Bizarre Sounds Under The Ground All Over The Earth: Just What Are They?

Marcus Lowth
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March 21, 2024
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To many of us, even those in paranormal and unsolved mystery circles, the idea of a hollow Earth is a notion too far and is often dismissed unreservedly as outrageous nonsense. The fact is, though, there are many more reasons to at least contemplate that there could be subterranean civilizations existing inside the planet than many of us might think. There are, for example, many ancient legends and myths that suggest this, as well as multiple reports of strange creatures that disappear into nowhere, often near caves, water networks, or woodlands. Perhaps more than anything, though, there is an abundance of reports of bizarre often ominous noises coming from deep below the ground.

What’s more, while these strange sounds and sightings come from all over the planet, certain locations would appear to be hotspots of these mysterious subterranean noises – such locations as the Yakima Reservation in the state of Washington, or the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, or perhaps the lesser-known Blind Frog Ranch. It might not surprise that these locations, as well as playing host to unsettling sounds and disturbances deep under the ground are also known for other paranormal events, including reports of strange, beastly creatures and UFOs that appear and disappear out of nowhere.

Indeed, in terms of UFOs, what we currently perceive as alien entities from another world somewhere in the vast reaches of the Universe could very well be another indigenous race that has lived a discreet subterranean existence deep inside the Earth for thousands and thousands of years. And the UFOs that we interpret as futuristic vehicles from another world could, in fact, be the advanced aerial vehicles of this speculative underground civilization that have traversed the skies of our planet since ancient times.

A Long-Standing Interest In An “Inner World”

Before we explore some of these strange sounds and encounters that suggest the possibility of some kind of intelligent civilization existing deep inside the Earth, we should perhaps examine the basics of the Hollow Earth theory, as well as some of the great minds from history who have contemplated such a notion.

Edmund Halley, the person who discovered the comet named after him, for example, seriously contemplated theories that the Earth was hollow. [1] Halley would base many of his calculations on the work and research on gravity by Sir Issac Newton. He claimed that not only was the Earth hollow, but he elaborated that the inner Earth was surrounded by a “shell” that was approximately 500 miles thick. Furthermore, he claimed, the Earth likely had an “innermost core” that provided sufficient heat and light to sustain life. He would go even further, offering that the space inside the Earth was filled with atmosphere and that the core and the outer shell rotated around their own magnetic poles.

Halley certainly wasn’t the only academic of the times to put forward such suggestions. Swiss physicist, Leonard Euler, put forward theories of a hollow Earth in the eighteenth century. Euler’s suggestions were very similar to Halley’s, proposing that an inner core acted as a sun for the inner Earth inhabitants and that a thick “outer shell” surrounded it.

Perhaps most interesting of all, though, especially when we consider some of the modern-day conspiracies, is that Euler proposed that the inner Earth could be accessed by huge, cavernous openings at each of the poles.

Legends From Ancient Times Speak Of Subterranean Domains

It isn’t just in (relatively) recent times that claims of the existence of an inner world have been made, with many writings and legends from the ancient world also speaking of such a realm. For example, in ancient Tibetan, Hindu, and Indian texts, there is Shambhala, a great underground kingdom stated specifically to be “deep within inner Asia”. What’s more, other texts from this region seemingly document the Avatar Rama, said to be a blue entity who resided underground.

Perhaps even better descriptions of the inhabitants of the Inner Earth can be found in ancient Buddhist texts, which speak of “super men and women” who lived underground and would access the surface of the Earth via a vast network of tunnels, the entrance to which, interestingly enough, is claimed to be in Tibet. Do these tunnels lead to what the Tibetans (and Hindu and Indian scribes) describe as Shambhala?

It is also interesting to note the apparent network of tunnels that these subterranean inhabitants are said to use to traverse the underground and access the surface of the Earth. Many researchers strongly believe there are vast, complex tunnel networks around the world such as across the United States and throughout much of Europe. Indeed, many Native American legends speak of their ancient ancestors being saved from cataclysmic disasters by beings who resided deep under the ground and offered them shelter there.

We will stay in the North American continent for reports of underground noises suggesting some kind of underground presence in our modern era.

The Bizarre Activity On The Yakima Reservation

The Yakima Reservation resides to the east of the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and its residents have long reported strange noises that appear to come from deep below the Earth, as well as other reports of strange lights in the sky, futuristic objects, and all manner of strange, paranormal activity. [2]

One such report came from a resident of the reservation who wished to remain anonymous in 1979. They claimed to have heard strange noises that sound like a “steel post driver hammering” something into the ground. He would hear this sound randomly, although each time it remained consistent for around 20 minutes before suddenly ceasing. It would then, most often, begin again for another 20-minute period before stopping again. As well as this hammering sound, the witness, along with various members of their family heard other machine-like noises such as motos, and engines, as well as low buzzing sounds.

Eventually, the unnamed resident attempted to locate the exact source of the sound. However, when they believed they had located the spot where the noise was coming from and began to dig, the noise would suddenly stop, almost as if there was an intelligence to it and it was aware of their presence and its discovery.

