The Alien Abduction Encounters Of Denise Stoner – A Lifetime Of Otherworldly Visitation

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October 24, 2021
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Perhaps what makes the claims of alien abduction by Denise Stoner, abductions that have occurred since childhood no less, is that she herself is one of the leading UFO and extraterrestrial encounter investigators in the State of Florida in the United States.

Stoner underwent two specific abduction encounters that both involved her husband, the first of which took place while on their way to a country retreat while living in Colorado with her husband and teenage daughter in the summer of 1982. A second encounter unfolded just short of a decade later following a move to Florida, suggesting that rather than having been in the wrong place at the wrong time, the Stoners, at least Denise, was very much targeted for these harrowing abductions.

A depiction of alien abduction

The alien abduction encounter of Denise Stoner is fascinating

Much of the information that was retrieved came courtesy of the investigation and hypnotic regression sessions of Kathleen Marden, whose book, The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human Alien Contact Ever Reported, we urge you to read in full as it not only details Denise Stoner’s encounters but several others also.

We should also note that while many, even in the UFO community are cautious of such techniques and information that comes as a result of such sessions, Marden points out a case from 1976 in California when hypnotic regression was used successfully in a criminal case.

A bus driver, whose bus with 27 students on it was hijacked with all onboard kidnapped and buried alive in a California desert was put under hypnotic regression after escaping and alerting authorities to the location of the students, he managed to recall the number plates of the kidnappers which led to their arrest and imprisonment. With that in mind, we perhaps should keep an open mind on the information retrieved through hypnotic regression.

Alien Abductions Since Childhood

In an online article in 2016, Denise Stoner relayed that he first memory of alien abduction was when she was 2 and a half years old [1] while she was at home in Hartford, West Virginia. On that particular evening, Stoner’s mother was in the hospital about to give birth to Denise’s sister, and she was being cared for by her grandfather.

She clearly recalls looking out of a window at the house and seeing an object she would describe as egg-shaped, prompting her to ask her grandfather why “Humpty Dumpty” was in the sky. According to her memory, her grandfather suddenly had a look of fear wash over him as he noticed the object she had pointed out. At that point, he seemingly changed the subject and informed her that it was her bedtime. However, this was just the start of the evening’s strange and unsettling events.

A depiction of an alien abduction

The abductions of Denise Stoner have taken place shince childhood

As she lay in bed in her room, a bizarre entity suddenly appeared as it walked right through the wall (we should note this is a detail of entities appearing through walls is found in many other similar encounters). She would claim to The Boston Globe that the entity “looked like a monk, he had a robe and was carrying a light”. The entity held its hand out toward her for her to take it. As she felt no fear, she did so, and they proceeded to walk out into the hallway.

The figure lifted the light it was carrying and pointed it directly at the wall and then walked into it and disappeared. The next thing she knew she was inside a “large, dome-shaped room” and there were lots of other children around her. Although she couldn’t recall what, it appeared that they were “learning” something from the strange hosts. Once more, this is an intriguing detail – that people simply find themselves inside these strange rooms (presumably a spacecraft) but don’t recall actually physically entering them. Stoner’s next memory is that it was morning and she was waking up in her bed.

Stoner would state that since that incident she has been abducted by the same alien entity more than 50 times. And these abductions can happen anywhere – from her home while driving, and even while walking along the street. Stoner would state that “there’s no friendship…he comes to get me and I know I’m going to be safe”, adding that “he’s also going to oversee whatever is done”. She would describe this entity as “your typical grey (alien)”, although he was “one of the tall ones”.

As we shall see as we examine some of those encounters, the tall grey very well might be what some researchers refer to as an insectoid or Mantis-like alien.

