The Black Triangle UFO Sightings Of Washington State

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Many in the UFO community are familiar with Black Triangle UFOs. Even those outside of UFO circles will likely remember the wave of such sightings that spread across Belgium in early 1993. And many, with good reason, believe these very specific aerial vehicles to be of at least partial human design. Debate still rages on whether such technology behind these crafts is based on that recovered from a plethora of alleged crashes of extraterrestrial vehicles.

Whether human or extraterrestrial in origin, the black triangle sightings have quietly been taking place in the upper northwest regions of the state of Washington for the last thirty years. And while sightings of these black triangular vehicles take place all over the world, such a concentration of them in one (by comparison) small area of air space is certainly interesting.

Depiction of Black triangle UFOs over an American city

Depiction of Black triangle UFOs over an American city

For example, might this suggest the upper northwest of the Evergreen State is being utilized as a secret “testing ground” for these advanced crafts of terrestrial origin? Or, if we say that these crafts are indeed from elsewhere in the cosmos, why such a concentration of this particular type of craft in this part of the world? As we will examine shortly, several sightings in the same region of the world may indeed suggest something of interest is taking place there.

As is often the case, the subject is one that could and does fill entire books. Needless to say, to examine every single sighting in a single article would be inappropriate and, for the reader, rather mundane. We will, though, attempt to provide a snapshot into one of the most intriguing aspects of the UFO community, in one of the most, in UFO terms, alluring areas of the United States.

Below is just one example of such a sighting.

UFO “Corridors” And Clusters Of Hot-Spots Around The United States?

We should be clear that sightings of black triangle UFOs are seen all over the United States and around the world. And while we may indeed look at some of those sightings in future articles, either individually or as a collective, there is good reason to concentrate, for now, on the state of Washington and the west coast of the United States.

Perhaps not least because between them, Washington, Oregon, and California consistently ranks among the highest for UFO sightings in America. Add to this that Canada’s British Columbia and Yukon regions sit atop Washington, both of which also rank highly in UFO sightings and are in turn next to another UFO hotspot in Alaska.

Furthermore, if we might step fully into speculative territory for a moment, we might want to look at the states that reside to the east of the west coast territories. Bordering California, for example, are Nevada and Arizona. To the latter’s eastern border sites New Mexico, which has Colorado to its north and Texas to its east. All of these states have an abundance of UFO sightings and provide a perfect “corridor” for surveillance of UFO activity and/or testing of such aircraft. And the state of Washington provides the perfect coastal entrance to it.

Depiction of Black triangle UFOs over an American city

Depiction of Black triangle UFOs over an American city

Incidentally, similar clusters of hotspot areas appear to revolve around the upper mid-west around Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan – which interestingly or not sit opposite another UFO hot-spot in Ontario, Canada –  and along the east coast and, in particular, upper northeast regions of the United States around New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Ohio.

However, it would appear the “western corridor” of these UFO hotspots provides access not only to Mexico and South America, but also to the eastern areas of the United States and, in turn, the upper-Midwest.

Washington – The Evergreen State In More Ways Than One?

We will be concentrating for the most part on sightings from the 1990s and into the 2000s for the purposes of our article here, in part, as it perhaps ties up with the Belgian UFO wave of the early-1990s, which we will come back to later, and because these more contemporary sightings are most definitely richer in detail. There are, however, several sightings [1] that go back as far as the early-1960s (which is in sympathy with many of the other states mentioned above).

Furthermore, while there are more sightings of triangular UFOs in California, for example, the overall percentage of such crafts reported, at least according to some figures in the region, is greater in the state of Washington, with around a quarter of UFO sightings in the Evergreen state being of triangular craft versus approximately a tenth in California.

Below is another recent UFO sighting over Washington state – this one from 2008.

Black Triangle Sightings Over Washington State In The 1970s

Perhaps one of the first “Black Triangle” UFO sightings as we perceive them today – black with three lights on the underside and moving silently – occurred in the summer of 1971. In the early hours of the 7th July, around 4 am, a 17-year-old resident in Kelso witnesses a “very large black triangle” moving slowly above him.

What’s more, despite the altitude being no more than 150 feet, there was little to no sound from the mammoth craft. The craft was “jet black” and within seconds had covered all the sky that the witness could see above him. What is perhaps interesting about this report, and others, is how similar, in terms of the slow movement versus the huge size of the craft and the lack of noise, to many of the descriptions of the Phoenix Lights in 1997 in Arizona.

