The Lake Okeechobee Alien Encounter

Marcus Lowth
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October 12, 2019
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September 4, 2020
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The apparent extraterrestrial contact encounter of Richard R. Giroux in October 1994 is, perhaps not surprisingly, one that divides opinion both inside and outside of the UFO community. And it is easy to see why. A sudden contact encounter, out of the blue, with “the usual” predictions of nuclear war in our collective futures.

Richard R. Giroux blended into a picture of a UFO

Richard R. Giroux

However, with all that said, there perhaps might be something to examine here. For example, many of the predictions involved countries that, at the time they were made in the mid-nineties, were not nearly as prominent on the world stage as they are now. And while we could point to a meticulous job of research in past and current events in order to make such accurate predictions, that they may be relatively accurate is, on one level at least, enough.

As we will examine in more detail later, many times accurate information is passed over wrapped up in packaging not suitable for its content. This “hidden in plain sight” way of passing information on to others without necessarily drawing unwanted attention.

Of course, whether that is the case here or not is certainly open to debate. As we examine the claims of Richard Giroux, we will highlight any connections and similar details to other contact cases. As well as other views on just why such cases of intervention may be taking place. And while there has undoubtedly been a dramatic increase in UFO and alien activity post-1947 – in what is widely referred to as The Modern UFO era – such intervention may have been taking place for thousands of years.

A Bright Light Coming Out Of A Clear Moonless Sky

According to Giroux’ account, the night of the first contact was 12th October 1994 at a little after 9 pm. He and a work colleague, Joe, had driven to Lake Okeechobee to enjoy the serenity of the area. Each worked as a computer engineer and at the time of the incident were working on “an important product for a big client”.

Following their arrival, each would “fix a drink” and position themselves on the north shore of the lake. Although the night was moonless, the sky was clear and the stars shone with an urgent brightness in the crisp, cool, evening atmosphere.

A strange light coming from above

A strange light coming from above

It was as they were enjoying the view that they noticed a “light coming” toward them. At first, the pair believed they were witnessing a helicopter with a “big light under it”. As Giroux would explain:

At the same time, there was a twin-engine plane flying out over the lake just behind it about two miles away. The plane was noisy and gaining altitude from take off at Okeechobee Airport. So, it’s natural that I wouldn’t hear a helicopter coming our way. Only it wasn’t a helicopter, not a plane either, and it’s coming along in the air too quietly!

They could hear the occasional car passing by on the nearby Route 441. But apart from that no other sound was audible. Certainly not one that one would associate with an aerial vehicle moving at the pace this mysterious object was.

As they continued to watch the approach, from the craft’s underside a “steady bright glow…like a big searchlight” hit the waters below. As it cleared the trees around the lake each witness could see it was clearly a disc-shaped object.

The Descent Against The Backdrop Of The Power Plant

Both witnesses were completely in awe of the events unfolding before them. When Giroux asked Joe what he thought the object was the question went unanswered.

By this time, the craft had slowed to around 20 miles per hour and began to approach their location, passing completely over them in the process. Giroux would later describe the object as “perfectly circular” and around 35 feet across. A “bright white glow with a hint of yellow” emanated from the object as it moved by. And all the while, not a sound of any kind came from it.

A superimposed UFO over water with a lightning sky

Many UFO encounters take place over water

Then, around 250 yards from where they stood, the object began to descend. As it did so, the glow from the light decreased as it became trapped between the ground and the object itself. Giroux would recall:

The craft became dark. Two small soft lights appeared, one (on) each side, square light images although not big as windows!

Giroux would further recall how he could see the basic outline of the craft against the backdrop of a nearby power plant that was undergoing “around the clock construction” at the time, and so consequently was well-lit.

While there appears no direct link to the power plant here, it is perhaps interesting to note the close proximity of this initial encounter. We have noted before that there is most definitely a connection between such power plants and UFO appearances.

Of the craft itself, Giroux would further offer:

The upper part of this thing was dark… flat on top and not as wide as its base where we had seen the glow… I looked how the base is connected to the top, curved or straight, bit (I) couldn’t see it!

