Reincarnation: Do We Live Again?

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March 16, 2019
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Most of us are familiar with the concept of reincarnation. In fact, a great many truly believe, with others sincerely hoping, that such a concept is very much a reality of human existence. For if it were, not only would it mean that something else awaits us after death, but that for all intents and purposes, each of us is truly immortal.

But what is reincarnation? Is it real? Is it inevitable? Or might reincarnation itself simply be another plateau to experience before the “soul” – whatever that might be – goes on to its next state of existence? Indeed, might reincarnation prove that life itself for each of us is a perpetual journey to be appreciated and mastered from different perspectives and forms of existence?

A baby in the womb blended into a person emerging from a portal in space

Is reincarnation real?

While many people dismiss such notions, safe in their equally dogmatic and rigid approach to life that encases them just as tight as any religion might, the fact is that throughout history right up until the modern age, examples of past lives and reincarnation are everywhere. And what’s more, they come from all walks of life. Indeed, the notion that the concept of reincarnation can be dismissed without investigation or explanation is similar to placing your faith in a “deity” you have never seen.

From an investigative and scientific position, if reincarnation was a proven part of human life, not only would we have to ask what the purpose to our existence might actually be, but what does it mean for our perspective of life itself? What does “life” mean? What is life? Human life? And does it live again, and again, and again?

Before we move on and explore this fascinating concept a little further, check out the short video below. It goes over the basics of reincarnation.

Reincarnation – A Constant Companion Of The Collective Human Existence

Although we won’t have an in-depth discussion of the history of the concept of past lives, or of the many religions and their differing views on reincarnation here, it is safe to say the concept and belief in life after death goes back to our collective beginnings and has permeated the many religions, belief systems, and our collective existence since.

While some religions embraced the concept of reincarnation, others saw it as heretical. During the brutal years of The Inquisition, for example, many people who openly preached a belief in such a notion would be burned alive at the stake.

Indeed, it would appear that acceptance and interest, of at least the possibility of reincarnation in “the west” took place, at least publicly, after the period of enlightenment made it safe to entertain such notions in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. During this time, many scholars, philosophers, and simply wealthy travelers of their day gained insight to many of the ancient eastern texts. Particularly, but not exclusively the ancient writings of India and such writings.

What is interesting is that many of the teachings in these ancient texts would appear to have been discreetly known by those in “secret societies” such as the Freemasons, at least from our retrospective view, for centuries. These secret organizations, whose roots went back to the Knights Templar, who in turn, likely gained access to such knowledge during their occupation of Temple Mount in Jerusalem in the twelfth century and their seemingly regular interaction with many eastern scholars of the time.

In short, though, whatever the truth of reincarnation and whatever the stance of the authorities of the respective times might have been, it is a concept that has lingered alongside the human race since time, for us, began. Why is that?

A picture of space blended over a mythical being

Many ancient religions speak of reincarnation

Accurate Descriptions Of Past Lives “Deserve Serious Consideration!”

Even today, in the modern age, where science will provide an answer for everything (as well it one day might) there is still many who believe such a concept of past and future lives to be true. And what’s more, there are a plethora of claims to examine of those who believe they can remember their life before the one they are living now.

Carl Sagan would state he believed the issue of past lives should be one taken more seriously. He would offer before his death that:

…young children sometimes report details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any other way than reincarnation! [1]

Indeed, the majority of those making such claims, at least without the aid of hypnotic regression, are young children.

Jim Tucker is one of the leading researchers on the subject. He would state:

The subjects usually stop making their past-life statements by the age of six or seven, and most (then) seem to lose the purported memories. This is the age when children start school and begin having more experience in the current life, as well as when they tend to lose their early childhood memories!

There is likely, if we accept Tucker and Sagan’s claims, very much something to investigate. And several reasons for why these past life memories fade. And perhaps why, in others, they are so strong they push themselves to the surface of this existence.

