The 1978 UFO And Humanoid Encounter Wave Of Italy – A Link To Folklore Of The Past?

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August 14, 2023
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Throughout 1978, particularly toward the end of the year, Italy found itself in the middle of a frantic wave of UFO sightings and encounters. What’s more, this surge of sightings even carried over into the opening months of 1979 before suddenly ceasing in intensity. What made this wave of sightings even stranger, many of them involved encounters with humanoid occupants, some of which bore resemblance to creatures mentioned in legends from centuries earlier. Perhaps, then, for reasons we don’t fully understand there is some kind of link between the two.

While these sightings were indeed unique to each other, there were also several intriguing matching details, perhaps suggesting that whatever was traversing the skies over Italy during the late 1970s, they were of the same intelligence, and they were here for a very definite and specific reason.

Ultimately, this period in time in Italy is one of the most interesting and detail rich in UFO history, and one very much worthy of further study. Before we delve into the thick of those sightings, we will first examine seemingly random encounters from earlier in 1978, a quiet before the storm of the 1978 Italian UFO Wave.

A Discreet Beginning – A Potential Abduction In Toscana

Like many UFO waves, the surge of sightings throughout Italy in 1978 began discreetly with seemingly random sightings spread out over several weeks. [1]

Arguably one of the first sightings on record occurred on the evening of February 23rd, 1978 in Toscana. On the night in question, Mr. and Mrs. Morello were enjoying the evening by listening to the radio in their car. Suddenly, however, intense static interference began, ultimately drowning out the broadcast.

After several moments, Mr. Morello stepped out of the vehicle, looking to see what could possibly be causing the sudden interference. When he did, though, he immediately found himself enveloped in a bizarre violet glow. As he scanned around his surroundings he noticed what appeared to be four humanoid figures nearby, although they were more “shapes” than beings, at least from the quick glance he got.

By the time he returned to the car, fear had overcome his wife, who was now in tears. They remained in the vehicle until, and then, the next thing they knew, the lights and the humanoids were gone. Bizarrely, although it appeared to be only a matter of seconds, they soon realized 20 minutes had gone by. Although it is not clear what happened during this time, there is a possibility that the pair were abducted.

A Slight Increase In Activity In The Summer

Several months later, at around 11 pm on the evening of June 4th in Bellaria, several motorists witnessed bizarre flashing lights in the woods along the roadside. Several of them stopped their vehicles to investigate, eventually observing a “red hemispherical object” several yards away from them between the trees.

The following day, several of the witnesses returned to the location, finding a deep imprint where the object had been seen.

The following month, on July 4th near Mount Etna in Sicily, four members of the Italian Air Force witnessed three strange red-glowing objects hovering in the sky. Then, to their shock, one of the objects began to descend. They could see it was a disc shape with a transparent dome on the top.

A moment after the object had landed, several strange figures emerged from it – two tall human-like figures, each wearing white robes and sporting long, golden hair, as well as four smaller beings, each much shorter and wearing some kind of space suit complete with helmet. It is not clear if the witnesses fled the scene or if they witnessed the objects departing.

Two weeks later, a similar object was witnessed in Lurate Caccivio. A local resident reported seeing the object “revolving” as it moved, while also making a hissing sound. After several moments, the red-colored object disappeared into the distance.

According to the files of Albert Rosales, in the early hours of August 28th, at around 2:30 pm just outside of Chieti, a local baker, Amerigo Rocci, was driving to work when his car engine suddenly cut out. After the vehicle came to a stop, Rocci got out and went to inspect under the hood. As he was doing so, a suddenly appearing bright light lit up the entire area around him. It was then he noticed the five strange figures standing nearby.

He would later describe them as being as tall as a young child, with each wearing a tight-fitting suit with a helmet out of which came two antennae. The figures appeared to float a short distance from the ground, and even stranger, when they moved, they appeared to do so in unison. Rocci watched as the figures eventually moved off into the distance, eventually disappearing from sight. A short time later, his vehicle suddenly started with no problems.