Depiction of a black triangle UFO shining a light on a truck

Depiction of a black triangle UFO shining a light on a truck

Another sighting occurred six months later on New Year’s Day 1972 in Seattle. A newspaper delivery boy would claim to hear a woman suddenly scream causing him to spin around and seek out the noise. As he did so, he witnessed a huge “triangular ship” in the daytime sky.

On the 9th September 1974, a sighting reported years later by her grandchildren, was witnessed by a Kelso resident. The strange, triangular object hovered around 150 feet from the ground and was silent despite its huge size. Its exterior was a “dark, non-shiny metal” and on its underside were three lights – one in each corner.

A similar object was witnessed at around 11 pm on the 8th August 1976 at Mountlake Terrace. The witness, who was looking for meteors with his binoculars, would notice a glowing triangular object “not moving very fast”. Furthermore, its altitude was so low he could see it was not a conventional aircraft.

1980s Brings More Encounters

Sightings of these specifically black, silently moving triangular crafts continued as the 1980s took over from the seventies. For example, on the 5th April 1980, a witness driving near Georgetown just to the south of Seattle, witnessed a black triangular craft hovering silently over Boeing Field (now called King County International Airport).

Three years later, just after 11 pm on the 10th May 1983 in Bremerton, a local resident would spot a triangular object with three “grayish lights” on its underside “moving in perfect silence” across the sky. On the 6th January 1985, a similar sighting was reported, only the lights were “rotating like a wheel”.

Depiction of a black triangle UFO over woodland

Depiction of a black triangle UFO over woodland

On the evening of 22nd July 1987, at a little after 10 pm came yet another Black Triangle sighting. While sitting in their car on a ferry from Vashon Island to the Fauntleroy district of Seattle, the witness would describe a “triangular light formation on an aerial object”. Furthermore, in the middle of these lights was a middle “pulsing light”.

A similar sighting took place on the 10th October 1989 in Centralia when a “huge triangularly shaped object” would “blot out” a huge portion of the late evening sky. Once more, there was a light at each corner of the object and a middle light.

The Contemporary UFO Era Over The State Of Washington

As the nineties progressed, however, the sightings would become all the more detailed. And intriguing. Perhaps, in part, this is down to the Internet and developments in technology allowing almost everyone to walk around with a mobile phone in their pocket courtesy of their mobile phone? Or perhaps sightings are becoming more frequent because these “alien” objects are simply in our skies a lot more.

The 1990 Port Angeles Sighting

On an evening in September 1990 anonymous witnesses, (then) husband and wife, would report a bizarre triangular craft from the isolated home in a rural area of Port Angeles. On this particular evening, the couple was sat looking up at the stars when they noticed something moving again the black sky.

Thinking it was a plane they at first paid it little more attention. That was until they realized it was moving much too slowly to be a plane. In fact, it was moving much too slow to be anything conventional.

They would watch the craft for around twenty minutes, the time it took for it makes its way across their field of vision above. All the while they expected to hear the sound of its engines, however, no such sound was forthcoming. As it turned into the night sky, though, they could clearly see “three white lights” at the corners of the object.

An artist's impression of a black triangle UFO against a night sky

An artist’s impression of a black triangle UFO against a night sky

As it moved across the skies it would “block out the stars” making it easy for the couple to keep track of its slow journey. At one stage, as it moved over the top of the couple, they would recall how a middle light would “rotate slowly”. Interestingly, both witnesses would also state that they had the feeling as though this light was performing some sort of “methodical survey” of which they were a part of.

Finally, it would approach the Olympic Mountains where it suddenly vanished with sudden and fantastic acceleration. Both witnesses would state that the craft was unlike anything they had seen before. Furthermore, it was their firm belief that it was “most likely not of this world”.

The 1993 Boeing Field Incident

One Sunday evening in November 1993 came a sighting of a black triangular object. Only this time at much closer range. As the witness was driving close to Boeing Field near Seattle, [2] at around 9:30 pm, they noticed “three red light low in the sky”. They would move “in unison” and maintained their position ahead of the witness and to their right.

They would continue down the highway, wrestling with the idea that the strange lights might be a small plane or a helicopter. However, try as they might, they could not see the craft part of the object, only the lights. If it had been a small plane or helicopter, at such close range they felt they should have been able to tell so. The fact that the lights weren’t blinking also alerted the witness to the fact that something very different was unfolding.

