UFOs, Aliens, And The Paranormal

Marcus Lowth
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January 27, 2019
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September 5, 2020
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In the minds of many, accounts of UFOs and aliens are a million miles away from tales of ghostly apparitions and paranormal activity. The fact is, though, they often intertwine. So much so, in fact, that there is a good argument to consider that, for the most part, these apparently unrelated phenomenon is of the same source. And what’s more, when we consider such notions as the ancient astronaut theory, which itself stretches into certain aspects of some of the alternative history research taking place, it would appear these connections have been strong since antiquity.

A depiction of an alien face

Is there a connection between aliens and the paranormal?

There is a mountain of possibilities to consider. For example, are legends of demons and angels actually speaking of flesh-and-blood extraterrestrial? Is phenomena such as strange noises, sudden temperature drops, and even ghostly apparitions really signs of close encounters, and possibly alien abduction? Are ancient myths of serpent gods tentative proof of the visitation, and domination over humanity by “reptilian aliens”, whose appearance perhaps sits nicely along apparent depictions of The Devil? And what about such claims of shapeshifting werewolves and blood-drinking vampires? Do these stem from some kind of long-ago alien interaction? Or maybe we should consider entities from another dimension, arriving here through portals? And where does the Occult fit into all of this? Are there connections, for example, between the Third Reich, the Occult, and their interest in extraterrestrial entities, whose energy the Vril Society wished to harness?

Indeed, any prolonged research of the UFO and alien question will take any researcher down a multitude of avenues. All of which we must explore. When we start arriving at the same destination through these different avenues, which many believe they are starting to, we need to question just what might be at the root of the UFO and alien phenomena?

Paranormal Activity Or Alien Abduction?

Although most don’t realize it at the time, if indeed ever in some cases, many cases of repeat alien abduction often begin with signs more akin to paranormal activity. For example, many such abductees report experiencing sudden problems with a whole manner of electrical equipment. Usually while they are in the vicinity. Sometimes a television reception will become scattered, or an electronic device will simply short out. Or, some people might report small items, possibly jewelry or an ornament, simply go missing. Then, the object will mysteriously and randomly reappear. These particular kinds of incidents often lead to people setting up makeshift cameras or CCTV to attempt to capture the culprit on film. On occasion, this leads to more distress for the witness, but also offers us an insight into such bizarre activity.

Many people who have taken to setting up such security cameras have often captured strange phenomena most would instantly associate with the paranormal. Some people, for example, might record strange orbs moving about a certain room. Others might capture a blur or a mist. Again, something that would lead the witness to suspect they had captured footage of a ghost or an apparition. They would very likely be more inclined to think they had proof of life on the other side as opposed to life from far away. And maybe they might be correct.

However, perhaps of all the strange and chilling paranormal-type phenomena captured on these types of homemade security missions are those of the Shadow People. And they show up relatively regularly in accounts featuring interactions with alleged aliens.

Shadow People – A Shapeshifting Of Energies?

Most of us will have heard of the Shadow People. And most would probably agree that they sound more at home in Occult or Satanic circles, which incidentally, is an avenue of exploration we will venture down a little later. However, they appear in several alien abduction encounters. Perhaps one of the most famous is that of Kelly Cahill who when being regressed to recall her abduction encounter would state an experience with strange “blacked out” beings which were “void of color”. Not only that, Cahill would further describe these entities as “not having a soul”.

Interestingly, however, Cahill would also describe what many people would relate to a tall, thin grey alien. She would state the entity was around seven feet tall with a large, out of proportion head. However, she would also state that the creature had “piercing red eyes”. Of course, most would describe grey aliens as having almond, black eyes. Reptilians, on the other hand, and sometimes werewolf or even Bigfoot creatures, often show up in reports with such glowing red eyes. Might this be something of importance? Although many, ourselves included, have theorized that there could be many different races of alien visiting the planet, might this be an example of all of these strange descriptions merging into one entity?

Might “shadow people” simply be grey aliens, but in another form? Almost like a shapeshifting of energies? Or maybe, even the “grey aliens” themselves, and certainly how we perceive them, is not their true form. Perhaps it is a case that to better understand what both aliens and other strange incidents of the paranormal actually are, we need to better understand the manifestation of energy? After all, according to Tesla, the secrets to the universe lay in understanding “energy, frequency, and vibration”.

