Was Dorothy Eady The Reincarnated Lover Of Pharaoh Seti I?

Marcus Lowth
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April 22, 2017
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September 28, 2021
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The claims of Dorothy Eady being the reincarnation of an unknown lover to one of the most powerful Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt are remarkable enough, but the information she would pass on to archaeologists would prove to be invaluable. Similarly, her ability to transcribe Ancient Egyptian texts and hieroglyphs would be equally beneficial to many.

tFurthermore, while on archaeological digs, she would reveal information of such a nature it is almost too bizarre to believe. However, we surely can’t simply cherry pick what we choose to believe her claims. Given her accuracy in such matters, her assertions of portals in Ancient Egypt should perhaps be subject to closer examination.

Seti I and hyroglifics.

Seti I and hyroglifics.

Even more so, when you factor in other research and evidence from respected scientists and authors who believe not only that the notion of portals (in some form or another) is quite possible in Ancient Egypt, but that a genuine connection appears to exist with our cosmic neighbor, Mars.

So, Who “Was” Dorothy Eady?

Eady’s claims would begin to come to light from an early age, although she didn’t understand their meaning at first. Born in London in 1904, a serious head injury at age three would lead doctors to declare her officially dead. Then, without warning, she awoke and would go on to make a “miraculous” recovery.

As joyous as her parents were for Dorothy’s recovery, each also made note of significant changes in her behavior. Perhaps not least that she would demand to return home “to Egypt!” [1]

She would suddenly speak about life in Ancient Egypt in amazingly accurate detail. Even more astonishing, were the claims that she had herself lived there, as a priestess. Her name was Bentreshyt and she had lived at the time of Pharaoh Seti I, in his Temple no less.

As the story would reveal, as Dorothy herself would learn over time, her life in Ancient Egypt would be more intertwined with the great pharaoh than she possibly imagined.

All the while, her parents became increasingly more pressured by this other side to their daughter. Her behavior would have moments of absolute randomness and volatility. Such as the time she erupted in shouts and screams in a strange dialogue that they were not at all familiar with.

As she went through her teenage years, she would become increasingly detached from life around her, and more and more in tune with the memories of her “real” life. She would even begin to practice the polytheistic religion of this era.

At age twenty-eight, now married, she would finally return to Egypt, which to her, was home.

Close-up of Dorothy Eady.

Dorothy Eady.

Abydos, Past Life Memories, and Secret Gardens

Upon arriving in Egypt with her husband, Eman Abdel Meguid, Eady began to experience an increase in memories of her past life. She also claimed to have guidance from a spirit who would visit her, named Hor-Ra.

According to the information obtained with the help of Hor-Ra, Eady discovered that her father was a soldier, who had turned her (Bentreshyt) over to the care of the Temple of Seti I following the death of her fruit seller mother.

It was during her time here that Bentreshyt met Pharaoh Seti I – who she referred to as a “living god!” According to Eady’s past life memories, the two had fallen deeply in love, eventually conceiving a child. However, the high priest would claim that her child would “represent a great offense against the goddess Isis” It would also cause “many problems to the Pharaoh!”

Bentreshyt would commit suicide, although she sometimes hinted that she was “encouraged” to carry out this act.

Eady’s ability to assist archaeologists in Egypt made many people believers in her claims and ability. However following her relocation to Abydos, some of the more intriguing of her revelations would surface.

She could speak of details that had yet to go public and literally only known to the archaeologists on site. She also knew of “secret” chambers and locations of gardens that had long since become buried.

Before we look at one of Eady’s more controversial claims, check out the video below. It looks at Dorothy Eady – who would change her name to Omm Sety – a little further.

Hidden Stargates and Portals

Perhaps her most fascinating acts were those reported by people in her presence. They all would tell of how she would press on certain stones in the walls of the ruins. Sometimes as if she were trying to recall a certain sequence of order. When questioned as to what she was doing, she would speak of “hidden doors” and “portals” to other places.

Relics, ruins, and remains from Ancient Egypt lay all over the modern country. Furthermore, there are likely many sites and mysteries that lay awaiting discovery under the sands. There are also other sites that ancient texts specifically speak of being stargates to the “realm of the Gods!”

Abu Ghurab – also known as “The Place of the Gods” [2] – is one of these sites. It is also one of the oldest sites on Earth. The portal itself resides on a platform made from Egyptian crystal, or alabaster. This surface would allow a person to become one with sacred energies, or (in this case) gods known as The Neters. The vibration of the Earth was exactly the same as the vibration in the crystal, and so allowed the ascension to an alternative plateau.

