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Given the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of UFO and alien encounters on record, be it in the files of UFO investigators or little-known government agencies in our contemporary era, newspaper articles spanning the hundreds of years of the press being in operation, or even personal journals and official writings which, in some cases, go back to the beginnings of the historical record, more often than not the witnesses to these encounters are not known to the wider world outside their own environments.

However, on occasion, and certainly more often than we might think, people whose influence stretches much further and who, in turn, draw increased attention for various reasons – essentially, celebrities – experience such encounters.

Superimposed aliens and UFOs over an image of the Hollywood sign

Why do so many celebrities witness UFO encounters?

And it isn’t always those from the entertainment worlds of Hollywood or the rock stars from the money machine that is the music industry. Indeed, several leading politicians have spoken of their encounters. As have leaders in other influential fields of interest.

As we will explore as we move forward with some of these celebrity UFO encounters, might there be an element of preplanning that such well-known and well-placed individuals might experience such incidents? Or might it simply be the law of averages, that people from all walks of life, known and unknown to the masses, will experience such strange encounters alike?

Or might the reasons be much more complicated than either of those options? Might it be that the reasons for such sightings lay more with the individuals themselves as opposed to the circumstance or location? As many researchers in all areas of the paranormal are seemingly beginning to increasingly suspect, might these apparently unconnected events and encounters, as bizarre as it might be, be very much connected?

UFO Encounters By “Leaders Of The Modern World!”

Perhaps one of the most well-known names in history, and certainly one of the most influential people in the late-twentieth-century (if in name only) was two-time President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, who publicly spoke of two UFO encounters he had personally experienced, one of which would even have all the signs of alien abduction.

We have examined Reagan’s sightings in-depth previously, so we won’t go over them in full again here. However, when we add the many conspiracies of “secret space programs” apparently in full-swing under his watch, as well as the many times he would suggest that something very untoward was taking place behind the scenes of what most people were aware of, we have to ask if such alien interaction was coincidental or not.

Incidentally, before making his name as a politician (as the Governor of California and then as the President), Reagan was an accomplished and famous actor, frequenting the same Hollywood streets and estates as some of the names we will explore shortly.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Another United States President, in fact, the president before Reagan, Jimmy Carter, also witnessed a UFO. And what’s more, he had filed an official report with the National Investigations on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in September 1973, several years before becoming President.

Carter’s sighting took place in October 1969 in Leary, Georgia, while he was waiting outside for a meeting to begin. It was around 7:30 pm when he, along with several other attendees witnessed a “very bright (object) changing colors”. It was, he would recall the “darndest thing” he had ever witnessed.

Incidentally, Carter would promise to have “every piece of information” made available to the public concerning UFOs should he win the presidency. However, upon victory, he would claim that “defense implications” would prevent him from doing so.

Further Evidence Of A Hidden Reality To Most Of Us?

Almost half a century before Reagan and Carter’s presidencies, across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill also expressed an interest in UFOs and alien life, albeit much more privately.

Furthermore, according to declassified information in 2010, the one-time prime minister was not only aware of the reality of such incidents. He, along with United States President Eisenhower, ordered a covering up of such incidents as far back as the Second World War, several years before the alleged Roswell crash that hailed the beginning of the modern UFO era.

We have examined on several occasions the alleged meeting between President Eisenhower and extraterrestrials in 1954. That he is mentioned here in the files of a one-time British prime minister regarding the covering up of information on UFOs is intriguing, to say the least.

According to the files, following a sighting by the crew of an RAF bomber plane returning to Britain, Churchill would write that such an incident would “create mass panic amongst the general population”. He would further state that it would “destroy one’s belief in The Church”.

This is an interesting notion in itself, and while very much indicative of the times in general, further suggests a world in which the wider populace is purposely left unaware of the realities in which they live. Almost guided by those in power to a life of unchallenging ignorance.

Indeed, documents and writings discovered very recently show that Churchill not only had a passionate interest in the possibilities of extraterrestrial life, but he also had a rather well-rounded understanding of it. And what’s more, it appeared he had done for a great part of his adult life.

The video below looks at this apparent “cover-up” of UFOs on Churchill’s, and President Eisenhower’s orders.

Singapore Politician Publicly Claims UFO Sighting

In 2018 a somewhat controversial politician from Singapore, Goh Meng Seng, would state in no uncertain terms that he had witnessed a UFO and that he firmly believed in aliens and life on other planets. And what’s more, he has made similar comments for several years.