In fact, Tucker’s research and findings in the paper Children’s Reports of Past-Life Memories, offers some remarkable insight into this truly fascinating phenomena. [2]

A picture of a person walking on a rail track blended into a head shaped space

Is there a connection between reincarnation and the secrets of the universe?

Many Past-Life Deaths Are By Unnatural Means!

Tucker would quickly pick up on several details offered by children claiming to be able to recall past lives. He would discover, for example, that there is often a period of less than two years between the death of the individual and the birth of the child who was remembering it. It would often be the case that the two individuals concerned were in the same country or geographical area. Perhaps most intriguing, though, were the discoveries about the past life person’s death. He would write:

The one part of the (past) life that is often out of ordinary is the mode of death, as 70% of these deaths are by unnatural means!

Although Tucker would offer that cases are most likely to be found where there is a widespread belief in reincarnation, examples exist literally all over the world, with those in countries where the idea of a past life is not as prevalent least likely to report such cases anyway for fear of ridicule, or worse.

Tucker would also draw attention to birthmarks on a person’s body who was making claims of being able to recall a past life. He would state that many children who claimed to remember a past life that ended in an untimely way, often had birthmarks or markings that matched the wound from this past existence. We will examine some of these examples shortly.

In short, while there is no particular emotion or development of emotional responses that correspond to each case, those who claim to be able to remember past lives also often emulate the emotions, fears, and personality of that person, although in most cases this is of little consequence to most family members as they most often have no connection or knowledge of those from the respective past-life cases.

Ancient columns with a person floating in a portal

Are birthmarks the sign of past injury in a former life?

Contemporary Examples And Claims Of Reincarnation

While the idea and genuine belief in reincarnation has been with us for centuries, it is only really in our contemporary era that true modern studies have been conducted, recorded, and scientifically theorized as to their authenticity and what it might mean for human life as we know it.

We have mentioned extensively the work of Jim Tucker above, and rightly so. However, there are a multitude of cases to choose from, particularly from the late-twentieth century and the years of the 2000s.

Below are just a handful of examples of (relatively) recent people who claim to be able to remember another life or existence here on Earth before theirs.

The James Leininger Case – Memories From The Second World War

Perhaps one of the most recent claims of reincarnation is those from James Leininger. From the age of just 3-years-old in the early 2000s, James was not only obsessed with fighter planes from the Second World War – despite having had no known exposure to even the notion of such a conflict – his knowledge of them and their inner-workings was well beyond his years.

James could not only draw detailed pictures of a US fighter plane’s drop tank, he could completely break the plane down to the level of an experienced pilot. He would, however, also suffer from terrible nightmares, of which he would also draw detailed pictures. They would always feature a plane in flames and heading towards the ground.

When eventually asked about the strange drawing of his dreams and what they meant, James would state that he was the pilot in the plane. What’s more, he was in an accident as “the Japanese” shot down his plane. When he offered that “his boat” was the HMAS Natoma, his parents began researching. To their amazement, a US Navy boat of the same name was serving against the Japanese in the Second World War.

Even more amazing, though, was when a photograph of the crew members was shown to James, he could name each and every person in the picture correctly. He would also identify himself as US Navy pilot James Houston. Records show that a James Houston had indeed perished during as a result of engagement with enemy fire.

Furthermore, when the family managed to track down members of the unit, James’ description of the circumstances around Houston’s death matched theirs entirely.

You can check out the short video below which looks at this case a little further.

3-Year-Old Boy Recalls Past Life Murder And Located Body

Remembering the findings of Tucker for a moment and the placement of birthmarks indicating a wound in a previous one, we will quickly look at the 3-year-old boy who claimed to not only remember his previous life, but also who his murderer in that life was, and where “his body” was.

In Golan Heights, a region of Syria, the young boy would constantly recall of a past life in which he was murdered. What’s more, he was sure that the murderer had hit him in the head with an ax and then buried him in a shallow grave.

