Pyramids Heat Spots: What’s Been Discovered?

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Seen by many as a source of incredible power and also a testament to the former power of humankind – or something else – the Great Pyramid of Giza is known around the world. Even today, with all of our technology and our expertise, it’s impossible to build something of that scale with such incredible accuracy.

History tells us that the pyramids was created over a period of two decades in the honour of the Pharaoh, Khufu. Estimated to be 5.9 million tonnes, the sheer weight of the pyramid itself leads sceptics to believe that one of the Seven Wonders of the World was not built by mere men.

Pyramids of Giza

Given that we cannot even replicate the feature today when using fantastic, high-end tech – how was it possible that slaves could complete the task, without training, only using chisels and manpower? Take away the sheer depth of the pyramids for a moment and just look at the artisan work. This was not the work of slaves, but of artists.

The pyramid itself is home to three main chambers known within, and it’s believed that at one stage there was some form of power being created within here. There is a reason that the term “pyramid power” exists after all; both in terms of pseudoscience, and in terms of the belief by some that they could work as literal power plants.

By using granite to line the shifts and creating the force with water flowing through specific channels, the pyramids was supposed to be capable of powering itself up. Refuted by experts, it’s one which seems to stick around as a theory – however, a new theory about the pyramids is beginning to arise after the discovery of mysterious heat spots within. Picked up and deemed to be abnormal by the experts looking into the source, theorists are already beginning to speculate as to what this means.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, little information exists about what this means in cold, hard facts. Like everything to do with the Great Pyramid, and indeed just about all pyramids, there is always some form of counterargument to come up against what has been said or claimed.

So, what does this most recent discovery rely upon? What seems to be the premise of this feature? Is there anything here that could stand out – does this heat source represent anything new or exciting?

The Story So Far

In November 2015, scientists working from various groups of architects and scientific teas discovered that there were what would be described as “thermal anomalies” occurring within the pyramids of Giza.

Having only started a few weeks prior to their findings, this was viewed as a massive success for a rapidly progressing – and massively intriguing – experience for those involved. A joint collaboration between the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, the University of Cairo and the HIP Institute, it’s stated that this could be “ground-breaking” in the advancement of studies into ancient Egyptian history, culture and more.

But does it mean anything else? Are we about to unveil something massive about these structures?

These reports, confirmed by officials, created a hugely positive range of changes that would make a significant difference to the tone of conversations regarding the pyramids. Was this finally official proof that something else lies underneath?

The groups working on these have been assembled from groups hailing from France, Canada, Japan and Egypt to ensure that infrared thermography can be used to its finest potential. With every specialist all working together in harmony, the plan is to survey the structure regularly during sunrise as the sun begins to heat up the limestone structures from outside. Then, they re-scan the pyramids at night when they cool down.

Given that this was the first time that this kind of technology has been used on the pyramids, to some it will be of little surprise that it has shown up to have created a new location to be explored further – it might just pave the way to something sensational.

Let’s not get too excited. Whilst specialists did say that one potential cause for this would be the existence of empty areas yet to be found, they also stated that it could equally have been caused by air current or even building materials acting strangely. However, the search continues inside to try and find what could be causing this as everyone – ourselves included – wait for something radical to be discovered.

That being said, those working on the pyramids have quite openly admitted that this is an ‘impressive’ anomaly.

The most striking sources were found on the eastern side of the Great Pyramid. However, additional anomalies were found in the upper sections of the Great Pyramid. As it stands the current plans are to run until the end of the year when further action can be taken, if necessary. At the moment, though, we have very little to go on other than the fact that the extra heat source was found.

Heat spot on Pyramid

Heat spot on Pyramid

What’s Happening?

Basically, when the group have been scanning these stones they have noticed that the first row of stones on one of the pyramids faces are all maintaining the same temperature levels – except from three blocks. Instead, these blocks show a far higher reading – as high as six degrees in some areas.

Going by modern logic in the eyes of the experts out there, when there is a higher – or lower – temperature by a marked amount somewhere, it usual points to some kind of area with significant air flow. This means that a passage – hidden or otherwise – could be awaiting those who are going to be investigating and moving further through these incredible structures.

