The “Other” UFO Waves

Marcus Lowth
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December 29, 2019
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November 10, 2021
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We have examined some of the most famous worldwide UFO waves from history in our previous case study articles. Such waves that took place in 1952 or 1954 and really helped to make the subject of UFOs and alien life hugely popular. Similar waves occurred in 1964, 1966, and 1967, and then again in 1973, which had a decidedly high number of humanoid sightings to its name.

There are, however, many other lesser-known waves, which while not as long or public as those mentioned above, are still full of intrigue and ultimately help to contribute to the evidence we need to consider when weighing up the UFO and alien question. In fact, many of these lesser-known or mini waves are often more concentrated in terms of specific details or locations than many of the worldwide equivalents.

A picture of an alleged UFO with an alien face blended over the top

Why do UFO waves happen?

We should note that we will have left some of these “other” UFO waves out of this round-up. In some cases, like the 2008 UFO wave of Pennsylvania, we have examined them before in previous articles. Much the same for the Belgian wave of 1993, and likewise for the 1996 UFO waves of Scotland and Ireland, or the waves of UFO sightings in the late-1970s in the United Kingdom. Others, though, mainly because on their own they don’t appear to stand out, we have paid little attention to.

However, when we start to round-up these incidents – as we have mentioned before, incidents classed as random or one-offs – we begin to see patterns and very similar details. Suddenly what appears to be accounts to dismiss began to take on a little more importance. And while we can certainly not hope to reach a conclusion to such complex matters here, we can certainly take steps toward doing so.


A Quick Round-Up

We will ask what the reasons might be for such UFO waves – whether the worldwide ones we have examined in previous case study articles or the lesser-known ones we will look at here – at the end of this case study. But perhaps we should just go over a few notes and points.

Obviously, what we will touch on here are but a few accounts of each of the respective waves in question, In some cases, only one incident will be examined. It goes without saying that space and indeed keeping one’s interest are factors here. After all, we are not looking to merely produce a list or database of incidents. If there is one thing that we passionately believe, that in order for such accounts to live on so that they might one day reveal their true secrets, without altering the facts – or at least the facts as we know them at the time of writing – such accounts need to have life breathed into them.

After all, the most important thing in all of this is communication and the passing along of information.

An image of a silver triangle UFO high in the sky

While some waves last for months at a time, others are over as quickly as they began

One last thing to note here, as always when we look at these waves of sightings, many of the incidents appear in the translation files of the veteran researcher, Albert Rosales, whose expertise in humanoid encounters is particularly extensive. Indeed, Albert writes the foreword in our book From Deep Within The Archives Of UFO Insight for this very reason.

We will start our look at these “other” UFO waves with an explosion of sightings across Japan in 1958. Many of which, coincidentally or not, over American military bases established in the country.

The Japanese UFO Wave, 1958

During the late-summer and fall of 1958, UFO sightings suddenly exploded over Japan. [1] And while there was a relatively public interest at the time as the planet seemingly prepared to celebrate “World Flying Saucers Day” to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the first sightings of such strange craft, it would appear the skies of Japan were suddenly particularly active.

One organization that would go by the name The Cosmic Brotherhood even claimed to have made contact with an extraterrestrial race. They had done so using a device named the “Master Unit Communicator” which, at least according to the information they provided, would convert “sound waves to light waves and vice-versa”.

The group would meet on the top of Mount Takeo just outside of Tokyo. Whether their experiments were genuinely successful or whether they were simply part of the public hysteria concerning visitors from outer space is perhaps open to debate.

A depiction of a UFO with a truck in a red tractor beam

Japan experienced multiple UFO sightings in 1958

Perhaps one of the earliest sightings of the 1958 Japanese UFO wave occurred in mid-July when an “object resembling a flying saucer” was witnessed flying over the United States’ military facility, Chitose Air Base near Hokkaido.

According to the reports, the object was first witnessed by a security guard at the base at a little after 9 pm on 17th July. A short time later, an on-duty soldier in the control tower also witnessed a strange “reddish star-like object” in the skies overhead, moving slowly at an approximate altitude of 300 feet. Furthermore, radar operators also captured the anomaly moving to the south of their location.

Incidentally, when asked for comment about the alleged sighting, a spokesperson for the base claimed that “no such incident occurred”. Perhaps we should make of that what we will. Furthermore, a very similar sighting occurred over the military facility the previous summer.

Huge And Expanding Anomaly Over Sea Of Japan

There were most certainly more sporadic sightings over Japan throughout 1958 leading up to the wave of the late summer. On the evening of 31st January, for example, again just outside of Tokyo, several United States Air Force pilots would report “12 yellow-orange light”, flying in formation in groups of three.

Around three weeks later in Hokkaido, [2] another incident would unfold. Several United States military personnel based at a facility in Asoiwayama near Hokkaido on the evening of 19th February was monitoring the actions of Soviet aircraft who were themselves involved in a training exercise when they would suddenly pick up a “strange return” on their radar system.

This strange anomaly was over the Sea of Japan. And what’s more, it appeared to be expanding. It would eventually cover an area 65 miles in length and 25 miles wide. Furthermore, this bizarre expanding object would then rise from an altitude of around 3,000 feet to 46,000 feet.

Artist's impression of a UFO overhead

Artist’s impression of a UFO overhead

As this was taking place, the five Soviet military jets that was the original focus of interest for the American observers were also seemingly interesting in this strange and sudden object hovering over the Sea of Japan. Each of the planes would steadily approach the gigantic form. Given the weather conditions were clear, and the fact that Soviet pilots themselves appeared concerned enough to approach the strange object, natural weather phenomenon was ruled out as a genuine possibility.

Other details would state the cloud-like object appeared very similar to an explosion of sorts. Interestingly, there was, according to the report, a “mock atomic battle” taking place near the area. Rather than this being responsible for the sighting, though, investigators would suggest that this was a point of interest for the strange visitors.

The Spring 1959 Misawa Incident

Although it occurred the following year in the spring of 1959, an incident that appears in Timothy Good’s book Above Top Secret is most definitely worth including here. [3] According to Good’s source, the account comes from a one-time colonel in the United States’ military who was serving as the Weather Officer at a facility just outside of Tokyo. Furthermore, and key to the following account “four F-106 Delta Dart jets stationed in Okinawa and Misawa had been instrumented especially to track and fire on unidentified flying objects”.