Perhaps understandably, the villagers, including the boy’s parents didn’t believe him, putting it down to the imagination of a young child. However, when he insisted on leading them to a spot he claimed to be the grave of his “other life” they were shocked to indeed discover a rotting corpse. What’s more, the dead body had a distinct wound to the head. An ax was also discovered in the grave.

Even stranger, the young boy had a birthmark on his forehead in the same place and shape as the wound on the corpse. You can check out the video below for a little further information.

Chanai Choomalaiwong – Was Once A Former Teacher Shot To Death!

A very similar story comes from Thailand where 3-year-old, Chanai Choomalaiwong, made similar claims to his family of remembering a past life. He could even recall his former name, Bua Kai, a teacher. What’s more, he was killed when he was shot riding his bike to teach at the school where he lived.

The young Chanai, despite the insistence from his family that there was nothing more than imagination behind his claims, would insist they were true. So much so, that he would force his parents to relent. They would allow his grandmother to travel to the village with Chanai, where he claimed he once lived, and where Bua Kai’s parents still resided.

After arriving at their destination by bus, the young boy would lead his grandmother to a house occupied by an elderly couple. These he recognized as the parents of Bua Kai – which indeed they were. Their son had been dead for eight years.

What is even more remarkable is that Bua Kai was shot from behind. His autopsy reports show he had a small entry wound on the back of his head and a larger exit wound on the front of the forehead. Chanai had two birthmarks, identical in positioning, size, and shape that mirrored the wounds of the former teacher he claimed to once have been.

Luke Ruehlman Remembers His Death In A Chicago Hotel Fire

When 5-year-old Luke Ruehlman repeatedly called objects and toys “Pam”, his mother, Erica finally asked who Pam was. Especially as Luke had also made several matter-of-fact comments that he used to “be a girl”. Furthermore, he “wore the same earrings as mom” and he had “black hair”. The reply he gave would shock and confuse her even more.

He claimed that he “was Pam but I died”. After this he “went up to Heaven” but he was “pushed back down” before claiming:

…and when I woke up, I was a baby. And you named me Luke!

Shocked but continuing to press her young son, Erica asked where he lived when he was “Pam” and how did Pam die. He would reveal that he once lived in Chicago where Pam “took the train a lot”. He died in a fire which forced him to jump out of a window.

Erica would begin to research off the back of this information. What she discovered would shock and chill her in equal measure. In March 1993, a fire at the Paxton Hotel in Chicago would leave 19 people dead. When she looked at the details of those who died, she discovered, Pam Robinson, who had died after jumping from one of the hotel windows attempting to escape the smoke and flames.

The short videos below features a small news segment on the incident.


Cameron Macauley – Recalls A Former Life In A White House Overlooking The Sea

One of the most fascinating, and to many researcher, credible cases of apparent reincarnation comes from Glasgow in Scotland. In 2009, 2-year-old Cameron Macauley began speaking of “another life” where he lived in a “white house” on the island of Barra.

Furthermore, he had a black and white dog and apparently claimed his father was Shane Robertson. Tragically, he was killed when he was knocked down by a motorist. Perhaps the most overriding of all the claims, and the one repeated the most, was how much he missed his “other” mother. At one point, such was Cameron’s preoccupation with his former home that his family believed it was causing him great distress.

The family would eventually visit the island, taking Cameron with them. He would ultimately lead them straight to a white house on the beach front. What’s more, a family called the Robertsons did indeed live there, as did a black and white dog. Even more bizarre, Cameron knew the layout like the back of his hand, including all of the intricacies that only someone who lived there would know.

Almost everything the young boy claimed matched, aside from the name “Shane”, which may or may not prove to be of importance with further investigation. However, as Jim Tucker mentioned earlier, as Cameron grew older he began to remember less and less of his past life to the point where he recalls little if anything of it.

The case is one of the most well-known and researched. The short video below looks at this most fascinating case in more detail.

The Pollock Twins – Reincarnated As Themselves And To The Same Parents!

