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Around the world, in whatever culture you choose to delve into, you will find myths, legends, and creation stories, often telling of a time when “the gods” walked the Earth and were directly involved in the day-to-day existence of human civilization.

What is interesting, however, is that many of these accounts are remarkably similar. And what’s more, when some are examined further, they also bear intriguing similarities to UFO and alien encounters of the modern world. Further still, these accounts are found everywhere – at least from a certain perspective. In ancient writings, sacred texts, oral legends of various tribes around the world, and even in The Bible.

A depiction of ancient Greek Gods

Might we find truths in mythology and folklore?

After all, perhaps one of the most intriguing lines of such ancient and Biblical writings is the line in Genesis 1, which clearly states “Let US make man in OUR image”. Is this offering evidence that “God” might actually be a group of extraterrestrial scientists, ones who came to Earth many thousands of years ago and through genetic engineering essentially “seeded” the planet with us, human beings?

Might this explain, at least in theory, the “missing link” as to why we suddenly experienced such a fast-paced and (in relative terms) instant development? And might this be why they return still today, to monitor our progress? Indeed, there could be much to learn of our modern world in the myths, legends, and folklore of the ancient world.

Before we turn our attention to some of those legends and what they might be trying to tell us today, we will remind ourselves of an alien abduction encounter from the United Kingdom in 1985. One that would result in the declaration that these alien abductors were “guardians” or watchers over the human race.

David McMurray – The Guardians

We have looked in detail at the alleged alien abduction encounter of David McMurray in September 1985 in Farnborough in Hampshire. While we won’t go over the specifics of the abduction incident itself here, we will focus in on a particularly intriguing detail disclosed by McMurray while under hypnotic regression, during which he would refer to his abductors as “The Guardians”.

He would elaborate, under questioning, that The Guardians were from a far-away world, seemingly named “Epsilon” (possibly Epsilon Eridani) with apparent coordinates of some kind “44L 47L”. He would reveal that this phrase “Epsilon 44L 47L” would continually run through his mind. Perhaps even stranger was the sudden information that came to him while “in some type of daze” which seemingly told of who these Guardians were. The way this information came to McMurray, incidentally, was very similar to “channeling” or “automatic writing” – something practiced by many across the world, including Alistair Crowley.

David Murray under hypnotic regression

David Murray under hypnotic regression

It would claim, in short, that Epsolom was their home planet and their “primary function” was to act as “guardians of planets”. Of even more intrigue was the claim that they had been “watching Earth since 12 BC”. And what’s more, that during this time humanity’s “development up to the early 19th century (was) almost nil”. Since that time, with “key people located on Earth”, this development has seemingly increased by 50%.

Also of interest was the claim that humans were “warlike which will not be tolerated”. This is something that comes up time and again in such close contact encounters and alien abduction cases. And what’s more, that lack of toleration is most often insinuated in the notion that the annihilation of the human race would be the end result.

Further Examples Of A Supreme Leader

There was also the suggestion that the human race is “divided on the idea of one supreme leader”. While the idea of deities and gods are not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when we examine claims of UFOs and alien abduction, the fact is that this information comes out more than we might think.

For example, we have examined previously the case of Sidney Padrick and the entity named Xeno he claimed to meet on a California beach in January 1965. Xeno, which, incidentally, means “stranger” in ancient Greek, would speak of a “Supreme Deity”.

An example of the letter of Patrick

An example of the letter of Patrick

This is also particularly interesting when we factor in the claims and suggestions that a “Masonic influence” is attempting to influence perceptions in the UFO community. While it is a tentative, speculative link, and with acceptance that “Grand Master” is the highest rank in Freemasonry, there is a belief within such ranks of a superior or supreme entity. One that takes dominance over all religions.

If this is the case, then what should we make of such suggestions, as speculative as they are? Might there be an extraterrestrial element to Freemasonry? Might these be the “key people” apparently referred to in the channeled information?

We should also note that many are hesitant to put too much credence into hypnotic regression therapy, and many in the UFO community remain divided on its use.

