The Alien Contact Predictions Of “Billy” Meier

Marcus Lowth
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April 30, 2018
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September 5, 2020
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Eduard “Billy” Meier is arguably one of the most controversial figures in the UFO and extraterrestrial field. It is perhaps no understatement to say he is the contemporary version of George Adamski, the alleged contactee from the late-1950s and 1960s. Although many viewed Adamski as a hoaxer, and even his most ardent supporters would claim some of the later “sightings” were stretching the truth, many believe his initial information was genuine.

An image of a mystical face

What should we make of the claims of Billy Meier?

It would appear that many see Meier in a similar light. Not only have some of his earlier claims been revisited with the advancement of technology, some of the seemingly bizarre “predictions” (which he would state was simply information given to him by an alien race) are pretty close to the mark. Some, however, remain suspicious of Meier, and the information he is passing along. Perhaps due to his claims of being a “reincarnation” of past prophets, many view his revelations as an attempt to turn the study of UFOs into nothing more than another religion.

While we are not going to concentrate too much on his apparent sightings here, we will look at some of the information his “regular contacts” have allegedly given to him and where it fits in our world almost two decades into the twenty-first century. The short video below features Meier speaking in 2016

Initial Contact And “Development!”

Meier’s life is certainly one of intrigue seemingly from the moment he was born on 3rd February 1937 in the small town of Bulach in Switzerland. He would claim his first contact with extraterrestrials occurred when he was 5-years-old with an “elderly” entity named, Sfath, who would communicate with him telepathically. These telepathic sessions would continue for some time before Meier was first taken on board Sfath’s metallic, pear-shaped craft.

He explained to the young Meier that the communication with him was to “accelerate the development of his mind!” They would achieve this using highly advanced technology and would ultimately prepare Meier for his life’s work.

Whether this process was genuine and successful is open to debate. Meier did, however, become withdrawn from those around him and largely uninterested in their activities. He also displayed highly advanced signs of intelligence for his age. Following a prolonged battle with tuberculosis which left him in hospital for considerable time, he would stop attending school regularly in his early teens.

Contact would continue with Sfath until early-1953 when, according to Meier, the extraterrestrial teacher simply passed away. His “education” continued with a female entity named Asket who would instruct Meier for over a decade until 1964. On occasion, he was even taken back in time so that he could “witness key events as they happened”. This would allow him to have a better perspective on world events.

He also traveled extensively during this time in search of spiritual advancement and knowledge. His travels would extend to forty-two countries in just over a decade. He would also lose his left arm in a bus crash while in Turkey in 1965. According to Meier, Asket said this would happen.

A picture claiming to show a dinosaur from the past

Does this picture show a dinosaur?

“Photographs” From Billions Of Years Ago?

The following year he met and married his wife, moving back to Switzerland in 1970. Contact would resume with a new female entity, Semjase. It was through this contact that Meier captured many of the photographs, footage, and even samples of alleged alien metals. There was a wealth of such material.

Again, Meier claimed to have traveled back in time, on some occasions billions of years. On one particular occasion with his alien hosts, they would land on one of the Earth’s two moons and then capture a picture of the Earth and the other moon. Incidentally, Meier would go on to claim that each of those moons no longer exists owing to a cataclysmic event. He would further claim that the moon that orbits our planet now, only arrived several million years ago. He would also offer several pictures claiming to show dinosaurs as well as several pictures of his cosmic friends themselves.

Needless to say, many people, including a huge portion of some of the most enthusiastic UFO researchers, would shun his claims. The video below features some of these photographs and video footage. Make of them what you will.

Cosmic Channeling?

Many of the “predictions” and pieces of information that Meier would volunteer would come to him via telepathic communication. The description appears to be similar to “channeling” where a person, open to other entities, allows their body to be used as a conduit of sorts. Many people who claim to do this have written several books, claiming they have no memory of writing their work. Similarly, Meier would receive these communications and then type up the words that came to him on a typewriter. Interestingly, he would use a specially designed typewriter due to having lost his arm. He would claim this was given to him by his visitors.

