The Flood! The Last Link Between “Our” World, And “Theirs?”

Marcus Lowth
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December 17, 2016
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September 27, 2021
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Just about all religions and cultures have legends and myths of a great flood in the ancient past. A flood that all but wiped out life on Earth, as well as burying any trace of the world and the civilizations that came before it.

However, more and more tangible evidence is coming to light that suggests that, The Flood may have happened in reality. In fact, if looking for a line in the sand as to when “our world” began, The Deluge that engulfed the planet around 12,000 years ago is arguably the place to draw it. What came before this worldwide event though is very much open to debate.

The legendary "Noah's Ark" and flood.

The legendary “Noah’s Ark” and flood.

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, a respected ufologist and ancient astronaut theorist stated on the TV program Ancient Aliens, “The ancient flood was of vital importance, because the world before the flood was very different from the world afterwards. There are continual legends from around the world, that the “pre-flood” times, were an advanced, technological civilization, where human beings were in touch with beings from the stars. All of this was lost because of the contamination that incurred!”

If the flood did actually occur, then what does that say about the rest of the legends that surround it? Might they too have more truth to them than mere morality tales or myths? Surely it isn’t possible for over ten thousand separate cultures, spread out over the planet with no apparent contact with the other, to have all come up with such a similar story. Unless perhaps, it had its foundations in something that was witnessed by each culture’s ancestors.

So, Was The Flood Actually Real?

More and more experts from the mainstream of modern science are stating their belief that The Flood – at least in terms of some kind of global catastrophe in the past – was very real. [1] What’s more the dates that they believe this occurred more often than not fall around 10,000 BC – dates that correspond exactly to theories expressed by the ancient astronaut community.

There are several things that indicate some type of large global scale flooding occurred during this period in time. Perhaps the best are chevrons – flat-rectangular shaped indentions or configurations that are left in the sand of the seabed, particularly as a result of a powerful tsunami. However, there is evidence of these type of chevrons found at much higher levels – at ground level and above, high beyond the seabed. This would suggest that the water levels were much higher – possibly because of such a powerful flood as told in the legends.

There is evidence of chevrons such as this in the mountain regions of Madagascar. Off the coast of this same island, there is also a huge impact crater underneath the Indian Ocean, [2] that environmental archaeologist, Bruce Masse, believes is the result of a three mile wide comet that crashed into the planet around 12,000 years ago. This impact, in Masse’s opinion, caused huge tidal waves that drove water inland – and from this came the stories of the flood. Such an impact may also have led to the ice caps melting, causing further chaos.

In the same geographical area, lending further credence to Masse’s claims is the presence of microbeads. These form when intense heat melts rock, which is then thrown into the air and back into the water, so cooling it rapidly and forming it into small volcanic spheres.

David Allen Deal “Confirms” The Remains Of Noah’s Ark Sits Across From Mount Ararat

So while there is more and more evidence of a flood, at least of some sort, is there any evidence for the Biblical stories of Noah, and his equivalents in other ancient scriptures?

In the late nineties, David Allen Deal made a rather astonishing claim to the world. He stated that on a remote piece of mountainous land in modern day Turkey, his research had confirmed the “shell” of the remains of Noah’s Ark. The site was quite literally a stone’s throw away from Mount Ararat – the place where many ancient scriptures state the vessel came to rest.

The size of the proposed archaeological treasure is over five hundred feet long, and seventy feet wide – again measurements that (give or take) fit those in ancient writings.

His argument was made in his book The Day Behemoth And Leviathan Died– a work that took over two decades of research and direct field study. The site itself was first noted in 1948, when a shepherd, Reshit Sarihan, from the village of Uzengili, picked out a strange shape that had come to light on the mountainside following an earthquake. It wasn’t until 1960 that the discovery was given any international exposure, when “Life” and “PIX” magazines published articles on it.

This area incidentally, is known as Naxuan, which translates as Noah’s Zion. Legend states this is where Noah himself built the first city following his descent from the Ark as the waters had begun to recede.