The vibration of the Earth and the platform upon which one would sit, strongly suggests sound or sonar technology. This is something many ancient cultures across the world replicate, including many Native American tribes that would speak of soundwaves as a form of travel to other star systems.

The short video below looks at The Place of the Gods in a little more detail.

Mars and Connections To Ancient Egpyt

Perhaps talk of stargates and portals in the same breath as Ancient Egypt might not sound so bizarre when the ties to Mars are considered. And the ties are stronger and tighter than you might think.

Cairo, for example, translates to “The Place of Mars” [3] in its Arabic name (Al Qahirah).  Furthermore, the great Sphinx once shone a brilliant red color – another connection to the mysterious red planet? Are these purely respects paid to one of their gods? Or might, as the pilgrims named “New” York or “New” Orleans after the cities from which they came, those who came from Mars had done the same?

Eagle-eyed researchers also began to point out anomalies that looked suspiciously like pyramids, with a sphinx-like structure in front of them, at the same dimensions as the Pyramids of Giza no less. The suggestion that these are natural formations is unlikely, given the precise and equal dimensions of them. Even more interesting perhaps, is the theory that before the pole shift on Mars, these “pyramids” likely sat on the equator. The increased amount of “rock formations” also look suspiciously to some to be the last ruins of an ancient city.

One of the most famous images is perhaps “The Face on Mars” courtesy of the Viking Rover in 1976. Understandably, the image would cause quite a stir worldwide. So much so NASA seemingly went out of their way to prove it was, in fact, a “trick of the light!” While that is still very much the official explanation, many people look again to the precise and symmetrical dimensions to The Face as proof it is anything but a natural formation.

The video below looks a little further at the Pyramids and Sphinx on Mars.

Nuclear Fallout on Mars?

In the area of the Martian Pyramids and Sphinx, is the ancient Martian “city” known as Cydonia. Many researchers believe this area to be the center point of an ancient Martian civilization. A civilization many believe, that suffered a catastrophic end.

Propulsion scientist, John Brandenburg, firmly believes that Mars – and in particular the regions of Cydonia and Utopia – suffered colossal nuclear disasters in the distant past. Uranium and thorium are rich in the soil, and Xenon 129 is thick in the atmosphere – both signs of nuclear explosions. What’s more, he offers these disasters were likely to be the result of “advanced ancient humanoid civilizations!” [4]

As well as evidence of nuclear blasts thousands of years ago, these two sites also offer evidence of past civilizations. Further to that and after years of extensive research, Brandenburg would conclude that all the evidence points to “fusion-fission explosions!” In other words, they were the result of a nuclear bomb.

Although he would not be taken seriously by his peers, many in the conspiracy communities would subscribe to his theories. And many, many researchers and enthusiasts make discoveries on a daily basis in “official” photographs of the red planet. Discoveries they firmly believe to be proof of civilizations long lost on Mars.

One particular Mars enthusiast would point out what even appeared to be a stone pillar on Martian soil. More intriguing though, were the apparent petroglyphs [5] that appeared very similar indeed to those found in Ancient Egyptian ruins.

Before we look at one of the most intriguing photographs of Martian ruins, check out the short video below. It looks at John Brandenburg’s claims a little more closely.

The Martian Stargate

In 2015, one such discovery was a claim that a stargate lay among the ruinous landscape of the red planet. The “laser straight” sides and edges of the “stargate” went against the naturally formed terrain. Although many would dismiss the “find”, the image is captivating and for a short time, circled around social media.

You can view the short video below and make up your own mind.

Considering all of these sightings, and then taking into account Eady’s claims of “secret doors” and portals, as well as the site at Abu Ghurab, might the use of portals really have run from our planet to Mars? Ancient writings describe such portals, although skeptics warn of interpretation being key when pointing to these.

If there was some kind of exodus from Mars to Earth following one nuclear disaster or another, might the journey – for the most part – have taken place through some kind of stargate? Might this explain the bizarre but undeniable connections between the Ancient Egyptians and our neighbor planet, Mars? Might the “gods of the first time” actually have been the first escapees from Mars to Earth?


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5 Have Petroglyphs and Statues Been Discovered on Mars?, Ancient Code https://www.ancient-code.com/petroglyphs-and-statues-discovered-on-mars/

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