While some of the information passed on by Meier has proven to be intriguingly accurate, much of what Meier offers will only prove to be true with the passing of time, or with incredible advancements in technology.

For example, Meier claims that our solar system is actually a binary system, with a second sun (a “dark twin”) which sits around one light year away. As a side note, many conspiracy theorists claim “the elite” worship a dark sun. Furthermore, the nearest “inhabited solar system” to ours is five light years away. Further still “human forms of life” inhabit several of the planets in that system, one of which is called Akart.

Perhaps one of the most interesting points raised is that of a planet once lying between Mars and Jupiter. This planet, Malona, is now the Asteroid Belt, at least according to Meier. Interestingly, some ancient astronaut theorists and researchers have suggested a planet named “Marduk” once filled this space which isn’t that far away from Malona. Marduk was also a Babylonian, Sumerian, and Mesopotamian god.

Intriguingly Accurate (In Part) Claims

One of the most intriguing claims, made back in 1975, was of the damage done to the environment. More specifically, were the details about the damage to the ozone layer and how that damage happened. He would state that “atmospheric atomic testing” of the 1940s through until the 1960s, something unbeknown to scientists at the time, was releasing “elementary radiation”, bromine and CFC gases.

Further still, this damage to the ozone layer allowed UV rays to enter the planet, which in turn killed off microorganisms residing in the upper atmosphere. This, however, would also lead to the killing of similar microorganisms in the sea which shared a “symbiotic relationship” with each other. This would ultimately have consequences for the food chain. Scientists would confirm these points in the late-1980s and early-1990s.

Meier would also make some interesting claims regarding the use of modified crops, veganism and even organ transplants. He would state that humanity’s “struggle against genetically modified crops” was misguided. He would, however, state that humanity was right to be collectively wary of the equally negative and positive results of such processes. Ultimately, he would suggest, through his contacts, that as well as solving hunger issues through such advancement, it would also become possible to “grow meat” from “genetic proteins” for consumption only, negating the need to slaughter animals for food. Interestingly, such experiments continue today, with some scientists claiming “grown meat” to be only years away.

He would also suggest this would end vegetarian and vegan diets, which he would claim contributes to “faulty thinking” due to lack of proteins and nutrients only authentically derived from animal sources. He would further state, this would allow the “repair and growing of organs” which would make organ transplants unnecessary.

A depiction of pre-history

Is our history not as we know it?

Origins of Humans

Maybe of most interest to UFO enthusiasts, particularly those who subscribe to the Ancient Astronaut Theory are the claims of human origins. According to Meier, humanity shares its ancestry with multiple alien races, many of whom have been visitors to Earth since the “very distant past”. He would also speak of genetic modification of human genes and DNA. One particular purposeful change was the shortening of the human lifespan to “around 100 years”. This occurred several thousand years ago. Furthermore, claims of humans living several hundred years in ancient writings (including the Bible) are accurate. Further still, scientists will eventually succeed in “unlocking” this change to the human genetic code. And when they do, humanity’s lifespan will be restored to its original length.

As bizarre as that sounds, these claims came from Meier when scientists were largely unaware of such things. “Junk DNA” or the extent to which humans don’t use certain areas of the brain were largely unexplored. Even more bizarre then, that more and more scientists nearer to the mainstream are beginning to suggest a “tampering” of the human genome in the ancient past.

Meier would suggest that the term “original sin” in the Bible is actually referring to this cosmic intervention in the genetic makeup and DNA of humanity. One that shortened its lifespan almost tenfold, as well as locking down vast amounts of the mind. It is interesting, that many researchers in “truth” fields and conspiracy circles make similar suggestions. Perhaps Eduard “Billy” Meier is someone worth keeping an eye on. As much as you might require a pinch of salt here and there.

The video below features extensive talks by Meier and those close to his work.

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