It was during such a visit to Misawa in early 1959 – with the 1958 wave still fresh in peoples’ minds – that two jets were scrambled in an attempt to intercept just such an object. However, one of the jets would suffer a malfunction before leaving the runway, leaving one solitary jet to attempt to intercept the unknown craft. From the command center, the on-duty personnel, including the witness in his capacity at the time, would listen to the developing encounter.

An image of a UFO hovering over a field

Jets being scrambled to intercept UFOs happens more than we might think

The control tower would vector the pilot toward the mysterious craft before he would confirm that he “had it in sight”. He would describe a “circular, metallic object” with a “cockpit on top”. After asking whether he should “make a firing pass” the control tower would contact the Pentagon to request permission. Shortly after, permission was granted.

The fighter would make a pass and fired the missiles at the strange craft. Shortly after, however, his voice clearly strangled with terror, he would state that the targeting was correct, the missiles had connected, detonated, but “did not hit”. They “detonated just at the edge of it…like an invisible shield”.

Then, things would take an even more ominous turn.

“They’re Coming After Me!”

The pilot’s voice would come through the speakers of the control tower once again a short time after the failed strike. He would state that the ship was turning and had switched on “some kind of beam”. Then, he would state “they’re coming after me”, the terror in his voice obvious to all.

The pilot would take his plane into a dive in an attempt to move away from the huge, disc-shaped craft. As he did so, though, the object did indeed begin to pursue his plane. The control tower began to “scream out” to the pilot that the object was approaching. And fast.

The atmosphere was beyond tense, with the pilot’s breathing being the only sound over the speakers. Every now and then he would state that it was “getting closer”.

As the radar operators in the control tower looked on, they would confirm that the two objects were “matched”. In disbelief and confusion, they confirmed that there was “no separation” between the two objects. Then, the blip disappeared from the radar.

The military would conduct discreet searches around the area for four days following the incident. According to the witness, “they never did find anything”.

The following year in 1960, the UFO wave had seemingly turned its attention further south to New Zealand.

The New Zealand UFO Wave, 1960

New Zealand was certainly no stranger to bizarre aerial activity long before the wave of UFO sightings it experienced in 1960. We have examined previously, for example, the airship sightings of the early twentieth century.

In the early hours of 5th April, at around 5 am, an anonymous female resident would witness and report a “flying disc” moving across the sky over Invercargill. Despite the obvious machine-like nature of the object, the witness would claim that it made no sound whatsoever.

Just over a week later in Napier just before 6 pm on the evening of 16th April, three women were standing on the shore when they witnessed a “cigar-shaped object” hovering a short distance from the coast. The witnesses would observe the strange craft for around two minutes before it moved out to sea and disappeared into the early evening sky.

A depiction of a glowing UFO over a lonely highway at sunset

A UFO wave occurred over New Zealand in 1960

On the 18th May in Wellington, an unknown witness would report a cigar-shaped craft hovering overhead. They would also include the detail that several “portholes” were present along the side of the craft. Incidentally, almost exactly a year later at the same location, an almost identical craft was witnessed.

At around 5 pm on the evening of 31st July over the city of Auckland, a “shiny metallic parachute-shaped” object was witnessed over the Browns Bay region. What’s more, the craft was viewed through binoculars by four separate witnesses. It remained visible for around two minutes.

Around a month later in the Canterbury region of New Zealand, a nameless male witness would report a strange “hovering object” which was visible for around five minutes before heading into the night sky. A similar sighting would surface in Woodlands in Southland on the evening of 26th September when a hovering disc was observed for several minutes.

The Brazilian UFO Wave, 1962

Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing UFO waves comes from one of the most intriguing (in terms of UFO activity) countries in Brazil. Throughout 1962, but predominantly around September of that year, the South American nation would experience a surge of UFO sightings and strange encounters.

What is also interesting is that during this wave would feature the rather strange and ominous detail of apparent alien abduction of random farm animals in the area.

In the book Stalking The Herd, Christopher O’Brien would relay an account investigated and reported on by fellow researcher, John Keel, who reported on some intriguing findings regarding the Brazilian government’s initial findings into the September UFO wave.

According to Keel, a great many of the sightings would occur in the Barcelos region. During their investigations into these sightings, investigators would discover that “17 chickens, 6 pigs, and 2 cows” had all strangely vanished from farms in the region.

An image of a typical flying saucer UFO

Brazil has a long history of UFO waves

By far, though, the most disturbing account would feature a local resident by the name of Telemaco Xavier, who on the evening of 1st September 1962 would simply vanish into thin air near the village of Villa Conceiao. What’s more, three plantation workers would claim to have witnessed the apparent abduction.

They would claim to have seen “a lone man” walking along the lonely road near the field in which they were working. Suddenly, “an illuminated object” descended on to the road “spraying sparks” as it did so. A moment later, “three men” emerged from the bizarre craft and seized the man and “dragged him off”.

It would appear the man the three workers witnessed was Telemaco, although there is no conclusive proof. Either way, he remains missing (presumed dead) even today.

The Wave Begins

Perhaps one of the first sightings of the 1962 Brazilian wave occurred in late August when multiple witnesses in seven different towns reported “a squadron of five UFOs” moving across the night sky. The witnesses would describe the objects almost exactly – a disc-shape with a silver-grey exterior and a display of “vivid red light”.

In the press interest that followed, several witnesses would make statements as to what they had seen. Perhaps one of the most interesting would come from truck driver, Senor Vicente A. Bordoli, who had not only witnessed the display in August 1962, but claimed to have “frequently seen strange craft both entering and leaving the sea”.

An artist's impression of a shiny UFO

Surely the multiple sightings of a UFO wave suggests something very real is happening

This is an important detail given the sheer number of UFO sightings on or around water – a point that we will continue to hammer home whenever we get the chance. We should also consider what Bordoli would state next, when he claimed that it was his opinion that these strange crafts were “controlled by signals emanating from underwater bases”, perhaps even, he would speculate, “a larger submarine mother-craft”. Indeed, many researchers speculated about the existence of such underwater alien bases, and many abductees have claimed to have been taken to such facilities.