Similar Details Begin To Emerge

After a respite that lasted several weeks, another sighting unfolded at a little after 8 am on September 2nd in San Michele. And once more, it is a report that contains similar details to the sightings of the summer. On the morning in question, a local man reported hearing a strange hissing sound coming from above.

When he turned his attention skyward, he was more than shocked to see a “metallic-looking cigar-shaped object”, approximately 30 feet long, ascending over a field of maize nearby. After the object had disappeared, the witness inspected the field, and found a small patch that was compressed, with the flowers “bent and dehydrated”.

According to the files of Roberto Pinotti, during the evening of September 6th in Sassello, a local resident was just about to go to bed when he heard strange noises coming from outside. When he peered out of the bedroom window, he could see “two round black figures” that appeared to emit a sound that was akin to a radio, perhaps suggesting the figures were robotic in nature. After several moments, the two figures vanished with great speed. When the witness examined the ground the following day, he discovered two definite circular impressions where the figures had been.

Just under two weeks later, on September 16th in Perugia, a local resident managed to capture a picture of the disc-shaped object. You can see that picture below.

at around 8:15 pm on September 17th in Tuscany, 25-year-old Mr. Faralli was driving home when his car engine suddenly cut out and his headlights failed. As his vehicle coasted to a stop, he witnessed a “bright red object” slightly ahead of him, descending toward the road. He recalled the object was a “domed disc” and was almost “hat-like” in appearance. It was only when he went to exit the car that he realized he was completely paralyzed.

The object eventually touched down on the roadside, a “panel” opening in its side a short time after. The witness watched as two humanoids “floated” out of the opening and headed straight toward his car. He later recalled that these figures were around five feet tall, and wore “green coveralls and helmets with aerials and facemasks”. He estimated that the figures were approximately four feet above the ground as they began circling the car, almost as if they were inspecting it.

After several passes, the figures headed back towards the object, entering through the panel in the side. The object began to rise before it disappeared “with a flash of light and an explosive sound”.

The following evening in the Porto Nogaro district, a witness reported seeing a disc-shaped object with a domed top appear overhead, making a whistling sound as it moved. It descended and landed nearby, and much to the witness’s shock, a small humanoid figure emerged from inside of the otherworldly object. The witness watched as the humanoid appeared to carry out some kind of repair to the craft before it reentered it after several minutes. Then, the object rose into the air and vanished with a “loud expensive sound”.

Indeed, it was around this time when sightings appeared to increase significantly.

The September Surge

It would appear that sightings were at their busiest in 1978 over Italy during the month of September. According to some figures, during the middle of the month, well over 100 separate reports were made by people across the country.

For example, at around 7:40 pm on September 18th in Monte Bondone, a witness – named “Goirgio” in the report – was making his way home after attending a funeral. As he negotiated the relatively quiet roads, he noticed a strange light that appeared to be coming from the woodland along the roadside. Curious, he brought his car to a stop and got out in order to take a closer look. He also made sure to take his camera with him.

He set off into the woodland in the direction of the light. He believed he was walking for around five minutes when he suddenly heard a noise that sounded like a “metallic clatter”. At the same time, he noticed a sudden sensation of “being watched”. Despite this, he continued on toward the source of the light. Then, a moment later, the witness suddenly noticed a humanoid figure a little way to his left and brought himself to a sudden stop.

After a moment or two, he brought his camera up and attempted to capture a picture. However, he was unable to get the figure in the shot. By now, the more details he could make out of the figure, a sense of fear was beginning to rise within him.

He described it as being approximately six feet tall and was particularly heavily built. Perhaps strangest of all, it sported what looked to be donkey ears. From its mouth was a spiraled tube that stretched to a strange device, while its eyes were particularly large and almond-shaped.

After around 30 seconds, the figure suddenly noticed his presence. Within seconds, it had turned in the opposite direction and ran off, quickly disappearing from sight.