He would claim that in 2000 he would witness an “object masquerading as a cloud” moving at “very low speed” and glowing as it did so. Then, it would take off at “astronomical speed” and disappear from his sight. He would further claim that:

Such technology of speed is unknown to human civilization and that is why I believe there exists a more advanced civilization somewhere which is alien to Earth!

No stranger to controversy (he was involved in an “on-line sex forum” row in 2006), Goh Meng Seng would then offer that his belief in the “existence of alien UFOs us more credible than any religion”. His rationale for this, which is not entirely inaccurate, being that such religions were followed by people “who didn’t even see their God (or), Goddess”. He would even label such people “myopic and ignorant”.

An image of an old film reel

Might those in the public eye be targeted by aliens?

He would then offer even more on the subject, stating that some UFO crafts are “human-made”. However, these crafts can fly only at “normal speeds” and most often are “saucer-shaped”. By contrast, he would offer, those objects that could travel at the “speed of light” were most likely “alien types”.

It is certainly an interesting stance. Not least due to his standing as a high-ranking politician. However, he is certainly not the only politician to make such claims. In fact, several years earlier in the United Kingdom a politician would make some remarkable claims.

The Seemingly Bizarre Ravings Of British Politician, Simon Parkes

Without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary claims, perhaps not least as they would come from an elected politician, were those of Simon Parkes, who while serving as a councilor for the Labour party in the United Kingdom would declare in 2012 that his “real mother was a green alien” and that he had “fathered a love-child with an alien lover”. What’s more, he would make the claims on the national television show This Morning, leaving the presenters openmouthed and his constituents shocked.

Needless to say, his comments were met with staunch criticism and mocking in equal measure by opposition politicians and his own party members alike, as well as from large portions of the mainstream media.

While it is easy to dismiss Parkes as a fantasist, his background his extremely intriguing in light of the seemingly outrageous claims. So much so, they fit the general pattern that many researchers have highlighted as being indicative of involvement of secret programs and elite units operating so far outside of the range of understanding for the most of members of the population that any talk of their activities are ignored as nonsense and lunacy inspired ravings.

For example, his “biological mother” worked for MI5 for over a decade between 1965 and 1979. However, at least according to Parkes, she would also work “jointly” for America’s National Security Agency (NSA). What’s more, her secretive duties would include typing “documents that related to crashed UFO craft that had come down all over the Earth’s surface”. This wreckage was then “retrieved by American special forces/recovery teams”.

Furthermore, his grandfather also worked jointly with British and American intelligence services and was also a “prominent Freemason” and also a “diplomat to the United Nations”.

The video below features Parkes speaking of his encounters.


Florida Congresswoman Backtracks From Claims Of Alien Encounters

In 2009 in the state of Florida, a politician, Bettina Rodriguez, would first speak publicly of an alien encounter she had before then backtracking completely and all but denying the incident happened.

She would initially state that not only did she see the strange extraterrestrial craft decades earlier when she was 7 years old, but that she went on board. She would claim that there were “round seats” and “quartz rocks that controlled the ship”. Rodriguez would then go on to state that the alien entities would remain in regular “telepathic communication” with her for several years after the sighting.

Even more intriguing, and certainly not the type of information that might simply enter a person’s mind, she would make some startling revelations. For example, she would claim that 30,000 skulls that were “different from humans” currently reside in a cave somewhere on the island of Malta. Or perhaps that “God is a universal energy” and that the “energy center” of the world is Africa.

However, several years later when running for Congress, she would shy away from the claims. She would claim that she had a “strong belief in God”. And would even state that the previously mentioned Ronald Reagan had claimed to have witnessed a UFO.

It would seem pretty clear to most that Rodriguez’ climbdown is most likely so as to “fall in line” with the current Republican ideology, which appears to lean increasingly more to the religious-right. And such an ideology leaves little room for UFOs, and more specifically, aliens.

You can check out the short video below which features Rodriguez speaking of the incident in question.

Real UFO Encounters In The Make-Believe World Of Entertainment

While there are several relatively prominent politicians with UFO encounters to speak of, there are even more from the entertainment worlds of film and music. Whether that simply represents the fact that politicians for obvious reasons are less likely to speak about such incidents as actors or musicians is perhaps open to debate.

For example, during a recording session in the early 1990s, American rock band, Gin Blossoms, would witness a bizarre object with flashing lights flying overhead. And what’s more, they would watch it for around 20 minutes before finally disappearing from sight.