Years later in more recent times, the reservation’s Fire Control Officer, Bill Vogel, also reported hearing the strange subterranean noises, describing them as being similar to “huge underground wind turbines”. What’s more, Vogel could often feel a rumbling or vibrating feeling coming from the ground at the same time as these unsettling noises, suggesting that whatever was responsible for them was not only below him, but it was also very likely nearby. Interestingly or not, a researcher inadvertently corroborated Vogel’s claims, Ken Hunt, who was in the area around the same time near the Columbia River investigating reports of “strange activity” in the area. While there, he heard similar underground sounds that he likened to some kind of large-scale underground mining operation.

What’s more, there are also many reports of Bigfoot creatures in and around the reservation (the entire state of Washington, particularly the mountainous forest regions are awash with Bigfoot reports), and, as we shall explore next, there could be more of a connection between these Bigfoot creatures and these strange underground noises then we might suspect.

A Bigfoot Connection?

It has been established for some time by various researchers that clusters of Bigfoot sightings often occur at the same time and in the same locations as UFO waves. Furthermore, UFO hotspots are also hubs of Bigfoot reports. With this in mind, then, it is certainly intriguing that another apparent persistent detail of many Bigfoot reports is that of strange underground noises being reported in their presence. One researcher, for example, Peter Guttilla, compared these sounds to “heavy machinery like a diesel locomotive on a steep grade”.

Researchers, Ann Slate and Alan Berry, carried out much of their research into Bigfoot reports and encounters in the Angeles National Forest in California, and they too reported hearing heavy-duty machine-like noises that one would associate with “sophisticated technology” and large-scale industrial operations at the same time of apparent encounters with Bigfoot creatures. In fact, they heard these noises so often, that they began to pay as much attention to them as they did the elusive cryptid. [3]

Slate and Berry noted that these noises changed in such a way that they were indicative of some kind planned project or program, like industrial machinery performing set tasks. They began recording these sounds so the audio could be analyzed later. One evening, however, they recorded more than they bargained for. As they were listening to the machine-like sounds coming from below them, an electronic, robot-like voice suddenly appeared. What’s more, this voice uttered the words, “Keep out!”, with both the witnesses certain this apparent warning as aimed at them. Then, the voice appeared again, this time stating, “We don’t want…” before fading into silence. Was this simply interference, or was this a purposefully attempted message?

Just how Bigfoot creatures might connect to these strange underground sounds is not known, but sightings of them are also reported at our next location, where there are further reports and suggestions of a disturbing underground presence.

Something Beneath Skinwalker Ranch?

Without a doubt, one of the strangest locations on the planet is Skinwalker Ranch, which we have examined in some detail previously. While the unsettling activity has occurred there for hundreds, if not thousands of years, it was brought into the wider public arena when the Sherman family purchased the ranch in the 1990s. They witnessed all manner of strange activities, including sightings of UFOs, the apparent appearances of portals, and several intense Bigfoot encounters.

However, it isn’t just above the ground where strange events and anomalies have been recorded. On one occasion, after the Shermans had sold the ranch and it was the location of intense scientific studies, it was noted that the sound of “heavy machinery or metal equipment (was) coming from under the Earth”.

What is further interesting is an apparent legal requirement that all who own the ranch have to seemingly adhere to is that they are not permitted to dig anywhere on the ranch. Indeed, the Shermans themselves had to sign such a clause upon purchasing the ranch. However, in order to set fences and turn the land into a working ranch, they realized they simply had to do a small amount of digging. When they did, they experienced bizarre consequences.

On several occasions, for example, Mr. Sherman would begin digging to set fence poles before downing tools to take a lunch break. When he would return, however, he would discover his tools had been moved, on several occasions, they had even been thrown into the bushes. Even stranger, if Mr. Sherman retrieved these tools and carried on his work, the strange paranormal events would increase in intensity until he packed up, at least for the day.

Arguably one of the most unsettling encounters didn’t happen to the Shermans, but to a friend of theirs they had asked to dig them a ditch. As he did so, he began to see a shadowy figure out of the corner of his eye appearing to approach his digger. However, each time he turned to look at the figure there was no one there.

The Shermans eventually arrived at the conclusion that there was an “unknown force” intent on keeping them, and anyone else, from exploring what might lay underneath Skinwalker Ranch.

The Ancient Tunnel Network Beneath Blind Frog Ranch

It is perhaps also worth out time briefly mentioning the alleged underground tunnel network said to reside under Blind Frog Ranch, also in Utah, very similar, it would seem, to the tunnel networks described in the ancient Tibetan, Hindu, and Indian writings we examined earlier. Creating further intrigue and mystery, it appears that no one is 100 percent certain as to who made the tunnels, when, or why.

Some people offer that the tunnels are nothing more than naturally formed networks, the consequence of geological activity over thousands, if not millions of years. Others, though, insist that it is clear the tunnels are intelligently designed, and not only that, but they show clear evidence of advanced planning and engineering in ancient times. Incidentally, perhaps offering corroboration of sorts to this notion, many Native American legends state that these tunnel network are far-reaching, and connect many sacred sites of the ancient world.