An Ability To Control Frequency And Vibration?

So, with all that in mind, what might the connection be between apparent ghosts and alleged aliens? We have examined before, for example, the notion of invisibility and whether some strange accounts might be ones of aliens using either technology or a bizarre type of control of their bodies to render themselves invisible to humans.

Or might it be, as we speculated briefly a moment ago, that aliens are actually energy-based? And as such, can control how that energy manifests? And at what frequency it manifests at? If, for example, the frequency is outside of the what humans can see in the visual spectrum, then that entity wouldn’t exist to us? And even on a frequency just outside our range, we may only get a glimpse of them. This is perhaps interesting as many people with apparent experience with encounters of Shadow People claim for the most part to see them only for a moment. And even then, usually out of the very corners of their eye.

Researcher and author, David Icke, explains the connection between what humans can see, or more to the point what they can’t, and the frequency that an energy manifests at. Remember, we ourselves, at the very basic level, are a manifestation of energy. It would make sense, then, that the laws of the universe would dictate that all life would be such manifestations. The only difference being at what frequency that manifestation takes place.

It’s Just Like Tuning A Radio…

Icke explains this using a radio as an example. When we tune to one station, we can only hear that one station. That doesn’t mean, however, that the other stations suddenly stop broadcasting. We simply need to tune into them to hear them. This is the same with what we see. Our eyes see only that which manifests (or vibrates) at a certain frequency. However, other life, in Icke’s example, reptilians, manifest at a different frequency. If we could all, like some people such as psychics and mediums, could adjust our vision – like we would adjust the radio to listen to a different station – then we would be able to witness these strange creatures for ourselves. And interact with them.

In fact, this is something we will come back to later, as there are plenty of reasons to connect such abilities and changes of perception with interaction with extraterrestrials. And quite possibly, as some researchers suggest, a purposeful suppression of such knowledge and ability. Might it be a case, though, that some people, for whatever reason, have regained access to this ability? To reach into the future to view events? And, more important to our discussion here, to be able to witness other “entities” on “realms” that others simply can’t?

However, first, going back to the ability to interact with such entities if we could “tune into” their frequency wave, the same is true the other way around. At least according to the theories and claims of Icke. However, when these entities wish to interact with humans on our frequency, they require a physical body to do so. This is interesting as some people insist that the “grey alien” is simply a suit or an armor – essentially, a body! Others, though, insist a more human “frame” is required.

Possession – More Extraterrestrial Then Demonic?

Most of us will be familiar with the idea of “possession” in paranormal terms. Usually a demon, spirit, or even The Devil himself, will take control of a human body and have them do their bidding for them. And while it is again a theme that belongs seemingly in the horror section of your local bookstore, it is phenomena that is very real and well-documented. Of course, what it “actually is” has kept researchers and investigators baffled for centuries.

However, according to some researchers, possession could actually be a case of an overtaking of a human body by an extraterrestrial lifeform, or energy. Although he doesn’t implicate “possession” of the body as a particular vehicle for an alien race to achieve this, David Jacbos most certainly believes that the dark purpose and ultimate goal of the alien abduction phenomena is for such a race – in this instance, the Greys – to infiltrate and take over the planet.

This is certainly an interesting theory. And one that would make sense of the experiments and the abductions themselves. Might they be part of a huge genetic advancement program? However, not one to benefit mankind, but one to benefit the true “form” behind the grey alien race. So that they might be able to “possess” – long-term as opposed to “frequency possession” – a human body through matching genetics.

Maybe it is of interest that the emblem of the World Health Organization is a snake (a serpent – a reptile) coiled around the staff of Asclepius, a “god of healing” according to ancient Greek legends. Of course, many who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory believe that these gods of ancient Greek, much like the gods of ancient Egypt and Sumer are all one and the same. The Anunnaki.