Perhaps one of the most well-known musicians to have witnessed a UFO is the one-time lead singer with the Manchester-based band, Happy Mondays, Shaun Ryder, who witnessed a bizarre object flying overhead when he was a teenager. Ryder’s interest in such matters has continued over the years, with the former rock star fronting several television shows on UFO sightings and alien abduction.

A superimposed UFO over the Hollywood sign

Do the public listen more when a well-known person speaks of UFOs?

When rapper, Lupe Fiasco was only 11 years old and living in Chicago in the early 1990s, he awoke one morning at around 7 am with a bizarre blue glow enveloping him. At the same time, feelings of electric shocks were running through his body. As this was happening, he noticed a black disc hovering outside his family’s home. Even stranger, the rapper still has a scar on his ankle which he claims he obtained during the strange incident.

Certainly one of the biggest names to lay claims to witnessing a UFO is Oscar-winning actor, Russell Crowe. He would claim that after setting up video equipment in order to capture footage of fruit bats in his Botanic Gardens outside his office in Sydney, he would unintentionally capture a “glowing object” hovering overhead.

However, our next celebrity witnessed a famous UFO encounter.

Kurt Russell Reports The Phoenix Lights

We have examined the Phoenix Lights incidents in a previous case study article. However, one thing we failed to mention at the time was that the pilot of the small plane who reported the bizarre lights initially was Hollywood movie actor, Kurt Russell.

The actor would reveal the incident in a 2017 interview with the BBC. He would claim he was flying his son, Oliver, to meet his girlfriend. He would state:

I saw six lights over the airport in absolute uniform in a V shape. Oliver said to me – I was just looking at him, I was coming in, we’re maybe half a mile out – and Oliver said, ‘Pa, what are those lights?’

The actor would respond that he didn’t know what they were. He had, however, recovered from his temporary shock of the bizarre scene in front of him and said out loud, “I’m gonna call (it) in”.

Incidentally, the incident would fade from Russell’s memory quickly after, who would not mention it even in the aftermath of the Phoenix Lights sighting. However, several years later, when his wife, actress Goldie Hawn, was watching a documentary about the incident, he suddenly recalled the gravity of what he had seen.

You can check out the short video below. It features Russell speaking of the encounter in a little more detail.

The 1970s “Alien Plug-In” Encounters Of Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar, after establishing himself as a successful rock front man in his own right by the early 1980s would join veteran rockers Van Halen and replace the equally outrageous front man, Dave Lee Roth.

Decades later upon the release of his autobiography Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock, an account he claimed to have taken place in the seventies was discussed. An incident that Hagar himself declared would make him “sound like a crazy person”.

The incident took place at some point in the late-1970s at the rocker’s home in California. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Hagar felt a connection as if they “were plugged into me”. He would claim that this mysterious cosmic connection “downloaded something” into his consciousness, or “uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment”.

What’s more, Hagar would state that the incident was but one of several extraterrestrial encounters he had experienced. One particular incident occurred when he was only 4 years old at his family home. In daylight, he would witness what he thought was “a car with no wheels” hovering over the house. He would begin throwing rocks at the strange craft at which time his memory would suddenly go blank. Although he certainly didn’t say as much, such an incident would indicate an abduction encounter.

The video below features Hagar speaking of this apparent extraterrestrial contact a little more.

Ace Frehley “Regularly Sees UFOs” Near His Home In Upstate New York

Hagar isn’t the only veteran rock star to have experienced such an out of this world incident. Kiss guitarist, Ace Frehley, whose on-stage persona was incidentally, The Spaceman, would claim to have witnessed UFOs regularly for decades.

What is perhaps interesting about Frehley’s claims is that his residence – in upstate rural New York – is indeed a hotspot for such activity, with many other reports of such sightings on record over the years.

He would claim in the early-2000s that he sees UFOs “all the time” flying over his home in the largely wooded areas of the state. He would further elaborate that these objects would often move in ways that terrestrial aircraft simply couldn’t.

Frehley stops short of claiming an alien interaction of any kind. However, the incidents have obviously left a mark on his psyche. Even if we disregard the Spaceman persona of his Kiss days, some of the titles of his solo albums include Second Sighting and Anomaly.

The short video below features Frehley speaking of the sightings.

David Bowie – A Life-Long Obsession With UFOs And Cover-Ups

Perhaps, in a similar way to the Kiss guitarist above, it should also not surprise us that the late David Bowie, whose material showed a persistent fascination with space and alien life, also had several experiences regarding UFOs.

