Multiple Witnesses, Triangular Vehicles, And The Many California UFO Incidents Of The Twenty-First Century

Marcus Lowth
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May 23, 2022
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In November 2008, a sighting of a V-shaped object over southern California was witnessed by a couple who were about to head out for the evening. When the sighting was reported, other witnesses to the same sighting would come forward, turning what might have been a one-off, random, and easily forgettable report, into a multi-witness sighting with several reports that corroborate the other.

A depiction of a UFO over California

UFO sightings in California are reported regularly

It perhaps won’t come as a surprise to most that California is awash with UFO sightings, and has been for many, many decades. What’s more, these sightings are as varied as they are mysterious. Many of them, however, feature triangular craft that would appear to be the result of the same intelligence. Are these vehicles extraterrestrial in origin? Or are they top-secret military vehicles, possibly the result of back-engineered alien technology?

As the twenty-first century unwinds, UFO sightings have continued to be reported in the Golden State, which only solidifies the notion that there is something of importance to these otherworldly vehicles in this part of the world. We start, however, with the multi-witness sightings of November 2008 – an incident that is perhaps one of the most discreetly credible if recent years.

A “Lighter Than Air Vehicle” Over Santa Clarita

The incident in question began at around 8 pm on 14th November 2008 in the Santa Clarita region of California. According to the report filed with MUFON, [1] the witness and his girlfriend were leaving to go out to dinner. They climbed into their open-top convertible, noting that the smell of bush fires from further north was thick in the air.

It was as the witness was starting the car that he noticed a particularly strange object high in the early evening sky. He immediately realized he was looking at something out of the ordinary, not least as he had an interest in aviation going back to his childhood. What’s more, as curious as he was about the object, he was more than a little frightened. He pointed the aerial anomaly out to his girlfriend.

As they both looked up at the glowing object, they realized it was a distinct V shape and much larger than a conventional aircraft. However, despite its size, it moved extremely slowly, as if it was a “lighter than air vehicle”. He contemplated whether the object he was witnessing was large due to a “distorted sense of scale” or whether the vehicle was “several hundreds of feet across…minimum”.

Sketch of the object by the witness

Sketch of the object by the witness

As they continued to watch this seemingly monstrous vehicle, they could make out red lights that were clearly visible toward the end of it, although they couldn’t tell for certain how many lights there actually were. The lights caused a red glow to shine down toward the ground, a glow that had a “shimmering” look to it.

As the craft moved slowly and calmly through the sky the witnesses could not see any type of propulsion. It eventually moved behind a tree in their neighbor’s garden. Not wanting to lose sight of it, the witness stepped gently on the gas and moved the car forward slightly. He moved only around 30 feet in order to clear the tree that obstructed his view, a distance that took him approximately five seconds to cover. However, in that time, the object had gone.

The two witnesses sat there, shocked and a little unnerved as to what they had seen. In the moments following the craft’s disappearance, both of them suddenly became aware of numerous other conventional aircraft overhead. Both contemplated whether these aircraft had been there throughout the sighting and they just hadn’t noticed them, or whether there had been something decidedly different about the atmosphere while the curious craft was in the vicinity.

Ultimately, they were not at all certain as to what they had seen. There were, however, other reports in the region around the same time.

A Craft That Looked Like Something Out Of Battlestar Galactica

After finally submitting his report to MUFON, other witnesses came forward regarding UFO sightings of a similar nature in southern California around the same time. One particularly intriguing response came from a witness who identified herself as “Gina B.”. They claimed to have seen the exact same object from their yard in Calabasas. They reported the sighting (also to MUFON) and then went about researching other possible sightings of the craft – and they would find several.

For example, a family of four people in Long Beach witnessed the exact same craft. The witness claimed that they had returned home after walking their dog with their two children. They proceeded to the back yard where she discovered her husband watering the garden. It was as the witness and her son, Shannon, were watching the sky and picking out stars that the young boy suddenly pointed out a bizarre triangular object overhead.

The witness moved her attention to where her son was pointing, and after several seconds was amazed to see the distinct obscure solid craft, complete with a white light at the front and two red lights at the back. Even from where they stood, they could tell the object was particularly large, and it appeared to have come from the direction of the ocean and appeared to be at a relatively high altitude.