An image of a possessed doll

Many details of possession are intriguing to alien researchers

The “Royal” Bloodline Of The “Gods”

Of course, according to some research, not only were these gods all the same, they were also the same shapeshifting reptilians that modern conspiracies claim are the royal families of Europe and the political power players of the Western World today. We have examined before, for example, of the clearly spoken of (in legend) shapeshifting abilities of Zeus. He would do this in order to trick certain women, sometimes women of a “royal bloodline” into having sex with him with the aim being of producing more royal offspring. What is perhaps interesting here is that many of the modern reptilian shapeshifting legends speak repeatedly of their need to maintain their bloodline.

This, according to some, is why royal families marry within a circle of royal families, because of their royal (matching) bloodline. And while there is most likely a certain amount of snobbery in such moves, it is very much borne out through history that this has very much been the case.

Incidentally, if we return to the story Asclepius, whose staff is wrapped by a snake as the symbol of the World Health Organization, we can see he eventually meets his fate at the hands of Zeus. Fearing Asclepius’ skills and that he would “make man immortal”, Zeus killed him with his thunderbolt. Make of the apparent symbolism of that what you will.

In terms of the reptilian conspiracy and conspiracies of the world’s “elite”, maybe we should look at how many of the usual names (Bush, Rothschild, Rockefeller etc.) have a heavy involvement in genetics, and at some stages in the past, eugenics. If, as much of a wild claim as it would be, there was some truth to such “elite families” sharing a reptilian alien bloodline, it would make sense that their research reflects this.

The “Satanic” Rituals Of The World’s Elite

Some of those famous family names listed above, and remember there are dozens of such families, perhaps not all as influential as the next but influential nonetheless, are also connected to conspiracies of apparent “satanic ritual” and sacrifice. We will come on to the sacrifice aspect shortly, but the introduction of Satan – essentially a Biblical character but one that is more at home with the demon legends of the paranormal – is an interesting one when we also know these same families are entrenched in conspiracies of shapeshifting reptilian aliens. Is this yet another connection between extraterrestrial life and entities from Hell or some other demonic realm?

It would certainly appear so. We examined in our case study of the reptilians of the possible origins of Satan, at least in extraterrestrial reptilian terms. However, in terms of the “Satanic Ritual” conspiracies, it would appear use of the word doesn’t specifically refer to The Devil as an individual (and it is unlikely those involved use the word or term at all). It does, though, refer to a state of mind that allows the interaction between dimensions, or “frequencies”. It is a word used by researchers who either subscribe to or wish to investigate the claims that allows the widest range of people possible to understand the basic concept.

These rituals, performed under the guise of many of the secret societies that operate under the collective nose of humanity and grounded in esoteric knowledge and wisdom, allows the meeting of the two frequencies of the human existence and the “bloodline” one. This combination of secret scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom allows for these energy-based lifeforms to take control of a human “vessel”. This allows the same “energy” to “live” for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. In theory.

Why The Eternal Need For Blood?

We have touched on this issue on several occasions with regard to the apparent “need” for human blood throughout human history. It is something that shows up in our sickly and bloody battles resulting in countless slaughters of masses of people. It is also something that shows up in the legends and myths of things such as vampires, werewolves, and, once again, in the reptilian conspiracies. Furthermore, the practice of blood rituals, sometimes with animals but often with humans, is something that is more widespread than many would like to discover.

Most countries in the world will have legends and a time when ritual human sacrifice took place, and all will have seen regular animal sacrifices. It would appear on the surface that these kinds of sickly sacrifices have been left in the distant past. Of an era when humans “knew no better” and were barely savages themselves. However, anyone who has even a slight grasp on history knows that such sacrifices were carried out by civilizations far from being savage. In fact, some of the most advanced societies of their respective eras took part in such voluntary bloodletting. These sacrifices were often performed by royalty or priest-kings. Essentially, their time’s version of “The Elite”. This, in part, has led some researchers to question whether these rituals have actually stopped. Or whether they are now simply conducted out of the public eye. Essentially, in secret.

And when we consider such recent news items of the rich and famous of the world using blood plasma of young children to maintain their own youth, we have to begin to wonder just how much of these claims of secret human sacrifice for the elite is wild fiction, and how much is guarded truth?

