The Missing 411 Conspiracies

Marcus Lowth
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October 6, 2019
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September 30, 2021
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Without a doubt, one of most fascinating if outright grim mysteries of our modern times is the truly bizarre and mind-bending disappearances of people right across the North American continent, but particularly throughout the United States.

This information, patterns, and points to connect, comes to us from the exhaustive research of David Paulides, who himself states he will have missed many other cases, such is the seemingly mammoth task, in the little spoken of and growing issue – in official circles at least – of missing people.

A picture of two children walking towards a mist on a lonely rail track

Each year multiple people simply disappear from the face of the Earth

Indeed, as we will examine shortly, several people over the years who have been involved in the search for some of these mysteriously vanished people suggest some organizations within the power structure of the United States know a lot more about these strange occurrences than they publicly let on.

And what’s more, this could be happening worldwide in much the same way. Only further research and pulling together of missing persons reports, from as far back as records go as well as ones from our contemporary era, will reveal if there are such missing persons conspiracies taking place worldwide, to what extent the number of these missing people cases actually are, and above all, why they are happening?

Perhaps what is also fascinating about these cases is the multiple directions they could truly go in? For example, are we looking at cases of a wild animal or a Bigfoot creature attacking unsuspecting victims? Might there be a more rational but darker explanation revolving around secret government experiments? Might these cases even be ones of alien abduction? Or examples of portals and other dimensions to unknown destinations, themselves active for unknown reasons?

All sound rather outlandish, no doubt. However, the Missing 411 conspiracy is very real and remains without a satisfactory explanation.


These Disappearances Really Are Happening All The Time!

We have, perhaps inadvertently looked at some of these cases before. For example, we have examined the mysteries of the Bennington Triangle and the numerous disappearances there, some of which date back to the 1800s. We have also examined the equally bizarre Michigan Triangle.

Furthermore, when we looked at the mysteries of the American backroads, several strange and bizarre incidents came to light in the Great Smokey Mountain range along the North Carolina and Tennessee border.

We have even looked previously at the case of mass disappearances throughout history. While it is pure speculation, might some of those vanishings of entire groups of people, sometimes entire settlements, have a connection to the equally perplexing disappearances that have permeated the history of the United States since the records of the settlers began and most likely for many years before.

In short, a great many, if not all of the cases in those “cluster spots” of vanishing people are very likely all connected, both to each other and to some of the cases we will examine here.

Where Do We Start?

It is truly difficult to know where to start an examination of a conspiracy of such magnitude – especially given the relatively speaking, brief space available to us here. Before we examine some of the specific cases in detail, however, we will highlight, as per Paulides research, [1] some equally bizarre patterns and coincidences that weave their way through these accounts – accounts which would otherwise be largely forgotten or, at best, remembered as isolated “one-off” incidents.

What’s more, as we have examined before and will undoubtedly do again, many of the areas with high disappearance rates also often have other higher-than-usual levels of activity, ranging from Bigfoot sightings to reports of UFOs and alien abduction. It could well be, then, that the locations might be key to solving these mysterious disappearances. And quite possibly help shed light on a whole host of other equally intriguing and unusual phenomena.

Truly Bizarre Circumstances To Examine

As we will examine in more detail, there are some truly bizarre circumstances and details that arise in many of the cases of the Missing 411. Perhaps one of the most intriguing being such connections to the number of people who have gone missing while picking berries.

Not only that but sheepherders and farmers are also highly represented in terms of people who have vanished. Sheepherders, in particular, spend an enormous amount of time in complete isolation from another human contact. And all the while, due to the presence of their flock, there is a constant threat of predators.

Quite possibly one of the most mysterious groups of people, though, are farmers and, indeed the farms and surrounding land upon which many people have simply vanished into thin air. And while some of these farmers have ultimately been discovered (dead in most cases, unfortunately) as Paulides writes it is his belief that “the stories behind how they died may tell us valuable information about the ones that were never found”.

Indeed, we should note how remarkable it is that Paulides has managed to not only highlight such an anomaly but to bring such reports together. After all, given the largely isolated locations of their residence, such disappearances often only come to light in small circulating newspapers (or in our contemporary era websites with smaller audiences). They rarely, as Paulides states, “make the national news”.

Weather, Locations, Distractions, And “Something Looking At” Them!

Perhaps one of the truly bizarre circumstances often surrounding these strange disappearances is the sudden change in weather that would occur in the immediate aftermath. This was most often a sudden heavy downpour or thunderstorm. Whatever the reason for this (and coincidence surely can’t stand alone in so many cases), this sudden deterioration in weather conditions makes the subsequent searches increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

We have to ask who or what is behind such circumstances. We have written before, for example, of cloud seeding and weather control. If there is a conspiracy surrounding the Missing 411 in terms of secret government involvement, would this apparent turn in the weather be a clue to such involvement?

Even the locations are often very similar in their remoteness such as woodlands and national parks. Even more, the number of witnesses who claim that they witnessed “something looking at them” or a strange figure “hiding behind a tree”. Does this, then, suggest some type of Bigfoot-type creature, one with enhanced intelligence, is attacking citizens of the United States?

