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Marcus Lowth
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May 9, 2020
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September 22, 2021
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Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing and, to some, most controversial locations on the planet is Antarctica, an ice world full of enigmas and a relatively unknown history. As we might expect, such a mysterious stretch of land is also an ideal breeding ground for conspiracies and wild claims – of which there are ample helpings of both.

Artist's impression of a Ghost ship on the ice of Antarctica

Artist’s impression: Ghost ship in Antarctica

While some of the claims are certainly more bizarre than others, all are worthy of examination. And like most similarly outlandish claims, quite often appear to harbor at least an element of truth to them. Whether that proves to be the case here or not remains to be seen. Those claims, questions, and theories, however, will continue to circulate and, in turn, perpetuate themselves.

Some of the claims from this most mysterious of locations suggest it hides evidence of a lost civilization, possibly that of Atlantis. Others claim it acts as an outpost for an extraterrestrial race whose presence has been on our planet for thousands of years. Others still, suggest it is home to top-secret government weather experiments, something we know is within our collective technical ability to do.

Whatever the truths and untruths might one day prove to be, Antarctica – the last of the continents to be discovered remains the most intriguing and, in terms of what we know it, distinctly elusive. And it is this that perhaps maintains peoples’ interest.

We will start, though, with one of the most perplexing mysteries connected to Antarctica. And rather than being an outrageous and unsubstantiated claim based on hearsay of anonymous testimony, it revolves around a very real and authentic historic document. First, though, a few facts and intriguing details about this most intriguing place.

Facts And Points Of Intrigue

Just traveling to Antarctica is a job in itself. It is strictly controlled in line with the Antarctic Treaty [1] which came into force in 1961 and features multiple countries that oversee the Antarctic Treaty System. Anyone wishing to go there – and you can’t simply turn up for a holiday – has to receive permission from this group.

Essentially, the area is off-limits to most in the interests of scientific preservation and investigation. This, on the surface, is reasonable enough, given that it is – to the best of our knowledge – the last place on Earth largely unaffected by human activity. However, the strictness of these controls – essentially who gets permission and who doesn’t – has caused some people to question them. Not least, as we might imagine, those in the conspiracy world.

While it might be easy – and possibly correct – to dismiss such conspiracy claims as to the “real” reasons for the security surrounding Antarctica, this type of secrecy and exclusive control only serves to breed such conspiracies. It could be argued that such preservation could be achieved while still opening up the continent to a wider range of research.

Perhaps also interesting is that the majority of the world’s fresh water is locked under the ice sheet, which itself covers a distance of approximately 5 million square miles. And what’s more, due to the lack of precipitation, the land is technically a desert.

We also know that the average temperature on Antarctica used to be a rather toasty 17 degrees Celsius but suddenly plummeted to what we know today. While mainstream thought suggests this happened around 40 million years ago, there are some who believe this warm environment was still in place as little as 6,000 years ago. And with that, we turn our attention back to that intriguing document.

The Piri Reis Map – A Document That Shouldn’t Have Existed When It Did

Perhaps the best place to start when we examine the many mysteries of Antarctica is with the Piri Reis Map. The map was made in 1513 and among other locations – which are correct in their placement and dimensions – that were not known to humanity at the time, is a detailed map of Antarctica. As the late Jim Marrs writes in the book Our Occulted History Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens? that  “Antarctica is especially puzzling because it has been under an ice cap for at least four thousand years”. [2]

It is largely thought that the creator of the map, Piri Reis (a Turkish admiral) had used other maps (now lost) from a much earlier age. He would claim himself that he had “made use of charts and maps dating back to ancient Greece”. These maps and charts, in turn, were based upon even older documents from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, which could have gone back thousands of years themselves.

The Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis Map

What is perhaps interesting, especially when we consider that some researchers connect the lost continent of Atlantis with Antarctica, is the musing of prolific author Brinsley le Poer Trench, who would state in his book Temple of the Stars that “tradition tells us that ancient Egypt was a colony of Atlantis”. [3] This is an extremely intriguing notion and might explain such other claims that following the fall of Atlantis survivors made their way to Egypt and essentially kickstarted the ancient civilization that many of us are in awe of still today.

