Do Megalithic Structures Show An Ancient Energy Grid Around The Earth?

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The idea that the Earth has a natural energy, a force that we could collectively tap into and free us from the reliance of energy industries is a conspiracy that has been debated and researched for decades. Indeed, it divides opinion and is one that could have more basis in fact than we might first think. It is also a notion that many believe was common knowledge in the ancient and pre-ancient world.

Perhaps we should recall Plato, who lived approximately 424-348 BC in ancient Greece, when he said, “The Earth, when viewed from above, resembles a ball sewn from twelve pieces of skin.” What did he mean by this?

Stonehenge blended into a depiction of an Energy Grid around the Earth

Stonehenge (left), world grid

Given that we know a great deal of wisdom and esoteric knowledge that permeated the intellectual minds of ancient Greece came from visits and teachings of ancient Egypt, which itself went back thousands of years, might Plato have been privy to such knowledge of an ancient energy grid that connected to (even then) ancient sites around the world?

Such information that would be brutally removed from the public arena through such incidents as the burning of the Library of Alexandria or the brutal suppression of independent thought by The Church throughout the dark ages of Europe.

And when we consider that the ancient Egyptian civilization, like many others around the same time, appeared to begin at the height of their powers, where did their information and apparent technological knowhow come from? Might such information, and indeed the monuments they would leave and where they would leave them, be remnants of an unknown civilization that existed on Earth long before recorded history? Before “The Flood”?

And might this civilization have extraterrestrial connections, explaining why so many of these sites around the planet also attract UFO sightings today?

Bruce Cathie’s Harmonic 33 Theory

Although the findings of Bruce Cathie go back over fifty years to his 1968 book Harmonic 33, [1] the ideas of a world energy grid have been explored before, perhaps most notably by Nikola Tesla. And, if we subscribe to the ever-growing literature of the alternative history movements, such a world grid was likely known to civilizations in antiquity, and equally likely passed on to them from an unknown intelligence in pre-history.

What is particularly interesting is that Cathie, an experienced pilot with New Zealand National Airways, developed his theory while trying to explain his own sightings of UFOs. Beginning in 1952, Cathie would monitor and record both his and other UFO sightings, and more specifically, the directions of these strange crafts.

One particular incident, as bizarre as it sounds, is worth mentioning here. Firstly, it would be something Cathie would investigate first hand. And secondly, if his findings are accurate, it endorses his theories fittingly.

In the early hours of 25th September 1966, at a little after 4 am, a huge explosion ripped through the night skies of Avondale, near Auckland City. A factory had gone up in flames. However, so loud was the explosion that people over the 50 miles away could hear it. What’s more, the destruction was reminiscent of a “wartime Block-buster bomb”, according to one investigator.

Cathie was on the premises within days and would also speak to several of those from nearby. Many of them had the windows of their homes completely shattered by the force of the blast. They would, however, get a “bird’s eye view” of the bizarre incident.

A depiction of connecting points in a sphere

Is there a world energy grid?

The Forming Of An Aerial Grid Point?

Even more interesting, many people had also reported a UFO in the area at the same time as the explosion happened. Many people also reported a laser beam-like “shaft of light” appearing to emerge from the ground and through the roof. When Cathie investigated the remains of the inside of the factory, where witnesses claimed the light had emerged from, was a “12-inch hole in the concrete floor!”

While his conclusions were seen as “radical” to some and nonsense to others, it was Cathie’s findings that the UFO sighting and the resulting fire and damage to the factory was the result of the “putting down of a Grid Point”. He would continue that the “laser beam” was, in fact, pure energy that was brought forth by the UFO. He would conclude:

Once the energy had penetrated to the correct depth it was converted into a material state to form the Aerial Grid Point!

While some may have found this explanation rather unpalatable, when Cathie put forward his Grid points and how they would correspond to various well-known structures of the ancient world, his findings began to look rather more serious.

A Black Pyramid against a sky blue background

Are energy points hidden all around the Earth?

A Suppression Of The Purpose And Power Of The Pyramids?

More often than not, according to his research, these strange crafts would travel along specific “lines” which, in turn, interconnect with various points across the planet. It was Cathie’s view that these strange visitors, wherever they came from, were using the planet’s own energy with which to travel. Whether by literally taking energy from the Earth or by manipulating it so as to propel them.

Many of these points, Cathie (and others since) would claim, correspond to the locations of megalithic sites such as Stonehenge, Mohenjo Daro, the Nazca Lines, and the Pyramids of Giza.

In fact, it is perhaps the pyramidic structures that are most interesting. Not least as they sit all around the world. And at locations connected by these apparent energy focused lines.

