Bermuda Triangle Mysteries, UFOs, And Connections To Atlantis?

Marcus Lowth
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May 29, 2018
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October 4, 2021
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Most of us will have heard of the Bermuda Triangle – a strange, anomalous part of the Atlantic that has a wealth of strange phenomena and bizarre disappearances associated with it. Much like the Bass Strait off the coast of Australia, this triangle of water between Miami, Florida, the island of Bermuda, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, has a dark, but intriguing past. And what’s more, it is still unknown what causes these anomalies, and why.

A picture of a plane on fire in a cloudy sky

There have been many strange disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

Some believe the area, under the waters, is home to a portal of some kind. Transporting any who are caught in it to another dimension or even another part of the universe. The regular UFO activity might perhaps back that assertion up if we assume these cosmic travelers are using the “portal” also. Others point to a naturally occurring “energy vortex” or other magnetic or gravitational anomaly that pulls ships or planes down to the bottom of the ocean, perhaps even below the seabed, if they are unlucky enough to be in the area during a surge of such energy. Some even go as far as to state the area was once home to Atlantis, and this anomaly was responsible for the island’s destruction.

The Bruce Gernon Encounter

Perhaps one of the most intriguing accounts relating to the Bermuda Triangle, and possibly one of the most important, is that of Bruce Gernon. [1] Experienced pilot, Gernon, was making one of his regular flights over the Bahamas to and from Andros Island on 4th December 1970. It was 3 pm when Gernon, his father, and an associate, Chuck Lafeyette, set off from Andros Airport on their way to Miami, Florida.

Only a short time later, all could see an “elliptical cloud” hovering about 500 feet over the surface of the water. It was around a mile in front of their Beechcraft Bonanza A36 aircraft. They would radio to Miami control tower for information on any adverse weather conditions. The reply came back over the VHF radio that all weather was clear.

As they carried on towards their destination, the cloud appeared to be growing. The plane climbed to around 1,000 feet, then 2,000, then 3,000. All the time, the cloud was becoming larger and all-encompassing. Eventually, at 11,500 feet above sea level, the plane broke out of the fog and was in clear skies. As Gernon looked back, however, the cloud was now “abnormally shaped in the form of a giant semicircle extending around us”. Moving at 195 miles per hour, the Bonanza seemed to leave the strange swirling cloud behind.

Then, as they approached the Bimini Islands, came another strange cloud. And what’s more, the small passenger plane, still around 100 miles from Miami, was about to head straight into it.

A depiction of a wormhole

Did Bruce Gernon travel through a wormhole?

Cloud Emanating “Directly From The Earth!”

This time, the cloud seemed much larger. Looking upwards, it appeared to extend to around 60,000 feet, possibly more. However, it was the appearance below them that was unnerving. In his report of the incident, Gernon would recall, “When we came within a few miles of it, we saw it appeared to emanate directly from the surface of the Earth!” [2]

Fearing he was about to get caught in a tremendous storm, Gernon believed he saw a small “tunnel” in the clouds. He would head for it as fast as possible. As soon as the plane entered the tunnel, “strange lines formed” and the cloud around the plane appeared to swirl. The clouds around them were extremely dark, and although there was no lightning, there were several “bright white flashes”. According to Gernon, the further along they went in the tunnel, the more intense and bright the flashes of light became.

Gernon would also claim to have experienced something similar to “zero gravity” for a short period while the plane was inside the tunnel of cloud. Meanwhile, at Miami Airport, radar controllers no longer had confirmation of Gernon’s plane. It had simply vanished from the monitor.

Gernon had the feeling that the tunnel they were in was the same one they had escaped to begin with. That “the cloud near Andros and the cloud near Bimini were actually opposite ends of the same ring-shaped body!” Still flying directly forward into the tunnel, Gernon suddenly notices a U-shaped opening to his west. Realizing this might be his only chance, he turned the plane in the U-shape’s direction. He continued that way, and suddenly, all around them was blue sky.

From Bimini To Miami – In 20 Seconds?

As their plane finally cleared the remainder of the tunnel, they could see it “contracting” behind them. Almost as if it were closing in on itself. Still pushing forward to be sure of remaining free of its grip, Gernon suddenly glanced down at his location. After flying for a little over half-an-hour, and spending around twenty seconds in the bizarre cloud tunnel, Gernon expected to see the coast of Bimini below and in front. Then as the fog below them cleared completely, he could see the golden sands of Miami Beach.

Miami control tower confirmed his “new” position on radar. [3] From entering the tunnel just off the coast of Bimini to emerging from it just under 100 miles away in the skies over Florida, only twenty seconds in time had passed. It was as if the tunnel was some kind of wormhole. In total, Gernon had seemingly guided the Bonanza just short of 250 miles in forty-seven minutes. In his own mind, he knew this was impossible.

Over the coming years, his interest in the area intensified. He began to research and hear about planes and boats missing in the area. He also claims to have witnessed several UFOs in the region where his experience played out. The first of these was in February 1971.

As he was heading out from Miami at around 10,000 feet, he suddenly noticed an orange light to the east. Within seconds, this orange light was right in front of them, arriving at breakneck speed. It was an orange-metallic saucer-shape with solid mass and around 300-feet across. Gernon changed his course to avoid a collision. When he looked back to where the craft was, it had vanished. The UFO was on the same flight path as he had been during his tunnel encounter.

The Bimini Road – Remains Of Atlantis?

