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July 20, 2019
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September 22, 2021
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It is something we will all have heard of, even those who have little interest in conspiracies of any kind, and that could be for very good reason. Are claims of a perceived New World Order the ultimate goal of an equally perceived shadowy elite world government?

Indeed, if there is a conspiracy that connects all conspiracies – as researchers have alleged over the years – then it would be that of the New World Order, whose reach stretches wide and far, and into all aspects of our lives. And what’s more, as we might expect the claims are as wide as they are varied. From banking families of the elite to secret societies, intelligence agencies, organized crime, and individuals being utilized without their knowledge or understanding, the claims and accounts really do weave into a complex entanglement of strands seemingly impossible to fully unpick.

Picture of the Statue of Liberty with the all-seeing eye/pyramid seal behind it

Are claims of a New World Order to be taken seriously?

Of course, many people, including those who regularly spend time in the uncertain environment of the conspiracy community, believe ideas of a New World Order to be nothing more than the paranoid ravings of isolated individuals who the Internet has, albeit unwittingly, brought together with a shared delusion.

It is probably accurate to suspect that the truth of the matter – or something close to it – will reside in the middle of it all. Between the “everything’s OK” attitudes and the “us against them” mentalities, will likely be found the truth. Who exactly does run the world? And for what ends are things geared? And perhaps most importantly, is there anything we as a collective can do to influence this control ourselves?

The short video below gives a very brief round-up of just what the New World Order conspiracy is all about.

The Twentieth Century – A Turning Point In Ways Many Can’t Yet See?

We have examined some of the key events of the twentieth century in great detail previously. In particular, the events leading up to and surrounding the two world wars. And while we will not go over them again in detail here, it is worth reminding ourselves of the basics before we progress.

Indeed, while many of these incidents may have been coincidental, it is easy to see why some people have begun to connect dots. America as a nation appears to be at the heart of these New World Order conspiracies. And most certainly, indirectly or not, the biggest benefactor (as a government and international body) of the Second World War and the subsequent conflicts that followed.

What began as a reaction to the perception of a government becoming ever more intolerant of its citizens and their rights, has spread and spiraled into several completely unrelated strands and ideas, ranging from the militant religious right, to the apparent “lone-wolfs” carrying out acts of terrorism in the name of stopping such a malevolent force.

A group of "elites" sat around a table with a world atlas on

Does an elite cabal control the affairs of the planet?

And if we go back several hundred years to before the United States was known as such, we might be able to see some of the reasons why this is the case, especially when combined with the murkiness around the conflicts of the 1900s. What perhaps makes this notion – and indeed the phrase “New World Order” – was the insistence, perhaps quite innocently perhaps not, of the world leaders at the heart of these conflicts of using such terminology in very public speeches.

And what’s more, these speeches and international directives often came at the end of one bloody conflict or another. Conflicts which led to drastic change, and at least to some researchers, discreet opportunities.

America – The New World! And A Hot Bed For Secret Societies

At least according to some Masonic scholars, the United States was a “Masonic experiment”. And it is hard to argue, at least convincingly, that there isn’t at least some truth in this statement. We have examined previously the abundance of Masonic influence in the early days of the United States.

From the layout of the capital city of Washington D.C. to the Masonic ceremonies performed at all of the major buildings, including the White House. In short, the Masonic influences in the early years of what became the United States are numerous and well-documented. And it is easy to see why. In America, they would be free from the influence of the Church and could practice and follow whatever sciences and arts they wished.

Although the age of enlightenment brought with it a more relaxed nature, especially in England, the watchful eye of the Church was never too far away. That wouldn’t be the case in America. At least not in theory.

However, from the back of that, as the 1800s progressed steadily and gave way to the twentieth century and the rapid changes it brought with it, many “off-shoots” or splinter-type groups would form. We have examined the Skull and Bones one previously. What perhaps makes it relevant here is the number of its members who have gone on to take positions of power. And while George Bush (Jr) is perhaps the most well-known, there are many others in other industries with just as much influence.