A little over a month later, at around 5 am on October 25th in Abruzzi, 51-year-old farmer, Giovanni, was roaming his fields in search of one of his cattle when he spotted a bizarre box-shaped object on the ground a short distance ahead of him. He looked on in amazement, noting that multiple windows ran along the sides of the object, each of which shone with light from the inside.

Curiosity eventually got the better of him, and he started forward toward the strange vehicle. He stopped several feet away, clearly able to see several humanoid figures inside the object. He later recalled that these entities were human-like, although shorter, and there appeared to be definite males and females. He watched them for several minutes, noting that they were either unaware of his presence or unconcerned by it. Eventually, he simply walked away and continued his search. Of course, whether there is a connection between the missing cow and these apparent alien visitors remains unknown.

The Rimini Incident

According to the files of researcher Antonio Chiumiento, an account that occurred at some time in November 1978 is very worthy of our time here. On the night in question, at around 11:30 pm, Antonio F was at home in front of the television awaiting the start of a broadcast of a boxing match when he suddenly heard his dog beginning to bark urgently.

Antonio turned his attention to his pet, a particularly large Maremma shepherd and noticed there was something different to the usual playful barks, or barks to alert him to something happening outside. These barks suggested that some kind of potential danger was unfolding outside – quite possibly an intruder.

Antonio rose from the chair he was sitting in and made his way to the window to peer outside. He was greeting the sight of a particularly cold, foggy night under a persistent drizzle. Then, after a second or two, his attention was captured by a strange “dazzling light” , approximately 130 feet from his property.

To begin with, he believed he was looking at the headlights of a car, perhaps one that had an accident. However, the more looked at the light, particularly its position in relation to the road, he dismissed this idea. In fact, the more he looked at the light, the more he realized that it lit up the area around it “in small parts” – essentially, that parts of the area around the lit were lit up and parts remained in darkness.

He would later recall that the light was mostly orange, but that it morphed slightly into shades of purple and even silver. At this point, amazed by the display in front of him, Antonio called out to his family in the house, telling them to rush outside. As he did so, he turned his focus to the inside of the house. However, when he turned around a moment later to view the spectacle once more, the light was gone, and everything was back to normal.

Something Outside The House

Of some relief to Antonio was that his wife, his mother-in-law, and his sister had arrived at the front door in time to briefly see the bizarre light before it disappeared. After several moments, the family returned indoors, and Antonio returned to watching television. His dog, however, continued to bark furiously, appearing to be insistent that something out of the ordinary and potentially ominous was lurking outside. Because of this, Antonion remained alert, continuously shifting his attention to the window of his property.

Eventually, unable to settle and convinced that someone – or perhaps something – was outside, he turned off the inside lights, grabbed his flashlight, and proceeded to the front door. He pulled it open and immediately focused his attention on where he had seen the brilliant light a short time earlier. However, the area was as it normally would be.

Then, he heard a sudden rustling sound coming from long grass nearby to the left of him. He immediately switched on the flashlight and pointed it in the direction of the sound. To his shock, around 20 to 25 feet away from him he saw two strange men – one standing around six feet tall, with the other around five feet in height.

He noted how these figures were extremely thin, with larger oval heads, and a particularly thin neck. Even more noticeable was how large the figures’ eyes were, as well as being almond-shaped. Both of the humanoids appeared to be dressed in a gray, tight-fitting suit of some kind with a belt around their waist that had silver buckles along it and appeared to shine, although he was unable to work out if the shining was a reflection of his flashlight or whether they shined from their own source.

Evidence Discovered Of The Bizarre Encounter

The next thing he realized, the two figures were in front of him. He noticed, as he looked at the pair and they at him, that they appeared as surprised by the whole affair as he did. After several moments, Antonio instinctively called out to his family to come back outside. However, as soon as he did so, the figures promptly disappeared back into the darkness. Ultimately, after trying to locate the pair with his flashlight, he returned inside the house once more.