The Extensive Investigations Of Kathleen Marden

Perhaps the most extensive and exhaustive investigations of Denise Stoner’s apparent lifetime of alien abduction encounters were carried out by veteran UFO researcher and author, Kathleen Marden [2] who would detail many details of her investigation in her book The Alien Abduction Files. [3]

Marden would initially concentrate on an incident that happened to the entire Stoner family on the evening of 13th August 1982 as they were on their way to a vacation retreat at the Grace Acre Ranch just outside of Denver, Colorado. They had arranged to meet Denise’s parents as well as a family friend at the retreat, with them going ahead of the Stoners. They expected to arrive there around 8:30 pm. They would ultimately arrive much later than that.

With Denise was her husband, Ed, and their teenage daughter, Dienna, as well as the family dog. They had left Denver at around 5 pm and immediately took to the backroads in order to escape the rush hour traffic.

By 6:30 pm they had arrived at Kenosha Pass, which not only gave Ed a chance to pull over and stretch his legs, but also offered fantastic views of the South Park Valley below. It was after Ed restarted the car and set off down Kenosha Pass that the evening took a drastic turn.

Dragged Off The Road And Into The Desert

While Denise and Ed chatted as they drove toward Jefferson, Dienna slept in the back. It was as they passed through Jefferson that Denise noticed “two yellow-white lights” in the sky. What’s more, they appeared to be increasing in size and heading in their direction. They eventually were directly over the top of their moving vehicle.

Then, without warning, the car suddenly moved sideways off the road and into the desert floor and ran alongside it. It was as if it was being dragged by some kind of invisible rope – and they could do nothing at all to resist the pull as if the car was now very much under the control of something else. All the while, the lights remained directly overhead.

A depiction of a UFO over the trees

Many alien abductions take place on lonely roads

The next thing Denise and Ed realized they were out of the valley entirely and were driving toward Trout Creek Pass. What’s more, it was no longer daylight as it had been only seconds earlier. The sky was now dark, and it was almost 11 pm. Ed quickly calculated that they had covered almost 40 miles with no memory and they had lost almost four hours. Even stranger, despite them being 40 miles from their previous location when the lights had arrived, the trip odometer had not registered those miles. It was as if they had been picked up and placed 40 miles down the road and set back on their way.

The Stoners couldn’t help an unsettling feeling run through them as they continued on to the retreat, 90 minutes late and with no idea why.

By the time they arrived at their destination, it was only 15 minutes before midnight. What’s more, Denise’s parents and the family friend were at the roadside of the retreat, a mixture of anxiety and relief on their faces. They would tell them that they were contemplated calling the police and filing a missing person report when they had finally arrived. Deciding they had no other option due to the truly bizarre situation, they opted to tell their worried family exactly what had happened.

Although they initially suspected the display was some kind of bizarre joke they were playing on them, they eventually realized how serious they were of the claims. Following the weekend away, the Stoners returned home to Denver. And although it would be almost three decades before Denise would speak of the incident, she would often find herself contemplating just what had happened that evening.

The Lights “Don’t Look Right…There Are No Roads Out There!”

By the time Marden met with Denise Stoner, she and their family had moved to Florida and she was State Section Director and Chief Investigator for MUFON. She would ultimately agree to investigate the case, as well as hypnotically regress Denise in order to unlock some of the memories of the evening in question.

Initially, all Denise could recall was “being taken off the road into the desert, the light following above us”. She also recalled a “figure of some kind standing near the car”. Denise had actually undergone a hypnotic regression session previously with Dr. Romack when she lived in Denver. She recalled to Marden that during that session, she spoke of “some information about a ‘black hole theory’ that made not an ounce of sense to either of us”. However, since Romack had since passed away, there were no records of that session and exactly what was said.

Marden agreed to hypnotically regress Denise, with their first session taking place on 7th July 2011, and would prove to be fascinating and revealing in equal measure. She would take Denise back to the night of 13th August 1982 as she and her family were traveling to meet her parents for a weekend away.

She would soon recall the strange lights she had noticed in the sky coming toward them. She would state while under hypnosis that there were “three big lights off in the valley. They are coming down to the valley floor. They don’t look right…there are no roads out there”. When Marden asked Denise to describe the lights further she responded that they “are huge…bright white” and they seemed to be “rotating slowly”. She would further state that they were “attached to another object” that appeared like “two convex mirrors”.