As the twentieth century progressed and eventually morphed into the 2000s, such phrases as The Illuminati were beginning to be used interchangeably with the Freemasons. However, the Freemasons may prove to still be of great importance if we are to understand something close to the true events of our collective past.

The Freemasons – A Force For Good Hijacked By A Few?

Of course, perhaps more than any other group, the Freemasons have come under repeated accusations of involvement in shadowy aspects of society. As we have reminded ourselves above, it would appear claims that the Freemasons were very much behind the “settling” of America are very much true. Once again, here we have an example of the Protestant and Catholic “battle” taking place on other fronts, and on some occasions, on someone else’s battleground.

Some researchers believe at least part of the reason to relocate to the new lands of America and secure British influence there was to head off the encroaching Spanish. And more importantly, the Catholic influence they would spread as they had throughout the south Americas and Mexico. If they should “capture” and Catholicize the entire northern continent up to Canada, the influence of the Vatican would perhaps be insurmountable for protestant Christians.

Although the facts state that Freemasonry began in the mid-1600s around the United Kingdom, around the same time such influential people were boarding ships to the new world, there is ample evidence, albeit circumstantial that suggests The Craft is a coming together of the main families of the remains of Knights Templar, who themselves believed their descendants reached right the way back to the time of Solomon and David in Jerusalem and back further still to the “God Kings of Mesopotamia”.

The Masonic symbols pyramids and all-seeing eye

Masonic symbols

With this type of rhetoric in mind, wrapped in mystique and secrecy no less, it is easy to see where the notion of “the same families remaining in control for centuries” comes from. And while the truth may prove to not at all be as dramatic as many of the conspiracy theories state, there is very likely certain amounts of truth to them.

An Otherworldly Origin Of Mystery And Intrigue

The goal of the Freemasons, as we have highlighted above in their eventual “move” to America, was to practice the sciences and the arts without persecution from the Church, in particular, the Vatican.

However, as we have examined previously, according to some researchers, the Freemasons, at least those that originated in Scotland and to a lesser degree certain lodges in England, were descendants of the Knights Templar, a group who are themselves shrouded in mystery.

Some researchers even suggest this group of nine families (the original Templar Knights) stretch right the way back to the time of Sumer and before that to the time of the Gods. And what’s more, through Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and the Royal families of Europe, and now the elite families of the United States, have maintained their control in almost every corner of the planet. Incidentally, this is an interesting detail in the New World Order context. Especially, as we will examine shortly, as some conspiracy writers claim the origins of these families is not divine but extraterrestrial.

While the intentions of the original Knights Templars and, in turn, the Freemasons might have been very noble, it would appear their ranks were hijacked for alternative purposes along the way. And what’s more, keeping the saying in mind about rot or “bad apples”, these alternative purposes have seemingly become the new norm. The New World Order.

It is certainly an interesting notion that the same families have “ruled” us since the dawn of our civilization. What should we make of such an idea and does it support the claims and conspiracies of the New World Order?

One case, however, as unlikely a place as we might feel it has here, demonstrates not only the power of such organizations but their influence.

The Jack The Ripper Connection – A Demonstration Of Influence?

Perhaps we should look at one of the most famous, and brutal, set of murders in (relatively) recent history in the late summer and early winter of 1888 in London’s East End. For if there is any truth to the theories we are about to briefly examine, then it should perhaps make us all think once more of the reach of certain people. Or groups of people.

And remember, we are not talking about manipulating red tape or even rigging elections. If the claims are true, it is a demonstration of cold-blooded murder covered over for decade after decade after decade. And these, perhaps, are just the ones we know of.

In his book, Jack The Ripper – The Final Solution, Stephen Knight intricately, [1] and convincingly, lays down the case that members of the Freemasons conspired to not only cover-up the murderers’ identity, but were active in having them committed.

