The Barbecue Abduction Incident, Derbyshire, England 1995

Marcus Lowth
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September 13, 2017
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December 5, 2021
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Quite ironically, one of the most detailed alien abduction encounters is also one that is relatively unknown. Even more bizarre perhaps, it would take place in the middle of a typical English housing estate.

An evening of food, friends, and alcohol would soon take a most dramatic and bizarre turn. Leading UFO researcher, Tony Dodd, would investigate the case, and through hypnotic regression would piece together one of the most bizarre and fascinating encounters in recent memory. Not only that, but the information put forward would prove strikingly similar to other such abduction cases – cases that in all likeliness, the four witnesses would not have been aware of.

A depiction of a UFO hovering a BBQ grill

Were four people abducted from a BBQ in Derbyshire in 1995?

Before look at the events of that evening, check out the short video below. It is a short video clip with the aforementioned Dodd describing one of his UFO encounters.

A Nice Evening For A Barbecue?

The hot July evening in the summer of 1995 would present Mike and Debbie with an opportunity to invite their close friends and neighbors, Steve and Annie, around for some cold drinks and a “last-minute” barbecue. Needless to say, the evening would also present them with an experience as life-changing as it was terrifying. [1]

It was shortly after 10 pm when Mike first lit the barbecue. By 10:40 pm, chicken legs, burgers, and sausages were on the griddle. Each of them sat around a small garden table nursing a pint glass of ice cold cider.

Quite literally, out of nowhere, a huge, round disc-shaped craft hovered over them no more than twenty feet from the ground. On the underside, bright white lights, moving in an anti-clockwise direction, would light up the garden. Suddenly, a door opened in the dark metallic object, and a column of light reached down to the ground. As it did so, all four of the witnesses would report how time seemed to slow down and their surroundings became “dream-like!”

Steve would later recall “It was as if we had entered a vacuum. All sound seemed to have stopped, and everything went into slow motion!”

The craft then moved away, slowly at first, then with increasing pace. As they maintained their watch over it, all four began to feel intense nausea and stomach pains. This last point is particularly interesting as many who report similar encounters also report such immediate symptoms.

Then, Steve noticed the food on the barbecue – which itself was now cooling – had burnt to a crisp. A check of his watch revealed it was approaching midnight. What they thought had been a matter of minutes, appeared to be almost an hour and a half.

Hypnotic Regression

Mike would make a report to the police, who would appear to treat the matter seriously, taking statements from all four people. They would also check if items were missing from the property. Bizarrely, two of the pint glasses were, and remain so, even today.

It would be the police who would refer the case to the aforementioned Dodd (himself a former police officer). Utilizing the expertise of Joyce Dinsdale, all four of the witnesses would agree to hypnotic regression in an effort to unlock the events of that hot, summer evening.

Each would speak separately from the others, and each told the same story.

They noticed the light shortly after lighting the barbecue. Distant at first, it would grow rapidly until it was practically on top of them, flashing as it did. The craft was round with a dome structure on the top. The lights on the underside of the craft were so bright, it would almost blind them.

At this point, each of them stated their next memories were of realizing they were no longer in the garden.


Debbie would state during regression, how all four of them were in the garden enjoying the warm temperature of the early summer evening. She then recalled how she could see a flashing light. She would recall how it “was white, flashing down toward us…I’m frightened”.

She would further recall how there was “something above us”, something that was “circular with very bright flashing lights”. She noticed that Annie had also noticed the strange object and was also staring at it in amazement, pointing at it.

Debbie would go on to describe the object as “round with a dome on top”. On the bottom side were “rotating lights” of red, green, and white. She recalled how the lights were so bright that they were “hurting my eyes”.

It was at this point in the session that Debbie began to become visibly distressed and upset. However, after several seconds she calmed down once more.

Artist's impression of the inside of a spaceship

Artist’s impression of the inside of a spaceship

She would then state that “I am on my own! I am not in the garden anymore!” The lights still shone brightly into her line of sight. “I can see shadows,” she would recall, “I can see different colored lights. I can see eyes looking at me, they’re big and black, not like ours!”

She would then declare her realization that she lay on “something hard with my back raised!” She could see movement around her, but could only describe them as “shadows”.  Debbie would describe the roof of the room as being strange and coming “down to walls without a joining!”

She would then become even more upset and distressed to the point where the session was ended early. Dodd would write that it had “obviously unleashed too much trauma for her”.


When Annie gave her account under hypnosis, she would display the same intense fear and terror as her friend. She would describe how the craft was hovering above them before an intense light came from the underside lighting up the garden. After the column of light touched the ground, she would state a “small figure” dressed in a strange, black cloak with a hood appeared in the garden.