Other Alien Abduction Connections To The Ancient World

Not only are there a small plethora of alien accounts on record that speak of an extraterrestrial race “observing” or keeping watch over humanity, there are also at least an equal number that speaks of an alien presence on the planet that goes back to antiquity.

Perhaps we should examine, for example, the account of “Sharon” from Yorkshire [1] who, according to the files of Tony Dodd (in his book Alien Investigator), would reveal multiple alien abduction incidents via hypnotic regression after years of strange incidents and episodes of missing time.

During one particular abduction, she would recall “funny writing…like Egyptian writing”. What’s more, she would claim during the same encounter she would recall “they’re telling me about the Pyramids. They put the Pyramids here!”

The idea that the various pyramids around the planet – in particular the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt – are somehow connected to an ancient advanced, and possibly extraterrestrial civilization is one that is particularly popular in the ancient astronaut and alternative history fields.

And while there is certainly no solid proof of such claims, there appears to be a mounting pile of circumstantial evidence that is suggestive of a civilization, extraterrestrial or indigenous, that did perhaps exist on Earth long before recorded history declares.

Alien Satellites Monitoring The Human Race?

Perhaps another bizarre claim to turn out attention to is one examined by author and researcher, John Keel. In this book Disneyland of the Gods, he would write of what is now widely known in UFO and conspiracy circles as The Black Knight Satellite, [2] claimed to be an alien probe that orbits the Earth. And what’s more, if we are to believe the claims, it has done so for 13,000 years.

The claims would stem from a HAM radio operator, Duncan Lunan, who would claim to have received a strange transmission which he would manage to partially decode. He would claim that the intelligence behind the satellite was from Epsilon Bootis that they “keep watch” on the Earth.

Very similar claims of an anomalous object orbiting the planet (made before any terrestrial satellites had been launched) are on record. And several researchers, including Nikola Tesla, have made claims of picking up strange “alien interference”. Former astronaut, Gordon Cooper, even claimed to have witnessed the strange object from his capsule [3] while orbiting the planet in 1963.

Whether there is any truth to the claims of an alien satellite orbiting the planet, monitoring and reporting the progressions, or lack thereof, of the human race to an advanced civilization elsewhere in the universe remains to be seen.

In light of the claims of The Guardians and their presence on Earth, perhaps we should turn our attention to very similar legends of ancient times – The Watchers.

Legends Of The Watchers

Perhaps one of the most intriguing Biblical tales that could very much be speaking of extraterrestrial involvement in human history is those of The Watchers. According to The Book of Enoch, The Watchers were sent to Earth in order to “watch overt mankind”.

According to those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory, The Watchers were likely a unit of extraterrestrial soldiers who were left on the planet to monitor the progress of humans. Some people believe The Watchers and The Anunnaki to be one and the same, which would make a certain amount of sense.

Their reason for this apparent deployment was to observe only. However, they soon saw that “the daughters of man were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose”. This, of course, went against their orders, which caused a revolution of sorts.

An image of a woman facing away looking toward a stormy sky

Are legends of The Watchers real?

The leader of The Watchers was named Shamyaza, and according to The Book of Enoch, Shamyaza had knowledge in many areas, not least “magic and medicine”, which he would teach to humans. It doesn’t take a religious scholar to see the immediate similarities here between the serpent in the Garden of Eden and his tempting of Adam and Eve with the “forbidden fruit” – the apple.

It is perhaps also interesting that apples, in symbolic or spiritual meanings equate to knowledge and spiritual growth. Might we take from this, then, that the serpent was, in fact, teaching “Adam and Eve” (humans) knowledge. And is this particular Biblical legend the same as that of The Watchers only told in a different way.

All of this takes on even more of an intriguing twist when we return to the notion of Satan, Hell, and where they fit in terms of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

Satan, Shamyaza, The Serpent – All The Same “Person”, And All Misunderstood?

As we and many other researchers have pointed out before, there is a slight similarity in the names Shamyaza and Satan.

And if Satan/Shamyaza was imparting knowledge on to humans, then what should we make of the notion, particularly among the Christian West, of Lucifer being another name for Satan? What is interesting is that Lucifer is the Latin name for the planet, Venus, which also means the “light-bringer”.