A short time later, his dog began to settle, suggesting to Antonio that whatever had been outside had now likely gone. Eventually, he went to bed but struggled to sleep due to the surreal nature of the evening’s events.

The following day, he eagerly made his way to where he had seen the strange light. He was amazed, but not shocked, to find a distinctly burned patch of land in a circular shape. He then looked in the direction he had seen to two figures. As soon as he saw a slight mound of earth and a hole next to it where it had come from, a surge of understanding swept through him.

The figures he had seen the previous evening, had likely been the same height – only one of them had been standing on the mound, while the other in the area that had been dug out. Indeed, as if to confirm this, the long grass where the initial sounds had come from was only feet away.

A Busy December

Although there was a slight drop-off in sightings, or at least reports of them as December 1978 unfolded, there were still plenty of thought-provoking encounters on record. For example, in the early hours of December 1st, at approximately 1:40 am in Guilianova, a local resident witnessed a disc-shaped craft with a glowing underside. The object appeared to be heading to the south, following the coastline as it did so.

Interestingly, around four hours later, in Milan, a motorist was driving when his car engine suddenly died. A moment later, the motorist witnessed a “luminous, orange and green saucer-shaped” object which passed over the top of him. After circling his vehicle, the craft then rose sharply into the air and disappeared. A moment later, the car’s engine came back to life.

The following week in Portegrandi, at around 1:30 am on December 8th, several motorists witnessed a domed disc-shaped object measuring around 20 feet across hovering over the road. What’s more, the object had at least four windows around its side, from which strange rays of light could be seen coming from. A little over an hour later, at 2:45 am near Catanzaro, three police officers witnessed a “luminous domed object” hovering over the highway. One of the officers aimed a spotlight toward the object, resulting in it zipping off into the distance and disappearing.

The following day, at 6 am on December 9th in Reggio di Calabria in Sicily, another sighting involving police officers unfolded. This time, several officers looked on in amazement as a multi-colored object moved across the sky overhead. At a relatively low altitude, one of the officers positioned a spotlight toward the craft. Strangely, when the object was within the glow of the spotlight, it appeared to enlarge somewhat.

Of more concern, during the event, the object sent a beam of light directly down toward a police car, although nothing of concern transpired from this particular action. Eventually, the spotlight was turned off. To the amazement of the witnesses, as soon as light was extinguished, the strange object vanished.

Another sighting involving the police occurred two days later on the afternoon of December 11th in Avellino. On the afternoon in question, a police trooper saw a strange disc-shaped object while on patrol, immediately stopping to take a photograph. While the picture didn’t turn out at all clear, the trooper insisted that the object was firing a strange beam of light toward the ground during the sighting.

On the same day, several hours later at around 10 pm near Navelli in Abruzzi, a taxi driver suddenly found himself forced to apply his brakes when two glowing globe-like objects suddenly appeared over the road in front of him. At the same time as he slammed on the brakes, the car’s engine suddenly cut out. The witness looked on in amazement when he noticed a humanoid figure in each of the globes, which proceed to pass over his vehicle at extremely low altitude before disappearing into the distance.

Strange Creatures In Silver Suits

The following day, December 12th, would see multiple UFO sightings reported. In Marzocca, for example, a glowing object emitted a bright beam of light directly onto a moving car, causing its tape player to cease working. Another sighting unfolded in Messina, where a glowing yellow circular object was spotted hovering a short distance overhead. Even more amazing, several small spheres emerged from the craft and headed off into the distance.

Later that evening, at around 11:45 pm just outside of Navelli, Alfonso Marinelli was driving along a road when his car engine suddenly stopped causing his car to drift to a halt. As he looked out through his windscreen, he noticed two strange lights in the distance. Of more concern, though, was that they were seemingly coming toward him.