And what’s more, there appears to be an effort to suppress information on these lost structures. As well as information on why this particular structure had such importance right across the globe many thousands of years ago. We have mentioned before, for example, how videos and documentaries concerning this subject seem to disappear from social media with alacrity and regularly. That would appear to remain the case. Why is this?

Perhaps it is interesting to note a recent claim by Russian scientists that following their research and tests, their conclusions were the shape of the pyramid was responsible for “focusing electromagnetic energy” from the Earth, and so creating “higher levels of energy”. In short, this was their purpose. As a rebuttal, apparent “expert” Egyptologist instantly dismissed the claims by simply stating ancient Egyptians “did not know” of such capabilities.

More and more research suggests they did. And what’s more, this same research often suggests that an unknown civilization, one of high knowledge and technological advancement likely existed before them.

Picture of the Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza

Hidden Pyramidic Structures Across The Planet

While most of us perhaps automatically conjure up images of the Pyramids of Giza, the fact is, much like there are other pyramids all across Egypt, they are also found all over the world. And what’s more, they are being discovered all the time. For example, if we return to Egypt for a moment, it is thought there are likely dozens, if not hundreds of undiscovered pyramids buried under the sands of the desert. In fact, sonar technology research suggests exactly that.

While receiving permission to excavate some of these suspected sites may prove to be the biggest obstacle to finding more of these magnificent and ancient structures, there are many already known to us. Just to highlight in how many different places they are found we will look quickly at just some of them.

Why did our ancestors, going back thousands and thousands of years, perhaps tens of thousands of years, feel the need, and indeed possess the knowledge to build such huge and astronomically precise buildings? Or perhaps, as we will examine shortly, they were the remnants of another civilization? One that came before us?

Pyramid Remains In Indonesia – The Oldest Known Pyramid In The World

The remains of the pyramid at Mount Padang in West Java, Indonesia, [2] although discovered at the start of the nineteenth century, was not confirmed as a pyramidic structure until very recently. It was long thought that the huge stones that littered the hillside were simply rocks that had fallen over a naturally forming hill. However, not only was the hill not manmade, but it was very definitely in the form of a pyramid.

What’s more, it would appear that this structure is the oldest pyramid on Earth. While some more conservative estimates date it to around 10,000 years ago, it is more likely to be somewhere close to 25,000 years old. Perhaps that is why it differs from other already discovered pyramids.

Although work continues, there is already evidence of underground “chambers”. All of which appear precise as opposed to natural formations. Initial theories are that the building was a temple or place of worship.

You can check the short video below for more information.

“Great White” Pyramid In China Is Just One Of Hundreds In The Country

What is perhaps interesting about the “Great White” pyramid (or The White Pyramid) in Xian region of China is that the Chinese government would deny its existence until 2000. And even then, it is a place off-limits to all but the farmers who work in the immediate vicinity.

It first entered the public arena by accident towards the end of the Second World War when US Air Force pilot, James Gaussman negotiated his plane back to base after flying an aid mission to the Chinese army. He would see, and take photographs of a huge structure, covered in green vegetation, but quite obviously a pyramid shape. And judging by the equally obvious precise measurements, it was unlikely to be a natural formation.

After the public admission of the artificial nature of the pyramid in Xian, Chinese authorities would also acknowledge there were over 400 such structures, albeit smaller, in the Shanxi region to the north of the White Pyramid.

You can check out the short video below.

The Bosnian Pyramid Complex

Bosnian born businessman, Sam Osmanagich, would claim in 2005 that the apparently natural hills in central Bosnia are, in fact, not naturally forming at all. But are, in fact, a complex of pyramids overgrown with vegetation.

Aside from his claims of the obvious straight edge nature of the hills in question, Osmanagich would also offer that each “side” of these massive structures are precise when measured against a compass.

Most in the scientific community are happy to dismiss Osmanagich’s claims. However, many believe his claims to be accurate. So much so that a serious effort is in place to stop any further excavations in the region. Many have even accused the businessman of “altering” the landscape of the hills to suit his theory.

You can check out the short video below for a little more information.

Monte d’Accoddi, Sardinia, Italy

Discovered in 1954 by the Segni family whose land upon which it sat, the Monte d’Accoddi was built sometime around 4,000 BC. What is perhaps interesting, specifically as we are looking at these structures as providing natural energy harnessed from the Earth was that they would abandon the structure around 3000 BC. What’s more, traces of significant fire damage came to light inside the structure.