“It’s got a strange, pale face with a pointed chin, and very large black eyes,” she would claim under regression. Two more of these beings appeared as if out of nowhere. Annie would recall, “They’ve got hold of my arms. They’re dragging me towards the light!” She also claimed that the beings appeared to communicate with each other by making “strange, animal-like grunting noises!”

Perhaps interestingly, as she described being taken on board the craft her nervousness increased. However, similarly to Debbie, as she then recalled being inside the strange room, she became suddenly calm. Might this have been the result of some kind of calming drug or medication they were given by their abductors?

The next thing Annie would recall, she was in a round room with “loads of people around the sides of the room. (They are) little people. They are all wearing cloaks with hoods!”

She would describe much the same procedure as Debbie, including that the beings had three fingers and made a strange noise that left her unnerved. She further recalled that the entities were touching her face and “pulling her hair” and even removing her top.

A Peachy Light That Hurt Her Eyes!

She then seemingly recalled further details of the room around her. She described the walls as “funny”, “round”, and “divided into squares”. The light seemingly coming from the walls was “peachy”, she would state, and it continued to hurt her eyes immensely, even causing her vision to blur somewhat.

It was at this point that her attention was brought back to the activity taking place around her. She noticed how one of them had a strange device in its hand that she described as a “silver, small square thing on a rod”. She also noticed that another was scraping another instrument in between her toes.

Annie would then recall how she could feel one of the strange entities injected something into her neck, as well as doing something “horrible” to her belly button.

A depiction of an alien entity

A depiction of an alien entity

At this point, one of the creatures pushed its face much closer to hers. She recalled how it was “really pale, with long, black, slanting eyes”. Then, her attention was brought back to her torso when she could feel something “pressing down on her belly button”.

As she recalled these procedures, she began to become increasingly agitated and frightened. She told of how it felt as though they were touching her all over her body.

The next thing she knew, she was standing in the garden, watching the craft turn into a mere speck of light in the distance.

Steve and Mike

Annie’s husband, Steve, would recall similar details. He would even state that night felt “strange” before he even noticed the strange lights coming toward them. As the object approached, he noticed how his wife was screaming at his side. He recalled how there were bright, flashing lights all around him before his mind suddenly jumped to him being inside the craft itself.

After describing the same scenario of the craft descending upon them, he would recall being in a “bright room, with lots of small people!” Like Annie, he would claim these beings were wearing cloaks with hoods. However, he would go on to say they were “like black tin foil, but not tin foil!”

Steve would state to being in a “transparent tube, without seams” which the small beings were all gathered around, looking in at him. He would recall his removal from the tube and being taken over to another room. He would describe under hypnosis that, “It’s a very big room. I can see all sorts in here. I can see loads of little people, moving around. They’ve got white stuff – like balls of white stuff in their hands. They’re carrying it. I don’t know what it is!”

He would also recall seeing a board on the wall with “figures of planets (on it). I can see Saturn, Earth and all the planets!”

During this time Steve appeared to be standing, although he couldn’t move. At one stage he even believed he had been taken onto another “much bigger” craft. As he was stood, temporarily paralyzed, the strange entities around him continued to pull and grab, seemingly performing experiments and tests on him.

Back in the Garden

He was then “back in the tube!”At first, he believed he was on his own until he heard Annie screaming. At first, though, he couldn’t see where she was. It was then he realized he was stood, looking upward toward the strange craft. Although it was motionless, the lights underneath were moving rapidly. He recalled how he felt as though he “couldn’t breathe”, and how he wanted to desperately stop looking at it but something wouldn’t allow him to do so.

Depiction of the inside of a UFO

Depiction of the inside of a UFO

Then, the craft began to move away from him, “giving off a green light” as it did so. He now found himself fully back in the garden. As he gasped for breath, he found himself back in the garden, with Annie, Debbie, and Mike, watching the craft disappear into the night sky.

Dodd would write how Steve became increasingly unnerved the further into the account he went, although he would seemingly recover his calm upon coming out of hypnosis.

Although Dinsdale attempted to regress Mike to recall his version of events, he became so terrified that they decided it would be unsafe to his mental health to proceed any further. Needless to say, this reaction alone shows that something alarming must have occurred that evening.

A Discreet Update From The Investigators

Since this article was first published, I received correspondence from a member of the investigative team who worked on the case with Dodd. He would state that not only was the incident genuine and very credible, but many of the witnesses developed such mental abilities as apparent telepathy. It is not clear how this information was transferred to the investigator himself, or whether the witnesses had changed their minds regarding investigating the incident further.

