Blood Rituals, Ancient Gods, And Secret Societies

Marcus Lowth
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July 2, 2024
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Most of us are familiar with secret societies made up of the world’s elite, as well as the, at times, dark activities they are involved with. However, the fact is, those activities could be a lot darker than most of us could imagine. While we should treat the following ideas and claims with a pinch of salt, we need to ask, are the world’s elite, the wildly wealthy and influential, conducting ancient sacrifices to ancient deities, and is it these rituals that aid in the grip they, rightly or wrongly, intentionally or not, have over all of us?

At the heart of these claims, and what makes them all the more ominous, are the apparent ancient blood rituals carried out by themselves or on their behalf. While these rituals officially don’t take place, there are so many claims from people who have witnessed them or carried them out that we should perhaps take them a little more seriously than we do.

Whether there is any truth to such claims and legends is perhaps open to debate. They are, though, persistent and come from many different sources. And as such, the cases we will explore are some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking of these claims.

The Account Of “Sal”

With the concept of “the elite” – whoever they might be – using blood to maintain youth, it is worth focusing on another purported cult that originated in Puerto Rico. According to veteran paranormal researcher Nick Redfern, while he was in Puerto Rico in May 2007, he encountered a perplexing and disturbing account of this mysterious group’s activities. [1]

In a bar on the island, a man named “Sal,” a local restaurant worker, spoke with Redfern about an ultra-secretive group consisting of members of the world’s elite who conducted rituals involving the blood sacrifices of various animals, such as chickens, goats, and peacocks. He claimed that this group began operating around late 1994 or early 1995 and included politicians, actors, musicians, and even members of different royal families.

These rituals would take place in various locations, from luxurious mansions to the depths of the rainforest, and involved the sacrifice of animals, with their blood drained into a vessel as an offering to ancient gods. Redfern also reports that these rituals included alcohol and drug-fueled orgies reminiscent of those depicted in Stanley Kubrick’s movie Eyes Wide Shut.


What is intriguing, as Redfern points out, is that the animals used in these rituals (chickens, goats, and peacocks) are also the apparent victims of a cryptid, supernatural-like creature known as the Chupacabra, which inhabits the island. Interestingly, reports of the Chupacabra began around the same time the mysterious group started their rituals. According to Sal, while the group did not create the legends of the Chupacabra, they quickly exploited the reports of attacks and sightings to cover their own dark activities. We will revisit the Chupacabra later.

It is important to note that Redfern himself advises caution regarding this tale, as it was relayed to him by Sal, who in turn heard it from another source. Moreover, beyond the basic details of the rituals and the types of people involved, Sal was unable or unwilling to provide further information about the organization, including its name.

However, Redfern draws connections between this disturbing account and some practices in the region, particularly Santeria, which is practiced in Puerto Rico and throughout the wider Caribbean. As Redfern writes:

While those that adhere to the teachings of Santeria believe in the existence of one overall god, they also believe there are numerous other sub-gods, known collectively as Orishas.

Those who practice this religion are known as Santeros, and a significant part of their “time and effort” is devoted to appeasing these ancient gods. One way they achieve this is through the ritual sacrifice of animals, specifically chickens and goats.

Blood “Offered To The Gods!”

These sacrifices were also performed for various reasons, ranging from personal health and well-being to good fortune and untold riches. Redfern offered that in these rituals “a Santero would rub the skin of a paying client with the body of the animal that was about to be sacrificed!”  He continued that followers of this religion shared the belief that the person’s desire was then transferred into the body of the animal.

Following this, the animal was sacrificed, the reason being “to ensure that the wish reached the Orishas!” This deity would grant whatever the person desire. Ultimately, the blood of the animal was “offered to the gods!”

Could it be that a group of elites—people with wealth beyond imagination from various walks of life—have come together to use such blood rituals for financial gain and to increase their power and influence?

Incidentally, Redfern has documented other alleged secret societies connected to animal sacrifice. [2] In the summer of 2000, he was contacted by a man named Rob Lea, who claimed to have information about a sinister cult-like group engaged in dark activities in England dating back to the late 1980s. And it is to that group where we will turn our attention to next.

A Dark Group Of Elites

Rob claimed that his father owned a farm, and one morning in the summer of 1989, he discovered the butchered remains of five of his sheep, seemingly attacked during the night. However, the attack did not appear to be the result of a frenzied animal but rather showed signs of cold, calculated intelligence.

Each sheep had its throat precisely and perfectly slit. Additionally, the carcasses were arranged purposefully in a circle. In the middle of this circle was the most disturbing discovery: several internal organs of the dead sheep.

Rob’s father immediately reported the incident to the police, believing the sheep had been killed as part of some kind of Satanic ritual. When the police arrived to investigate, the situation took an even stranger turn. The officers could not find any clues about who might be responsible and appeared to warn Rob’s father against pursuing the matter further or speaking to the media.

Although this incident was a one-off on his father’s land, Rob later began his own research into ritual sacrifices as he grew older and made some remarkable discoveries. Specifically, he uncovered information about a secretive organization called The Cult of the Moon Beast.

