The Unsettling Humanoid UFO Encounter Of Lyndia Morel

Marcus Lowth
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October 21, 2023
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The encounter of Lyndia Morel in the fall of 1973 is one that not only features a close encounter with the occupant of an otherworldly vehicle but is also a case containing an episode of missing time, which could suggest a possible alien abduction. It is also another example of a UFO approaching a moving vehicle on an otherwise quiet road, something that happens more than many of us might think.

What is of further interest is that the encounter unfolded during a wave of humanoid occupant sightings across the United States, which, along with the witness’s credibility, and a subsequent sighting witnessed by multiple people later (one of whom was a police officer who went to take a report of the incident), perhaps lends the case a certain amount of credibility.

It is also a case that sees the car the witness was driving, and the witness themselves, seemingly taken control of by some inexplicable force, as well as evidence of telepathic communication.

The incident was investigated by Walter Webb of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, a report of which first appeared in the January/February 1974 edition of the APRO Bulletin.

A Routine Drive Home Takes An Interesting Turn

Shortly after finishing work at a sauna in Manchester, New Hampshire, at around 2:45 am on November 2nd, 1973, Lyndia Morel was making her way home. [1] On the way, about 10 minutes after she had first set off, she stopped at Ben Roy’s Restaurant where she met a friend and enjoyed a cup of coffee. They two talked for around 45 minutes before each left the restaurant and went their separate ways.

Before setting on her way once more, she drove to a nearby gas station in order to fill the car up. Around 10 minutes later, just before 4 am, she was on her way once more. It was as she was passing a local supermarket that she noticed a strange yellow light in the night sky ahead and to her left. To begin with, she contemplated whether this light was, in fact, a planet. However, when it flashed red, green, and blue lights, she dismissed this notion.

She continued along the road, keeping the object in her view as she did so. After several minutes, she could clearly see that the object was getting brighter. She turned her attention away for just a moment in order to light a cigarette. She turned her focus back to the object just in time to see it go out – as if someone had flicked a switch and turned it off. After several moments, though, it reappeared, in the same spot as it had been before.

On-Off Sightings For Several Miles

She continued with her journey, noting the lights of a nursing home and of Moore General Hospital up ahead. As she approached the nursing home, the light blinked out once more. Now realizing she was witnessing something rather strange, she slowed somewhat and kept her attention as best she could in the sky where the light had been.

A short time later, as she was approaching the Boston and Maine Railroad crossing, it reappeared once again. It remained in view for several minutes – enough time for Lyndia to travel around two miles. However, as she neared the town of Goffstown, it vanished once more, again, as if someone had flicked a switch.

Artist's impression of what Lyndia saw

Artist’s impression of what Lyndia saw

As she drove through the town, the light reappeared once more for a very short time, before disappearing once more, this time for a considerable while longer. As she was heading out of town, though, and approaching the intersection of Route 114 and Route 13, she noticed the lighted object once more. And this time, it was much closer and lower than before, and, consequently, appeared much larger. And even stranger, it was hovering directly over Route 114 – the road she was heading down, making her feel as if it was “waiting for her”.

She would later estimate the object was a little over 1500 feet away from her, and at this distance, she could make out much more detail. She would recall that the object was a globe shape that had a honeycomb-like exterior that glowed an orange-gold color. She could also see that the flashes of red, blue, and green lights were actually beams of some kind. She further recalled that the object had an oval window on the upper left-hand side (from her view), and that the exterior had a bizarre “translucent quality” to it.

As she continued to watch she heard a strange “high-pitched whine” seemingly come from the craft – a sound that she could feel in her body as well as hear.

Then, things turned decidedly more concerning.

The Missing Half A Mile

Up until this point, Lyndia had remained relatively calm despite the bizarre nature of the events that were unfolding in front of her. When she went to remove one of her hands from the steering wheel, however, she quickly began to panic as she realized she simply couldn’t do so. Even more unsettling, try as she might, she couldn’t take her eyes from the object in front of her. She would later state that she had the distinct feeling that “something” had taken control of her body.

The next thing she realized, she was on a different part of the road, around half a mile from where she had just been. However, she had no memory of having driven along this stretch of the road. A moment later, she snapped back to her senses, realizing that the car was now moving a lot faster than before.

Artist's impression

Artist’s impression

The glowing object was still ahead of her, and it appeared to Lyndia that the car was under its control and was being pulled or dragged toward it. The object itself was no larger, approximately the size of a large car. Her own vehicle continued to race toward the object, and she sensed she was no longer in full control of it.

Then, an already strange encounter turned even stranger, as Lyndia noticed a strange figure through the oval window in the upper section of the craft. Through the window, she could see the figures, head, arms, and upper torso, and it appeared as though the figure was standing in front of some kind of control board in front of a white or brightly lit background (although Lyndia couldn’t see this and so couldn’t be certain).