Each man looked on in complete amazement.

“Empty Of Thought” Despite The Intensely Active Evening

He would then offer, without the idea of “UFOs” entering his mind, he knew that the occupants inside this mysterious vehicle “were not like us!”

This is an interesting statement. Despite the apparent foresight that the entities inside this mysterious vehicle were very much alien to the two men (in the literal sense of the word), they were not necessarily alien in the way that the contemporary popular culture of the times would understand it.

Giroux would further state that the entire area had legends of top-secret military vehicles operating in and around the Lake Okeechobee area. However, in the presence of this bizarre and captivating vehicle, he knew that “this craft is nothing of ours”. Furthermore, the technology is “special” and something altogether otherworldly.

Richard Giroux

Richard Giroux

As this was taking place, something very strange happened to the two men. For reasons they didn’t understand, they simply got up and went inside the cabin where they were staying. Then, after several minutes, they came back outside once more. The craft was still visible in the near distance.

When they entered the house once more, however, the clock now declared it was 9:45 pm. Each felt “subdued” and “drained” and perhaps even stranger given the outlandish encounter each had both experienced “empty of thought”. Giroux would recall:

I just couldn’t put two thoughts together!

The men would venture outside once more several moments later. Much to Giroux’ surprise, his eyesight appeared enhanced somehow. He could suddenly “see really well in the dark”.

Despite this further revelation, each of the witnesses would simply return inside and turn in the for the night without commenting to each other further on the truly strange events of the otherwise serene fall evening.

Slowly Unfolding Revelations

Over the following months, Giroux would begin to recall more and more of the events of that strange night next to the lake. He would speak with Joe on several occasions. However, whether intentional or not, he would claim to not remember anything other than the strange descent and then the craft leaving the area. In fact, all he could solidly remember of the evening was “seeing a fast-moving light”.

Giroux would wonder if his friend simply didn’t want to remember the events or was even blocking them out purposely. For Giroux, though, he would claim that at least “he was my witness” to the incident. Furthermore, his memory recalled much more of the incident. At least that was what he claimed.

A superimposed UFO over a night sky

Why do so many people who witness UFOs share the same details?

Giroux would recall how a sudden “marvelous happy feeling” washed over him. And what’s more, he was positive this was “coming from the craft”. He also claimed that at this point, rather than be nervous or scared, he had the genuine understanding running through him that had been “waiting for something”, this moment, all of his life.

Then, sounds and voices appeared in his mind. He would claim at first these sounded like “growls” (which is perhaps an interesting description) but that he realized theses growls were more like a tape-recording played at the wrong speed. At the same time, came the further realization that these mysterious occupants were “reading my thought responses”.

A Sudden Glowing Cloud “Masking Everything!”

By this point the noises in his mind had begun to clear and turned to “a man’s voice” saying:

We’re here! You’re looking at us and we can see you!

Giroux would claim that Joe also demonstrated by his shocked response that he could also hear the bizarre voice. It was during this initial telepathic exchange that the occupants invited the pair onboard the craft.

The next thing the pair realized, a strange cloud-like formation was moving toward them. It glowed the similar yellow-white glow that the craft had emanated earlier. However, moving within this cloud appeared to be “flesh-and-blood” creatures. This cloud would “mask everything”, perhaps purposely. However, Giroux could still see some details of them.

A superimposed UFO over Florida Everglades

Where are these strange crafts coming from?

For example, they had “thin non-muscular legs” with almost perfectly straight backs and “minimal upper bodies”. The way they moved, to Giroux, appeared completely abnormal and made them look as though they were going to fall over.

On their slender bodies, they had “loose silvery metallic-looking clothing”. The garments seemed to glow in the mist that hugged them. He could only recall actually seeing two of the figures, but he sensed there were several others.

As he watched the events unfold, he would suddenly have another image force itself into his mind.

Alien “Bodies” Similar To How Humans Wear A Jacket!