An angel statue with blood coming from the eyes

What should we of the connection between myth and alien of the need for blood?

Vampires, Werewolves, And Shapeshifters – All “Legends” Of Extraterrestrials?

In terms of extraterrestrials, however, there are many who believe this bloodthirst is one that ensures they keep their human form. For example, if we look back to Icke’s reptilian theories, he claims that these sacrifices, when performed at the very top of the elite power structure, allow these “pure reptilian shapeshifting aliens” to keep their human form, and stop their genetic structure revealing their true identity.

It is entirely possible, while speculative, that such legends of vampires and werewolves, have their roots in the oral stories that will now be lost in their original form but preserved in the twisted and perhaps corrupted versions of time. Might it even be possible, if we consider that such tales of vampires, and indeed claims and accusations of vampirism were once prevalent two to three hundred of years ago, they might perhaps be replaced today by claims of alien abductions. And the dark “experiments” that include such things as blood samples?

Admittedly, it is a slight stretch of the imagination, but certainly one worth considering. Particularly among the many claims of blood sacrifice and the need for blood that circulate today regarding the world’s elite. And the scientific research, itself often in the financial (and ultimate) control of these same individuals, which suggests these types of procedures would indeed achieve the desired outcome. If we combine that with the, albeit not proven, but leaked testimony that states this behavior is widespread among these elite society members, it is easy to see where the conspiracies of a secret alien presence requiring the ritualistic sacrifice of blood come from. Or perhaps, like alien abduction and modern vampire legends, these elite conspiracies are simply a contemporary perspective of the sacrifices performed by the priest-kings in antiquity to the “sky gods” from above?

More Accounts Of The Blood-Thirst Of The Gods

What is perhaps even more interesting about these strange supernatural god-like beings and their need for blood is how often uncannily similar accounts, right down to some of the descriptions of those involved, appear in ancient texts and writings.

For example, in the original story of Adam and Eve, there is Adam’s first wife, Lilith, who is depicted as a tempter. One with the head and torso of a woman but the body of a snake and wings like a bird. Perhaps most remarkable, though, are the accounts of her glowing red eyes, as well as the fact that she would steal babies and drink their blood. According to some translations, the name Lilith translates as “Night Monster” or “Night Creature”. There is a good argument to be made that Lilith was the first telling of a vampire account. And if we accept that vampires share a connection to shapeshifting reptilian aliens then the account is even more intriguing.

This is even more so when we discover the origins of the Lilith account reside in the cuneiform texts of ancient Sumer. The same ones that tell of the arrival of the Anunnaki who some, remember, some believe are the reptilians.

Another seemingly similar example might be the writings contained in the Hindu myths of Kali The Destroyer. A goddess with four arms and glowing red eyes. Perhaps of most interest, though, was her desire for blood. Particularly the blood of the young. Was she also, an ancient telling of the Anunnaki-vampire-reptilian legends? Many Hindus believe that Kali was on Earth since the beginning of time. We won’t go into them here. However, most cultures and civilizations have myths of god-like creatures with a desire for human blood.

A depiction of the biblical Lilith


Hollywood – The Source Of Contemporary Myths And Legends!

Before we move on to other aspects of the paranormal that would appear to share more common ground with alien activity than we might first think, perhaps, if we are talking of the world’s elite and a conspiracy involving shapeshifting aliens, “demonic” possession, and blood sacrifice, we should look briefly to Hollywood. And the notion that, like the legends and myths of the past, there is more truth in the fictitious films that originate from Tinseltown than most might think. After all, as we have examined before, Hollywood is considered by some to be the “playground of the elite”.

Might it be to preserve their story, or to communicate information? Or simply for their own amusement? Whatever the reasons, many blockbusters emerge from the studios of Hollywood with apparent “hidden-in-plain-sight” facts there for us all to see? Even if this was the case, deciphering what was true would be an almost impossible task. However, perhaps when we recognize science-fiction becoming reality we should scrutinize events a little more closely.

What Did The Inner Circle Of The Nazis Know Of The Paranormal-Alien Connection?