Or what about the notion of a portal or rip in space-time itself? There are several cases of people who disappeared staring at something strange or of having their attention captivated by something truly bizarre.

In short, it would appear the answers and revelations of the Missing 411 is unlikely to be found in what is perceived as a “rational” explanation.

Ominous Conspiracy Connections To The FBI

A great many of the disappearances over the years have involved FBI involvement. And while this would make sense in terms of trying to locate an often young and vulnerable child or young adult, many people who have had direct involvement in some of these cases have stated their belief of an alternative motive for their involvement, and of knowing something that the general bulk of the public doesn’t.

Such statements and assertions are hard to prove, given that they are often based on the instincts and feelings of those involved. However, we should also not discount such experience without at least considering the idea that such instincts may be closer to the truth of the matter than many would perhaps like.

We have touched on one of these examples previously when we examined the case of Dennis Martin who vanished in the Great Smokey Mountain range in June 1969 while walking with this parents and siblings in the region. One of the rangers, Dwight McCarter, would comment on how a special forces unit would arrive “heavily armed” and appearing as they though they were expecting to encounter something truly monstrous.

McCarter would indicate to Paulides that the unit “knew something everyone else didn’t”. Even more bizarre, on this occasion at least, the FBI investigator in charge of the case would commit suicide under suspicious circumstances.

The “Ominous” Color Red

One other point of interest to note here is how often the color red and the fact that many of those who disappeared wearing an item of red clothing at the time. This was the case with Dennis Martin, who was sporting a bright red top on the day he vanished. Many victims of the Bennington Triangle were also known to have been wearing red clothing at the time they disappeared.

We have examined how the color red, particularly in ancient times was associated with death. Many Native American tribes of the United States state that the color red is an ominous one and sure to bring bad luck.

Why this is important, and if indeed it even is so, remains a mystery. However, it is surely worth noting on the clipboard of our minds.

While we have examined several of these bizarre details above, there appears no clear path to discovering what lays at the heart of these strange disappearances. The only certainty is that they are happening. They are real. And they are, for the most part, completely unexplained.

More Examples Of Disappearances From The Michigan Triangle

With all of that said, then, we should look at some of the most mysterious and perplexing of these strange and bizarre disappearances.

We will start with several truly bizarre cases from the Michigan Triangle area, and more specifically, that of Joe Clewley who would vanish as recently as the summer of 2008.

What is perhaps interesting to note here, especially given the fact we know many rivers, streams, and other bodies of water are often involved in these bizarre disappearances, is that the one common factor that connects each of these Michigan disappearances is the Tahquamenon River, which runs close and between all three of the last-known locations of these cases from the early-2000s.

Joe Clewley And Dog, Chip, Vanish From Tahquamenon State Park, Michigan

73-year-old Joe Clewley had spent almost his entire life in Michigan save for a brief period where he served in Guam as a member of the United States Navy. Following his military service, he established a successful company (Industrial Control Design) using his skills as an engineer.

A map of the US demonstrating where clusters of disappearances occur

A picture demonstrating where clusters of disappearances occur

In his later years, along with his wife Loraine, the Clewleys would spend the winter months in Panama City in Florida. However, during the summer, they would migrate north to the Higgins Lake area of Michigan and to a cabin they owned along the Tahquamenon River. It was a destination that Joe felt truly at home at and would often spend weeks on end there with Loraine, who didn’t share her husband’s love of the cabin, would visit only at the weekends.

On the 13th of July 2008, Joe would drive with the family dog, Chip, to the Tahqua Trail in the Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Wherever Joe went, Chip would follow, and this day appeared no different. Joe called Loraine at 9 am as he did every morning, and after briefly chatting promised to call her at 9 pm that evening, as he did every night. Needless to say, that evening call on this July night didn’t come.

The Last Known Moments Of Joe And Chip

Joe, with the ever-loyal Chip, set out toward the cabin which was approximately a mile away. After speaking with his wife from the cabin as per their usual practice, it would appear that both Joe and Chip made the return journey with no problems. However, at some point after arriving at the van it appears something happened. And more importantly, both Joe and Chip appear to simply vanish.

The keys to the vehicle were found inside and the door left unlocked. This is something that Joe’s family would state he simply wouldn’t have done. It was the opinion of his son, Joe Jr., that his father was “pulled away by something” shortly after arriving back at the truck.

A close-up picture of the forest

Many people disappear in or near woodland

After raising the alert that he was missing, a search quickly went ahead for Joe Clewley. It would quickly become the biggest such operation in Michigan’s history. Even after official search teams suspended the search after only four days – during which time over 10,000 acres were searched – volunteer units would continue to search for the missing Michigan resident for weeks after.

Even more bizarre, when the family of Joe Clewley returned to the cabin on 1st August, they were stunned to find the loyal Chip sitting on the front doorstep. Aside from an obvious loss of weight, he was perfectly healthy. And certainly didn’t appear to have been living “in the wild” for several weeks.