It is thought that this mistranslation leading to the name Lucifer and Satan being used interchangeably can be attributed to the King James Version of the Hebrew Bible. However, especially given the notion that Satan – if we accept is Shamyaza – was passing knowledge to human beings (bringing light) might this have been a purposeful mistranslation?

We should consider again allegations of a Masonic influence running throughout human history, one that goes back to the Knights Templar and then through the royal houses of Europe and back to such ancient civilizations as Egypt and Sumer. Might this proposed mistranslation be an example of passing secret knowledge to those who are in the know (enlightened)? In this case, Satan was, in fact, passing knowledge to humanity in order that they might grow.

Perhaps we should also reconsider the claims of David McMurray and the channeled information that stated humanity’s progress had been “nil” until very (relatively speaking) recent times.

The Engrained “Evils” Of Science Or The Church?

With that in mind, then, what should we make of the notion that The Watchers were a faction of extraterrestrials that broke from the main in order to establish their own colony here on Earth? If there is any truth in this, might we also deduce that the reason this group has been vilified throughout history is that the main faction also returned to Earth? And through the kings who were “given the divine right to rule” began a systematic covering up of their intentions, which would appear to be to remove them from hardship and squalor, and to have them perceived as “evil” and a “tempter”.

It is certainly an interesting point. Might it be that the real faction that has the good of humanity at its heart were those led by Shamyaza or Satan? And is this the reason for the claims of an “unseen war” happening behind the scenes of humanity?

An image of an angel in an ancient room

Might “Satan” not be the entity he is made out to be?

We should also mention – especially if we remind ourselves that Shmayaza (Satan) had deep knowledge in magic and medicine – that for many years over the centuries, even when modern medicine was being developed to assist women with the pain of childbirth, such measures were looked down on by The Church as the “work of the Devil”. Even today, some religions do not allow any medical intervention, even if it results in the death of a loved one.

Might these notions be carry-overs from a time when a campaign of smearing the efforts of this potential band of extraterrestrial visitors looking to lift humanity intellectually and spiritually? We should remember that even during the years of The Enlightenment The Church still kept a very close eye on science and “the evils” it would unleash.

Tales Of Heaven And Hell – Accounts Of An Ongoing Invisible Cosmic War?

From an extraterrestrial point of view, might such realms as the Heavens and the “House of God” actually be references to space and a mothership from which visitors came down to Earth, including The Watchers.

Similarly, if the Heavens are outer space, then what should we make of tales of Hell, the apparent abode of Satan? What is perhaps interesting here, though, especially when we consider the many different myths and folklore from around the world, is there are many accounts of an “underground race” or an unknown civilization that exist deep within the Earth, apparently driven there long ago.

We only need to turn our attention to the legends of The Bible once more, and The Nephilim, the result of the forbidden union between The Watchers and the daughters of man. According to such writings, a war would ultimately break out. And this conflict was between The Watchers in the “The Heavens”, and the “rebels below”.

A depiction of an ancient scene of legend

Has an invisible war been taking place for centuries?

If the Heavens is a reference to space and/or a mothership (or even multiple ships such as fiery chariot-like vehicles mentioned in many ancient writings) then a reference to “below” in terms of the rebellious Watchers is too close to our modern perception of Hell to ignore. After all, if this rebellious faction was being attacked by “fiery chariots” from the sky, then going underground (or below) would be the safest action to take.

What’s more, many cultures around the world speak of such a race from inside the Earth. Indeed, some Native American tribes speak of a race of Inner Earth beings called the Ant People, which some researchers have likened to a Sumerian translation of Anunnaki.

Evidence Of An “Inner Race” Found In Legends Around The World

Might it be, as some researchers suggest, that such apparently legendary cataclysms as The Flood were a result of this apparent cosmic war? If we accept the claims that the human race was a result of the intervention of the Anunnaki (before the break-off of “The Watchers”), then should we take the myths of “God bringing The Flood” much more at face value. Might such events have been an attempt by The Anunnaki to not only destroy the rebels of their own ranks but the creation of their genetic engineering, humans?

