The Alien Abductee And The Edwards Air Force Base UFO Crash

Marcus Lowth
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May 6, 2019
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November 15, 2021
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Without a doubt what makes the following account from the summer of 1971 truly intriguing is the combination of an abduction event that would result in an apparent UFO crash near to Edwards Air Force Base in California.

The incident took place only eighteen months before one of the most active years for UFO and occupant sightings in the United States in 1973. And given the similarities in descriptions to many of those sightings, it doesn’t take too much of a stretch of the imagination to consider that this encounter was perhaps part of the same overall “program”.

1971 Edwards UFO Crash

Did an alien abductee end up in a UFO crash

What’s more, like several other military facilities across the United States, Edwards Air Force Base has a long history of UFO sightings and encounters. We have looked before, for example, of the sighting of former astronaut and test-pilot, Gordon Cooper, who claimed to have witnessed a UFO land in broad daylight during rocket launch tests in May 1957.

Of course, we should also perhaps remind ourselves that Edwards Air Force Base was also the location of the alleged 1954 meeting between President Eisenhower and two different extraterrestrial races on two separate occasions.

Furthermore, the result of that meeting, if we accept for a moment that the claims are undoubtedly true, was the commencing of abductions of citizens from various countries around the world by creatures that would become known in the collective public conscious as “the grays”. With that in mind, then, what exactly happened that evening in the early seventies? And what connection does it have to the wider UFO and alien question?

The Lady In The Wreckage Of A Crashed UFO!

Although the exact date is unknown, one summer’s evening in 1971, Debbie Clayton heard a sudden “roaring sound” [1] from outside her property, followed by a sudden crashing sound. She quickly ran outside and could instantly see a large cloud rising into the sky a short distance away.

She immediately set out in the direction of the commotion, as did several other disturbed residents of the area. Upon arriving at the site of the urgent and loud noises they were amazed and baffled at the ruins of a seemingly mushroom-shaped, gun-metal colored object with flashing green lights on the exterior.

The exterior appeared to have no distinguished markings or windows, or even seams. In fact, it appeared as though “it was molded from one piece of metal”.

A depiction of a UFO hovering over a desert

Just what happened at Edwards Air Force Base in the summer of 1971?

Even more bizarre to the witnesses, however, was the “three gray humanoids”, one of which appeared to still be alive, that was seemingly visible within the wreckage. There was also a female human, donning a tight-fitting and otherworldly pink suit. She appeared to be alive but very much disorientated.

However, before anyone could move any closer, several United States military vehicles arrived – most likely from the nearby Edwards Air Force Base. They would quickly secure the area and order those who had ventured to the site to leave immediately. Failure to do so, they would state, with their weapons drawn and armed for good effect, would lead to them being arrested.

A Covering Up Of A “Technical Malfunction!”

According to those who remained vigilant to the military’s activities even as they were vacating the area, the downed craft was quickly covered over by a large sheet of canvas. It was then attached to large cables and lifted on to a military transport carrier.

Then, as if they were never there and nothing out of ordinary had taken place, they simply left the area.

A picture of a claimed real UFO

Does this picture show a real UFO?

What surprised local residents was that there was no mention of the incident in the newspapers, radio, or on any of the local or state-wide television stations. When several residents made attempts to establish what had happened by contacting the military, they were informed that a “military vehicle” had crashed due to a “technical malfunction”.

As for the female human apparently seen within the wreckage, she would be tracked down by UFO researcher Albert Rosales and would ultimately undergo hypnotic regression therapy. The revelations are fascinating and bizarre in equal measure.

Furthermore, years later in the early-2000s, she would submit her account to several serious UFO online platforms, so ensuring the account remains very much in the public conscious.

Returning To Earth From The “Mothership!”

The woman in question was eventually named as Lorraine Dvorak Cordini. She would claim that following the crash, she and the surviving extraterrestrial, along with the wreckage, were taken to a facility at Edwards Air Force Base just to the north of the crash site. During this transportation, she was heavily drugged by military officers in what appears to have been an attempt to erase or mask her memories of the incident.

A depiction of a UFO hovering over a forest

Did the military cover up evidence of the incident?

According to the Lorraine, on the night of the UFO crash, she had been abducted from her home and was, after being dressed in the pink suit by her abductors, being returned to Earth. The craft that ultimately crashed was merely a “pod-like craft” which took her to and returned her from a “mothership” remaining in a near-orbit of the planet.

Lorraine can’t remember the details of the crash itself or what caused it. Indeed, it would appear it was this event that brought her conscious mind back to its senses as her first memories of the incident is of finding herself “standing amid the wreckage” while all around her was complete chaos.

She could see one of the creatures laying on the ground, seemingly dead. Another one was in front of her at a distance of around 20 feet. It was then that a soldier or “military person” came into view. Launching kicks at the dead alien as if ensuring it was indeed alive no more.

She would move her focus around the carnage. Then, she would notice one of the alien creatures stood upright a few feet from her. It was, like herself, injured and disorientated.

Then, she jerked forward as an unseen military officer cuffed her hands behind her back.

Bizarre And Emotional Telepathic Communication

The already bizarre incident would see another equally bizarre twist when a sudden sense of telepathic communication entered her mind. It was of the “captain” on the “mothership” from where she had just come from.