Whatever happened to Joe, however, remains a complete mystery. As is why the search was called off after only four days. Was this another example that the authorities “knew more than everyone else” as we examined above?

Derrick Henegan Vanished On Way To Meet Pregnant Girlfriend

Only several weeks after the disappearance of John Clewley, 35-year-old Derrick Henegan would disappear in nearby Newberry. On the afternoon of 4th August 2008, at around 4:30 pm, he would leave his friend’s home and head into the woods in order to meet his girlfriend as they had arranged earlier that day.

They had arranged to meet at a deer hunting blind. However, when Henegan didn’t arrive his girlfriend raised the alarm that something wasn’t right. Not only did Henegan have two children with his ex-wife who he called without fail every night, his current girlfriend was also five months pregnant. For him to disappear was so out of character for him it was beyond unusual.

A newspaper clipping of the Missing 411

A newspaper clipping of the Missing 411

Perhaps worth noting is the notion that the family of Derrick Henegan believes his disappearance is connected to criminal activity of which their son is a victim. The authorities, however, officially class it as a standard missing persons case meaning it is unlikely any further investigation will go ahead.

Also worth noting, as Paulides points out, is this area of Michigan is almost entirely surrounded by dense forests and large bodies of water and has a population somewhere around 2,500. That two people should completely disappear in such similar circumstances is a little strange, even for the most skeptical of people.

Even more suspicious, only four years earlier in practically the same location (only 15 miles from Henegan’s disappearance), another Michigan resident simply vanished without a trace.

Christopher Hallaxs – Another Experienced Outdoors Person Who Vanished!

What perhaps makes the disappearance of 30-year-old Christopher Hallaxs even more suspicious is that like Clewley four years later, he was an experienced outdoor person who knew the area of Michigan extremely well to boot. What’s more, one of his favorite places in the region is the Tahquamenon Falls State Park, the same location where Joe Clewley would spend his last known moments.

On the 17th March 2004, after stopping at a local convenience store to pick up snacks and soda, he would heat out to a family cabin where he would spend the majority of his free time. When he didn’t arrive, however, despite their conviction that he was likely alright and holed up somewhere in the wild, his family notified the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department. Both they and units from the Michigan State Police would conduct a thorough and extensive search of the area.

A view of the woods with sunlight poking through the trees

Many people who vanish have experience of the outdoors

Initially, they would manage to track his snowshoes for several miles. However, it soon made a turn into a “very tangled and densely wooded swamp area”. Certainly not the type of terrain an experienced outdoor person would enter onto knowingly or willingly.

Truly Ominous Discoveries

Interestingly, this is another detail that comes up repeatedly in many cases were despite a very defined pathway or track being present, the respective person who vanishes often seems to wander into terrain almost impossible to negotiate. Unless, of course, such people are taken into these inhospitable regions against their will.

The searches for Hallaxs would continue for several weeks, including areas that he was known to visit or stay regularly. He even had caches of supplies in various places in the wilderness in case he became trapped due to any number of reasons. When one of these caches was discovered with many of the supplies “thrown around and displaced” it was a rather ominous sign. As was the spent slug from a gun – especially as Chris, for all of his outdoor passion, didn’t to the best of his family and friends’ knowledge carry any type of firearms.

A mystical image of a man running through a graveyard

There are often signs of violent struggles in the vicinity of the disappearances

Ultimately, no sign of Chris Hallaxs has ever been discovered. Despite the wilderness of the region, that a person could simply vanish in spite of the intense search efforts which took place is highly unlikely.

Sheepherders And Farmer Disappearances

As we mentioned above, some of the strangest circumstances and connections come from the disappearances of sheepherders and farmers, both of which live most of their lives in relative isolation and in drastically rural areas with little or no other human contact other than their immediate families (or in the case of sheepherders, literally no other contact for long periods at a time).

From these strange disappearances, it perhaps shouldn’t surprise us too much, then, that some of the most bizarre tales in a plethora of bizarre tales come from these very specific groups of people. While the particular connections and why they appear are not known, like the berry picking connection that we will examine shortly, it is its apparent randomness that makes it so crucial to understand.

Dewey Cook’s Body Discovered Where Searchers Had Already Looked, 1942

One of the strangest cases involving a disappearing sheepherder is that of Dewey Cook, who vanished while scouting an area for the flock in Bitter Creek around ten miles from the Wyoming-Colorado border on the afternoon of 2nd March 1942.

A search of the region would take place almost immediately and go on for around a week. However, despite this, and the utilization of aircraft over the area, no sign of Cook was ever found. That was until two years later, that is, when a group of the man’s friends organized another search of the area.

A close up of a misty woodland scene

Sometimes, bodies are discovered where searchers have already looked

They would discover skeletal remains that were eventually identified as those of Dewey Cook. What is strange, however, is these remains were discovered in a part of the area that had been searched extensively several times.

