The Peterborough Incident And The Increase In Black Triangle UFOs

Marcus Lowth
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February 8, 2020
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October 12, 2021
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An apparent cluster of sightings witnessed by an anonymous Ontario resident during a period of several days in early July 2004 are intriguing for several reasons. Not least as they featured what would appear to be triangular-shaped UFOs, which were seemingly being sighted increasingly as the 2000s progressed.

A superimposed triangular UFO over a forest with aurora sky

Sightings of triangular UFOs have increased throughout the 2000s

What’s more, there was an almost identical sighting around a year and a half earlier in the Ontario region of Canada. Might there be a connection between these black triangle sightings? And are these incidents one of an alien nature? Or might we find that they are more in line with the top-secret, black budget projects of the United States government, or at least a shadowy department of it?

As we examine the bizarre events over Peterborough in the summer of 2004, we also note that many other similar sightings were reported during the same period. And often in bizarrely similar circumstances. Many of the sightings would occur in the early hours, for example, or the objects would be seen hovering over otherwise quiet highways.

Who was behind these sightings and what, if anything, makes them different from other strange objects in our skies such as discs or oblong shaped anomalies? And why are they continuing today? If these bizarre crafts are of extraterrestrial origin, does that mean they are of a different origin to those who we assume pilot the disc-shaped objects many still report today? Or are they a terrestrial response to those mysterious crafts?

The Peterborough sighting of 2004 was sent anonymously to Brian Vike – who you can read about in our From Deep Within The Archives Of UFO Insight book. Vike conducted extensive research on the UFO and alien question as well as some of the most intriguing encounters on record.

The Streetlamps Were Changing Color!

According to the report, the first sighting occurred around 4 am in the early hours of 5th July 2004 in the Peterborough region of Ontario. [1] The witness, along with his cousin, observed a “fast-moving object” cutting through the skies and heading toward Little Lake. Both were even more amazed several moments later when a “triangle of three lights” went past in the same direction.

Neither of the witnesses could believe what they had seen, but both realized that something extraordinary had taken place. They would, though, keep the encounter to themselves. Two days later, however, in the early hours of the 7th of July, at around 3:30 am, the main witness would be present at another bizarre, but similar sighting.

He was watching the sky due to two strange glowing objects he had witnessed “streaking” across the sky earlier in the evening. Now, though, as he stood in his yard, he had a sudden compulsion to turn around and look toward the General Electric plant which was east of his location. As he did so, he realized that the streetlamps “seemed to be changing color”. When he looked up, however, he could see the cause of this color change.

Witness sketch of the triangular UFO

Witness sketch of the UFO

Above but to the side of the electric plant, and moving at around 5 miles per hour, was a “massive” triangular-shaped object. Then, it would stop completely and restart again, only this time heading sideways toward the General Electric building. On the side that was visible was three “brownish orange lights” at each of the triangle’s endpoints which, bizarrely even to the witness, had an “evil” feel to them.

He continued to watch these strange events unfold before him.

Bizarre Consequences For Those Below

The witness would later describe the exterior of the triangular object as a dark blue or black color, with a matt finish as opposed to shiny. On the underside, in the middle of the object was a “circular dome” which was unlit. It is unclear if this circular dome contained occupants, or whether it was even built and designed for that purpose. He would also notice several “indentions” that he took to be either insignia, doors, or hatches.

He would continue to follow the slow-moving craft for around three minutes. Then, without any warning whatsoever, the object:

…moved so fast you couldn’t even tell the direction it went in!

Although he would see the object twice more during the next few moments, both were at a much higher altitude.

Witness sketch of the object from the side

Witness sketch of the object from the side

Although he couldn’t explain why, he couldn’t escape the feeling that the occupants of the craft were not at all friendly. And furthermore, he also had the feeling that they, whoever they were, were aware that he was watching their low-altitude journey.

However, perhaps the most concerning detail was that upon returning inside he discovered the time to be a little after 5:15 am. This meant as opposed to the several minutes he believed he had been outside for, he had, in fact, been gone for more than an hour. Was this merely a sighting incident? Despite the miscalculation of time (which may have been exactly that as opposed to an episode of missing time), there appears to be no other sign of an abduction incident. However, it is something to keep in the back of our minds.

Lasting Consequences – Alien Technology Or Terrestrial Experimentation?