Might that, as we have asked before, explain why they, like other civilizations of ancient times, appeared to start at their absolute zenith and then almost immediately enter a period of permeant decline? That these ancient and mysterious civilizations were, in fact, the outposts and (now) the remnants of an earlier advanced civilization.

Was Antarctica A Victim Of Earth Crust Displacement

What is perhaps most intriguing about the map of Antarctica is that it clearly shows land features that we in the modern age have not only never seen, but are not even sure are there (due to the vast, thick ice covering. It is thought, if we accept the map as accurate (and recent satellite images that have managed to penetrate the ice appear to match the shoreline as drawn on the Piri Reis map almost exactly) that these features such as woodland and mountains are not only buried deep under the ice, but were once free of its icy covering and very much inhabitable and inhabited by a lost civilization.

Some research suggests that a pole shift took place thousands of years ago which sent Antarctica crashing to the south of the planet and causing the temperatures to plummet (relatively) instantly. There are, for example, cases of animals discovered since that still have unchewed food in their mouths – almost as if something “flash froze” them.

Sunset in Antarctica over snowy mountains

Sunset in Antarctica

Charles Hapgood was largely the first to propose such a notion, suggesting that it was possible, and perhaps probable, that Antarctica had at some stage in history, a pole shift had sent the continent careering south, and into the icy conditions, it know today. This occurred because of Earth’s crust displacement. What’s more, Hapgood would suggest that Antarctica could have been free of ice and as habitable to people and animals alike until as recently as 4,000 BC. This, of course, still leaves us around 1,000 years away from the officially accepted beginnings of such great civilizations as the Egyptians and Sumerians. However, those dates, as we know, are, at times, pure guesswork based on what (comparatively speaking) little documentation remains.

Not Accepted Nor Disproven

We should note that mainstream scientists, in the words of Graham Hancock – who has written extensively on this idea, mainly in Fingerprints of the God – “reluctant to accept” Hapgood’s theories. However, nor can they disprove or debunk them either.

When we add the fact that the map in question also marks the correct position of the Falklands Islands (which were still over three-quarters of a century away from discovery), as well as the correct coastal outline of South America, even showing in detail the many of the major rivers (that would not be fully mapped until the 20th century) it is perhaps a little harder to dismiss the map’s authenticity. And what’s more, we know that the map is a genuine document and not some silly hoax.

The fact is that someone has clearly taken the time to not only document this part of the world – a part of the world humanity was ignorant of until the opening decades of the 1800s – some 300 years after the Piri Reis map came into existence (just think about that for a second!) – but they had to have had intelligence, advanced thinking, and quite possibly advance devices and vehicles.

Two Options – Both Of Which Go Against Mainstream Thinking

So, we have two options sitting before us, realistically. If, as mainstream science and history states, Antarctica has been under sheets of ice for approximately the last 15 million years, then we might be forced to assume that the detailed map of Antarctica and the other matching coastlines and islands, would have had to have been created by an advanced civilization in pre-history – literally millions and millions of years ago. If this is true, then we would have to completely rethink humanity’s timeline and history.

Or, if the mainstream is wrong, and Antarctica has not been covered with ice for millions of years but only for the last 6,000 years, then the idea of earth crust displacement required serious study. And with it, an examination of not only the fact that the Piri Reis map was likely made at some time before this critical 4,000 BC mark, but that it would have still taken an advanced civilization to have done so. Might we, then, also consider more seriously the idea that the legends of Atlantis were, in fact, very real.

While we will explore the possible connections between the potential realities of Atlantis and Antarctica shortly, it is also interesting to examine just how this map came into Reis’s possession in the first place. Hapgood would speculate that it had been passed through the ages in an “underground stream”, suggesting, of course, that secret societies or initiates of knowledge and the true history of our planet had done so.

We might ask, then, why would such knowledge have been kept secret and not declared like other discoveries?

The video below looks at the Piri Reis map a little further.

Nazi Bases

We have written about the Nazis – in particular those of high rank within the Third Reich – and their connection to the occult and esoteric knowledge. That search for such secretive wisdom – at least according to some researchers – would take the Nazis to Antarctica in the run-up to the Second World War.