What’s more, for such a sensational find as it undoubtedly was, there is very little if any press information is available on the details that might have led to Cook’s death. It would appear as though his body simply arrived at its destination two years after vanishing at almost the same spot.

The Disappearance And Strange Discovery Of John Davis

Another strange Sheepherder case would unfold a little over a decade later in Burbank Washington with the disappearance of 72-year-old John Davis. David would officially go missing on the 26th August 1956 and despite a search taking place, there was no sign of the missing man.

However, in January 1957 a report reached police of a “strange object” under a pile of snow in a field near the Hooper Sheep Ranch which employed Davis. A closer search did not take place until several weeks later, however, as the witness believed the object was likely a dead sheep. On the 18th of February, though, it was discovered to be that of the missing John Davis.

A picture of a person in a forest

Many bodies are never found

What is truly strange, however, according to the report of the find in the Walla Walla Union newspaper were that “Davis’ clothes were in a pile near the body”. The report, however, didn’t speculate on why this might have been the case. Or whether Davis removed the clothes himself (which does sometimes happen in extreme cases of hypothermia), or whether he was forcibly stripped of the garments.

Perhaps bizarrely, only two weeks before the last known sighting of Davis, slightly to the south of the state of Washington in Coconino County in Arizona on the 12th August, another sheepherder, Jerry Garcia, would also vanish without a trace. What’s more, Garcia has never been found.

The Case Of Greg Lewellen – As If He Was Erased From Existence!

On the 3rd of August 1973, Greg Lewellen was watching his flock in Bench Creek near Heber City in Utah. However, when friends went to speak with Greg the following day, not only wasn’t the sheepherder there, his campsite was in a very suspicious state.

For example, it looked as though he had been disturbed while asleep or in bed as it was unmade, as though he had simply left in a hurry. When the group discovered the sheepherder’s flashlight around 250 yards from the campsite, it sent a dark tone around their collective outlook. Furthermore, both of Greg’s dogs were also missing and his two horses were tied to a tree (with one of them hobbled).

The logo of the Missing 411 investigation

Where are all these missing people going

The entire scene seemed to be one of a rushed and forced exit. Even his revolver that he kept with him under his bedroll remained in its place. Whatever the reason for his exit, Greg Lewellen left in a hurry.

Perhaps rather strangely, though, there was no blood or tissue or any other sign of physical assault anywhere near the area. If a struggle had ensued with a human attacked or abductor this would seemingly not be the case (unless he was taken completely by surprise). Furthermore, because of this lack of blood, an attack from a wild animal can almost certainly be ruled out.

On the other hand, also because of this lack of physical evidence of an attack of any kind, the official investigation states that the sheepherder left of his own accord. A notion that Paulides asserts is “very doubtful”. The only other reasonable explanation was that he was abducted. The scene very much appears as though he has been simply erased from existence.

Incidentally, three days after the discovery of his disappearance, the two dogs returned to camp.

Strange Cases On Eastern Farms In The Early Thirties

Two cases of disappearances involving farmers in Ohio and New York respectively took place a little over a year from each other in the early 1930s.

The first, in Hoaglin Township in Ohio, would see 61-year-old William Pitsenbarger seemingly vanish into thin air on the afternoon of 7th August 1931. He was last seen walking across one of his cornfields on his way to go about his daily duties. However, when evening came and failed to deliver the farmer back home, a search and rescue operation was put in motion.

A lone shoe on the grass

Many farm workers also vanish without trace

The search would continue for several weeks until a grim discovery brought the operation to a halt on 31st August. After pulling the cover from an abandoned well, searchers discovered the dead body of the farmer. Despite some decomposition, Pitsenbarger’s body was relatively undamaged. The only notable exception was “slight discoloration on the right eye”. Interestingly, and whether something of consequence, the farmer’s straw hat that he was wearing on the day of his disappearance was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps suspiciously, no autopsy would take place with the coroner simply signing the death certificate as death by drowning.

A little over a year later on the 17th October 1932 in Palermo, New York, farmer Clarence Clark – a similar age to Pitsenbarger at 62 – would disappear from the farm he ran with his wife and his elderly father. After checking the livestock on the day in question, Clark would venture out to the swamps around their property. He wouldn’t return so prompting a search. Despite over 100 searchers, no sign of the farmer surfaced.

As a side note, if there is an intelligence behind these disappearances, is it a coincidence that two men of a similar age in a similar profession simply vanish around a year apart?

From The Twentieth Century To The Twenty-First, The Vanishings Continue!

A similar incident would unfold just over two decades later on 26th October 1953 in Galatia Township in Illinois. John Sweet returned home from a busy day selling, buying and transporting groceries, he returned home, changed his clothes, leaving a small pile of cash on the table in the process, and then ventured out onto the farmland to carry out repairs to his tractor, as well to fix part of the fence around the pigpen.

However, he would fail to return from these evening chores and after alerting authorities of his disappearance, would embark on a search of the area – a search that would feature 75 other farmers from around the region. However, despite this, no sign of the missing farmer was discovered.