Perhaps though, as we will look at in a moment, it is the discovery of the remains of another ancient megalithic site that provides more ties to Noah and the story of The Flood.

Before that though, the short video below looks at the alleged site of the Ark in a little more detail.

The Mysteries (And Relevance) Of Gobekli Tepe

One of the oldest known ancient sites in the world is that of Gobekli Tepe, [3] which relatively speaking, is right next door to where Deal claimed to have unearthed the Ark. There is a growing consensus among many fringe researchers and writers that this ancient site was essentially built by Noah following the floods

Research in the area has traced beginnings of agriculture – essentially the beginnings of the civilization that built Gobekli Tepe – to around 10,000 BC. Again this is exactly the time of the end of the last Ice Age, and when many believe The Flood occurred.  While some insist the site was a victim of the floods – hence the hastily arranged burial of it – there is some evidence to suggest that it was built in the immediate aftermath of the world changing event.

If this was where Noah began life again, might that explain why the site was apparently purposely buried and hidden away. Were those the orders he was given? To bury away any technology and knowledge, once his work was complete?

Might that also – given the “two of every animal” part of the story – explain why pictures of such animals were found carved on to the stone “T” shapes that surround a perceived important area of the site? Might it be connected to Noah beginning life again? There has even been discovered the remains of what appear to be “butchered animals” – might these have been the animals that “Noah sacrificed to God” upon leaving the Ark?

The independent documentary below, “10,000 BC” looks at the mysterious site of Gobekli Tepe.

Was “The Ark” Simply A Floating DNA Bank?

Assuming for one moment that the “Ark” itself was a real, solid piece of equipment that Noah had built – and the measurements for the Ark are clearly recorded in The Bible – it is still unfeasible that literally two of each animal were stored inside it. Even if we assume that only two of each animal that was indigenous to Noah’s region of the planet, this is still a push.

So with that in mind, might it be that the Ark was not literally full of two of each animal, but the DNA of each animal. If we buy into the theory that the civilizations that came before the flood had access and understanding of advanced technology, then it is not that much of a stretch to imagine that they collected the DNA of animal species, and then stored them in what was essentially a floating DNA bank.

There was obviously prior knowledge that the flood would strike due to the construction of the Ark in the first place, so it would make sense that the time before the disaster would also be used to collect DNA – as well as seeds from plants and crops, perhaps even modern humans – so as to start life again once the waters subsided.

Of course, this theory would also suggest that at least some of the technology survived the flood, in order for the DNA strands to be used to begin life again. This again brings up the question as to what happened to that technology. If it wasn’t purposely buried as theorised above, might it be that when those few survivors of the cataclysmic event themselves died, so did this ancient knowledge and technology?

Underwater Ruins All Date To The Same Period In Time

As well as the aforementioned discovery by Deal, there have been other underwater ruins – literally the remains of what appear to be entire cities – that have been discovered all over the world. What’s more, the dates that these ruins go back to are all again roughly the same – 10,000 BC.

Given that we can pretty much rule out that these sites were once intentionally constructed under the water, it is clear that there must have been a time when their civilizations thrived, and these cities were on dry land as opposed to being submerged. Perhaps understandably, each time one of these sites are discovered, many look for some evidence that they may have stumbled upon the magical lost land of Atlantis, particularly given Plato’s assertion of when Atlantis fell being  around the same time of The Flood.

Just as an interesting side note here, and before we look at just two of these remarkable underwater discoveries, perhaps it is worth considering the following. Given that details are often lost through translation, as well as oral stories having the potential to change somewhat each time they are told, maybe Atlantis is merely a reference to the Earth, as it was known before the floods. In this sense, all of these ruins would indeed be Atlantis.