Just to reiterate how strongly Bordoli felt in his conviction of something very untoward taking place around the coastline of Brazil, he would finally offer that it was “absolutely certain that in the depths of the Gulf of San Matias there is a flying saucer base”. Even more, these sightings were “common knowledge” in the wider Patagonia region.

A Moment To Consider The Patagonia Region

Before we examine some of the other sightings we should pause and contemplate this last statement. Although outlandish in itself, many believe there to be a huge Nazi presence in this part of South America. German and Nazi sympathizing transplants from war-ravaged Europe where they were now wanted war criminals. Might it be, as hugely speculative as it is and if we accept for a moment that such claims of escaped Nazis (perhaps even including Hitler himself) are undeniably true for a moment, that as well as themselves, their plans, technologies, and blueprints came with them?

We have examined previously, for example, the many claims that within this Nazi technology is reverse engineered parts, components, and propulsion systems that are extraterrestrial in origin. After the passing of a decade and a half, might some of these sightings in the region – a regular thing according to Bordoli – actually be the test-flying of such reverse-engineered technology?

An artist's impression of low-hovering UFO

The Patagonia region of Argentina also has a long history of UFO activity

Or, as even more outlandish as it might sound, might an extraterrestrial presence have existed and escaped with the Nazis in the days following the end of the Second World War?

And where might the seemingly ever-present United States intelligence and shadow departments fit into all of this? After all, there are claims that such agencies were more than aware of a huge Nazi presence in the area as far back as the late-1940s? Might they have continued to monitor such a presence? Or might a deal or arrangement – one locked away from the wider public – have been reached behind the scenes of accepted history?

The Initial Sighting Of Rivalino Mafra da Silva

At around the same time as the sighting all over Brazil in mid-August, an incident occurred in the Duas Pontes region of the country. The main witness, Rivalino Mafra da Silva – an illiterate gentleman who lived in a very meager property in the town – would report a bizarre encounter near the home he shared with his two young sons.

According to the report, on the evening of 17th August, Rivalino would notice “two strange little men” who were seemingly digging near his home. He wondered over to them but as soon as the two figures noticed him, they fled from the hole they were digging and disappeared into the surrounding woodland. He would remain where he was for a moment before seeing a “red glowing hat-shaped object” suddenly take off from the trees and then “zoom into the sky” vanishing from sight.

Two days later, however, another account featuring Rivalino Mafra da Silva would occur. One that was much more than a mere sighting. This time, the main witness to the strange events was Rivalino’s son, Raimundo Aleluia Mafra, who was 12 years old at the time. He would claim to not only have witnessed a strange UFO-type object but that it resulted in the “disintegration of his father”.

Two Nights Later – The Witness Statement Of Raimundo Mafra

What perhaps makes Raimundo’s account even more credible than most is that, like his father, he had no prior knowledge of “flying saucers” and certainly no access to television programs, movies, or comic books where he might have discovered such things. He didn’t go to school, instead helping his father raise his two younger siblings, who like himself were motherless since her death the previous year. The account he would give, several times over would remain the same each time.

He would claim that after going to bed for the night on the 19th August. As he didn’t own a watch and there was no clock in the house, nor did he know how to tell the time, Raimundo is not sure of the exact hour, but at some point in the middle of the night he would awaken suddenly to the notion that there was “people walking about quickly in the room”.

Witness sketch of a UFO with occupants

Witness sketch of a UFO with occupants

He would alert his father, who was seemingly also awake as he lit a candle only a moment or two later. When he did so, however, Raimundo could see a “strange shape” more akin to a shadow than anything else, moving across the room. The young boy would later describe the shadow as “peculiar” with a “strange shape” to it that had no “human shape” at all and was approximately 3 feet in height.

Both he and his father would remain quiet. Each was fully aware that the strange entity was looking directly at them.

Strange Footsteps And Fatal Threats

After several moments the shadowy creature moved to where Raimundo’s brothers were still fast asleep. After several more moments, the shadow left the room and into the yard through the living room, However, it would do so without opening any of the doors, as if it simply went straight through the walls.

Then came perhaps the most terrifying part of all. As the two family members sat listening to the events outside of their home the sound of footsteps rang out. Then, a voice said, “this seems to be Rivalino”. Whether through panic or bravado, Rivilano would then call out “Who’s there?”

After receiving no response, he would get up from the bed and would call out again. Once again, however, no response was forthcoming. Rivalino would return to bed. Shortly after each of them would hear the exchange outside claiming they were going to kill the father.

The pair remained awake all night, literally praying that whoever was outside wouldn’t enter their home and make good on their promise. By the break of daylight, no intruders had entered the property and Raimundo and his father were both very much alive.

Two days later, though, another much more harrowing encounter would unfold.

Strange Spheres, Dust Clouds, And A Bizarre Disappearance

At a little after 6 am on the morning of 21st August, Raimundo would awaken and head straight out to the fields near their home in order to prepare the horse for the days work. However, as he approached the field he noticed “two balls lying there” in front of him. He would describe one of these strange objects as “black with a sort of spike” while the other had the same spike (or antenna) but was a mixture of black and white in color.

Strange flashes would come from an opening in the respective spheres and an uncomfortable and persistent sound was also in the air. It was then that the young Raimundo would call out to his father. He would immediately emerge from the house and approach the field where his son stood. He would stop several feet from the objects, warning Raimundo to maintain his distance also.

As the two of them looked on, the two balls then came together and literally merged to form one solid object. In doing so they would send “lots of smoke and dust” into the air making visibility next to zero.

A picture claiming to show a cigar shaped UFO

Does this picture show a genuine UFO?

What little Raimundo could make out, was the strange object “creeping” toward his father. As it did so, the swirling dust enveloped him making it impossible for the young boy to locate him. He would call out but got no response. A strange noise and odor suddenly filled the air, seemingly confusing the young boy even more. Then, when the dust cleared, Raimundo realized he was completely alone. The strange object was no longer there. However, neither was his father.

What’s more, not only was there no sign of his father, but there was no sign of the strange objects’ presence or subsequent activities. Needless to say, despite there being many offered explanations as to what might have happened that evening, Raimundo’s father’s disappearance remains unexplained.

The Canadian Humanoid Wave, 1968

Just over half a decade following the very active UFO wave that took hold of Brazil during August and September 1962, did a wave of incidents hit the residents of Canada in 1968. [4] And what’s more, the encounters would be a precursor of sorts to the worldwide humanoid wave of 1973, with many of the incidents featuring the apparent occupants of these strange and otherworldly crafts.