As the lights came closer to him, he could make out that they were, in fact, two humanoid figures who were floating a short distance above the ground. They each wore silvery suits which appeared very similar to those worn by astronauts, along with oval-shaped helmets complete with black visors. The witness also recalled that on their chests each of them had a bright circle that glowed and appeared to be held in place by some kind of straps. Before they reached his vehicle, the two figures began to rise into the air, eventually disappearing from sight.

A short time later, in the early hours of December 13th, two soldiers on patrol at Brindisi Air Force Base witnessed a bizarre, glowing object with “pulsating lights” performing strange maneuvers overhead. Even stranger, when the object finally moved away, a bizarre flash of light shot upwards from the ground, as if in sympathy with the otherworldly vehicle.

Further Encounters With Humanoids

Two days later, at 12:15 pm in the early afternoon of December 16th in Catania on the island of Sicily, two young boys were in a yard. Near to where they were playing, was a large outdoor television aerial. Suddenly, what had been a sunny afternoon turned dark, causing the two children to look upward. To their shock, almost directly over the top of the aerial was a huge disc-shaped object with brilliant rays of light appeared to come from it.

As the two boys watched the aerial display, they noticed an opening in the center section. They looked on in awe to see a creature that they described as “a monster”, descending down the beam of light. They estimated this strange creature to be around five feet tall, with large eyes and what looked like antennae protruding from its head.

As they continued to watch, they witnessed a second, similar-looking creature descending the beam, this one carrying some kind of “laser-type gun”. To their further shock, the creature fired this gun at some nearby tocks which then exploded in a burst of flames. Then, the already bizarre incident turned even stranger, as the creature bent down toward where it had fired the laser beam and patted the ground. The strange being then poured some kind of black liquid onto the ground.

The next thing the boys knew, a strange flash of light filled the area, producing a second beam that brought both of the creatures back to the craft which then shot away into the sky with great speed and disappeared.

Later that day, just before midnight, a truck driver was driving near Ragusa when the radio in his truck cabin suddenly experienced intense interference. In fact, so bad was the static, that he pulled his truck to the side of the road so he could se what was causing it. Before he could investigate, though, he noticed two “very tall humanoids” standing a short distance from the truck.

Each was dressed in a tight-fitting black suit, and helmets that had what appeared to be antennae coming out of the top. Through the visors, the witness could make out what appeared to be human-like faces. Then, the next thing he knew, each of the beings cast out a bright beam of light from their helmet towards his truck. Instantly, his entire truck cabin lit up as if it were day.

A moment later, the two figures began toward his truck. The closer they got, the witness could hear they were talking in a language he didn’t understand. They stopped a short distance away, examined the truck for several moments, before turning and heading back in the direction they had come. Suddenly, a brilliant bright flash filled the witness’s vision. By the time he could see clearly again, the two figures were no longer there. A moment later, a disc-shaped craft ascended from an unknown location on the ground before disappearing into the distance.

Two Bizarre Encounters In Francavilla

According to an account in the files of Moreno Tambellini, on the afternoon of December 16th, 1978, Alfonso D’Aviero was making his way home on his motorbike in Francavilla. It would be a journey that would change his view of the world forever. As he sped along the road, his attention suddenly settled upon two “small strange beings” standing at the roadside. He would describe them as being quite short, with particularly large eyes, and standing with their arms held behind their backs. Each wore a tight-fitting silver outfit, as well as some kind of material that was tight around their heads.

Despite the surreal nature of the events, Alfonso brought his bike to a stop and headed over to the two strange beings. Uncertain of what to do, he reached for his packet of cigarettes and offered one to them, something they declined.

At this point, he made the decision to ask if he could take them to a nearby town so he could prove to other people that he was genuine in his claims. However, before he could take any further action, a sudden flash of light appeared out of nowhere, so bright that it temporarily blinded him. When his vision returned several moments later, the two entities were no longer there. We might note, this is very similar to the two entities witnessed in Rimini only weeks earlier.

