Two Very Different Alien Encounters From Twenty-First Century California

Marcus Lowth
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June 1, 2022
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Alien abduction encounters stretch back to at least the start of the Modern UFO Era, and almost certainly to hundreds, if not thousands of years before that. What’s more, they continue to happen today, and with a lot more regularity than we might think, and at many different locations across the world. In short, no matter what might be behind these abduction cases, they are very a part of our collective reality, no matter where you might be.

A depiction of a UFO over a person

California remains a hotspot of UFO activity even today

There are undoubtedly hot spots of UFO and alien activity, just one of which is California. And while California is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, breath-taking states in America, it is also a UFO hotspot, with regular sightings of strange objects overhead, and a small mountain of alien abduction claims. What’s more, these sightings and alleged abductions continue to happen today in the twenty-first century and look set to continue to do so for some time.

We obviously don’t have time nor space to examine each and every sighting and claim, even from the year 2000 onward. We do, though, have ample space to examine two of the most intriguing of the last two decades. And we start when the new century was barely nine months old.

Terrorized By Aliens While “Safe” At Home!

According to MUFON Case File 33244, at around 11:30 pm on 11th October 2000 in Whittier, California, the witness was at home with their family, a house they had only lived in since July of that year, having recently moved. Their home sat on a hillside community in a fenced-off area on the mountainous terrain of the region, and the witness had only been at home 15 minutes, having arrived home from work.

The witness did a quick walk around the house, finding his two sons asleep in their respective rooms, and his wife asleep in their room. Satisfied all was as it should be, he retreated from the bedroom and into the living where they began to watch television, which was the only source of light in the otherwise darkened room.

They watched the end of the news, noting that the kitchen light was on next door, and then glanced back to watch the sports round-up. Then, things turned decidedly strange, and ominous.

From the kitchen, the witness could hear a “rustling sound”, as if someone was opening a bag of potato chips. However, knowing that everyone else in the house was asleep in their beds, there should have been no one in the kitchen to do so. They were certain that no one had gotten out of bed and made their way to the kitchen, not least as they could see all of the bedroom doors from where they sat.

The noise continued, causing a sense of panic to rise somewhat in the witness. Before they realized quite what they were doing, the witness called out, asking who was there. No answer came back. The rustling, though, stopped immediately. Whatever was making the sound had heard him, of that there was no doubt.

Several moments later, now feeling, even more, unnerved, the witness called out again, attempting to add a stern tone to his voice. Once more, there was no answer.

By this time, the witness was looking around for something he could use as a weapon. Still sat in the chair, he removed his belt, intending to use the buckle to strike out with it if he was confronted. As he stood up from the chair, the electricity in his house failed, and he was plunged into complete darkness.

Intruders In The House!

Deciding attack was his best form of defense, and using what little light could penetrate through the windows from outside, he made his way to the kitchen, his belt in his hand, ready to swing at anyone or anything that approached him.

As he entered the kitchen he quickly realized there was no one else in the room. What’s more, he couldn’t hear any sounds of footsteps retreating anywhere. It was as if whatever had been here, it had vanished into thin air. However, despite the intruder not being in the kitchen or the joining laundry room, he couldn’t rule out that it had gone elsewhere in the house in the moments when the power had first gone down when the witness was adjusting to the sudden blackness.

A picture of a bright light over a field

Was something in the witness’s house?

He decided he would have to search each room to make sure that no one was in the house. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen side and retrieved a flashlight. He then proceeded down the hallway, arriving first at his son’s room. He went inside, noting that his son was fast asleep. He did a quick check of under the bed and in the closet before leaving the room, and entering his other son’s bedroom, all the while listening intently for any sounds coming from elsewhere in the house. He quickly established that this room was clear also.

They then made their way to the master bathroom, which was also empty, leaving only the bedroom he shared with his wife to investigate. He approached the bedroom door, which had been left open. He could clearly see inside. As he stood in the doorway, he estimated he was around 10 feet away from the foot of their bed.

Only several minutes earlier, he knew his wife had been fast asleep. Now, though, as he peered inside, he could see her sitting up on the bed. What she said to him as he took a step inside the room sent chills running through him.

“Why Were You Standing Over Me?”

In a concerned whisper, his wife asked him, “Why were you standing over me?”, to which he responded that he had only just stepped into the room. Now looking visibly upset, and likely as concerned as he was, she insisted that someone had been standing at the foot of the bed, watching her.

At this point, he raised his finger to his lips urging her to remain quiet. He knew that someone had been in the room with her – however, it wasn’t him, or either of their young children. Someone, or something, was inside the house.

