The Ancient Alien Origins Of The Wandjina Mythology?

Marcus Lowth
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March 2, 2020
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October 3, 2021
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If you subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory – even in part – then evidence of apparent visitations from these extraterrestrial beings is likely of great interest to you, whether in the mythology or artwork, or the structures that are left behind of the respective regions and cultures.

Indeed, we have examined such possible ancient alien connections to ancient Egypt, the Incas, the Mayans, ancient China, and the kingdoms of the Mesopotamian region. One region we haven’t examined, however, at least not from the ancient astronaut perspective, is the Aboriginal cultures of Australia. And specifically, the mythology that surrounds the Wandjina.

A blend of alien faces, flying saucers, and Wandjina cave art

Are there alien origins to the Wandjina people of Australia?

Thanks in part to such myths, and some very intriguing cave paintings that even the most skeptical of minds would have to admit have a very similar appearance to how most of us would view a grey alien in our contemporary era, some researches have even begun to question the history of humanity, with some even questioning from where it may have truly originated.

We should also note that many mainstream historians and archeologists show nothing but contempt for such considerations and theories. And obviously condemn them as false and inaccurate. At the same time, however, it is increasingly obvious, at least to some, that such a mainstream stance is not one for the betterment of humanity and its collective wisdom, but one of maintaining the status quo of accepted history. Perhaps one of the mainstream’s targets, Graham Hancock, sums it up best when he states that mainstream historians are “very myopic” in their general views.

With all of that in mind, then, let’s turn our attention to the mysterious origins and creation stories of the Wandjina. And might their alleged alien origins share connections with the seemingly increasing UFO sightings in our contemporary era?

The Windjina – Are Everything That Surrounds Us!

Because it was largely untouched by western civilization until the late 1700s, and due to the fact that their customs are still intact today, the three Wandjina tribes (the Worora, Ngarinyin, and Wunumbul) are regarded by some as one of the longest continuous civilizations with direct links to their past stretching back thousands upon thousands of years. And with those links comes the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient world.

In fact, just how far back those origins stretch and how advanced that ancient world might have been is, to some at least, a point of debate.

We will, though, quickly examine the paintings of the Wandjina discovered in several caves in the region of Western Kimberley. They are, to those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory, evidence of alien visitation in the distant past. You can check out an example of such cave paintings below.

An example of Wandjina cave art

An example of Wandjina cave art

While the similarities are indeed undeniable, many, particularly those in the mainstream but some of from the respective tribes [1] themselves, state that such claims are pure fantasy. At least that the depictions are of actual extraterrestrial entities. One Worora woman, Leah Umbagai, would claim that they are more than just mere pictures, but are “everything” that surrounds us.

This is an interesting statement. Many who reside in esoteric circles, for example, claim that “God” – however, we might envision such a deity – is the same as Umbagai describes – essentially, the Earth, the Universe and all that comes with it. And that union with such a supreme being is an achievement of a spiritual balance between human desire and the natural world.

Might more suggestions of an extraterrestrial origin, however, be found in the mythology and creation stories of the Windjina? It is there that we will turn our attention next.

“Sky Beings Or Spirits From The Clouds!”

Whether the pale white tones and large black eyes of the Wandjina are a reference to an alien origin or not, there are indeed some intriguing details to be found in the creation stories of the region. Stories that we should remind ourselves were uncorrupted by western hands for thousands of years.

Perhaps the best place to start would be the very beginning of the Aboriginal civilization. These accounts, which are said to be factual in nature, claim that the Wandjina [2] were “sky beings or spirits from the clouds”. And, as if to clear up any discrepancy, they would claim that these entities from the heavens came to Earth from the Milky Way. Indeed, some researchers suggest that the “rainbow serpent, from which all of creation came is, in fact, a further reference to the cosmic origins of the Wandjina.

A close-up of the strange beings painted onto the cave walls

A close-up of the strange beings painted onto the cave walls

Following this creation, the Wandjina would educate humanity – who they created – in the arts, science, agriculture, and astronomy to name but a few. This, of course, would tie in very nicely with other creation stories around the planet. Perhaps not least the accounts of the Anunnaki in the Mesopotamian region (in particular modern-day Iraq).

Of course, if there was an original source for most, if not all, the various creation stories from around the planet, then that would, admittedly speculatively, suggest a lost, global civilization. Perhaps one started and then overseen by an extraterrestrial presence? Or maybe even the survivors of an advanced civilization from pre-history who after an unknown disaster, began civilization once more with the knowledge and technology they (in theory) retained.

Furthermore, much like accounts of the Anunnaki and similar “gods” from ancient times, these deities would suddenly leave.

Mythical Legends Tie In With Historical Fact?

It is not hard, then, to see why those who might subscribe or have an interest in the ancient astronaut theory might see resonating connections within the Wandjina myths and accounts. Especially when very similar accounts can be found in other apparently separated cultures across the planet.

Perhaps that is a viewpoint even easier to sympathize with, if only temporarily and for the sake of argument, when we discover that many of these “myths” have at least a grounding in historical fact. Just one example of this would be the discovery of the remains of “Megafauna” that would tie in very well with the depictions and tales of “huge mammals” that once roamed the region.

