The Great Government Alien Cover-up: It’s For Your Own Good?

Marcus Lowth
Published Date
February 13, 2012
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August 31, 2020
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Conspiracy Theory Analysis, Government

Remember when you questioned your mum about one of the unfair restrictions she was placing on your 8-year-old life and she would say, “It’s for your own good.”

Her clipped tone added silently, “and that’s the end of it.”

When it comes to the US government covering up UFO’s and alien abductions, they are acting like your mum. Ever since the incident in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, they’ve covered up the existence of aliens among us.

Consider the comments of Edgar Mitchell, an Apollo 14 astronaut in a conversation with WPTV, a West Palm Beach TV station. Tim Malloy, reporter, told the home viewers, “He says the government he served in the military, and as an astronaut, is perpetuating cover-ups of alien sightings going all the way back to the legendary July 9, 1947 Roswell incident, an alleged alien spacecraft crash where remains where allegedly recovered.”

Jesse Marcel with foil type material recovered from the Roswell crash.

Jesse Marcel with foil type material recovered from the Roswell crash.

Mr. Mitchell explained, “The reason for the denial is, number one, they didn’t know if they were hostile, and could we protect ourselves from them? And they didn’t want the Soviets to know, so they devised to lie about it and covered it up.”

At Roswell, Air Force officers first turned in reports that they discovered parts and debris from a flying disc that had crashed. Later they came out with an official report that said that the debris had come from a “downed weather balloon.”

This was the beginning of many times the US government would cover up UFO sightings and paranormal phenomena. Researcher Leslie McAney reported in an article in Gallup Poll Monthly that 71 percent of people surveyed expressed a belief that the US government knows more about UFOs than it is publicly admitting.

Wide Spread Doubt

The idea that the government is conducting an alien cover-up permeates the media. Every night in the United States, radio listeners tune in to Coast To Coast, a nationwide program featuring conspiracy theories, paranormal activity, and UFOlogy. Many movies such as Men In Black and Independence Day as well as TV shows such as The X-Files use a conspiracy theme.

It’s not just UFO “watchers” and “abductees” that believe the government is keeping secrets. A 1971 survey conducted by Industrial Research/Development magazine revealed that 76 percent of respondents believe leaders are not telling everything they know about UFOs.

Some government officials have stated openly they think UFO evidence is being kept secret. They include Vice Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, Senator Barry Goldwater, former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, and various French generals and space experts.

Abduction Groups

There are several different alien abduction groups. They share interest on different types of aliens: Grays, Reptilians, and Nordics. Each is believed to have a different rationale for coming to Earth. The groups claim that the lack of awareness about UFOs is due to the alien’s own agenda, or the government is covering it up.

In The Hidden Hand, an award-winning documentary that explores UFOs and US military cover-ups, Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist and author of Flyers Saucers and Science said, “The government is important because they have the radar systems. They are in a position to connect, and to collect the data.”

In the same film, Richard Dolan, a historian, and author of UFOs and the National Security State, Volumes 1 and 2, said, “People in the national security world are dealing with the fact that this is a lie that has gone now for so long, how do you undo such a long-standing series of deceptions?”

Merged Technology

Some UFO enthusiasts believe the explosion in technology in our modern world is the result of the government merging their technology with that of aliens. One theory is that aliens help “reverse engineer” their knowledge to make it work on our planet.

In a speech at an conference, Paul Hellyer, an author, and former Canadian Defense Minister said he believes the USA is using alien technology and feels the opportunity has been wasted:

“We have a problem when official US policy says UFO’s don’t exist…The veil of secrecy has to be lifted now, before it is too late…How much has been accomplished in 60 years of feverish activity by some of the most educated minds in the United States. Has America developed flying saucers that are visually indistinguishable from the Visitors as alleged, and if so what do they propose to do with them?.…Well, who has the answers? Well, somebody does! But, apparently they aren’t telling the Secretaries of Defense or Presidents because they don’t have a “need to know.”

UFO’s Are Real

On MSNBC-TV, Hellyer spoke with host Tucker Carlson. Carlson asked Hellyer if UFO’s were real.

Hellyer answered, “For the last two or three years I’ve been looking at the evidence and assessing it much as a judge would, trying to determine who was telling the truth and who wasn’t and I finally concluded, especially after reading a book called The Day after Roswell written by Col. Philip Corso, that Unidentified Flying Objects are in fact as real as the planes flying overhead, and there has been a monumental cover-up for more than half-century.

“This is after looking at a lot of evidence in trying to discern who was telling truth and who wasn’t, and I’ve concluded unequivocally that the people who claim that they have either seen UFOs or seen classified documents about UFOs, or have seen wreckage from the crash at Roswell on or about July 4, 1947, are the ones who are telling the truth. And consequently, I’m basing my policy considerations on that.”

Later Tucker asked, “Does this make sense: if in fact there are extraterrestrials and they are buzzing our planet, why wouldn’t we want to take steps to defend ourselves from them if they turn hostile?”

Hellyer said,

“Well, I think the critical question is whether or not they are hostile? When the crash first occurred (in Roswell) General Nathan Twining…declared that there were enemy aliens. There is no evidence that I’ve seen that would convince me that they are in fact enemies. What I would like to know is whether that classification of enemy aliens still exists, and if it did exist, what is the evidence that the United States government bases its conclusion.”

Karl Wolf

What about people actually inside the US government? Consider these statements from ex-Air Force air-man Karl Wolf: “I was a precision electronics photographic repairman with the top-secret crypto-clearance in the United States Air Force. I was stationed at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia in mid-1965. I was loaned to the lunar orbiter project of NASA at Langley Field.

Could this image be of alien buildings and structures on the Lunar surface?

Could this image be of alien buildings and structures on the lunar surface?