Only hours later, at around 2:30 am, also in Francavilla, came another unsettling encounter. On the night in question, a college student was standing on her living room balcony she suddenly noticed a bizarre mist forming over the sea in front of her. She would describe this mist as white but with a red light at one end of it, and a green light at the other, each of which pulsated.

She watched in complete shock as the mist-like object descended toward the surface of the sea, its bright glow reflecting brilliantly off the water. At this point, she ran to her parent’s bedroom and attempted to wake them. She couldn’t manage to do so, however, and they remained in deep sleep. This is perhaps an interesting point – many UFO sightings feature a sole witness while others around them remain deep in sleep, leading some researchers to question whether the intelligence behind the UFOs uses some kind of technology that renders such people unawakenable during the encounter.

By the time she returned to the balcony and looked out, she could see two humanoid figures, each quite short in stature, standing in the grounds of the opposite apartment building. She noted how thin these figures appeared, although they had larger-than-normal heads and particularly square feet. She further recalled that each of the figures was wearing a dark gray tight-fitting suit.

She continued to watch as the figures began to move – noting how they did so in a very clumsy manner – eventually disappearing around the corner of the apartment building. At the same time they did so, the bright light over the water suddenly vanished.

The Encounter Of The Bucco Family

Another intriguing encounter comes once more from the research files of Albert Rosales, and took place at around 8:30 pm on December 23rd in San Vito Chietino. On the night in question, the Bucco family – Francesco and Fiorentina and their two children – were making their way home after having spent the day visiting family. As they made their way along the road, however, they suddenly became aware of a strange but bright light that had appeared in the sky behind them. Of more concern, it appeared this light was following them.

After several moments, the light caught up to their car, eventually overtaking it. Almost immediately after it had done so, the car came to a sudden stop, as if an invisible force had slammed on the brakes.

Before the family could contemplate just what was going on, a strange figure walked out along the road, directly in front of their now-stopped car. However, instead of walking, it moved in small leaps, reminding the witnesses of how astronauts moved on the surface of the moon. They watched the figure for several moments before it disappeared into the woodland at the roadside. Interestingly, while the two adults would recall only seeing one figure, the two children were insistent that there had been two.

The family later described the figures as wearing a brown suit, incidentally, very similar to those worn by astronauts, as well helmets with distinctly square visors, and thick, white gloves, which also made it easy for the witnesses to see their hands contained five digits. Each of the figures stood at around three feet tall, and as they moved, they appeared to do so at the same time, as if they were marching, although they were, in fact, floating a short distance above the road, even when they bounced, they seemingly leaped from an invisible ground. Once more, we might recall a previous sighing – that of Amergio Rocci – who claimed the figures he witnessed all moved in unison.

Late December And Early January Sightings

Although they were beginning to slow further, there were still surges of sightings in late December and early January. At around 5:30 pm on December 28th off the coast of Santa Tecla, a “dark disc-shaped object” appeared out of the water and ascended into a hovering position just above the sea’s surface. After a moment or two, the object then headed off to the west, emitting several beams of light as it did so.

Several hours later over L’Aquila, several employees at an electrical power generating plant witnessed a glowing object that was “surround by a red halo” moving overhead. Of more concern to the witnesses, as the object hovered over the plant, the generator ceased to function and the equipment and power instruments behaved erratically. After five minutes, as the object began to move away, the equipment returned to its normal working order.

A short time later, at ten minutes before midnight in Marzanno Di Torriglia, police officer, Fortunato Zanfretta was out on patrol when his vehicle suddenly stopped responding, causing him to panic somewhat. He radioed in to the switchboard to inform them of his predicament, his vehicle now speeding down a mountain road.

Eventually, the vehicle came to a stop, allowing Zanfretta to exit the car and investigate what might have caused the situation. Here is where the situation turned a little unsettling.

Zenfretta was discovered a short time later, seemingly in a state of shock lying next to his vehicle. It was discovered that he had opened fire with his pistol six times, and even stranger, near to where he was found were particularly large footprints. He would later recall that he had been forced on board a strange craft by a large humanoid creature, before being subjected to several examinations and procedures.