The witness was a technical advisor for the portrayal of the military and police on film and television. Consequently, she viewed the object through high-tech high-powered binoculars. She would later describe what she saw as completely blowing her away, elaborating that it was like something out of Battlestar Galactica which appeared to have “multi-level docking ports”.

Sketch by the witness

Sketch by the witness

They also described a section that appeared very similar to a “command center” which was “huge in its own right”. On the bottom section of the command center were two circles or holes that the witness believed were docking ports for “smaller, scout crafts”. Inside of these circles there appeared to be several different sections or floors. There were at least two floors to the object (indicated by two distinct rows of lights), but likely as many as five.

Interestingly, matching the descriptions given by the witness in Santa Clarita, the witness at Long Beach offered that the vehicle was “too large and going far too slow to stay in the sky”, adding that it appeared that “conventional physics did not apply” to this mysterious vehicle. Another intriguing detail noticed by the witness was that the craft appeared to be using “some kind of cloaking technology” as the back three quarters appeared to “mirror the night sky”, adding that it was only the running lights they would not have been able to see this back part of the cosmic craft.

Ultimately the witness stated they had never seen anything like it before. They recalled that the object remained in sight for between 10 and 20 minutes. [2]

Gina B contacted the technical advisor in Long Beach, further discovering that she works for the Department of Defense. What’s more, after speaking with them, she fully believed their account, not least because she herself had seen an identical craft.

Further Corroborative Sightings

Yet another corroborating sighting was reported in southern California by a resident who was walking his dog around 10 minutes after the sighting in Long Beach. He happened to look up and saw a “large V-shaped grouping of lights” moving across the sky. [3] Their first thought was they were looking at a jet. However, they soon realized that the object was much too large and was moving much too slowly to be a jet. Furthermore, the craft was not making any noise whatsoever. Unfortunately, they had no reference point to estimate the size or altitude of the craft, but they got the impression that it was particularly large. They would further describe the lights as “the color of dim starlight” with red blinking lights along the “wings” of the V-shape.

Sketch of the object by the witness

Sketch of the object by the witness

Due to their location near LAX airport, the witness often watched planes flying over their house and was certain that what they were seeing was unlike anything they had viewed previously. As they watched on this evening, the witness could clearly see planes coming into land that crossed the flight path of the anomalous object, leading them to suspect that at least some of the pilots, crew, or passengers must have seen the curious craft.

Interestingly, before being aware of other reports, the witness referred to the object as being similar to something out of Battlestar Galactica. He would contact the television station KTLA Channel 5 and relayed what he had seen. He believed they would have received other reports and fully expected to see a segment about the sightings on the late evening news. However, to his surprise, nothing at all was mentioned.

Also worth examining briefly is another sighting that occurred almost exactly a year earlier on 13th November 2007 on the freeway between Sand Diego and Bakersfield of an aerial vehicle of the exact same description and dimensions. Whether there was a connection between this sighting and those of November 2008 remains unknown. However, this episode is far from the only UFO encounter to be reported in California as the 2000s have unfolded.

Early UFO Encounters Of The 2000s Over The Golden State

As the 2000s have progressed, reports of UFOs and cosmic craft have come in abundance. Part of this could very well be down to the fact that there are simply more people aware of such incidents and so consequently, are more likely to focus on something strange in the sky as opposed to easily dismissing it, as well as the simple fact that many more people have mobile phones and, ultimately, cameras and video cameras at their disposal at a moment’s notice.

However, it could also very well be the case that UFO sightings and activity, in general, are simply increasing. And if this is the case, then we have to ask why that might be.

While we can’t examine each and every single UFO sighting from California in the 2000s, we can look at some of the more interesting and detailed encounters. Not only does it show, in some cases, the many similarities between many of these events, they, at the same time, but also demonstrates that there could quite possibly be many different races of extraterrestrials visiting our planet.

These sightings, of course, have been happening in California long before the start of the twenty-first century. However, if w can somehow understand the sightings of our contemporary era, we just might be able to shed some light on some of the many UFO encounters of the past, both in California and around the world.

Sightings Of Triangular Objects From The Start Of The New Millennium

Perhaps the best place to start is with a report of a triangular object from as far back as 2000 over Newton Square in Burbank at around 9:30 pm one evening. The witness – a data administrator and filmmaker – along with his girlfriend, and his sister, were at home when they suddenly decided to drive into town to purchase ice cream. As they got into the witness’s car, which started the engine straight away, the two women noticed three triangular objects passing overhead. They appeared to be a little above treetop level.