Depiction of Jack The Ripper against a blood-red background

Depiction of Jack The Ripper

It is important to note here, as Knight does repeatedly throughout his work that if we accept his claims to be true for a moment, it was the actions of individual Freemasons and not Freemasonry. In short, while The Craft certainly provided the means for such a diabolical series of killings to take place and then be covered up, the killings were carried out not in the name of Freemasonry, but rather certain individuals who happened to be Freemasons and who sought to prevent what they feared would be social turmoil should certain events become public knowledge.

We should point out that for as many people who subscribe to Knight’s theories, just as many steadfastly reject them.

The Knight Theory

So, what was Knight’s theory? In short, Prince Albert – the heir to the throne – had married not only a woman of low standing from London’s East End but a catholic woman, who given the royal family’s (at the time) very protestant standing was not something to be tolerated. Furthermore, he had fathered a child with her.

However, aside from the “embarrassment”, this would bring on the Royal Family, it would bring further pressure on the Conservative government of the time. It was feared that such a fall from grace of the more traditional parts of the British establishment would allow a full scale socialist leading to communist rule, as was brewing in Russia (which as we mentioned above many believed was “assisted” by just such a network of secret societies and organizations).

To stop all of this, knowledge and certainly proof of Prince Albert’s indiscretions must never get out.

Artist's impression of Jack The Ripper holding a knife

Artist’s impression of Jack The Ripper

Knight would claim that “Eddy” (as Prince Albert was known) was bundled into a carriage that arrived in the East End, while his secret bride and mother to his equally secret offspring, Annie Elizabeth Crooke, was bundled off and placed in asylums at the behest of William Gull, a notable doctor, and a Mason, coincidentally or not (and also the murderer).

The child, Alice Margaret Crooke, was placed into the care of Mary Jane Kelly, a friend of Annie’s. When Alice, at the behest of ill-thought out advice of her friends, Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, and Elizabeth Stride, attempted to blackmail both the government and the royal family, they were systematically hunted down and murdered.

What’s more, accordingly to Knight’s theories, they were killed in such a fashion so as to indicate Masonic involvement.

More Evidence Of A Perceived “Greater Good?”

Possibly underlying all of this, and something which perhaps has its origins in the demise of the Knights Templar and the role the Vatican played in it, is an underlying distrust of the Catholic Church. Of course, that is if, as many researchers believe, Freemasonry was born out of the ashes of Knights Templar.

And while Freemasonry most certainly allows those of the Catholic persuasion (as it does any religion) to join their ranks, the Vatican did not allow, at least officially, their members of the Church to become Masons. Of course, as we shall see a little later, some researchers suggest the Vatican is a very big player in the New World Order conspiracy.

Might it have been the case that the real reason for the Ripper murders was to cover up the secret activities of the elite of the Royal family? If this is the case, while the reasons may have been justifiable to those who carried out the brutal and wicked killings, it is a good example, in the words of David Icke, who we will come back to later, of how a small number of people can completely control events.

Above all, what it perhaps demonstrates, even more, is the drastic measures taken – if Knight is indeed correct – were unlikely to have been new and exclusive to the Whitechapel Murders. They are likely, realistically, tried and tested measures that had been in place by the same network of people for some time. And if that is the case, there is no reason whatsoever to think, especially with all we know of activities in the last century alone, that they have not continued in a very similar network since.

Perhaps we should think about those last few lines once again for a moment.

“Ends Justifying The Means” Stretching Across Time

With that last incident in mind, then, if arguably the most famous murders are the result of manipulation by a shadowy group of “elite” individuals, what does that tell us about other incidents. Ones that were perhaps much less public but just as pivotal in terms of their consequences.

And while, if we accept Knight’s theories as true, those involved in such a cover-up and conspiracy of such a high magnitude undoubtedly believed their actions were justified due to the greater good, it should perhaps make us remember the dangers and underlying evils of such ideological nonsense as “the end justifies the means” or “the bad justifies the good”. After all, any serial murderer or political dictator could make the same argument.

The all-seeing eye painted on to a green wall

The all-seeing eye

Perhaps, then, as a side note, we might, as a collective, take note of those in our contemporary era who make similar statements, quite often to justify their own questionable activities or stance.