A depiction of a black triangle UFO

A depiction of a black triangle UFO

As the witness approached Boeing Field it became obvious that the object – whatever it was – was about to proceed into over the facility. They brought their car to a stop and stepped out in order to get a clearer look before it vanished over the airfield. When they looked up, moving slowly overhead was a “huge black triangle”. They would continue:

…(and) not just ‘sort of’ triangular-shaped…It was just one big, three-sided, cookie-cutter-straight-edged, black, geometric shape. A triangle with one large, round unblinking red light at each of its three corners!

As the object disappeared into the distance, they became aware of a “huge, gray cloud (that was) subtly lit by the Seattle city lights”. The triangular craft appeared like a “huge, dense, black silhouette” against the backdrop of the vaguely lit clouds. Silently, as it had remained throughout, the object disappeared into the night sky.

The 2003 Juanita “Gigantic” Black Triangle Sighting

Just short of a decade later on the 16th February 2003 came another apparent sighting of a black triangular shaped craft in the immediate Seattle area, this time in the Juanita region. At around 11 pm on the night in question, the witness was driving in the Seattle area when according to their report they would notice:

…a gigantic jet-black triangle, with lights, come very slowly towards me over the trees just to the north of Juanita High School! [3]

The witness would stop their vehicle and look out momentarily. They would estimate the object was at an altitude of no more than 100 feet. Even stranger, despite its mammoth size there was no sound at all from the apparently other-worldly craft.

A depiction of a black triangle UFO

A depiction of a black triangle UFO

It continued to on over the treetops, moving at an unusually slow pace for a craft of its size. The witness would estimate that the craft covered less than 1,000 feet in the thirty seconds they stood and watched it. For a moment, it hovered silently in one place for several seconds, even turning off all the lights momentarily. It would then move out of sight in the same calm, steady manner. Like a prehistoric, aircraft, moving in sympathy with the mammoth of the mammoth beasts who plodded along the land below.

The witness’ wife would, according to his report, find one other witness report on a UFO website for the same evening and location. However, a link for the report is not available (at the time of writing). Furthermore, the witness does not wish to use their real name or e-mail address for fear of “ridicule or publicity”.

The 2003 Boeing Field Sighting

At around 10 pm on the 1st May 2003, once more near Boeing Field, a husband and wife were locking their car and preparing to enter the home when something caught their attention in the night sky. As they both focused their attention, they could see a triangular craft moving slowly across the sky in the direction of Boeing Field. At each underside point of the triangle was a dim orange light.

They would watch the black triangular object for several minutes, noting how bizarre it was that it seemingly emitted no noise whatsoever. It would eventually become lost in the distance of the night sky and the outline of it, so clear initially was gone.

The couple would later notice how their pet dog had become seemingly unnerved by the incident, even becoming “lethargic and losing his balance” at one stage in the hours following.

Incidentally, investigators from NUFORC (who the report was made to) would speak to the main witness (the wife) they would note what an “exceptionally reliable witness” she appeared to be.

The 2004 Downtown Seattle Sighting

On the evening of 20th June 2004, a report would come from a husband and his wife, who while in front of their adult daughter’s home in downtown Seattle [4] would spot an unusual triangular craft.

At around 11:15 pm, with the sky still enjoying the glow of the Summer Solstice, as the witness was speaking his wife, he noticed the black triangular object moving silently, despite its huge size, across the sky. It was only in his sight for around three seconds before it disappeared from his sight behind one of the other houses on the street. This perhaps says a lot for the low altitude of the aerial vehicle.

The witness would describe as black with light grey paneling. Furthermore, at each corner was a dim white light. Interestingly, as the witness has a keen interest and knowledge of aviation, he would claim that he instantly thought of the UFO sightings in Belgium in the early nineties. He would claim he had read a lot about the incident. And “knew what it was the second” he saw it.

UFO investigators would report the witness to be particularly credible. Both due to his demeanor and background. Furthermore, the witness was quick thinking enough to draw a detailed drawing with equally as detailed information about the sighting. You can see that drawing below.

Sketch and note of a black triangle UFO

Sketch and note of a black triangle UFO

The 2005 Kirkland “Perfect Black Triangle” Sighting

Shortly after midnight on the 13th May in Kirkland, Mr. Reboare went outside to place some recycling material into the appropriate containers. However, almost as soon as he stepped outside, he “heard or sensed something very subtle in the sky”. As he moved his line of sight to where his gut was urging him to do so, he could see a “perfect black triangle” in the skies above and to the front of him.