As he watched, he had the realization that he had “seen bodies of these workers being custom grown”. And what’s more, this “biological process” occurred right before they vacated the craft. He would liken the entities’ bodies to how humans would “wear a pair of jeans or a jacket”.

This is an interesting notion once more. And something that other researchers and witnesses have also alluded to. That the typical look of a gray alien, for sake of argument, is nothing more than a shell or a suit, with the actual entity existing much more on an energy-based realm. We will examine this notion a little more shortly – that “aliens” might not be alien in the way our minds, thanks to popular culture, thinks of them. Giroux would ponder:

…it makes (you) speculate about what form they’d normally take…

Indeed, as we will examine shortly, there are apparent connections to ancient astronaut-type thought in Giroux’ overall account. And interestingly or not, many ancient astronaut theorists point to such ancient writings that claim the gods’ various rules and orders that their true form should not be depicted or that no person shall even look at them in true form, as proof of the extraterrestrial nature. And as speculative as that might be, it echoes the above thoughts of Giroux.

As the glowing fog surrounding these approaching creatures a strange “feeling of departure” overwhelmed Giroux before everything went blank.

A Case Of Distorted Perception

When he came to, he was standing on the ground near the water’s edge. Although he wasn’t sure why, his eyes were tightly shut and a strange and extremely low frequency wave was burying its way into his ears and, in turn, as though it was “charging my brain”.

This buzzing would continue until he could almost no longer take the intensity of it. Then, it ended causing him to double over to the ground as if a strange force had just released him from its grip. During it all, he wasn’t sure if he had actually left the ground. Mentally, he very much appeared as though he had been on a bizarre journey. Physically, however, it didn’t feel as though he had even left his feet.

A superimposed UFO over the Everglades

Should we take the encounter seriously?

Then, a sudden “zapping” feeling hit him. Hard. Perhaps for the first time during the encounter, he began to feel a slight sense of fear wash over him. He noticed he was staggering and began to make an effort not to fall into the water. His vision and perception were “distorted” and he was generally stunned.

It was also at this time that he began to wonder if he had been the subject of an experiment. By the time his bearings began to return, the disc-like craft was moving away from the two men. As it disappeared into the night sky it made a strange “spiraling motion” from left to right.

Of course, more revelations would come to Giroux following the incident and would surface in several self-published books over the following years.

Reasons To Suspect Opportunism?

It is perhaps here where some people become suspicious about the incident. In part, but not least because of the “pay-for-information” approach of this apparently heavily important message of the end of times. And while there is most certainly a need for any artist to make a living and charge for their work, it appears that if this information was of such importance that it very well might hold the future of all humanity within it, one perhaps wouldn’t disclose this information to those who paid for it only.

Once more, we and many other researchers reserve the right to reserve judgment on the issue. However, that it places a huge target on the back of Richard Giroux and the credibility of his account can’t be ignored. Indeed, it is perhaps a fine line to tread for anyone looking to divulge information.

Two superimposed UFOs onto a picture of the Moon at early evening

Is Richard Giroux a credible witness?

Is there any difference, for example, between any other author who has researched any given subject and then made their results and findings available for purchase in a book and someone such as Richard Giroux who does the same thing only using his own experience as opposed to research?

As we mentioned above, whether we like it not, we are all a part of the system and therefore need to negotiate and navigate around it accordingly. Part of that navigation involves the accumulation of funds. Whether it is to buy food, pay for somewhere to live or to cover any number of general living costs, money is something that all of us need. Indeed, as many researchers have dedicated entire books to, our need of money and the system that supports that need are a conspiracy onto themselves. And whether it is Giroux or anyone else, we are all victims, to varying degrees, of that system.

Some Interesting Predictions Of The Future To Come

As we discussed at the beginning, given the mentions – in the mid-1990s – of such nations as Pakistan, India, and North Korea as nations of influence and importance on the world stage, we should perhaps strip back some of the circumstances surrounding the incident, and zero in on the information. Or more to the point, where that information came from. And for what reasons it might have entered the public arena.