Paranormal investigators and archaeologists alike continue to map out this underground network in the hopes of one day revealing not only where they lead, but why they might have been constructed in the first place.

Many Other Locations Of Underground Beasts And Activity

There are many other claims of underground noises and signs of subterranean activity from around the world. According to one report, one evening somewhere in Colorado in 1970, a group of people camping in the Colorado mountains became aware of a motor-like sound that persisted right through the night. What’s more, when they investigated this strange noise, they discovered that when they placed their ear to the ground, it got significantly louder, as if it were coming from below them.

In Puebla, Mexico, in 2015, many residents began reporting similar underground sounds, including large “booming” sounds, as if large explosions or destinations were happening below the ground. Despite multiple reports made to authorities regarding the strange noises, no investigation has take place and no explanation has been put forward. [4]

As recently as 2020 in Anchorage, Alaska, residents claimed to have heard persistent metal machine-like sounds – similar to “grating metal on metal” noises – that seemed to come from beneath the ground. Like the noises in Mexico, no explanation has been forthcoming as to what they might be or who (or what) might be making them. [5]

Evidence Of Underground Interference At The Tunguska Event?

It is also worth turning our attention to some of the claims surrounding the Tunguska Incident over a century earlier in 1908 and the theory, as bizarre as it might sound, that whatever the object was that exploded over the Siberian region that day (some people insist it was not a meteorite but a UFO) didn’t do so naturally but was destroyed by some kind of “response” from the ground, or perhaps, beneath it.

Of particular interest to us here is that two weeks before the Tunguska event, several residents from nearby towns not only heard distinct “thumping sounds” and what sounded like “military gun fire”, but also “strange underground rattles” that were further described as being like a “railway upon which dozens of trains were traveling at the same time”. Were these underground sounds some kind of ancient underground response, and did a similar underground presence destroy the object above Tunguska several weeks later and so averted what very well could have been the end of the world?

Of course, to many, even those who might be prepared to contemplate the Inner Earth and a civilization that might exist there, such a suggestion is outrageous and bordering on unbelievability. When combined with the many other examples of an underground presence we have examined here, though, as well as the many anomalies and unanswered questions surrounding the Tunguska event, it is perhaps a suggestion that we should, at the very least, keep on the collective mental backburner.

Could There Be A Reptilians Connection?

Perhaps one more thing we should consider regarding an underground presence and they might be the many claims of reptilian entities that have not only come from around the planet, but date back almost to the beginning of human civilization, and perhaps, if such a reptilian race does exist, goes back much longer than that. Indeed, like the idea of an inner Earth, the notion of reptilians is something that many people, even within UFO and paranormal circles, dismiss entirely. The fact is, though, not only are there many claims of encounters with such creatures, but many of these accounts also involve apparent underground lairs and networks.

Many of these encounters, for example, take place in our near caves, with some accounts speaking of networks of tunnels that stretch deep under the ground. Other encounters offer that these tunnel networks connect to some kind of inner base, often full of technological devices and instruments. Could it be that the potential inhabitants of these underground cities are reptilians? And if so, what should we make of the many branches of the reptilian conspiracies that swirl around today?

Do they, for example, have any kind of influence on our human society or do they live independently of us, largely unconcerned with our existence or activities? Or can they, if some of the wilder rumors are to be believed, shapeshift into human form and reside among us, helping to shape the laws and policies that shape our very lives or are they purely a reptilian form that hides away deep underground? And if they do influence our society, do they do so through greed and their own wants and desires, or is this influence more in line with ensuring humans don’t destroy the planet, and so affecting their own existence?

Like all of the other avenues of thought regarding a civilization that might reside in the “inner Earth”, we led to wall of questions without answers.

A World Wide Mystery With Many Possible Explanations

So, just what are these strange noises, and more importantly, could they be evidence of the presence of a civilization living within the Earth? And if so, who might they be? Could it be that they are humans, just like us? Some kind of “breakaway” society that at some point in history, perhaps in pre-history, who have lived an alternative subterranean existence. Or could they be another life form altogether, perhaps, as we touched on earlier, a reptilian one that has called Earth home for at least as long as we have, perhaps longer.

Or perhaps the civilization that potentially lives inside the Earth is an alien one – one that arrived at here at some point in history and is using the inner Earth as an extraterrestrial outpost. And perhaps it is here that alien abductees are taken during their encounters, and not into outer space. This would provide an explanation as to how these aliens are traveling the vast distances of space – they aren’t – they are traveling to the surface and sky of the planet from inside of it.

Of course, these sounds could be the result of top-secret “world government” projects – ones that the powers that be have allowed rumors of unknown civilizations existing inside the Earth in order to cover their unknown activities. Indeed, the more we dwell on the possibilities, the more scenarios appear to manifest.

The fact is, these sounds are most certainly coming from somewhere. After all, each and every person who has reported them can’t be imagining them, and it would be beyond a coincidence that people would report the almost exact same noises in different locations without any knowledge of other peoples’ reports. While one day a satisfactory explanation might be arrived at as to what these strange and perplexing noises are, for now, they remain a complete mystery.

The short video below explores these strange underground noises a little further.


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