On 5th May 1957, in Hexham, England, John and Florence Pollok’s entire world was shattered when their daughters Joanna and Jacqueline – 11 and 6 respectively – were killed in a car accident. To say the two parents were distraught was an understatement.

However, a little over a year later [3] on 4th October 1958, Florence would give birth to the couple’s third and fourth children with twin girls. Named Gillian and Jennifer, it wasn’t long before the two parents made a remarkable, disturbing, yet bizarrely comforting discovery about one of their new twin daughters.

Jennifer had birthmarks on her forehead and waist – exactly in the same position where Jacqueline had scars.

Even more bizarre, as the two girls grew and the family moved to the north of England in Whitley Bay, they began to ask for toys that had once belonged to their deceased sisters. Toys they had never seen and sisters they had never met and or were even aware of. Several years later, when the family decided to move back to Hexham, the two young girls, despite having never seen the town before, knew it as though they had lived there their entire lives.

However, it was the sheer panic which overtook the young twins whenever a car came anywhere close to them that finally convinced the Polloks that their new twin daughters were, in fact, reincarnated versions of Joanna and Jacqueline.

The short video looks at this tragic yet intriguing case in a little more detail.

Semih Tutusmus – A Murder Victim With Memories, Through His Mother, Before His Birth!

Although the exact date is uncertain, a case from the 1950s in Turkey is equally intriguing. Young mother-to-be, Karanfil Tutusmus was several months pregnant when she began experiencing strange and unsettling dreams.

In them, a strange man spoke to her, his face a bloody mess and claiming he was Selim Fesli. The dreams continued, unchanged until she finally gave birth to a baby boy. She would call him Semih.

The dreams would stop following Selim’s birth. And the new mother forgot about them. As soon as the young boy could speak, however, he began to mutter bizarre words and phrases. Eventually, it became clear her son was claiming he was the reincarnation of the man with the bloodied face in the dreams she had when she was pregnant, Selim Fesli. And what’s more, he claimed he was murdered by his neighbor.

Upon investigation to a nearby village which Semih claimed he once lived, the young boy and his mother met a Fesli’s widow. Not only were details of husband’s death correct, but Semih could account for details of their lives that only she and her late husband could have been aware.

However, rather than murder, the neighbor concerned had always maintained the death was a tragic hunting accident. The young boy insisted to the grieving widow that he was shot over an argument. Interestingly, Semih would continue to visit the family for years afterward, as if fulfilling his duties. Whenever he would see the neighbor responsible for his death, he would “throw stones at him” but nothing more.

a person caught in swirling time

The number of people who claim to remember past lives are more than we might think

Reincarnation From Much Further Afield

The case of James Linegar aside, most of the examples above generally feature claims of a past life within several years of their own existence. Certainly within living memory of it. However, there other cases of reincarnation that stretch back much further. Indeed, although they are largely the product of hypnotic regression and so open to heavy criticism, many people often recall multiple past lives. As if on a permanent cycle of existence.

For example, we have examined the case of Dorothy Eady before and her claims of a past life in ancient Egypt. As interesting as the claims were in their own right, they would lead to discoveries that Egyptologists (at the time) were not even aware of. Although not all of the following would yield such finds as those following the claims of Eady, our first example did.

James Arthur Flowerdew – Recalls Sites At Petra Yet To Be Discovered!

A similar incident occurred when James Arthur Flowerdew from the United Kingdom, forever haunted by dreams and indeed waking memories of a great city surrounded completely by desert, as well as of a temple carved into a great cliff witnessed a documentary on the BBC of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. He was amazed that the pictures on his screen were the same as ones that he witnessed in his mind for decades.

Flowerdew would make his thoughts known publicly. And it wasn’t long before producers from the BBC approached him with a view of making a program about his remarkable claims. He would agree. And upon reaching Petra was obviously instantly at home. He was aware of all the intricacies that only a local person would know. And what’s more, Flowerdew believed he had lived here hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

He would further baffle historians and archeologists alike when he identified sites and locations yet to be excavated. They would, however, prove accurate and of archeological and historical significance.