Perhaps another good example of a complex conflict involving an advanced race is demonstrated in the account of Sodom and Gomorrah and the “two angels” who travel to the region to warn Lot of the impending disaster. As we have explored before, not only does this account perhaps endorse such an invisible conflict as the one highlighted above, but it might also suggest advanced, possibly nuclear weapons in antiquity.

With that last thought in mind, we should remind ourselves that the Mahabharata – the ancient texts of the Indus Valley civilizations – speaks of very similar weaponry, not to mention its deployment from the air by aerial vehicles.

The fact that these very similar accounts are found in various myths all over the world should alert us to the very real idea that our ancient world is not as mainstream history tells us. And that we should perhaps take these seemingly outrageous allegorical accounts much more at face value.

Other Biblical Accounts

We might also look to such legendary accounts as Jacob’s Ladder which tells the story of Jacob, who while journeying to Harran would stop to rest and fell asleep. However, he would experience a bizarre and intense dream in which he saw “angels of God” who were “ascending and descending” a strange “staircase” which reached into the Heavens. During this dream, Jacob also heard voices instructed him, which he perceived to be The Lord.

Might it be that the “intense dream” was an alien abduction encounter, experienced while subdued by advanced technology or medicine? The reason, on this occasion, was to implant instructions into Jacob’s mind. Very much in the same way that some claim the intelligence agencies do today through their MK-Ultra-type mind-programing projects.

Or perhaps we should look at the “Ascension of Elijah” who was taken in a “chariot of fire” by the Lord. Was this a case that we in the modern world would call an alien abduction?

There are also several intriguing verses in the Book of Ezekiel, not least the description of a flying, metal object that appeared after “the heavens opened”. The object was described in the verse as having the appearance of “a wheel within a wheel”. This is almost identical to how many who witness UFOs describe the appearance of the underside of these circular, or disc-like crafts. This Biblical description was so detailed that one NASA employee, Josef Blumrich would even produce blueprints of a “working crafts” based on the writings.

Even more intriguing when we consider much of the above, are perhaps some of the most persistent legends of human history. That of the serpent, serpent people, or as most of us in the contemporary era know them as, the Reptilians.

Legends Of Serpents, Serpent People, And Reptilians

We have explored the claims of reptilians from various angles previously. And for good reason. From an extraterrestrial point of view, however, they are particularly intriguing. Not least because of the claims of “reptilian overlords” ruling over us.

However, there are many researchers who suggest that the Anunnaki were a reptilian race themselves. We should keep in mind that, if we accept the translations, the Anunnaki created human beings by mixing their own DNA with the most advanced of the hominid creatures already here.

Taking such ideas further, this would make the human race “part-reptilian”. Indeed, we do have a reptilian part of our brain that is responsible for the basic aggressive behavior associated with survival.

The fact is, for various and supposed reasons, the notion of a serpent race or serpent people runs deep through history. And what’s more, there are many creation stories that allude to a reptilian extraterrestrial race that came to the planet long ago. Much the same as the claims of the Anunnaki. Might these myths be much more than mere myths? Furthermore, these legends still persist today in our contemporary era.

Shapeshifters And Reptilians – One And The Same?

Part of the legends of the reptilians – even modern, urban ones – is that they have the ability to “shapeshift” – to literally change their form. Indeed, those who subscribe to the David Icke-type reptilian overlord theories suggest that many of the world’s most powerful people (including some well-known politicians) are “shapeshifting reptiles” who simply “hold a human form”.

Others describe the notion of reptilians taking human form in a similar way as we might think about demonic possession. We will come back to this notion shortly as it could prove to be a crucial point in our attempts to make sense of such mythical accounts and why they might have more truth within them than we might think.

An image of dragon-like creature

Do shapeshifting reptilian entities really exist?

There are plenty of other accounts, however, in the legends of antiquity, of “gods” or demons, who could change their form in order to trick humans. Perhaps some of the most intriguing come from the legends of ancient Greece, and in particular, the legends of Zeus, who would assume all manner of animals and even the husband of a woman he wished to have sex with.