Its face appeared lighter than its body, a grey color, although she wasn’t sure if this was because the rest of the body was clothed or not, and its skin appeared loose, reminding Lyndia of an elephant’s hide. She could also clearly make out a slit-like mouth and two large, egg-shaped eyes with large, black pupils. In fact, once she noticed them, she was unable to take her eyes off them.

Then, a feeling, or possibly a voice entered her mind, telling her not to be afraid.

Arrival At The Beaudoin House

Despite the reassurances, fear and panic continued to grip Lyndia. She recalled thinking at that point that she would be “captured” by the occupant of the curious craft. As this was happening, the object continued to get brighter and brighter. She could, though, see the car was passing by a cemetery, and she noticed a house up ahead and to the left. Finally, she managed to free one of her hands of the wheel in order to cover her eyes, turning the wheel to the left with the other as she did so, turning the car toward the house up ahead.

She eventually brought the car to a stop on the lawn of the property, and with the engine running and the headlights still glaring ahead, she exited the vehicle as fast as she could. The property was owned by the Beaudoin family, and she set out toward the house, the sound of a growling dog met her. Moments later the family’s guard dog was running toward her.

She claimed to have lashed out at the dog in order to protect herself and then continued running. Here she suffered another episode of missing time, if only for a few seconds, as the next thing she realized, she was standing in front of the property, banging loudly on the door, shouting “help me, help me” over and over again.

She estimated this went on for around two minutes before, finally, the front door was opened.

“A UFO Just Tried To Pick Me Up!”

When Mr. Beaudoin opened the door Lyndia almost fainted with relief. Behind him was his wife and the rest of the Beaudoin family, who had all been asleep at the time. Mrs. Beaudoin later recalled that she could immediately see how frightened the woman was, stating that her eyes were “wide open with terror”. She further recalled that Lyndia was covering her ears as if from some awful sound, but neither she nor her husband could hear anything.

Lyndia staggered toward Mr. Beaudoin stating, “I’m not drunk. I’m not on drugs. A UFO just tried to pick me up!”

She was led into the kitchen and eventually, she brought her hands down from her ears, realizing that the whining sound she had heard previously was no longer there. By now, it was around 4:30 am. No a little calmer, Lyndia told the Beaudoins what had happened and how she had arrived at their home. Although they found it hard to believe, they still contacted the Goffstown Police Department and made a report of Lyndia’s encounter.

Around 10 minutes later, at around 4:40 am, Patrolman Daniel Jubinville arrived at their home to take a report from Lyndia directly. As he made his way to the front door, he discovered Lyndia’s car and reached in to turn off the headlights and engine.

A Second Multi-Witness Sighting

Like the Beaudoins, although he found the account strange, Jubinville could clearly see the woman had been terrified by something. And he also found no evidence to believe she had been drinking or under the influence of drugs. Ultimately, while he wasn’t certain that what she saw was a UFO, he was certain that she was telling the truth, at least from her perspective.

After taking the account, Jubinville, along with Lyndia and Mr. and Mrs. Beaudoin, went outside. As they did so, they all spotted a strange glowing light in the sky a short distance away – a light almost identical to the light Lyndia had first spotted when her unsettling ordeal first began.

Jubinville took out his flashlight and moved it along the sky in the direction of the light. When it was pointed directly at it, to their shock, the light moved slightly to remove itself from the glow, changing colors as it did so. This was repeated several times before finally disappearing.

Whether the object was the same craft as that witnessed by Lyndia earlier is far from certain. However, the similar details, location, and timeframe would suggest strongly that it was. Ultimately, the incident remains completely unexplained.

Another Sighting That Remains A Mystery

The encounter of Lyndia Morel is one, on balance, that we should perhaps view as being credible. Aside from Morel’s own good character, she made no attempts to cash in on her sighting or seek attention for it (perhaps a telltale sign of someone who might not be genuine in their claims). Furthermore, the incident happened when multiple similar sightings were being reported right across America, the vast majority of which also featured encounters with humanoid figures.

What should we make of some of the details, though? What, for example, should we think about the notion that the car was under the control of the craft? Lyndia herself admitted she could have had her foot pressed on the pedal without realizing given the surreal nature of the encounter. And while this is true, that doesn’t explain her apparent inability, if only temporarily, to remove her hand from the steering wheel. Nor does it explain the missing time she experienced just before realizing she on a different part of the road and the car was speeding down the road.

It is perhaps interesting to note that Lyndia offered, although she didn’t know why, that she had the feeling that whatever intelligence was onboard the mysterious craft, it had purposely wiped her memory of that half a mile journey. We have to ask, if this is the case, for what reason would this have happened? It is possible that Lyndia was abducted during this time and then returned a short distance down the road? Perhaps these potential abductors used some kind of time-freezing technology enabling them to return Lyndia to her vehicle with very little time having passed in her reality. Quite a far-fetched notion, admittedly, but something work thinking about nonetheless.

Whether any more information comes to light on this case, or whether other reported cases shine a light on this one and so revealing more details remains to be seen. The encounter, though, is yet another report of interaction with strange vehicles and their occupants from a place unknown.

The short video below examines the UFO phenomena a little further.


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