However, it was when he witnessed a guard station that perhaps the biggest claim came. He recalled this was the spot where he had died. He was apparently stabbed there by someone using a spear.

The information from Flowerdew as well as the obvious familiarity he had for the ancient trading city would convince many of his genuine ability to recall a time and an existence long ago.

Check out the video below. It looks at this most fascinating case a little further.

Sam – Reborn As His Own Grandson!

Another one of Jim Tucker’s cases was that of “Sam”. Around the age of 18 months, while his father was changing his diaper, he would amazingly state:

When I was you age, I used to change your diaper!

Further revelations would come when he would look an old family photo album for the first time. Spurred on by the bizarre notion that Sam was his father, Sam’s own grandfather, Sam’s dad had produced the family album in order to monitor his young son’s reactions.

Immediately upon seeing a picture of a car, the young boy would point to it claiming, “That’s my car!” Indeed, it was, it was his grandfather’s first ever car. His parents attempted to trick him by showing him a picture of his grandfather with a bunch of his friends. They would point intentionally to the wrong person. Each time, the young boy would correct them. And instead, point out the correct person as being him.

He was asked what else he remembered. He would claim that his sister (his great aunt) had been “turned into a fish” by “bad men!”

This also shocked the family. Sam’s grandfather’s sister had been brutally murdered, and her dead body dumped in a nearby river. Despite his accuracy, they would save him from the nightmares of his own mind. They wouldn’t tell him of these actual details.

Peter Hume – A Guard With Unpublished Knowledge, Once In Cromwell’s Army!

Although bingo caller from Birmingham in the United Kingdom, Peter Hume, was an adult when he began having “memories” of a life lived long ago, his account is intriguing to say the least.

Through hypnotic regression, Hume would finally manage to fill in the pieces of the partial memories. They had plagued his mind for years. If the session records are accurate, in the 1640s, Hume was alive and named John Raphael. A guard Oliver Cromwell’s army.

He would begin to “locate”, in the session, certain locations he had been to or lived in his past life. One of these was a church in the village of Culmstock in the south of England. Although it looked much different today, he told of how the church at one time had a tower with a “yew tree growing in it”. It did, although this fact was not publicly known. Historians, however, would confirm the tower’s existence. And that it was demolished in 1676.

Even more bizarre are the records of the church. These clearly show that a John Raphael not only registered at the church, but he was married within it.

A person falling through a checkered tunnel

Some recollections of past lives go back centuries

Ryan Hammons – A Big Player In 1960s Hollywood

It seemed to his Oklahoma parents that their son, Ryan, always had an interest and a liking for Hollywood and the movies. However, when he turned 4-years-old in 2009, he began suffering from strange and intense nightmares. Ones where he would wake up screaming, clutching at his chest and claiming his “heart exploded in Hollywood”. [4]

His parents, like many parents, would and likely do, hoped he would simply outgrow the bizarre dreams. However, instead, one evening when she was tucking him into bed Ryan would claim:

Mama, I think I used to be someone else!

He would give details of a huge white house with swimming pools in the yard. Furthermore, he had three sons although he couldn’t remember their names. This would upset him to tears the more he tried to remember.

While flicking through photographs and stills of old movies in an attempt to research her son’s claims, Ryan would point out a still from a movie named Night After Night from the 1930s. He would point to a man later identified as George Pace. And then to another man, who he claimed was himself, Martin Martyn.

According to further research, Martin Martyn was indeed a Hollywood agent who had died of a heart attack in 1964. Furthermore, he was relatively well-connected and also had three sons.

Edward Austrian – Recalls His “Throat Filling With Blood” In The First World War!

The story of 4-year-old Edward Austrian is equally dark and compelling. Ever since he was old enough to communicate it, he had a bizarre aversion to grey, rainy, damp days. They would make him feel anxious in the extreme and eventually result in a severely painful throat.