These lights were directly over the top of their vehicle. At this point, the car began to move sideways. She recalled instinctively looking in the back seat to see if their daughter was awake from the sudden movement but she remained asleep.

The next thing she knew, she was outside “in the valley under the plates”. The lights had now separated from the plates and came down to the ground. She recalled that she was “supposed to go into the center of the lights”. She sensed that there was “someone else there” but she couldn’t see them.

Then, an already bizarre and unnerving situation took another drastic turn.

Entering The Ship

Several moments later a “glob of clear lighted, jelly-like substance…like the size of two of my heads, maybe, floated” toward Denise. She looked upward and saw “a black obsidian-colored opening that was shaped like an hourglass”. She also noted how the objects (that she described specifically as a “craft”) was now much lower to the ground.

She would continue that she “knew I had to step into this gel” but that she was very much afraid to do so. Despite these reservations, however, she stepped forward into the strange substance. As soon as she did so she was “sucked into it”. She would describe a feeling like she was “breaking up – like I was shattering”. At this point, a voice came into her mind assuring she would be OK.

She could see the opening of the ship and quickly realized that the “opening was too small to fit a human body through it”. The next thing she heard a “shooo” sound and before she could contemplate what was happening, she was inside the craft although she didn’t know how. Once more, this detail of abductees being unable to recall physically entering these strange aerial vehicles surfaces.

A depiction of alien abduction from below

Denise’s descriptions of entering the craft match other encounters

She recalled that the gel-like substance was now completely gone and that she was in a “brushed” silver room that was not bright but similar to “the lightest silvery titanium color”. The lighting inside the room was dim and she couldn’t see where it came from. Here again, we have a detail often repeated in many alien abduction encounters – no-source lighting, in that although the respective rooms are lit, the abductee can not see a definite source of the lightings such as a bulb or light strip. Indeed, Denise would recall that it appeared the lighting was coming from the top of the walls of the room.

As she looked around the room, she noticed several “Greys” who were simply standing there, “staring straight ahead”. As soon as she saw them something in her mind told her that “these were soldiers”. She would describe these figures as being unclothed and without a “crease or a line of separation between the skin” and appeared to be slightly more blue than grey and were a similar color to the walls of the room. She would estimate they were under five feet tall and had particularly large, black eyes that had a “misty” quality to them.

As she watched these apparent alien entities, she noticed another figure, this one much taller, come around the corner of a curve in the room and head toward her.

An Insect-Like Figure That Was Highly-Intelligent

She noted how this figure’s eyes “blinked vertically”, something she noted as it bent down toward her. When the figure’s face was almost touching Denise’s it said to her that they “have to go in”.

She would describe this taller figure as being “a little more upsetting”. She would recall how “his head’s not attached to his shoulders in the same way” and that his “eyes go straight up and down near the sides of his face”. Furthermore, he had no hose and a “tiny red mouth”. She would recall that though he spoke he didn’t talk, almost as if he spoke directly into her mind.

At this point Denise declared that she wanted to go back to the car. However, the creature responded that she could not go back until he had done what he had to do.

A sketch of the "figure" and a recreation of an insectoid (from The Alien Abduction Files)

A sketch of the “figure” and a recreation of an insectoid (from The Alien Abduction Files)

Denise was now becoming visibly anxious, so much so that Marden opted to end the session with a view to picking up at this point next time.

The next hypnotic regression session would take place several months later on 26th October 2011. However, before that took place, Denise informed Marden of several details she had managed to recall consciously since their last meeting. For example, she would claim that despite how terrifying the taller creature was to her, she could sense it was “highly intelligent”.

She had further recalled that when the car moved sideways it was, in fact, lifted several feet from the ground. She also recalled passing by a nearby ranch as they went. She couldn’t recall how or why she got out of the vehicle, but she was certain that her husband, daughter, and their pet dog all remained inside.