At the same time, the witness realized the engine was no longer ticking over. Ultimately, he ceased trying to turn it over and watched the mysterious craft in the night sky. It was then that they all realized the aerial vehicles were moving in complete silence, with no sound of engine noise whatsoever.

As they moved overhead, the witnesses left the vehicle in order to get a closer look. They noticed how slowly they moved, slow enough for them to clearly see the triangles were solid objects with distinct lights on the underside.

They remained in view for several moments before finally disappearing out of sight behind the trees nearby. Although the witnesses spoke about the sighting with each other, they would initially keep the sighting to themselves before finally making a report.

Another report of a triangular craft in California in 2000 occurred in the summer in Los Angeles. According to the report, the witness was driving with his girlfriend in the early evening when he noticed something strange moving in the sky overhead. The witness leaned forward in the driver’s seat in order to see the object a little clearer. When he did, he noticed three triangular-shaped objects hovering motionless overhead.

He would recall that there were no distinctive markings on any of the crafts and that they all appeared to remain completely silent. All he could see were just three solid, black triangular objects that appeared to remain in an intentional formation.

The witness estimated that the objects were that of a private plane or a military jet and that they appeared to be at a higher altitude than standard aircraft that they would normally see in the region.

After several moments of watching the aerial display, the traffic light that had been on red changed to green forcing the witness to put the vehicle in motion once more. As they drove forward, the three crafts were out of view as they were now directly over the top of them. By the time they had driven under them and turned to see them behind them, they had seemingly disappeared.

Another sighting from 2000 occurred at around 6 pm one evening in Randsburg when a local resident noticed a strange-looking star in the early evening sky. At first, they believed they were looking at the North Star, however, as the evening went on, they realized what they viewing was a little more out of the ordinary than a star.

As they watched the glowing object, going over in their minds just what star or planet it might be, it suddenly glowed significantly brighter. Then, even stranger, it moved for a short time before coming to a stop. Although it had moved only a short distance from his perspective, he realized it must have actually moved several hundred miles as it now sat stationary in the upper atmosphere. He watched it for several moments longer before it glowed brightly once more and then shot into the distance at a blistering pace.

A Triangular Object Performing Maneuvers That Were “Beyond Human Capability!”

Four years after the above sightings, in Coalinga, another sighting of a triangular object was reported. On the evening of 12th July 2004, according to a report filed at the National UFO Reporting Center, an unnamed family was traveling from San Francisco to New Mexico when they were witnesses to something out of the ordinary.

At a little after 10 pm on the night in question, as the family was traveling along Interstate-5 in the central valley of the state, they witnessed a black, triangular aircraft that was “flying a repetitive aerobatic pattern” over the highway. Every now and then it was swoop low just over the top of the moving traffic below.

When the family first noticed it, the object was approximately two to three miles away from them, although even from that distance, the family could see the brilliant “agility and audacity” of the object, or more to the point, of those that controlled it.

Several moments after they had first noticed the object, traffic began to slow up, suggesting that other motorists had seen the object also and were bringing their respective vehicles to a stop to get a closer look. As they brought their car to a stop, the family of witnesses watched as the object continued to swoop low on the now motionless traffic, looking as though it would surely collide with one car or another. However, it didn’t do so, and the family noted how its movements were “incredible” and “beyond human capability”.

As the object moved away slightly (although remaining in sight), the traffic began to move once more. The family also put their car in motion and proceeded down the highway. As they passed directly underneath the object, they, along with other motorists, slowed their cars a little once more in an effort to get a detailed look at this curious craft.

The witness would recall that the object was definitely triangular-shaped, although it leaned toward the shape of a “Vulcan bomber” and that “the wings formed a wide delta, yet their leading-edge intersected the fuselage well behind the nose”. He further noticed that the lights were “completely unconventional” for a standard terrestrial aircraft, adding that there were “no strobe, no red and green position lights” and “no navigation light”. Instead, it simply had “three big, bright, circular halogen white lights” on the underside – one at the nose, and the remaining two at each wingtip. From the direction of their glow, these lights appeared to shine “down and forward about 45 degrees” and were “built into the body” as opposed to protruding from the object.

The family could see no other markings, lettering, or symbols of any kind, something else which is strange and not seen with conventional aircraft. Perhaps one of the differences to many other sightings of these black triangular vehicles (which usually report on how completely silent they are), this object appeared to be quite the opposite.