He would also pick up on some strange details over the next few days following the incident. The very next day, for instance, he would discover that his next-door neighbor had to replace the alternator and the battery on his otherwise very reliable Dodge. That might have been coincidental enough, but when he had to do the exact same thing with the second vehicle on his property, it appeared that something truly out of the ordinary had taken place overnight.

The witness would find the stereo in his own car “completely fried” upon inspection, and while the battery wasn’t completely dead, it was several hours later. There was also, according to the witness, a burnt aroma in the air for several days following the sighting.

Witness sketch of the UFO demonstrating its size

Witness sketch of the UFO demonstrating its size

He would further recall that on several occasions during the sighting he would feel “lost” or that he was confused at to what was happening or where he was. While this might have been a normal mental reaction to an extraordinary situation, given the missing time experienced by the witness, it is perhaps an important detail.

He would also note how he had some “weird dreams” in the days and weeks after the incident. As well as taking note of things he previously hadn’t. For example, he had a sudden appreciation for and understanding of architecture.

Perhaps most interesting, though, was the sudden discreet “psychic twinges” he would suddenly experience. He would know when the phone was about to ring or when someone was going to knock at the door right before it would happen, for example.

These details, both the new appreciation for things around you and a sudden, if discreet “psychic ability” is perhaps the most intriguing detail of the case. Not least, as it comes up often in close contact accounts.

A Moments Contemplation Of The UFO-Psychic Ability Connection

Are these apparently paranormal abilities the indirect result of an unknown alien technology? Perhaps such extraterrestrial intelligence purposely opens these mental channels in those they come into close contact with. There are numerous other UFO sightings on record that make similar claims on behalf of the witness. Does that, then, prove that such sightings of triangular craft are very much of an extraterrestrial nature?

Or perhaps, if we say for sake of argument that these black triangular crafts are the result of human engineering, are the sudden psychic abilities the result of some secret and, in turn, unlawful human experiment? It is hard to see what benefit such an experiment would have but is something that we should at least consider.

We will come back to these notions a little later, as a sighting several months later on the other side of the American Canadian border, of a very similar triangular craft, no less, also featured bizarre emotional responses by the witness.

An Outlandish Cover-Up For Questionable Corporate Endeavors?

The witness would then divulge some information based on their initial research into the case. Mainly concerning the apparent point of intrigue of the UFO itself, the General Electric plant, which had been in operation since the early 1890s. However, according to the witness, they had ceased making reactor parts sometime before he arrived in the area (only several months before his sighting).

He would state that the entrance to the plant appeared heavily secure. Certainly more so than one might expect.

A superimposed black triangular UFO over water at sunset

Are black triangular UFOs secret vehicles of the military?

Incidentally, the plant would shut its doors for good in 2018 claiming “global market conditions” [2] as the reason for the closure. Perhaps interestingly, the Peterborough plant is currently embroiled in a compensation entanglement with former workers or the families of those who have passed away. It would appear that many were exposed to asbestos [3] during their time there.

Whether or not there is a connection to the UFO sightings over the plant or not, and it is perhaps unlikely, it is something that we should perhaps keep in our minds. There are rumblings that similar lawsuits and movements are afoot in the United States over some of the secret projects that took place at equally secret locations. Many of which also often experience a relatively high number of UFO incidents. Perhaps most notably, was a story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times that claimed the “real cover-up” [4] at Area 51 revolved around similar cases of employees being exposed to hazardous materials.

It is certainly an interesting if disturbing notion. That such an outlandish cover story might be used in order to quash a (by comparison) mundane but horrific case of corporate negligence or even misconduct. As ever, it only serves to muddy the waters of the UFO world even more.

A Discreet Surge Of Black Triangle Sightings In The Summer Of 2004

It is also perhaps worth mentioning a sighting that took place 10 days later in Lewisburg Ohio [5] – especially when we note that Ohio’s Lake Erie connects to the waterways of the Ontario region (we will come to this shortly).

At a very similar time, around 3 am, on the 17th of July, a very distinctive triangular object was witnessed over Interstate 70. What is perhaps particularly interesting about this sighting, is that several hours earlier, at just before 11 pm, a “white circular object” suddenly descended over the regions, seemingly landing or hovering low to the ground near the trees at the side of the roadway. From there, “four light beams” emerged.