However, it was when Marden took Denise back to where they had left off where some of the most remarkable recollections came.

“It Is Not For You To Know. You Are Part Of The Whole!”

She would recall that she followed the creature into the room as instructed, noting that there were several other similar entities inside. In her head, the “mechanical male voice” tells her to get on a table in the middle of the room for purposes of “a test”. She did as instructed, telling Marden that the creature tears a cuff from her jeans on her right ankle so he could “put a wire on top of my foot”. She would describe this wire as “thin” and that “it stings” as he placed it seemingly inside one of her veins.

The creature informed Denise that the wire will remain in place for “a while”, responding to Denise that it is there so that “the ones on Earth will be able to recognize me (her) easily” before informing her that the stinging pain will cease shortly.

Following this, a strange instrument appeared from behind and the creature used it to place something that “feels like a piece of sand into my tear duct”. The figure claimed that this would “fall out in a few days”. Denise would later describe this as a “tiny little white bead” and was inserted into her eye by “metal or stainless steel pinchers with a point at the end” that had a “very high-tech look”.

A sketch of the UFO witnessed by Denise Stoner (from The Alien Abduction Files)

A sketch of the UFO witnessed by Denise Stoner (from The Alien Abduction Files)

He would then take a “diamond-shaped instrument and push down on her abdomen with it. When the instrument was passed over her ovaries it caused a burning sensation. Denise asked what the purpose of these tests was to which the figure replied “It was not for you to know. You are part of the whole”.

Denise would then go on to describe that she was somehow made to understand by the figure that he had visited with her many times before. She would also recall a strange 3D holographic type technology that displayed pictures of Earth and other faraway planets.

Perhaps, though, it is the descriptions of the figure that she gave that should alert us, as Marden points, to the idea that as opposed to being a grey alien, it is an insectoid or praying mantis-type extraterrestrial.

Many Different Species Or An Order Of Command?

Denise would state that the figure had striking yellow eyes with a “black center with lines running through them”. He also had three long fingers, and one thumb (this is again a detail mentioned in many alien abduction encounters). By comparison to the long fingers, his palm was extremely small. Denise would further state that the figure “had an oddly jointed body…He appeared to be skin and bones and his joints looked arthritic”. Around this seemingly fragile frame, he wore a “dark jacket” that reached down to his legs and featured a “stand-up collar like a priest wears”.

She would further describe the figure’s skin as “bumpy” and “greenish” that had a “green tint to it….and in between all of the bumps it was darker”. On the odd occasion when the figure’s skin touched hers, Denise claimed it had a “rough” feel to it.

A typical depiction of an alien

Are there many different aliens visiting the Earth?

She also sensed that this creature “could be very controlling and could be mean…could be cruel…without any feelings or emotions about it”. And while she didn’t notice any facial expressions that would suggest emotion of any kind, she did on several occasions pick up on what appeared to be curiosity.

What is perhaps interesting is the certainty that Denise felt about the entity being “highly intelligent”. Some researchers and abductees/contactees have asserted that not only do these insectoid aliens exist, but they are indeed of the highest intelligence, perhaps of all life anywhere in the universe. And while many will take these assertions with a pinch of salt (and perhaps rightfully so), they make for intriguing thinking.

Might we assume that while being separate from the Greys, these insectoid aliens are working with them? Or might the grey aliens not be biological entities at all but some kind of robotic servant to these praying mantis-like extraterrestrials? Many people who claim to have had close contact with grey aliens insist there is something machine-like about them. Might they be designed to do the insectoid race’s bidding, perhaps particularly so given the apparent fragile nature of their bodies?

“It Can Think…It Operates The Craft!”

A third session would take place a little over a week later on 4th November 2011. During this session, Marden managed to extract some intricate descriptions of the craft itself. For example, she would speak of being in a room with its “own atmosphere”, adding that the room “feels like it wants to spin but it’s not”.

