Jan Wolski And The Emilcin Alien Encounter

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June 15, 2018
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Not only is the encounter of Jan Wolski in Emilcin in May 1978 Poland’s most famous alien abduction case, it is the first record of such an incident taking place on Polish soil. Although at the time the Wolski account received very little attention, particularly from media platforms outside of Poland, it has quietly proved to be one of the most interesting and even important on record. Not least because of Poland’s isolation from much of the western world at the time. Although still under Soviet control, Poland was the first country of the “communist world” to allow “civilian UFO movements” including for academics and scholars.

Jan Wolski with a picture of the UFO location blended underneath

Jan Wolski with a picture of the UFO location

Poland’s full liberation from the grip of the Soviet Union, however, was still over a decade away. When it came, so did attention to Wolski’s account. Jan Wolski, who was 71-years-old at the time of the incident, would die only months after the fall of the Berlin Wall on 8th January 1990. He had, however, given an extensive interview to two UFO investigators, Henryk Pomorski and Krystyna Amadczyk back in July 1978. The interview would remain private for a considerable time. It is, though, from this interview that the majority of what we know of the incident stems from.

The Emilcin Alien Encounter would divide the UFO community over the years following the Internet helping in distributing it far and wide. Some point to several details that mirror other such cases, and in turn Poland’s annexed position from the world as proof of it being a genuine account. Others cite the outlandish nature of the claims – themselves in the middle of a global UFO wave of sightings – and the fact that Wolski himself was the only witness to the events that it is likely untrue.

The Woodland Near Emilcin, Poland

As 8 am loomed on the morning of 10th May 1978, Jan Wolski was driving his horse-drawn cart through the woodland near Emilcin. He would suddenly notice two strange figures in the distance ahead of him. It wasn’t long before he was almost upon them. As he went to pass, the two strange creatures “hopped onto his wagon”, sitting down slightly behind him. Each was about five-feet tall and each adorned a “black outfit” which covered all but their face. Their faces (and any other skin such as their hands) was a distinct shade of green. All the while they were speaking to each other. However, it was in a language unfamiliar to Wolski, who would describe it as lots of “short and fast” words.

He would state in a little-known Polish documentary in 1978 that, “They were talking in thin voices, unknown to me. I didn’t understand any of it!”

Not sensing any danger and not knowing what he would do even if he did, Wolski continued forward. The whole scene was as smooth as if he had been expecting to pick the two strange figures there all along. Then, as the woodland cleared somewhat, another fascinating sight would greet him.

“I drove out from behind these bushes and there’s this, well, some car hovering in the air!” he would state several months after the incident. The object, an oblong shape “like a bus” and glowing white, hovered around a meter from the ground. At each corner were “barrels with black vertical rods running through them”. Each of the rods would continually rotate while also emitting various colors.

A Shining Seamless Object

He became aware of a humming sound which appeared to emanate from the object. The closer he got to the craft, the more intense the buzzing became, like angry “bumblebees”. This last point is interesting, not only due to how often a sound of “buzzing” is reported. Many reports often go on to state this buzzing increases when the witness approaches. Furthermore, many witnesses use the exact same phrase of “bees” or “bumblebees” to describe this apparently unique noise.

Another detail offered by Wolski often found in other reports was the distinct lack of seams on the object. As if the entire thing was made from one piece of material. As he departed from his cart and walked towards the shining, smooth object, a “lift” emerged from the side of the craft. It appeared to be held in place by thin cables. One of the figures would step on to the lift and then turn and gesture to Wolski to follow. He did so and, as shown by the two figures, he took hold of one of the cables. Almost as soon as he did, the surface rose at considerable speed.

The next thing, Wolski could see was an entrance beckoning to him to go inside.

A Large Room With Black Walls

One of the green-skinned creatures would enter the craft first. Wolski followed and found himself inside a rectangular room with black walls. When he touched them, they had the feel of glass but seemed much stronger and denser. There were several seats against the walls, each held in place with similar cables that held the lift.

Wolski could see no lighting inside and assumed the daylight from outside lit the room. Two more of the hooded humanoid creatures stood inside the room. Each was dressed in the same “rubber-like” one-piece suit as the two who had jumped on his cart moments earlier. He noticed how there were no fasteners or belts anywhere on these strange suits. He also noticed how the creature’s legs were larger than they should be for their frame. And how a “lump” was visible on their backs under the one-piece suits. Their eyes were also larger than normal and “appeared to lack any whites”.

He further noticed what appeared to be several “paralyzed birds” on the floor of the room. Wolski wasn’t sure if they were crows or rooks. He knew they were still alive as he could see movement in their wings, heads, legs, and eyes. Despite this, however, they remained still and on their sides on the ground.

Regardless of his surroundings and the surreal nature of the unfolding encounter, Wolski still felt no fear. He wasn’t sure if that was his own demeanor or some influence of the creatures around him. He looked up and could see their attention was on him.

