Supernatural: Disappearances

If there is one thing that truly perplexes investigators and researchers into the bizarre and fascinating more than anything else, it is the sheer number of people that simply disappear – quite literally as if they have just vanished into thin air. And unlike disappearances that suggest foul play, these cases show no signs of such brutal intervention or even a struggle. Have these people been the victim of alien abduction? Perhaps some strange force, unknown to science, sent them hurtling into a portal to a realm unknown or even erased their existence completely.

What is perhaps even stranger, are cases of disappearances that have resulted in the said person suddenly appearing at a location hundreds if not thousands of miles away in a matter of minutes – almost as if they had been teleported there. Or what about those who have disappeared only to be discovered days, sometimes weeks later, in a spot that had already been searched, and in many cases, apparently none the worse for their strange encounter.

There are also accounts of people, quite literally, disappearing right in front of others. A person who was there one minute and then simply gone the next. What’s more, particularly in many of the cases in the Missing 411 files, there appears to be another, dark element or entity at work and connected to many of these unnerving disappearances…

Demons, Angels, Or Aliens? The Account Of Alberto Gordini And “The Devil’s Trap!”

First Published: March 13, 2020 - Last Updated: September 2, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes 1 comment

An account from eighteenth century Sicily in Italy is one that is as intriguing as it is bizarre, not least as many of the details in it match with strange incidents of the modern era. Just what happened to Alberto Gordini? And where might he reside today…

The Missing 411 Conspiracies

First Published: October 6, 2019 - Last Updated: March 23, 2021 - Reading Time: 27 minutes 1 comment

The Missing 411 conspiracies are some of the most bizarre and intriguing anomalies in history. And what’s more, there is largely no sound and all-encompassing explanation for the literally hundreds of bizarre disappearances that have taken place for hundreds of years. Where are all these people going and who is behind these terrible yet enticing vanishings…?

The Truly Bizarre Case Of Granger Taylor

First Published: July 8, 2019 - Last Updated: September 2, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes 2 comments

The account of Granger Taylor is truly one of the most bizarre, chilling, and intriguing all at the same time. An undoubted young man of huge intelligence, Taylor would go missing one evening in the middle of a severe storm. This, after telling friends he had made contact with an extraterrestrial entity and he had been invited onboard their spacecraft where they would embark on a tour of the universe…

The Vanishing Lighthouse Keepers Of The Flannan Isles

First Published: January 18, 2019 - Last Updated: September 2, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes

Although it happened over a century ago the events at the Flannan Isles Lighthouse just off the coast of mainland Scotland in December 1900 remains unsolved, with researchers no closer to uncovering what happened to three experienced lighthouse keepers whose bodies, for all intents and purposes, simply vanished into thin air. Were they victims of adverse weather conditions? Did one of the keepers murder the others? Or might they have been victims of alien abductions…?

The Truly Bizarre Account Of Santiago Flight 513

First Published: December 14, 2018 - Last Updated: September 2, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes 5 comments

Santiago Flight 513 took off the West Germany on 4th September 1954 on its way to Chile with 88 passengers on board. However, it would suddenly disappear somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. The wreckage was never found. However, over thirty years later in 1989 a mysterious plane landed in Port Alegre, Brazil. And what’s more, the serial number would match that of the missing plane Santiago Flight 513…

The Angeles National Forest Mysteries

First Published: October 12, 2018 - Last Updated: September 2, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes 1 comment

The Angeles National Forest just outside of Los Angeles features some of the most beautiful terrain and scenery. It also features some of the darkest legends and cases of strange disappearances of people. The mysterious and chilling events of this mysterious ancient woodland have been around since the written records of settlers of the Wild West, and very like long before that…

The Steven Kubacki Encounter And The Reappearance Mysteries

First Published: October 3, 2018 - Last Updated: September 2, 2020 - Reading Time: 8 minutes

There are a plethora of accounts from around the world that tell of the strange disappearance of people, most of whom are never seen again and literally appear to have vanished into thin air. Some of the strangest of these accounts, though, are when the missing person suddenly reappears, most often with no memory of where they have been or for how long they were missing…

The “Missing” Skier – Yet Another Case Of Mystery Teleportation?

First Published: February 26, 2018 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes

In February 2018, an experienced skier and hiker went missing from Lake Placid in New York with no sign whatsoever of where he might have gone. Then, almost a week later and with no memory of the journey, he would contact his bewildered family from the other side of the United States in Sacramento, California. Just how he arrived there, and why, remains a mystery…

Plane Disappearances: Where Did All Those Planes And People Vanish To?

First Published: November 10, 2017 - Last Updated: November 9, 2020 - Reading Time: 28 minutes

The MH370 plane was perhaps just the latest in a long list of aircraft to seemingly disappear without a trace while in flight. There are numerous theories as to what might be responsible for these strange disappearances. And they range from claims of mass alien abduction, to the existence of portals or wormholes, transporting these unfortunate aircraft to a destination unknown…

The Missing People And Strange Tales Of The Bennington Triangle!

First Published: March 23, 2017 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes 2 comments

There are many mysterious places all over the world, but some, particularly those where people go missing regularly, stand out. That is certainly the case with an area known as the Bennington Triangle in the upper northeast of the United States. Laying around the equally mysterious Glastenbury Mountain, the area is host to a number of strange disappearances dating back to the late nineteenth century…