Philae comet lander alien ‘cover-up’

First Published: November 24, 2015 Last updated: February 23rd, 2019 Written by: Ian Stephens Estimated Reading Time: 11 minutes Posted in: Space

The world of space age technology and development is something that fascinates even the most realistic of minds; that extra touch of fantasy – being able to see what else waits us outside – is one of the most enjoyable parts of the modern world. However, one of the key problems that most of us tend to find when looking into space exploration and tech is understanding what makes it such a fun thing to be involved with in the first place – it’s the potential, rather than what they find.

When we hear of certain events occurring, the potential for something life-changing to occur is possible. From finding aliens to a whole new planet that could be colonized, the discoveries of space exploration are some of the most enjoyable studies that we ever get to look at. The progression of mankind as we move further and further away from our own planet is something well worth memorizing, as it stands in line with what we expect to be the case in the future – what we today is going to be the make-up for what future generations will experience every day.

Philae lander on comet

What you do need to do, though, is understand the importance of space development and exploration – and what it means for us a species. It shows our development, and our ever-increasing likelihood that it will bring us closer to finding something massive – maybe even a new species given enough time.

But what if we already have found a new species? What if this is old news, and it happened years ago?

Depending on who you listen to, the discovery of aliens is old hat. It happened years ago and we’ve been talking to them on a regular basis more or less ever since. Others say that our entire society is controlled by these aliens, that they pull the strings of our governments to make their own needs possible. It’s hard to tell who is telling the truth and who is a lunatic in these moments, isn’t it?

One thing I found always helps, though, is when you take a more open-minded approach. Very few incidents out there have a clear-cut explanation; only potential conclusions that could be followed. One such example of this is the first-ever landing on a comet by the European Space Agency. This is the first time we ever managed to pull off such a procedure, but already rumors exist that this is something a little bit beyond the explanation of comet tracking and landing on these products.

Otherwise known as comet 67P, the landing on the Philae comet was a landmark moment which occurred towards the end of 2014. Today, though, the rumors are flying around that this is more than just a comet; that it’s actually something a lot more exciting/terrifying depending on your outlook on humanity coming into contact with another sentient species.

So, what’s the actual story behind this comet? Is it true?

The Back Story

The back story behind this unique incident is quite simple – the European Space Agency were able to make a landing occur using a probe, and thus completed the first ever landing on a speeding comet. It’s a ridiculous feat and something that should be applauded, without any doubts included. However, like just about everything else that happens regarding events off this planet, there is always another explanation. Another reason why. And it’s never nice – it’s always something like a cover-up or a threat to our existence. In this case, it’s the idea that the comet is more than just a comet.

It all started through popular aliens sighting website An e-mail to the website stated that the “true” nature of the comet was far more sinister, and this plan was a cover-up by NASA and the European Space Agency to try and avoid anyone knowing about the true intent of this comet.

The e-mail, allegedly, comes from a genuine whistleblower within the ESA, and comes equipped with photos and the like to try and prove this point. The claim is that the governments of the world would simply not waste all of that money essentially sending a comet on a decade-plus tour of space, taking photos and latching onto some random comet.

The e-mail continues to state that NASA have long been dealing with this issue, and that for over 20 years they have been detecting radio bursts from a unique, non-human origin for quite some time. Now, the radio directions allegedly come from the comet itself.

The letter then ends rather terrifyingly saying that “Whatever this object is, it did not ask to be found or scrutinized.”

Scared yet?

The article, as you might image, caused a massive storm over at USD. It created a really interesting range of opinions, and one contributor known as Scott Waring said that he was in full agreement that this signal was in fact from another life-form. However, he says its’ actually a “greeting” from another lifeform. His logical argument is that if this “comet” really is a craft then it would never have allowed the pod to land on it on the first place. Describing this process as “the first handshake” between humanity and an unknown alien lifeform, it was more or less agreed upon by the forums denizens that this was more than just your average comet; it was something else entirely.

The problem is that this theory is not the only theory – other websites such as BPEarthWatch have produced other footage and imagery that shows something else entirely. This theory states that UFOs have been spotted over the comet, and that different transmission towers have been spotted on the surface of the comet on the first place.