According to Rob, this organization consisted of about 15 influential individuals from various walks of life across the United Kingdom. Using “ancient rites,” the group performed various rituals and ceremonies involving animal sacrifices to summon otherworldly entities, whose power they could use for their own purposes, including eliminating rivals.

“Non-Physical Intelligence!”

He had tracked the group for several years and even managed to witness three of their rituals without their knowledge. Regarding the entities the organization was attempting to summon, he suggested they existed in a “realm or dimension that co-existed with ours.”

He further explained that these entities were a “non-physical intelligence” that would “take on the appearance of what was in the mind’s eye.” Even more fascinating, albeit ominous, these entities didn’t use physical means to kill their victims. Instead, they killed through “mind-power, fright, and suggestion”—essentially scaring their victims to death.

Rob also claimed that the group hired out these supernatural assassins to members of the world’s elite, suggesting the immense power and influence they themselves wielded.

While all of this might sound preposterous to many, similar things have been hinted at for decades by other researchers. Although we should take these claims with a pinch of salt, the fact that they resonate with each other might indicate some partial truth within these conspiracies. Perhaps, for example, we should reconsider when a high-ranking politician or influential industry leader suddenly commits suicide or unexpectedly dies of a heart attack.

The Bizarre Paranormal Connections To Peacocks

It is also intriguing to note the slaughter of peacocks in our earlier encounter in Puerto Rico and its broader connection to the paranormal, a detail Redfern has extensively investigated. [3]

For instance, during a visit to Puerto Rico in 2004 to investigate Chupacabra sightings, Redfern discovered that a wealthy local landowner’s peacocks had been seemingly targeted by the beast. Despite multiple animals being on the land, “something about the peacocks led them to be singled out” by whatever attacked and slaughtered them.

Redfern also documents another mysterious connection involving peacocks in the United Kingdom in 2006. Near Chartley Castle, close to where Redfern was staying, a crop circle appeared. Although its design was basic, peacock feathers were found in the middle of each circle and along the roads beside the fields.

Redfern soon learned from a Wiccan named Jane Adams that the presence of the peacock feathers suggested a dark ritual performed by an equally dark group. Although she did not reveal intricate details about this mystery group, she mentioned that they were “a group of occultists with tentacles stretching across the UK.” She suggested that the purpose of these rituals was to “conjure up” creatures such as “alien big cats” or “phantom black dogs.” Interestingly, there are numerous sightings of such supernatural beasts in the UK, particularly in the south of England.

One particularly grim account from Redfern comes from Staten Island in the United States. On the morning of June 28th, 2007, employees and visitors to a local Burger King were greeted by the sudden presence of a peacock outside its doors. Many people tore off bits of bread from their food to feed the bird, which it accepted. However, a clearly disturbed young man soon appeared and attacked the bird, eventually killing it. It was later discovered that the young man was a schizophrenic who had stopped taking his medication. Disturbingly, he claimed that the peacock was a “vampire” that had assumed such a form to disguise itself, which is why he killed it.

Connections To The Legends Of The Chupacabra

If we turn our attention back to the Chupacabra, we find additional accounts that appear to connect to blood rituals. The Chupacabra is a strange cryptid, supernatural-like creature said to roam the quiet roads and countryside of South America and parts of the United States. Notably, it is said to drain animals of their blood, similar to the way cattle are drained in cattle mutilation cases. [4]

Researcher Nick Redfern has extensively investigated such encounters, many of which have occurred in Puerto Rico. One of the most intriguing cases took place in the mid-to-late 2000s and was shared with Redfern by a woman named Julia, who lived in Ponce.

According to Redfern’s account, Julia claimed that at the heart of the growing Chupacabra legends was a “secret society.” Moreover, Julia hadn’t just heard tales of this group; she claimed her ex-husband—an influential and powerful real-estate businessman—was an active member. She stated that he became involved with this secret group around 1999, a year before she met him. In fact, she suggested that his involvement and activities with the group ultimately led to their divorce.

Julia claimed her husband told her that the power, wealth, and influence he enjoyed were due to “supernatural pacts between the group and the paranormal denizens of realms beyond ours.” This pact, she was told by her ex-husband, involved human blood. He described one particular ritual he attended at the lavish house of a powerful Puerto Rican drug baron, who himself believed his riches and influence were due to his involvement in these secret rituals.

Intricate Ceremonies In Lavish Houses

Julia further revealed that she had spoken to three different locals who claimed that this mysterious group had paid each of them for supplies of their blood to use in the strange rituals. The details of these accounts were consistent: each person was taken to a location in the El Yunque rainforest, where a local doctor (who was also well-paid by the group) extracted their blood before they were returned home.

At the drug baron’s mansion, this blood was used in a lengthy, intricate ceremony attended by “dozens” of influential people from various walks of life, all “dressed in cloaks” and focused on the task at hand—manifesting a Chupacabra. And manifest one they did.

According to what Julia told Redfern, shortly after the ceremony began, the lights in the mansion started to flicker, and a nauseating aroma of sulfur filled the air. Even stranger, the air around them began to “shimmer,” similar to a heat haze on a hot day. Then, right before their eyes, the Chupacabra began to appear, as if manifesting out of thin air. Everyone there was shocked, and those in charge of the ceremony had to remind the attendees to remain calm.