We have examined previously the alleged Nazi bases in Antarctica. We have also examined the numerous claims of just what these bases might have been used for. Some believe that they were used to store multiple submarines to deny the Allied Forces the knowledge of how many such vehicles they had, as well as to avoid destruction.

Others, though, believe that the base was used to develop UFO-type technology, with some even going as far as to say the base was occupied by high-ranking Nazi officers and an unknown alien race.

One claim in the book Nazi Moonbase by Graeme Davis, claims that the base was home to the alleged Haunebe flying disc, which was discreetly shipped out of German-held territory as the Russian army approached in May 1945. [4] Davis further claims that Hans Kammler (along with other high-ranking scientists and engineers) then worked to develop the disc – as well as the base itself – well into 1946 with a view to “continuing the war”.

While it is easy to dismiss such claims as fantasist nonsense, we should perhaps resist doing so until we have refreshed our minds of the Project High Jump operation in early 1947 involving one of the most respected military people of his day, Admiral Richard Byrd.

A Reminder Of Operation High Jump

Officially Operation High Jump – which began in late 1946 – was an effort led by the American military to “establish a research base” on Antarctica. However, according to some researchers, this was merely a cover story for the world’s press and, in turn, the wider population.

It is thought by some that the reason for the American interest was their sudden knowledge of the existence of the base. This is said to have arrived with them, again according to some line of inquiry in the conspiracy world, courtesy of von Braun, who surrendered to American forces and became one of many Nazi scientists and engineers who were transplanted to the United States through Operation Paperclip.

A ship looks tiny compared to icy landmass behind it

A ship looks tiny compared to icy landmass behind it

Upon hearing of the base and Kammler’s plans, a task force was deployed, and the cover story with it. Once more it is easy to push such claims aside. However, as we shall see, the actions and words of Byrd would suggest that, at the very least, there are some partial truths to the claims.

By December 1946, the units were approaching the Antarctic coast. Then, in February 1947 pilot Richard Byrd took to the skies to cross and observe the icy sheets below him. Except, according to Byrd’s own words at his initial press conferences, the ground below him suddenly changed to show green vegetation and fields, as well as animals that “shouldn’t have been there”, including a “mammoth-like animal”. What’s more, as if negotiated this terrain he would claim in his flight notes [5] that he was flying over something that “seems to be a city!”

It was around this time in the flight that a voice came through on the plane’s radio. Apparently, with a “Nordic or Germanic accent” it would welcome Byrd to “our domain”.

“I Do Not Know What Is Going To Happen Now!”

Even stranger, he would claim to have flown into an opening in the Earth itself. A short time after doing so, an unseen force took control of his craft. The next thing he realized, there were several strange flying vehicles beside his plane – saucer-shaped, and clearly marked with a Nazi swastika.

Byrd’s plane was eventually brought to the ground in a controlled landing manner. He would end his flight notes stating:

Several men are approaching on foot toward our aircraft. They are tall with blond hair. In the distance is a shimmering city pulsating with rainbow hues of color. I do not know what is going to happen now, but I see no signs of weapons on those approaching – I hear a voice ordering me by name to open the cargo door. I comply. END LOG!

The events that Byrd would go on to describe later he would draw from memory.

He would notice how he found himself inside what appeared to be a mammoth cavern. As he scanned his surroundings, he was aware of lakes and more fields and stretches of vegetation. Even stranger, he would also claim to have felt something similar to a sun. We will come back to the claims of an Inner Earth shortly. One of the bizarre theories connected to them is that of an inner sun.

The icy world of Antarctica with dark blue sky

The icy world of Antarctica

He would also recall how the city appeared to be “made of a crystal material”. He and his wingman were accompanied to a large building where they were left in a room for several moments, each with a “warm beverage which tasted like nothing I have ever savored before”. A short time later, to of the tall men returned and asked Byrd to go with them. He did.

A Warning Of Crafts Flying From “Pole To Pole At Incredible Speeds!”

According to the account, Byrd was met by several representatives from a race that called the inside of the Earth home. Upon meeting those who must have been high ranking of this mysterious race of beings, Byrd was informed they had allowed him to enter their domain as he was “of noble character and well-known on the Surface World”.

