Jennie Henderson And Repeated Alien Abductions – More Evidence Of Targeted Encounters By Unknown Entities

Marcus Lowth
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December 20, 2021
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The alien abduction encounters of Jennie Henderson perhaps lend more credibility to the suggestions of some researchers that behind the alien abduction phenomenon lies a very predetermined and targeted extraterrestrial research program whose end goal ultimately remains a mystery.

A depiction of an alien abduction

Repeat alien abductions are more comman than people think

Jennie Henderson was a married woman with two children living in New Hampshire in January 1988 when an incident occurred that not only left the unsettling feeling that something truly strange had taken place but would eventually spark memories of a lifetime of such bizarre and unnerving events – events that are mirrored in multiple other similar cases around the world and across the decades.

Her case is another that was investigated by veteran alien researcher and writer, Kathleen Marden, details of which she wrote about in her book The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human Alien Contact Ever Reported (which we highly recommend). It is from her investigation that we will relay the account here.

As with other such cases which share remarkably similar details, the accounts of Jennie Henderson and her family should force to ask just what might be taking place under our collective noses, and for what reason?

Figures Like “Grotesque Toy Soldiers!”

The earliest encounter Jennie can recall of something truly strange taking place came about during a hypnotic regression session in the 1970s, conducted by Dr. James Harder. On the day in question, when Jennie was only three years old, she recalled being in a field near the family’s farm on a warm, sunny day watching her mother and grandmother, who were busy picking berries. With her was her older sister, and her younger brother (who was in his pram).

In the distance, she suddenly noticed several strange figures who she would describe as looking like “grotesque toy soldiers”. Then, her memory became hazy. Although she couldn’t recall her mother coming over to them, the next thing she knew she was holding her hand. Of more concern, though, was that they were “face to face” with the strange figures. She recalled how they had grey skin and “oversized fluid eyes”. Then, her memory of the incident ends.

A depiction of aliens near a flying saucer

Jennie recalled the aliens looked like “grotesque toy soldiers!”

While Jennie herself was uncertain as to the authenticity of the event (she questioned, for example, if she might have manufactured it under hypnosis, albeit unintentionally), given that she would experience several other similar incidents with almost identical looking creatures, as well as the fact that many people who experience repeat alien abduction often begin so from a very early age of around three or four years old, as well as the fact that these repeat abduction incidents often turn out to be generational, we might do well to keep them firmly in our mind as possibly very real.

She would also recall how a string of paranormal incidents occurred throughout her childhood that, while she didn’t pay that much attention to at the time, she now believed was further evidence of being visited by creatures not of this Earth. For example, she would recall often seeing orbs moving about through the house. Even stranger, doors would often open and close by themselves. What’s more, this activity appeared to intensify the older she got.

“She’s Waking Up! Don’t Let Her Open Her Eyes!”

She would also recall another seemingly harrowing incident a decade later when she was 13 years old when she awoke with intense pain and bruising on and around her genitals. So much so that she had trouble sitting down. What was particularly surprising here is that, according to Jennie, her mother didn’t at all appear surprised and as opposed to frantically questioning what had happened to her, merely offered to get a pillow to place on the kitchen chair to make it softer.

We should note that, in terms of alien abduction investigations, this would suggest some kind of reproductive examination had taken place during the incident. However, it is obvious that one might suspect some form of abuse had taken place – perhaps even within the home (when we recall the lack of surprise or outrage on the part of Jennie’s mother). However, this line of inquiry by Marden revealed nothing to suggest this was the case.

Jennie had vague memories of the night before, which she attempted to tell herself was nothing but the remnants of a dream. However, even then, if only subconsciously, she knew they were something more. She recalled being on some kind of strange medical table and was surrounded by what appeared to be a “surgical team”. What’s more, she recalled how she could see her mother briefly when she opened her eyes. What’s more, she could hear her shouting, “She’s waking up! Don’t let her open her eyes!”

