The Asum Extraterrestrial Incident – Alien Encounter In Denmark?

Marcus Lowth
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January 31, 2020
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November 15, 2021
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Although it is little-known today, certainly outside of the European UFO community, an incident from August 1981 in a small town in Denmark is perhaps one of the most intriguing alleged extraterrestrial encounters in history, if only as it falls nearly and collaboratively alongside so many other similar incidents on record. What’s more, it very well may force us to consider other theories and notions as to the true nature and reality of the UFO and alien question.

A depiction of a UFO on a road with aliens emerging from it

Did extraterrestrials visit Asum?

And what’s more, as much as where these mysterious visitors are coming from we might ask why they are doing so? For what reasons are these repeated visitations taking place, over many years and seemingly happening at all four corners of the planet? Might they, as this incident perhaps suggests, be a part of some kind of long-overriding project of fact-finding missions? But if so, for what end? And to benefit who?

The following encounter is indeed one that while lasting only several minutes is one that does indeed guide us toward and demands we ask such questions. Finding the answers to these questions, however, will likely prove to be much more difficult than realizing they have to be asked.

The incident comes to us from the research files of Erling Hegelund and Toke Haunstrup and, to the best of our knowledge, remains unexplained.

An Intensely Bright Craft With Robotic Entities Exploring Their Surroundings!

The main witness – known as “PN” in the report – was driving through Asum, a small village in the Funen region of Denmark on his way to the warehouse where he worked at around 2 am one morning in August 1981. [1] As he was doing so, and without warning, his car would suddenly stall. Only the fact that he was on a downward hill at the time actually kept his vehicle in motion. Seeing a T-junction coming up, he pressed his foot down on the brake, bringing the car to a halt.

As the car came to a stop, PN glanced forward. In his line of sight was a bizarre glowing object, floating several meters above the ground. So bright was the object that PN couldn’t see clearly beyond that intense yellow-orange glow and so wasn’t sure of the specific details of the shape.

A superimposed UFO over a night scene of a snowy town

Scandinavia has a long history of UFOs

He could, though, make out what appeared to be a ramp extending from the bottom of the craft to the ground below. As he looked closer, PN could see several strange entities that were making their way up and down the ramp and around the ground below as if searching for something or simply gathering things of interest. He would note how the movements, while extremely quick, were robotic-like.

As he was watching this organized chaos unfold before him, he first noticed the three other figures, much larger than the ones who continued to scurry around up and down the ramp. While two of these larger figures remained in the doorway of the craft, the third was at the bottom of the ramp. Suddenly, PN felt a lot more nervous than he had several moments earlier.

A Sudden Surge In PN’s Direction!

As he remained where he was watching the bizarre scene, he came to the realization that the strange humanoid entities were most likely guards of some kind as they remained in one position throughout. Furthermore, the more he watched the smaller entities he would notice how they appeared to be “two triangles placed on top of the other”.

He watched for several more minutes, not daring to take his eyes away from the scene for just a moment. When he finally did so, however, he noticed a taxi parked around 150 meters away from where his own vehicle stood. He also noticed how the headlights of the taxi “flashed” several times. He couldn’t, however, tell if this was aimed at himself or whether the driver of the taxi, presumably also aware of the brightly glowing object, was making attempts to communicate with these strange visitors.

A picture of a UFO coming out of clouds

Just who are these strange visitors and where might they come from?

It was moments after first noticing the taxi that PN realized his car would start. It was also at this point that the entities suddenly appeared aware of his presence. Within seconds they were heading toward him – and fast.

As he began to put his own vehicle in motion and beginning away from the outrageous situation, he noticed that the driver of the taxi was seemingly thinking the same thing, and had turned his car around which was now heading away from the scene in the opposite direction to PN.

Unlikely But Not Impossible There Is More Information To Come!

PN pressed his foot down as hard as he could, continuing the car’s momentum away from the glowing craft and the bizarre entities, which he could also see continuing their pursuit. They would remain in his sight for several more minutes before they finally disappeared from his view such was the sufficient distance he had put between himself and the bizarre scenario.

He didn’t see what happened to the entities after he had gotten out of visual range. And he didn’t recall seeing the glowing craft shoot high into the air. Perhaps, then, there are several things to consider.

In fact, aside from reporting the incident to the UFO investigators concerned, it is not thought there is any further information concerning this case available. However, given that there was at least one other witness to the incident, it would be interesting to see if any further details emerge at some point in the near future.

What’s more, although they are spread out across the globe, there are several other UFO sightings which feature a glowing, circular or disc-like yellow-orange craft which is on record during the same window of time.