If we return to the mid-twentieth century and the aftermath of the Second World War, this is perhaps on show in historic terms most clearly. And what’s more, it is where the lines, even in the (relatively) recent past, blur considerably.

For example, such organizations as the League of Nations (following the First World War) and the United Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) following World War Two, were set up, in theory, to prevent such conflicts from occurring again. However, some researchers and conspiracy researchers believe these organizations are merely fronts to carry out the agenda of the secret, elite, New World Order.

The Fourth Reich Conspiracy

If we return to the United States for a moment, following the Second World War and such secret programs as Operation Paperclip, many conspiracy theorists claimed there was a “Fourth Reich” operating right inside America.

As we mentioned in our article looking at the notion of a Shadow Government there is a world of difference between post-World War Two America and Nazi Germany. However, proponents of the Fourth Reich theories, which gained traction in the 1990s and 2000s, believe that many of the transplanted German Nazis went on to discreetly implement parts of Nazi ideology, if only greatly watered-down versions of them.

The pyramid structure of the alleged Illuminati/New World Order

The pyramid structure of the alleged Illuminati/New World Order

Such things as the mass-surveillance of its own citizens, the military-industrial complex and the seemingly overriding power it has, and the promotion of consumption through corporatism. As unlikely as these parts of the New World Order conspiracy seemed only five years ago, a quick look to the United States and many parts of Europe today as we prepare to enter the 2020s leaves a chilling sensation that we as a collective perhaps should have listened to many of the “crazy ramblers” of yesteryear.

Has there been a long, time-biding plan? One that has been carried out over multiple generations. We have examined previously, for example, the apparent “long-term” and private goals of the Bush family. How much of those activities might have been part of a larger, further-reaching network of agenda-driven families of the world’s elite?

Of course, for many years there were rumors of Occultism and even alien entities from other dimensions sharing connections to the Nazi regime. This is particularly interesting when we examine another aspect of the New World Order conspiracies.

The Alien Crossover And Connections To The Occult

Many people might be willing to accept that a dark and shadowy cabal of rich, influential, and most likely corrupt individuals control all aspects of life on Earth. However, when that “cabal” is made up of “reptilian aliens” or any number of other extraterrestrial races, as we might imagine, many people wash their hands of such notions unreservedly.

Perhaps the most famous of the researchers who have pushed this idea is David Icke, whose theories continue to divide opinion. We have covered Icke’s and the Reptilian Conspiracy previously, but essentially, Icke contends that the same families that control the planet today can be traced back right to the dawn of civilization. And what’s more, their origins are not human but shape-shifting reptilian aliens from an “aquatic world” in the Draco system.

As you might imagine, even the most openminded researchers struggle to accept Icke’s theories in their entirety. However, history and ancient writings are remarkably awash with serpent worship and accounts of “serpent gods”. While it is a subject that many keep at an arm’s length, it is intriguing, to say the least. And something perhaps worth keeping on the mental backburner.

Underlying a lot of these conspiracies, claims, and accusations are that there is a connection to the Occult among members of this secret world government. In terms of the Reptilian conspiracy and how it fits into the New World Order, this is a “need for blood” on a part of the elite overlords.

With this in mind, at least according to the theories, this is why so many of the world’s leaders are so “bloodthirsty” for war and conflict. The negative energy produced by the suffering of such conflicts, if we subscribe to the claims, feeds and powers these reptilian entities.

Population Control – Outlandish Nonsense Or An Ultimate Goal?

If there is an ultimate goal to all of these conspiracies of monitoring and control, one can not perhaps get more urgent than claims of forced “population control”. And what’s more, the levels of population that this alleged secret organization wishes to achieve are around half of the world’s population today. Just think about that for a moment. If there was any truth to such claims, that means the “secret government” and all the arms that it has, wishes to “kill-off” half of us.