Decades later, she would finally discover the full details of that strange night, as well the other similar times she awoke with similar pain and bruising. It would later also come to light – through hypnotic regression – that Jennie’s mother had indeed witnessed procedures taking place on her daughter that evening. It was not only Jennie that had seemingly been abducted but the entire family.

Missing Time On The Way To The Basketball Game

Another incident that Jennie could partially recall unfolded one evening when she was 16 years old. She and her friend were driving to a basketball game on the night in question when a bright object suddenly appeared in the sky and began descending toward them. The two teenagers believed it was a helicopter, to begin with. However, the fact they couldn’t hear a sound at all told them it was something more out of the ordinary.

Half joking – due to her friend’s absolute disbelief in UFOs – Jennie looked out of the car window and exclaimed that it was a UFO. However, when the car engine suddenly died as the bizarre object hovered silently nearby the mood that came over them darkened somewhat. Jennie’s friend made several attempts to restart the engine but all failed.

Then, suddenly, the engine sparked into life. Although they couldn’t recall the object disappearing, it was now nowhere to be seen. Her friend put the car into motion, and they continued on their way to the high school where they were to watch the game and then give her younger brother a ride home (who they had arranged to meet at the school).

A depiction of a UFO

Just what did Jennie witness that evening on her way to the basketball game?

However, when they arrived, they were more than a little shocked to find the school completely locked and in darkness. The clock in the vehicle appeared to be working fine, declaring it to be early evening. However, when they ventured to a nearby store, they discovered it was, in reality, after 11 pm. They had lost several hours and had no memory whatsoever of them.

With a sense of dread of having to face her parents and explain why she had not arrived to collect her brother, Jennie was more than surprised to find that her mother was seemingly understanding of her declaration when arriving back home a short time later.

Incidentally, Jennie would manage to recall the missing hours of that evening decades later under hypnotic regression. She would state that while her friend made attempts to restart the car engine, she was suddenly “floated” out of the car window. Within moments – with no actual memory of entering the craft, something which shows up in many other reports – she was inside the vehicle and in the presence of two grey-skinned creatures.

She was taken elsewhere but at this point in the session, Jennie requested that she not have to relive the finer details of whatever procedures and examinations she underwent. Instead, Marden “fast-forwarded” to when she was returned to the car.

Encounters Continue Into Adulthood

An incident that occurred while Jennie was sharing an apartment with a roommate while working as a teacher and dating her (soon to be) first husband, Tom (the children’s biological father who was killed in a car accident in 1980) is also of interest to us here. Jennie was living in an apartment back in New Hampshire, and, although she had just met and began a relationship with Tom at that point, she was working two jobs in order to make ends meet.

On the night in question, she was at her second job and was unaware of a bizarre incident that seemingly unfolded right outside of her apartment building, in fact, right outside her apartment window. When she returned home that evening, many of her neighbors excitedly approached her, eager to tell her that they had been searching for her (they were unaware she was out) because of the strange, flying object that was hovering right outside her window.

Might this have been an attempt at abduction that was unintentionally thwarted simply because Jennie was out? As bizarre as this sounds, given the apparent technology and foresight at these aliens’ disposal, if this was the case then it shows to us that they are, at least in some ways, fallible. This, of course, is just pure speculation, but whatever the answer, following this incident, as Marden writes, “haunting memories of a nocturnal intrusion flooded her consciousness”.

Jennie began to have trouble sleeping at night and had a constant feeling of anxiety and an almost paranoid alertness. Eventually, she would be put in touch with Dr. James Harder of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, who would help her to get a handle on the onslaught of partial memories.

These sessions appeared to work. At least initially. Then, several months after they began, another disturbing incident unfolded. She and Tom had gone to bed as normal that evening. However, she would awake in the middle of the night to discover he was missing from his side of the bed. Believing he must have woken to use the bathroom she was unconcerned at awaited his return.