At the moment, nobody wants to officially state anything too exciting – the experts are keeping to the idea that it could be anything from a voided space to a passage. However, this has not halted speculation that it could lead to a secret passage – something that could unveil new information about the Pyramid itself, hopefully!

What’s Not Happening?

A common piece of misinformation so far has said that the pyramids are “heating up”. This is not the case. Nobody has turned on a heater, and nothing untoward seems to be occurring inside. Another theory has been that this is some kind of old-school hot tub; that also seems to be a bit over the top for most.

Instead, the most common theories are disappointingly dull. From theories that it is merely the “mother rock” – a large piece of rock put between the first two rows of the pyramids – to a simple anomaly, nobody wants to speculate too much or get too excited. One theory that did stand out, though, was that of German Egyptologist Frank Muller-Romer. He believes that the temperature change could be caused by the differences in the material creating an imbalance amongst one another as they all sit near to one another.

However, one theory that may hold weight is that of the mother rock mentioned above. This is because that as the most solid foundation that the pyramid has, it’s under incredible stress and has been for a massive number of years. This stress has caused cracks and fractures to occur and this could obviously allow for more freedom in air flow amongst the pyramids.

In the past the mother rock has been a subject of much discussion. It was subject of a request for drilling in the mid-90s by a French engineer who believes that excess humidity caused by the cracks could be causing limestone and gypsum, holding it all together essentially, to start to dissolve over time and thus threatening the integrity of the pyramids. However, it’s never been followed up with any particular vigour so it’s hard to know if this was the case, or if drilling occurred.

Due to people wishing to be so invasive in the past, though, the creation of this event was allowed. Totally non-invasive, we can be sure that the scanning mechanism being used does a whole lot less damage to the pyramids than someone who wants to go in and use drills!

Closeup of Pyramid blocks

The Search for More

Obviously, the main talk has been that of trying to discover something new about the pyramids – something we’ve missed over all those years. Indeed, this was partly the reason for this occurring in the first place!

The hope is that after the search of the Great Pyramid is concluded that similar events can occur with other pyramids such as the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. The hope is that more anomalies like this can be found, and if anything does come up from the first search we can be sure that the others will be checked.

Who knows what is waiting for us amongst the interior of these pyramids?

Given their incredible part played in Egyptian cultural heritage and history, it is no surprise that they have never been the subject of a thorough and invasive physical deconstruction to try and find everything held within.

However, we can be sure that the quest to find something more has begun in earnest. At the moment, though we are simply relying on theories from the world’s leading Egyptologists and other experts of ancient Egyptian history. Experts are welcoming any input and theories as to what could be behind there to come through and speak their minds, but there really is no official information as to what could be involved here.

The hope is that in the search for more here, we will find something that can truly re-define the pyramids. As theories are all built on nothing more than one official statement, there really is nothing more to go on at this moment in time. Everything out there relies upon similar details, but it’s helpful to know that there is still continued work going on to try and find out what the next step may be.

For most fans of Egyptian history, there is a hope that something earthshattering shall be discovered. What has been noticeable is the increased discussion with regards to what this may mean. Discussion forums and social media have been alight with discussion and theory, and some of the best theories obviously revolve around secret passages (who wants to find anything else?).

The best ideas are built around the fact that despite all of our findings, we’ve never actually found any bodies of the old Pharaohs. There is renewed hope, then, that this could finally be the time that something immense is found; something that gives us true and irrefutable links back to an incredible period of human history. Cynics suggest that the bodies were planted elsewhere and that the idea of the pyramid and the following structures was one of a great ruse, but it’s hoped that this will finally stop such discussion.

It’s hoped that the tombs have not been looted in the past and that they still hold access to the fantastic artefacts and historical goods which have made them such a source of discussion over the many decades of recent history. Whilst it’s believed that it was never meant to be a tomb in the first place – a location of wisdom and knowledge, not rest – the vast majority of Egyptian history and culture suggest otherwise.

Given that there are so many locations in the pyramids never touched yet, either, it’s going to take a long time to work out what we are handling at this moment in time.

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