Without a doubt, though, one of the most intriguing, and perhaps one of the oldest recorded examples of the notion of shapeshifting, is a cave painting thought to be at least 10,000 years old in the south of France. Named The Sorcerer (interestingly or not when we consider the “magic and medicine” attributed to Shamyaza) the painting features what appears to be a human being “changing” into a horned animal.

Are all of these shapeshifters actually the same race as the reptilians? Or might they have an original form and origin even stranger?

More Evidence Of Ultraterrestrials?

The idea that these extraterrestrial shapeshifters assuming human form comes in the act very similar to demonic possession has been explored by several researchers. The general basis of such research suggests that these “aliens” – as opposed to coming from elsewhere in space – actually come from another realm of existence or dimension.

Author Brinsley Le Peer Trench would call these entities “ultraterrestrials” and would claim that they were not only responsible for the UFO sightings and claims of alien abduction in our modern world but were also responsible for many of the legends and myths of the ancient world, including many incidents in The Bible.

In Fact, Le Peer Trench offers that The Watchers were most likely ultraterrestrials who assumed human forms in order to interact with the daughters of men they found so attractive. More than just shapeshifting, this “transmogrification of energy” essentially created a “vessel” (a human body) which the entity could then use to move around the Earth. However, following the breakout of war on what was seen as their rebellion, these Watchers were trapped on Earth in their very Earthly bodies.

It is said that these ultraterrestrials would also become locked in a war with another race – the Serpent People. Is this a reference to the reptilians? It would certainly appear so. If, of course, we subscribe to the possibility that such claims of reptilian entities might be true.

The “Dark Watchers” Of The Californian Mountains

If we stay on the notion of The Watchers for a moment, perhaps we should turn our attention to the ancient Santa Lucia Mountain ranges of California and tales of “Dark Watchers” that appear to monitor the landscape overlooking the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Reports go back to as far as the records of the pilgrims in the area, and almost certainly existed orally prior to that among the native tribes of the region. They tell of shadowy “humanoid silhouettes” who appear out of nowhere on the terrain of the mountains.

Unlike some of the other entities we have examined here, these dark watchers would appear to be benevolent and seemingly appear often when a person is lost. Legends state – and sightings of them continue today – that should you attempt to approach these watchers, they will fade from sight and then disappear.

Are these the same “watchers” from antiquity? If we accept that they were made of energy as opposed to flesh-and-blood, might these shadowy figures be their energy-based form? Might they still be looking for opportunities to provide themselves with bodily vessels? Might there even be a connection to the shadow people – who are seen often by those who claim alien abduction?

Perhaps that potential indigenous civilization is one that is not entirely human. And with that in mind, perhaps we should quickly turn our attention to the field of cryptozoology. And in particular one of the most famous mysterious creatures on the planet. Even more amazing when there is no real proof of its existence. There is, however, references to this legendary being in ancient writings.

Bigfoot Legends And Connections To The Ancient Astronaut Theory

We have examined before the connections between UFO sightings and bigfoot activity. And while researchers from both camps do not really understand the what’s and whys of such connections, it is becoming increasingly obvious that some type of connection does indeed exist.

We should recall that many of the Native American tribes would associate Bigfoot (or “skoocooms”) with supernatural, cannibalistic entities.

Whether from a supernatural plain (ultraterrestrials?) or another indigenous race of beings that discreetly calls the Earth home, the locations that such tribes claim these entities reside near, are the same places that are considered Bigfoot hotspots today.

From an ancient astronaut perspective, however, claims of genetic experiments are perhaps of particular intrigue to us here. If we accept that the Anunnaki were responsible for creating the human race through genetic experimentation, we might also accept that they wouldn’t have gotten it correct the first time. And the translations of the clay tablets from which the accounts of the Anunnaki come state that at least a first attempt did indeed go wrong.

According to the translations (at least according to Zecharia Sitchin), although the child had a human form “shaggy with hair all over was the newborn” and “in the image of the Anunnaki (God?) he was not. His hands for tools were not suited. His speech only grunted sounds!”.

Might these initial experiments have been unleashed into the world, allowed to find their own way in the wilderness? It is certainly an interesting notion. Perhaps due to the ever-encroaching modern society in which we live, this explains why sightings of these strange, shaggy creatures appear to be increasing.