A depictions of aliens

The abductions continued into adulthood

When he did, though, there were “two figures” on either side of him. In a bizarre, matter-of-fact kind of way, he informed her that he had been outside before climbing into bed. At the same time, possibly through telepathic communication, she was informed that there was no need for her to go with them on this occasion. They did, though, need to perform a “minor adjustment” with her.

The figures then rolled Jennie onto her front before inserting a strange device either onto or into her lower spine. Then, the next thing she remembered, she was waking up, the figures were no longer there, and it was morning. At first, she would inform Tom of the previous evening’s events as if they had been a dream. However, when Tom realized he too recalled the events, albeit vaguely, of the previous evening, both realized it had not been a dream. When they noticed dirt from outside on Tom’s feet, there was no doubt whatsoever.

Although they didn’t take any action following the incident, the memory of it remained with Jennie, as did the almost permanent agitated state.

Strange Tanks With Fetuses Inside

Over the following years, following Jennie and Tom marrying, they would begin building a life together, having their two children along the way. However, the strange events would continue at seemingly random periods for Jennie. One particular incident, however, would stand out.

One evening while Tom was away on business, Jennie received a sudden telepathic message that she was pregnant and that her visitors were on their way. What’s more, this telepathic message told her that they had to correct a problem with the baby. Already spooked this sent apparent communication left her feeling even more exposed and she made the decision that she would stay awake that evening and, essentially, on watch.

The night was uneventful at first. Then, however, around 2 am, she heard a sound that suggested someone – or something – was in the house. The next she realized, though, it was just after 4 am. The house was once again silent, but her head was full of unsettling and hazy memories.

She could recall being in a strange room that was full of “aquarium-like cylindrical tanks”. Even more disturbing, each of these tanks contained “a fetus in a kind of amniotic fluid”. She noticed that one of the creatures was focused on one specific tank. She then got the chilling feeling that her abductors planned to swap the fetus she carried with the one in the tank. The creatures started to lead her into another room and she was placed on a table. At this point, she lost consciousness.

Some of the information here is remarkable as, regardless of how outlandish it might sound, it comes up often in other reports of apparent alien abduction. Such precise details about particular elements of the abduction scenario can surely not be merely repeated in a “copy-cat” sense. Under the hypnotic regression sessions of Marden, Jennie would recall even more details of that evening.

A depiction of aliens near a fetus

Is there a hybridization program behind alien abductions?

She would recall how she was informed that there was indeed a problem with the fetus (at least that is what she was told). She also declared – although she was not informed of it – that each of the fetuses in the tanks is the result of the aliens harvesting DNA from her body during previous abductions.

She would further describe the room as having rounded walls with a medical-type table in the middle that appeared to come out of the floor (more details that can be found in many other alien abduction encounters). She also recalls that there are several other creatures around the table that appear to be waiting for her. As she is placed on the table the creatures surround her as they prepare to proceed with whatever procedure they have planned.

Here her memories would become a little disjointed. Once the procedure was complete, she was led to another room, this one containing a large container filled with a strange liquid. The next thing she realized she was waking up inside the container, completely submerged in the liquid, but was somehow able to breathe with no problem whatsoever. Following this, she was taken out of the strange tank at which point the remains of the liquid on her body dried almost immediately.

She would also recall – from the stars she could see “whizzing past” what would seem to be a window – that they were in space. What’s more, a “sudden maneuver” caused the craft to turn violently almost causing her to lose her footing. She got the impression that this sudden turn was somehow to avoid an imminent disaster (to them) although she was unsure what it was. The next thing she realized, they must have entered the Earth’s atmosphere and were descending on her road, which rushed toward them.

Then, they are directly over the top of Jennie’s house. She would inform Marden that a “transfer takes place”, continuing that this means of transferring reminded her of a “light beam” which was “like a shaft only there are walls”. With that, she was back on her bed and the alien creatures were gone. It was then that she looked at the clock and realized it was after 4 am.