According to the remembered details of the conversation, great interest had been taken in the human race following the dropping of the atomic bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This was of great concern to this Inner race, especially because there was the distinct possibility that it could happen again. Furthermore, although they had never before “interfered in our wars and barbarity”, now that there was the danger of such a power being in human hands, they felt compelled to do so.

Whatever was said, when Byrd gave an interview to a Chilean newspaper, he would claim that:

…in the case of a new war, the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds!

This was after Byrd had claimed that “it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions”.

The Land Beyond The Pole!

How much weight we can put into Byrd’s comments is perhaps open to debate. Some researchers do find it interesting, though, that he was “hospitalized” in the days following this press briefing. And what’s more, he would not take part in another such press conference again. He would claim in his writings that following his full report to his superiors – who would then advise the President – he was “ordered to remain silent in regard to all that I have learned on the behalf of humanity”.

One of the final entries in his writings – in December 1956 – indicated that he was willing to now speak of the incident so that “this secret will not die with me”. His last line is perhaps worth including here when he writes, “for I have seen that land beyond the pole, that center of the great unknown”.

He would day suddenly in 1957, apparently from an “underlying heart ailment”.

It is perhaps also interesting to note the seemingly strange circumstances [6] that Byrd’s son died in, when his body was discovered in an unused warehouse in New York. Byrd Jr. had accompanied his father on the High Jump mission and was only 6 years old at the time. Whether his father spoke to him about what he saw and the subsequent events is open to debate.

The video below looks at the claims of Richard Byrd a little closer.

Blood Falls – Hints Of A Lost Civilization?

Perhaps one of the most intriguing conspiracies connected to Antarctica if for more scientific reasons also lends itself to a lost civilization having once lived there is a strange opening discovered in 1911 and subsequently named Blood Falls for the red water it unleashes. To the geologist who discovered it, Griffith Taylor, it had the appearance of spewing blood into the water – hence its name.

Scientists at first believed that the red color was due to red algae, but it has since been claimed following more recent research that it is likely due to iron oxides [7] in that particular region. It is believed that this occurs when iron in the water with “contact with the air”.

This scientific discovery and declaration has led to some researchers in the conspiracy world to suggest that this could be further evidence of a lost civilization buried deep beneath the ice. As we know, it is iron oxide that gives our blood its red color. Might it be that the long-frozen remains of a lost, possible Atlantean society, reside somewhere deep under the ice? And might this explain the high presence of iron oxide in the region?

Admittedly, there are numerous other more likely explanations. However, until independent, transparent and widely shared research and study is allowed to take place, then such questions and the raising of possibilities will continue, rightly or wrongly.

The short video below looks at Blood Falls a little further.

Area 52 And Weather Control Projects

There have been numerous claims from those utilizing such programs as Google Earth of strange anomalies on the terrain, with some even going further stating that whole buildings have been airbrushed out.

As well as the claims of an apparent “Area 52”, there are also those who believe that the reason for the intense secrecy around Antarctica is that it is home to several weather control experiments by the United States government, which are a conspiracy in their own right. It is no secret, for example, that Chinese authorities regularly alter the weather in their country to accommodate official days of celebration. Most notably, it was used in preparation for the 2008 Olympic games.

However, more than just ensuring we can enjoy days out in the sun, the implications of weather control, or more specifically, how such controls could be used should one authority or another should so wish, should concern all of us.

The icy water of Antarctica stretching into the distance


The weather as a weapon might sound bizarre to some, but imagine that a nation had the ability, for example, to ensure that no rain fell on the land of their perceived enemies. A result would almost certainly be a failed or drastically reduced harvest. Even if measures were put in place to combat this – such as increased watering – such action would be a huge drain on resources and manpower. In short, it would still, one way or another, weaken said “enemy”.

While there is no evidence to support that this course of action has been implemented, we can bet our bottom respective currencies that it has been discussed at high levels of military and government circles.

Of course, like almost all of the conspiracies that swirl around Antarctica, there is no proof as to how accurate they might be.

Mysterious Structures

With the above in mind, then, however likely we think such projects might or might not be, it is perhaps worth noting the many apparent anomalous areas of Antarctica – highlighted as we mentioned above by such online programs as Google Earth – that many claim show evidence of purposely built structures.