She would elaborate that the room was almost in complete blackness apart from a pole that went from (what is presumed to be) the ceiling to the floor (this detail surfaces in other accounts from people who claim to have been onboard such spacecraft). She would further state that there was a mechanical device wrapped around the pole and two arms that came out on each side.

Perhaps the most intriguing detail of this strange device in the middle of the room was the notion that “it’s alive and the whole thing inside that center block is in motion”, adding “it can think…it operates the craft”.

A depiction of a UFO in the fog

Might UFOs have a biological element to them?

When Marden would question Denise about this further she would claim she was told by the strange figure that this middle pole and device was “capable of shielding itself…of protecting itself…of passing through anything that flying through space can toss at it”. Perhaps of even more interest, this apparent biotechnology was something, for then, only “recently developed”. We might speculate how recent this development might have been – perhaps somewhere near (in our time) the 1940s when UFO sightings began to explode in regularity across the world? Perhaps particularly so when we note that Denise claimed the figure informed her that “this biological machine brought them (the aliens) here in it”.

Following this, the figure took Denise out of the strange and disorientating room. As soon as she left the room, she felt that she had left “something that was pressurized”.

What might this say about these strange crafts that contain these alien occupants? Are the craft themselves “alive” as some UFO researchers have pondered previously. Might this explain such sightings that contain details of apparently solid objects changing shape and form in midair? Once more, it would appear that the more details we get of these strange, otherworldly encounters, the murkier and more confusing the waters become.

As we will examine next, as fascinating as this encounter undoubtedly was, another occurred on the other side of the United States just short of a decade later. And it was there that we will turn our attention next.

The Florida Incident, October 1991

Marden’s research would reveal the finer details of another missing time episode that occurred to Denise and Ed Stoner, this time just short of a decade later on 20th October 1991. On the day in question, Denise and Ed had spent the day diving in a lake in Florida and were traveling back to their motel, the Steamboat Dive Inn. It was a route they had taken many times before and should see them arrive at their motel in a little over 15 minutes. After eating a dinner of fried chicken, the Stoners called it a night and went to bed, looking forward to another day of diving in the morning. However, it would be a very strange night, particularly for Denise.

For reasons she couldn’t explain, in the middle of the night she got out of bed, dressed, and made her way to their vehicle outside the motel. Although she wasn’t entirely sure where she was going and struggled to later recall exactly where she had been, she made her way to an out-of-the-way remote location. She would ultimately request that Marden put her under hypnosis in order to try to recover from her memory the events of that night. She would indeed recall further details.

She would recall that she headed away from the hotel and down a lonely, dark road. She would eventually pull over at the roadside on a “little dirt road” in between two trees. She remained in the car, her attention drawn toward the two trees where she thought she saw “an opening” there. She also saw a strange object that she couldn’t quite make out what it was. She recalled that she thought it looked like a “semi-truck with a tandem trailer, or a very odd-looking water tower because it was low to the ground”. She slowly pulled her vehicle a little closer to it so she could get a clearer look.

A Strange Incident In The Middle Of The Night

As she got closer, however, she realized it wasn’t a trailer or a water tower. She noticed a strange ramp stretching out from the opening. And of more concern, there was a strange figure standing at the top of the ramp. Denise would recall that it was “one of the strange ones with funny legs”. The next thing she realized, two of the “small grey figures” were heading toward her.

She was removed from the car and taken up the ramp and onto whatever lay behind the blackness, presumably the craft. She would find herself in a strange room with nothing inside it but an “odd-looking chair”. At this point, Denise also realized she felt in a “daze” and had a “dreamy-type feeling” about her.

She was placed in the chair and the figure approached. She noticed there was “something that resembles a staple gun” attached to the chair. The figure took the device and pressed it to the side of Denise’s head. She would recall under hypnosis that “it felt like he stapled me or something”.

With that, the two grey figures took her from the chair and proceeded to take her back to her car. Then, things became even stranger.