And, given the bizarre mix of outlandish accounts combined with Giroux’ own obvious intelligence – he holds a BS and MS in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts along with a distinguished four-decade career in mathematics and statistics – and the grounded nature of some of the forthcoming world events means we should perhaps not dismiss such claims without investigation and monitoring.

An image of a spaceship entering the clouds over Florida

Many contactees make predictions of future events

For example, one of the specific predictions revolves around the long-standing animosity between Pakistan and India. According to Giroux, a nuclear attack by Pakistan against India will go unanswered. However, the United States would issue an ultimatum to Pakistan, siding with India in the process. Given the sudden rise in business opportunities for foreign investors in India in the early 2000s, this should perhaps come as no surprise.

It would also make sense, given what we know of current and past American foreign policy and how they have positioned themselves in such emerging powerhouse-type nations in the past, that the United States would establish a presence in the region.

The Decimation Of An Entire Region?

Perhaps also the mention of North Korea, while not a complete surprise even 20 years ago, gives the claims another level of credibility. Especially when we consider the place the nation has the public consciousness of the west in our contemporary times.

According to Giroux’s predictions, a conflict will break out with North Korea – which right now despite the apparent diplomatic progress under the Trump administration is not a complete stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, as well as a “nuclear weapon” being used against the country, “tactical nuclear weapons will be used at the front (line)” during the conflict.

A superimposed UFO over a field at night

Are abductions designed to give humans warnings of things to come?

As side-thought to these predictions, although no exact time frame is given, should such an explosion of nuclear weaponry be used in the region the consequences would likely be far-reaching for many, with entire areas being inhabitable. This would undoubtedly lead to mass forced immigration and displacement. Indeed, what is currently emerging parts of the world would be set back considerably should such a prediction materialize.

Perhaps of most interest is the idea that Russia will descend into civil war. Furthermore, at least according to Giroux’ predictions, Ukraine will “deliver a nuclear weapon” to Moscow and completely obliterate the city. Again, it is perhaps interesting to suggest such a notion given the rumblings of discontent in and around the former eastern bloc and Balkan regions today.

Genuine Information Among Outlandish Accounts?

It is probably a good time to pause and consider the potential for such “predictions” becoming a victim of self-prophetization. We have examined such a concept before in previous articles looking at the chilling realization that ancient religious prophecies and scriptures still, albeit discreetly, carry considerable weight with many people in positions of power. And this has increased in recent years with the emergence of the “religious right” in many areas of the western world.

Whether Giroux’ predictions are accurate and genuine – in terms of the claims of how they were passed to him – is by the by. What is perhaps of interest and concern is the notion that people in positions of power and with an alternative agenda ensure that such predictions come true.

For example, many researchers have highlighted in the past how Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich twisted many of the apparent predictions of Nostradamus in order to highlight how their arrival had been “foreseen” and so given their brutal rule legitimacy.

A superimposed UFO over a night coast

Many researchers treat this incident with a pinch of salt

We should perhaps ask ourselves if this might be the case here. Even though, by the author’s own admission the books available concerning the encounter are essentially little-known outside of UFO circles. And even then, they are not widely circulated even within this collection of likeminded people.

We should contemplate where Giroux may have gotten such information if not from these apparent visitors. Might he have access to American foreign policy that many conspiracy researchers claim is planned decades in advance? Surely such a concept is perhaps more chilling than alien visitation. Or might he simply be well-tuned to world events and which direction they may turn? Or might it be that his claims of extraterrestrial contact are genuine?

Contact Stretching Back Thousands Of Years!

That there is a connection to the ancient astronaut theory is also of interest. Indeed, this is an aspect of the UFO and alien question that we have examined in-depth on several occasions. Indeed, stretching right back to antiquity, and in multiple writings and texts from the same time, there are many apparent encounters of contact with other entities who “came from above” or from the stars.

What’s more, these visitors often had messages to give and very specific information to impart. We should look at such characters as Moses, Enoch, and even Noah. All could be seen as accounts of extraterrestrial contact.