A little over a week later, at around 5:30 pm on January 8th, 1979 in the Tuscany region of Italy, a disc-shaped object with a domed top was witnessed moving over a farm, causing the animals to react with agitation as it did so.

Five days later on the evening of January 13th in Viterbo, a farmer was shocked to witness a “large fiery red sphere” descend out of the dark sky and land in one of the fields nearby. After touching down the sphere changed color to orange, before eventually dimming enough to reveal a metallic object.

After a moment or two, a humanoid figure dressed in a tight-fitting silver suit emerged from the object and began to examine the immediate surroundings. At this point, the witness was overcome by fear, turning and running from the scene as fast as he could.

Five days later, on January 18th, at around 11:30 pm in Lusiana, a motorist’s car engine suddenly gave out causing the vehicle to come to a stop. As the witness scanned the surroundings, they were shocked to see an ovoid-shaped UFO descend out of the night sky and land nearby. A moment later, an opening appeared in the side of the craft and two humanoid entities appeared. They briefly looked around before reentering the craft which then disappeared.

Intriguing Details To Explore

As the sightings unfolded and were investigated, certain details were noted and picked up on. [2] Perhaps one of the most interesting is some of the descriptions of the apparent humanoid entities observed during the wave, many of which appeared to describe them as how the world of the 1950s would have perceived extraterrestrial visitors.

For example, many of them appeared to float, had a robotic manner about them, and even had antennae coming from helmets. And while some were described as being relatively tall – at least as tall as a tall adult – many descriptions claimed these entities were around three to four feet, much shorter in stature.

Furthermore, many of the encounters suggested this alien race was on some kind of reconnaissance mission, appearing to take an eager interest in all manner of things around them during these landing events.

Another intriguing detail is that many of the sightings involved entities disappearing into and even floating off in strange orbs of light.

With this in mind, it is interesting to note the legends and folklore of the Mayan civilization speak of strange beings who would morph into a light orbs and fly into the sky. Could the sightings of 1978 wave over Italy be those very same beings? Indeed, there are many cases from Italy, and from around Europe and across the world, spanning centuries, of strange dwarf-like creatures.

In fact, particularly pertinent in the Middle Ages, tales of strange fairy-like creatures were widespread throughout the country. Once more, this invites us to ask if there is some kind of connection between many of the entities witnessed during the late-1970s, and the strange creatures of the legends of the Middle Ages.

A Potential Important Piece Of The UFO And Alien Puzzle

Ultimately, while there have been UFO sightings in Italy going back to Roman times, the absolute surge of sightings and encounters in late 1978 and early 1979 are without a doubt a complete anomaly. What is certain, is that something truly out of the ordinary was without a doubt taking place. What’s more, many of the sightings were put on record by serving police officers, which not only gave them, and other sightings from the public, a little more credibility, but also made it much easier for other members of the public to come forward at the time.

Furthermore, perhaps because the sightings appeared out of nowhere and caught residents and authorities alike on the back foot, there was a sense of openness and transparency about the sightings, as if everyone simply wanted answers as to what was behind them, why they were happening, and for what purpose.

If we return to the notion of a connection between these encounters and the legends of centuries past, particularly of fairies, however, then it is worth highlighting the suggestions of researcher and writer, Bichu Dev Misra, who speculated that given how legends speak of time passing at a different rate in this other dimension (or “otherworld”), that what is 400 or 500 years for us, might be but a matter of days, perhaps even hours, to these otherworldly entities.

Perhaps this explains their apparent fascination with their surroundings, and even cars (as in the case we examined earlier). It is certainly an idea worth exploring and keeping in mind as we attempt to collectively get to the heart of the UFO and alien mysteries.

The short video below examines a recent UFO sighting from Italy.


1 1978 UFO Chronology, NICAP
2 The UFO Invasion of Italy in 1978: What Were They After?, Bibhu Dev Misra, Mysterious Universe

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