A depiction of a UFO hovering over water

Many close encounters feature details of telepathic communication

She would state that this figure was decisively more human. A female standing at around six feet with short brown hair and donning a long white gown. In her mind, Lorraine heard this figure state how sorry they were. And that should they come to help them, then “they” would be aware of their presence. She could also see, in her mind, other “gray alien-type” figures around this apparent humanoid captain.

This is an interesting revelation. Are these two different alien races? Or are the “gray aliens”, as many researchers claim, merely some kind of worker? Or even mechanical aid to the humanoid entities?

As for Lorraine, she would find herself in a black military limousine, all of the windows blacked out. Then, her memory would race forward, as if she possibly blacked out while in the moving vehicle.

A Confusing And Disorienting Experience

When she awoke, she was lying on a cold, metal hospital table in a large and equally cold military hangar.

To her left, she could see three military personnel. Two of them wore regular-type uniforms. One of them, though, would appear to be of higher command. If only because of the different cap he wore. At her head stood another military person. To each side of him, however, was an alien entity that Lorraine would describe as having a “pumpkin-shaped” head.

A depiction of a UFO following a plane at night

Do the military have an active role in alien abductions?

It would appear that these extraterrestrial beings were different to the ones involved in the crashed vehicle. Even stranger, according to the hypnosis sessions, Lorraine encountered these particular alien entities when she was a young child. The memories of the encounter were hazy. She could remember seeing such an alien looking in at her from outside her bedroom window. Adorning in some kind of shiny spacesuit.

Her memories, both of the earlier experience as a child and the incident unfolding around her in the military hangar began to blur and become confused. So much so, her next clear memory is of someone dragging from the table. And outside where a vehicle with red flashing lights waited. The next thing she realized, she was on a bus which terminated at San Francisco. There, she got off, confused, scared, and not fully understanding why. Or how she arrived there.

She would ultimately find her way back home to the usually quiet and peaceful suburb outside of Los Angeles. Her encounter, however, remains unresolved, or even officially acknowledged to this day.

A Sudden “Emotional Barrage” Of Memories!

Fourteen years later in the summer of 1995, Lorraine was living in North Carolina. She was having fleeting memories of the incidents from her childhood. So much so that she eventually made the decision to contact MUFON for their assistance. This would eventually lead to the details of that bizarre evening near Edwards Air Force Base coming to light.

In fact, the “emotional barrage” of her memories began to unlock. This, while listening to another alien abductee telling of their encounter. What struck her as strange was the fact, until that point, Lorraine’s only memory of any type of otherworldly incident was far back in her childhood. The incident that had brought her to MUFON in the first place.

A picture claiming to show multiple UFOs

Does this image show multiple UFOs?

The account of Lorraine Cordini stands out for several reasons. Not least due to the apparent involvement of several different extraterrestrial races with apparently vastly different agendas. Was the “abduction” of Lorraine more akin to the “educational and spiritual” abductions of the 1950s? The apparent communication between herself and the “captain” would certainly suggest so given the empathetic emotions involved.

Or might these details simply be how Lorraine’s (understandably) confused and disorientated mind dealt with such a horrific ordeal?

And what about the crash itself? How did the authorities manage to keep such an incident under wraps so successfully? Perhaps we should remember that the Internet was still over twenty years away, as was 24-hour television channels. In short, keeping such incidents within the confines of the communities in which they took place was perhaps an easier task than it would be today.

Indeed, the Internet would result in a much “smaller world” for all of us. Memories perhaps easily come out and go to the surface of the conscious mind.

Just How “Involved” Are The US Military In Extraterrestrial Activity!

Of all the military bases in California, UFO activity haunts Edwards Air Force Base more than any other. And what’s more, these sightings would suggest military knowledge, or even involvement, or extraterrestrial activity on Earth.

In fact, sightings over the military facility go back to only days after the Roswell incident on the 7th and 8th July. Over that 24-hour period, “dozens of military officers and pilots” witnessed several flyovers by saucer-shaped craft. In the words of UFO researcher, Michael David Hall, the incident:

…really shook up the Pentagon (and) were the pivotal event which sprung the United States military into serious action on the saucer mystery! [2]

This event, according to Hall, would lead to the US Air Force in privately giving orders to their personnel. That all reports of UFOs should go directly to the Technical Intelligence Division of the Air Material Command.

The sightings, however, would continue, on a semi-regular basis right up until the modern era. And like many other parts of the United States, sightings in the fifties and mid-1960s were rife. And what’s more, these are only the sightings from official reports.

One of the most famous sightings would see several military jets take to the skies in pursuit of multiple UFOs that hovered over the base on the evening of 7th October 1965. This particular sighting involved several high-ranking military personnel, as well as confirmation from multiple radar operators. What’s more, the incident would last for several hours.

It is almost a certainty that other incidents remain in the minds of those who witnessed them. And many more that reside in respective graves of those who died without speaking of their encounters.

The video below looks at the 1965 incident.


1 OVNI, Journal of the Phenomenon Research Association, Jan/Feb 2014
2 UFOs over California: A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Golden State, Preston Dennett

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