In fact, Bowie’s UFO experiences go back to when he was a child, with several alleged encounters during his childhood. The young, teenage Bowie would even produce his own UFO newsletter with several other likeminded friends. Was he just the product of the times? He certainly wouldn’t have been the only teenager at the time to have had an interest in space and visitors from other worlds. However, he was seemingly one of the (relatively speaking) few people who would witness these mysterious visitors.

Bowie’s interest in UFOs would last his entire life. As would, it would seem, the sightings of such mysterious crafts. Furthermore, Bowie was said to have an interest bordering on obsession with cover-ups in the UFO world.

David Bowie

David Bowie had an intense interest in UFOs

What is particularly interesting about the sightings of David Bowie, and more specifically, his reasoning of the cause of them, is that he would state his belief that rather than seeing a solid, nuts-and-bolts craft, they were “a projection of my own mind trying to make sense of this quantum topological doorway into dimensions beyond our own”.

Indeed, this last point is potentially important in understanding not only the UFO and alien question, but many other aspects of our reality and how they intertwine and affect all of us. This is something we will explore a little more shortly, but it very applies to our next celebrity and their UFO encounters.

Elvis – UFO Encounters Began On The Night “The King’s” Birth!

Much like David Bowie, The King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley is said to have also had a lifetime of encounters with UFOs. And their occupants.

One of the strangest of these would occur, according to a lifelong friend to Elvis, Larry Geller, on the night of his birth. According to Geller, on the night Elvis was born, at around 2 am, his expectant father had ventured outside to smoke a cigarette. However, upon taking a drag and looking upward, he noticed a strange blue light seemingly hovering over their home, which was little more than a “shack”.

Although it reads like a story more akin to the nativity scene, Geller would claim the father-to-be realized that this light was connected to the birth of his son and that he knew “something special was happening!”

A picture of an alien entity superimposed over a picture of Elvis

Did Elvis have alien encounters?

It is an easy encounter to dismiss, but Elvis himself would speak of UFOs and life on other planets. On another occasion, while he and Geller were driving through lonely desert terrain of a highway somewhere in America, several “unusual lights” suddenly appeared out of nowhere, moving through the sky at a speed “far too quickly to be airplanes”.

Furthermore, there are claims by some, albeit of a more outlandish nature, of alien interaction throughout the life of Elvis Presley. All are intriguing in their own right. Although if there was some overriding reason for such intervention in the life of a rock star, prominent as he undoubtedly was, it is hard to see what the end goal might have been for doing so.

Lemmy And Jagger – Two Members Of British Rock Royalty Each Witness UFOs

Bowie and Elvis are not the only big names in the music industry to have apparent experience with UFOs. One-time Hawkwind member and founder of Motorhead, Lemmy Kilmeister, as well as front man of The Rolling Store, Mick Jagger, for example, would both witness strange aerial anomalies during the late-1960s.

Lemmy would speak of an incident in 1966 when he witnessed a “thing” come into view overhead and then “stop dead in the middle of the sky”. It would then go “from a standstill to top speed”. The veteran rocker would note how conventional aircraft couldn’t even do that today. He would further state how the incident was “pretty eye-opening for me”.

Lemmy from Motorhead

Lemmy from Motorhead

Several years later in 1968, Rolling Stones’ front man, Mick Jagger, while camping with this girlfriend at the time, Marianne Faithful, would witness a “cigar-shaped mothership” moving through the night sky overhead. What’s more, Jagger has had a lifelong fascination with UFOs and aliens. We should perhaps ask, is this fascination of his own mind? Or might such thoughts, and even the ability to witness such things, and in turn, speak of them to a larger audience, be the result of bizarre manipulation?

Or might such sightings be dependent on a combination of the lifestyle and indeed the outlook of such mindsets as those of such creative and openminded people as Lemmy and Jagger? As we mentioned above, we will come back to this a little later.

Nick Menza Films UFO From His Front Yard, California

One-time Megadeth drummer, Nick Menza, whose interest in UFOs, aliens, and the conspiracies that tie them together is long-standing, would witness and film a UFO from his front yard in California in 2014.

He would claim that he and his two sons were in their yard observing the moon, which was particularly large that night. When they went to film it, however, they witnessed something with several strange lights moving overhead.

The footage itself is only 46 seconds long, but would indeed hold its own among other UFO sightings captured on video.

Tragically, Menza would suffer heart failure while performing onstage in May 2016 at the age of only 51. You can view the footage he captured below.