On two sides of the craft, there were lights “no brighter than dim stars”. Furthermore, each of these lights was “uniformly spaced and of the same color”. What perplexed the witness more than anything else was the distinct lack of noise suggestive or a propulsion method or system. And with this in mind, the fact it was still aloft in the air at the speed, or lack thereof, it was traveling at meant it was “defying the laws of gravity”.

Depiction of a black triangle UFO

Depiction of a black triangle UFO

The witness would estimate the craft was at least the size of a 747 jet. Or even around three-quarters of the size of a football field. Furthermore, how it moved through the sky, at a relatively low altitude was strange. At least to him, it gave the impression it was floating rather than flying.

The craft would eventually vanish out of sight. Further correspondence between the witness and UFO investigators left the latter feeling that Mr. Renoare was not only of sound mind but a remarkably credible witness.

Although it was only his intuition, Mr. Reboare would get the feeling that the craft, or more specifically the intelligence behind it, was not “one of us” and most likely extraterrestrial. Even stranger was the feeling that those onboard possessed a “clinical superintelligence”.

The 2007 “Lunar Eclipse” Seattle UFO Sighting

In the early hours of 28th August 2007, at around 2:45 am, a husband and wife who were stargazing and watching the lunar eclipse from their home balcony in downtown Seattle witnessed a triangular craft “gliding overhead”.

The witness, who had his camera at the ready, suddenly attempted to capture the object, quickly snapping three shots. However, due to the settings he had his camera adjusted to (in order to photograph the moon clearly) the pictures were blurred beyond recognition. You can, however, see sketches of the incident they made below and at the bottom of this section.

Sketch of a black triangle UFO

Sketch of a black triangle UFO

Both witnesses were believed to be credible and sincere in their report. They would witness the “black silhouette” of the triangular craft. With what appeared to be around “11-13” lights on the sides or underneath it.

They would stress that the position of their home meant they were used to a lot of air traffic. And all kinds of aerial vehicles of all descriptions passing over them. This, however, was most definitely something neither of them had witnessed or even seen before.

Once more, and like many other witnesses to the Black Triangle sightings, the witness on this occasion would state how his “ears were waiting for the roar” of the propulsion system. However, no noise or other disturbance came. This lack of noise gave the craft the impression of “gliding” through the air.

The couple would continue to watch the craft until it vanished out of their sight. They would claim that it “literally flew over downtown Seattle”.

Sketch of a black triangle UFO

Sketch of a black triangle UFO

2018 Seattle Sighting Proves TR-3B Is “Surveillance Aircraft” For US Military?

A recent sighting of a triangular UFO even made mainstream newspaper reports in 2018, [5] albeit in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. According to chatter from the UFO community, the black triangle sightings above Seattle in September 2018, known as TR-3B are, in fact, “US Air Force surveillance aircraft”. The TR, some claim, stands for Tactical Reconnaissance.

Might these crafts belong to the black budget department of the United States military? If that is the case, by definition there would be no public acknowledgment.

And there has been a lot of apparently leaked information in recent years regarding these triangular crafts. Information suggesting that they are indeed top-secret government crafts. However, US authorities still maintain their position that these are not secret crafts. Of theirs or, to the best of their knowledge, any other country. Friendly or otherwise.

Might such notions be another example of disinformation in motion?

You can view one of the pictures of the recently spotted triangular crafts below.

A picture of an apparent UFO

Does this picture show a black triangle UFO

The West Coast UFO Corridor?

Might it be that, aside from mere location, there is a connection between the ample UFO sightings and the states highlighted in our opening on the west coast and inner-west parts of the United States? Might there, indeed, for want of a better name, be an American West Coast UFO corridor? One that provides access to both western Canada and South America? One where the “crossroads” or access point is in the state of Washington?

Perhaps we should examine just a snippet of the wealth of sightings of such triangular crafts from some of the neighboring states. Those that make up this potential corridor of black triangle UFO activity.

Before we do so, however, short video below looks at these triangular aircraft.

Black Triangles Hovering Over Los Angeles, California, 2000

Perhaps one of the first public and widely witnessed black triangle UFO sighting of the twenty-first century occurred over the skies of Los Angeles in the summer of 2000. A young man was driving in the downtown City of Angels with his girlfriend at around 6 pm under the still bright summer’s evening sky.