Depictions of three aliens

Denise Stoner underwent alien abduction many times

She would recall that it was dark all around her “except for a grey diamond with no points at the end”. The ends were instead “rounded” and that there were “bright red lights at the left and right points”. Whatever it was it began to spin, faster and faster until it resembled a “multifaceted crystal”. It then took off and disappeared and Denise was sat back in her car on the roadside alone.

She would state during the session with Marden that she couldn’t recall the drive home, at least not in any detail. She returned to the hotel and simply climbed back into bed. Only when she had done so did she realize that the side of her head was bleeding. Incidentally, when Marden examined the side of Denise’s head, she did indeed have a small staple-like scar where she said the figure had placed the device.

The following morning, though, both Denise and Ed would experience another bizarre episode.

Almost 30 Miles In What Seemed To Be An Instant!

The Stoners had planned to spend their final day diving and after getting out of bed and eating breakfast at a nearby diner, they packed the equipment into their vehicle and set out to their diving destination. However, as they approached a small farm on the roadside, things took an unsettling turn.

At the back of the barn, Denise could see “several oddly shaped objects”. She quickly alerted Ed to these asking what he thought they were. The closer they got to the barn the objects appeared distinctly triangular-shaped and also appeared to have some kind of net-like covering over them. Ed responded that they were most likely chicken coops. Denise was not convinced and asked that they go and take a closer look.

Before they could, though, everything changed.

A sketch of what the Stoners saw in the field

A sketch of what the Stoners saw in the field (from The Alien Abduction Files)

Suddenly, instead of driving along the quiet road near the farmhouse, they found themselves near the interstate highway approaching Lake City. They would later work out that they were almost 30 miles from the farmhouse. And while half an hour had seemingly gone by, to them it appeared that they had arrived there “in what seemed like an instant”.

They would turn their car around and head back in the direction of their original destination. They would eventually pass the barn and, much to their confusion, the four strange triangular objects were no longer there. Both of them felt extremely unsettled. And each realized, at least in the back of their minds that a similar incident to that they experienced in Colorado in the summer of 1982 and most likely just happened again.

Marden would also take statements from Ed to examine his version of events. He would state how they were driving along the quiet road near the farm and barn when Denise pointed out several strange objects in the field. He would state that he turned his head to where she was pointing and saw “strange shiny metal objects that came to a point”. He said, however, that within a second of noticing them he could suddenly see a sign for I-75 coming up in the distance and slowly realized they were on a totally different stretch of road.

After pulling over to the side of the road, he said to Denise “it just happened to us again” and noted how he had “that same feeling going through me as I felt that night years ago when driving to camp” in Colorado.

An Abduction Witnessed From A Vacuum

It was, however, the hypnotic regression session conducted by Marden with Ed that led to some rather more remarkable revelations. He would again recall seeing the shiny objects near the barn. He would say, however, almost immediately after he noticed them that everything suddenly became dark all around them, with Ed elaborated that it felt as though they were in some kind of “vacuum”.

He was still inside the truck they had been driving along the road only moments ago, but Denise was no longer there. It was completely quiet all around him, and while he knew he was somewhere different to the road, his mind could not comprehend exactly where he was.

The next thing he realized a door opened out of the blackness in front of him revealing a tall, thin figure who was carrying Denise in its “long skinny arms”. It proceeded to bring her to the vehicle where Ed was sitting and “literally dropped” her into the passenger seat.

Sketch of the alien abduction in Florida (from The Alien Abduction Files)

Sketch of the alien abduction in Florida (from The Alien Abduction Files)

Ed would recall looking at the creature’s eyes as it approached, recalling that they were a lot paler than the grey skin, which had an “opaque appearance” to them. He would later recall in a letter to Marden that the eyes were “about three shades lighter than the body color” and not black as many reports state. This is perhaps an interesting detail. Given that Ed witnessed the creature in darkness perhaps their eyes only take on a black appearance in the light outside of their ship environment, perhaps to offer protection.