Incidentally, as we will examine briefly later, Illinois is another state with some truly bizarre disappearances.

A cracked wall

Disappearances have happened for centuries

Perhaps one of the more recent disappearances took place on 21st June 2009 in Cordell, Oklahoma. On the day in question, Anthony Holland would disappear in very similar circumstances. He would return home after a day away and then head straight out in order to check on stables and livestock around the ranch. He would take his truck to perform the check as the ranch itself was spread out over 80 acres.

However, while his truck was found a short time later – with the keys and the farmer’s wallet inside – there was no sign whatsoever of Holland. Furthermore, not only was there no sign of Holland, but tracker dogs would fail to even pick up a scent of the missing man.

Also, like Illinois, Oklahoma, and more specifically the border it shares with Arkansas is another part of the North American continent that has more than its fair share of disappearances.

The Rather Bizarre “Berry Pickers” Connection

Without a doubt, one of the most bizarre connections of these equally bizarre disappearances is the amount of “berry pickers” who have seemingly vanished without a trace. There is little else to connect these particular disappearances, other than the location and jobs of those who vanished. And while it might be a coincidence within a coincidence, the fact that so many people with the same job should go missing at the location of their employment is strange at the very least.

Before we examine some of the Missing 411 cases in a little more detail, perhaps it is worth reminding ourselves of an apparent alien encounter in Luumaki in Finland. We have examined the case previously but is worth including here due to the seemingly random connection of it taking place while a family was picking blueberries one afternoon in August 1965.

The family had separated out in their location in order to pick as many berries as possible. As the father lifted his head briefly from the task, he would suddenly notice “a strange bubbling noise” which was followed by the sudden appearance of a three-foot-high “man-like” figure in front of him.

As the father looked at this strange figure, he could see it was “decisively strong” with red-orange skin and skintight green overalls. It would suddenly charge toward the witness before itself vanishing into thin air when it was but several feet away.

Whether there is a connection to this account or not remains open to debate. However, we should also note that many people who have vanished only to suddenly reappear often speak of “strange figures” watching them from the woods or the bushes, often disappearing or running away in an effort to get the person to follow them.

The Harrowing Case Of Eddie Hamilton, Saskatoon, Canada, 1928

Perhaps one of the most perplexing cases involving the missing berry pickers is that of the 2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, Eddie, from, Elrose in Saskatoon in Canada. On the 6th July 1928 both parents and Eddie had set out to spend the day picking berries. However, only moments after leaving their vehicle, and after having taken their eye off their son for only a second, Eddie appeared to simply vanish into thin air.

His parents began to frantically call for Eddie, scanning their eyes over what was flat terrain all around them. Both parents would search the entire area several times over before they contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for assistance.

A picture of a child on a bench

Many of those who have disappeared are children

They would conduct extensive searches with over 250 individuals making up the Search and Rescue teams. These searches would continue non-stop for several days, with low-flying aircraft brought in to search the woodland and surrounding mountains from above. A week later, “boot and heel prints” were discovered in the general area the boy had gone missing, as well as “footprints in the vicinity”. However, thorough searches of the “wheat fields and undergrowth for miles around” had revealed absolutely nothing.

After three months of relentless searching, which involved almost 2,000 people making it the largest such operation in the area at the time, searchers had found no sign whatsoever of the missing toddler.

A Grim And Gritty Discovery

Then, out of nowhere came the grim discover of Eddie’s body by a traveling salesman who was duck hunting in the region. As the hunter looked out on White Bear Lake he could see the unmistakable sight of a small body floating on the water.

Due to newspaper reports of the time, we know that the parents of Eddie Hamilton identified the body as their son. However, the reports make no mention of what exactly caused the death of the young boy. Nor does it state or divulge what state the body was in. This is a strange omission for such a sensational if gritty and grim case.

A picture of a woman sat if a strange room

Might there be a paranormal explanation for these strange disappearances?

The fact that Eddie was discovered so far from his last known location, over tough and mountainous terrain no less, is suspicious to some researchers. Not least, as Paulides points out, such a notion would involve the 2-year-old traveling uphill which goes against all of the general statistics of search-and-rescue teams that “children walk downhill when lost”.

Incidentally, the area where Eddie vanished is surrounded by three lakes, on each side of which are hills and mountainous terrain. Given the number of conspiracies generally speaking that surround such terrain, the fact that such a disappearance should take place should perhaps alert us to such locations being key in our attempts to unlocking the reasons and particulars behind these strange disappearances.

Simon Skogan – The “Living Off The Land” Case

The case of Simon Skogan, who was 9-year-old when he vanished without a trace in the town of Tuelon near Winnipeg on the 2nd July 1940 is another that defies any rational explanation. He had traveled to the area with his parents in order to visit his grandparents at their rural home, which was surrounded by swamps and marshland.

On this particular morning, Simon had left the home with his grandfather in order to go berry picking. However, shortly after leaving, and with no idea how he had done so, the young boy simply disappeared. A search began immediately for the young boy, with the Canadian military even involved. However, also immediately following the disappearance, particularly strong and heavy rain lashed the region. Although the search would continue, and the military would stay in the region for close to a month, they were greatly hampered by the sudden change in the weather.