This could mean the area was simply victim to attack and destruction by an enemy of some kind. It would after all appear pointless to attempt to burn down a structure made of stone. Might the abandoning, then, be due to some kind of accident? One that occurred while tapping into what would undoubtedly be an onslaught of raw electromagnetic energy?

We will come back this though shortly, which isn’t as outlandish as might appear. Particularly, as has proven the case with numerous other such structures, the dating proves to inaccurate. And the building, and others like them is, in fact, much older.

The Great Pyramid Of Cholula, Mexico

From a distance, the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico appears to be nothing more than a natural hillside. With a (relatively) new church on top. However, it is most definitely an artificial structure. It appears to have come together in several stages. Beginning sometime around the third century BC and ending in the early ninth century.

It is the largest pyramid in this region of the Americas, standing at almost 200 feet high. According to conventional wisdom, the structure was an offering to the god, Quetzalcoatl. Although there is no definite proof of this.

The short video below looks at this huge structure a little more.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of pyramidic structures underwater, perhaps most notably off the coast of Japan and Cuba. These massive underwater structures surely further support the idea of entire civilizations wiped out due to a mass flood event.

Even in some of the large and ancient lakes around the world, such discoveries continue to come to light. Might there really have been a network in the ancient world of grid points? Using specifically designed pyramidic structures in order to harness the natural electromagnetic energy of the planet?

It is an idea that greatly occupied the mind of one of the greatest minds of the early twentieth century. And someone whose ideas and inventions permeate our modern world.

Continuing The Work Of Nikola Tesla

We have written of the genius that is Nikola Tesla before. And Cathie made no secret of embracing Tesla’s concepts. Indeed, many believe that Tesla is as close as the modern world has come to rediscovering this “free energy”. Indeed, many researchers believe it was this that would cause the cut to his funding. And his character and reputation attacked so mercilessly.

Tesla would go from a potential Nobel winner to a “fringe scientist” with crazy ideas almost overnight. That should perhaps warn us of at least the possibility an ulterior motive for such a desired shift in Tesla’s public perception.

Might it be rather than his ideas being “crazy” they were rather close to a rediscovery of ancient energy? One that would be free in every sense of the word?

Perhaps one of Tesla’s most intriguing quotes is:

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration!

This certainly embraces the concept of free or natural energy. And we know for certain that this notion was a true driving force in Tesla’s life. Natural power from the Earth and the harnessing, utilization, and application of it.

We should perhaps also remind ourselves that Tesla’s papers – his most treasured and protected possession – were removed by persons unknown within hours of his death. And before any family members could arrive. Their location remains unknown. We also know that Tesla would experience increasing paranoia towards the end of his life. A concern that wasn’t without foundation.

While it is speculation, might at least part of the reason for the technological revolution of the second half of the twentieth century be due to the “missing papers” of Nikola Tesla? Advanced ideas developed by intelligent agencies behind closed doors.

Image of Nikola Tesla with a superimposed Tesla Coil over the top

Nikola Tesla

The Atlantis Connection – A Super High-Tech World Metropolis!

According to the work and research of TS Caladan, Atlantis was the main point of a “grid of 13”. [3] It and the “12 smaller sub-stations” formed the “13 sites of civilization”. This information came to him through his (at the time) wife in 1974. You can see the map with these locations marked on below. What is interesting, in 1974, the world did not yet know of four of them. Sayan City in Russia, Yonaguni in Japan, and the Indian Face in Canada. As well as the ruins in the Amazonian rain forest of Brazil.

Alleged map showing 13 ancient energy points

Are there 13 “power points” of the planet?

While this is pure, rampant speculation, what if Atlantis was the center of the pre-ancient world? This main “power source”, if we accept the map above, is where the Bermuda Triangle resides today.

Indeed, if Atlantis was in this area, given that, at least according to the theory, they were using the electromagnetic power of the Earth itself, might that explain the serious anomalies and disappearances of entire planes and ships in this area? Might it be that when disaster did strike the Atlanteans it left behind some strange magnetic anomaly in the region? Almost as a grim and misunderstood reminder of its existence?

If this was the primary source, with the other twelve secondary power source plants based around the world, when the apparent disaster that struck Atlantis hit, these secondary power plants may have also been affected. Legends suggest some kind of natural disaster struck the Atlanteans, quite possibly a flood.

Might it be that such a flood would have had disastrous aftereffects at such a power plant? Or might an accident at the power source itself have resulted in flooding. Perhaps it is also interesting that legends state that the Atlanteans “heroic lineage” declined as they “mixed with mortal stock”.

Extraterrestrial Gods And Human Mortal Stock?