Perhaps we should look at the unnerving anomaly of the Georgia Guidestones [2] which appeared apparently “overnight” and out of nowhere in Elbert County in 1980. This bizarre and unsettling stone structure is made from ten huge granite blocks, each arranged very specifically. Furthermore, aside from an obvious pseudonym of R.C. Christian, no one is sure who built the strange monument.

The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones

In English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew and Arabic (as well as Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphs) are a list of instructions. These are referred to as ‘The Ten Commandments of the New World Order’. They include such lines as to “maintain humanity under 5,000,000” and to “guide reproduction wisely”. Mentions of “world courts” and “balancing personal rights with social duties” only further raises suspicions in the minds of some.

As a side-note, let’s say these stones and more specifically, the notion behind them was someone with “environmental” concerns and connections. When we consider the number of such activists loose on our streets today, many of whom contain the self-importance that their cause is just and noble, we should perhaps be concerned with what course of “just” action they may unleash to achieve their “noble” aims.

Remember, the end justifies the means should alarm us all.

Mind Control And Surveillance Projects To Forward The Agenda

We have looked at mind control and population surveillance at length on several occasions. And while we won’t go over them again here, we will look, briefly, at how such things are used, if we subscribe to the notion, to create the New World Order that many fear us being forced upon us each day.

And once more, even if we reject that overall theory, it is easy and even understandable, from certain perspectives to understand why. Of course, with this in mind, many people argue that population control is already in full swing.

For example, many people are deciding to have children a lot later in life, if at all. Is this purely lifestyle choice, or might, as some conspiracy theorists genuinely contend, it be the result of constant and repetitive “programming” – be it from the media, from the news, from entertainment or the music industry, or the many number of moral crusade-like organizations? After all, brainwashing, in its most basic form, is the simple repetition of an idea or command.

Might it be, however, bizarre and unlikely, that such a “depopulation agenda”, in part, is at work in such a way? Indeed, combined with many outside pressures, whether from peers or from apparent wiser elders who as often than not use their youthful naivety for their own ends, it is easy to see why increasing generations seemingly feels a little more separated from the next.

Perhaps these changes are exactly the kind experienced by every generation. Or maybe they are the result of the “gradualist” approach to inter-generational control. As we have asked before, can we really be 100 percent certain our thoughts, needs, and desires are our own?

A Mad Free For All Hiding Very Real Problems And Concerns?

As we mentioned in our opening sections conspiracies of the New World Order have descended, at times, into a bizarre festival of seemingly outlandish but almost believable accusations of a variety that leaves the general public in a seemingly perpetual state of confusion and disbelief, that ultimately turns into paranoia and distrust.

Indeed, a quick look around much if not all of the western world at the moment perhaps shows the physical beginnings and the new reality – indeed, the new order of that distrust. According to many researchers, a lot of the organizations we would seemingly readily trust are, in fact, the ones whose own agendas are completely the opposite of their public projections. And what’s more, the activists and mouthpieces, completely unwittingly in most cases, are used by such shadowy groups as their muscle or presence.

The torso of a suited person holding a tablet with a projection of the world coming from it

Technology and secret control

What this pit of distrust creates, aside from more distrust, is a surge of conspiracy theories, each one seemingly crazier and more outlandish than the last. The danger of this, aside from the waves of disinformation making their way into the public arena, is that some very real unsavory behavior is very likely hidden among it all.

This is a particularly sticky situation for humanity to be in. And one that, if there was a New World Order waiting in the wings, indeed calling the shots from the shadows, it is a situation that could be very much used to their advantage.

In fact, within the last decade, with the great equalizer that was the Internet seemingly providing the key to information to long denied to the public at large, something changed. A discreet but powerful shift. And what’s more, it was something we as a collective allowed to happen to ourselves by taking our collective foot off the gas.

The (Real) Problem With Fake News!

Over the last few years, almost everyone on the planet will be aware of the phrase “fake news”. And what’s more, even though the origins of the term and its intention likely remain unknown to many, what has remained in the public consciousness is that “fake news”, by definition, is false. A lie.