The family recalled that as it moved, particularly as it approached their location, the object made a “whining, hissing sound” which would then morph “into a roar” as it passed over them. The sound, generally speaking, was not at all unlike a “single jet engine”. The object made exceptionally steep climbs and turns, and moved at a speed of between 80 to 100 miles per hour. What’s more, when it made these climbs and turns, it did so instantly without losing speed.

At some points during the encounter, the object was only mere feet above the traffic below before climbing back up into the night sky. It also flew in a repetitive “kidney-bean pattern” for several minutes directly above the highway.

Although the witness was not sure if the pilot of the vehicle was human or indeed an alien, they realized they had seen something truly remarkable. They suspected, they claimed in their report, that the object was likely a “powerful, unconventional, yet terrestrial airplane” and that “the pilot was performing maneuvers that weren’t just bold” but that was bordering on dangerous.

The witness would ultimately contact the California Highway Patrol to report the incident. However, despite the seriousness with which he made the report, he was certain that the person taking the report would do nothing with it. What the object might have been remains, officially, at least, unknown. However, that it was a triangular shape like many of the California sightings we are examining here, should perhaps make it stand out a little more.

Incidentally, there have been multiple sightings of triangular craft along Interstate-5 since the start of the century, suggesting that this location is either a convenient route for these apparent otherworldly visitors, or there is something altogether stranger that ties this stretch of road to these vehicles from another realm.

Newspaper Delivery Driver Witnesses Glowing Object Over Fresno

The following year, in the early hours of 1st December 2005 in Fresno, a delivery driver for the Fresno Bee newspaper witnessed a metallic disc-shaped object while out on his deliveries. At just before 5 am on the morning in question the delivery driver was coming to the end of his route when he noticed a suddenly appearing “ball of light” in the sky above and behind him. The light was orange and a similar size to a streetlamp (from a standard perspective) only it was clearly moving as opposed to being stationary ruling out any possibility that it could have been a bright star or planet.

It also moved with a very purposeful, slow pace, similar to a helicopter might move. He watched the object for several minutes before it disappeared out of sight. However, several minutes later, at a distance of approximately 10 miles away, the object appeared once more. It remained in sight this second time for around five minutes, again moving in the same slow, purposeful manner.

Eventually, it disappeared from sight once more, this time for good. When he stared at the glowing object more intently, he could make out a definite “dark spot” in the center of the underside. He could also, albeit very faintly, hear the sound of an engine that was similar to a “low airplane engine” only it had “pauses in the sound pattern”.

Although the witness didn’t manage to obtain a photograph of the glowing object, he did manage to produce several sketches of what he had seen shortly after. You can see some of those sketches below.

Two Identical Triangular Objects Flying Over San Franciso

Only two nights after the sighting in Fresno, yet another sighting of an unknown black triangular aircraft was reported, this time from in San Francisco. At around 6:45 pm on 3rd December, 37-year-old Michael Smith was sat with a friend on the decking at the back of his property enjoying the crystal-clear early evening sky. As they watched and chatted idly, they each came to a sudden stop as they noticed two large, black triangular-shaped objects moving slowly across the sky at an approximate altitude of between 500 to 1000 feet.

The object passed directly over the property, having arrived from the Mount Davidson area, remaining in a purposeful side-by-side formation. As they did so, Michael could clearly see that the object had a white light on the underside at each tip of the triangle, each of which pulsated, similar to a star. Even more intriguing, as they passed through the sky, stars would temporarily be covered up, suggesting that not only were they relatively large in size, but they were most definitely solid.

Depiction of a UFO

UFO Sightings are just as rife today as they always have been

In total, the objects remained in view for less than a minute, most likely between 30-45 seconds before they disappeared. The witness further recalled that the objects remained at the same speed and the same altitude for the duration of the sighting.

The witness would offer in his report that he had been an amateur astronomer for over 25 years, and that he was more than familiar with terrestrial aircraft such as planes and helicopters, as well as satellites, meteors, and even the International Space Station – and he was certain that none of these things could explain the futuristic vehicles he witnessed that evening. He would estimate that the objects were completely identical – both in appearance and how they moved – and that they were significantly larger than a 747 jet.

Perplexed by what they had witnessed, Michael and his friend contacted CBS 5 and KGO 7, two local television stations to offer what they had seen to them (however, it would appear that their report was not followed up or acted upon).

