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Strange and bizarre activity can occur anywhere – and often does. However, some places and locations around the world are seemingly hot spots of such activity. These paranormal hubs are some of the most intriguing destinations on the planet, as well as some of the most disturbing and chilling.

A mystical picture of a rock shaped like a skull

Some locations have a history of strange goings-on

We have looked at many of these before, and for good reason as they are home to some of the most intriguing and fascinating incidents of a paranormal or supernatural nature on record. As we will touch on later, if we can gain a collective understanding of these hotspots, we will most likely shine a light on many different and seemingly unconnected areas at once.

It is a belief held in many areas of both UFO and paranormal research that there is very likely a common origin or connection that will tie these bizarre encounters together. And that journey toward understand these strange incidents very well may start with understanding the areas that these strange locations that these incidents seemingly seek out.

Strange Locations Are Everywhere

We have written about plenty of these locations before. Such places as Skinwalker Ranch, for example, where a whole host of strange goings-on unfold, said by some to be the strangest place on Earth. And then there are places such as the Bennington Triangle, or even the Bermuda Triangle, where strange disappearances take place, and have done for decades, if not longer.

There are also, of course, the many haunted houses, a good example might be the bizarre and blood-curdling happenings at 30 East Drive in West Yorkshire in England.

There are also an abundance of haunted roads that we have examined previously also. Such locations as The Stocksbridge Bypass, for example, which has a plethora of accounts of hooded figures, dancing children, and figures who appear out of nowhere in the middle of the road. Or the legion of Roman soldiers who are often seen marching down the M6.

Furthermore, we could turn our attention to the A3 motorway in Croatia, a road so strange that drivers are said to suffer from “hallucinations and unexplained phenomena!” So much that over 2000 accidents are said to have occurred as a direct result of these bizarre actions.

We have also examined some of the many haunted asylums and mental institutions around the planet. Perhaps some the strangest of which is the Waverley Hills Sanitorium in Kentucky in the United States. Or maybe we could look to the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Victoria in Australia.

There are, though, many, many more areas of strangeness and intrigue that command our attention. Before we move on to examine some of these, however, check out the short video below. It is a piece of footage from 2015 in which the alleged ghost of a young girl can be seen.

The Ghosts And Strange Voices Of Pyramid Lake

Although it is little spoken of outside of paranormal circles in its home state of Nevada, Pyramid Lake is one of the strangest and most chilling locations [1] not only in the United States, but the world. And what’s more, similar to the legends of Skinwalker Ranch, the strangeness of the location is said to be the result of curse, one that while had been there for thousands of years, was seemingly exasperated by a bloody conflict in the mid-1800s.

The Paiute tribes of the region had long called the serene and breathtakingly beautiful regions around Pyramid Lake home. However, as settlers from Europe increasingly moved west, this serenity was disturbed drastically. The explorer John C. Fremont was perhaps the first newcomer to the American shores to head west to Pyramid Lake in 1844. Compounding this were further settlers heading to the area from the east.

A depiction of a glowing green lake at night

Many lakes and rivers have strange tales

With little regard for the surrounding forests and land reserves of the tribes, settlers began setting up towns and industrial mining operations, which including cattle ranches. This, ultimately, caused a severe strain on the tribes’ natural food resources and essentially caused increased animosity between they and the settlers.

The native tribes would begin random campaigns of murders on the settlers. In turn, the settlers began to threaten their own retribution. This would eventually result in the Paiute War (sometimes referred to as the Pyramid Lake War). This conflict was particularly bloody, with losses on each side (although the native losses are suspected to be significantly higher than the 80 settlers). Eventually, a ceasefire was agreed.

Demonic Serpents And Baby’s Cries

Following this, much was learned of the curse of the lake from the natives. It would appear that while the reasons for the conflict was very much those involved (and each side blamed the other), there was an underlying feeling that the conflict was at least partly the result of the dark energy that resides in the area.

According to these legends, Pyramid Lake was once the home of a mermaid race. One of these mermaids was said to have met a man from one of the local settlements in the area. They fell in love and the man brought the mermaid to his village so they could be married. However, instead of welcoming his would-be bride, the villagers banished her from the village.

The story goes that upon returning to the water, the mermaid place a curse on the land around the lake, stating that misfortune and bad luck would curse those who resided there.

Whether there is any truth to such tales is obviously open to debate. However, there is a long history of strange entities calling the waters home. And these range from demonic serpent-type entities to strange voices and the crying of babies being heard.

Perhaps even more concerning, the lake is known to have a high number of accidents and drownings. Even stranger, many people appear to simply vanish into thin air, according to local sources, at least once a year during the main fishing season in the area.

The video below examines the lake a little further.