The problem is, and something that some researchers picked up on almost as soon as the phrase entered the public arena, is that many platforms, writers, and “legitimate” news outlets are also being captured in the subsequent “purge” of these fake news sites.

Is this merely a heavy-handed reaction to the admittedly real problem of fake news? Or, if we accept the New World Order conspiracies for a moment, are such terms, phrases, and notions purposely set up so as to allow the governments to “protect” people from this odious information, while at the same time suppressing any criticism of its own plans and, in theory, those of the New World Order?

A sphere of screens showing different people around the world

World control

Researcher and writer, David Icke, would call this the “Problem-Reaction-Solution” scenario. And he has in the course of his extensive work demonstrated, at least in theory, how it has been utilized repeatedly throughout the twentieth and twenty-first century.

It perhaps doesn’t need to be said that Icke has more than his fair share of detractors, and perhaps, on occasion with good reason. However, the bizarre nepotism that he and others highlight, and have done for some time, is perhaps most dangerous when we ignore it instead of investigating and researching such incidents for ourselves.

After all, in the age of information in which we are very much living in at the moment, disinformation could very well come from anywhere. Even the most unlikely sources.

The Same Game But Different Rules For Each Side

For all the claims and theories, ranging from the likely to the outlandish, all revolve around the notion of control by a select few over everyone else, usually achieved by a central government – a world government. A New World Order.

Indeed, these notions, particularly in the Cold War but also since, have led to the idea of a New World Order being used to install a dictatorial communist world order over the entire planet. Whether these ideas have any credence or whether they are the fodder of the far right is open to debate. We have already mentioned how such bodies as the UN and NATO as ones that repeatedly come under suspicion.

What we should also note again, like we mentioned with Knight’s warning on labeling Freemasonry the problem as opposed to Freemasons (individually), much could be said for the organizations mentioned above. How often, for example, be it an organization or a drive or incentive that has its origins in a desire for genuine good and wellbeing is hijacked by individuals who look to twist and use such positions very much for their own ends.

A picture of the planet with grid marking over it

Control of the Earth

One thing is certain, however. And that is that both extremes of the political spectrum, right or left, would look to exploit such a notion in their own way if there were any truth to them. In that way, like many others, despite their complete “opposite natures” to each other, they are very much two sides of the same coin. In fact, and again, we would have to accept the conspiracy theories for a moment, but the left/right paradigm is there for public consumption only. The real masters are, of course, the shadow government, and their goal is the New World Order.

Something To Investigate Or Just Crazy Talk?

With all of the above said, then, is there something to examine regarding these claims of a secret plan to enslave humanity under the control of only a very few elite families on the planet? As we have mentioned before, the idea of like-minded, if morally corrupt individuals (in some cases) organizing themselves in order to protect their mutual interests should perhaps not surprise any of us.

However, ideas of a New World Order and the many conspiracies required to make such a change happen run much deeper than even organized nepotism. When researchers state such things as “even those involved don’t know the full picture” it is easy to cry convenience and demand proof. However, the fact is, these notions are entirely correct.

We only need to look at how certain departments of government, military, or intelligence operate to see that such an idea is really not that much of a stretch of the imagination. And when we realize that these are some of the very organizations “used” to forward such an agenda, it is easy to see why people wouldn’t question their superiors, who, in turn, won’t question theirs and so on. Those that do, are likely removed, the outside world, their family and friends aside, none the wiser of their existence, much less what they uncovered.

Of course, even these ideas, to some, are far-fetched. Safe are such people, in the knowledge that their government could never be hijacked, through “democracy” who have far from their best interests at heart. Political opposition is supposed to prevent such corruption. However, when the same force has players on both sides, then they and the respective teams are indeed playing the same game under different rules.

Check-out the video below – a documentary on the New World Order.


1 Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution, Stephen Knight, ISBN 58604 6526
2 Nobody Knows How to Interpret This Doomsday Stonehenge in Georgia, Rose Eveleth, Smithsonian Magazine, September 10th, 2013

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