A depiction of a black triangular UFO hovering over a lone vehicle

The summer of 2004 saw a particular increase in black triangle UFO sightings

This is perhaps one of the few sightings that occurred during this period that seemingly connects a circular or disc-shaped object with those of triangular dimensions. Might the triangular craft have left the circular craft – perhaps as some kind of scout ship would act? Or might the triangular craft have arrived in response to the initial, circular object? This would suggest perhaps that the triangular crafts are indeed government or military vehicles. But more importantly, that they are keeping an active watch on strange objects that they, for the most part, maintain do not exist.

Several weeks later, over Albany Country in New York, an almost identical triangular craft was spotted, once more hovering over one of the region’s roads. Most interestingly, the witness recalled how it had distinct “white lights at the points (corners)” of the triangle.

Black Triangle With Beam-Like Searchlight Over South Carolina

Only two days previously, at a little after 1:30 am on the 15th of July in Charleston, South Carolina, yet another sighting of a triangular aircraft with glowing white lights at each corner would occur, although it would not come to light [6] until three years later.

The witness was a passenger in a car that was returning her and a friend (who was driving) home from a nearby waffle house on the night in question. It was shortly after they turned on to a long stretch of road when the witness’s friend noticed and pointed out three white light in the shape of a triangle hovering or moving slowly above the treetops that accompanied the roadside.

The witness would recall that the lights were bright “but not glows” and appeared as though they were the end points of a solid triangular-shaped object. The witness would further describe the object as having the shape of a “nacho chip with a light at each of its points”.  What’s more, and like many other witnesses to similar crafts, she found it bizarre that such a large object was seemingly moving so slowly. After they observed the strange object for several moments, they both realized that it was completely silent.

A depiction of a UFO over the water at sunset

Black triangle UFOs are reported around the world

Most bizarre, though, was the beam-like searchlight that emanated from the middle underside of the object. It would move “quickly and erratically, but smoothly” over the woodland below as if searching for something among the trees.

They would watch the events unfold for several minutes. However, when they went to turn their vehicle around, the object had disappeared by the time they had done so. The witness would question whether it was a discreet “target-practice” for an experimental military craft as opposed to something extraterrestrial, although she didn’t dismiss the possibility.

Black Triangle Over Minnesota – Some People Say “The River Is An Attractive Spot” For UFOs!

Around a month later, also (relatively speaking) close to the Canadian American border in St. Paul, Minnesota, came another sighting of a black triangular craft. And this time, the witness was an experienced commercial-rated pilot. [7]

He would state that around 5 am (again in the early hours) on the 15th August (we should note the witness was uncertain if it was June or August), while on his way to his girlfriend’s home in order to give her a lift to work, he witnessed a “very dark triangle” making its way over the area. It was at a relatively low altitude, only slightly above the treetops between 500 and 1,000 feet and moved in complete silence.

A superimposed triangular UFO with a red sunset sky behind

Like other UFOs, black triangles are often spotted near water

What’s more, at each corner, was a white light. He would state, much like many other witnesses to similar crafts, that the lights were not particularly bright, even though they were directed downward.

The witness would attempt to follow the strange aircraft, which was moving approximately 30 miles per hour, but he would eventually lose sight of it. He would also recall in his report that many people had witnessed UFOs in the Minnesota region, with some stating that “the river is an attractive spot for these crafts”.

We will come back to this point shortly as it is not only something that we have mentioned many times before, but it might prove particularly relevant to the sightings we are highlighting here in and around the summer of 2004.

Missing Time During Black Triangle Sighting Over Cashion, Arizona

On the same evening at a little after midnight in Cashion, Arizona, not only was a similar craft sighted, but it would prove to be another encounter that features substantial missing time. The witness, along with their four children had taken the short journey from their home to a public park in the neighborhood. Despite the late hour – they arrived there at around 11 pm – as it was such a short distance, they remained there for some time enjoying the peacefulness of the late night hour.

However, as the witness was sitting for a moment they noticed a “big light” heading toward them. Within minutes, the object – which was distinctly triangular with white lights at each of its corners – was directly overhead. The witness and their children all stood mesmerized for several moments looking up at the triangular object.

Then, things took a rather disturbing turn.