One of the most recent of these claims surfaced in several online platforms in January 2020, courtesy of the YouTube channel MrMBB333. [8] They would claim to have spotted an area that suggested a structure that was almost 2,000 feet tall and that would be large enough to fit six football fields inside.

The footage was viewed almost 100,000 times in the first few weeks of its release. One viewer would comment on how “strange” it was that every country in the world seemingly had an interest in “taking over” Antarctica and yet “no country claims” it. They would continue that they believed “they know (something) that we don’t”.

Many researchers point to the one-time Project Iceworm – a secret program from the Cold War era that saw the United States looking to build an intricate tunnel system under the ice sheets of Greenland. From there, they could store and move medium-range missiles (which would obviously be pointed at the former USSR). Might it be, they ask, that such projects did not remain in the Cold War days but are in action in Antarctica? And if so, where are these weapons pointing now?

Whether these structures are genuine, airbrushed hoaxes, or simply naturally formed terrain that look like artificial structures is very much open to debate. There are some, however, who claim to have spotted even strange anomalies on the surface of Antarctica.

Before we examine some of those, check out the video below.

UFO Activity, Bases, And Crashes

As well as the apparent anomalies alleged to be government buildings, there are plenty of other eagle-eyed Google Earth users who claim to have spotted UFO bases, mysterious objects, and even crashed spacecraft from another world.

There have been several videos appear online throughout the 2000s that claim to show a crashed disc-like object, for example. Or others that have even claimed to have shown several bizarre elongated crafts lined up on the icy surface. Of course, such videos should most definitely be treated with a pinch of salt. And while many, if not most, are intriguing but nothing more, others do, on occasion, demand further attention.

We will return momentarily to the claims of a Nazi presence in the Antarctic region first, though, and the claims from William Tompkins that the Nazis, and their advances science and weaponry, was assisted by a pact they made with reptilian extraterrestrials [9] that had taken control of a base in the region and, in turn, allowed the Nazi regime to make use of it. And what’s more, these claims were said to come from official US intelligence documents that not just Tompkins would claim to have seen, but other researchers also.

Interstellar Agreements For World Domination

According to Tompkins, this Reptilian extraterrestrial race had used the Earth as on outpost for thousands of years. It was, according to the claim, this reptilian race’s intention to assist the Nazis in the war with advanced technology and weaponry so that they could indeed take over the world.

Following this, the Nazis and their (now) highly advanced scientists and engineers would work to develop anti-gravity technology (something they were actually examining) with a view to creating use spacecrafts that the reptilian armies could use for interstellar travel and to take over and essentially, pillage from other worlds in the galaxy (something they too had done previously).

While it is easy to dismiss such claims as a great science-fiction plot, it is not the only time that people have made claims of an extraterrestrial intelligence assisting the Third Reich in the run-up to and during the Second World War.

The sun breaks through the clouds over the icy waters

The sun breaks through the clouds over the icy waters

We might recall the words of the German rocket scientist, Herman Oberth, who clearly answered when asked in 1970 what the reason was for such German advancement in technology that they had “had help…from the peoples of other worlds”.

As we will move on to in a moment, there are many who believe that this project for an advanced space fleet did not end with the defeat of the Nazis in May 1945. As we mentioned above, there are a number of conspiracies that suggest that many high-ranking Nazis escaped the ruins of Berlin, including Hitler himself, with heading to South America (mainly Patagonia in Argentina), with others traveling further south, to Antarctica. Whether there is any truth in these claims is open to debate, but some believe that space fleet did indeed come to pass, and hovers in the far reaches or just outside our solar system even today.

A War Fought Behind Closed Doors With Multiple Players

It is also been long-rumored, and claimed in some quarters, that the war did not end following the defeating of the German and Italian armies in the spring of 1945, and then the Japanese several months later, but that it began to be fought, by proxy, behind closed doors.

If there is any truth to such claims whatsoever, then we have to examine the dimensions of the sides involved. Did all those rocket scientists suddenly change sides when they arrived in America as part of Operation Paperclip? We know, for example, some of them almost certainly had things removed from their records in order that their presence in the US be more palatable to the average American.