A shadowy person walking though a misty forest

There is a strange connection to berry pickers and those who have vanished

Several local tribes would offer the help of “trackers” in an effort to locate the young boy. They would state they had reports of “someone living on berries and sleeping in the woods”. One tracker would even state that this mystery person, whoever it was, ran away upon seeing them. Even stranger, many farmers in the region would state they would “often find their cows milked almost dry” some mornings.

Whether it was indeed Simon who had suddenly taken to “living off the land” and intentionally avoiding anyone from the local population, he or his body remains missing.

3-Year-Old Gary Bailey Cover 1400-Foot Mountain In 24 Hours?

The case of 3-year-old Gary Bailey is another grimly intriguing encounter that would see the young boy vanish right under his parents’ nose. The family had arrived at Spears Mountain in Knox, Maine on the morning of 17th July 1954 so that they could spend the day picking blueberries. During the course of the day, however, the young boy would become separated from his parents. Within minutes of this realization, a search began for the missing child.

What’s more, according to newspaper reports, the search-party was 500-strong, with volunteers coming from the police and fire service to members of the Boy Scouts and local residents. Around 24 hours after the young boy had gone missing, two searchers claimed to have heard crying coming from an area nearby. They would ultimately discover the missing 3-year-old on the opposite side of Spears Mountain from where he disappeared.

A picture of a hooded person on a tractor

Some of those who are found alive have covered extremely long distances

This would mean the young boy had traveled, on foot and likely in darkness, over the 1400-foot mountain, unaided and alone. What’s more, he would have had to have done so in less than a 24-hour period.

Perhaps even more bizarre, he was virtually unharmed aside from several scratches on his face. There has never been any satisfactory explanation as to what happened to Gary Bailey, how he got to the other side of the mountain, or why he did so.

The Strikingly Similar Cases Of Wesley Piatote And Jimmy Duffy

Over 20 years before the disappearance and the discovery of Gary Bailey, came the decisively grittier case of 7-year-old Wesley Piatote who, on the 4th August 1932 while picking huckleberries near Strawberry Mountain in the state of Washington with his mother and his grandmother.

During the course of the day by late afternoon, Wesley had wandered off ever so slightly away from the two women, who continued to pick huckleberries but still very much within their sight. However, suddenly the serene atmosphere of their surroundings was broken by two screams which very much came from Wesley.

A pathway leading into a dark wood

Do the government know anything about these strange disappearances?

The two women looked around and could not see the young boy anywhere. They would alert authorities but despite over “50 men on horseback” searching for him, he was never discovered. What is distinctive about this case is the short screams that came from Wesley. If someone or something attacked him, what shortened the screams. Was it his own fear, or did something or someone has the presence of mind to stifle such sound that might give away their location?

Over four decades later, on 26th October 1973 near Tacoma Washington, 2-year-old Jimmy Duffy would disappear in remarkably similar circumstances. [2] The Duffy family had pulled up in their camper truck and were merely yards away from it when they heard their young son suddenly scream. They would return to find Jimmy gone while his younger sister slept soundly. Despite hundreds of searchers assisting in the search for the young boy, he has never been found.

The Oklahoma-Arkansas Border

Another of the Missing 411 cluster spots identified by Paulides is located in the regions along the Oklahoma-Arkansas border, with strange, unsolved disappearances dating back to the mid-1930s. What’s more, it appears that many of the missing people were young children throughout much of the twentieth century.

However, around the Millennium in 1999, the age of those who disappear suddenly begins to steadily rise. Whether there is a reason for this and if it is of any importance is open to debate. It is, though, another of those anomalies that Paulides has managed to isolate and call our attention to.

The “Miraculous” Experience Of Charles Warren, Hot Springs, 1935

One of the strangest and earliest disappearances in this hotspot occurred in Hot Spring in Arkansas on the 20th December 1935. And what’s more, the young child involved, 2-year-old, Charles Warren, had vanished and reappeared on two separate occasions within the past 12 months.

On the day in question, with Christmas less than a week away, Charles’ father, Harold Warren left their family home and ventured out into the woods to cut down a tree for the festivities. Although he didn’t realize it, it is likely that young Charles followed him. By the time Harold had returned home with the tree, he and his wife quickly realized their young son was missing.

A search was initiated with over 100 National Guardsman searching for the youngster. Amazingly, almost 24 hours exactly after he was last seen, Charles would stroll into a neighbor’s farmhouse – which was four miles away.

A close-up of trees in the forest

Some searches, with 100s of people, yield know results

Charles told the neighbor, Mrs. Loy, that he “wanted his father” but neither she nor anyone else who spoke to him later could find out just what happened. Or how he had managed to cover such distance during the harsh winter weather of December in the woodlands of Oklahoma-Arkansas border.