Incidentally, Jennie would discover shortly after that she was pregnant, and give birth to her son, Aiden, eight months later. In fact, another perplexing encounter unfolded not long after Aiden’s birth.

A Problem That Had To be “Fixed!”

The incident occurred while Jennie and Tom, along with baby Aiden, had gone to spend the Christmas break with Tom’s parents in North Carolina. One particular evening, Jennie was awoken by Tom who told her to pick up Aiden out of his cot that sat with them in their guest room and follow him.

She was uneasy about going, but the next thing she realized she was stood outside with Tom, and several of the grey creatures. Jennie passed Aiden to Tom, and they were led to a waiting craft where a creature that she recognized from previous encounters was waiting for them. Before she knew what was happening, Tom had passed possession of their son to one of the creatures which caused Jennie to scream out.

At this point, she heard telepathic communication running through her mind, but not speaking to her, rather about her. The voice bluntly said that they should “do something to shut this one (Jennie) up”. Before she knew what was happening, she was inside the craft in a small room that contained a table in the middle. She would recall that she couldn’t see any light in the room but there appeared to be “light reflecting in there from the outside”.

Like before, one of the strange creatures remained at her feet while the other positioned themselves near her head. Whatever they did next, it caused her great pain, almost as if some kind of electric shock had been administered. Once more, a telepathic message appeared in her mind. It told her that there was something wrong that they were attempting to “fix”. When she would experience a burning feeling near her ovaries over the days that followed, she realized that it was those they were attempting to repair.

The next thing she realized she was back near the ramp and one of the creatures was coming toward her carrying Aiden. They were then led down the ramp and to the ground where Tom was waiting.

Jennie would then make another particular intriguing claim – one that, again, comes up in many other cases of alien abduction. She would claim that she and Tom’s perception and, ultimately, their memories were being “manipulated”. Through hypnosis, she recalled how she and Tom were having a bizarre conversation about a motorhome as they looked at the spacecraft in front of them. The creatures, she claimed, were somehow coercing their perception to see the alien craft as a road vehicle.

Several other researchers have highlighted this point – that these apparent alien entities somehow alter our perception so that we remember seeing, in this base, a motorhome instead of an alien ship. There is also another train of thought that suggests the possibility that at least some of the alien abductions on record are actually clandestine military operations that are carried out under the guise of alien abduction. These are achieved through the use of mind-altering drugs combined a form of mind control that alters perception and memory.

Whether either of those scenarios applies here is perhaps open to debate.

Visitations Concerning Jennie’s Children

Whoever was behind these strange visitations it appeared they also had an interest in Jennie and Tom’s second child, their daughter, Sarah, as the next significant incident occurred shortly after her birth around two years later.

On the night in question, Tom was away on business, so Jennie was at home with the two children. She had awoken around 2 am in need of a drink of water and so made her way to the bathroom. As she was making her way back to the bed, however, she was suddenly forced face down and she almost floated with speed to the bed. Once there, she quickly realized she couldn’t move. In fact, not only couldn’t she move, but she couldn’t even call out.

She could hear whimpers from the sleeping Sarah, almost as if she was being disturbed. Try as she might, though, she could not move and not tell if there was anyone, or anything, in the room. Then, for reasons she couldn’t fully explain, she felt as though two of the grey-skinned creatures were in the room with them. She could also hear a low buzzing sound.

The next thing she realized, she was in a different position on the bed and she could now suddenly move. She stole a glance at the clock and noted with dread that it was after 4 am. She had lost two hours as if they had never happened.

The Awakening Of January 1988

Without a doubt, at least in terms of sparking her memory of these recurring encounters, was the events of January 16th 1988, at the Henderson’s New Hampshire home. At the time of the incident (the following morning), Jennie could only recall partial memories of what she attempted to tell herself was a dream. However, under hypnosis with Marden, she recalled much more.