Or might a new partnership have begun? After all, in the same way that Germany experienced a surge in advancement from the mid-1930s until the end of the war, so did the Americans from the 1950s onward.

We have also examined before how there is a multiple alien presence on Earth, each with a different agenda, and each, at some level or another, in contact with certain elements of the world’s governments.

Again, such a notion is scoffed at by most. However, given the amount of time it has taken to release what official records we have on UFO activity, we might imagine that should such contact take place, it would not be widely announced as we see in the movies. Furthermore, it isn’t just lone conspiracy theorists making such comments. Several former high-ranking military and government people have stepped forward, risking their reputations to do so, to claim that there is indeed an extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and that it is known in certain quarters of government.

The video below features Paul Hellyer making such a claim.

The Discovered Video Showing “Spectacular Ruins!”

We have also examined briefly before the claims that surfaced in Archaeology News Flash, the newsletter of World Education Research Ltd. In an article by Jonathan Gray, it is claimed that a video had surfaced – described as recovered – that was filmed by a TV crew originally from California in 2002. [10] According to the article, the crew remains missing. In the video, however, it is claimed there can be seen “spectacular ruins”.

It also claims that the video shows intense activity on the part of American authorities, who appear to be in the process of an archaeological project.

We should note that the American authorities and military stationed in the region have denied any knowledge of the video, the missing television crew, and the fact that they are involved in any projects investigating ancient civilizations or ruins.

According to one article, lawyers representing the missing crew claims they would oppose any attempts to censor or force them to hand over the video and will continue to fight for the right to air the footage. They also asserted that American military authorities were making attempts to have such an airing banned.

The video – if indeed it does exist – remains an intriguing point of discussion in conspiracy circles. The short video below looks at this a little further.

Wilkes Land Asteroid?

While we are examining the idea of alien bases it is also perhaps worth our time to quickly look at the site of an apparent asteroid blast millions of years ago. NASA satellites seemingly first picked up on the normally around 2006, and research since tends to suggest that the asteroid theory could be accurate. If it is true, based on the data currently known by scientists, it would suggest that the asteroid was twice the size as the one that is generally believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs.

However, some enthusiasts of Antarctica believe that the gravitational anomalies reported there are due not to an asteroid, but to the remains of an ancient spacecraft that has been covered over by the ice.

Others claim that the anomalies are indeed naturally occurring, but in a way that we don’t yet understand, claiming that the affected area is home to a portal of some kind that might take those who enter it to another dimension, or possibly another place in the universe altogether. There is one more apparent explanation for where this speculative “portal” might lead and what it might, in fact, be – an entrance to a secret underground world, the Inner Earth, which is where we will shift our focus next.

Entrances To The Inner Earth

We have written on several occasions of the possibilities of an Inner Earth, possibly still inhabited by a lost but indigenous race. We have examined the notion before that an Inner Earth exists, and there many claims as to where this entrance might, with some researchers claiming there are several such entrances, all connected by a vast and largely unknown tunnel and cave network. Indeed, there are many such vast cave systems that we know exist but have yet to explore. And there are undoubtedly others awaiting discovery.

The sun reflects off the ice of Antarctic terrain

The sun reflects off the ice

Many legends of the ancient world, for example, speak of such a race who call the inside of the Earth home. Furthermore, many myths and creation stories of Native American tribes also speak of such a civilization.

Of course, some subscribers to the theories of an inner Earth very much believe that the presence there is not indigenous but extraterrestrial. And what’s more, it utilizes the region as a base for the experiments and missions it operates around the planet, as we looked at above.

Whatever the potential presence might be, if there is an entrance to a cavernous world inside the Earth in Antarctica, especially if we accept that a pole shift could have taken place and shifted the landmass to its present position from further north, might we consider once again that the most sought after, and apparently greatest civilization in history might have once called the terrain home?

Remains Of Atlantis

Of course, some of the most intriguing possibilities – if there is indeed evidence of a lost civilization buried deep under the ice – is that we may discover the evidence that Atlantis is more than a myth. We have touched upon the notion above when we looked at the connections to the intriguing Piri Reis map.