Haunted And Paranormal Hot Spots Of California

One of the strangest places in the world, as well as being one of the picturesque, is California, which is home to many haunted locations. Some of which have some intriguing backstories. Indeed before the settlers took over the region, what we know of California had a long history with indigenous tribes of the area, themselves who have an abundance of legend and folklore tales that appear to, on occasion, surface in out contemporary world.

We have examined before, for example, the Dark Watchers said to lurk on the mountain ranges overlooking the Pacific Ocean. And have done so, according to local legend, for thousands of years.

We will examine some of these now.

The “Albinos” Of Hicks Road, San Jose, California

One of the most enduring legends of the California region are of the albino creatures that lurk along Hicks Road in San Jose. In fact, accounts suggest that tales of these strange and seemingly menacing entities go back as long as there have been people in the region.

The road itself is surrounded by thick woodland which these albino creatures emerge from and subsequently attack any vehicles that dare to drive along the road. When we realize that, according to legend, these albino creatures seek human flesh as part of their food stuffs, then we can perhaps understand why some motorists will avoid the road at all costs.

Those who have ventured down the road have spoken of seeing several long-abandoned vehicles along the way. Some even speak of being chased by a strange person driving a truck, itself looking as though it had been abandoned such was the shabby and beaten-up appearance.

Some accounts of the albinos of Hicks Road suggest that they live in small communities composed of shacks and are well away from the first main road.

The short video below looks at this pleasant looking but seemingly dark location a little further.

The Ghosts Of Dyer Lane

Another stretch of road in California said to be awash with strange activity is Dyers Lane in the town of Elverta. Much like the Stocksbridge Bypass in England, it is said that strange, ghostly figures suddenly appear in the middle of the road forcing them to swerve to avoid them. Others even speak of having rocks thrown at them from unseen attackers.

Like Hicks Road there is an intriguing backstory to the bizarre goings on of Dyer Lane, although there is a hard record of these origins.

According to records, the land the road runs through was owned previously by John and Julie Dyer in the mid-1800s. The road didn’t exist at the time and was instead fields upon which the Dyers kept the cattle of their ranch.

However, one evening after discovering her husband had yet another affair, Julie Dyer is said to have murdered their youngest child before killing her husband. She would then take her own life. Upon arriving home, the eldest son seemingly went crazy from the bloodshed he witnessed. He would proceed to set fire to the whole estate which subsequently burned to the ground.

It is said that the strange and ghostly goings-on are the ghosts of the Dyer family, whose land the road now runs through.

The short video below examines the ghostly goings on of Dyer Lane a little further.

The Curse Of Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Whether the hauntings on Dyer Lane are due to the actions of the Dyer family, Griffith Park in Los Angeles is said to be haunted due to a curse placed on the land following an attempt to alter a dying man’s will by a man called Don Antonio Coronel.

The dying man, Don Antonio Feliz, was approached by Coronel as he lay on his death bed. According to the story, he would swindle the rightful heir of the man’s estates following his imminent death. He would even use a stick placed discreetly at the back of the dying man’s neck in order to promote Feliz to nod and essentially agree to the change.

The rightful heir, Petranilla, would not only put a curser on the park (or the land upon which it resided) but also on Coronel, the lawyer who acted on his behalf, and the judge who made the dubious agreement legal. According to the legend, Coronel’s family would begin to die suddenly of mysterious circumstances whereas the lawyer and the judge seemingly also met their ends soon after.

While there are numerous apparent ghostly sightings and strange happenings in the park, it is also a location connected to the suspected murder of upcoming actress Jean Spangler, who simply vanished in 1949. The only trace of her was her handbag, which was discovered in the grounds of the park itself.

However, there is also a tentative and speculative connection to the murder of Elizabeth Short, otherwise known as the Black Dahlia. A note inside her purse suggested very strongly that she had an appointment to have an abortion. One of the few doctors who would offer such discreet services, as Dr. George Hodel, thought be some to be the killer of Short.

The “Dark Side” Of Turnbull Canyon

Another seemingly picturesque place hiding a dark history [2] is Turnbull Canyon which is part of the Puente Hills. With everything from Satanic cults to curses from Native American tribes, ghostly apparitions, and even UFO sightings, Turnbull Canyon is perhaps one of the most bizarre stretches of land in the Golden State.

The curses are said to come from the invading Spanish who would ignore the warnings of the native population that the land was forbidden and force them there where they had a choice of converting to Christianity or facing death. The tribes would not convert, and it said that their spirits remain on the land to this day.

The location was also once home to an insane asylum. However, there were rumors of mistreatment at the facility as well as air of secrecy about what went on behind its closed doors. Less then a decade after it was opened in the early 1930s, it burnt to the ground. The cause of the fire remains a mystery.

The ruins, however, remain. And many adventure seekers and ghosthunters venture to the area in the hope of witnessing something strange. According to some of have visited the ruins, iut is “difficult to stand there” without the feeling that “something is reaching into your brain”.