On the night in question, she, her children, Sarah and Aiden (now 10 and 12 respectively), along with her husband, Doug had spent the evening watching television and eating pizza and by the time the fire had begun to die down toward the end of the night, were more than ready to retire to bed. The children went up first, leaving Jennie and Doug to quickly tidy away the pizza boxes before making their own way upstairs.

A depiction of three aliens

THe alien abduction of January 1988 awakened memories in Jennie

Several hours after they had all drifted off to sleep, however, Jennie was awakened by the sound of their pet dog barking.  Under hypnosis, Jennie would recall, at first, thinking that the dog’s calls would awaken the entire household. Then, suddenly, the barking suddenly stopped. She then felt someone’s presence in her room, thinking, to begin with, that it must be Sarah, awoken by the barking. She would then recall to Marden that “it’s not Sarah. Doug gets up, and he’s put back down in bed”, adding “he’s not moving”.

By this point, Jennie had sat up in bed. As she turned toward the door, she could see three of the strange entities heading toward her. Under hypnosis, she would state that she “thought this was over” before becoming increasingly agitated and tense. So much so, that Marden had calmed her on several occasions.

“Going Through The Window To The Outside!”

The next thing Jennie realized she was off the bed and moving, although she was under the control of the entities. She would state in her hypnosis session that she was “going toward the window through to the outside”, and that the creatures were around her and moving with her.

Then, with no recall of having entered it, she was in a hallway with a “non-human escort who seems uncannily familiar to her”. What is interesting here is that several researchers – perhaps most predominantly, Budd Hopkins – have highlighted how almost all abductees are unable to recall the point of entering the spacecraft itself. All can recall approaching it (almost always like the scenario here – being floated upward in a strange beam of light) and then their memories suddenly skip to being inside the vehicle. Hopkins would propose that the abductee might be intentionally incapacitated prior to entry, perhaps to prepare the abductee for examination and possibly to make docile and calmer.

A depiction of alien abduction

There are many details in Jennie’s encounters that are found in other cases

With this last point of Hopkins’ in mind, it is perhaps interesting to note that Jennie would recall feeling instantly calmer when finding herself in the hallway on the craft. It is also interesting to drawer attention to the “non-human” who looked similar to herself. If, as some researchers such as David Jacobs suggests, for example, that a hybridization program is behind these repeated alien abductions, then might this non-human entity have been an alien-human hybrid based on her DNA? We will return to these points a little later.

As she followed this non-human down the hallway, she realized that both Sarah and Aiden were there also, each being led by one of the grey-skinned creatures. Then, she found herself inside a room with a rounded wall (another detail that repeatedly shows up in other accounts) and was told to lay on the table that was in the middle of the floor.

Perhaps another intriguing detail that Jennie offered is that when the grey-skinned creatures (that she further described as having a large head and larger shimmering black eyes) had placed her on the table and seemingly performed some preparation duties, they stepped back toward the wall, almost disappearing into the shadows. Jennie would recall that it was her sense that these entities were merely “guards and assistants” to the real entities in charge. This is another point we will return to later as it is potentially important to the overall big picture of alien abduction, and, once more, is something that is found in multiple other reports.

“Performing An Important Function” For Humanity

Then, whatever procedure she had been brought here for began. She would recall under hypnosis that she was told telepathically that they were “performing an important function for them” and that it was “helping them to understand more about us”. What’s more, they were required to take her “genetic material”. Whatever they were doing, though, it was causing her great pain.

When that procedure was over, she recalled seeing something similar to a “probe (with) a wire or a tube connected to it”. She further recalled being told that it was to do with “vibrational frequency” and their attempt to alter hers. She would that there was a “pulse that moves up through my body”. Whatever outcome they were looking for Jennie got the impression that they were “pleased” with the procedure.