When he was asked about this pain, he would state, a little cryptically that his “shot was hurting!” As he got a little older, he would recall in detail his “other life”. Where he was serving “in the trenches” during the war – World War One. Indeed, reading from Edward’s writings, his mother Patricia would state of a memory of her son’s past life existence:

We were walking along through the mud. It was damp. It was raining (and) it was cold. My rifle is heavy…I heard a shot come from behind…and I felt my throat fill with blood!

Should we accept these are the words of a 4-year-old boy? They are remarkably descriptive in their simplicity and accurate beyond his years.

Incidentally, the pain in his throat was eventually diagnosed as a cyst. However, doctors were never able to agree on treatment for it. Whether there is a connection or not, as he spoke to doctors about his “other life” the cyst simply vanished. As if responding to some type of invisible, spiritual treatment.

The short video below looks at this most interesting case a little further.

Jeffrey Keene – A Sudden “Memory” From Hundreds Of Years Ago!

Perhaps what makes Jeffrey Keene’s claims of an apparent past life even more interesting is that the realization was sudden. Almost out-of-the-blue. During a vacation with his wife in the early-1990s, Keene would find himself on one of the battlefields of the Civil War. Sunken Road, in Maryland.

He suddenly had a feeling that made him believe he was about to have a heart attack. He stopped still for a moment. And while the pain and the dizziness passed, the strange mental feeling, similar to De Ja Vu remained.

Before the Keene’s returned home, he would discuss the incident with an apparent psychic at a party they were attending. She would ask him if he had considered past lives as an option for the strange feeling that had overcome him in the field. He had to stop himself from saying “Not yet!” He didn’t know why, but he had an overwhelming urge to shout this phrase at that moment.

Keene would conduct research on the matter and eventually discover a General Gordon. Gordon had been at the Battle of Antietam at Sunken Road. And according to all accounts of the battle, Gordon’s most famous orders to his men were “Not yet!” as he held back his troops from attacking, and consequently being attacked.

Now certain he had found his former self in Gordon, Keene would note the strange “marks” on his body. They had previously meant nothing to him. Now, though, they matched many of the wounds suffered by Gordon in the Civil War.

Even stranger, Keene would find himself in hospital on his 30th birthday with a sudden aching in his jaw. According to most accounts of his life, when Gordon was 30-years-old, he was shot in the jaw.

Picture of Jeffery Keene and the person he claimed to have once been

Jeffery Keene remembered a past life in the civil war

Quantum Theories! White Noise Research! – Might Science Unlock The Paranormal?

More and more mainstream scientists and researchers are becoming open to the possibility of legitimate research into such phenomena as reincarnation. Even if their expected findings are still those of an ardent skeptic. The shift is still towards a more openminded approach. While far from complete or even adequate is in the right direction.

How can it not be with the wealth of information preserved online for the masses to digest? As well as understand at their own pace? Only half a century ago this was ignored as irrelevant material only available to a certain social circle. Now, in the modern world, it’s a “thing” that requires recognition and investigation.

We have also examined the notion of contacting and proving an existence beyond death through the use of white noise. As well as electronic communications.

Indeed, might life after death, the soul, and what we know as reincarnation eventually be explained through science? An application on the surface and in the minds of many dogmatic “scientists” is a separate world to the paranormal. And the unexplained.

One would imagine that in several decades, sooner or later, future generations will collectively look at the concept and reality of reincarnation (whatever they might prove to be) as we now look at the grim realities of mental illness today that past generations swept aside as literal “madness” for decades through a lack of understanding as well as a lack of a desire to understand.

Indeed, while little understood by most, there is a common theory creeping through quantum physics environments. That the universe, “at it’s most basic level” only exists when it is being observed. This very notion would bring into question what consciousness actually is. And if “it” creates its environment as opposed to reacting to the environment it observes.

Cosmic Reincarnation And The Keys To The Mysteries Of The Universe

Let’s stay with the observational existence theory for a moment. What should we think when we put it alongside such legends as Ptah from the writings of ancient Egypt? One of the creator gods of one of the greatest civilizations in human history. According to legends, Ptah would literally “think” or imagine the universe into existence.