“I was taken into the laboratory where the equipment was malfunctioning…about 30 minutes into the process, he said to me in a very distressed way, ‘By the way, we’ve discovered a base on the backside of the moon. And then he proceeded to put photographs down in front of me.

“Clearly in these photographs were structures, mushroom-shaped buildings, spherical buildings, and towers, and at that point, I was very concerned because I knew we were working in compartmentalized security, and he had breached security. I was actually frightened at that moment and I did not question him any further.”

Donna Hare

Donna Hare worked for a NASA supplier and learned about cover-ups early on. She said, “I worked at Philco-Ford Aerospace from 1967 to 1981. During that time I was a design engineer/illustrator draftsman. I did the launch slides, the landing slides, and also projected lunar maps for NASA.

“We were contractors but most of the time I worked on-site in building 8. I had the opportunity to do extra work through downtime, which was between missions, and I walked into the photo lab, which was a NASA lab across the hallway.

“I had a secret clearance and I was able to go into restricted. One of the techs in there drew my attention to a photograph–it had a dot on it–I said was that dot on the emulsion? He smiled and he had his hands crossed, and he said round dots on the emulsion don’t leave shadows on the ground.

“This was an aerial photograph of the Earth. There were shadows of a craft, I did not know what this was, but I realized at this point that it was very secretive, that it was a ‘kept secret.’ I asked him what he could do with this piece of information. He said ‘we always airbrush these out before we showed them to the public.’”

Edgar Mitchell

Edgar Mitchell told WPTV, “I don’t know how many or where or how they’re doing it but they been observing us here for quite some time and we see these craft all the time. I believe what I’m saying and I cite the evidence that I know. “

According to WPTV reporter Tim Malloy, “Mitchell is unbothered by critics who think the guy with the right stuff has taken a wrong turn.  He has no doubt that there are alien craft observing Earth right now and many more out there looking for us.”

Malloy asked Mitchell, “How many civilizations do you believe are out there?”

Mitchell answered, “Billions. There are billions and billions of stars in the galaxy, and billions and billions of galaxies don’t take but a few planets around a few stars to have quite a few civilizations.” Dr. Mitchell is one of only 12 people who have walked on the moon. He said he has never personally seen an alien but believes people who have.

Specific incidents

There have been several incidents over the past few decades where the government has covered up reports, commentary, photographs, films and more from people inside and outside the government. Here are a few examples:

  • On July 7, 1947 William Rhodes took a picture of a strange object in Arizona. The pictures were published in a Phoenix newspaper and several other publications. An Army Air Force intelligence officer and a member of the FBI soon met with Rhodes and talked him into turning over the negatives. They then told him he would not be getting them back. The pictures ended up in classified Air Force UFO reports.
  • In 1958, Donald Keyhole, a retired US Marine and UFO specialist, appeared on TV. His commentary about UFOs was “pre-censored” by the Air Force. As the show went on, when he tried to interject original statements that were not in the “pre-censored” script, the network cut his sound, saying later that he was about to violate security standards. Conspiracy theorists believe that what he was about to reveal were several unknown military studies that make the assertion that UFOs were interplanetary.
  • John Callahan, a former Division Chief of the Accident and Investigations Branch of the Federal Aviation Authority in Washington said that in 1986, after a Japanese Airlines 747 had an encounter with a giant UFO over Alaska, it was recorded by radar on both the ground and in the air. The FAA started an investigation. Callahan held a briefing for the President’s Scientific Study Group, and other intelligence offices. Shortly after the briefing, one of the CIA agents in attendance said, “They were never there and this never happened.” The rationale given for this positioning was that they did not want the public to panic.

Why is the government trying to cover-up UFO sightings? What are they afraid of? Mass panic? That seems dubious. Maybe that was a concern in 1947. More than fifty years later, however, nearly everyone has a cell phone. We have an orbiting space station. Governments are being overthrown by reformists using Twitter and Facebook.

In other words, we’ve come a long way technologically. We can handle some grown up talk about science, space and aliens. It is time for the government to come clean and tell us everything they know about UFOs, aliens and alien abductions.

We don’t need another Mum. We like the one we have.

Marcus Lowth

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a love for UFOs, aliens, and the Ancient Astronaut Theory, to the paranormal, general conspiracies, and unsolved mysteries. He has been writing and researching with over 20 years of experience.

Marcus has been Editor-in-Chief for several years due to his excellent knowledge in these fields. Marcus also regularly appears as an expert on radio talk shows including Troubled Minds and Unexplained Radio discussing these topics.

Read Marcus' full bio.

You can contact Marcus via email.

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  • Chainlink700rt says:

    YES LIFE EXISTS IN OUTER SPACE, but we have yet to see proof here on earth.
    Everyone owns some type of telescope, and even the cheapest ones work.
    On my own telescope I have seen things that don’t add up, BUT it was at a distance that caused it to be unrecognizable.
    That’s my point, unrecognizable objects
    or blurred out images don’t cut it.
    So we continue to search the galaxies for life, and the same exists….nothing.

  • pete says:

    Ah well, there’s loads of theory’s..If you take the bible then these aliens are fallen angels on the devils work. If you don’t believe the bible, then they are advanced beings from another planet maybe coming to either stop us destroying our planet and us . Or help us when we have grown up and stopped fighting amongst each other for power and wealth. The government s are covering up because it undermines their control. The so called elite want total control of society and power over us ordinary people.

  • juan says:

    I have believed that the government has been hiding the secret for years. As the bible is a very reliable source. It speaks about the distant ones and their plans to take over. The book of Enoch is a lost scroll of the bible that provides much detail of these watchers. There are over 100 underground bases in the US…not military bases, but underground bases, that houses a lot of these aliens….