He quickly searched the room ensuring there was no one hiding in there while his wife remained in the bed not daring to move. The only room that had not been searched was the home office, to which he turned his attention. He quickly established that nothing was inside the room and returned to the master bedroom where he urged his wife to get out of the bed and to follow him. She went to switch the bedroom lamp on before he informed her that the power was out.

A depiction of aliens under a flying saucer

Are aliens visiting California?

She left the bed and walked close behind her husband as he checked on each of the children once more as they made their way back to the living room. Once there, he asked her to describe to him exactly what she saw at the foot of the bed.

She claimed the figure was tall and seemed to be dressed in dark clothing. She believed it was him so she hadn’t taken in any more details. He, in turn, informed her of what had happened while he was sitting in the living room after returning home from work. As he did so, she reached for candles and lit them, bringing a little extra light into the room.

Now able to see a little easier, his wife decided to call the power company to ask what the problem was with their electric supply. As she did so, the witness peered out of the living room window into the yard and street outside. It was as he was doing so that he realized that only they appeared to have a problem with their electricity.

A Compelling Reason To Investigate Outside

He first noticed the streetlamp across the street was shining brightly. As he scanned the street, however, he could see lights burning in the windows of other residents. Deciding to take a closer look, he opened the front door and stepped out onto his porch. However, as he did so, he felt a strange feeling in his chest. Although he didn’t exactly know why, he suddenly felt very uneasy and anxious.

Even so, he stepped outside several steps and was quickly able to establish that the power appeared to be out on their side of the street, given that none of the porch lights had been on when he returned home from work a short time earlier were lit up now. He turned back around and returned to the house. He told his wife that he was going to take a look up the street to see if he could see any signs of an intruder. However, her reaction was not what he was expecting, with her insisting that he not leave her alone in the house.

However, for reasons he himself didn’t fully understand, he felt “compelled” to investigate outside, almost as if he were being enticed outside by an unknown force.

He walked out into the street, and stood there for several seconds, surveying the area for signs of anything untoward. He walked up the street to the corner and then back again, stopping on occasion to look down the street. As he was doing this, he felt a sudden surge of fear run through him, although the could not understand why. Regardless, he had the intense feeling that something was watching him and he set out back toward his house, walking increasingly faster.

They were soon close to the house, the feeling of fear easing somewhat the closer they came to the front door. On the ground were the dark red berries that had fallen from the several fichus trees on the street, knowing he would tread their dark, red juices into the house if he was to step on one. It was as he was focused on avoiding these berries that the “entire street was lit up in an extremely bright white light”.

Bizarre Lights Over The Street

At first, he glanced from side to side, looking to see where the light was coming from. Only after several seconds did he think to look upward. There, through the branches of the trees, he could see the apparent source of the glow. He remained where he was, looking up at this bright light, every now and then having to squint such was the brightness.

Although he couldn’t estimate the altitude of the light, he could tell that it was slowly moving toward the south and appeared to be directly over the top of his house. It continued to move, very slowly, no more than five to seven miles per hour, eventually moving out into the middle of the street.

At this point, he took several steps toward his house, keeping the light and the object from which it emanated firmly in his vision. As he continued forward, he noticed that the object above, despite its size, was completely silent. This ruled out that it might have been a helicopter, especially as there were no visible navigation lights either.

As he stopped to watch the glowing object a little closer, it suddenly surged forward at a pace approximately 15 times than it was previously doing and disappeared into the distance. He would later estimate that it was traveling just short of 50 miles per second. Throughout this sudden take-off, the object remained completely silent.

I Just Saw A UFO!

As the light disappeared, seemingly out of the planet’s atmosphere, it had a distinct upward trajectory and appeared to increase its speed even further during this upward swing. It was out of sight within no more than two or three seconds, having been nothing but a speck of light for the majority of that time.

For several moments after it had vanished, the witness remained rooted to the spot, unable to move, simply contemplated the events of the past half an hour or so. Whatever the object was, one thing they knew for certain was that it was not from Earth.

As he finally forced himself forward toward the house, his wife opened the front door. To her ear was the portable telephone. She discreetly informed him she was on hold speaking to the power company. However, as she looked at her husband a little closer, he could see a drastic look of concern spread out across her face.

She let the phone drop from her ear and asked him if he was OK, adding that he looked “like he had seen a ghost”. When he didn’t respond she continued that he looked particularly pale and that he should get inside the house. It was then that he blurted out that he “just saw a UFO”, adding that he “couldn’t explain” what he had just witnessed.

He asked his wife if she had seen the glowing object also, however, he suspected she had been on the phone to the power company while he had been outside – something she confirmed a moment later.

A depiction of woman in the woods with UFO overhead

Why are aliens so interested in California?