Are Fairy Tales Hiding Truths?

Many fairy tales and even children’s stories also feature scenarios that could be seen as interaction with an entity from another realm, and even of outright alien abduction. How many such tales speak of a monster-like entity taking someone against their will to a cave or other secret lair. Is it a coincidence that quite often these locations are seemingly underground?

There is also a bizarre connection to agriculture and food. This comes up repeatedly in many close encounter incidents. We have written repeatedly of witnesses to UFO landings reporting that strange humanoid occupants emerge from these futuristic crafts and proceed to examine their surroundings and the vegetation under their feet.

Indeed, perhaps one of the most obvious connections between agriculture and UFO sightings are the crop circle formations that have confused and intrigued humanity for many years. Not only since the late-1970s and eighties but dating back, if our interpretation of such accounts are correct, hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

Perhaps it is interesting, then, that many close contact encounters do feature the occupants of these strange crafts asking the witness about agriculture and growing techniques. We have mentioned before that UFO researcher, Timothy Good, has stated that many of the cases he has worked on features such interest from these extraterrestrial visitors.

We have to ask, like every other aspect of the UFO and alien question, why?

A depiction of an old castle during a stormy night

Might we find fact in fairy tales?

Are We Nothing But An Experiment?

If there has been an extraterrestrial presence on Earth going back to antiquity, and one that is represented in our myths, legends, and folklore, then ultimately, what is the purpose for doing so, and perhaps most importantly, why do they seemingly come back to “monitor” or watch over us?

Are we nothing more than an experiment to an alien race from an unknown place in the universe? If so, what is the purpose of such an experiment? One that has seemingly spanned thousands of years?

Are these the reason for the alien abductions? For the brutal and seemingly calculated experiments? Even for the apparent implants that many “repeat abductees” find within themselves? Is this really that different to how we would treat animals we have collectively used for such experiments in the past? Or how we brand cattle?

Such thoughts are not pleasant. Not least because, if such assertions were true, it would seem we are completely at the mercy of this unknown alien force. And what’s more, we have no clear idea of just what endgame they have in mind.

The idea that we are a real-life laboratory is not one that is new. Many researchers have wondered such things dating back to at least the late-1970s as the alien abduction phenomenon began to sweep the world, in particular the United States. Might it be that such legendary locations such as the “Garden of Eden” is nothing more than our very planet, Earth. Might such tales, although not from a twisted organized religious perspective, still retain remnants of the true origin and creation of humanity? At least as we know and understand it?

Extraterrestrial Origins Or Evidence Of A Hidden Indigenous Race?

In short, it might very well prove to be the case that the claims of alien abduction and UFO sightings in our 21st century world are the continuation of a literal age-old struggle between the “bringers of (en)-light-(enment)” and the blind faith of those who look to keep humanity collectively trapped in the darkness of an unquestioning mind.

Is there a discreet and invisible war taking place? One that both involves us but at the same time takes place right under our noses while we remain collectively unaware. Is there really so much more to our reality than even the most open-minded of us might even begin to imagine?

Such notions are simply not contemplated by many and so will be dismissed with no further thought. However, while we agree that we can’t simply insert anything we wish and call it “truth” into these questionable areas of history and reality, we can, and some would argue, we must continue to take ourselves down the “rabbit hole” so we might learn what it appears our ancestors from the deep void of pre-history are trying to tell us.

As we continue to examine such accounts and attempt, where appropriate, we continue to fit the pieces together so that a more accurate picture of our reality emerges. And that fuller picture is likely to be much more complex and layered than we perhaps can currently imagine.

Check out the video below. It examines the potential connections between the myths and legends of the distant past and the strange incidents that still haunt us today a little further.


1 Alien Investigator, The Case Files Of Britain’s Leading UFO Detective, Tony Dodd, ISBN 9780747 275343
2 Disneyland of the Gods, John A. Keel, ISBN 9781499 105490
3 Gordon Cooper and UFOs: An Astronaut Speaks Out, Timothy Green Beckley, UFO Casebook

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