Then, things took an even stranger turn.

A Creature Of Supernatural Origin

According to Julia, it was evident to everyone present that this strange creature was “semi-transparent”—”more spectral than physical.” However, when it placed its front paws into a bowl filled with human blood, it suddenly became fully physical, as if the blood had completed its manifestation in our reality. Julia’s ex-husband explained that this blood not only aided in the manifestation of the Chupacabra but also provided it with a physical existence in our realm, as opposed to the “ethereal” one it had in its own.

Julia recalled her husband stating that the entire room was in a state of tension. While people tried to comprehend what they were seeing, none could fully understand it. Things became even stranger when, moments after the Chupacabra’s manifestation was complete, it vanished in a “bright blue flash” that temporarily blinded those present.

Unfortunately, it is not detailed how the forced manifestation of this creature resulted in wealth, power, and influence for those who attended. However, this adds yet another layer of intrigue to this already complex series of encounters revolving around the need for blood and its connection to the paranormal realm.

It is an interesting notion that the Chupacabra required blood—in this case, human blood—to fully establish its physical form. This might explain its apparent need for blood as it prowls the rural landscapes of the Americas. The idea that blood is required to establish and perhaps maintain a form is where we will turn our attention next.

A Need To Maintain Human Form

Continuing with the idea that members of the “world elite” are involved in various levels of blood rituals and sacrifices, another aspect to consider, especially when exploring bloodlust from a supernatural perspective, is how this need for and use of blood might be necessary to “sustain human form”—essentially, its potential connection to purported shapeshifters. [5]

We’ve explored the evident links between supernatural bloodlust and vampires previously. However, there is also a purported association with reptilians, particularly humanoid-reptilian hybrids capable of shapeshifting. While many people dismiss the notion of reptilian entities, especially shapeshifters, claims and legends about these beings have persisted for centuries. Some suggest that these reptilians are descended from the ancient Anunnaki gods or may even be identified as the Anunnaki themselves.

If we briefly visit the origin tales of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the shapeshifting abilities attributed to him, could it be that the consumption of human blood aided in maintaining this form? Was Stoker subtly conveying this through esoteric meanings and messages embedded in his novel?

Similarly, was Stoker implying that these various entities—vampires, reptilians, and other bloodthirsty creatures—are all manifestations of a common source: an extraterrestrial presence entering our world through portals or temporal and spatial windows, possibly from another dimension?

Connections To Ancient Legends

Indeed, if we consider that vampires, reptilians, and modern-day extraterrestrials are all descendants of the Anunnaki, it is noteworthy to observe their apparent requirement for human blood, akin to the blood need depicted in more recent vampire legends.

According to controversial researcher David Icke, while vampires traditionally obtain human blood by biting and sucking from the neck, Anunnaki and reptilian rituals involve “slashing the necks of their victims from left to right” to collect blood in goblets for consumption.

Intriguingly, during these sacrifices, Anunnaki and reptilians also feed on emotions, particularly negative ones such as fear and terror. As victims near death, their “life energy” is absorbed and utilized as sustenance. Icke proposes that these ancient practices not only underlie the concept of blood drinking but also encompass the aspects of “energy draining” and mind control associated with vampirism.

Moreover, vampires, like Anunnaki and reptilians, have the ability to alter their appearance through shapeshifting, a process aided by blood consumption.

It is also of interest that many researchers have suggested a need for blood, whether animal or human, on the part of alleged alien visitors over the past 70 years. If the Anunnaki are indeed extraterrestrials and connected to these entities in the modern era, this correlation would be logical. Some cite the phenomenon of cattle mutilation and the draining of animals’ blood as evidence that alien entities also show interest in blood use. Additionally, there are accounts involving humans, UFOs, and blood-related phenomena, which now shift our focus.

Rituals To Ancient Alien Overlords?

As we can see, then, the idea of secret societies made up of members of the world’s elite conducting ritual blood sacrifices in order to cling on to the power and influence they have enjoyed for eons may just have more to it than many of us might think. Indeed, we might ask ourselves, just what is going on behind the closed doors of these secret societies attended by the super rich?

While it might sound preposterous to most of us, the idea is not as far removed from reality as we might think. Secret societies do exist, and have done for thousands of years. What we know of their inner workings has come to us through people who have, essentially, leaked their secrets. We can only imagine how many other secrets exist that we know nothing whatsoever about?

Indeed, many researchers suggest that these ultra-secret societies and organizations – ones that we know nothing about – have practices that date back hundreds, if not thousands of years. And even thousands of years ago, these practices were already ancient. We can only imagine just how far back these practices and rituals go, perhaps even back to the time of the gods themselves. And if there is any truth in that, then we need to ask just who these “gods” actually were? Could they have been, as some researchers have suggested, extraterrestrial in nature. And if these ritual sacrifices are still taking place today, are we talking about rituals and sacrifices to alien overlords?

As wild as these speculations are, they give us plenty of food for thought.

The short video below examines the notion of rituals a little further.


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