Then, the power company returned to the line. According to what his wife relayed a few moments later, their street had suffered a “small pocket of outage”. However, as they could find a reason for the outage, they were unable to give a time as to when the power would be restored. His wife thanked them for the information and hung up the phone. Amazingly, less than ten seconds after she did so, the power in the house surged back to life.

To the witness, the events of the mysterious intruder, the power failure, and the object he had witnessed outside were most definitely connected. The entire incident, though, remains a complete mystery.

The Granada Hills Abduction Case

Just short of a decade later, on New Year’s Day 2008, another close encounter unfolded. According to a report on an online reporting forum, on the evening in question in the Granada Hills region of the state, the witness had awoken feeling confused and severely dehydrated. What’s more, they had no memory of the hours before they had seemingly gone to sleep. However, several weeks later, those memories came flooding back in a sudden flashback. And this flashback was bizarre in the extreme.

He recalled waking up in a bizarre glass cylinder as opposed to in his bedroom. Around him was some kind of warm green fluid. He would later describe this as being “thicker than water” but “thinner than oil”. Even stranger, despite this fluid completely covering his face he was able to breathe with no problem whatsoever. This proved the same for his sight, as he was able to open his eyes and see as if the liquid was not there. It was as he was laying in this bizarre alien liquid that the memories of him being in his bedroom one minute and then transported by apparent alien entities into the tube-like container, he found himself in now.

At this point, he began to panic a little and made attempts to break out of the cylinder. However, it was as he made these attempts to move that he realized he was completely paralyzed, with only his eyelids capable of any type of movement.

Despite the helplessness of his situation, he continued to try to move his arms and legs.

An Attempt At Escape

Whether whatever force was holding him still was suddenly switched off, or whether he managed it by sheer willpower, he was suddenly able to move his limbs. As soon as he could do so, he practically leaped out of the cylinder. As soon as he came out of the liquid, he felt the desperate need to take a deep breath of air. He realized that he was completely naked and that the strange liquid felt like a “slimy gel” as it dripped from him.

He looked around him, noticing for the first time how dark the room he was in actually was, as well as what a terrible odor there was. Much more alarming, however, was row upon row of glass containers, some of which gave off a “green-yellowish glow” that lit up the immediate area around them.

A depiction of a UFO in the forest

Just what happened in the Granada Hills>

Eventually, he saw what appeared to be a “window of light” had the far end of the room, and, all but screaming in fear, he began to run toward it. As he ran, he could see several other containers to his sides of him. However, he dare not stop to take a closer look. Although he didn’t understand why he knew, he had the distinct impression that there were other people in these containers.

The lighted area drew ever nearer as he ran toward it. He could hear himself screaming out loud as he ran. Then, right before he reached the doorway, two humanoids stepped out in front of him. One of them reached out and touched him on the shoulder. He immediately blacked out.

The next thing he realized, he awoke in his bedroom with a sense of intense confusion running through his mind.

A month or so after this first flashback, a second one came – and this one revealed even more of the bizarre and unsettling encounter.

Strange And Uncomfortable Procedures

During this second flashback, he would awaken but he wouldn’t be in his room. Instead, he was lying on a table in a strange room, presumably in the same place as the cylinder chamber. Several of the strange creatures were standing around him, seemingly in the middle of performing some kind of procedure on his eyes. He had the impression he had awoken in the middle of their experiments and tests. The creature then turned its attention away from his eyes and to his nose.

He wasn’t sure if he was going in and out of consciousness during these procedures, as his memories appeared jumbled up and scattered. He recalled they began looking at lower down his body, on his torso, and then his groin. The attempted to see what was happening, but he was mostly paralyzed, only able to move his head ever so slightly. He recalled that whatever the procedures were, they were mostly uncomfortable and bordering on painful.

A depiction of a UFO in front of a car

Just why are so many Californians targeted by aliens?

Despite the stress of the situation and the severe discomfort he was in, he could make out that there were three of the creatures in the room with him, and one of them was decidedly taller than the other two. It appeared to the witness that this taller entity was in charge. In fact, the remaining two figures appeared to act in a robotic manner throughout.

Even stranger, through telepathy, this taller figure would speak to him in his native Spanish. He would tell him that he would come to no harm and that he should relax. Before he could contemplate anything else, however, he blacked out once more.

Taken From The Bedroom Through The Roof Of The House

Two months would pass before the witness had another flashback to the night in question. And this time, the events were revealed in full, including what had happened at the beginning of the abduction.

He had gone to bed that evening as normal but had awoken in the middle of the night to find his room was lit in a dim blue-green glow. Of much more concern, at the foot of the bed were four grey-skinned figures, themselves surrounded by a luminous green haze. These creatures had particularly large heads and big, almond-shaped eyes. He also noticed a particularly unpleasant odor in the room that he presumed came from these obscure creatures.

