The Esoteric Knowledge And Ability Of Astral Projection

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The notion of being able to “leave one’s own body” at any given time is pure fantasy to some. However, not only are there many accounts on record of this strange phenomena, academics have studied it seriously for centuries, and continue to do so today.

We have even written before of CIA experiments with remote viewing, for example, using “test subjects” with the ability to astral project with an end result of utilizing their ability to their own ends. How far these experiments actually went, and if they continue today, is up for debate for some.

Energy field astral projection.

While many reports speak of euphoric feelings during these incidents, as well as a sense of understanding of the mysteries of the world, and even life itself, others speak of witnessing horrific events as if they are seeing them from the victims perspective, and even enduring a “race back to their bodies” in order to stop “other energies” taking control of it.

Before we look at some of these fascinating accounts, check out the video below which looks at the basics of this strange phenomena.

The Harrowing Accounts of “Miss Z”

One of the most chilling accounts of astral projection would come to light in 1968 when the ‘Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research’ released details of an encounter experienced by a lady referred to only as “Miss Z”.

According to the research, Miss Z was prone to “spontaneous experiences” – something experienced since being a young child. Most of the time she would simply float above her bed before returning to her body. However one of her more recent incidents would result in her traveling much farther than the ceiling of her bedroom. Furthermore, the encounter would appear to be “through the eyes of another!” As if she had traveled within the consciousness of somebody else.

One evening after falling asleep at home, Miss Z awoke on a strange, deserted street. Deserted apart from the person following her. A feeling of terror surged through her. She quickened her pace. As she did so she became aware of her clothes, in particular, the checkered skirts she was wearing – it wasn’t at all familiar to her. The person following quickened their pace. Her heart began to pound harder and faster. She could feel the person reach her!

She awoke in her bed, scared but unharmed. Miss Z even began to think the whole incident was a dream. That was until she noticed the story of the brutal rape and murder of a young woman the following day in her local newspaper. The detail that the victim was wearing a checkered skirt and the location of the body. Exactly where she had her astral encounter. This confirmed to Miss Z that the young woman in the story was the young woman through whose eyes she had seen through previously.

Erin Pavlina, “Others Tried To Possess My Body” While Astral Projecting

Unlike the aforementioned Miss Z, Erin Pavline would purposely attempt to astral project and leave her body. Although her efforts would prove unsuccessful at first. After three years of attempts, though, she finally achieved the feat. However, she would also find the ability to astral project sometimes came with a potential dark side.

Pavline reports that astral projecting is like having a “dual consciousness” – her body, and her “self”. While these were for all intents and purposes two separate energies, she was aware of and could feel both of them. However, she also speaks of noticing “others” around her astral form, and these entities would induce outright fear in her. She would feel herself “being tugged away from her physical body” when these others were present. As if they were intent on preventing her returning and wished to possess her body

Robert Bruce has studied the phenomenon for several decades, and he too would report many of his subjects experienced similar feelings. For example “Ms. E” would report the ability to “see all around her at once” while astral projecting, but was unable to control where she went. More worrying she was unable to control when she left her body or when she returned. Another of Bruce’s patients was “Ms. P”, who would also report to astral projecting unwillingly during her sleep. She usually “made all efforts to return to her body” but described the experience as paralyzing until she awoke.

We will, in a moment, move on to look at perhaps the greatest astral projector and mystic of modern times. First, though, check out the short video below. It is a short clip from 1964 which discusses such outlandish notions as astral projection.

The Akashic Record – A Library In The Stars?

Many psychics attribute their gift as having the ability to astral project. Just one of these is Edgar Cayce, arguably one of the most respected mystics of his era. Cayce would state he would indeed astral project. And what’s more, he would state to be able to access the Akashic Record. The knowledge and history of the world that “exists on the astral plane!” Almost like a library made of, and consisting entirely of cosmic energy.

Those that subscribe to the Akashic Record state that a record of every action resides in this astral space. What’s more, those who manage to project to this plane, have unlimited access. Many ancient cultures, including many Native American cultures, have very similar beliefs.

The Akashic Record - a library in the stars?

The Akashic Record – a library in the stars?

Cayce would record various accounts of astral projecting in his writings and journals, as well as claiming to use the Akashic Record in order to make his predictions and psychic readings. He would claim that he would become “a small dot” as he traveled to this cosmic plane, attached to his body by a strange, invisible silver umbilical-type cord. Interestingly, author and researcher, John Keel, offered a theory that if claims of astral projections were true, might many UFO sightings describing “dot-like” objects actually be the energy source of people astral projecting? It is certainly an interesting thought!

Maybe even more interesting, are the claims Cayce would make of “strange beings” who would attempt to attract his attention as he traveled from his body. Much like some of the aforementioned claims of “others” attempting to “possess” the physical form of astral projectors, Cayce would state he would at no point interact with these beings lest he would “be unable to return to his body!”

Check out the video below.

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