After receiving treatment at a nearby military hospital and of being reunited with his parents, Charles would sleep for a considerable amount of time in the days following the incident. One of the doctors who treated the young boy would state that “it was nothing less than a miracle” that the boy had not succumbed to the harsh and brutal elements.

The Strange Case Of Florence Jackson

Around two years later in the late summer of 1937, the disappearance and ultimate discovery of 4-year-old Florence Jackson would unfold. And it remains one of the most bizarre and outlandish accounts on record.

The disappearance occurred in Oak Grove in Arkansas after Mr. and Mrs. Jackson had traveled with Florence from their home in Chelsea in Oklahoma to visit the young girl’s grandparents on the 6th September. During the stay, Florence would walk to see an abandoned mill with her grandfather. While they did so, her grandmother and her parents were near their car several yards away.

Because of this, when Florence suddenly changed her mind stating she wanted to go back to the car, her grandfather allowed her to do so. However, when he himself returned to the vehicle and discovered the young girl was nowhere to be seen, the family would raise the alarm.

Over the next four days, hundreds of volunteers would search along the state border. However, and as we have examined previously with other cases, a sudden heavy rainstorm severely affected the search efforts. By the fourth day, however, according to newspaper reports, “shoes and stockings of the little girl were discovered” by searchers. However, there was no sign whatsoever of Florence.

Shortly after this discovery, though, a sighting of the young girl would surface. And the circumstances surrounding her sudden discovery were almost stranger than those around which she vanished.

An Even Stranger Discovery

On the late afternoon of 10th September, Mrs. Godwin the wife of a local farmer would see a girl the same age as the missing Florence. However, she was completely naked with her hair a ragged mess. Even stranger, she was clutching a “tomato and a handful of sheep sorrel”. What’s more, she was on the other side of the water – yet another detail in these most strange cases that comes up repeatedly.

The young girl called out to Mrs. Godwin that she couldn’t get across the creek. In response, the farmer’s wife would wade into the water and retrieve the frightened youngster. Once safely at their home, the Godwins would contact the authorities to report their discovery.

While they waited for them to arrive, Florence would state that she had eaten “wild grapes, tomatoes, and lots of sheep sorrel”.

A picture of a Bigfoot standing in a misty wood

Many reports feature details of a Bigfoot-like creature

Upon examination at a nearby hospital aside from scratched over almost her entire body, she was otherwise completely healthy. She would speak more of her experiences in the woods. She claimed that she had hidden in the forests when “two strange men” were nearby. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t give any further details on these strange individuals.

Just what happened to Florence Jackson remains a mystery. It sounds as though it was some kind of abduction encounter. But who might have carried out such an abduction, seemingly otherwise inflicting no physical harm on her is even more of a mystery? And given the amount of time that has passed since it is unlikely this encounter will clear any further.

The Disappearance Of Ernest Cook, 1999

On the evening of the 22nd April 1999, 27-year-old Ernest Cook would vanish without a trace from Bache, Oklahoma.

Recently divorced and the father of two young girls, Cook was living in a trailer on land owned by his grandfather. On the evening in question, at around 10:30 pm, Cook’s father was driving him back to the camper van. At some point when they were nearby, Cook left the vehicle, thanked his father and set out walking toward the woodland that surrounded the land that hosted his camper van. He turned to wave goodbye to his father.

A close-up of a misty woodland

Many disappearances happen while the person is with multiple other people

He would never see his son again. When he went to the camper to visit his son the following day, he found his overnight bag open with his shoes on top of it. There was also a photograph of his two daughters.

Two days later, Cook’s father would return with his own father. This time, they would discover an even more ominous and chilling scene. Around 200 yards from the camper they would find Ernest’s sleeping bag. Furthermore, they would see a strange “barefoot track and another boot track”. Just who was with Ernest Cook and what kind of pressure did they apply to him to make him leave.

Ernest Cook has never been seen since in what is arguably one of the strangest cases of all the Missing 411 accounts. It appears as though he was getting ready to go to bed and something truly bizarre took place.

Christopher Jones – Just Vanished Into Thin Air, 2006!

One of the more recent disappearances is that of Christopher Jones from Holland, Arkansas on the 5th April 2006. What is perhaps interesting right off the bat is the location of Jones’s residence – or more to the point, the fact that a creek runs along the back of his home. What is also interesting is that at the time of his disappearance, he had just returned from the hospital after battling a case of gout. Consequently, he was using crutches for both legs just to move around his small trailer home.

So, when friends called to see Chris on the morning in question, they were at a loss as to both why his front door was unlocked (although closed) and why he was nowhere in sight. What made the situation even more bizarre was that his vehicle was still parked outside, and nothing was stolen or even disturbed. It literally appeared as though he had just vanished.

Despite an intense search for Jones, including specialist ground and air units, no sign of the 37-year-old has ever surfaced. Even when his daughter tragically died in an auto accident his failure to appear at her funeral convinced all that knew him that he was either dead or somewhere where he was simply not aware of her death.

The disappearance remains unexplained a decade and a half later.

