The Cheshire “Silver-Suited” Man! An Encounter With The Nordics?

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In the summer of 1976 in the Reddish Vale area of Cheshire, England, three young children would encounter a mysterious humanoid figure in a strange silver suit. What’s more, this figure would simply vanish into thin air, not once but twice, right in front of the astonished children. The incident would eventually find itself into the MUFON records although it remains unexplained.

Cheshire Silver Man blended into a picture of a UFO over the countryside

A depiction of the Silver Man

As bizarre as the details of “silver space suits” sound, there are relatively consistent reports of encounters with such attired figures. Encounters that are spread across the decades and around the planet. Perhaps, then, we should consider the apparently equally bizarre (to some) claims of the one-time Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer, who very publicly would state that anywhere from “two to twelve races of aliens” are regularly visiting the Earth. Or maybe we should consider NASA’s recent and discreet announcement that “aliens may have visited Earth” with a little more contemplation than we otherwise might?

Before we move on, however, check out the video below. It gives a basic overview of this silver-suited alien race that some call “The Nordics”.

 “One Minute He Was There! The Next He Was Gone!”

One afternoon in August 1976, three children, brother and sister, Susan and John, and another anonymous boy, were playing near to their homes on wasteland. Although the destination was near the railway lines, a neighbor had built a small hut for the children, which is where they always stayed.

As the two boys played, Susan returned to the hut, so she could make orange drinks for everyone. Shortly after she left, the two boys noticed a sudden “flash of silver” from behind the bushes around the edge of the wasteland. At the same time, they could each hear a “crackling noise” coming from the same area. As each of them turned to look in the direction of the noise, a strange man emerged into the clearing.

He wore a “silver one-piece suit” and had a short grey beard, but long “yellowish hair”. Even stranger, though, was that the figure wasn’t stood on the ground, it was floating slightly above it. Each of the boys remained frozen to the spot watching the strange silver figure. Then, it simply vanished. John would later recall “It was like a light bulb being switched off. One minute he was there, the next he was gone”.

Susan, who was still preparing drinks in the small hut, was unaware the two boys had seen anything strange. However, as she finished the drinks and was about to carry them outside, a “rustling” sound came from outside the shed. She turned her attention to the small window. On the other side of it was a strange man in bright silver clothing, looking in at her.

A Second Sudden Disappearance!

There was only a matter of several feet between herself and this mysterious person. Susan could see the boys behind him, but they were looking towards one of the bushes. After several moments of staring at her, the man suddenly took a small hand-shovel from his belt and dropped down to the ground. He began to scoop up soil, placing these samples into different clear bags. Although he seemed no longer interested in the girl at all, a sudden wave of fear swept over her. Instinctively, she called out to her brother. As soon as she did so, the man vanished just like he had in front of the boys moments earlier.

After composing themselves, and now feeling a sense of safety in numbers, the three children would venture outside once more to look for the mysterious stranger. A school stood nearby. As the children approached the high fence that ran around the perimeter of its land, they could clearly see the strange figure once again. Like before, he was collecting samples of soil from the ground. Although the children continued to quietly approach him, this silver-suited man was apparently unaware of them.

When they were only several yards away, though, he would “go down into the ground” and then vanished. The trio would stop momentarily before continuing on in an effort to reach the location where the man had vanished for a third time.

A superimposed UFO over a field in the country

Just what was witnessed that day in Cheshire?

A Disc-Like Craft From Out Of The Ground!

Before they could reach their destination, however, they noticed a strange object rising, out of the ground, in the same spot where the mystery man had been only moments earlier. The “top” of the craft was a disc-shape with a distinct curve to it. The bottom, on the other hand, was almost perfectly flat. The craft was a dark, silver color, apparently metallic. There were, though, four dark “holes” in a row on the upper section. These were most likely windows or portholes. The children watched the strange craft rise high into the air before it disappeared out of their sight.

Both John and Susan would estimate the man to be of normal height (they would say the same height as their father – 5 feet 9 inches). They would describe the silver clothing as like a tracksuit with several “buttons” down the front of the top. On his hands were silver gloves and on his feet were boots with “thick black soles”. Aside from the bright attire, they would recall his skin was very pale. Furthermore, his eyes were a shape that was “like a cat’s”.

Did the three children witness a strange humanoid entity from another world? One who, judging from its actions, was on a non-aggressive fact-finding mission? As bizarre as it perhaps sounds, entities with “silver space suits” are remarkably persistent across the decades. Even apparent trivial details such as the shape of the eyes, pale skin, and in particular “long yellowish hair” all surface regularly in similar close contact encounters.

A 1976 “Nordic Alien” Wave?

Many people in the UFO community refer to this apparent race of extraterrestrials as The Nordics. In a similar way that many dismiss claims of “reptilian aliens”, claims of this pale-skinned long-haired alien race are often met with similar disdain. It is easy, on the surface, to see why, and tempting to do likewise. However, the abundance of similar claims forces us to at least contemplate the reality of such an alien race.