Maybe a good place to move to next in the maze within the rabbit warren that is the UFO and alien question would be to the Nazis and the Third Reich. And more specifically their genuine and deep interest in not only esoteric relics, but also in extraterrestrials and the Occult. In fact, as bizarre a notion as it is when we consider the cold and brutally effective killing machine that the Nazis were, at the heart of it was a genuine and passionate belief in dark arts, black magic and life on other planets and dimensions. In fact, so serious was this interest in the inner circle of the Third Reich, that one gets the feeling there almost has to be “something” to it. What did they know? Or think they knew?

We have examined at length the Nazis interest in the Occult and some of the UFO and alien conspiracies that surrounded them. Not least of which, at least worth mentioning in passing here are the Vril Society. Whose real intentions and beliefs, as well as their ultimate fate and whereabouts remain a mystery. Even today. According to some rumors, as outlandish as they might be, they disappeared to another planet somewhere in the universe following telepathic communications with extraterrestrials. Perhaps even more outlandish, again according to rumor, at one of the last sightings of Vril members in the final days before the fall of Berlin, a strange brightly-lit object was said to be witnessed by residents and soldiers in the city.

Of course, Hitler and his Order of the Black Sun apparently also made contact with an extraterrestrial race. One from the Draco constellation. Which considering the vampire (Draco, Dracula) connection to reptilian shape-shifting aliens looking to take control of the planet they are certainly intriguing.

Hitler – Almost A Contemporary Puppet King Of The (Alien) Gods?

Remember, staying with Hitler and the Nazis for a moment, there are several books that revolve around the notion that the leader of the Third Reich was, in some cases, literally possessed. Given the connections to aliens from “Draco”, reptilians who use humans as “vessels” through what most would recognize as “demonic possession”, it is an interesting notion. Was he possessed by an alien force from another world? Might he, returning to the equally bizarre claims to come out of Hollywood, have sold his soul to “The Devil” in order to win the war and conquer the world.

Perhaps we should remind ourselves of the words of Dietrich Eckhart, widely accepted to be Hitler’s “mentor” (influencer?). In it, he would state to a friend with similar ideological sympathies, “Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. We have given him the means of communication with Them”. He would finish that he will have “influenced history more than any other German”.

As we asked before, who were “They”? An alien race, or a demonic force? And might they actually be one and the same?

And maybe we should remind ourselves of the writings of Hermann Rauschning. He would claim that Hitler told him of a class of overlords. Who would rule over humanity in the “new order”. Above them, there would be “a new and exalted nobility” about whom he could not speak. This control, however, would take place from the shadows, of which “the militant members will know nothing”.

There is some debate as to the accuracy and authenticity of Rauschning’s account. It certainly fits in well with the claims of shapeshifting, possible reptilian aliens. Ones looking to control the planet from the shadows, through “puppet-kings” or leaders. Was Hitler almost a puppet-king?

Crowley And Lam – A “Deal With The Devil” Or Contact With An Extraterrestrial?

The Nazis certainly weren’t alone in their beliefs. Winston Churchill, for example, the British war-time Prime Minister was said to have an immense interest in the Occult. He also, as recently declassified papers reveal had an apparent interest in UFOs. What’s more, when we examine such members of “high” society at the time, it would appear they too had such interests in similar things.

We have written before, for example, of Lord Mountbatten. He not only had a real and genuine interest in UFOs but experienced a landing on his own estate. Furthermore, Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II the current reigning monarch of the United Kingdom (and head of a family, rightly or wrongly, right at the center of the reptilian conspiracy), had such an interest in UFO accounts that he had the Ministry of Defense send him their files so he might read them. Files that, officially, didn’t exist.

One particular socialite-type person of the early twentieth century, who certainly had contact with such people as Churchill and likely many more privately, is arguably the most respected and gifted esoteric Occultist of his day. While entire books could be dedicated to Alistair Crowley, one particular incident that we will remind ourselves about here is his contact with an “entity from another realm” in a New York hotel room in early-1918.

What is further interesting, he would use “incantations” to open a portal from which he was in contact with an entity named “Lam”. What communication followed is open to debate. Two things are for sure, however. Crowley would go on to be the most respected and powerful Occultist of his time. And the sketch of Lam looked almost exactly like a grey alien. This, almost half a century before the world knew “grey aliens” existed.