A UFO superimposed onto a picture of a lake at dusk

Has UFO activity gone on for thousands of years?

Many UFO researchers believe these visitors, rather than being angels as many ancient writings (or more specifically modern interpretations of them) state, are actually flesh-and-blood aliens. And while many of these accounts, if we accept for the moment that these accounts are most definitely true, the reason behind them was essentially to take humanity collectively forward.

What, then, should we make of some of the encounters in our modern era? Should we expect the writings of Richard Giroux, for example, to be seen as scripture-like when they are read hundreds, perhaps thousands of years into the future? What if, for example, one conflict or another of a nuclear magnitude did break out in the near or distant future? What would the generations that would (hopefully) emerge many years after imagine of the times in which the author lived? And how he might have been perceived?

It is certainly food for thought. Perhaps with that in mind, we might examine or reexamine what we think of such Biblical writings. And legendary accounts in our own era. It is certainly very possible that some kind of contact with these mysterious entities has been taken place for some time.

Another Race Of Entities Discreetly Sharing The Earth?

Of course, might it be that while these entities are most definitely not human and of a different place to ourselves, that they are not “alien” as we understand the word? And furthermore, just what is their interest in imparting such knowledge to humans? What do they have to gain from such interactions?

Is it a case that these mysterious beings are merely selfless in their activities? Or might they have something to gain from these seemingly persistent contact encounters?

While we will examine the types of people who have seemingly experienced these strange contact encounters shortly, there are several possibilities to examine here. For example, might they not be coming here from another planet. But be another indigenous entity? That has largely lived an unannounced existence alongside us for thousands of years.

A superimposed UFO on a picture of a Florida lake

Does an alien race share the Earth with us?

Such an idea sounds ridiculous to most and so consequently are dismissed without consideration. However, if we return to the ancient legends and writings. From all across the world no less. Many speak of beings who live inside the Earth. Only surfacing occasionally and in secret. From the writings of the Indus Valley civilizations to the Native American accounts, legends of “super men and women” who lived in the Inner earth can be found in abundance.

Indeed, the idea of a hollow Earth is one that has captivated some of the finest minds throughout history. Even such hugely influential minds such as Isaac Newton and Edmund Halley. These ideas, while generally becoming less studied and circulated, continue into the twenty-first century.

Given the persistent contact between these mysterious visitors and humanity, it perhaps would make sense that their interest in human affairs stems from sharing a planet with them without their knowledge.

Other “Cosmic Conduits” Of Life-Changing Information.

Whether or not it makes people perceive the claims of Richard Giroux differently or not, several others have made very similar claims of alien contacts passing on predictions and largely unknown information.

We have examined before, for example, perhaps one of the most well-known of predictors in Nostradamus. And while there is no specific links or accounts that outright suggest any kind of extraterrestrial activity or encounters owing to Nostradamus’ apparent gift of seeing the future, many who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory have questioned whether such a gift might have indeed have come from some kind of unknown encounter.

A superimposed UFO on a dark cloudy sky

Many of the details in the case show up in other accounts

Perhaps one of the most discreet of these in our modern era might be that of “Bobby” who was seemingly drawn to a secluded destination in the Vienna Woods in Austria in October 1962. While the predictions given to Bobby were more personnel to him (they would predict he would seemingly predict his suffering a heart attack in the near future) it was still an apparent cosmic intervention and a beneficial one at that.

The encounter of Gary Wilcox in 1964 is also interesting. The entities who he encountered would inform him of the deaths of several astronauts. The Soviet’s Vladimir Komarov and the Americans’ John Glenn and Virgil Grissom. While Glenn seemingly escaped this predetermined fate, the others would indeed die during the upcoming space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. All three would perish in two separate incidents three years after his predictions in 1967.

Others, though, have been much more detailed and of a consequence for all of us. If, of course, they are genuine. As we might imagine, they, like the claims Giroux, often divide opinion.