  • Randy says:

    I have read all of your comments,some insight, and some close minded. I was fortunate to witness a UFO, and from that very moment in time, my life changed. There was no doubt, no second guessing what I experienced. I have learned in the 40 years since that time, that some people will never believe, and many people, like me, have also experienced contact. I believe they will contact us when we need them to intervene to save us from ourselves.

  • Ralph Krzyzanski says:

    I expected to see more than this. No one has a clue. Why would anything come to this planet. ? If They are smart enough to get here, All they need to know is wright in front of them. They would see how Humans, are distroying each other, rapeing the reasorses, Polluting the environment, Building more distructive BOMBS. Threatening our Neighbors. W H Y would anything want to contact Lunatics ?? There is no species as Stupid as HUMANS. Thanks for allowing my morbid view of U S !

  • Robert says:

    They’re demons of the past not aliens…try to search for information on Google about Dulce Base, and some whistleblowers such as Phil Schneider, Thomas Edwin Castello etc…They are not from outer space, some probably live here in underground bases like Dulce (mentioned above)…

  • Michael says:

    Your all nuts goober national

  • Michael says:

    Your all nuts

  • peter says:


  • jean-pierre says:

    i believe the universe has expand so quikly that early 1940 it was eazy for them to get to earth than now…now they still come but much less then from around the 1900 ….
    as the world goes on more and less will come to visit us

  • dumb america says:

    Oh how advanced and intelligent we, the human race are.
    I seriously doubt a race of extraterrestrial beings would want to communicate with us undeveloped insects. Half of the comments above show the collective intelligence of Joe public don’t have the ability to spell the words that they communicate with.

    We are obviously being observed by other non terrestrial species far advanced than we are. It may well be that extra dimensional visits account for some sightings alongside other things we don’t understand/perceive yet.

    Governments’ around the world obviously have information we don’t on what is happening, I highly doubt any craft made by advanced species crashed anywhere on earth and that if Roswell really did happen as the conspiracy alleged then surely mac brazell would have kept some of the pieces of craft as memento’s

    Ufology is full of liars, conmen, fantasists and downright money chasers. I have seen every interview on the disclosure project and wonder how Steven Greer could keep a straight face. Eg. The bentwaters crew which includes sgt Jim penniston and his magic notebook.
    We need a real scientific no nonsense study that exposes these liars and conmen once and for all.

  • Nex says:

    Here’s an alternate theory what if the Rosewell incident never happened, what if the government doesn’t actually know jack, what if aliens have never been sighted by completely sane people? How would such bodies convince public scrutiny otherwise?

    Unfortunately the reality is Roswell did happen, the governments are always cooking **** up, it is very likely aliens have visited Earth though I don’t think we have a record or account of them. I do not think we gained technology from ET or some downed ship, I just don’t think aliens would be stoned drunk that they would crash in a remote site where armed forces can easily have access for classification. I do think there is a cover up, the government probably did some **** to either anger or enrage a species or two and they simply deny plausibility. Then take into account actual pilots, nasa officials, former employees in high fields, peeps like Snowden have literally come out of the closet to be a voice in the dark for what most skeptics have known all along. I would say if that doesn’t rot of conspiracy I can’t imagine what would.

    The question is why is the government sitting on this?

    A) Fear?
    B) Involvement good/bad?
    C) Did they get Earth mixed into something intergalactic/stellar?
    D) Have we been spying on them?
    E) Intersecting alien transmissions? I said intersect not intercept, intersecting would mean targeted knowledge as in intervening kind of like how the NSA taps into all our lives.
    F) Did we throw the first rocks?
    G) Did we discover something other than a crash perhaps a cache or depot and stole technology?
    H) Did our adversaries try any of the above.

    All in all those could all be qualifiers for last contact!

  • craig keywood says:

    i have belived in “the truth is out their ” saying for a long long time. but i have only just started to get in to comps, but since i have wow the evidance is just so overwhelming. i’ve breezed through **** loads of reports from the infamous names and the not so infamous names that have told of there stories, along with all that and put it together with the aincient megastuctuers left behind for us to find and then decode, plus also the boom in technology this past few decades and the governments ever shifting lies about what did ‘ didnot tke place etc; then it’s pretty easy to start to draw an interesting picture of the real truth that we are most certainly not alone. Look through the ancient texts mythologies, of the differant cultures ofver the past 6’000yrs or more and they deffinatley are worshipping not divinaliale gods but real life flesh and blood gods. Look at all the top sciencetists and pysicitists that have lost there life trying to bring us ever closer to the truth, and most of these people were the most respected in there field and not some nambypamby with flash ideas. i’m loving finding all this out even though it may well have a bad ending but i suspect not because looking at the evidance in it’s entiritie then you can draw the coclusion that if the aliens were malevolent then they would have shown this at the off but no it seems they want us to edvance at a quicker rate than we would on our own to befit there own needs[goal] and in doing so they ultimatley have to help us along by showing us technology that might other wise not be discovered for another couple of hundered yrs, they want to take an active development in planet earth for the better not worse, but just has edgar mitchell said they could easily be billions of species out their waiting to find us or other alien species that are maybe hiding in the depths of our oceans. the possibilities are endless because there’s billions of galaxies with billions of stars out their so if you think it quite resonble to assume that theres only 1 spcies per galaxy per star then you’ll most certianly come up with the same conclusion as i and edgar mitchell and may others have come to accept that it’s plain naivity that we are alone.