Before he could take in any more detail, the figure returned to the doorway which closed, placing Ed and Denise in darkness once more. The next thing he knew, he was on the road approaching Lake City.

Like Being In A “Bubble That Had No Weight!”

Denise would also undergo a hypnotic regression session with Marden. Once more she would recall seeing the strange objects in the field and of alerting Ed to their presence. Then, she also recalled that their surroundings changed in an instant. She would recall how she looked over at Ed and “he was frozen to the steering wheel”.

She would move on to the strange figure appearing in the opening doorway and of two grey figures approaching her as she sat in the passenger seat of the truck. She further recalled how she felt as though she was floating and how it appeared as though there was “no gravity”. Within moments of the creatures reaching for her and removing her from the seat, she could no longer see their vehicle.

Perhaps a particularly fascinating detail was Denise’s response to Marden asking what had happened to the truck and where it had gone. She would state that that “sent it away…somewhere” adding that it was “almost like it was in a bubble that had no weight…almost like they pushed it away”. Many UFO researchers have asked before how some people who claim to have been abducted by aliens while in the company of other people who seemingly have no memory of the incident. Might these details go toward explaining that.

Further Examination

Shortly after noticing that she could no longer see the truck Denise saw the triangular craft in front of her and noted she was being taken toward it. When asked if she knew why they were taking her again, she responded that it was “something to do with the thing in my head” as the “figure with the funny legs” began examining the part of her head that he had placed the staplegun-like device to the previous evening. As he did so he assured her that she didn’t need to be afraid and that she would soon be taken back to her vehicle.

The next memory she had was of being carried by grey aliens, back on the roadside next to her car. The creature dropped into the passenger seat where they had taken her from. Interestingly, she also recalled under hypnosis that the creature’s eyes were much lighter than most reports suggest, just as Ed had. She would further add that when she looked at them close up they appeared to be made up of “jillions of little dots”.

The next thing she realized the car door was shut and the creature was gone. She would claim it was almost “like a bubble popping – a bubble filled with smoke”. And then, they were back on the road, driving and approaching the I-75 sign. It was then they realized they were heading away from where they should have been headed.

Marden realized that both Denise’s and Ed’s accounts – from memory and under hypnotic regression were almost identical. And while there might have been some discrepancy (around the fact that Denise was an active investigator of UFO and alien abduction cases that could have colored her recall somewhat) the encounters were intriguing and mysterious. And as we have seen in our opening, it would appear that Denise Stoner had been subject to these visitations since she was extremely young.

Multiple Encounters From Being A Child To Adulthood

In fact, when Marden began investigating further, she discovered several bizarre encounters that had seemingly taken place regularly throughout Denise’s life and then continued into adulthood. And what’s more, it may have happened to other members of her family (we might recall the scared look on her grandfather’s face in the account we examined in our opening).

For example, a short time after the incident when Denise was 2 years old, she awoke one night to find that her baby sister was not in her crib. This would seemingly happen on several occasions. When her parents began noticing that their daughter was missing from her bed in the middle of the night (assuming she was “escaping” her crip and wondering downstairs), her father placed a wooden fence of sorts around it using plywood. However, Denise would recall that she knew this wouldn’t work as she had witnessed the “figure in his robe” reaching into the crib and taking her sister with him. As her sister never seemed to come to any harm as a result of this, Denise opted not to say anything to her parents.

Another unsettling incident occurred several years later. Denise would suddenly realize that instead of being in her bed at home she was in a nearby park. When she looked around, she saw the “tall, skinny man” with a “huge head” standing behind her. She noticed that the figure had a strange device that appeared to be attached to its arm. It appeared similar to an oil can, with a tube at the end that dripped a strange liquid toward the ground.

Denise suddenly became scared and turned to run. Perhaps bizarrely, as she did so, she believed she saw the figure’s arm extending, almost reaching her shoulder. By the time she had run a short distance to the corner of the park, the figure was in pursuit. Even worse, the arm with the tube reached her ear and she felt a drop of the liquid fall inside. As it did so a voice appeared in her mind telling her that they “would be able to keep track of me now” as she got older.