Whilst theories are abundant and the reasoning’s are different every time, conspiracy-minded individuals are frantically pushing for the full recording to be released so that they can start translating it – just in case the message is one of peril, not friendship.

So, what sounds the most plausible theory out there?

The Imagery

The first hi-res images that popped up of the situation was one of the most impressive factors in the whole process, as these hi-res images can be seen to show what appears to be both a little white disk-shaped object flying, and a large tower in the distance. The tower itself is sitting atop a rocky, mountainous looking section and it’s clearly sticking out like a sore thumb. If this stuff was supposed to be hidden by the ESA, they forgot to open up Photoshop!

The whole thing, though, looks totally different to what many people would have been expecting when they first heard about alien lifeforms on this comet. They don’t look like your usual style, and thus it can appear to be quite strange looking as they don’t really represent a man-made object. This is where a lot of theories stem from; they don’t look like the kind of objects we’ve spent our time and resources building in the past.

The images obviously show something – the problem is we don’t know what. Deniers of anything weird going on have put it down to being pieces of debris from the landing itself whilst others have went for the more dubious “It’s an error” approach. The reality is that we won’t exactly be getting any confirmation anytime soon from the official sources, but we have had at least had some kind of confirmation in recent weeks from the ESA themselves…

Probe on comet

The Sounds

The problem with this comet is that it has since been confirmed by the ESA that it has been producing a very particular sound. The noise itself has been picked up by the relevant agencies and it sounds like some kind of bird, or something! The noise itself is very specific and very unique.

If it means something then it has to be transmitted and looked into, as it creates sound – and the only way to create that kind of sound is with a manufactured object. It’s something to really stand out from the rest of the theories, as it lets you see just how much there is to go on with this. Is it really normal to hear sounds like that away up in the sky as you fly around? No. Is it normal to hear them on a random comet we’ve never been anywhere near until recently? Definitely not!

The whole thing with the sounds baffles us. However, the fact that the comet itself is such a unique size and shape draws even more interest to what it would be about – if you check out this video below by the Rubin Report, you’ll get a good comparison of its size with the city of LA.

In short, it more or less dwarves the city! How can something so exceptionally large carry such a small and specific sound? Is there anything that can read into from that, or taken from that source? It’s another consideration to bring around.

However, the sounds come with a striking problem – scientists have shot them down entirely. They say that the sounds are created by the activity of the comet moving through space, as it begins to let off natural particles into the space around it. By doing so, these little particles become electrically charged via ionization – this creates the process that would eventually lead to something akin to this sound being created in the first place. Whilst it’s fun to believe that this could be the case, and that these sounds could be coming from an unnatural source, the “experts” say otherwise.

The sounds were first picked up 100km from the comet, and the sounds are unlike anything we’ve come across really. It sounds new to us, but given the fact that the comet is emitting a natural signal as powerful as 40-50 milihertz that when this is amplified using the right system it can create this very unique and specific noise.

So how do we know if the sound is just ionization, or if it’s the work of something a bit more ambitious and exciting? The truth is that finding out highly unlikely; this is the official story we are being sold, and it’s more than likely going to be the only story we are provided when it comes to dealing with this in the future. The sounds, though, are definitely a little bit stranger than what they come across as – the problem is the explanation is also more or less water-tight!

Rubin Report Conspiracy Video

Why Stay Quiet?

In this same episode of the RR, they discuss why it’s important to tell the public about these things – for one obvious reason; it may bring us all together. Whilst it was implicated that “we freak out over a new iPhone” it seems to be the common consensus that things like racism, xenophobia and battling each other for money and power would be put aside to try and find a way of dealing with a foreign species, never mind a foreign country.

So, is there anything in that? If it would help bring everyone together, why not tell us what is going on out there in the sky? Why cover this up? It’s got all the hallmarks of alien activity (you know, the whole radio tower that we never built thing!) so why not produce this as a means of letting us know that, in the coming years, the world will be changing due to the inclusion of something far more diverse than a human.

Nothing could be more useful at the moment than bringing everyone together in this fashion. By staying quiet, the fans of conflict are merely flamed further and people continue to distrust government more than ever. By staying quiet, they stop progress from ever being made.