Although the witnesses are not certain if what they witnessed was an extraterrestrial craft from another world or a “deeply classified military X-project”, they were more than sure that neither of them had ever witnessed anything like it previously.

Disc-Shaped Object Witnessed From A San Francisco Balcony

Just short of a year later in Tiburon, a sighting of a metallic disc at just before noon on the 5th November 2006 was witnessed by two people from their home. On the morning in question, the anonymous 48-year-old witness and his son were at home on their third-story balcony when they noticed a bizarre “flying disc” moving over the city. It was the witness’s son who had noticed the strange object, to begin with. He then alerted his father who also saw the aerial anomaly.

At first, the witness thought he was looking at a parachute. However, he soon realized that while the object was moving, it was not losing altitude. At this point, the witness went to retrieve their high-powered binoculars and went about focusing them in the direction of the mysterious craft. When he did so, he could clearly see that the object was “perfectly round” and was a “dark-colored disc”. He would recall that there were no markings whatsoever on the disc and that there were no obvious signs of propulsion.

The object remained in the same part of the sky, “doing gentle and slow ‘figure-eights’ tilting and banking and turning slowly”.

Judging from the height of the main tower of the Golden Gate Bridge (which is approximately 750 feet high), the witness estimated that the disc was at an approximate altitude of between 2500 and 3000 feet. On occasion, the late morning sun would reflect off the craft’s surface, suggesting that the exterior of the vehicle was possibly metallic.

The witness also declared that where they live is alive with terrestrial aviation activity, and consequently, they are not only used to the sights of these conventional vehicles, but also the sounds of them. This disc, whatever it was, made no noise whatsoever.

The witness went to retrieve their camera, but by the time they had returned to the balcony, the object had disappeared. Thinking the events of the day were done, the pair returned inside. However, around 20 minutes later, the terrifically loud sound of military jets hit them, and the witnesses returned to the balcony, thinking they might have been sent to investigate the curious object (they would later hear that the jets were there as part of a fly-over for a football game).

Whatever the object was, both witnesses were certain of what they had seen, and that it was unlike anything they had ever viewed before. You can view a picture of what the object looked like below.

A depiction of a UFO

An approximation of what the strange object would have looked like

UFO Crash Near Needles?

In the early hours of 14th May 2008, at around 3 am in the town of Needles, a mysterious object potentially crashed to the ground. According to the files of George Knapp, on the night in question, a “large object with a turquoise hue plummeted out of the sky” and “plowed into the earth of Las Vegas” near the Californian town just to the west of the Colorado River.

One of the witnesses was a local resident, Frank Costigan, who happened to be awake in order to let his cat out of the house. He claimed he saw a “fiery object that flashed across the sky”. However, he was certain that what he witnessed was not a meteor, elaborating that it was “bright enough that it illuminated the ground”. Costigan would also state that the object even slowed down at one point before speeding up again, clearly eliminating any possibility that the object was a naturally falling body.

The object eventually disappeared behind a hill and the witness braced himself for what he expected to be the sound of the impact of the object on the ground. However, no sound or bright light to indicate an explosion came. This wasn’t, however, the end of the strange incident.

A short time later, the owner of KTOX Radio (based in Needles), David Hayes, was making his way to work when he noticed an “odd formation of dark vehicles getting off the highway”. He would describe the lead vehicle as a “large truck with a dome on top” which also had a “black structure” that he likened to a “stealth fighter”.

He would elaborate that it appeared to him like it was “some kind of surveillance vehicle” and that it had “US government plates” and was accompanied by what appeared to be “support vehicles”. He also captured a glimpse of some of the men inside and stated that while they were not in uniform, they did have a “military bearing” about them. Even more unnerving, he inadvertently made eye contact with one of the drivers of the support vehicles, which then followed him for a short distance.

Several hours later, Hayes noticed the vehicle was parked outside the radio station, as if it were watching for him and monitoring his movements. Hayes would later state that the men had a “Men In Black” feel to them, making him contemplate just what he had witnessed that morning on his way to work.

In a bizarre twist, Frank Costigan was more than familiar with David Hayes, having worked on several investigations for him (using his background as an ex-police officer). They would arrive at the station later that day, and both men told the other of their bizarre and unnerving experience, each agreeing that they were very likely connected.