She was placed into a seated position on the table and the non-human entity who had guided her to the room attempted to convey that the “completely human Jennie” has nothing to fear from her abductors. Once more, this reference to a “completely human Jennie” perhaps suggests that within this race of apparent aliens there are hybridized versions of her also. Perhaps of even more interest is that she would claim to have been told that prior to her birth “they inserted a tiny fragment of themselves into me”.

It was also during this encounter where Jennie claims to have been shown images of a “dying planet” that was once populated with life. She would state that it was her perception that the planet was once home to her abductors, but they had been forced to abandon it. As bizarre as this sounds, it is yet another detail that surfaces in many claims of alien abduction and close encounters. And while there appears to be slight variation in the details as to what led to the disaster that forced such a mass escape, it is yet another detail that connects these spread-out encounters.

The next thing she realized she was back in the hallway and is seemingly being led off the ship. A short time later, Sarah and Aiden are led to her. Then, without knowing how she got there, she was awake and laying in her bed. What’s more, she immediately notices there is blood on her pillow.

“They Were Real!”

Doug had already ventured downstairs, so Jennie left her bed and went to take a shower. However, when she began to remove clumps of her hair while washing, she knew that something truly harrowing had taken place the night before. Even stranger, when she went to use the hairdryer, after only several moments, it suddenly burnt out.

The strangeness continued as she went downstairs. Doug was in the kitchen reading the newspaper, acting as though nothing out of the ordinary had taken place. Jennie walked to the coffee pot and as she passed one of Aiden’s hand-held electronic games, it suddenly activated by itself. She was becoming more and more unnerved as the minutes went on. Regardless, she joined Doug, who was now beginning to prepare breakfast.

It was as she was mixing batter for pancakes that the mixer suddenly ceased working, the smell of burnt-out wiring filling the room almost immediately. Doug merely stated that they needed a new mixer anyway and was seemingly unconcerned with it.

Then, things turned even stranger.

Aiden had made his way to the kitchen from upstairs. Jennie greeted him with a “good morning” before asking how he had slept. His response shocked her. He would claim that he felt “like he had been up all night” before adding that he had never believed in UFOs but “last night changed my mind” and that now he knew “they were real”.

A depiction of a UFO

Just who was behind Jennie’s alien abduction?

Jennie, doing her best not to look surprised, as well as attempting to interject a rational explanation for the sudden declaration asked why he had said that and asked if he had been watching movies about UFOs recently. Aiden’s mood changed to one of irritation as he fired back that his mother knew what he meant before stomping back to his room. Jennie followed him, again asking what he was talking about, when she reached the doorway of his room she immediately noticed the blood on his pillow, just like how she had found her own a short time earlier.

These dark revelations continued as Jennie quietly made her way to Sarah’s room. When she pushed open the door, Sarah was already awake. The first thing she said to Jennie was that she had almost come to wake her in the night because “a helicopter woke me up” and that it was “right outside my bedroom window, shining a light into my eyes”. She continued that she had gotten up and gone to the window and could “see the windows (of the helicopter) and the people looking back at me”. Then, though, confusing even to herself, she simply felt suddenly tired again and immediately went back to sleep.

Even more intriguing, and alarming for Jennie, is that Sarah claimed to have begun dreaming when she fell back asleep of a “funny little man” who entered her room and took her into a “little building out behind the house”. There, he would “play games” with her for several hours. It was as Sarah was telling Jennie this that she spied the unmistakable color of blood on her daughter’s pillow.

Definite Details That Can Be Found In Other Cases

It might be worth our time just going over some of the key aspects of alien abduction once more and how many of them are also to be found in the encounters of Jennie Henderson and her family.

There are, for example, the most obvious ones such as missing time and sudden nose bleeds during the evening.

There are also such things as malfunctioning electronic equipment such as, in Jennie’s case, the hairdryer and mixer that burnt out when she tried to use them. What is also interesting about this particular detail is that it is often associated with paranormal activity, which itself often shows in reports of alien abduction, particularly repeated alien abduction.