  • Tom says:

    Are there people who are in these facilities that have super powers

  • gabby says:

    the government does not hide aliens from us they dont control them

  • Dadson says:

    With the ability for ufo’s to exist on earth since man started. Recording history and to be so illusive plus morphing shapes, colors and even disappearing i think it’s nieve of us to think the watchers need the government to cover it up.
    It’s taken man 10,000 yrs to get the world population to debate ufos like we are now.
    The story’s from ancients about aliens has always been in writing but some how mankind
    Wouldn’t take it serious.
    Reality is so confusing these days . Yes we have Internet that we can be independent news anchors but the ability to make special effects is well known and idiots get off on tricks. Well the 20 news channels and world leaders do the samething .
    I’ll close with this, There is times to withhold info but to destruct us and flood misleading news is flat LIES! The only way to Resolve anything is with the truth. LieIng hides the facts we need to investigate solution.
    Humans wont riot. Over half the world believes in Ido already. Unfortantly the destruction of News and information has proved reality is in the eye of the beholder. There is no such thing as a facts anymore.
    We all can’t scientifically labs test everything we are taught so we have to rely on what we are told is a fact. Since the governments could say the moon isn’t there , then it’ be a fact no matter what we seen.
    Alienated man without trust

  • Edward says:

    What if the reason you can do anything to UFO’s is because they have control over gravity which is the reason they can move really quick throught space. Also i think why you cant see them is because the light that they have to cover themselves is like a really bright light used to make you not be able to see but just bigger and keep it on till the leave or until you guys get close.

  • Hector says:

    obviosley they are real otherwise we would not be able to see them. The government isn’t trying their best to “cover” anything up we are not as stupid as they think we are there has to be a way that we can find out by our selves and not by the help of our government.

  • Dragonrider says:

    The fact that 90% of the worlds population hasn’t over thrown there respective governments, and forced this information out proof humanity is not ready to know. All it takes is the simple act of a nation’s people deciding not to pay tax, or never feeding the economy. We could have our respective governments on its knees beging for mercy within a month.
    When people do these things, they will be ready to know.

  • Rani Pillay says:

    I also meant to add that I am from South Africa and many South Africans have witnessed alien craft. Way back in the late 70s an alien aircraft crashed in the Namib Desert in Namibia. They found Korean looking alien beings in the craft. It was all over the newspapers but whatever followed was kept secret by the government.
    …so they are aware that the general public are aware of cover ups.
    WHY COVER UP. We all need to be educated on this for Earth’s sake!

  • Donny says:

    The visitation is constant – the facts outed by brave souls , many from military ranks – Steven Greers disclosure project and film Sirus are an insight – my own 20year readings do not give clarity to intentions yet historical evidence from the Hans Glasser Brasil Swiss woodcut proves inter alien conflict over what ? Ikey moor photo proof of a type . The government disclosure made impossible when first question is Is their only one type ? Some imply the usa has signed a treaty to trade tech for access to earth sites but we have been duded . Remember Rich head of tech on death bed stated there are two types of ufos . “The ones they build and the ones we build ” know also the note pad in the weather ballon photo at Roswell has been read buy computer scan buy figures grandson and is an informative read of verification of crash . Personally leading towards inter dimensional movement buy craft and ancient association with this planet . That said I’m wary of clandestine actions of visitors , Striebers Transformation novel if truthful was no reassurance of intentions

  • kurt rightmyer says:

    You guys got that picture of Marcel captioned wrong. Marcel is posing with the garbage the military gave him a couple days after the crash. The real wreckage was long gone by then. You can clearly see Marcel’s disbelief in his eyes and face. He’s looking up as if to say, “What is this ****? Where’s the real wreckage?”

  • Zo0tie says:

    Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!

    Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…

    Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!

    Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  • TheBigOne says:

    So in other words I say no to the yes people who think there is no *cover up* going on.

  • TheBigOne says:

    At around that time is when socialist societies like the Fabians were interfering with our government to get rid of the bible and make us slaves of the government party by hijacking both political parties.

    George Bush started the free fall economy and said in an interview that he regretted doing a lot of things he did but no matter WHO was elected President they would have no choice.

    Obama furthered the stuff Bush started and what does this have to do with UFO cover ups?

    What if the fact that aliens are reveled we all learn where the true meaning of socialism comes from and how they are planting seeds into people to *rebel* against the old governments for the new world order?

    They may be trying to kick start a revolution and good people are trying to prevent the revolution which is why the DHS and our armed forces corps have stockpiled ammo and food.

    They are preparing for the day when the *false* revolution will happen then the aliens will swoop in and *save* us from ourselves but in reality they have planted seeds to get people to go crazy in the first place.

    So in reality the reason why UFO’s are bing covered up is so we won’t know the truth about the causes of social unrest and why we are being herded into the *everybody equal but poor* status.

    Sorry I suck at English as it isn’t my best language.

  • Alboin says:

    Here is the reason why the Government has gone to such lengths to cover up aliens — there is some explicit agreement that obliges the Government to do so, and as parties to a contract with aliens those in Government are frightened (very much) by what could occur if we breach the contract. Read about Charles Hall and his contact with the Tall Whites, their legalistic nature, and general lack of anxiety about killing humans if even slightly provoked. Think about it, aliens have their own agendas, whether it involves us directly or not. Could be we happen to be in the way. I think Charles Hall’s story explains so much, and reveals the nature of how we are viewed by…them. Think about it, if you were visiting an alien planet, you wouldn’t want to tell everyone on the planet about it — especially if you thought the locals were unpredictable, which humans are, really.

  • chris says:

    i was in the airforce down in new mexico. if any one knows about unmarked black hellicopters? i had a experince with the unmarked black hellicopters. when i was stationed in new mexico.

    • TheBigOne says:

      Shhhhhh that’s racist calling the helicopter a *black* helicopter.

  • Carlton says:

    I’m still on the fence with this debate. Firstly, I would say that it is the ETs that insist that we are not ready to embrace the knowledge of their existence. This would make more sense for a valid reason of humans “covering up”, (primarily) in order to gain access to alien technology.

    On the other hand though, if this was the case then, why do these ETs insist on flying around in plain view, sometimes flashing lights like a christmas tree? That part doesn’t make sense. If I was an alien and I didn’t want a planet’s natives to know I was visiting, I’d be inclined to invent some kind of cloaking device.