And what’s more, as we shall examine shortly, Spain (and to a lesser extent the United Kingdom and Australia) experienced a very similar wave at the same time. According to researchers into such matters, most outside of Canada have largely ignored the wave of 1968. Why might this be? Might this be an intentional effort by invisible influencers to contain the accounts within the Canadian consciousness only? What is also interesting, and the subject of a future case study article is that many of these UFO humanoid encounters bore uncannily similar details to the surge of “Bigfoot” sightings that would surface over the subsequent decades.

Many of the following encounters are based on the translations of humanoid incidents by Albert Rosales.

The Carrot River Incident

One of the first incidents of the Canadian wave occurred in Saskatchewan on 10th January. On the night in question, the two witnesses to the incident were parked near to the Carrot River when a strange light became visible through the windows of the vehicle. As it moved it appeared to flash a bright blue color.

The light would disappear and reappear several times, each time in a different location in the vastness of the night sky. After watching the display for around 10 minutes they noticed the object beginning to change colors. As they were watching this bizarre display of colors, they began to hear strange noises in the woodland followed by a strange “thumping” sound.

As all of this was happening, the witnesses would notice several “objects” pass by their line of sight ahead of them. Although they weren’t sure what the objects might have been, they each had the distinct feeling that they were “some kind of animal”. By this time, it was after 1 am and the couple decided to return to the main town.

A depiction of a UFO in a dark, cloudy sky

As well as UFOs, some waves feature repeated encounters with humanoid entities

As they did so, the lights would follow them, moving erratically as they did so. They would eventually park in front of one of their homes, the glowing lights still very visible above them. They would watch the strange light for several more minutes.

Then, the bizarre glow would straight towards them, disappearing briefly for a second or two before reappearing once more. At the same time, a strange formation of ice appeared on the car. Within the ice was the clear outline of a face. Unnerving the pair, they would leave the vehicle and go inside the property. When one of the witnesses would drive home from the property, the light would follow them once more.

The Keats Island Men In Black Encounter

Another strange set of circumstances would unfold on the afternoon and evening of 29th January at Keats Island in the British Columbia region. An isolated cabin inhabited by a woman who lived in there alone would be the location for a chilling encounter with what many researchers would claim to be an incident with the Men In Black.

The woman had been witness to several displays of strange lights overhead over a period of several days. What’s more, several equally strange objects were perfectly visible at a much closer range navigating over the nearby lake (remember the key location of water near to UFO sightings).

Even stranger, though, was the sudden appearance of “two men in neat, dark coveralls” who would state rather unconvincingly that they were “from the water company”. The woman would claim that the two men were perpetually nervous and after a rather awkward but civil exchange, would disappear rather suddenly.

A depiction of an ascending UFO

Some UFO encounters are followed by incidents with the Men In Black

There is no detail as to what the two men discussed with the woman, but the account is an intriguing one. Were the mysterious visitors indeed, for all intents and purposes part of the Men In Black? Or were they extraterrestrials, somehow disguised as human beings?

Incidentally, several months later on the morning of 2nd May, the mysterious visitors would return. This time while the woman was by the lakeside collecting wood. There are no details as to what was spoken about.

The Bengough Farm Encounter

Another encounter would unfold in Saskatchewan, this time in the Bengough region, at around noon on the 19th of February. That day, Martha Higgs was at home in her kitchen when she noticed a sudden “high-pitched whine”. So piercing was this noise that caused a sensation that was “similar to a mild electric shock”. At around the same time, out of the kitchen window, she could see a strange object circling around one of the poles along the roadside.

She would describe the object as “shaped like two saucers edge to edge” with a dome on the top contained “6 to 7 ports” and with a rounded finish. Furthermore, this dome was “indented” and so had the appearance of “frosted glass”.

The object would move about the farmyard for around 20 minutes, usually hovering around 20 feet above the ground, on average, but coming as low as only three feet. As it moved around the farm, the cattle became extremely disturbed. So much so, they would bolt toward the open cattle sheds where they would remain until long after the object had disappeared.

a depiction of a saucer shaped UFO over woodland at sunset

Just what was witnessed at Bengough Farm?

After this time, and without warning, the object would move off toward the north at great speed. As well as the cattle, the farm’s dog was also clearly unnerved by the experience. It was found at the door of the property “pawing” at its face and clearly wanting to get inside (something it didn’t usually do).

Humanoid Encounter In Quebec

An incident in early April in the Chicoutimi region of Quebec is also of particular intrigue. At a little after 8 pm, Mrs. Tremblay had just left her home on her way to a nearby restaurant. As she made her way down the road, she would drop her bag accidentally. It was as she was retrieving it from the floor that she would look up and notice a “hovering UFO” overhead. What’s more, a strange beam of light appeared to be scanning the area below.

The light would move toward her which would cause her to instinctively close her eyes. When she opened them again, the craft and the light beam were gone. A little unnerved by the encounter she would immediately return home. However, before she could enter the property she noticed something “white and human-like” in the darkness of the shadows.

As she stared into the darkness, she could make out the basic outline of something humanoid but around the size of a small child. Although she couldn’t make out any details of the creature’s face, she could clearly see that it had two bright blue eyes. It wore a one-piece white overall and was seemingly looking directly back at her.

Then, in an instant, it vanished right before her eyes.

Increasing Encounters Throughout The Summer

As intriguing and mysterious as the encounters above were, as summer began to unfold throughout Canada, so did the volume of encounters being reported.

For example, although the exact date is unknown, an incident from Sarnia in Ontario is of particular interest. The witness, a 10-year-old child, was switching off the outside lights at the request of their parents at the back door. As they were doing so, however, they would happen to glance out of the window. There in front of them against the backdrop of the early evening environment was a “glowing white humanoid”.

As the witness continued to watch this bizarre creature, it would stand up revealing itself to be at least 6 feet in height. It was at this point when the young girl ran from the window, screaming loudly for her parents as to what she had seen. Perhaps understandably, they were quite dismissive of her claims. Her father, however, did venture outside with a flashlight but would find nothing to support his daughter’s claims.