In terms of apparent repeat abductees, Jennie’s encounters began when she was very young – around three or four years old. This was much like her own encounters, which leads on to another repeated detail in other cases, that these abductions are often generational, going both forward to the abductee’s own children, and backward to their parents and grandparents.

There are then the actual abductions themselves which are almost identical to multiple others around the world and across the decades. Perhaps the most remarkable detail is the fact that while Jennie often would recall floating up to the ship (usually in a strange beam of light) they most often than not could not recall actually entering, and would suddenly find themselves in a strange, round room or dimly lit hallway (perhaps the exception to this is the occasions when entering the craft via a ramp on the ground).

The creatures themselves – both in their appearance and how they conduct themselves – are also too similar to be ignored. As we know, they are often described as grey-skinned with a large head and black, almond-shaped eyes, but perhaps of more intrigue, is the “robotic-like” nature with which they operate, without emotion and as if they themselves are doing the bidding of a higher rank of extraterrestrial. Indeed, many reports, like that of Jennie’s, state that there are often taller entities that appear during these abduction scenarios that appear very much to be in charge, at which point, these shorter, grey-skinned creatures take a step back during the medical procedures that follow.

These procedures are almost always identical, with a particular concentration on reproduction and even taking samples with the apparent desire to clone or breed from those samples.

With this last point in mind, we should perhaps also consider some of the more disturbing aspects of these alien abduction encounters. The memory of specialized tanks that contained what appeared to be alien-human fetuses. Are these alien abductions really the result of an alien-human hybridization program? And if that is the case is this an operation that is beneficial for humanity or one that will result in the discreet and unnoticed take over of the planet? While such suggestions are bordering on the preposterous for some, if there is any credibility in the ample number of alien abduction cases on record, then it is hard to ignore at least the possibility of such seemingly outlandish otherworldly project.

Indeed, it would appear that the more details we find that match, as clearer as the overall picture becomes on one level, the murkier it also gets on another.

Another Case Of Repeat Alien Abduction That Truly Resonates With Others

There is much to examine about the alien abduction encounters of Jennie Henderson, how they resonate with many other similar claims, and where they fit into the overall big picture of the UFO and alien question.

If we assume for one moment that those behind these regular abductions are of an extraterrestrial nature, then for what purpose are they taking place? And perhaps more collectively important, are they beneficial to humanity as a whole? If, as we mentioned earlier, Jennie and many others around the world are unwilling (and unwitting) participants in some kind of alien-human hybridization program, will they one day be replaced by what would essentially be clones as part of some kind of alien takeover of Earth? A bizarre notion to some, admittedly.

Or might each generation (remember, many repeat abductees discover that not only their children but their parents and grandparents have also suffered repeat abductions) contain slightly more “alien DNA” than the previous. Perhaps a “takeover” will happen without humanity ever being aware of it and is, in fact, already in place, set to play out over decades, perhaps centuries.

If, though, for the sake of argument, we suppose for one moment that responsibility for these abductions is not with some alien race but a top-secret military or intelligence operation, we might recall Sarah’s statement the morning following the abduction incident of January 1988, and the detail offered by Jennie that their abductors seemingly had the ability to alter perception.

Sarah had clearly said to Jennie that a “helicopter” was outside her room before she suddenly fell back asleep. Might it not be that Sarah was mistaken about the helicopter, but that she actually saw (and retained the memory) of a military helicopter that for reasons unknown she did not perceive as intended, as a UFO? This suggestion of military or intelligence involvement in at least some alien abduction cases is one to be explored in full another time, but within the details of the Hendersons encounters, it is certainly an interesting and thought-provoking possibility.

The truth is, the alien abduction encounters of Jennie Henderson are some of the most detailed on record. And given the investigator that explored them, almost certainly one of the most credible.

The short video below looks at some of the more intriguing claims of alien abduction on record.

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