of the military presence that day in September 2009. The only information he would receive back was that it was simply a “routine military exercise!” Among other information provided was the fact that “no live ammunition” was with the military unit, and that the unit did take part in “controlled explosions!”

In short, they revealed nothing of any interest and were making it clear they were not likely to anytime soon. For his part, Sinclair continues to investigate the case, which he feels will prove to be an important incident in UK UFO history.

Another Similar Wave With Similar Action?

Between May and September 2009, there was a higher than normal amount of UFO sightings in the region. In particular between Scarborough on the East Yorkshire coast and Brandesburton on the North Yorkshire coast.

Does the increase in sightings in Yorkshire in 2017 mirror the increase in the area in 2009? And perhaps more importantly, are residents of the areas likely to see similar military operations?

In July 2017, another report of a UFO sighting would come from Leeds. In broad daylight, the “flashing, white object” appeared over the skies of the West Yorkshire city. One resident would catch the object on video and upload the footage to YouTube (the video has since vanished). Before it vanished from the Internet, however, the UFO Institute would examine it. They would describe the object as likely a “metallic sphere” and very much a solid object.

In Sheffield in January 2017, footage emerged on YouTube of a similar object hovering over the Parsons Cross area of the city. Kevin Pearce would upload the clip after capturing the footage around 2 am after thinking it was a low-flying helicopter. The object remained over the city for around two hours, occasionally flashing red or green lights.

Only a month earlier in Sheffield, on 27th December 2016, a fixed webcam at the University of Sheffield captured a similar object over the city center at just after 7 am. At the end of August, while looking out over the hills of Penistone, near Sheffield, a witness would report what seemed to be a plane flying on a “downward elliptical trail” before making a sharp course change.

You can view the video below of the University of Sheffield footage.

VIDEO: UFO in Sheffield 27th Dec 2016

Other Recent Sightings Over England’s North-East Coast

Over a five day period between 14th and 19th January 2017, over the skies of Flamborough on the east coast of the UK, there were reports of flashing red and orange lights combined with “low popping sounds!” The description of the lights would claim they were “like fireworks” which “became more intense before the end!” The popping sounds would become more like “electrical surges!”

The following month in February 2017, multiple witnesses would report another strange light in the sky. Again, with a “humming buzzing sound” over the North Yorkshire Moors. The swift way it would move over the hills would quickly rule out it being a plane or helicopter. As did the shape of the craft. When the witnesses got a better look, which they would report as a “diamond triangle” shape.

On 6th April came a second report from the Wath Upon Dearne area of Doncaster of a “white light going through the sky with no sound (and) gradually ascending!” On this second occasion, a helicopter was circling the area. And continued to do so until the object was out of sight.

Several weeks later on 10th June in Owmby-by-Spital in Lincolnshire, came a report of repeated sightings. Again of a strange object hovering in the skies over the small town. These sightings would happen at various times of the day, from 9 pm to 3 am.

These are just some the UFOs that are noticed. And even then, only a small amount will make it to a report for fear of mocking. Or even worse, the questioning of their mental health.

Check out the video below, another example of the many UFO sightings over the east coast of England.

VIDEO: UFO “Watches” Family in Yorkshire, England [SIGHTING]

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