    So much on this subject doesn’t make any sense. I’m almost certain we are not alone in the universe. I’m almost certain that there are ETs out there, who are millions of years ahead of us in technology and that they CAN travel vast distances in space. But why bother with Earth and humans, especially if they don’t think we’re ready to accept them? Yes I’ve heard they were concerned with us using all things nuclear, but that doesn’t explain everything.

  • Kelvin Crenshaw says:

    Very soon everyone on this planet will be introduced to the inevitable, it doesn’t matter who believes what.. Extraterrestrials will prominently make their presence known.

    The most disgusting part of dealing with mainstream America in the meantime is the ignorance. The government is very clever as they are experts and skilled in pacifying Americans and other countries; they attempt to to take our minds off of the most profound and important story to ever break. They glorify ******** like Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby…. etc. etc.. When these extraterrestrials blast this world back into the 17th century the laughing and giggling will cease to exist.

  • Barry Carroll says:

    I had a look at the Russian station when I searched for the object that brought all the tree’s down in a straight line some years ago.
    if you search for information on flying saucers in Russia you can find a lot of information including photos of some of the saucer remains and also of the autopsy on one of the bodies, very small by human standards and also had a much stronger rib cage than we have with fewer chest ribs.
    You will have to search on the internet to find the russian story.
    Nothing is hidden.
    What the US are scared of I would not know. there is something our there even in South Africa the country I live in have had sightings
    Two from airliners who had a ufo near to them and spent some time with them and then shot off.
    For Interest I am a retired Pilot and will be 75 on 4th may still fly on line on MS FS2004, helps to pass the time and enjoy it very much.

    • TheBigOne says:

      Because anything reveled would show how the US has had back deals in all it’s wars and dirty tricks to steer society towards a less free Enterprise and a more communist……oops I mean Socialist set up and illegals…..again I mean undocumented workers are the useful idiots to set this all up.

      If only we could gas out those nasty Conservatives from reveling the truth about the Neo Republicans and Liberals that have been hijacked.

  • Erling says:

    The article above is part of what is called “conspiration theories” and has nothing to do with the real world. The government does not hide anything.

  • Misato says:

    I had my doubts about Roswell and Area 51 myself, but ever since 9/11, I definately know now that the government lies, and does so a **** of a lot more than they tell the truth. This is funny that 76% of the people doubt the government about Alien encounters, because I read somewhere that 76% of the people believe that 9/11 was an inside job also. It’s it’s the same people, then I guess that mean that 76% of U.S. citizens never believe the government on anything and 24% always believe the government no matter what the government says. =D

  • Rohan Dantu says:

    Lets Take it Slow
    We as a human race are rushing things, there are still thousands of generations to survive on this Earth. Let us forget our curiosity for today and provide sustainable curiosity fulfillment for our future generations in terms of the knowledge acquired from the aliens/time-travelers.

    Sustainable Survival
    Consider what most of the humans were doing :
    before 1600 : fighting for territory (survival)
    1600 – 1700 : exploring distant lands
    1700 – 1800 : Cultivation of occupied lands
    1800 – 1900 : industrial revolution/ curiosity of physical world(inventions)
    1900 onwards : growth in discoveries
    Some time in near future : Likely to have all knowledge that exists in this world in a pill!!(Literally!!)
    After that : My question is what will the humans be preoccupied with ???, There will be nothing left to pursue or to do as an activity, group or race as we would have explored every activity!!!!

    Now these aliens better take back their knowledge with them or they are just going to speed up the process towards boredom!!

    • Rani Pillay says:

      The only reason why most of the alien truths are kept from us is because of greed. I do believe humans were traded and it got out of hand.
      This people of this world should unite for the sake of humanity regardless of our differences ie race, religion and language
      We should all work towards a moneyless society. Everything on this planet should not be sold to us as it belongs to all of us.
      Those in charge are at large and they should listen to us who got them there in the first place instead of the other way around.
      Technology was given to us at the expense of us (humans) and therefore this technology in its’ entirety should be available to all us. There should be no secrets and no lies as this is an insult to all of us. Those in power have divided themselves from all of humanity in the most shameless way possible! It’s called money and more money and greed at the expense of all of us.
      Yes aliens visit this planet frequently and have been doing so for a very long time. I am from a tamil culture and if our very early or ancient teachings include chariots and wars with other species and the power of one being in a time when worldly technology wasn’t around yet says a lot. I have become anti religious a very long time ago. This world lack the love and embracing of another human being and the more we focus on that no government would be more powerful and the alien truth will be more easily accepted.

    • chris says:

      Your talking about us reaching technological singularity. Its a theory but i dont think it will happen theres always room for improvement and if we do itll be millions of years away im sure.

  • Facts says:

    Not even Carl Sagan nor Hawking believe we were visited by aliens and they are a bit smarter than you are.

    The real conspiracy is a marketing trick to say the US government was chasing UFO’s when in fact they were chasing new secret weapons and planes to be the first and best army in the world.

    Why would aliens visit only the US?
    Why wouldnd’t there be aliens in other countries?
    Are all the countries as capable of hidding the truth as the US?

    The truth is you are wasting your time and life chasing fake lights in the sky.

    You might as well believe in the easter bunny, since both cases are the same. Some people of questionable authority have claimed to have certain indications, but never hard facts.

    If anything, this was the most succesful way of covering something up the US government has ever came up with. Period.