He sat up in bed but was unable to move any further. Instead, he simply remained still and watched, helplessly as events began to unfold around him. In retrospect, he believed that this was the most frightening aspect of the entire abduction – the realization that these bizarre entities were very real.

Not long after waking up to the sight of these four disturbing creatures, he began to feel strangely disorientated. He wasn’t sure if this was his own reaction to the bizarre situation, or if these strange entities had made him feel this way.

At the same time, he also had the feeling that an electric current was passing through his body. Even stranger, this electricity appeared to present in the air itself around him. Before he could contemplate any more, he felt himself rising up to the ceiling and passing straight through the roof of his house as if it wasn’t there.

Although the following part of the timeline would not come back to him for many months after the incident, he recalled that he was made to float to a nearby park where he, along with two grey alien entities, stood waiting for several moments close to a hiking trail. He realized he was only standing in his underwear and a t-shirt and was suddenly aware of how cold it was. Then, something approached them from above and he had the sense of rising upward once again.

As he floated upward away from his house, although the memory was hazy, he could several different colored lights above him. He continued ascending toward them. Then, he awoke to find himself submerged in the large cylinder tank.

Another Suggestion Of A Hybridization Program

There were further memories that came to him in the weeks that followed. He recalled being shown an extensive series of pictures, like slides in a slideshow. He recalled that the images changed extremely quickly – so quickly, in fact, that he couldn’t see some of them. However, his abductors told him that he was seeing them correctly, which perhaps suggests that these images were being placed into his subconscious memory.

It is interesting to note that the witness claimed that when the picture show was over, he had the sense that he had “gained a tremendous insight on many issues”. He would even go as far as to state that he felt he now had a “clear understanding of the world around him”.

Even more mind-blowing, during this image show, he could also see “his whole life projected into images” around him. He would later reason that he believed that “everything inside his brain, past memories, sensations, experiences” was somehow being turned into pictures – a process he believed was connected to a chair he was sitting on and connected to.

Following this, perhaps the most remarkable event of all occurred. He was removed from the chair and taken into another room. In this room, he was told, were alien-human hybrids. At this point, his memories became fuzzier than previous ones. He did recall, though, that one of these hybrids was somehow related to him, and was “the product of procedures done to him” during previous physical examinations.

This is an intriguing and important detail. Many researchers have concluded that the reason behind many of these alien abductions is to create an alien-human hybrid race. The reasons for doing this are not agreed upon, with some researchers claiming it is for the betterment of humanity, and others asserting that these hybrids will essentially colonize the planet without humanity even realizing it. It is also suggestive that the witness was very likely the victim of repeat alien abductions over his lifetime.

A depiction of a man looking up at a strange light

Why are so many alien abductees abducted multiple time?

The witness claimed that he did feel some kind of connection to the young hybrid child, although he claimed that he looked unwell, very thin, and very pale.

There were also more bizarre recollections from these experiences. For example, he recalled walking in what seemed to be a desert under a “very hot sun”. He realized he was naked while doing so and felt a sense of confusion. He realized it was some kind of experiment, but he didn’t know what he should be doing, or where he was. Whether he was actually in a desert or was in a room made to look like one remains unknown, as does the purpose of this experiment.

Whatever the reasons behind this abduction in the Granada Hills, it would appear that it was just one of many the witness has very likely endured. And just one of the very many that appear to be taking place around the world still today.

Just How Are We Viewed By These Alien Races?

The two cases we have examined here are both different but equally terrifying. They are also very thought-provoking.

We might ask if the same race of aliens is behind both of these encounters or whether they are the result of two different extraterrestrial civilizations not only visiting the planet but actively looking to abduct its inhabitants.

We might ponder this thought a little further. If, for the sake of argument, there are multiple alien races visiting Earth looking to abduct various members of the population for their own respective agendas, what does that say about where humans actually are in the cosmic pecking order?

It would appear, as has been put forward by many other researchers for some time, that we are viewed by these undoubtedly advanced extraterrestrial races as we might view animal species in the jungle or the ocean – essentially, fair game for study and research. In fact, when we consider how we collectively treat the animal world, rightly or wrongly, it should very much alert us to the fact that these alien races might view us the same way. The fact that various alien races appear to be, or at least have been, actively engaged in the abduction of human beings shows that we are viewed as inferior, perhaps even inconsequential.

Although we should remind ourselves to treat all reports with a slight pinch of salt, the details in them resonate nicely with many other similar accounts on record that stretch back decades. At some point, there perhaps needs to be a collective recognition that there is something behind the plethora of alien abduction and interaction claims. And it is something that could serve us well to understand.

The short video below looks at some of the most compelling cases of alien abduction on record.

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