When they stopped at a traffic light, the young lady noticed something strange and alerted the witness to it. After leaning forward slightly from the driver’s seat, directly overhead were “three black triangular objects”. They were in sight for around 30 seconds. They appeared otherwise motionless with no distinguishing markings or symbols, and strangest of all, they were completely silent.

Depiction of a black triangle UFO

Depiction of a black triangle UFO

The way they moved gave them a “silhouette-like appearance” as they drifted through the blue Los Angeles sky. Interestingly, and unlike the majority of the other Black Triangle sightings, the objects appeared to be a lot higher than the normal air traffic. Whether this is a consequence of the crammed air space around Los Angeles or not is perhaps open to debate. It is most certainly worth mentioning, though.

What is also interestingly, after losing sight of them for a second, when they returned their glance to the sky the objects had vanished completely. In part, because of this, and the bizarre shape of them, the witness would conclude that the triangles were either “undisclosed advanced aircraft or extraterrestrial craft”.

Although the date isn’t exact, a sighting in Newtown Square several almost identical objects were witnessed moving slowly overhead. And like the majority of the other sightings, the crafts were an exact equilateral triangle with round lights at each corner.

Huge Black Triangle Craft Hovering Over The Arizona Desert, 2001

According to one UFO website of the time, in mid-September 2001 just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, William Hearn, and a friend were vacationing from their usual residence of Florida. Their intent was to head to the mountain regions and indulge in a spot of gold panning.

After pitching their two tents on a campsite near to their gold panning destination, the pair would decide to spend the evening fishing on the nearby riverbank. As the looked for a spot to set up their equipment, Hearn noticed a “huge structure” brightly lit up a little distance away – the nearby power plant.

After spending a couple of nights near the water, even the glow from the plant was not enough to cut through the darkness and the pair decided to retire to their tents for the night. However, around 1 am and unable to sleep, Hearn would emerge from his shelter for a breath of fresh air. When he did, he witnessed a “huge black triangle craft” moving along in a “floating” motion.

Depiction of a black triangle UFO

Depiction of a black triangle UFO

As he stared in awe and disbelief, he noticed that along the side were six portholes. Each of which glowed a red color.

Interestingly, Hearn would claim that he and his friend, who had emerged from his tent, called to each other. They couldn’t, however, hear the other or themselves. In retrospect, Hearn would state:

It was silent. I wonder now if it wasn’t emitting some sort of white noise to mask its sound! I just marveled at how something so massive could glide along so slowly and be so quiet!

It is certainly an intriguing theory. Perhaps of even more interest is the response of a friend local to the area the following day. They would respond that it was “probably some military experiment”.

The Interstate-5 Black Triangle Sighting, 2004

At a little after 10 pm on the 12th July 2004, while on their way to New Mexico from San Francisco along Interstate-5, an entire family would encounter the “I-5 UFO phenomenon” that had apparently hounded the area for some time. [6]

The craft in question was triangular in shape and would “swoop” down low over the tops of the traffic. Interestingly, the witness would claim that the movements of the craft were “incredible but not beyond human capability”. Perhaps of further interest was the fact that the triangle itself was “not a perfect triangle” which goes against almost all of the other similar sightings we have examined here.

Sketch of the route of the craft

Sketch of the route of the craft

Might this particular sighting indeed be of a terrestrially built vehicle? But also a drastically different craft to the ones in our previous incidents? That would certainly explain the “not beyond human capability” comment. As would the fact that the object in this particular sighting made a distinct “whining and hissing” sound.

If we accept that many if not all of the other sightings above and to follow are of an extraterrestrial nature, what does this sighting say about the apparent attempts of whichever organization is responsible, for replicating these cosmic triangular crafts? And if such replication attempts are indeed taking place, where is such intricate information coming from?

Large Black Triangles Over San Francisco, 2005

Another intriguing sighting comes from San Francisco at around 6:45 pm on the 3rd December 2005. That evening, Michael Smith and his friend were sat on the back-decking area of the house. Each looking towards the “crystal clear night sky”.

They would suddenly notice, at a distance of around 500 feet, two “large black triangle shaped objects”.They were moving directly over the property. Both of the objects, each “perfectly equilateral triangles”, were heading towards Mount Davidson. And each would fly in perfect “side-by-side” formation.