The Similar Account Of Billy Meier

We have examined several other similar claims from people who not only claim close contact encounters, but also very similar messages and predictions. For example, the encounters of Billy Meier are particularly interesting. Perhaps not least as he would make similar predictions of contact with these entities for thousands of years.

What’s more, Meier would speak of “genetic manipulation” of human DNA in the distant past. With one of these “interventions” resulting in the drastic shortening of the average human life. From hundreds of years to “around 100 years”. Indeed, if we look at the Sumerian King Lists it appears that the reign of individual kings was for hundreds of years prior to the (approximate) date of The Flood. After which they suddenly began to reflect the average lifetimes of modern humans.

Meier would make similar predictions. Some of which would prove quite accurate. Perhaps most notable was the information he would pass on regarding UV rays entering the planet through damage to the ozone layer. That these claims were made in 1975 over a decade before modern science was officially aware of such issues is a sign of authenticity to some.

He would further make some controversial statements about vegetarianism and veganism and the eventual implementation of “lab-grown meat” made exclusively for the human food chain. This, he would claim would make veganism obsolete for most as it would be proven to lead to “faulty thinking” and a lack of certain proteins that can only be obtained, in their true form, from animal sources. He would state that processed preparation methods of meat, however, would do more harm than good to human health. This would also lead to “growing organs” exclusively for transplant purposes.

It is perhaps interesting to note the back-and-forth research regarding these subjects today.

The Revelations Of Filiberto Cardenas

We have also examined the apparent alien contact encounter of Filiberto Cardenas who would make some interesting claims in the late-1970s and early-1980s. What is perhaps interesting about this particular encounter is that these predictions came following an apparent alien abduction encounter just outside of Miami, also in Florida.

Cardenas would speak of seeing images of the past and the future all around him during an apparent examination at the hands of strange creatures on board a craft extremely similar to that described by Giroux a little over 15 years later. At the same time, he would experience a “transfer of thoughts knowledge, and ideas telepathically” entering his mind. What’s more, during this bizarre encounter, Cardenas would find himself in a “gigantic room with lots of other people”.

This is an interesting notion in that it suggests some kind of secretive spiritual training exercise. One to increase general awareness in the population. Some researchers call this a “lifting of consciousness” or vibration. What is also interesting is that other abductees have also mentioned finding themselves in huge rooms. Almost like lecture halls. And of seeing many other abductees.

Some of Cardenas’ predictions were also pretty close to the mark. For example, he would seemingly predict that Pope John Paul II would “preach to the New World (the Americas, in this case, South America) in our own language”. He also seemingly predicted the 1985 earthquake that would destroy large parts of Mexico City.

He would also make several more far-reaching and seemingly stranger predictions. Perhaps one of the most intriguing was that the Chinese Communist regime had been infiltrated by these alien beings. And would soon cause major and benevolent changes. And while there are still problems there, China is today one of the most prosperous nations on the planet.

A Discreet Correlation Between Alien Activity And Seeing The Future?

It might be that there is an intertwining of sorts between alien encounters and the ability to see the future, as well as a whole other host of abilities. This is intriguing in itself and certainly adds another nuance to the overall UFO and alien question.

We have examined briefly before the work of Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner. Which, while albeit limited, would show some remarkable results. For example, they would find almost 80 percent of the people they studied experienced “psychic ability” that they didn’t have before. While there could be many reasons for this, might it be a purposeful activating of such abilities?

Perhaps we should consider the notion that only certain people have the capability to even attempt to tap into such psychic ability. Perhaps this in itself highlights them somehow for these interaction encounters.

Once more, however, underneath all of this is why these entities, wherever they might reside and come from, have such an interest in the affairs and development of humanity? What have they to gain from offering such wisdom? Is there some alternative agenda that we simply can’t see or even understand?

Or perhaps such cynicism is what makes such interventions required in the first place. Many researchers, for example, suggest that there has been an increase in alien activity on Earth the closer humanity gets to truly exploring the stars (sending manned missions beyond its own neighborhood and even its own solar system). And if these visitors can indeed see future events then what does await humanity as we hurtle toward the 2020s and beyond? Might that journey have already been altered by such intervention? And might these still be taking place today, for similar reasons?