Even more remarkable – as is the case with numerous locations around the world – there is reason to believe, based on discoveries of remains and objects, that such civilizations were in this region of the world anywhere up to 176,000 years ago. Certainly long before accepted history states such civilizations existed. And, as we will return to shortly, has resulted in some researchers questioning the accepted timeline and locations of human events throughout history.

More Wandjina cave art

More Wandjina cave art

If some of the accounts can be proven to be historically accurate – as has been done around the world with other “mythical” accounts such as the discovery of the City of Troy or the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, for example – then surely we can’t cherry-pick what we believe to be true and dismiss the rest as fantasy?

And while we must also stress, even to ourselves, that such reasoning is still very much in speculation territory, there is still sufficient reason to speculate in the first place.

Human Origins In Australia?

We might be wise to mentions to the research of Alan Wilson and Rebecca Cann, who in their paper The Recent African Genesis Of Humans would claim that all human life on Earth could be traced back to having started in Africa around 200,000 years ago.

However, shortly after making their widely accepted declaration they would claim they were wrong in their initial assessment. Recent discoveries, they would ultimately claim, suggested that human life, in fact, originated in Australia.

In fact, Cann, in particular, pulled no punches when she stated that:

…the origins of Homo Sapiens (is) much further back and indicates that the Australian Aborigines arose 400,000 years ago from two distinctive lineages! [3]

What’s more, she would claim that these findings were not based on one location, or even two or three. There were, 10 locations, she would claim, where all indications were that they dated much further back than the accepted 60,000 years.

And of course, this would mean, if Cann and Wilson, as well as several other researchers are correct, that rather than the migration from Africa to Australia, the journey was the other way around. Unless, of course, human civilization goes back much further even than 400,000 years. And, as we have noted before, some researchers, based on archeological discoveries of anomalies, suggest human civilization may not be in hundreds of thousands of years old, but millions.

You can check out the video below featuring Steven and Evan Strong, who speak of these claims a little further.

The Intriguing Traditions Of Djamar

Perhaps one particularly intriguing entity of the Wandjina is the “supreme deity”, Djamar. [4] Not least as the myths and traditions of his time on Earth, at least to some, are suggestive of a landing of a flying vehicle.

The account that has been handed down, for example, speaks of elders of the tribe pointing out to others of the “baldness of the surrounding rock and the damaged bark of the trees” following one recent departure or arrival. What’s more, this vessel “smashed the rocks of the foreshore”. Even more intriguing, a sound similar to a “bull-roarer” would accompany this vehicle.

As a quick side note, it is perhaps interesting that even some reports of close contact UFO encounters in Australia today, use the same word to describe the sound they heard at the time of their respective sightings.

We should also note that many of the other ancient cultures speak of their gods arriving in a similar fashion. In an aerial vehicle, from above, and with a cacophony of thunderous noise.

It has also been speculated, if we recall the damage that was first done to the Australian location said to have been where Djamar first landed, that many mounds and pyramids were constructed? Partly as a beacon from above to alert any potential aircraft pilots to their destination. And also, as a destination to land these advanced vehicles. It is certainly a suggestion that many researchers have toyed with over the years.

Furthermore, we should mention the ancient entity, Gaungan, who according to legend, would appear as a beautiful woman with long hair who would attempt to lure men “into the sea”. This connection with the water will become a little more relevant when we explore possible connections to other ancient alien theories.

Enough Connections Between Different Cultures To Warrant Further Study

Might it be the case that there is some truth in the alleged extraterrestrial origins of the Mandjina? And might this also be true of the many other cultures around the world with similar, in some cases, almost identical accounts?

There certainly appears to be a wealth of evidence that civilization on Earth goes back much farther than we currently accept. Might the origins of that civilization also prove to be more mind-blowing than most are willing to contemplate?

What should we also make, underlying this and other cultures of the ancient world, of the connection to sacred serpents and serpent worship? There are, it would appear, two basic theories as to why this is. The first, as we have speculated before, is that whatever extraterrestrial presence was on the Earth in ancient times, it was likely a reptilian one.

And what’s more, many who subscribe to such theories also state that these reptilian entities came from an “aquatic world”. Maybe we should remind ourselves of the legends of Gaungan who roamed the Salty Lagoon trying to tempt men into the waters.

John Michell, however, in his book The Flying Saucer Vision, would claim that the relevance and depiction of a serpent was a reference to how it coiled itself in a circle and behaved in a similar manner to “flying saucers” in antiquity. Perhaps even more intriguing, Michell would also claim that this worshipping of flying discs would become “corrupted” into sun worship.

There would certainly appear to be enough connections between these different cultures to study such origins with a fresh and open mind. And when that happens the revelations could prove to be world-changing.


1 Aboriginal art depicting Wandjina figure that sparked aliens theory to be reclaimed by traditional owners, Erin Parke,, December 4th, 2016
2 The Mysterious Aboriginal Rock Art of the Wandjinas, April Holloway, Ancient Origins, July 29th, 2013
3 Homo sapien sapiens originated in Australia, not ‘out-of-Africa’ – DNA evidence, Steven Strong, The Stringer, December 18th, 2013
4 Australian Aboriginal Culture and Possible UFO Connections, Bill Chalker, Project 1947

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