Dan Aykroyd – A Veteran UFO Researcher In His Own Right!

Writer, actor, and director, Dan Aykroyd is certainly no stranger to UFOs, extraterrestrials, and conspiracy. And that is without taking his fictional scripts into account.

Aykroyd has been an active researcher into the UFO and alien question (as well as many other aspects of the paranormal) and has had several experiences over the years, four in total. He would also state, however, that “he couldn’t be sure if they were alien craft”.

Furthermore, at least according to Aykroyd, although the United States Air Force “really doesn’t know much more than the rest of us”. He would also state, though, that whatever they might state publicly, they most certainly did have an active interest in such sightings.

Perhaps even more amazing, he would recall how his driver – who had spent time in the Air Force – had informed him of an encounter where they had witnessed an object on the radar screen that was moving in excess of 70,000 miles per hour.

Ackroyd has also had several encounters with the Men In Black while he was involved with the production of a documentary into UFOs. While at a television studio preparing for another interview, Aykroyd would suddenly notice a “very tall pale man” wearing a dark suit watching him from across the street. After giving the actor a “dirty look”, the strange man got back in the car which then drove away. Incidentally, in the days that followed, the UFO documentary was pulled, and filming would stop.

You can check out the video below. It features Ackroyd speaking at length about UFO sightings and alien encounters.

William Shatner And Fran Drescher – Intriguing, But Questionable Encounters?

Perhaps it is not too surprising to see veteran actor, William Shatner as a celebrity with several UFO and alien encounters under his belt considering he spent a great chunk of his career playing Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise in the show Star Trek (which we have noted before has some relatively intriguing origins).

However, one particular incident stands out from the others. Shatner would suffer an accident on his motorcycle in the Mojave Desert. In the moments following, he would witness a “shadowy figure” stood nearby. What’s more, it appeared to be urging him to follow it, which he did. According to Shatner, the strange figure would take him to a silver disc hovering overhead.

Making the incident even more confusing, though, was a bizarre denial of the events that would appear largely incoherent to most.

William Shatner (1960s)

William Shatner (1960s)

American actress, Fran Drescher, hasn’t just witnessed a UFO, according to an interview in 2012 she was abducted by aliens while several years previously while a high school student. She was driving in the car with her father at the time of the incident. She would even discover a barely noticeable but very distinctive scar on her hand following the incident.

Even more bizarre, years later upon marrying her now ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, she would discover he had the exact same scar in the exact same place. According to Drescher, this was proof that both she and her husband had the same abduction encounter years before they met.

We should note, however, that Jacobson would claim that the scar on his ex-wife’s hand was made by Dresher herself. In response, the actress would claim that Jacobson simply refuses to recognize the experience.

The UFO Conspiracies Of Marilyn Monroe

Although it takes us into darker territory, several claims and conspiracies involving the death of 1960s Hollywood movie icon, Marilyn Monroe, revolves around the idea that, through her affairs with the Kennedy brothers, she had learned information regarding UFOs and what the United States government knew about them.

While such claims are easily dismissed, in this case, they are at the very least intriguing. Not least as, if true, it would begin to show the interconnected nature of the world that resides just slightly under the surface of the one on which most of us reside. One where connections between apparent opposing forces show an agenda that most would struggle to comprehend.

As we might imagine, especially given the wealth of other conspiracies that have swirled around the actress since sudden and mysterious death, the claims, for those who find them worthy of their time, to begin with, are rather divisive within UFO and conspiracy circles.

Did the actress’s knowledge of UFOs and an alien presence on Earth through her liaisons with the Kennedy brothers contribute to her death? It certainly isn’t beyond the realm of possibility, regardless of how dark the notion might be, that such a claim might have an element of truth to it. In reality, however, both the times and the circles the actress moved in will make any definitive proof hard to obtain.

The video below looks at these claims a little further.

The Bizarre And Telling Encounter Of Grant Morrison?

Before we examine some of the possibilities as to why – if indeed there is a specific reason – such celebrities might be more likely to experience UFO or alien encounters, it is most definitely worth looking at the alleged encounter of comic writer Grant Morrison.

Aside from the fact that Morrison is an active practitioner of magic who claims to have intentionally summoned up aliens to abduct him in Kathmandu in 1994, but that anyone, should they follow his work, is able to “contact the scorpion gods”.

A superimposed UFO over Hollywood

Is there a particular alien interest in Hollywood?