A depiction of four UFOs hovering in an evening sky

May sightings of UFO had multiple corroborating witnesses

At around the same time, this time in Quebec, “Mrs. BL” and Mrs. AB” were returning home at around 9:30 pm after an afternoon shopping. The full moon provided an extra glow to that of the streetlamps as they made their way passed a vacant lot. Suddenly, though, that glow was eclipsed without warning. By the time the women had adjusted several seconds later, the moon’s glow returned. Now though, as each of them looked up, they could see “two figures floating several feet above the ground”. And what’s more, these figures were descending in their direction.

Each of the strange figures’ faces was “expressionless” and clinging to their bodies was a tight-fitting one-piece suit. Before the figures reached the ground, the witnesses turned and ran.

“Taken! Right From Inside The House!”

Such incidents would continue as the summer unfolded. In June, for example, a farmer in Barhead in Yukon would report “an object like an inverted dish” which would emit flames of varying colors. Even more bizarre, in a separate top department “two figures” stood and appeared to be manipulating something that was controlling the craft.

As this mysterious object neared the witness, they could clearly see that the occupants were aware of his presence. Their response was to increase their pace and vacate the area immediately.

A witness sketch of one of the UFO occupants

A witness sketch of one of the UFO occupants

Several weeks later in Ontario, another encounter would unfold. This one altogether more chilling and disturbing. On the night in question, the anonymous female witness was preparing food for her dogs in her kitchen as she usually did each night. Then, without warning or how it happened, she would find herself standing outside her home. What’s more, she was completely paralyzed. A strange disc was descending toward her. She would later state in her report that:

I was just taken. Immediately. Right from inside the house!

Now, as she stood helplessly outside her home, three strange creatures emerged from the now landed craft. Upon reaching her, they dragged her toward the waiting ship (remember a similar account witnessed by the plantation workers during the wave of 1962 in Brazil).

The woman was taken through several rooms, each of which she would recall as a “pie-shaped wedge” shape, before finally stopping in a “medical center”. The next thing she knew, she was laying on a “levitating bed”. A voice informed her she would undergo “brain surgery” before a hand was waved over her face which calmed her instantly. The next thing she knew, she was back inside her home. Intriguingly, she would also claim this was only the first of several similar encounters.

The Late-Night Encounter Of Joan Howard

One night in July 1968 in the Burnaby region of British Columbia, Joan Howard was laying in bed drifting off to sleep. However, before she did so, she would claim to hear two strange voices, in German, speaking about her. It is Howard’s belief, that these two voices were those of her “spirit guides” – each of which was once German and was “killed in World War Two”. Whatever the truth of the matter might be, what was about to follow was one of the most intriguing encounters on record.

When she awoke, she was no longer in her bedroom but somewhere “a cross between The Moon and Mars”. All around her were people in clothing that resembled “space suits” while in the background were several tall, futuristic buildings. One of the strange humanoids would approach her and, although speaking quickly, would begin asking questions of her, which she would understand. It was while this exchange between them was taking place that she also noticed physical experiments and procedures taking place on her body.

A picture claiming to show a real UFO hovering just above the ground

Does this picture show a real UFO?

It would appear to her that she was almost “looking down” on her body as if she was undergoing some kind of strange out-of-body experience. As this realization came to her, she would feel herself reenter her body once more, if only temporarily.

Her mind would also fill with visions of “flying saucers” as well as other mountains of information regarding space and the universe.

Perhaps even stranger than the incident itself was the claim that she would receive new visions and information each night for several weeks following the encounter. She would ultimately state that these entities were “instructors” of the universe.

Shadowy Men And Small Green Men

On the evening of 2nd July, three very similar incidents would unfold – two of them in the same location. The first, in Ontario, while scarce in detail, states that several local residents witnessed a “bright object” land in a field before “several shadowy beings” emerged from it and entered several of the homes in the vicinity.

At around the same time, at a little after 9 pm in Quebec, a female witness would report seeing a green, hat-shaped object pass by her home. More interestingly, inside the strange craft, she would claim to have seen “20 small men, all of green color”. Whether the object landed or simply continued on into the distance is not known.

An image of a shadowy figure

Just who might be behind these strange encounters?

Several moments later, at around 9:30 pm, also in Quebec, Constable Michaud, along with another unnamed police officer, would witness “two naked little men” running through the drainage system of the area. What’s more, several members of the public also witness the officers giving chase to the two small beings – around two to three feet high – and even more intriguing, several would state that they simply disappeared just before they were caught.

Other details of the strange entities would describe them as small but with the features of an adult and with “disproportionally large heads”. The incident remains unexplained.

Furthermore, the incidents were only the first of several to hit the Quebec region during the summer and fall months of 1968.

A Particular Focus On Quebec

On the evening of 22nd July, the first of several more UFO encounters would unfold throughout the Quebec region. In the St. Bruno region, for example, six young girls would claim to see a strange figure appear in front of them like an apparition. Two of the girls would state that they even heard a voice in their heads from the figure that they described as “soft and slow”.

On the same night in St. Basile, a young boy would report seeing a strange man who “seemed to be walking in the sky”.

Four days later, on the afternoon of 26th July at around 3 pm, two young boys were near the local airport hangar when they claimed to see a “three-foot grey-skinned humanoid”. When the creature noticed they were looking at it, it ran toward another similar looking entity. They both then ran into the distance. The boys would notice how the creatures appeared “stiff” as it moved.

An image showing two UFOs hovering in the sky at sunset

Are there more UFO sightings in the Quebec region that other location?

Only two days later, this time at around 9 pm in the St. Stanislas De Kostka region, five young adults would witness “two circular objects with brilliant red halos”. As they watched the strange crafts, one of them appeared to descend and land. Intrigued, and armed with a flashlight, the group went out to investigate.

When they arrived at the destination, they would witness a strange humanoid creature, around four feet tall and with a large head and no apparent neck. The group would turn and run from the strange creature. They would take refuge in the house they were staying in. A short time later, the creature came up to the window, knocking on it several times before backing away and disappearing into the night. A short time later, the object would rise into the air once again.

A Strange Creature On The Way Home From The Fair!

Another bizarre incident would occur yet again in Quebec in the early hours of 4th August 1968. It was around 5 am when three friends, Guy Gagne, Jean-Guy Girouard, and Carol Marquiseach, each in their early 20s were returning after having spent the night an all-night fair. As they did, however, they would witness a “strange creature” that appeared to be injured and having difficulty walking. The three would note how it “used it hands to balance itself like a monkey”.