The next thing she realized, she was in her bed once more and the early morning sun was beginning to rise. Although she couldn’t explain what had happened, she knew that it wasn’t a dream.

Many Resonating Details

Marden would examine several more of Denise’s extraterrestrial encounters in The Alien Abduction Files. And would come to some intriguing conclusions. She would perform a questionnaire study of 50 people who claimed they had similar experiences to Denise. Many of the details fit well with Denise’s version of events.

Many, for example, believe they have been subject to abduction since childhood and that the abductions have taken place regularly into adulthood. Similarly, many abductees, according to Marden’s study, had been abducted when in the company of others (their spouse, for example), and while they were largely unaware of what had taken place, they would often sense that “something out of the norm had occurred”.

Many people, like Denise, could recall parts of the strange incidents (usually the beginning), and would often recall further details in dreams, and most could recall the majority of the encounters with the use of hypnosis.

Even the details of the abductions can be found across many similar cases. The fact that some kind of examination had taken place, or that records of their examinations were maintained, and even that many of them were “tracked” can all be found in many other cases.

From left, Ed, Dienne, and Denise Stoner (from The Alien Abduction Files)

From left, Ed, Dienne, and Denise Stoner (from The Alien Abduction Files)

Perhaps another intriguing detail is that many abductees, including Denise, noted that electronic equipment in their homes would suddenly malfunction in the days following an experience. In a similar detail, abductees would note what they would call paranormal activity following such encounters such as shadowy figures, light orbs, and strange noises. Some even report that items around the house simply go missing, including jewelry. Sudden psychic abilities are often reported, if only temporarily.

Marden would also note that both Denise and Ed Stoner were “honest, grounded, hard-working individuals” who are considered by all who know them as “credible people of excellent character”. What’s more, neither were seeking “fame or fortune” as a result of their claims and conducted their side of the investigation away from the public eye until the publication of their accounts. In fact, both the Stoners had little to gain by making their accounts public while they could lose their well-established and good reputations.

In short, it is more likely the Stoners are telling the truth than not. As Marden writes, should a district attorney undertake an “evaluation of the circumstantial evidence” of the case, it is very feasibly possible they would prosecute a case that “crimes have been committed” against Denise Stoner. Of course, due to the apparent perpetrators being of an otherworldly origin, this is not possible.

What Do These Repeated Alien Abductions Mean?

What should we make of the claims of Denise and Ed Stoner? They are certainly some of the most detailed alleged alien abduction cases on record. And what’s more, many of the details offered in their accounts resonate nicely with others that are on record in the research files of multiple investigators and researchers, perhaps not least that many alien abductees are subjected to repeat abductions throughout their lives, as well as the fact that immediate family members of these abductees are often also found to have been regularly abducted, with some cases stretching across generations.

We have examined many cases of alien abduction before, as well as the reasons that they might be taking place. If we assume for one moment that the encounters of Denise and Ed Stoner are entirely accurate (and they very well may be), what might their encounters tell of the alien abduction phenomena?

It appears, for example, that a certain amount of tracking and record-keeping is taking place, hence the repeat abductions and procedures that make Denise (and other abductees) recognizable to other members of this mystery apparent alien race (some of which are on Earth if we recall the regression sessions of Denise). What’s more, it appears from these sessions that there are many other abductees who are part of some kind of mass experimentation and monitoring operation. Why might this be? Might the suggestions of an alien-human hybridization program be closer to the truth than most of us would dare to imagine?

The encounters of Denise Stoner and her husband Ed are clearly being experienced by many other people, not only in the United States but around the world. Why they are happening and who, or what, is behind them is the mystery. One that continues to perplex and fascinate researchers and investigators in the twenty-first century.

The video below examines some of the most intriguing cases of alien abduction.


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