Artist's impression of the strange green skinned entity

Artist’s impression of the strange green skinned entity

Grey Disc-Shaped Devices

His hosts then indicated that Wolski should undress which he began to do. As he did so, he noticed one of the figures in front of him approaching. In its hands were two “grey disc-shaped objects”. It appeared to Wolski that some kind of “suction pads” attached these discs to the creature’s hands. He could hear a humming sound and see the discs themselves vibrating.

As the figure holding the discs stood in front of him, two of the other creatures turned him as if he were posing for a mugshot. In turns, they would expose his back and front, and both sides of his body to the devices. Wolski was not told what the devices were or what the purpose of the procedure was. What is interesting is other such encounters sometimes speak of similar objects that would appear to be X-ray devices.

Following the procedure, a smell of “burning Sulphur” suddenly hit him. It was something that he would claim remained with him for several days such was the strength of the aroma. Again, this is a small detail often given by abductees as an afterthought. It would certainly appear to be a detail of importance.

Then, just like that, the figures would lead him back to the entrance and gesture for him to step back on the lift. He bowed to them in goodbye as he did so, a gesture they returned. The lift then lowered him down and he stepped onto the ground.

Footprints But No Craft!

Once he reached his cart where his horse stood patiently, he turned around to face the craft. Two of the creatures were stood at the entrance watching him. He climbed on board and continued home.

Once there he entered the house excitedly looking for his two sons. His wife informed him they were out on the field. He would locate them and direct them to head to the clearing in the woodland and they would “see an object in the sky” in that direction. A neighbor would hear the exchange and would join the two young men in their search.

By the time Wolski had arrived back to the scene, the craft was gone, and none of the makeshift search team had witnessed anything. They did, however, discover numerous “rectangular footprints” and evidence that “soil sampling” had taken place. It would also come to light that a young boy had also seen a similar object over the woods around the same time as Wolski’s encounter. Over the years several people have stepped forward to state they too saw a strange object in the sky that morning. Only Jan Wolski, it would seem, encountered the entities up close.

The area itself soon became overrun by interested onlookers and even police. Needless to say, they would trample the footprints beyond any recognition. No molds or photographs exist of them. This is perhaps important. As we will look at in a moment, Wolski would face accusations of being part of a hoax or imagining the event. If we assume for one moment that was the case, then why would he bother to mention the footprints if he would then allow them to be trampled before obtaining “proof” of them?

Other Encounters Of “Green-Skinned” Entities

While many would deem the account outlandish, there are other similar encounters of green-skinned creatures on record.

The 1957 Kentucky Goblins Encounter, for example, featured an all-night stand-off between two families and “glowing, green entities”. The account is one of Kentucky’s most famous incidents in a state that has several to choose from.

Even George Washington, prior to the famous battle of Valley Forge in 1777, would claim to have received visitations from “green-skinned warriors”. Furthermore, these visitors would advise him of British battle positions and where to position his own troops. They would also show him a future vision of the United States.

Even as far back as the mid-1100s there is an account of “green children” in the village of Woolpit in England. While there is nothing to indicate this encounter – if indeed there is any truth to it – was of an extraterrestrial nature, it often surfaces in UFO circles. And it is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility that should two green-skinned extraterrestrials have sought refuge in a small community at such a time, they might well be perceived as children.

Initially, it would appear that Jan Wolski’s 1978 encounter would soon be of interest to UFO enthusiasts only. Then, things changed somewhat. Suddenly, the Polish authorities (then loyal to the Soviet Union) would take an interest in the case.

Monument where the Emilcin encounter took place

Monument where the Emilcin encounter took place

Purposeful Discrediting?

According to a report at the time, a local school teacher, after conducting a lecture with school children in an attempt to calm their nerves about “Martians landing”, would become frustrated that they would “not accept the work of good Soviet scientists”. Ultimately, he informed the “Citizen Militia” – the local police – claiming he couldn’t allow the contemplation of “unscientific ideas”.

The local police would interview Wolski, as well as several of the children at the local school. According to their findings, “The grandfather fell asleep and dreamed everything!” Wolski, perhaps already weary of the “peasant existence” under Soviet control was more than resentful with their purposely mocking-like findings.

Many others doubt the incident also, however. Some believe it is simply too outlandish, while others have looked to prove a hoax for financial gain, even suggesting that UFO researcher, Zbigniew Blania-Bolnar, knew Jan Wolski prior to the incident, through his son. There is no real evidence for this, however, and we should treat the claims with the same trepidation as the sighting itself.

On the other hand, many details have since cropped up in many numerous unconnected accounts worldwide. Wolski himself would suffer continued ridicule, including accusations of alcoholism.

Regardless of the truth of the incident, in 2005, twenty-five years after his death, came the erecting of a statue at the spot of the encounter. On it is the inscription, “On 10 May 1978 in Emilcin a UFO Object landed. The truth will astonish us in the future”.

Despite the amount of documented detail, there is still debate as to the authenticity of the Emilcin incident. Perhaps through other accounts, we will eventually know that truth authenticity one way or the other.

The two videos below are in Polish but are from 1978 and worth watching.


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