However, when the creature did stand, it was obviously not an escaped or sick monkey. It would stand at around 3 feet tall and had a head that was far different, and much larger than they might expect if the creature were a monkey.

Am image of a disc-shaped UFO

Are some of the many strange creatures witnessed actually alien visitors?

As the three friends looked on, the creature reached and steadied itself on a lamppost. Then, without warning, it would leap high into the air and disappear. A few moments later, it would appear again on the other side of the road. Of the group’s calculations were correct, this meant the creature had performed the unbelievable jump of over 30 feet from a standing position. Perhaps we should remind ourselves of some of the sightings of Spring Heeled Jack from the late-1800s in the United Kingdom, who some witnesses would claim performed similar feats.

The creature, whatever it was, remains unknown. In the days leading up to the strange incident, though, several reports are on record of a strange glowing craft in the nearby area. While it isn’t automatic that there is a connection between the two events. However, it would be a relatively safe bet.

The Spanish UFO (Reptilian) Humanoid Wave, 1968

Canada wasn’t the only country to undergo a wave of humanoid sightings. One of those that experienced some of the most intriguing took place in Spain. Perhaps not least as there was a distinct reptilian feel to the encounters that would unfold there. [5]

Arguably the most exciting and mysterious encounter would unfold on 31st August when three adventure seekers would find more than could have bargained for. On the afternoon in question at around 4 pm in the La Yesa mountain range near Valencia the trio would stop to eat and rest before continuing on.

It was as they were doing this that they all noticed a bizarre “flash” in the sky overhead. Perhaps a notch to the credibility here is that the three people had no interest in UFOs. And that certainly was not the reason they were here. So much so, that despite all noticing the strange flash, they would continue preparing their food not giving a second thought to it.

Artist's impression of a reptilian alien

Many people claim to have witnessed reptilian creatures

That was until several minutes later when one of the group, Mateo Chover, would walk to the edge of where they were resting in order to relieve himself. As he did so, he noticed a grey-skinned, muscular, humanoid entity. Furthermore, the head or face was distinctly reptilian and sported a pair of bright red eyes. Even more ominous looking were the claws where the hands would normally be. A transparent helmet with a white visor rested in one of the claws.

Over its bulging body was a white overall and the creature also had on a pair of white boots, while a “metallic box” was hoisted upon his back. The creature was stood as if waiting for someone or something. Sure the creature hadn’t seen him, he remained where he was.

Fears Of Reptilian Invasion!

By this point, his friends had noticed his prolonged absence and so looked to see what he was doing. He would motion for them to quietly come and see what he was viewing. They would do so, and for several minutes would watch in awe and shock at the reptilian creature.

Then, turning a bizarre situation even stranger, a “black, metallic, cylindrical object” appeared at a height of around 20 feet. Despite the obvious machine-like nature of the object, it didn’t make a single sound.

While they had been intrigued up until this point, now that intrigue turned to terror. They immediately threw themselves down onto the floor. Thoughts of alien invasions ran through their minds. They remained where they were, contemplating how to back away unseen from their vantage point. Then, a loud metallic sound rang out followed by another flash of light overhead.

They would remain where they were for several more moments before finally raising their heads to check whether the reptilian creature was still there. Much to their collective relief, it wasn’t.

It was then that they began to investigate the surrounding area.

This Is Normal! Many People Have Seen Them!

When they did reach the tree where the reptilian creature had been stood only several minutes earlier they could clearly see damage to the tree where the black disc had hovered. There was also a very strong and distinct smell of sulfur. Even more amazing to the group was the large footprints that were still very visible on the ground. They would estimate that the footprints would be the equivalent to whopping size 16 (50) shoe.

From their compared observations they would estimate the entity to be well over 7 feet tall and predicted it must have weighed well in excess of 20 to 25 stone. They would further investigate the surrounding area, even finding a cave that they suggested to themselves might be an entrance of sorts for the strange creature. However, they would ultimately discount this notion as they would discover no way to approach the entrance due to thick overbrush.

A superimposed UFO over a desert

More people witness UFOs than many of us might think?

While this is pure speculation on our part, might it be that such overgrown vegetation makes the perfect cover for such a discreet entrance? Especially when many of the legends and whistleblowers on such matters claim that the cave systems around the United States and indeed the world are of great importance to such creatures.

Perhaps of most intrigue, though, is the comment made to them by one of the police officers they would stop and report the incident to as they made their way back to the city from the rural region. At first, the officer was disinterested, but he let them speak. Then, he would state that it was “normal” for this part of the country. Furthermore, “many other people had seen them”.

The Bizarre Encounter Of Pedro Galvez

Another interesting encounter to take place during the Spanish UFO wave of the summer of 1968 occurred only three days prior to the above reptilian incident. On the evening of 28th August at around 7:30 pm, Pedro Galvez, a retired police officer was walking through the fields near his home when a sudden and strange bright light filled his vision.

The strange object would continue to descend. The witness would recall that it appeared similar to a “tire-shape” with an equally strange beam shining upwards from the middle of it. The object continued to move over the field in a swaying motion before the beam of light from it hit Galvez in the face, temporarily blinding him.

An artist's impression of triangular lights in the sky

An artist’s impression of triangular lights in the sky

As the retired police officer regain his sight, he could see the object was beginning to steady itself as it began its ultimate descent to the ground. As the witness looked on in amazement, he could see that a light appeared to be shining out through windows from inside the craft. Three small objects would hit the ground, apparently ejected from the craft, but these were seemingly retrieved and taken back on board shortly after the very brief landing.

The object would rise into the air and disappear into the distance in a matter of seconds. There were several other witnesses who saw parts of the descent from different locations around the area. However, only the retired police officer would see the encounter in its entirety.

The South African UFO Wave, 1972

Perhaps not one of the first places to come to mind when discussing UFOs, South Africa has more than its fair share of such encounters to boast about. And during 1972, it would experience arguably its busiest year in terms of UFO reports right through the year. Before we examine some of those, however, we will turn our attention to an incident that occurred on the 26th June at Fort Beaufort [6] in Cape Province.