Naïve Or Cynical, Just What Is Our Problem?

What should we make of these apparent conduits of information and their general credibility? Is it, for example, really credible that such highly advanced alien races would put such important information and foresight into events of such magnitude in the hands of random people? Who quite often have little sway and influence? Certainly in the large picture of the modern world?

A great many of these predictions, for example, occur far into the future. So much that it would be impossible for generations today or even in the immediate tomorrows to prove their authenticity. And by the time of the arrival of such dates, such predictions will most likely be useless. And most likely misunderstood.

Or should we perhaps consider an alternative agenda? We have examined on several occasions the idea of disinformation. And how it is used to not only side truths but also to shape opinion and popular outlook. We, collectively speaking, use such tactics against our own people. Why, then, wouldn’t a highly advanced and intelligent extraterrestrial race employ similar tactics against us?

And is this the case with Richard Giroux and some of the others who claim similar encounters? Or might, as many UFO researchers suggest, there be several alien races at work? Might it be the case that some strange battle is taking place? Using the human race like mental pawns in the process? Such questions, unfortunately, lead only to more questions, speculative as they are. However, the long and short of it surely must be that if there is any truth to alien contacts passing on discreet information to only a select few, then wouldn’t it be naïve of us to think an act could only possibly be for our collective benefit? Or is such cynicism the real problem?

An Unknown Reality Inside Each And Every One Of Us?

As we have seen, then, there are many other claims of a similar nature. And what’s more, each such account leaves us with the need to ask just what the reasons might be for these contact experiences. And what the end game might be.

Whether or not the claims of Richard Giroux are credible and authentic remain open for discussion. And a great many who have examined his work in full are relatively praiseful of the content. However, for the reasons highlighted above many remain critical of such claims.

Indeed, with this in mind, we should perhaps ask ourselves just why such information would be entrusted to those who would not share it as wide as possible?

Or might this information have been implanted inside each of us? Only the vast majority of us are seemingly unaware of the encounters. Encounters only a very select few retain or recover memory of? Perhaps, with this in mind and in the same we have asked during our discussions on mind control, we should ask ourselves just where our beliefs, perspectives, views, and even our thoughts really come from? Are they truly a product of our own minds? Or have they been implanted there by someone, perhaps even something else?

Taking that a stage further, perhaps we should begin to ask ourselves the nature of our own and collective realities? Are they one and the same? Or are we each, quite literally, in our own worlds? Only occasionally meeting and experiencing each other from our own perspectives and realities? How UFOs and alien encounters fit into these realities will undoubtedly be but one piece of the mysteries of our existence.

Check out the video below. It features an interview with Giroux speaking of his encounter.

Marcus Lowth

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  • Rick Giroux says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the article on my father’s experience in Okeechobee. He wrote 4 books on the information they gave him. You can also look at the website I made for him years ago.

    “The apparent extraterrestrial contact encounter of Richard R. Giroux in October 1994 is, perhaps not surprisingly, one that divides opinion both inside and outside of the UFO community.”

    My father was a mathematician/scientist and an atheist before that experience…afterward it changed his whole life. My dad passed away in March 2022, but I try to forward the message when I can.

    All I can offer is that reality is considerably more than what we think and typically believe. It’s much more than this artificial construct if self-interest we’ve created for ourselves.

  • Ryan says:


    I believe the correct word is “allude” instead of “elude,” as in, “as we alluded to earlier in this report.”

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      We have fixed this now. That serves me right for relying too heavily on spellcheck!

  • William Granger says:

    As I recall, John Glenn died of natural causes a couple of years ago. Your statement that he and ‘Gus’ Grissom and the Soviet cosmonaut ‘died in two separate’ incidents does not make sense. Could you have been thinking of a different astronaut besides John Glenn? There were two other astronauts killed with Gus Grissom. Maybe one of them?

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