As just a commentator on these kind of things, we find it quite hard to accept that if we can work that out, the government can’t. So what would be the legitimate reasons for hanging back on this kind of thing? Who does that serve? This is a whole new theory in itself, though!

The Sculpted Face

One of the most interesting parts of this whole process, though, was the theory of the face that is engraved into the comet itself. This was one of the first theories to come out about why this place is so different to the other space missions we’ve been involved in, and it seems to hold a large amount of sway with a lot of people.

Look closely enough at the hi-res stills of the situation itself, and you’ll quickly realize why people are convinced there is a non-human face being sculpted onto this comet.

A terrifying idea in itself, is a face really being sculpted onto here? Or is it like one of those weird scenarios whereby your toast comes out with an image imprinted in the toasted parts? It’s hard to say, really. The whole idea of this being part of the theory, though, is a little “out there” for us. We do love the idea that this is more than just a comet that was landed on, though, so we are more than happy to buy into this theory for the long-term!

What does bother us, though, is the fact that this is being taken as gospel by some. Much like the story above, it’s become the go-to solution to explain why this comet/mothership is carrying something more than we had originally considered – it does not, though, seem likely.

The Long Game

The oldest theory about this has been around for years, and that is that the entire Rosetta mission is more than just a chance to fly around the stars and snap comets. Whilst a useful exercise it’s not really worth the millions that have been invested into the project. It’s allegedly a project that has been going on for twelve years with the collaboration of multiple agencies and groupings to try and discover something more pertinent in the reaches of space beyond our own intelligence and beyond what we know already exists out there in space.

Whilst the letter of the outsider alludes to this, as does the writing of Waring, it’s very hard to discern what is fact and what is fiction. At the moment, the whole thing just feels a little bit awkward with so many different sources and arguments, counterarguments and “experts” getting involved. Who can we trust? What information out there on this subject is actually worth our time?

The problem as well is the fact that information since it landed has been thin on the ground – the probe spends a lot of time outside of the range whereby it can recharge its batteries. It therefore spends a lot of time down and being unable to get readings from the software, thus making it much harder for the process to continue and for the public to be able to get further details about what we may be dealing with in the skies.

Alien face

Supporting Factors – Life on Comets?

One of the most interesting theories out there today is that lifeforms have been brought to earth thanks to the power of a comet. The Rosetta mission has unveiled a lot of different conspiracies and ideas, but one of the most interesting ideas to come out of this whole thing is the fact that the ESA have discovered 16 different organic compounds on the comet. In this case, they’ve found compounds which are rich in carbon and nitrogen. This is a hallmark discovery, as they found four compounds never before discovered within a comet – signs of alternative life? Or just a weird coincidence?

One of the compounds even plays a key role in the prebiotic synthesis of amino acids which is one of the primary ingredients of life. The fact it can also create sugars means that it’s even more suitable for life to evolve here.

They also found formaldehyde, which is a big feature within DNA molecules – are you beginning to spot the pattern here? There is far more to this than seems to meet the eye. The theory now goes that life was created by a comet crashing down, and the energy this creates was enough to form the development needed to actually bring the very first lifeforms to action.

The discoveries in recent times have since seen the entire experiment extended until next September, which is the time it’s expected that the orbiter will eventually make another landing on the comets surface.


So, what do you think?

Is there any chance that the Philae comet landing is just a scientific experiment? Or is it crazy that we think it’s less likely that it was just a genuine experiment?

Either way, official confirmation is more or less impossible. These kind of things would never be made public and thus it becomes hard for people to start learning and changing their mindset to fit with that fact – everything we learn about this, outside of the small facts provided by the ESA and the like, is opinion. Definition is nearly impossible when we are dealing with the space around us, and thus it becomes nearly impossible to keep building and developing a new level of information to actually believe in.

We believe that the little pictures, mixed in with the different extra tidbits of information like the chemicals and even the development of the sounds that are emitting from the area means that we have very little doubt in our mind that there is something more to this. It’s all pointing towards something we aren’t supposed to know – whether it’s good or bad, who knows?

The whole thing, though, should be looked at further as there is certainly something that connects all of this together. All of these little signs and ideas all point towards a new change and something a bit fresher than your average funded flight into space. If they spent all these millions checking out a comet, there must be a specific reason for doing so!

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