Farmer, Bernardus Smith was working in one of his fields checking on the irrigation system when he noticed one of his workers rushing toward him. The work informed him he had seen what appeared to be rising smoke from nearby. When he walked over to the location, he was confronted with the sight of a “shiny object with a star on top” suddenly shooting upward out of the trees. It then stopped at a short distance and hovered overhead.

When the farmer went to look for himself, he could indeed see the hovering craft. It glowed different colors, from red, to green, and then to yellow. He would rush back to the main property to telephone and inform the police of the bizarre craft.

Incidentally, the farmer would return to the location and begin firing at the craft. As would the police when they arrived. It would, however, simply retreat from the area without any response or incident.

Increasing Sightings Of Unearthly Craft

The sightings across South Africa, however, had been happening since the start of the year. And had seemingly increased as the months had gone on. On the evening of 12th February, for example, at around 7 pm in Durban, a disc-shaped object was observed hovering over the town. The following evening at around 8:30 pm in the Forest Hills district, witnesses would report a strange formation of egg-shaped objects which moved over the land with great speed. On the same evening in Inanda, at almost the exact same time, multiple witnesses would see “ovoid-shaped” objects appear, disappear, and then reappear again several times in a 15 minute period before disappearing into the distance.

A picture claiming to show a UFO

Is this a genuine picture of a UFO?

Another incident would occur on the evening of 1st April in the East London district of the country when several “unusual objects” were witnessed by multiple people performing maneuvers, unlike any conventional aircraft. A similar sighting occurred on 18th May when a strange object was witnessed making unusual moves and turns in the skies overhead. An almost identical incident is on record over Vryburg Molopo Road at around 10 pm on the evening of 5th June.

During the evening of 1st July just before 8 pm, a bright light would approach an aircraft as it made its way over Durban. After staying alongside for several moments, the strange light would then shoot off into the distance and disappear. On the same evening over Johannesburg, around an hour later, a similar light passed a Boeing 727 as it began its descent to land. Much like the Durban incident, the light would then turn away and shoot into the distance. On the same evening in Constantia, a strange bright star-like object was observed hovering overhead.

A Real Grip Of UFO Incidents Takes Hold

The following evening on the 2nd July more multiple sightings would follow. At around 7 pm over Port Elizabeth, for example, several different shaped objects were observed by residents of the city. A quarter of an hour later at Braeside, several witnesses would observe a disc-like object making impossible turns overhead. The following evening, the object would return again at almost the exact same time and put on a similar display.

When a similar object to the one in Braeside was observed in nearby Sandringham a short time later, it was accompanied by significant electromagnetic effects. The following evening saw similar sightings over Fort Beaufort and Queenstown.

A picture claiming to show a real UFO

Is this a genuine UFO captured on film?

Perhaps one of the most intriguing incidents occurred in King William’S town in the early hours of the 5th July when a “sailor cap-shaped” object descended in a field before taking off again and being pursued by a car for several miles. In its wake, a grass fire had taken hold requiring significant effort to put out. Multiple witnesses would observe a strange object later that day over Kimberly, Orange River Station, Kraankuil Station, and Vryburg.

The sightings would continue on a nightly basis all over South Africa throughout July. Often with varied shaped crafts with different colored glows. And often with multiple witnesses present. That something strange was keeping a presence over the skies of the country during 1972, is surely without a doubt. Although they began to die down in regularity and intensity, the sightings and strange UFO encounters continued as the months went on.

The Slow Down

One particularly intriguing incident occurred on the evening of 16th August in Roosboom when a bizarre “creature with a square head” and flames around his feet was witnessed taking off from the ground and speeding through the air. Just short of a week later in the same location came another sighting of a strange humanoid. This one was around 11 feet tall and wore a white suit and was surrounded by some kind of fog or smoke. As witnessed watched the strange entity, it would shoot directly upward into the sky.

In mid-November, several strange UFO sightings were reported over Rosmead when multiple witnesses would report two strange objects flying overhead at around 9 pm in the evening. A similar sighting took place the following day, this time in daylight, over Rosmead School.

Impression of a UFO hovering in a misty sky

Impression of a UFO hovering in a misty sky

Five days after the Rosmead incidents on the evening of 17th November in Middelburg, Gert Pretorius and his wife were driving just outside of the city when they witnessed a glowing, round object appear in the sky overhead and begin to descend in front of them. It would eventually hover a short distance from the ground forcing the married couple to stop their car.

They would witness two strange men, each around 2 to 3 feet tall and a glowing red color, emerge from the craft and look around. On their backs was something similar to backpacks and each carried what appeared to be a flashlight. As the two witnesses watched, a bright light lit up the area as though it was the middle of the day, perhaps allowing the occupants to see their surroundings. Then the light went out. The couple did not see the two humanoids reenter the craft, but it was now ascending once again and vanished into the night sky.

The Mexican UFO Wave, 1991

Although there were UFO sightings across Mexico throughout the summer of 1991, we will examine one particular incident here that is quite possibly one of the most credible and most intriguing encounters on record.

On the 11th July 1991, residents of Mexico City gathered on the streets to view and celebrate the eclipse. And indeed, when the thousands of people witnessed the streets of Mexico’s capital suddenly submit to total darkness in the middle of the day, it would prove to be an event to remember. Although not for the reasons that many would have thought.

A depiction of a UFO shining a bright light into a field

A wave of UFO sightings occurred in Mexico in 1991

As the incident was taking place, a television executive, Guillermo Arragin was on a rooftop videoing the incident. It was as he was doing so that he noticed something unusual. He would notify one of the station’s most respected television journalists of the object. Both men were taken aback at the apparent spinning disc observing events from above the city.

The station would put together an hour documentary just over a week later. The response from the Mexican public was overwhelming, with the network claiming they received over 40,000 calls from residents who claimed to have witnessed the same thing. On top of that, they would receive at least 15 more videos of the same object shot from different angles around the city.

What’s more, an almost identical object appeared around two months later, again in full view of the residents of Mexico City. Once more, several photographs were captured of the aerial anomaly.

While the sightings over Mexico City were indeed intriguing, perhaps the last lesser-known UFO wave we will examine is also one of the most interesting.

The Israel UFO Wave, 1993

In the early 1990s, and most specifically in 1993, a UFO wave would begin to unfold over Israel, with several incidents capturing the publics’ imagination, as well as generating ample concern as to what these strange crafts might be.