Incidentally, it is easy to see where the “let there be light” legends of The Bible stem from. If only the basic elements of them. Such writings as the ancient Egyptians and the Sumerians are the earliest known to humanity. But what are they based on? Or should we take them at face value? And if so, who are these “creator gods” and what exactly is our reality?

Is the ability to reincarnate, and indeed imagine or change our reality something that is within us all? Might such esoteric lessons be teaching not a literal and physical change but one of perception? Is that why, according to many ancient writings, “divinity” is within all of humanity? If so, what is divinity and how does it relate to human existence?

We have written about the claims of Boriska, the boy who believes he can remember his past life on Mars. In the same article, we also examined the findings of Delores Cannon. Who has spoken to many people who believe they have experienced not only past lives. As well as completely different forms of existence.

If ever proof of these types of claims surfaces – of people recalling past lives as “energy forms” sometimes not even on planets or moons, but seemingly drifting through space and possibly time itself – then it will force a completely different understanding of everything we think we know.

A depiction of a portal with a man walking toward it

Does reincarnation happen to all of us?

Where Do We Collectively And Cosmically Go From Here?

So, then, it would appear that reincarnation, and more specifically our understanding of it, is likely paramount to our unlocking many other mysteries of the universe. Indeed, the question of what, if anything lies beyond “the other side” is one that has been twisted and used many times over.

From various world religions who use guilt as to what awaits after death to keep their religious flocks in order. To the equally ignorant “this is all there is” approach that sees reactionary often over-hedonistic acts with little thought for any potential and lasting consequences. Our inability to contemplate such other existences, and indeed what such concepts as “the soul” might actually be, perhaps halts any potential spiritual advancement that many believe is our collective potential.

Is reincarnation inevitable? Or do each of our lives, however many we might have, serve another purpose? Perhaps one of such spiritual advancement mentioned above? Would this suggest some kind of “creator” or “deity”? Or are these the “laws” of the Universe that we have yet to fully understand?

Let’s assume that the process of life-after-death takes place on other planets and throughout time and space. Might this explain the apparent akashic record? That stores the “memories of the Universe” as well as some people’s ability to access this cosmic library at will.

Might this explain such geniuses as Leonardo da Vinci who were centuries ahead of their time? Or even mystics like Edgar Cayce. Whose accuracy at accessing knowledge and memories from another plateau of existence remains unequal still today.

Check out the video below. It looks at the fascinating subject that is reincarnation.


1 Science and the Afterlife Experience: Evidence for the Immortality of Consciousness, Chris Carter, ISBN 9781594 774997
2 Children Who Report Memories of Previous Lives, Jim Tucker
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4 The Science of Reincarnation, Sean Lyons, UVA Magazine

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    I read this site every day and topics that are opened here for sure need time to lay down. Many of them will have to opened again. But this particular article can be upgraded with another one. Yesterday I read about people that claim that they were soldiers on the moon, Mars and so on…
    My question now is can soul or whatever you want to call it to be Reincarnated from future to past?

    Is it possible that those that claimed that they were involved in secret space programs are maybe souls that are reincarnated from the future?
    Just maybe they are here again that tell us stories from future where humanity will have some colonies on other planets and lunars and where we actually will have contacts with extraterrestrials?

    By the way I have some similar experience with my older daughter, where she claimed that she was dying in one particular hospital here in Zagreb, she was 3 years old then and she couldn’t know anything about that hospital, not even a name, death also was never happened in our family from the time where she was born.
    She was on doctor only to get vaccinated, never was ill or something else. She told me that she passed away in Rebro hospital, but that I must not be afraid of the dead. She says that dead is not a terrible feeling, but that birth again was a trauma for her, cause she was free like a bird, and then suddenly she was again in a small body. So I stood there for maybe an hour without the words. It was a mindblowing experience for me. Even after a few years, I don’t know what the f…k I thing about that.

    Best regards

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