One of the most horrific incidents to take place in the ruins of old Turnbull Canyon asylum took place almost two decades after its destruction. A group of teenagers were in the ruins when one of them discovered an old electric shock treatment device. There was no electricity supply to the ruins, and the device was decades old. Thinking he would give his friends a laugh, he strapped the device to his head. According to the account, the device became live, killing the teenager within seconds.

Antioch – The “Most Active Paranormal Areas” In The United States

Not so much one specific location, the entire town of Antioch is said to be home to a plethora of unusual and paranormal activity. [3] There are many local tales of ghostly appearances. Perhaps one of the most intriguing is that of a strange old woman who numerous fishermen claim to have seen literally flying over the waters. Is this a suggestion that the apparition has a connection to witchcraft.

Even stranger, especially when we keep in mind the sightings of the white woman flying over the waters of the fishing community, are the two ghostly figures who regularly appear at the Black Diamond mines. And what’s more, these figures are known to have existed in the town in the recorded history of the town.

The first is a woman who was tried and executed near the mine as a witch – referred to locally as the White Witch. The other was a young woman who was knocked down and killed by a carriage at the mine in the early 1800s named Sarah Norton. Once more, whether these sightings are more folklore and legend than actual sightings is open to debate. However, the fact that they can be traced back to actual events makes them extremely intriguing.

One of the strangest locations is a white house on the outskirts of the town. According to the legends, the house was once the home of a gold miner in the region who had deceased in the nineteenth century. There have been numerous sightings of these ghostly gold miner, including some that have resulted in apparent conversations.

The video below looks at the town of Antioch in a little more detail.

Hives Of Witchcraft, And Satanic Cults

As well as ghostly happenings, there are also places that seem to attract those that many would label as witchcraft or class as satanic.

We have examined relatively extensively the Bell Witch from Tennessee that is said to have not only terrorized the residents of the area in the 1700s, but one particular family. These types of tales and legends are prevalent all over the world. After all, the numerous and horrific witch trials and burning of woman at the stake are well documented throughout history. And while the vast majority, if not all, of those women were nothing short of the victims of murder, there is arguably more to witchcraft than we might think. Perhaps it is our perception of what witchcraft actually is, is what needs to change.

However, there are undoubtedly some disturbing, if interesting places around the globe. Especially when we start to throw satanism and satanic cults into the mix, as we will examine shortly. First, though, we will turn our attention to southern England, and a location that is awash with legends and folklore of witches and witchcraft.

The Witches Of Meon Hill

In Warwickshire in southern England is a location known as Meon Hill which has a long tradition of witchcraft.

It is said that the hill itself came into being following the building of Evesham Abbey, the Devil would throw a “large clod of earth” at the newly built church. However, according to the legend, the earth was swung away from the abbey by the bishop of Worcester.

In this region today there are several rock formations named the Rollright Stones. These are said to be the result of the turning to stone of an approaching army of the Danish king and an army by witches who resided in the area. How true the account might be is obviously open to debate.

The Satanic Cults Of Turnbull Canyon

We looked at Turnbull Canyon in California earlier. However, it is worth out time returning to that strangest of places in order to examine a mysterious Satanic cult that appeared out of nowhere in the area in the early 1930s. With the local populace, like many around the United States, still in the grip of the Depression, they would begin to hear rumors of a strange group of men and women who would take to the area at nightfall.

What’s more, they would wear strange, black hooded robes and perform bizarre rituals and chant in an unknown language.

One account of this strange group, though, stands out more than most. One evening, an unnamed witness would sneak into the wooded areas of the canyon to witness for themselves what these mysterious gatherings were all about.

A cow's skull

Some locations have a history of witchcraft and the occult

When they arrived, however, much to their horror, as well as the hooded members of the cult who were indeed chanting in a circle, there was a young boy strapped to a cross in the center of them.

The witness watched the events for several minutes until suddenly the chanting stopped. They then watched in horror as the young boy was stabbed repeatedly by members of the cult. The witness would claim that they could see the boy still breathing by the time the attack had ceased, However, after being taken from the cross he was simply stuffed into a sack and dumped onto a waiting cart that would take him from the scene.

The witness would return to the town to alert the rest of the residents of the disturbing actions. By the time they arrived at the location, though, the cult was nowhere to be seen. In more recent times, satanic graffiti and symbolism has appeared around the area.

UFOs And Alien Hotspots

Much like areas awash in paranormal or ghostly activity many locations seemingly feature more UFO sightings than most. We have examined some of these previously, such as the deserts of Nevada or New Mexico, or the apparent triangular hotspot of UFO sightings in Falkirk Scotland. However, there are others that are not perhaps so well-known but equally as strange and mysterious.