A superimposed UFO over a a forest at dawn

What makes the black triangle UFOs different from other accounts?

After standing and staring up at the strange object, the witness and their children suddenly found themselves “screaming and running into the house”. It was a little after 1:20 am. Almost 90 minutes had passed, and yet none of those present could remember anything that had happened. They couldn’t even recall making the short journey from the park back to their home.

What is also interesting, after gathering themselves at home for a moment, only the main witness (the parent) and their 15-year-old son could recall anything of the events. Even when they arrived home, the other three children appeared confused as to why they were running.

This is perhaps an interesting detail. There are many accounts on record where one or two people witness and recall a UFO event, only for others who were also present to remember absolutely nothing. Almost as if, as the witness in this case states, they were “targeted” for the sighting while the others were intentionally “tuned out”.

Object Over “Rural Tennessee” – Another Triangular UFO Causing An Emotional Response?

Although it occurred several months later in “rural Tennessee”, an incident from the files of Albert Rosales involving another black triangle UFO is worth taking note of here. Not least as it featured the witness experiencing a strange emotional response when in close proximity of the craft.

And while it might be a detail that is not important, we should also note that the lights witnessed on this craft were in the exact reverse to those of many of the other sightings. On this occasion, on the 2nd October at around 5 am (again in the early hours, no less), the witness was driving along an otherwise deserted road when he saw a bizarre triangular craft hovering at low altitude over the road.

The object’s three corner points glowed red and he could make out metallic “ribbed” qualities on the underside.

A black triangular UFO flying through the sky at night

Are black triangle UFOs also involved in abductions?

The witness would pull his car to the side of the road and exit the vehicle. He stood watching the approaching object until it was directly overhead. It was at this point that a sudden surge of fear passed through him and he felt an intense desire to run. However, realizing that he would still be very much in sight of the strange craft, he remained where he was.

Suddenly, as the huge triangular craft passed over him, he “felt an energy that reverberated” around his body. What’s more, he would suddenly “feel many sensations all at once”. He would struggle to put into words the feeling, but it was one that he hadn’t experienced before, or since.

Interestingly, much like the witness in the Peterborough incident, he would soon realize that he couldn’t account for 15 minutes of time. He would also feel extremely lethargic in the days following the incident.

The Kingston Incident, 2003

Around 18 months earlier, at around 6 pm on the evening of 24th January 2003, another sighting of a triangular object in Ontario would unfold. This time in the Kingston region. The witness, who would withhold her name, would speak at length with UFO researcher and investigator, [8] Peter Davenport. He would, incidentally, describe her as an “exceptional witness” and certainly someone with credibility.

At the time of the incident, she was driving in her car along Highway 15. She would recall how it was a particularly cold night with the skies long since darkened. However, with the music from her car’s cassette player filling the vehicle’s interior, she suddenly noticed something out of place in the sky that caught her attention.

A picture showing a black triangle UFO at night over a city

Does this image show a genuine black triangle UFO?

She would describe this anomaly as “two, round, white lights” that were “much bigger than any (of the) stars”. And what’s more, the lights were heading toward her. She would quickly scan her immediate surroundings and, realizing hers was the only vehicle on the road, she would bring her speed down to around 15 miles per hour, perhaps a little less.

She brought her attention back to the object which was now significantly closer. The witness would claim the lights now appeared “like big bus headlights in the sky”. It was certainly something that she had not seen before. As she continued to watch the approaching lights, she noticed a third, smaller red light. It would “start on the inside left and blinked its way to the right”. And it would do so repeatedly. This, then, would suggest that the lights were very much attached to a much larger, solid object.

Like “Something Out Of A Star Trek Movie!”

As the object continued to descend – now only several feet above the treetops – the witness would turn her car headlights to full beam. She would state she wished to “get a better look” at the approaching craft. At the same time, she brought the car to a virtual crawl along the lonely highway.

It was at this point that she could clearly see the object was a “black equilateral triangle”. What’s more, at each point of the triangle was a “large white dome light”. This would “glow”, almost in a throbbing way.

The witness would wind the window down in the car door so she could get an unobstructed view of the object. As she did so, she was indeed able to notice the underside of the object more clearly. Perhaps of more significance, though, is the direction the witness reported the object was going – towards the Kingston Mills Locks.