A depiction of a grey alien compared to a sketch of Lam

Lam (right) compared to a grey alien

Portals And “Ultra-Terrestrials!”

Let’s return briefly to the “secret ritual” of the elite that allows “possession”. Whistleblowers from these bizarre gatherings claim the use of such incantations and chants. All of which are aimed at honing the inner “frequency” of those involved. Some researchers assert that this is to allow possession by these energy entities. Some even claim that many of the “initiates” are not aware of the real purpose of such rituals. Or of their possession.

This is an interesting notion. For example, how many people who commit atrocious crimes and then claim they have no memory of such events? Some even passing lie detector tests. And what of those who claim to hear “voices” to kill or warning them of people coming to kill them. These ravings are, perhaps correctly, put down to the people involved being dangerously mentally unwell. It is not that much of a stretch of the imagination to imagine that some of these people may be the victim of “frequency possession”.

There are also others, however, who believe these incantations and chants alter the frequency to open portals. Portals through which we can communicate with entities from elsewhere. And possibly allow such entities to step forth into our world. John Keel wrote extensively of these otherworldly lifeforms who he would call “ultra-terrestrials”. Energies that existed on an altogether different plateau than humans. But who could reside here in the body of a human. This would appear to be describing yet again the act of possession. Perhaps also interestingly, these ultra-terrestrials would engage in a long drawn out war with the “serpent people”. This war was fought using the bodies of humans as vessels.

Purposely Blurred Lines?

Should we accept that these strange legends have some basis in reality? We have to wonder just how blurred the line between supernatural and UFO and alien activity actually is. And whether that blur is an intentional one? If this was the case then that would certainly suggest, as we have examined, a secret shadowy elite. One that has access to knowledge and wisdom. And possibly a whole manner of things that the vast majority of us don’t even know exist. If this is true, we have to ask the origins of this shadowy elite. And, if there is still an active agenda today, what is the end goal?

We will examine the notion that humans all have the power to reach “divine” status “like the gods” shortly. However, what if this apparently extraterrestrial infused elite do have an end goal in mind? One particularly frightening possibility that is too chilling and potentially deadly to ignore. We know the power religion still has over many today in the modern world. Perhaps we should be wary of dogmatic religious views fusing with notions of aliens. And who they might be.

And, interestingly or not, one of the most worrying of these is the connections certain groups of apparent reverse-type of UFO researchers have made between alien entities and demons.

A Worrying Possibility Of An Already Dark Aspect Of Ufology?

Perhaps a particularly worrying aspect of the potential connection between alien activity and UFO sightings, and paranormal or supernatural activity are those who appear to go a step further than asserting that descriptions of demons (and angels) could be mistaken identities and perceptions of actual alien entities. Some theories of the neo-Christian UFO organizations are particularly interesting. According to them, aliens, particularly “grey aliens” are, in reality, actual demons. Ones intent on tracking humanity.

There is certainly nothing wrong with differing points of view and opinions. It is already unstable grounds that most modern-day religions find themselves on today. Particularly in reference to the UFO and alien question. This would force the entire world to rethink the teachings of many of the main religious ideologies. To quote an abductee, becoming aware of life on other planets “who wants to talk about sports and eat burgers”. Or, indeed, practice a religion based on blind dogmatic faith.

These claims of demons walking on the Earth in order to bring about the end of days take on an even more urgent significance when you realize there are many people, in positions of power, to boot, that wish to “engineer” events so such end of the world scenarios begin to unfold for real. For when they do, the “Second Messiah”, according to their predictions, will return. These people are high up within the ranks of world governments. And in “faceless” but influential positions in the shadows of such governments. Perhaps it is an unfolding scenario we should all take note of. And one, admittedly speculative, that falls in line with the notion that alien forces could be controlling events on Earth. Unseen by the vast majority.

A creepy skeletal face

Is there a dark side to the UFO question?