The incident, he would claim, happened inside his hotel room, where he was taken to Alpha Centauri by way of an out of body experience. What is even more intriguing, is that Morrison claims this experience happened not in space as we might imagine it, but in the “fifth dimension”. This realm exists “outside of time and space”. Interestingly or not, author and researcher, David Icke, makes similar claims about the origin of the apparent reptilian entities which, according to his research, secretly control the world. And do so from an alternative dimension to ours.

What is also of particular interest here, was Morrison’s claims that he was asked to tell the world of the information these extraterrestrials would pass to him through his work.

Might this, then, be the reason that such well-known people experience these apparently cosmic encounters?

The Creative Mind – A Key To Understanding UFO And Alien Interaction?

We mentioned earlier that those in the entertainment industries are often more inclined to speak of such UFO and alien encounters than a politician, for example, due to the need of the former to appear level-headed at all times. Rightly or wrongly, talk of seeing UFOs and interacting with extraterrestrial creatures is most certainly not regarded by most as level-headed.

However, although they quite often succeed in leading political or social causes, when as actors or musicians speak about incidents involving UFOs or aliens, the public tends to treat them with less credibility than they might a politician.

A strange woman standing in a forest in the woods

Might a creative mindset be the key to understanding UFOs?

Author and researcher, Robbie Graham discusses this notion. And rightly highlights how the level of alcohol and drug consumption in both industries is perhaps the main reason why such accounts are treated so skeptically. What’s more, Graham highlights how the perception of our realities may prove to be a key component in understanding such UFO and alien encounters. For example, are UFOs really coming to us from outer space? Or might their appearance have more to do with how we view the world, and quite possibly from which door of perception we choose to view it from?

Throughout history, many “visions” – generally achieved through the consumption of psychoactive properties – are largely assumed to be some kind of hallucination. However, might these visions be another level of reality? One that these psychoactive properties assist us in being able to see.

For reasons we don’t fully understand, the “creative mind” perceives the world much differently than the majority of people. Is it this creative wiring of the brain that possibly allows such people to see into the realms of these other realities? Or might those who witness such other realms experience a “rewiring of the mind”, resulting in an increased creative output?

The Same Old Questions Ignored In Different Ways

This way of thinking is an intriguing one. Particularly for those researchers who suspect that there is a connection between many areas of the paranormal and the supernatural. That an understanding of UFOs and aliens, for example, will most likely lead to an understanding of ghosts, hauntings, and apparitions.

Might it be that those who say that “this is all there is”, that humans are essentially animated pieces of meat and that once dead are gone are correct? Or do such people live in the same ignorance as those who believe in the heaven-hell paradigm? Safe from having to begin to contemplate the questions that have both driven humanity and frustrated it. Why are we here? What is the point? What is reality?

It would surely be the height of human ignorance to completely dismiss such accounts, writings, and claims in our contemporary world of not just UFO encounters, but of a whole manner of bizarre phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, the concept and repeated examples of reincarnation, and the general nature of our universe, to name but a few.

A depiction of a wise ancient being

A depiction of a wise ancient being

While these things remain, for most of us, beyond the scope of our understanding, they are not beyond the scope of our recognition? Through such, and continued study would come the clarity we have collectively sought for eons.

Indeed, such notions should certainly make us contemplate the nature of our existence and what life, human life really means. Such things as “aliens” and “ghosts” – concepts that in one form or another have been with us since the beginning of time – will likely clarify the more these barriers to our collective perception are removed.

A Matter Of Perception?

Whether it is an intentional situation or not, many people who are well-known the world over have witnessed the same bizarre sightings, lights in the sky, and even bizarre entities seemingly from elsewhere, just like the rest of the population (generally speaking).

Is this a planned and purposeful move? And if so, by whom, and why? While it would make sense on a certain level, from an extraterrestrial perspective, to seek out a well-known person whose voice can reach millions, as we have examined, albeit briefly, the nuance of human existence and perception suggests such moves would have little actual impact.

Or does the ability to see and perceive these alien entities from other worlds or dimensions rely on the chemicals of the individual mind? Are they quite literally dependent on how each individual perceives the world? If so, how do these personal perceptions mesh to create our collective existence?

Or perhaps they don’t? Perhaps the nature of reality is much more personal and subjective than we can currently understand? More than that, we must then question what is the nature of our collective existence? And how it might fit into these seemingly endless realms of existence, whose walls occasionally fall allowing them to merge, albeit temporarily?

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the most intriguing UFO encounters on record. And features, appropriately, Dan Aykroyd, one of the most respected celebrities in terms of UFO research.

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