The Jack Pike Case – Elements Of Many Other Disappearances

Perhaps a case that features several aspects of many of the cases we have examined above took place in Canada in the Manitoba province on the 5th September 1935 with the disappearance of 5-year-old Jack Pike.

The Pike family had planned to enjoy the day picking blueberries and for the first few minutes after parking up in St. Norbert everything went as planned. Then, his mother heard a chilling sound. She would tell the Leader Post newspaper that:

He screamed as if he were terrified. The scream seemed to be choked off in the middle!

Although both of his parents would run in the direction of the scream there was no sign at all of their young son. Remember, this is an interesting point, and several other cases, including two that we have examined above, featured similar details of a short or cut-off scream. Once more, if there was some kind of attacker or abductor, a wild animal can be safely ruled out as it simply wouldn’t have the presence of mind and perception to quieten its victim.

What then, or who could move so quickly, without being seen or even leaving any sign of its presence? Certainly not anything human we wouldn’t think.

Incidentally, and in an even further strange development, after four days of searching the Trappist Monks Monastery side of the Red River, with thousands of searchers and no sign whatsoever of the young boy, he was suddenly discovered on the other side of the water under a bush. Although he was unconscious, he was still alive.

In a cruel twist, however, despite waking at one stage after receiving medical attention at a nearby hospital, Jack Pike would pass away. Just how he had managed to cross the waters remains a mystery.

Some Other Intriguing Points To Consider

The truth is, we could continue to examine and recall each one of the remaining cases – and there are literally hundreds – but aside from patterns that emerge (and will continue to do so) we are still no closer as a collective to discovering just what is causing these disappearances, and how we can protect ourselves from suffering a similar fate.

As well as the connections to rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water, the experiences of accounts in the woods are of particular interest. And might offer some hint of what might be behind such bizarre experiences.

Where are these people going? Are they being kidnapped? Are these missing people part of the seemingly outlandish but sickly conspiracy revolved around breeding programs of the elite to maintain their own youth, and just for general slavery purposes? Several researchers have spoken of their belief of such programs existing. Perhaps not least the controversial author, David Icke, who, albeit indirectly, connects such disappearances and underground programs with aspects of the reptilian conspiracy.

Or might these bizarre experiences share a connection with cases of alleged alien abduction? There are many similarities. Perhaps not least the sudden reappearance of many of the victims. If there is some common ground between apparent cases of alien abduction and these truly bizarre missing persons cases then it would force us to reexamine both subjects entirely.

Maybe another possibility is the brief opening of some kind of portal that unintentionally snatches the unaware person catapulting them to a destination truly unknown. While this notion is one we could perhaps base an entire case study on in its own right, we should perhaps remind ourselves that scientists today are beginning to speak increasingly openly about the existence of other dimensions all around us.

Just What Is Happening? Where Are These People Going? And Why?

With all of the above in mind, it is perhaps not a surprise that there are mysteries about mysteries and an ever-growing mountain of questions, all seemingly impossible to answer and all appear to lead to even more questions of the same complexity.

Are these disappearances simply cases of misadventure? Even the most skeptical of minds would surely struggle hanging their hats on such a notion. The fact is, in the vast majority of these cases, there is something truly extraordinary taking place. And what’s more, our inability to decipher and understand these strange occurrences are costing people their lives.

Whether it is some strange phenomena that we don’t understand – a portal or interdimensional gateway, for example – or whether it is a dark, sickly conspiracy involving the higher echelons of the “elite”, we should all think twice about where we are at any given moment, who knows it, and above all, remain alert as to what is going on around us at all times, no matter how strange, trivial, or indeed unbelievable.

It goes without saying that we recommend you read David Paulides work in full. And, all of us who have a passion for conspiracy and of getting to the truth of any given situation might begin to look at other regions of the world – in Europe, South America, and basically every continent on the planet – and begin to compile similar data in an effort to find just what is happening all around us and right under our collective noses.

Check out the video below. It is one of the many interviews and discussions that can be found online concerning this morbidly fascinating subject.


1 David Paulides
2 Chelan County Missing: Jimmy Duffy, The Daily Chronicle, October 26th 1973

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  • ruseell kym horsell says:

    I read the “missing 411” item with interest.
    I am a data scientist interested in (mostly) UFO’s
    now it seems to be “a thing” in official circles.
    A small study I did analyzing FBI missing persons
    statistics parallels almost exactly all the points in
    the article.
    Mostly young or older people go missing. Many come back. Only certain FBI categories of people seem to
    be affected.
    And the big predictor of when they go missing — UFO sightings.
    The same patterns more or less visible with UK police missing persons reports.
    See under “missing persons”.
    Some of the other articles may be of related
    interest. 🙂
    — R. Kym Horsell

    • Julio Mariano Barriere says:

      Hello Ruseell Kym Horsell, I have full permanent disclosure that anyone can see my hovering ufos on any clear night sky. I live in the vicinity of New York City. If you or anyone you know are ever interested in witnessing triangular motherships with a scatter starfleet of scatter starships. Just get in touch with me. Julio

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