We do know, however, that many UFO witnesses and specifically alien abductees often speak of developing sudden psychic or telepathic abilities. Does this, then, lend the account a little more credibility?

It is certainly an interesting case. And one that we in the UFO community must ensure doesn’t fall through the cracks in time into obscurity. How many more similar incidents might have taken place and gone unreported? How many similar incidents might have unfolded that still remain a mystery to those involved?

When we consider the notion of alien abduction against the sheer volume of claims (some researchers suggest over a million alien abductions happen around the world each year) we might wish to consider what the real purpose of such missions might be? And more importantly, for whose benefit?

Further Accounts Around The Same Time

There are also similar abduction encounters that took place around the same time in the same (relatively speaking) locations. For example, in early May just outside of Glasgow in Scotland, a man named Igor Terzic was driving along a quiet road in the evening when an object suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hovered over his vehicle.

The next thing he realized he was parked right in the middle of the road with a truck heading toward him. He quickly snapped back to attention and moved his vehicle in order to avoid a collision. Terzic, however, no memory of what had happened. He would, however, soon seek to undergo hypnotic regression which would reveal much more than he previously knew, or suspected.

Artist's impression of a UFO hovering over a field

Artist’s impression of a UFO hovering over a field

He would suddenly find himself on board the craft. There were two kinds of humanoid creatures on the ship with him. He would describe one of them as “tall with a large head shaped like an upside-down pear” and with large, black eyes. The other entities were very similar looking, only much smaller.

His recollections would become hazy from this point. He recalled that the creatures performed some kind of experiment on him, including drilling a hole in his head with a strange instrument, while also recalling that a voice entered his mind telling him that no harm would come to him.

Might this incident have been carried out by the same apparent aliens over Derbyshire during the same summer? It certainly isn’t the only similar incident to potentially corroborate the barbecue abduction. In fact, many of the detail in the case can be found in multiple other accounts around the world and across the decades.

The Aftermath

According to Dodd, writing in his book, “Alien Investigator”, all four of the witnesses were more than uncomfortable with what had happened that evening. Despite the initial investigation and regression sessions, none would opt to maintain contact with Dodd. Neither have any of them opted to “tell their story” for financial gain.

That “something” happened that evening on an otherwise quiet street in Derbyshire in the summer of 1995 is beyond doubt. Just what took place is very much open to debate. Some details of the account, however, mirror other such reports.

The “seamless” or “without joints” descriptions of the crafts themselves is of interest. Many witnesses who get close enough to report such details, all state the crafts to look like one piece of material, molded into shape.

The feeling of nausea and stomach pains is another detail that surfaces time and again across many reports. Might this be a reaction to the (presumed) radiation of the craft itself? Or might it be more directly connected to the “procedures” that abductees report taking place?

Perhaps the overriding question would be, who exactly is responsible for these abductions? And, given the similar detail, are they the same abductors, carrying out such acts for one final cause? And in the case of Mike, Steve, Debbie, and Annie, was it merely chance that this happened to them? Were they just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or might they – as many UFO researchers believe – have been “selected” by their abductors?

All questions, that remain unanswered, fascinating, and a little bone-chilling in equal measure.

Check out the video below. It is a short documentary on the aforementioned Dodd from 1993. An interesting watch from someone who is responsible for bringing such encounters to the public arena.


1 Alien Investigator: The Case Files Of Britain’s Leading UFO Detective, Tony Dodd, ISBN 9780747 275343

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  • Marcus Lowth says:

    Thanks for the extra information on this Bill. This particular case, like many, fascinates me personally. If it is of interest please feel free to contact me on the e-mail above if/when you have time. Given your time “in the field” I would be interested to get your thoughts on the UFO phenomenon in general – maybe for a future article?

  • Bill Eatock says:

    I was actually one of the Quest investigators who was first on this case. Myself and a colleague decided we needed Tony to join us because of the amazing things that occurred even as we first approached the address. As we got within a mile of the address, our mobile phones ran and all we heard was a very strange noise. The noise was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Then… the phones went dead. Along with our walkie-talkies and other electronics. Our watches also stopped just as we knocked on the door of the house. I’ve investigated many UFO sightings and alleged abductions, but this was the most amazing I’ve ever encountered. The people involved were so frightened, it defied logic. When we finally left the address… as if by magic, all our electronic devices starting operating again.

  • Lindsay says:

    Wow, this is an intriguing UFO story i’d never heard before. I understand their desire to keep quiet, but I do kind of wish there were at least a few interviews with them.

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