Close-up picture of an alleged black triangle UFO

Is this a real UFO?

Once more, we have a close proximity UFO sighting which is heading toward a body of water. And what’s more, at least according to some researchers, locks are a particularly interesting place as they often disguise entrances to the inner world. We will come back to this later.

Regarding the object itself, she would recall how it was of a dark grey color, “almost shadow-like”. Perhaps of more intrigue, though, was the detail that attached to the underside of the object was a “very distinct 3-Dimensional black shape”. What’s more, this black shape had “arrow-like points” as opposed to the rounded edges of the main object. She would further describe it as being like “something out of a Star Trek movie”. The witness, though, was also questioning whether she might have stumbled under the flight path of a top-secret military aircraft.

An Extraterrestrial Encounter Or A Black Budget Project?

Although the object was not huge in comparison to many other UFO sightings, of triangular craft and otherwise, the witness would recall that it was still large enough to fill a school gymnasium. It was, though, traveling seemingly too slow for the laws of physics to allow. Especially given that there was no visible means of propulsion to the object.

The object was moving so slowly, and so the sighting itself was relatively drawn out compared to many “typical” sightings, it gave the witness time to contemplate the finer details of her surroundings. For example, she noticed the car radio was still playing and the headlights were still on. In many UFO cases in such close proximity, it often results in the car experiencing an almost complete shutdown of power.

What should we make of this? Might it mean that these shutdowns are a purposeful aim of the occupants of the respective UFOs as opposed to a consequence of such close proximity to these seemingly otherworldly vehicles? Or might it indeed be another indicator that, at least for many of the black triangle UFO sightings, that they are the result of a black budget project of the United States government?

The witness would also state that she recalled feeling no fear or anything of that nature during the entire episode. She would simply continue to watch the craft as it made its way to the lock area. As she did so, she noticed another pair of car headlights approaching from around a bend in the road. She passed their vehicle and then continued on with her journey, the object now almost out of sight. It is not known if the occupants of the other vehicle reported or even saw the object or not.

A Surge Of Triangular UFO Sightings Since The Early 2000s?

We have also examined relatively extensively a sighting of a triangular shaped UFO across the border in North Dakota only weeks after the Peterborough incident in late August and early September of 2004. This incident would lead to several pieces of footage being captured which looked, at times, extremely similar to the descriptions of the witness in Peterborough. It certainly isn’t that large a stretch to think there is a connection between the two incidents. Especially considering the (relative) close proximity to each other.

The entire west coast and upper north west regions of the United States have seemingly experienced UFO sightings regularly since the early 2000s. And whether coincidental or not, records show a particular surge in incidents between 2003 to 2006 (depending on sources). It is surely noteworthy that the Peterborough incident took place pretty much right in the middle of this discreet surge of triangular UFO activity.

A picture taken directly below an alleged triangular UFO with lights at each corner

Does this show another genuine triangular UFO?

Although it occurred in March 1988, the UFO incident of the Baker family is intriguing as it took place in Ohio but along the shores of Lake Erie. The encounter would feature multiple witnesses, two of which were members of the Ohio Coastal Guard, which consequently meant an official report of the incident was submitted.

Of course, Lake Erie is perhaps of importance here. If you go to its northern shore, you will find yourself in Ontario. And this connection to the ancient waterways, not just of the North American continent, the lakes, seas, and oceans of the world, might be one of the true keys to unlocking the UFO and alien question.

Once More, The Link Between Water And UFO Sightings – Just Why Is It?

What is the connection to water and UFO sightings? There are many things to consider. And both due to space and that it would take us a little too far outside our remit, we can only explore the very basics of some of them here.

However, there would appear to almost certainly be a connection to large bodies of water and UFO sightings. What might the reason for this be? Might these apparent cosmic travelers require such water as a fuel source, or even as we might, once treated, for vital replenishment? As speculative as it is, might it be that the reason for UFO sightings is not that these respective occupants wish to study us, but more that they require access to something only our planet (to the best of our knowledge) contains.

A picture showing an alleged triangular shaped UFO with lights at each corner

If this isn’t plane, might it be an alien craft?

The one that tops people’s respective lists most often, though, is that these water systems hide entrances to the inner world (if indeed such a place exists), which many believe, in turn, houses “alien bases”. However, perhaps we should examine this seemingly outrageous suggestion a little more closely.