We should note in ancient times, there was no difference between kings and dynasties and gods. And that, at least according to the ancient astronaut theory, proves the flesh and blood, extraterrestrial nature of these “gods”. Is Plato making reference to this by referring to humans as “mortal stock”?

Does this also suggest that interbreeding between the gods/extraterrestrials did indeed take place? Is it this interbreeding which turned the Atlanteans “degenerated” and “warlike” as Plato describes them? Was it this arrogant neglect that led to the apparent disaster that destroyed Atlantis? As Plato writes:

…there were earthquakes and floods of extraordinary violence. And in a single dreadful day and night all your life fighting men were swallowed up by the earth. And the island of Atlantis was similarly swallowed up by the sea and vanished!

We should note that Plato claims at the time of his telling, the account took place 9000 years previously. Around 11,500 years ago from our modern times. It is almost certain that the account Plato relates would have come to him, indirectly, from the priest-kings and scholars of ancient Egypt.

Might those who escaped the disaster have ventured to such places as Egypt and began their civilization again? Or, should we accept that the pyramids are much older than mainstream history says? If there was a global grid system in place almost 12,000 years ago, was it due to an Atlantean society? Might the only survivors of Atlantis have been those based at these outposts?

Might this explain why such civilizations of the ancient world began at the height of their powers and then declined? And how long were the Atlanteans and the global power grid in use for before this apparent disaster?

Ancient Sites That Don’t Match True North

It is perhaps briefly examining the work of Mark Carlotto, who built on Hapgood’s work as part of his own research. While examining various ancient monoliths and sites, Carlotto noticed that almost all of them were not aligned to true north. Given the utmost accuracy and precision of every other aspect of their construction, and particularly for our interests here, as many of these ancient sites sit along or close to this energy grid from antiquity.

When he returned to Hapgood’s research, and specifically his assertions that the north pole had shifted on at least three previous occasions over the course of the last 100,000 years, meaning it had resided in three different locations to where it is today. Amazingly, when he shifted some of the ancient sites he was looking at, most of them matched precisely with one of Hapgood’s previous north pole positions. This, of course, depending on which north pole it matched with, would change the apparent date of the respective site’s construction – in some cases by tens of thousands of years.

Carlotto first noticed this anomaly with the pyramids at Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico. He adjusted projected directly north from the pyramid’s alignment, and to his amazement discovered that it correlated to a point that Hapgood had proposed had been the north pole around 10,000 BC. This meant that these pyramids of Mesoamerica were actually closer to 12,000 years old.

Perhaps most amazing of all was the ancient site the Temple of Jupiter at Baalbek in Lebanon. According to Carlotto’s data suggested that the site was once aligned to a site in Greenland that was the North Pole somewhere around 50,000 years ago, meaning the site was equally as old. The Western Wall in Jerusalem was aligned to this position around the same time. It would appear that the Parthenon in Athens, Greece also aligned to true north somewhere in this window of time, around 50,000 BC.

The Parthenon in Greece

The Parthenon in Greece

Another proposed location of North Pole by Hapgood was the Bering Sea, which would have been furthest north of the planet at around a staggering 100,000 years ago. When Carlotto examined what would have been the true north alignment of the The Six Monoliths of Ollantaytambo, in Peru, which are, incidentally, some of the best-preserved ruins of the Inca empire, they align perfectly to this point in time when the North Pole was in the Bering Sea, meaning it goes back tens of thousands of years before mainstream archaeology says it does.

Carlotto would go even further, and offer that such things as the Five Ages of the Incas of the Five Ages of the ancient Greek civilization were speaking of events in times which marked the shifting of the poles. The question becomes, if the pole has shifted on at least three occasions in the last hundred thousand years, do we have two more potential pole shifts to come, or might there have been two previous shifts unknown to us?

To say the least, if Hapgood and Carlotto are correct in their individual research, then it would turn what we know if human history completely on its head.

A Potentially Changed View Of Human Civilization

Not only would this suggest that human civilization went further back than most people currently believed, but that it was most likely that several different human, and possibly non-human, civilizations had risen and fallen over the course of many thousands of years, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of years. As each civilization rose again, they would discover, learn, and harness the ruins of the civilization before it, which might explain why creation stories from around the world appear to have one definite origin, and why such details have become twisted over time.

Such a scenario might sound strange now, but only because we have been told by mainstream history that both the possibility and evidence for such an unknown civilization, perhaps several of them, existing thousands of years before is currently “known” as being non-existent. The fact is, such a scenario is perhaps more likely than not, particularly given the increasing amounts of anomalies that are discovered in archaeological sites and the many mysteries of antiquity that remain unanswered.

The Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek

The Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek

One thing would appear to be certain, if one or many ancient civilizations did exist tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago, they were undoubtedly intelligent, knowledgeable, and advanced, perhaps even more so than we of the modern era would consider ourselves to be. Perhaps not least as there appears to have been knowledge of how to harness the power of the Earth – knowledge that made use of naturally occurring energy points and ley-lines, and also of the importance of structures and astronomical alignment.

Data Storage And Ancient Communication

There is also the idea to consider that many of these stone megalithic monuments and structures, at least parts of them, or quite literally data storage units. Many ancient sites are know to use stone with a particular high crystal content. And why there could be, and are, various potential reasons for this, it is claimed by some researchers, particularly those in ancient civilization and astronaut circles, that crystal was a known means of storing data to those in antiquity.

If we look at the pyramids in Giza, for example, we know that quartz crystal is featured heavily in the stone used. There have been various reasons put forward for this, not least of which is perhaps strength. However, might it be that within this mammoth structure is a whole host of data just waiting to be discovered and unleashed into the public arena?

The Hall of Records, for example, has long been considered to be near the paw of the Sphinx. Might it be that this apparent hall of records is, in fact, a chamber made from stone containing crystal? Perhaps it even holds various crystal tablets that just might hold information from a long bygone age in much the same way that crystal storage chips work now, and will work, in the future.

Staying with ancient Egypt for a moment, we might note the connection of Abydos where alabaster crystal and the Place of the Gods. Although it is said that portals existed here and that they would allow the Pharoah to communicate with the gods, might it be that this crystal was some means of advanced communication system with entities from elsewhere?

As we have already seen, it appears very likely that advanced civilizations did once exist on Earth. And perhaps clues as to this advancement reside in one of the most mysterious and iconic sites on the planet.

The Crystal Element Of Stonehenge

It is perhaps also worth noting the stones that make one of the oldest and well-know, if somehow overlooked constructions on the planet, Stonehenge in Salisbury, England. These mammoth blocks of bluestone are comprised of sand-sized quartz grains which make up “an interlocking mosaic of quartz crystals”. [4] This is important as it once more fits in with this potential collective, and widespread, knowledge of the ancients.



While it is known that this structure of the stones is what makes them “so impervious to crumbling or erosion”, might there have been another additional reason that such stones were used? Might it have been so that storage could be stored here, or so that communication with entities from elsewhere could be achieved? Might it even be evidence, tentative and speculative as it is, that, like other ancient sites, a potential portal can be activated there? A portal that might have been activated many times in the distant past.

Taking that idea a stage further, and given that many of the points that these ancient sites exist on connect with each other through alignment, might these portals, perhaps created through the manipulation of naturally occurring energy with crystals, be able to transport someone from one such site to another – for example, from Stonehenge to the Pyramids of Giza? Might this explain why civilizations that history tells us have never met, share many of the same creation stories and astronomical knowhow?

Might The Presence Of Crystal Explain How Such Monuments Were Built?

There might also be another thing to consider with regards the use of crystal in many of the megalithic stone structures around the world. And what’s more, if there was any accuracy to the suggestion, then it could explain how such huge structures were built in the first place.

Researcher David Hatcher Childress addressed this in the book The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Aliens, Lost Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology and Hidden History, in which he told of a telephone conversation he had in the early 2000s where the idea that “quartz crystals, when connected in a series and given high voltages, will bend”. Essentially, if quartz crystals are put under significant pressure, even by being struck with a large hammer, it will result in a “piezoelectric force that makes the stone become weightless. As such it is able to be moved as if it was nothing but a cardboard box of air.

Might the electrification of the crystal content inside these mammoth pieces of rock allowed them to be moved as if they had no weight whatsoever? Many legends from around allude to this very notion. Many have postulated that this might have been achieved using some kind of ancient sonar type technology. However, might it be the physical make-up of the stone themselves that was the key?

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

We might note that there has been signs of electrification noted in the great pyramids of Giza. And while this has been suggested by – perhaps rightly so – that is an indication that these ancient structures were, in fact, ancient power stations, it might be that this electrification was used to bring the pyramids together in the first place.

That so many of the megalithic stone structures have such crystal content within them at least makes such a suggestion reasonable, and possible. And furthermore, we might consider if the location of these sites – essentially along leylines and energy vortexes – might have also played a part in this electrification resulting in weightlessness. Might that be why such ancient sites all lie along these lines, because the energy there is required to build such huge monuments and buildings to begin with?

It would appear there’s an entire history for us to rediscover.


1 Harmonic 33: A Radical New Explanation For Unidentified Flying Objects, Bruce Cathie, ISBN 9781539 797234
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