    • Pete Caldwell says:

      Sagan and Hawking both stated a belief in alien life, and you’re oversimplifying their position on possible visitations to earth, Sagan even stated that he believed governments -especially the US – intentionally keep records of UFOs from the public and they should be declassified. Thankfully other governments have and are doing just that, and anyone who believes that aliens and UFOs are only a US phenomena are apparently incapable of doing even the most basic research. And you’re hardly able to state what “the Truth” is on this matter, nor am I for that matter, but I can at least state this issue is not “the same as the Easter Bunny”. And thank goodness the men and women who have advanced human understanding of the world and beyond around us didn’t listen to all the short sighted and intellectually stunted conformists around them who thought they were somehow an authority on what topics they should be spending their lives and personal time exploring and investigating.

  • Greg says:

    This is interesting Ian, but I think your article falls a bit short. Why would you have us believe the only country in the world that has information on extraterrestrial visits would be the United States?

    I’m surprised to see very little mention about the findings from other nations around the world. If the United States has the capability to see, hear, and detect visitors from other worlds, wouldn’t our neighbor Canada have the same ability? After all, we do share a common border and our military works together as if one. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) shares a great deal of technology amongst themselves. As an example, I recently attended an airshow in Southern California and spoke with a test pilot from the UK. They’d flown a couple of fighters here to test out a new electronic suite on the range at NAWS China Lake. I find it highly unlikely that the United States would be the only nation with such info. With that said, here are a few sightings from around the world*:

    January 2010 – Newfoundland, Canada
    December 2009 – Finland and Sweden
    June 2008 – The Russian federation
    June 2008 – The United Kingdom
    May 2008 – Turkey
    March 2004 – Mexico
    January 1996 – Brazil
    June 1994 – China
    March 1990 – Belgium

    *Taken from the list of UFO sightings, Wikipedia.

    “Why is the [United States] government trying to cover-up UFO sightings? What are they afraid of? Mass panic? That seems dubious. Maybe that was a concern in 1947. More than fifty years later, however, nearly everyone has a cell phone. We have an orbiting space station. Governments are being overthrown by reformists using Twitter and Facebook.”

    If there is a cover up, then not only is the United States to blame, so is the rest of the world.

  • johnny price says:

    I found this article very interesting. Too bad that the photos couldn’t be blown for closer detail.

  • Steve Gill says:

    I firmly believe UFO’s have been encountered on our planet and the US has taken advantage of the materials they have found and covered up. I believe that they have reverse engineered the materials they have found at Roswell and will tell you why I believe.

    Since 1947 we have learned of many different metalurgies, Silicon Valley emerged and technology took off on fire. When we think prior to 1957 mankind had no real technology. even right up to 1945 there was no technology. I find it interesting that man’s curiosity for the unknown and willingness to learn about materials we have always had on this earth has never took hold until the Roswell incident. For thousands of years we have had a brain but no advances in technology. It’s also interesting to note that we have reversed the history of Stonehenge to come up with stellar allignments of important dates in the history of mankind and Christianity.

    As for Government cover-ups, I believe that the government is capable of keeping it’s secrets through inernal extortion policies. The CIA has fallen on it’s face several times when missions have surfaced to the public sector. The Contra affair to name one and the training the US has given to the Taliban for another. Certainly we cant forget about the U2 incident with Gary Powers. Wars are still being fought by individual nations covertly through arms supplies to contries in distress. The government certainly does entertain themselves in covert activities, including executions, that none of us will ever hear about and there are times when public “accidents” will happen when the government cant complete a mission covertly. We all seem to feel one cant know too much…or else!

    As fo UFO’s I cant find any other explaination our tchnology all of a sudden took off in the 50’s so yes I believe Roswell was a real alien encounter and the US may have the 3 recovered bodies on ice somewhere.

  • Boxkites says:

    The “VeeDub” theory:
    Are UFO’s for real?
    If you look at how many people around the world have seen something, myself included, up in the sky that they have no idea what it was, then yes UFO’s are real. It indicates an unidentified flying object. Not necessary a flying disc either. That could be anything really.

    Is there life on other planets?
    Well we have found life on Mars recently didn’t we?
    So yes life is or was present on other planets indeed.
    But, none of this has to do with what people believe are aliens, flying saucers etc. according to the “VeeDub” theory.

    What we call “aliens”, are not from another planet at all. Think about that.
    What would we do if we went to the moon and found other intelligent life forms?
    The first thing we would do is to say G’day. How are you? In fact we have already done so by launching a vessel with info onboard as to who we are and where we are. If any life form finds it then they are welcome to come and get a cuppa coffee. LOL
    Why would another life form from another planet or solar system keep quiet? Have they got something to hide?

    What if the “VeeDub” theory is right and they are from our future that would make a whole lot of sense. They would not want people to know they can time travel, yes time travel, it was suggested by Einstein and that we are not ready for it yet, do you remember that?
    Yes the world would go into uproar as most people would like to find out what is next in line for us.
    Look at most of the sightings where we have found or seen unidentified objects. Usually at important events like space shuttle missions, we have heard the crew mention that they are not alone. How did the visitors know we were flying that day? The history books in ten thousand years from now would have that information in them that is if books are still around LOL. Doubt it.
    The so called “aliens” are manmade according to the “VeeDub ” theory. Think about that, we are almost capable of making a human nowadays. Remember the human ear alive on the little mouse or was it a rat? My word, what do you think we can do in ten thousand years from now? Build a living object that can withstand a lot of G-Forces as that is needed to travel through time.
    Yes, any government would try to keep it quiet, wouldn’t you?

  • cosmokramer says:

    UFO’s are real but to say that they are attributed to extraterrestials and part of a huge global cover up is unlikely. When you start thinking of the amount of people that would have to be involved and the fact that that our goverments cannot even run a country right. I don’t think that they would be capable of that level of conspiracy. Check out wiki-leaks no UFO’s just financial swindles, ******** and sex!