The island of Bimini is of interest due to the insistence of some that the remains of Atlantis lie beneath this stretch of water. One of the biggest pieces of evidence they offer is the Bimini Road, [4] which is sometimes referred to as the Bimini Wall.

This ancient structure was discovered in 1968 by subsea archaeologist, Joseph Mason Valentine. After revealing the paved structure under the clear blue waters, subsequent visits by researchers would reveal further linear structures, suggesting, in theory, the remains of an ancient ruin.

What made this discovery even more remarkable, at least to some, was it apparently fulfilled a prophecy given by Edgar Cayce thirty years previously. The famous mystic had stated that Atlantis was a real place that had suffered a cataclysmic end. Most interestingly, though, remains of Atlantis would begin to be discovered in thirty years – 1968. In fact, his prediction was rather on the money when he said, “A portion of the temples may yet be discovered under the slime and seawater near Bimini…in ’68 or’69!”

Perhaps it is worth mentioning the claims of Ray Brown, [5] who states there is an ancient pyramid under the water near Berry Island. According to Brown, while searching for sunken galleons, they would notice how their compasses and navigation equipment were malfunctioning. Suddenly, he and his colleagues noticed a huge structure under the water.

They would dive to around 135-feet, and at the bed of the water, was a pyramid “shining like a mirror!” There was an opening leading inside the structure. He swam in, and inside he could see a fantastic crystal “held by two metallic hands!” He managed to shake the crystal loose and urged his colleagues that they should go. Incidentally, Brown refused to disclose the location of the pyramid.

Other Bizarre Accounts

While there are several accounts of planes vanishing into thin air, or ships discovered sailing the waters with no crew, there are also accounts of what appears to be witnesses describing a glimpse into another dimension [6] or time.

For example, in a case similar to the Ghost Planes of Derbyshire in England, hundreds of witnesses would report seeing a plane crash into the waters off the coast of Daytona Beach on 17th February 1935. A full search of the area went ahead in the immediate aftermath. However, not a single sign of wreckage surfaced.

Forty years later, in July 1975, the yacht, ‘New Freedom’ was alone on the waters inside the Bermuda Triangle. Around them, a “rainless electromagnetic” storm raged. One of the crew, Dr. Jim Thorpe, would photograph and document the incident as much as possible. He would manage to capture one particular photograph during a powerful “burst of energy”. In the picture, the burst – whatever it was – was clearly visible. However, just beyond it, almost on the other side of it, was a “square-rigged ship”. All of those on board would state they were alone on the sea at the time of the picture.

Had he photographed a brief doorway to another dimension or time? Or perhaps, they themselves were temporarily in this alternate dimension due to the “power bursts” of the electromagnetic storm.

Depiction of underwater ruins

Are sunken ruins involved in the strange activity at the Bermuda Triangle

The Unnerving Incident Of Helen Cascio

Perhaps one of the strangest incidents is that of Helen Cascio. In her Cessna 172, she set off for Turks Island in the Bahamas one afternoon. Expecting her arrival, the control tower on Turks Island was a little surprised to see her plane arrive on time, but not land. Instead, it continued to circle directly overhead. The control tower would attempt to communicate, but it seemed Cascio couldn’t hear them. They could, however, hear her.

Over the radio, her voices stated, “I must have made a wrong turn. That should be Turks, but there’s nothing down there. No airport. No houses!” The control tower would send several signals to her plane, as well as direct communication over the radio. All were ignored – or more likely, never received by Cascio. After a short while longer, the women’s desperate voice asks, “Is there no way out of this?”

Those from the ground watched as the Cessna flew into a thick patch of clouds. That was the last anyone saw of the plane or Helen Cascio. There were no reports of any crashes in the area. And a search revealed nothing to indicate otherwise.

In a truly bizarre incident, it appears as though two dimensions were temporarily merged. Although the “looking glass” was apparently one-way, as Cascio appeared to be seeing a landscape far different from the one that the hundreds of people watching her plane were. While hallucination might account for Cascio’s perspective (although it is unlikely), it doesn’t explain how she or her plane vanished into thin air.

Picture of a plane approaching a cloud

Where are these planes going?

Recent UFO Activity

More recently two UFO accounts appear very similar to the description of the UFO witnessed by Bruce Gernon [7] following his experience.

In March 2009, came reports of strange yellow lights in the skies over the Bermuda Triangle area. Witnesses would include air passengers, as well as naval cameras. Furthermore, the lights had a “static” feel to them and left a “vortex” that was clearly visible for over an hour after they had disappeared.

Just over six months later in October 2009, passengers on a passing cruise ship would report two “orange-colored UFOs” on the “horizons of the Bermuda Triangle”. The lights were extremely bright, appearing to grow in size the brighter they glowed. After several moments, they began a persistent fade, eventually fading away completely. The ship’s radar couldn’t pick up anything within their vicinity. Perhaps it is interesting that the lights would fade gradually instead of vanishing in a flash at great speed, as is so often the case. A very similar incident occurred in almost identical circumstances in 2014.

Whatever the reasons for the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle region, they continue today. Whether it is a natural phenomenon or a doorway for visitors from another world, the reports will keep coming. Perhaps it is worth remembering how “active” Puerto Rico (who shares one point of the triangle) is in UFO activity. And whether the remains in and around the watery depths of the Atlantic are those of the ancient and legendary civilization of Atlantis, only further, unbiased study will tell. And then, we can move forward in putting together the pieces to the true jigsaw of human history.

The video below looks at some of the anomalies around the Bermuda Triangle.



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