A depiction of a black triangle near the Golden Gate Bridge

A depiction of a black triangle near the Golden Gate Bridge

At the point of each triangle was a dim “star-like lights”. And the crafts themselves appeared darker than even the night sky. In total, they were in sight for between 30 to 45 seconds. What was perhaps strange about the sighting, at least to the witnesses, was how slow the objects were moving. Certainly for their size, which was “significantly larger” than that of a 747 plane.

Perhaps again, like other witnesses to these sightings of black triangles, the witness would state how there was an “eerie” feeling about the crafts. One that perhaps made an alien craft more likely than a military experimental one.

The Point McKenzie Sighting, Alaska, 2006

Perhaps we should also examine a sighting from the 10th October 2006 from Point McKenzie in Alaska. That evening after leaving a friend’s house, the witness set off in the car for home. They immediately noticed a set of lights overhead but simply thought they were a plane and so continued on.

After so long, however, something struck the witness as not being quite right. Even though they didn’t quite know what it was. They would put the windows down in an effort to listen to the aircraft’s engine. Instead, all that greeted him, at least from the skies, was silence. The witness would even turn off the car in an effort to pick out the aircraft. Still nothing.

Then, the lights turned to allow the witness to see the true triangular shape of the object. The witness, like many witnesses in the Washington cases above, would draw attention to how the triangular object moved. He would state that it “didn’t bank but would slide” as it moved through the air. Such descriptions are almost identical to many other Black triangle sightings.

You can see a sketch produced by the witness for the UFO files of the investigators below.

Sketch of a black triangle UFO

Sketch of a black triangle UFO

A Clear Divide In Ever-Muddying Waters!

As we have eluded to several times throughout this piece, there are many in the UFO and conspiracy communities who maintain that the Black Triangles – the TR-3B – are indeed United States aircraft of the black budget variety.

It is certainly a possibility. If we look at some of the tops of the range aircraft of previous decades, for example. It isn’t that much of a leap of the imagination that the Black Triangle would be part of the “next” generation of such aircraft.

However, with that said, given that sightings go back to at least the 1990s, and demonstrably before that, why would the US military still wish to maintain such secrecy decades later? Surely, we would imagine, at this stage, such technologies would have moved on. Or might it be that they have? And the covering up of the black triangle craft is a cover-up in itself? A way of diverting attention away from whatever futuristic aircraft they might already be working on.

A depiction of a black triangle UFO

A depiction of a black triangle UFO

We should note, the insistence on this from large portions of the UFO and conspiracy corners. A great deal of the direct witnesses to these sightings, however, often express their intense belief – even acknowledging that it is merely a “feeling” but strong nonetheless – that the intelligence behind such crafts, as well as the crafts themselves, are not of this world.

One thing is certain when it comes to the origins and purpose of the Black Triangles. And that is that the divide is clear and looks to remain so for now. Until, that is, the ever-sought-after conclusive proof enters the public arena.

And, as we eluded to earlier and muddying the waters even further, it is that the Black Triangles are indeed terrestrial craft, but built and powered with extraterrestrial technology?

Questions! Questions! And More Questions! …

Whatever the truth behind the black triangular crafts, both the ones we have examined here and the many others around the world, there is most definitely ample proof that of all the crafts witnessed and reported over the years and decades, like the disc or saucer shape ones, the black triangle craft are in such abundance that it is impossible to ignore them.

If we accept, for a moment, that the US military is not behind the Black Triangle sightings (nor the typical disc-shaped craft), then does that mean we have two separate races of aliens regularly visiting the planet? Or might, like humans, the same apparent space travelers simply utilize more than one different vehicle? Maybe we could look at that the other way. Perhaps multiple races of aliens use these two different and basic cosmic vehicles?

Like always when we venture down such roads questions with more questions leap out of the dark side streets. And they demand our attention before we can move on. Quite often, our journey requires that we double back on ourselves in order to fully grasp even the potential and speculative happenings. And agendas of the UFO and alien question.

If we accept that the UFO cluster spots and corridors we highlighted earlier are of importance – and let’s be clear, it is purely speculation on our part, based on real sightings and incidents, but speculation nonetheless – what does that tell us? About both the US military and their potential and much accused direct involvement in UFO matters? As well as the extraterrestrials themselves. And just why they would respect or utilize such boundaries?

More questions for another day.

Check out the video below. It looks at the Black Triangle sightings and the conspiracies behind them in a little more detail.


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