The Molyobka Triangle, Russia

Without a doubt one of the truly strangest zones on the planet is located near the Ural Mountains in Russia – the site of the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident. The Perm Anomalous Zone is otherwise known as the Molyobka Triangle and is home to some of the most mysterious activity on record.

For example, there are bizarre and unheard-of reading of electromagnetic energy. Furthermore, watches are said to stop inside the zone, while strange sounds are often heard seemingly coming out of nowhere. What’s more, there are multiple reports of strange lights seen flying overhead.

As well as UFOs there are apparent sightings of Yetis in the region (something that again comes up in the Dyatlov Pass case).

The zone remains of intrigue to researchers, both into UFOs and general paranormal happenings. There are currently several projects in place in the area utilizing such technological equipment as infrared cameras, and magnetic field sensors.

The video below examines these incidents a little further.

Deer Island

Perhaps an under spoken of UFO hotspot can be found on Deer Island [4] which can be found off the coast of Biloxi, Mississippi. And what’s more, these strange sightings go back to the early 1800s.

Reports of a blue orb or a sphere of blue fire – which some locals refer to as the Firewater Ghost – seen moving at great speed under the water. Many fishermen would speak of the sightings regularly.

What is interesting here from a UFO point of view is that many orb-like UFOs are reported in other areas of the world. What’s more, many UFO sightings (over half) occur over or near such bodies of water.

Not just UFOs, though, the area is also home to other bizarre paranormal activity. One tale from the early 1920s tells of two fishermen who had set up camp on the island for the evening. As they were preparing food near their campsite, they suddenly heard a commotion of sorts coming from the bushes behind them. As they stood and turned toward the sound there stood in front of them was an animated skeleton.

The video below examines Deer Island a little further.

Poveglia Island, Italy

If we turn our attention to southern Europe for a moment, [5] we can examine Poveglia Island, which has been described as a place of evil. As we know, former insane asylums and mental institutions are often hot spots for paranormal activity. That is very much the case with the one-time insane asylum on the Italian island. However, in this instance, it would appear that there was already a history of dark and often deadly activity having taken place. And what’s more, that history stretched back centuries.

For example, going back to the times of the Roman Empire, plague victims would be brought to the island to spend their last agonizing days. This would take place during the 18th century where those suffering from an infectious disease were also left on the island – which was a essentially a quarantine zone. What perhaps makes the island even more intriguing, and perhaps has contributed to the dark past somewhat, is the multiple wars and battles that have taken place there.

With this in mind, then, by the time the previously mentioned asylum opened in 1922, it was understandable that there would be sightings of eerie figures and chilling voices coming out of nowhere.  The asylum would continue for just over 40 years before finally being shut down. However, even after it closed its doors the bizarre and spinetingling activity would carry on.

For example, those who have purchased plots on the island with a view to building a home there have suddenly experienced menacing and violent paranormal activity. All have left and never returned.

The video below examined the bizarre island a little more.

A Desperate Need To Understand Energy

What should we make of the abundance of strange, paranormal locations right across the planet? Is there something that might connect these places, separated as they are by hundreds, sometimes, thousands of miles, even across international borders?

Perhaps the first thing we should consider is a connection to energy – that which we know as well as those energetic forces we are yet to discover. After all, there are many schools of thought that suggest such things as ghost manifestations are nothing more than an imprint of energy from a previous age. Like a video that replays repeatedly, although in what circumstances are not well understood.

A picture of a pair of hands with a ball of energy inside

Is the manifestation of energy the key to understanding paranormal incidents?

We have examined various perspectives on energy, what it might be, and perhaps most importantly, what it might represent. For example, if we recall the psychic internet theory – the idea that many of these manifestations, as real as they are, are caused by the collective energies of the human mind.

For example, many locations that have reputations to be haunted will be visited by people who have an expectation of what they are about to see. The same could be said for UFO hotspots. And while these apparitions are not mere hallucinations, they very well could be caused by the individual, or group of individuals viewing them. As if the ghost or spirit required the energy of the human mind in order to exist.

An Obvious Connection Of Paranormal Incidents?

Although we have not even approached looking at explanations for these mysterious places – in part, because such an explanation is likely to remain out of our collective reach until we better understand both the realities and the mysteries of the world around us.

What does appear to be the case the more we examine both UFO sightings and strange goings-on in the supernatural world of ghosts and demonic spirits, as well as the many folklore tales and legends from around the world, it is seemingly clear that there is middle ground where these strange activities meet.

With this in mind, then, we have to think that there is a connection between these areas of study and research. And that once we understood and unlock the secrets of one, we will likely understand and unlock the secrets of the others. And what’s more, we just might find that these seemingly vastly different mysterious incidents and events share the very same origins.

Why “hubs” of paranormal activity exist or come into being is also something that should we be able to understand, it will put us on the road to the ultimate answers that await us.

Check out the video below. It looks at the paranormal in a little more detail.


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