As we will examine in a moment, such a discovery might prove to fill many of the gaps and unsatisfactory explanations offered by many mainstream historians. It might also provide proof that Atlantis not only existed and thrived upon the land we know as Antarctica, but that its influence stretched right across the planet. An influence we are still feeling today.

An iceberg floats through the icy waters

An iceberg floats through the icy waters

Might this be the reason why many people such as Richard Byrd claim to have witnessed “great cities” and fields full of vegetation? Might those remnants not be as hidden as we currently believe? And what would it tell us, both of the reality of the Atlanteans and our own history? Is it possible that what really lies beneath these vast sheets of ice – in a land that we know once experienced much warmer climates and may (although not proven) have been subject to a drastic pole shift event – is evidence of that lost civilization?

Such a discovery would indeed be monumental, and life-changing, in many ways.

Are The Great Civilizations Of The Past Outposts Of Atlantis?

Might such a discovery possibly provide with the missing links as to the original origins of such great civilizations as the ancient Egyptians or Sumerians? Might it prove to be that this civilization’s reach – if they did exist on Antarctica – was global, meaning such civilizations as ancient Egypt and Sumer began as outposts? Outposts that were left forgotten and to their own devices following whatever potential disaster did strike Atlantis aside from the few Atlanteans permanently based there? Might this, in turn, explain the similarities in the creation stories, deities, and legends of so many ancient civilizations?

Intriguingly, especially given the alleged connections to ancient Egypt and the Great Pyramids, several online Google Earth users would claim to have spotted several “near perfect” pyramids in 2016. To many, these were smoking gun suggesting intelligent design.

There has been some official research done into these apparent anomalies, however, suggesting they are, in fact, part of the Ellsworth Mountains in the Heritage Range. As we might imagine, the debate continues in conspiracy quarters as to whether these are coincidentally but naturally formed pyramid-shaped mountains or just another reason to continue to examine this strange, icy stretch of land.

Just What Is So Special About Antarctica?

While it is perhaps straying into conspiracy territory here, we have to ask if there are magnificent discoveries that await humanity under the ice of Antarctica? And perhaps more to the point, if world leaders are, and have been, aware of such discoveries. If this is the case, and it is an if, why would the vast majority of the world’s populace be kept in the dark over such information?

Just what is so special about Antarctica? Is there really nothing at all untoward taking place there? If so, why such secrecy and a figurative cordoning off of the environment? Might there be evidence of a lost civilization? A civilization that if proven real would force to reevaluate what we know of our own history stretching back many thousands of years?

Or might there really be top-secret activity taking place there? Or even a retreat of sorts for heads of government to meet away from prying eyes. Such suggestions are, to some, bordering on lunacy. And the likeliness of them being accurate – at least in the context of the full-on conspiracies of some – is a little remote.

That isn’t to see, though, that we might find partial or twisted truths buried within the outlandish claims and intentional disinformation. Perhaps the irony being that the planting of disinformation is all the easier to achieve off the back of rampant, knee-jerk claims that unfortunately only serve to cloud the waters even more.

The fact is, Antarctica is a beautiful and majestic place. It is also full of mystery and intrigue and very likely harbors many answers that are currently blank in our timeline. And only transparent, openminded, serious study and examination of the terrain will reveal those answers and put to bed the conspiracies that surround this ancient land.


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Marcus Lowth is a writer with a love for UFOs, aliens, and the Ancient Astronaut Theory, to the paranormal, general conspiracies, and unsolved mysteries. He has been writing and researching with over 20 years of experience.

Marcus has been Editor-in-Chief for several years due to his excellent knowledge in these fields. Marcus also regularly appears as an expert on radio talk shows including Troubled Minds and Unexplained Radio discussing these topics.

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Fact Checking/Disclaimer

Fact Checking

The stories, accounts, and discussions in this article may go against currently accepted science and common beliefs. The details included in the article are based on the reports, accounts and documentation available as provided by witnesses and publications - sources/references are published above.

We do not aim to prove nor disprove any of the theories, cases, or reports.  You should read this article with an open mind and come to a conclusion yourself.  Our motto always is, "you make up your own mind".  Read more about how we fact-check content here.

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