One of the strangest incidents would occur in Kadima at around 3 am on the 30th March and comes to us from the translations of Albert Rosales. On that particular night, Aviva Carmel would awaken with a sudden urge to go outside. She would do so and once there could see a huge “silver metallic craft” hovering overhead. It would soon land nearby, with Carmel watching each part of the landing. It is interesting to note that the witness would awake with a sudden unexplained urge to go outside or to a certain location. This is something that comes up in other close encounters.

An image showing three glowing UFOs in a rich blue sky

Israel would experience of wave of UFO sightings during 1993

After satisfying herself that it was safe to do so, Carmel would approach the strange craft. However, before she reached it, a strange 7 feet tall humanoid was visible in front of it. He wore a foil like garment that appeared to hug his skin tightly and had on a helmet with a dark visor that covered the face. She would remain hidden and eventually would creep away from the scene. The following day, however, she would return to the location to find definite markings on the ground. Furthermore, within the confines of the markings, it appeared that all the plants and vegetation had died.

The Danny Rotem Case – “A Mission” You Will “Know In Time!”

Another strange incident also occurred in the early hours also in Kadima, this time on 13th May. And once more, much like the incident involving Aviva Carmel, the witness, in this case, Danny Rotem, would awaken from a restless night with an unexplained urge to enter his car and drive. Anywhere. It was as he was driving on a road that ran alongside a forest that he noticed an egg-shaped craft on the ground slightly ahead of him.

Again, without fully understanding his behavior, he would leave the car and prepared to walk toward the craft. Before he could do so, however, a small creature – only 2 or 3 feet in height – would appear in front of him. As it did, a voice appeared in his head claiming that “we were waiting for you”. Danny began to follow the creature toward the landed craft. He noticed that the creature floated.

The next thing Danny realized, and with no memory of having done so, he was inside the craft. The room he was in was seemingly much larger inside than the outside of the craft would suggest. This is a seemingly small and discreet detail that comes up repeatedly in such close contact encounters. Much like the detail that an enormous pillar-like object seemingly ran down the middle of the craft, most likely to lower and higher floors.

Danny would manage to count 13 creatures in the room, two of whom would lead him to a strange side-chamber. He was then spoken to telepathically once more, with the voice telling him he was “on a mission” and that he would “know what it is in time”. Then, following one of the creatures making a small cut on his wrist, he would suddenly find himself in his car.

The Bizarre Experience Of Hannah Somech

A similar incident with apparent humanoid occupants occurred in the early hours of 30th May in Bourgata. And what’s more, the incident was remarkably similar, although much more violent than the sighting in Kadima in March. The witness in question, Hannah Somech would awaken suddenly at 3 am to the sound of her dog barking outside.

She would go downstairs and to the kitchen window which overlooked the garden where the dog was. To her horror, as she looked through the glass, she could see the dog “fly through the air” and slam against a wall outside. Despite the fear running through her at this unknown, beast-like attacker outside, she ran straight to the door and flung it open. However, when she attempted to run outside, she was stopped as if there was an “invisible wall” in the way.

As she looked around a tall humanoid with bright orange coveralls on – at least around 8 feet tall she would later estimate – stepped in front of her, although on the other side of the invisible divide. In her mind, her first thought was that this strange man was a robber. Almost immediately, a strange voice entered her mind with the almost resentful question “you think I am a thief?”

Then, an already truly bizarre incident would take another bizarre twist and turn even stranger.

Evidence Of Reptilian Creatures?

Almost forgetting about her fear for a moment, Hannah screamed out at the gigantic humanoid, asking what he had done with her dog. The answer was ominous and grim if nothing else. He would reply, once more into her mind, that her dog had disturbed him, as “she was doing now”. He would then add that he could “crush her but didn’t want to”.

It was then that Hannah ran back to the bedroom to wake her husband. By the time they returned, however, the gigantic man was no longer there. They did, however, find footprints equivalent to a size 16 in the garden, very similar we might recall to the three adventure seekers in Spain we might recall.

Might this strange 8-foot-tall humanoid actually have been a reptilian creature? We have examined before how, if we subscribe to the theories and claims for a moment, that reptilians can alter how they are perceived by others. Or might such a detail be coincidence? The encounter, almost half a century later remains unexplained.

Another incident occurred in mid-May in Rishon Le Zion when a witness would report seeing an 8 foot tall humanoid wearing “silver coveralls” suddenly appearing in their bedroom before floating out of the apartment – through the walls as if it were a ghost – and to a hovering mushroom-shaped disc-shaped craft. Once it arrived there, “a hatch” opened and two strange beings were visible.

One thing that is certain as far as the UFO wave of 1993 in Israel. And that is there was a heavy leaning toward humanoid entities. Quite possibly, as speculative as it is, reptilian humanoid entities. Of course, one of the most famous UFO videos occurred over Temple Mount in Israel several years later. You can see that footage below.

What Are UFO Waves? And Will Another Worldwide Wave Strike Again?

When we ask that question, we are not asking literally what they are. That should be perfectly obvious to all of us. But more specifically, why do they happen? What is the point of them? What is the intelligence behind them hoping to achieve?

We have asked in each of our case study articles looking at the UFO waves that have captivated the respective populations of each contemporary era what details, if any, stand out. And while such observations hardly constitute a breakthrough of sorts, there are certain details that stand out. For example, aside from a handful of humanoid encounters in the 1950s, most of the early UFO waves would consist mainly of sightings of the strange crafts, whether from afar or in much closer proximity.

As the decades moved on, more and more closer contact encounters would unfold, until ultimately in 1973, there was a wave of humanoid encounters, although as opposed to the 1968 waves that were limited mostly to such countries as Canada and Spain, the 1973 wave occurred across the entire planet.

Might is also be of importance to consider, that while we have seen “localized” UFO waves confined to certain countries and regions, that such a worldwide UFO wave has not occurred on such a huge scale in almost half a century. Although, at the same time, such claims as alien abductions have skyrocketed.

Might this suggest, if we accept that the same intelligence is behind at least some of the sightings and encounters in each of the respective UFO waves, that whatever foundations were being set were well and truly in place by the mid-1970s? Or can we expect another UFO wave anytime soon?

Check out the video below.


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