It was while Costigan and Hayes were at the station that a phone call was put through for Hayes from a local fisherman, a man named, Bob, who Hayes was also familiar with. He wished to report a “fiery object” that he had witnessed the previous night that had crashed near the river he was fishing on. He, at first, thought it was a plane and immediately reached for his phone in order to call the emergency services. However, he would discover that it had no signal and simply wouldn’t work. It was as he was moving his boat out onto the water that he noticed the helicopters flying overhead.

Bob would eventually speak to the veteran journalist, Linda Moulton Howe about the sighting. He would state that he witnessed at least five helicopters flying overhead, and also witnessed a “large sky crane”. Even more amazing, the sky crane picked up a glowing, oval-shaped object and then headed off in the direction of Las Vegas. Bob would later describe this object as being “about the size of a semi-trailer” and “oblong-shaped”.

The case would take another twist later that day when the station received another call regarding the incident. The call came from another friend of Hayes (who wished to remain anonymous) and who lived in Laughlin. He would claim that the Laughlin Airport had been unusually active on the night of the apparent crash. What’s more, many of the aircraft seen coming and going was “Janet Planes” – a nickname given to aircraft said to take workers to and from Area 51. What is also interesting about this claim, is that nobody is officially on duty at the airport after 6 pm, at least officially.

Whatever had come down that night near Needles, it would appear to have been at least a controlled landing – a landing that was then recovered by a unit who appeared to be more than aware of its presence.

In a final interesting twist, at the time that Knapp compiled his report, the fisherman (Bob) had seemingly disappeared.

No Let Up In Activity In The 2010s

As the second decade of the twenty-first century unfolded many UFO encounters would be reported.

A particularly intriguing account took place at around 10:30 pm on 28thg December 2011 in Ramona. According to the MUFON file, the witness was driving along the highway returning home when they noticed strange lights in a distinct triangular formation.

The witness would later state that the light were different colors, “one red and one green light in the rear, and one white light in the front”. They would later state that the object “circled over the farming area multiple times” during the encounter and that it remained “completely silent” while doing so.

The witness would later stop their car in order to take a closer look. However, before they could exit the vehicle, the object passed over the top of them and shone a spotlight directly into their car. This caused the witness to become a little panicked, and they quickly put the car in motion so as to put as much distance as they could between them and the bizarre craft. When they looked in their rearview mirrors, however, the object was no longer there.

The sightings, though, would keep coming.

From Strange Objects To Even Stranger Humanoids

A little over a year after the sighting in Ramona, another incident occurred at Hilltop Park in Signal Hill. At a little after 1 am on 12th January 2013, several witnesses reported three strange orb-like objects moving over the city. The witnesses were at Hilltop Park, which was described as being a “very high hill that (you) can see clear to LA” and a place where many UFOs are often sighted.

It was as the witnesses were looking out of the night scene of southern California that they noticed three strange orbs in the night skies. They would hold a stationary position before moving again – each clearly moving of their own volition.

The witnesses were completely perplexed by what they were seeing, and were, ultimately, at a loss as to what the objects were.

The short video below features footage of the sighting in question.

Several months later, at around 10 pm on 1st August 2013 in Laguna Niguel, a local resident, and their friend were pulling into their driveway when the car headlights shined directly onto a bizarre-looking creature. They would later describe the creature as being completely grey in color with leathery-looking skin, much taller than a human, but which appeared to be “hunched over” as it moved.

Although it was definitely humanoid, its arms were much longer than the rest of its body suggested – so much so, that it seemed, if it had wanted to, it could have moved quite easily on all fours. It quickly disappeared through the side gate of the yard.

Then, the next thing they realized, a shiny, metallic object, approximately the size of their car, was directly overhead them before it landed near the roadside. The next thing they realized, both of them were waking up, still sitting in the car. They realized that two hours had passed and several other cars were parked nearby as if their occupants had been watching something strange unfold.

It is not clear what happened, but it would appear the craft was there to collect the grey-skinned creature, and the possibility that the witnesses were abducted remains open. Perhaps even more so when we factor in an account that the main witness included in their report that took place in 1985.

They would state that they were certain they had been abduction on that occasion, stating that they were driving between Arizona and California when they noticed an “odd-flying” object that landed close by. The next thing the witness realized, he was waking up in his car with several stopped cars behind him. Two hours had passed by. All of these details were almost carbon copies of the incident in the summer of 2013. Is it possible that the witness has been the target of repeated alien abductions, possibly that go back decades?