An Unintentional Unlocking Of Supernatural Powers In Alien Abductees

Are aliens forcing us to maintain an existence below our potential? And if so, is this part of the overall and long-reaching alien agenda? To keep humans as a slave to them and to themselves? It sounds like something out of the science-fiction section. But it is a theory and a claim that many researchers have voiced over the years. The aforementioned David Icke is arguably the loudest voice in that particular arena of thought. However, he is certainly not alone.

Do all humans possess the ability to access more plateaus than we think?

And what about those people, then, who following some kind of close interaction with an apparent alien entity suddenly find themselves in possession of a new “supernatural gift” or ability? Why is this so often a by-product of close encounters with extraterrestrials, and even of alien abduction? Many people who have had such close contact encounters have suddenly had the ability to see events from the future. Either in dreams or in strange trance-like visions. Others speak of a sudden “awareness” or of being “at one” with nature. Even of a higher spirituality within. There are also those who speak of sudden interests in issues or subjects. As if they are now part of a higher power who has installed in them a sense of “mission”.

What is it about these experiences that apparently unlocks these hidden gifts? Is it an intentional transfer of abilities? Or is it a consequence of the tampering with the human mind. Perhaps strangest of all are the out-of-body experiences some alien abductees report experiencing after their encounters. We don’t know what might be that resides behind such apparent out of this world intelligence. The affect it has on those who experience it, however, is profound, to say the least.

The Collective Spiritual Potential Of Humanity Is The Key?

With this last point in mind, what should we make of many of the shamans and tribal doctors? Those who claim to be able to communicate with entities from another realm? Should we accept for a moment the claims of the alien god-kings of ancient Sumer and Babylon? And before that to a time when the “gods walked the Earth. The general notion of the ancient astronaut theory was that the priest-kings would essentially act as the intermediaries. Going between the gods and the rest of the human population. The “puppet kings”. Perhaps the same as Hitler said would be the “a new and exalted nobility”.

However, such circles believe these priest-kings were a purposely created alien-human hybrid. One containing the “correct” bloodline. That might indeed be true. Might it also be the case, though, that those who had the ability to see beyond the Earthly realms, those who could communicate with the “other side” and essentially see these “gods” for what they were, were utilized also? Or might most of those with such talents have been hunted almost out of existence. There are those who generally believe that such talents once flowed out of humanity. During a time before recorded history. However, such abilities were “genetically stemmed” at some stage in the past. Perhaps that explains, partially, why a certain small percentage of people still appear to able to access these abilities.

Might it be that our understanding of the abilities that many believe reside within each one of us will ultimately unlock the mysteries of the universe? But also the UFO and alien question? As much esoteric wisdom states, for example, it is what is within that will lead us to see clearly.

Everything Is Part Of The Same Everything! The Mystery Of Life!

We’re obviously never going to solve the issue in a single article here. There certainly appears to be more than enough crossovers and connections to investigate further. And what they might mean. Might it be, as in other aspects of history, that these strange occurrences and phenomena are simply different perspectives? And if that is the case, then should we ask, are these strange creatures from another world somewhere far away? Or do they hail from an alternate dimension? Once more, these two things could be the same thing.

For example, might space travel – in terms of the vast distances required to reach other worlds outside of a certain solar system – be one and the same with creating portals and opening doorways to other worlds? Might time and space quite literally go hand in hand? As bizarre and even nonsensical a notion as it might be to some. Could it be, though, that time-travel, space travel and stepping into another dimension are all part of the same road? For example, let’s assume space-travelers have been visiting the planet since antiquity. Rather than a seemingly constant monitoring mission lasting thousands of years across untold generations of an extraterrestrial race, it would perhaps make more sense that these missions originate from the same launch point. But arrive at various points in time at this side.

The two areas of interest will keep researchers frustrated and fascinated for generations. That there is something to investigate, however, is beyond doubt. Maybe one day we will find the answers humanity has sought since the beginning of time. And then, we will finally fulfill that apparent cosmic potential that some insist resides within of us.

Marcus Lowth

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  • Chris phillips says:

    Hi marcus, this post really hit me. I would be willing to share my story and undergo any tests that may be involved to see if my experiences are real /valid or i need medication.
    Thanks and kind regards.

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      You would be welcome to message details of your account at the email below. Or you can message us directly on our Facebook page.

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