Perhaps even more intriguing, certainly to the above accounts, is that August 1976 has several very similar encounters to boast of. Incidents where disc-like crafts would land and similarly dressed occupants would perform some quick surveillance type duty before quickly disappearing again.

For example, in Flint in Wales, an unidentified craft was observed in a field in the middle of the afternoon. Furthermore, there were reports of several “occupants”. An almost identical sighting, again in the middle of the afternoon, occurred in Stockport towards the end of the month. A sighting in St. Raphael in France one evening just after midnight saw a “cigar-shaped” object hovering over a field with several humanoid figures clearly visible and moving around inside. According to the report, upon the blasting of a car horn, the object shot upwards and disappeared.

Over in the United States, in Sterling, Colorado, in the middle of a series of cattle mutilation cases, no less, came a report of “three human-like figures” witnessed floating over a fence around a field housing the farmer’s cattle. When the two ranchers went over to the muddy field, there were no footprints whatsoever, suggesting, as in other cases, the entities were floating above the ground’s surface.

Perhaps one of the first of the August 1976 encounters also took place in the United States, this time in Wisconsin.

A depiction of a UFO over an American farm

There were many sightings of “Nordic Aliens” in 1976

More Strange “Sample Collecting” Encounters

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the early hours of 1st August 1976 at just after 4:30 am, came another intriguing incident. The unnamed 20-year-old female witness heard a noise outside that dragged her from sleep. When she peered out of the window, she was shocked to see two “humanoid occupants” near a strange “glowing light”. She could hear them talking, although the language was “unintelligible” to her and not one she could even hazard a guess at. The figures were a person’s average height and were apparently collecting something from the ground. Suddenly, they both disappeared and the light, likely the craft, disappeared into the night sky.

Perhaps one of the strangest of these incidents comes from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. On the afternoon of the 15th August 1976, an “elderly gentleman” watched in bemusement as a shining circular object appeared out of the sky and began to descend into his yard right in the front of his house. Then, a humanoid figure emerged from the craft and quickly scanned their surroundings. Rather than take any further action, though, the figure promptly re-entered the craft which then took off at breathtaking speed. The entire episode had played out in absolute silence despite the obvious highly advanced nature of the craft. Was this a case of a landing in the wrong destination?

A similar incident would take place less than twenty-four hours later. And interestingly enough, the location was, once again, Wisconsin. The same state of the “humanoid sightings” only a fortnight earlier.

The Egg Harbor Incidents, Wisconsin

Perhaps of these other incidents of humanoid sightings in the summer of 1976 are those at Egg Harbor in Wisconsin on the 16th and 23rd August respectively. The first incident occurred around 4 am on the 16th August. The witnesses, Dean Anderson and Wayne Schutte, were tending to a local golf course ready for the busy day ahead. However, out of nowhere, an “orange object” descended on to the golf course. Anderson, who was on one of the golf course’s mobile mowers at the time, saw a strange figure standing on the course in the headlights of the mower. It turned and began running which prompted Anderson to give chase on the mower.

As he did so, he noticed a strange light appear on the creature’s helmet. At the same time, the creature’s belt also began to glow, colors of red, green, pink, yellow, and orange. He would get to within several feet of the strange humanoid before an “energy beam” appeared out of nowhere, instantly causing the mower to stop. Several seconds later, a “scout ship” descended, an open doorway on the underside declaring a bright glow inside. Suddenly, the figure began to float upwards into the doorway which closed as soon as its cargo was safely inside. The craft then ascended quickly and disappeared.

A superimposed UFO over Golf Course at night

What was witnessed in Egg Harbor in 1976?

A Cosmic Scientific Mission On Earth In 1976?

At a little after 4:15 am on the 23rd August, the strange orange “glow” would descend again, almost in the exact same place. Once landed, two “human-looking occupants” came out of the craft. They would “float” down to the ground on a “band of light” before gathering several “samples”. They then approached Anderson and introduced themselves as “scientists” from Jupiter and Saturn. This detail, particularly in retrospect, leads many to question the authenticity of the account, certainly the second one, of which he was the only witness. However, it is perhaps worth noting that many scientists today point to the moons of both of these gas giants as likely candidates of supporting, and perhaps already hosting life.

Upon closer inspection, Anderson could see each of the humanoids wore sparkling tight-fitting suits of “some glistening metallic material”. He further claimed that these apparent cosmic entities had different colored skin. One a “light tan” and the other a “copper color” and were of the standard size of a human adult. The previous week, incidentally, Anderson would state the height of the entity to be around seven feet. Was this landing of a different race of alien? Or, and perhaps more likely, was the first incident in the early hours of the 16th August genuine? Whereas the second was one of fantasy on the part of the witness? Perhaps wishing to prolong the attention, or even seeking monetary gain? All speculation, no doubt, but several other similar close encounters, at least according to some, took similar turns.

All are compelling cases, though. And maybe there was a cosmic scientific mission on Earth by non-aggressive extraterrestrials during the summer of 1976?

Check out the video below. It looks at claims of The Nordics and who this mysterious alien race might be.


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