Much More Recent Sightings

Somewhere between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm on the 14th March 2014 in the San Gabriel Valley, Nico Rodriguez reported seeing a U-shaped object that changed color from red to orange as it moved before eventually turning a bright white color. It hovered for several minutes in one place in the sky, occasionally moving in a “bouncing” motion. After several moments, the object simply disappeared from sight.

The following year, at around 1 am on 26th September 2015 in Hollydale Park in Southgate near Los Angeles, around 30 individuals witnessed a “fleet” of orbs – around 12 in total – moving overhead. According to the report – which was submitted to an online reporting site – a group of people who regularly gathered to watch the skies noticed the bizarre spherical objects during just such a prearranged meet.

What made the sightings even more intriguing, at least according to the report, was that the group was in the middle of a “telepathic communication” session when the objects were first noticed. Whether they appeared as a consequence of the session or whether it was just coincidence remains unknown.

The object appeared to emerge from a chemtrail-type cloud before “descending in beautiful patterns and formations”. The main witness (the person who made the report) also stated that the objects appeared to move as if under intelligent control and made maneuvers that even the most up-to-date jet fighters could not accomplish.

The video below looks at this sighting a little further.

Several months later, at around 5 pm on 6th December 2015, a similar sighting unfolded in Monterey Park during another prearranged meet-up of like-minded sky-watching enthusiasts. On this occasion, the group was preparing to put away their equipment after a largely uneventful session. However, as they were doing so several members of the group witnessed a “bright object sitting high in the sky”. The object was easily brighter than anything else overhead.

Realizing they were watching something truly strange, the group turned their attention back to the skies above. The object remained in view for several minutes, with some members of the group managing to capture footage of the aerial display.

You can see video footage of that sighting below.

Even more recently, at just before 7 pm on 28th January 2017 in Santa Rosa, according to a report made to MUFON, multiple witnesses claimed to have seen several police cars making their way to the location of UFO sightings at great speed.

The witness who made the report to MUFON claimed that she and her boyfriend were driving in their car when they noticed a “bright light” in the early evening sky. At first, she believed it was a planet. However, when her boyfriend realized it was getting bigger, and consequently, closer to them, they realized it was something a little more out of the ordinary to be a planet.

Within several moments, the object was directly over their moving car. In fact, it was so close to them that they could see some of the finer details of the underside of the object, including red and green blinking lights. The object had no wings and no obvious signs of propulsion. By the time they had arrived home, the UFO had left their vehicle. However, they noticed several police cars heading toward the area where the object appeared to be.

The couple remained outside their home, watching the object from a distance. They could see it rising into the air, stopping at a relatively high altitude, and hovering for around 10 minutes. The object eventually disappeared from sight. However, around 10 minutes later, they each heard the sound of an approaching plane moving at tremendous speed. Whether it had arrived in an attempt to intercept the UFO remains unknown.

You can see footage of that sighting in the video below.

A Location With A Long History (And Future) Of UFO Encounters

As we can see, California has an abundance of UFO sightings to its name, and we have only examined a small portion of the ones that have been recorded in the opening decades of the twenty-first century. Sightings of strange aerial objects and entities from other worlds have taken place in California for hundreds of years, and most likely go back to the days of the native tribes, hundreds, if not thousands of years before that. And what’s more, it appears as though these sightings will continue for the foreseeable future.

Might the fact that California resides along the Pacific coast be the reason for the abundance of strange aerial objects that are witnessed there? Might it be that the claims of underwater extraterrestrial bases residing off the Californian coast have more truth to them than many people might suspect? Or might it merely be that California (like the neighboring states of Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado) has great open spaces that would allow discreet government agencies to test ultra-secret and highly advanced aerial vehicles without drawing too much attention to themselves?

While UFO sightings can – and do – happen anywhere on the planet, California, like several other locations around the world, appears to be of specific importance. And only further study of the encounters from this part of the world will allow us to see not only why this part of the planet is so important to the intelligence behind these futuristic vehicles, but how the Golden State fits into the overall larger picture of the UFO and Alien question.

The video below examines some of the best UFO sightings on record.


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  • Mark Steinmetz says:

    I have always believed in the existence of extraterrestrials. I have had dreams of encounters that seemed real. Maybe they were, maybe not. It is time to let us know all the facts. ( We already know they are here… ) They obviously are NOT a threat. Man is the threat. God of all creation help us. We need you.

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