    • Northern3060 says:

      Have to agree with you there. There is no way to keep a secret of this nature with so many in the know. UFO is just what it says “UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object”, no more no less. I think we would have caught on long ago if their were any little green men running around, don’t you? 🙂

      • Pete Caldwell says:

        But that’s just it – it’s not stayed a secret, the cover up has not worked. We have military, government, astronauts, ex-NASA staff all saying there are aliens/EBE’s. Many of these people would be considered the best the human species has to offer and their word taken at face value for pretty much anything else. I don’t know what the facts are, but enough people with credentials are saying there is something to this, and that there is a coverup, and yet we get comments like the above that “the government couldn’t keep a lid on it/if it was true and someone would talk”. Well they have!!! And then we go around in circles again! The government obviously doesn’t need to work very hard to confuse the masses – they do a pretty bang up job staying that way all on their own. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • TheBigOne says:

        From people I have talked to humans seem to enjoy at a subconscience level of being confused and told what to do. I think at a lower level we have been sublimed to be slaves and enjoy it which is why working for freedom is so hard.

        We are hard wired to want to be under the thumb of someone else and it takes a degree of self awareness before any *resistance* can even be planned.

    • Patricia says:

      Wiki leaks is no Wikipedia. Two different sites.

  • Leslie Wolf says:

    I have long believed the possibility that our future generations may develop the necessary technology to travel through time, and that UFOs may be our own human successors coming back from the future, having a look around in our time, and then dissappearing again in an instant to travel on into another time.

    • Leslie Wolf says:

      Distant stars and their planets are just so very far away that inter-stellar travel can take thousands of years, making it less likely that UFOs come from distant stars and planets.

      • Gary Norton says:

        Not only are these supposed planets so far away. Assuming you can travel up to the speed of light without suffering any gravitational acceleration affects (i.e 1g), it takes just as long to speed up to the transfer velocity as it does to slow down to a re-entery velocity of Earth. It’s quicker just to use imagination and dream it!

      • Pete Caldwell says:

        You are citing limitations that are based on current mainstream human knowledge. Isn’t it just a tiny bit possible a more advanced species has a more advanced understanding of the way the Universe(s) works and technology that’s better than what we have now? It always shocks me when people seem to think we know everything there is to know about anything, especially travel of this sort! All it takes is one new discovery to completely overhaul our current understanding – and suddenly what was once a rule now has exceptions, was just plain wrong – or simply is no longer relevant as a whole new aspect to physical reality becomes part of our awareness. Think bigger humanity – there’s still more to discover, really! 🙂

      • chris says:

        ufos are real ive seen one up close, and they dont travel the speed of light either, it would still take years traveling like that. They manipulate space and gravity to travel instantaneously. To move through space is to move through time. They’re real believe it or not. Nothing i say will make anyone believe it but they’re real. They shrink and expand space using a form of gravity wave they can travle anywhere instantly.

      • Dappa says:

        Where did you see this Ufo?

  • Jared M Walsh says:

    The re-refural to Aliens Visiting Earth are Undoubted.But when talk of Hostile Aliens occour, this is most likely not true. As we are a young race in stellar terms, Aliens are visiting our world not as in “we come in peace” and Blow us up, But of Curiosity and a Simple wish to Explore our culture. As a Primative race in comparison with Extraterritorial, Knowlege of Aliens in general Society would course Government overthrows on some Country’s, Some would think “Beam me up” and forget we have a Social structure in hope they will be beamed up, Becoming lawless. Then there are those who would rather not know, but if did Would plainly Panic Needlessly. Human cultures who still live without the modern world,s Luxuries in native Bush living may see Aliens as a Celestial Event in their Cultures coming up with even there own Explanations. I belief that When our world can Respect all Cultures, Beliefs and religions and allow the playing out of these Beliefs but enlightening all of them to Join the Modern world of thinking and sciences and letting them know that Society no mater What way they choose to live be Accepted and Incorege them To Become “One world”. The Best Example of my “One world Theory” is in Star Trek Voyager. A Character called Chakotay is a Native Indian Still in Religious Belief of the Ways of his Tribe, But he Also works a Star Ship without Dropping his Beliefs (In fact The modern world gave him a Modern way of Going on Vision Quests) of his Native Indian Life style. If We as a Race can live like this, Conjoining all Beliefs, Religions, Lifestyles through Science and Common Understanding, We will Become “One World,Working to Better ourselves and the Rest of Humanity” Once we Reach this Level of Society and every one reading this comment Belives in “Working not for Money, But for the Expansion of Ourselves as a United planet of People and religion and lifestyle are appart of all of us though understanding and acceptance, Our Governments will release the info we all want to know “Are we alone?” and Alien Races will visit us in light of truth sooner than we think!.I am almost Compleatly Convinced we arent alone and i do Belive Government Hides things, But only to stop us from doing the one thing that is certant about the Revealing of such knowlege, Fear and Missunderstanding from a Planet of people that do not yet accsept one uniform, one world thinking, no matter how we live or What is Belived within our owen Belife.

    • Gary Norton says:

      I wonder if these ‘usually superior’ life forms, who have quite likely studied the English language, have learnt to spell better than the majority on this site??

    • Jenny says:

      Unfortunately, your pathetic grammar, spelling, and illiteracy detract from what you are saying. It is so bad, it’s impossible to understand you. It is very sad. Have you graduated from high school?

      • Nathan Chisholm says:

        Why dont you add something constructive instead off criticising people you arrogant woman!

      • Nathan says:

        I agree Nathan, Jenny you’re rude, egotistical and loathsome. Does it make you feel superior belittling someone based on a few gramatical errors?

      • Erik says:

        I also agree.

        @Jenny This is the Internet AKA the World Wide Web. WORLD WIDE. You have know idea where this person is from or if English is there first language.Nor do you even know how old they are.