Might these “aliens” not be aliens at all but, as many researchers have put forward in the past (perhaps John Keel and Wm. Michael Mott being just two) are actually a long-forgotten indigenous species who have lived inside the Earth since ancient times? What’s more, are many of the UFOs witnessed today, in fact, what is left of flying vehicles from antiquity?

It is certainly an intriguing notion. And one that comes up again and again the further one delves into the mysterious nature of UFO sightings. Might this, for example, without being simplistic, explain why many of the sightings of triangular craft are (relatively speaking) at low altitude?

Might Alien Bases Actually Be Inner World Domains?

Let’s stay with the idea that these crafts are, in fact, arriving here from deep inside the bowels of the Earth. And while most dismiss the idea of a “hollow Earth” as absolute fantasy, the fact is we know very little for sure about what is going on underneath our feet.

When we combine that with the mountain of legends and creation stories that suggest not only that such a world exists, but that it is inhabited, we should keep our minds open to the possibility that these underground residents are visiting us from deep below the surface.

Might that explain the apparent abundance of “alien bases” whose entrances are seemingly hidden in the cave systems of the world’s mountains, or in discreet under-the-water caverns that lead to a world that few know about and less have set foot in?

Might this be why certain areas of the planet are distinctly off-limits to all but a very select few? After all, the polar regions are some of the most protected areas of the world. And while this is done for environmental reasons and for the protection of wildlife, many believe this to be nothing but a guise for the real reason of concealing an entrance to the inner Earth. As well as the occupants who seemingly call it home.

Could it be that this is the real secret to the UFO and alien question? That the aliens are not aliens at all. As we have stated before, and turning our head to fairy tales once more, how many such stories feature a beastly entity kidnapping the protagonist and taking them deep underground to its own hellish abode. Indeed, perhaps the idea that “Hell” is a physical reality that exists below us is more accurate than most would even contemplate.

Speculation Bordering On Lunacy, But Speculation That Is Required Nonetheless!

Of course, if there is an effort to make these remote areas off-limits for the most part, whether at the polar regions or several conservation areas (that also feature unexplored cave systems), that would suggest knowledge of and some kind of complicit involvement by the world’s governments in hiding a terrestrial race, and essentially, another world, away from the vast majority of humanity.

As truly preposterous as the idea might be, for the sake of argument, what could be the purpose of such action? Might it be that as per the many myths and legends, as well as the apparently outrageous claims of certain conspiracy researchers, that this secret “inner race” of entities that call this inner realm home are secretly ruling the planet?

A close-up image of lights in a triangle shape

Are these lights the corners of a triangular shaped UFO?

Is the UFO and alien question nothing more than disinformation by this alleged hidden race in order to divert attention away from not only their activities but their existence? And is this the case with all UFO sightings and encounters with apparent aliens from far away worlds?

Might we even find truths in some of the claims of cosmic battle in a time long before our written records began, perhaps even before humans (as we know them) had a presence on Earth? Might these battles and wars still be taking place around our reality? Perhaps we are literally an unknown pawn in that struggle?

All speculative and, in some instances (at least to many) bordering on lunacy. Such possibilities perhaps have to be examined, however, lest such an unlikely reality sneak up on us?

Not A Craze Of The Past But Something Still Taking Place Today!

If we disregard such an ancient inner world of overlords scenario in relation to black triangle sightings, and indeed any other UFO sighting, and taking out such things as rips in space time and phantom vehicles (as much as a possibility as they might be) then we are left with the possibility of alien or interdimensional crafts, or top secret government aerial vehicles to explain the abundance of sightings and encounters.

And we should remember that these sightings are not solely from many decades ago, during the UFO craze of the 1950s. Nor are they a thing of the past. A great many of these incidents have taken place since the start of the twenty-first century. And perhaps of more concern, they continue to be reported regularly today.

For example, in recent years, sightings of black or dark triangular craft have seemingly exploded even more. And what’s more, in the Internet age where most of us walk around with an inbuilt video camera on our phones, more and more footage is being captured of these bizarre aerial vehicles. However, it appears that the more sightings and videos we have to dissect, the cloudier the picture is becoming.

