The Atlanta Blackout Conspiracy – A Cover-Up Of A Secret Mission?

First Published: October 4, 2018 Last updated: October 30th, 2018 Written by Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

On the evening of 17th December 2017, an apparent fire in the underground systems of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport would ground all flights for eleven hours and cause general chaos among the airlines and their passengers with over 1,000 flights affected. No planes would receive permission to land. No planes would receive clearing for take-off. All, that is, except for a single, private cargo plane, which for unknown and unexplained reasons, would take off from the stricken airfield.

Atlanta Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

The incident was soon the subject of rampant discussions in Internet conspiracy forums and websites. While the events are likely to be exactly as reported, there are some intriguing factors surrounding them. Certainly intriguing enough to keep the conspiracies on the mental backburner in case similar or connecting incidents arise in the future. And as we will see, as far-fetched as they are to most of us, there are some who would self-fulfill these “conspiracies” in the name of divinity and prophecy.

We will examine the most intriguing of these, the mystery aircraft in a moment, but first, let’s look briefly at the timeline of events that chaotic afternoon and evening in Atlanta, Georgia, the location of one of the main hubs of American air travel. And before we do that, check out the short news segment on the shut-down below.

All Planes Grounded…Except One

Although reports didn’t seem to come out until the early evening, problems appeared to begin shortly after noon at around 1 pm when the power went down. This, according to accounts from those inside the facility, left passengers trapped in various departments and terminals, planes grounded (some with passengers on board), and general scenes of chaos akin to a disaster movie. Even more confusing, to some, was why the apparent back-up generators didn’t kick-in to handle what was only a “small fire” to at least generate minimal activity and keep the airport operating. Nor did any of the other numerous precautions.

However, it would soon come to light that at least one plane did leave the airport during the episode. Interestingly, that plane, a Boeing 747 (4X-ICB) being utilized as a “private cargo plane” had landed at the airport from Mexico City at 1 pm. Which, incidentally or not, was the same time the power problems began. According to the website FlightRadar24, this mystery plane took off from the locked down Atlanta airport at 6:27 pm. Its destination was Liege in Belgium.

According to the official records of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the first plane to leave the runway after the power outage was at twenty-six minutes after midnight in the early hours of 18th December. A full six hours after the apparent take-off of the private cargo plane.

Atlanta Aerial

Atlanta Airport from above

A Variety Of Cargo With “Customs Clearance

According to the official records of the plane, it belongs to an Israeli company – CAL Cargo Airlines –  who operate out of Tel Aviv, Israel. They operate a total of three Boeing 747 jets, each of which transports a variety of exotic and specialist cargo which includes “controlled pharmaceutical and healthcare products, live animals, dangerous goods, (and) oversize and overweight cargo”.

What’s more, the company has a “Customs Clearance” which allows it “the ability to load and unload trucks without the presence of customs agents”. This allows them to overcome “challenges and delays for critical time sensitive shipments”. This also means only CAL Cargo Airlines know exactly what they are moving, when, and where. And, because it is a private company, it isn’t subject to any Freedom Of Information Acts. Essentially, they can move what they want, where they want, and not to have to inform anybody about it.

Records show that the plane did indeed land at Liege, before stopping at Larnaca, Cyprus, eventually landing in Tel Aviv. What the cargo was remains unknown.

Many theorized that the plane was carrying weapons. Perhaps even nuclear weapons. They would point to the covert nature of the company. And its ties to Israel and the increasing tensions and bloodshed there.

Many also drew attention to the claims made by several in the conspiracy community of a planned “simulated catastrophic national power outage” by the US Department of Defense. This was to occur, according to some, on the 4th November 2017. And perhaps intentionally would coincide with a planned “Antifa” demonstration across the country. The power outage simulation didn’t happen. At least, according to some, not on that date and on such a massive scale.

There is also another suggestion.


Question Everything?

As speculative as it is, might there be a connection to the mysterious Red Heifer recently born in Israel. At least according to reports, in August 2017? While most disregard these types of prophecies, the fact is, to some, they are very real. And what’s more, there are people in positions of power, for various reasons, working to make those prophecies come true. Essentially, to self-fulfill them.

The late author, Michael Baigent would document this in the book ‘Racing Toward Armageddon’. And not only that, but he would show how fundamentalist Christian groups, or wealthy and influential individuals with such sympathetic leanings in the US, were actively engaged in breeding programs in order to produce, to them, such a sacred animal.

The idea of self-fulfilling prophecies certainly isn’t a new one. In his book ‘The Jesus Papers’, Baigent argues how the accounts of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and entering the temples to turn out the money changers, was not only orchestrated, but both Jesus, his followers, and the crowds, in general, had prior knowledge of such prophecies. Baigent argues this knowledge allowed Jesus to “convince” the people of his “special and rightful” status. Which was eventually twisted into “divinity” hundreds of years after his death. Something, which is perhaps being done once again, right now, right under our collective noses.

The mystery plane allowed to leave Atlanta in December 2017 may have been a simple and innocent act. Considering the constantly explosive potential of the time in which we live, though, we can’t afford to be wrong. Perhaps now, more than ever, we should question things just that little bit more.

The video below looks at the Atlanta Blackout conspiracy a little further.

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