        There have been times someone was being criticized for something in a forum I was in and turns out it was a 13 year old kid. His work and skill was nearly on par with the other users in there 20’s and 30’s. Though his skill was less refined and needed some work he was just a kid. After knowing his age everyone realized he was actually far better then one should expect from someone of that age and far better them most of them at that age.They realized they should not have been judging him on the standards they would be judged or how they would there peers.After that they where much more helpful to the kid and rather than just judging him they made constructive criticism and gave advice.

        Point is you don’t know the people your talking to/about on the WWW. You don’t know there position in life or there age. To be judging there grammar or skill or anything without knowing more about them is asinine.

  • valquinn says:

    Thank you! You are only confirming what we simple minded earthlings already know – and that is how the American Govt. treat us. If you grew up where I did, in Australia, near the Lucas Heights Atomic Reactor you would soon know beyond a shadow of a doubt that aliens are real. People would take their chairs outside each night and be entertained by dancing UFO displays. They knew we were watching them! This was during the 60s and 70s. One rather large ship hovered over our high school oval at lunchtime, we all saw it clearly for some 5 minutes – then it vanished. Yes they are real!

  • Benjamin Landron says:

    Very informative article.I myself along with family members have had two distinct UFO sightings that have stayed with me over the years since the 60’s. I am a private pilot and a level headed person that would not joke about something as serious as the phenomenon of UFO’s. I always look skyward day and night ever since my sightings and wonder what it was we saw all those years ago. Thanks for the article. I believe the government is hiding something also. Benny in NC

  • Matt says:

    I could not find any info via the web and Netflix about the documentary “The Hidden Hand”, an award-winning documentary that explores UFO’s and US military cover-ups.
    Is the video still available?
    Thank you,

  • Dee says:

    “More than fifty years later, however, nearly everyone has a cell phone….. Governments are being overthrown by reformists using Twitter and Facebook”

    Here is a question. Given the massive increase in the number of available cameras with high resolution capabilities, have the number of visitors decreased in recent years, or is it just a fluke that in this day and age, whenever they turn up, NOONE happens to have their phone accessible to share their encounter via twitbook?

    • Greg5 says:

      Find a way to use a secure computer within a governmental building such as a divisional police station or hospital. Once you have access to one, go to this back channel: /rurz.feort:usaf2:idvc.covdoc

      Once on this channel, search for Doc17645-a27.usaf.nov2015/undctd

      Read the full 78 page, non-redacted, report. Let’s just say this is from a friend.

      • derrek laurens says:

        wats on the doc. can i kno very interested i have a story as a young kid but im not sure if it was a dream or real and now goin on thirty it would b very relieving to know the truth.. please

  • Dylan says:

    A very eye opening article. Thanks for the good information! I hope one day in my life we will see positive government reform (such as building on the ideals of Ron Paul) and when that day comes maybe we can set the unwanted lairs straight and reveal some amazingly mysterious secrets about other life.

  • Bill Dacus says:

    I must agree with this article. It is only good common sense that we can not be the only beings in this vast universe. Other civilizations could not only be much older that ours, but considerably more advanced. I would love to be around when first contact is made or the government owns up to its secret. We are so close to the “Final Frontier” becoming the everyday ordinary that this so called secret is nothing less than stupid or capitalist. Somebody is making money it or it would not be a secret.

    • Doodaa says:

      Aliens are real.I have seen one and have known they were real most of my life.I was not abducted(at least I don’t think so) I saw one as a small child riding home from church one night with my entire family of seven and yes we all saw the same thing.I’m sure the governments of the world are making some kind of deal on this.Not sure what.I don’t think aliens would have money to give them.At least not the kind we use.As many other people think I’m not sure the rulers of this world are not just the aliens themselves.Who knows maybe they are trying to figure out a way to get back to their home planet.It could be anything. BUT there is one thing that I am very sure of WHATEVER the reason for keeping it a secret.It is not in OUR best interest.Nothing the governments of this world do is ever in our best interest.They have always worked together to control and manipulate us all.The bible is the greatest lie ever told.Do some reading you will find it out too.

      • Robert says:

        With the size of the universe Unknown , yes there will be other life forms … To far away from us tho … The reason I don’t believe ufos have visited us is because , ufo with amazing technology could travel across millions of galaxies , then when reach our earth managed to be bullied or ordered to keep quiet or invisible by a primative species that can take two years to travel only to mars … Think logical for goodness sake ,, why would advanced beings let us primative lunatics keep them a secret because of what ever reason ,,,,, come on its ****** ridiculous ,,,,,,,,

      • john says:

        Police and military have documented many hardware “flying saucer” encounters. Are these trained observers lying, mistaken, or making correct observations?

      • D says:

        U are so *** backward the bible is the only truth! Everything in it has produced itself accurate. Wow I pray for you and how you are so um I am trying not to hurt ur feelings by saying this, but…. Please just learn and read more before u make such demonic remarks. Please just broaden your literature and know that even though you want to find a reason to push God away is because you really need him and are thriving for his love. I love you and Jesus loves you. Please know that and just ponder on it before you jump to push away.

      • chuck cruz says:

        WTF?!!!. I have seen a thousand percent more evidence proving the existence of extraterrestrials than I have in “that book”! as a matter of fact, only an idiot uses a book to prove that same book! Talk about broadening someone’s literature. unfortunately, there are too many people of you who are in positions of power and they are stomping on the truth to serve there antiquated believes and protecting there pocket book…….hypocrites!

      • peter says:


  • Jack Davis says:

    It’s very simple to me. The Government is not capable of covering up anything. Only two people knew about Bill and Monica. That was one too many.

    • Greg says:

      Jack, I like your thinking…

      • grant says:

        thats a completely different topic. if that information gets out, there’s no chance at mass hysteria.

        its pretty ignorant to claim that the united states government is INCAPABLE of covering “anything” up.

        you might leak out who your best friend has a crush on, but you probably wouldnt leak out that your best friend has herpes.

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