Even within the UFO community, there appears – not necessarily exclusively around the black triangle craft – different factions and groups, who sometimes appear more intent on having their voices and certainties of what the “truth” of the matter is, as opposed to actually getting to the real truth of the matter.

Such standpoints and actions only play into the hands of those who wish to keep such information regarding the truth of the UFO and alien question out of the public consciousness. And also allows disinformation to flourish.

The two videos below discuss a recent black triangle sighting.


A Wealth Of Information And Ideas To Contemplate!

There have been many claims as to what these black triangular objects may or may not be. And not just by UFO researchers and enthusiasts. Several governments around the world have conducted studies and investigations into such sightings.

One particular study, though, is worth making note of – that of the UK Ministry of Defence in their 2006 report, Project Condign.

They would highlight a connection between electromagnetic energies and the effect that such energies can have on the temporal lobes of the brain. Essentially, creating some kind of illusion, but one that for all intents and purposes is real.

While this would perhaps be a satisfactory explanation for sightings that involve only one witness, it perhaps is less so for the many multiple witness sightings on record. Unless, of course, we factor such ideas as the Psychic Internet theory, that we have examined previously. Such a notion would indeed allow for “group” sightings. Then, however, we would have to ask, as per the theory itself, if these sightings were merely hallucinations, or whether they might be physical crafts conjured up by the electromagnetic energy somehow morphing with the unknown energies and powers of the human mind.

What is perhaps most interesting in the report, however, is an eventually released unredacted section that stated the Russian authorities had not only made a connection with an aerial plasma formed from magnetic and electromagnetic energy in the planet’s atmosphere, but they were seemingly looking to tap into and exploit such energies.

Perhaps disturbingly, several years earlier in 1999, an apparent interview with a “reptilian entity named Lacerta”, was the claim that many UFO sightings were the result of aerial plasma and that governments of the world were looking to weaponize such naturally occurring energy.

Why Are Black Triangle Sightings So Unique?

The black triangle UFO sightings are almost certainly in a category of their own – and not just because of their distinct shape. The circumstances and the aftermath of these objects appear almost unique. And while we have sampled only a small window of time within this article, if we were to widen that net, or focus in on another specific period in time, it is highly likely that the same exact details will, for the most part, surface once again.

For example, why do many of these sightings take place in the early hours and why over or near lonely highways? Might this indeed be suggestive of a discreet military program? We have to question, however, with all of the wide expanses of land the United States military have at their disposal, why they would choose to conduct such potential experiments both in the open and at many different locations around the North American continents. And we should note that sightings of black triangular UFOs are not exclusive to North America, with sightings of a similar nature taking place all around the planet.

And what should we make of the episodes of missing time that, on occasion, accompanies such close encounters? Might this suggest an altogether otherworldly presence than a clandestine military operation? Or should we perhaps question just how highly advanced the technology at the disposal of the United States military? As well as that of the other world governments.

Like most other pieces of the UFO puzzle, that of the black triangles most definitely fits on the board, but its rightful place in that picture is still to be determined.

Check out the video below. It features some of the better black triangle UFO sightings captured on film.


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8 Black equilateral triangle with 3 glowing white dome lights at tips…, National UFO Reporting Center

Marcus Lowth

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a love for UFOs, aliens, and the Ancient Astronaut Theory, to the paranormal, general conspiracies, and unsolved mysteries. He has been writing and researching with over 20 years of experience.

Marcus has been Editor-in-Chief for several years due to his excellent knowledge in these fields. Marcus also regularly appears as an expert on radio talk shows including Troubled Minds and Unexplained Radio discussing these topics.

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Fact Checking/Disclaimer

Fact Checking

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We do not aim to prove nor disprove any of the theories, cases, or reports.  You should read this article with an open mind and come to a conclusion yourself.  Our motto always is, "you make up your own mind".  Read more about how we fact-check content here.

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  • Peter Ghenzi says:

    Thank you for this wonderful report. That’s the way how make science. I was witness at a young man of UFO in Switzerland. I was completely alone, so when I told to the people so says to me, you are an dreamer of science fiction. So never talk again from that experience. When I was a kid, I designed in black and white a lot triangles fly objects , I remember exactly and it is exactly too what a lot people sow in the sky. I went in different places in the world just curious by meyer self and be very convinced that aliens exist. But politics and religions are hiding a lot information and proofs that we are not alone.

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