There have always been legends and myths of a great underwater city off the coast of Okinawa in Japan. Those stories began to look a little more credible when in 1986, gigantic ruins of steps and pyramids were discovered [4] off the coast of Yonaguni Island – very close to Okinawa. There were also carvings of animals discovered throughout the site, and even what appeared to be an object shaped as an “underwater sphinx!” A detailed study of the ruins led scientists to suggest that its builders were likely from a highly advanced civilization.

The short video below looks at these discoveries.

Another, very similar discovery to the ruins at Yonaguni Island can be found near the coast of India. The find was made in 2002 by marine scientists working in the area. The ruins – known as Dwarka [5] – stretch for over five miles at their longest point. Sonar imaging by scientists has suggested that the city was buried during the end of the last Ice Age. The ruins have also been linked to the Hindu god, Krishna, said by some researchers to have been the main inhabitant of the city.

The short video below looks at the Dwarka ruins in a little more detail.

Link To Underwater Alien Bases?

If for one moment we assume that alien intervention in The Flood, and indeed human history did happen, then the claims of underwater alien bases all over the planet are also very interesting. If they do exist, have they intentionally been constructed under the water so that they (or their ancestors) survived the flood that they had prior knowledge of? Or might they once have been above land, before being submerged thousands of years ago?

Puffin Island, [6] off the coast of Wales, has endured many sightings of strange lights over the water, as well as sightings of objects emerging from the sea and zooming into the sky. UFO researcher and investigator, Phil Hoyle, has spent years looking into the claims. One of the more interesting things in terms of the location of the sightings is that some believe the area to be where the Kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod (a presumed mythical land) once sat.

In early 1995, considerable activity was noticed off the coast of Central North Island, New Zealand, with many such witnesses claiming to have seen large flying objects going into the sea. Many of these sightings happened during the day, and at least one was corroborated with records from the local Hamilton and Rotorua airports.

Perhaps the most intriguing claims of underwater alien bases – if only due to its location – is the one that is said to be in Lake Titicaca, near the ancient city of Tiwanaku. One of the oldest known cities on the planet, its ruins demonstrates that the inhabitants again had advanced knowledge of irrigation, planning and agriculture. Ancient texts discovered in the ruins, also speak of “underwater gods” that lived in the nearby lake. Is it coincidence that there are also numerous UFO reports of strange sightings on, over or under the mysterious waters of Lake Titicaca?

One of the most recent of these was captured on video in the summer of 2013, when a group of Italian hikers spotted a disc-shaped object apparently moving just under the surface of the water. You can see that video immediately below.

More “Truth” In Ancient Writings Then Most Would Believe?

If Noah himself was proven to be a real person who did actually once exist, then a whole other set of questions would require answers.

The Bible states for example, that Noah was 950 years old when he died. This suggests that either the world that existed before the flood really was a different place, even down to life-spans being much longer (the Sumerian King List [7] also suggests this), or that Noah himself was not a human being as we know them today, but perhaps an alien-human hybrid, explaining his extraordinary lifespan.

It is worth making note of the writings in the “Dead Sea Scrolls” [8] that state that Lamec (Noah’ father), upon seeing his new son, suspected that he was not his child, but had been fathered by The Watchers. His eyes and his skin were said to have a “shining” appearance, which led Lamec to accuse his wife of having been “intimate with the sons of god!”

Remember also, many ancient writings state that the time before The Flood, was a time when “the gods” walked among the people and co-existed with them, even breeding with humans. This breeding, a lot of the ancient texts claim, is the reason God or “the gods” brought, or allowed, the floods to happen in the first place.

Jonathan Young, the founder of the “Joseph Campbell Archives” spoke about Noah on the TV show “Ancient Aliens” and stated, “We have the presence of the divine in our lineage, and it all goes back to Noah!”

If that is true, and it is also true that Noah contained “non-human” DNA due to him being fathered by one of the “sons of god” (an alien?), then that would suggest that the Ancient Astronaut theory is closer to the truth than most would think.

The documentary below looks specifically at the potential truths and untruths behind the story of Noah, and The Flood.


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