Silver-Clad Humanoid And Glowing, White Saucers Over Poland

Perhaps one of the most intriguing of these other, similar sightings to the incident in Asum comes to us from the files of Polish UFO researcher, Adam Chrzanowski. Once more, the exact date is not known, other than the incident taking place one evening at around 9 pm in August 1981. The witness was only 8 years old at the time and was in the location on holiday with his family. He was heading back to the pavilion area when he began taking in the surroundings around him.

In front of him were two hikers. In front of them, however, was a “mysterious humanoid”, around seven feet in height and wearing a shiny, silver outfit. Perhaps most notable, at least to the young boy, were the glowing, orange eyes of the bizarre, silver-clad humanoid.

A superimposed UFO on a night beach

UFO sightings happen all over the world

When he finally managed to tear his gaze away from the strange entity he noticed “two silver-white flying saucers”, each glowing brightly against the early evening environment. What’s more, a bright, white light was emanating from the hovering crafts.

By the time the young boy returned his focus back to the strange creature several feet away, it was now looking directly at him. Completely unnerved at this point, the witness ran from the scene as fast as he could. He has no knowledge if the humanoid and the accompanying craft vanished at this point or whether they continued on with their seemingly secretive mission.

An Apparent Abduction Incident?

Another similar incident, also in Poland, occurred on the evening of 8th August and comes to us from a report by Bronislaw Rzepecki in Flying Saucer Review. According to the report, the witness was returning to a campsite where he was staying after having visited the beach when “two strange men in dark clothing” suddenly ran out across his field of vision around 100 yards ahead.

They initially vanished into the nearby bushes only to reappear once more moments later. He would later describe them as around four feet tall, with green skin and wearing a dark green bodysuit. Their eyes, which were oversized for their heads, made a particularly lasting impression on him.

Around the torsos, the creatures had a black box with several cables and wires coming out of it. A strange mist also appeared to circulate around them. In fact, the witness couldn’t tell if this mist was in an effort to hide them or what appeared to be an oblong-shaped, silver craft hovering a short distance above the ground slightly behind the two strange creatures.

It was around this time the witness began to hear “telepathic” voices inside his head. Among other things they would tell him to “not to be afraid”. It was also at this point that the witness would find himself walking toward the two entities. Although they would part ways allowing him to pass, the witness would later recall that they had a brief period of time that they could not recall or account for.

Tentative Suggestions Of The Involvement Of Portals?

The two sightings in Poland around the same are intriguing in that they involve a similarly shaped craft that was not central to the incidents and was merely part of the backdrop to the respective events, as well as similarly clad small-sized humanoid figures. And these are but two that stand out in this particular timeframe. If we were to extrapolate that out across the decades, before and after, we would find many other similar, and in some cases, almost identical encounters.

Perhaps one of the details that slide under the radar in this case and others, is the presence of the bright light somewhere near to the craft or the occupants. A light so bright that most can’t look directly at it, with some even becoming temporarily blind if they do.

It is tempting, and could well be correct, to imagine that this light is connected to the disc-shaped crafts often seen at a slight distance or in the background of these encounters. However, given that it is certainly not a certainty that whatever these mysterious crafts and their occupants prove to be, they might not be traveling here from space.

A superimposed UFO over a river

UFO sightings occur all over the world

Might these brighter-than-bright lights be suggestive of some kind of portal in operation. One that allows passage (and re-entry) from one point of existence in the universe – whether it be another planet, solar system, or even another dimension within our own realm of existence – to another, in this case, ours, Earth?

Are These Encounters Nothing More Than Discreet Reconnaissance Missions?

Whatever the truth is of the sighting in Asum as well as the several other similar incidents around the same time in August 1981. And what, if any, connections might it have to the other incidents we have examined here?

While there is no real evidence or the possibility of alien abduction with this case, it certainly might not have been the case if the witness (and the mystery taxi driver) hadn’t had turned to vacate the area when they did? What’s more, despite the almost four decades that have passed since the incident, might this mystery taxi driver still be alive and recall the incident? Might there also have been any passengers in his car at the time?

It is an unlikely prospect that such potential witnesses would come forward today, but certainly not impossible. Perhaps the question we should ask ourselves about this case and the many others from around the world and across the ages, is just what are these strange creatures that seem to be on some kind of reconnaissance mission concerning the organic make-up of the earth and the details of the environment and surroundings?

Might they be simply a scientific fact-finding mission, conducted as best they can to not interfere (or even be seen) by ourselves? Or might the reasons behind these mysterious but persistent visits have a much more malevolent motive? One that should not only concern us but put us on a mental high alert to study such a potential threat before it is upon us and ready to attack.

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the strangest and most memorable UFO and alien encounters on record.


1 The Asum Encounter, HidDenmark

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