From Bright Lights To Winged Humanoids: UFO And Alien Encounters Of The Caribbean

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September 26, 2023
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Perhaps the first things people think of when it comes to the Caribbean are breathtaking sandy beaches, tropical sunshine, and lazy days sipping all manner of cold drinks. The fact is, though, that this part of the planet has more than its fair share of UFO and alien encounters. And while many of them are often overshadowed by encounters that come from North and South America, some of the incidents to have unfolded here are some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking on record.

These incidents range from reports of strange lights in the distance to up-close sightings of physical, nuts-and-bolts aerial vehicles, and even reports of bizarre, mysterious non-human figures. Indeed, much like elsewhere in the world, the variety of accounts from this region is at least as intriguing as others we can find elsewhere on the planet.

Of course, we don’t have space or time to cover each and every sighting from each of the countries that make up the Caribbean region. We will, though, examine some of the most intriguing and detailed of such sightings and encounters. And perhaps the best place to start would be with several intriguing sightings in Jamaica.

UFO Encounters Of Jamaica

Like many of the countries of the Caribbean, Jamaica can boast more than its fair share of UFO and alien encounters.

Although the exact date is not known, one of the earliest recorded UFO encounters occurred right at the start of the Modern UFO era one evening in 1947 in rural Kingston.

According to the main witness, on the night in question, two silver discs were seen moving side by side across the sky at an altitude of around 1000 feet. Even more amazing, rather than just moving, the objects would “dematerialize” as they moved before suddenly appearing in a different location.

What is perhaps interesting about this detail is that it can be found in many UFO reports spread across the decades right into our contemporary era. And this could also be said for the detail offered by the witness that the objects appeared to “dart” from one place to another with lightning speed, and did so to complete random locations overhead.

The witness also reported that when the objects were stationary, they appeared to “wobble”, a little like a spinning top.

Humanoid Encounter In Kingston

Another encounter unfolded in Kingston over 30 years later one evening in June or July 1981. According to an online report, at around 6:30 pm on the night in question, the witness – then 11 years old – was in the parking lot of a local bakery with several friends playing baseball. It was as the witness was standing at third base waiting to run for home when he started looking around him, eventually settling his gaze on the top of a nearby mango tree that was visible behind a wall. However, more than the tree itself, what really captivated his attention was a strange humanoid figure standing near it.

Although he made direct eye contact with the figure, he remained calm and merely stared back. As the mysterious figure was standing behind the wall, he could only see the head and shoulders. He did recall, however, that the figure’s skin was as “white as printing paper”, and that its eyes were “glossy and the blackest black”. Furthermore, it had a very thin nose and what appeared to be a slit where you would expect the mouth would be. Strangest of all, though, its head was much too large for its body, with its neck being particularly thin. Of course, it is easy to see that what the witness was describing was a typical grey alien.

The witness offered that it felt as though he was staring at the figure for around two minutes, but, in reality, it was likely not as long as that. At this point, the witness called out to his brother, who was the pitcher in the game. However, because of the noise of the game, he failed to hear him. All the while, the witness and the humanoid figure continued to stare at each other.

Then, finally, after repeated calls, his brother heard him and turned in his direction to see the witness pointing toward the figure. However, by the time his brother, and several others at the parking lot, looked to where the witness was pointing, the figure was in the process of ducking behind the wall and had disappeared.

By this time, an eerie silence had descended upon the parking lot as those present were clearly contemplating what they had just seen. After several seconds, the children began to call out aloud – mainly in shock – at the events that had just transpired before immediately making their way back home. According to the witness, none of them told their parents of the encounter.

UFO Encounters Over Montego Bay

Montego Bay is another location in Jamaica where UFO encounters have been reported. For example, at around 5 pm on September 15th, 1972, a 10-year-old child was playing in the yard of their home when they noticed a bizarre object in the sky. [1] They would state in their report that it was a particularly sunny afternoon and that the spherical object clearly stood out to them.

They further stated that it appeared to be a “bright yellow” and was hovering somewhere near Sangster International Airport. Despite the quietness of the afternoon, the witness could hear no engine sounds at all. After five seconds, it moved quickly and suddenly, disappearing into nearby clouds. Whatever the object was, the witness was certain it was no ordinary aircraft.

Just short of a quarter of a century later, at the Sandals Royal Jamaican Resort, one couple on their honeymoon witnessed something that changed how they viewed the world from that point on. [2] On the evening of October 25th, 1995, at around 10 pm, the newlyweds in question – each 25 years old – had just finished dinner and decided to take a walk along the nearby beach on their way back to their room.

On this particular evening, many of the resort’s guests were at a barbeque arranged by the hotel on a nearby island, so the beach and surrounding area were quieter than usual. During their walk, they decided to stop on the beach for a while so they could look up at the stars overhead. It was as they were doing so that they first noticed a “huge, black object” overhead.

The witness recalled that it looked like a “large stingray without a tail sailing through the sky”, and it appeared as though the reflection of the moon could be seen along the bottom of the object. Furthermore, despite its size, neither she nor her husband could any sound whatsoever coming from the craft. The object remained in sight for only a few seconds before disappearing from view.

The couple simply stood there for several seconds, asking each other if the other had seen it – which they both had. Each was at a loss as to what the object was. Although they wished to maintain their anonymity, the witnesses were keen to point out that both of them were serious-minded, college graduates who both worked in the “Washington DC metro area”.

Encounters From Jamaica in the late 2000s

Three decades after the humanoid encounter in Kingston, at around 6:45 pm on the evening of October 23rd, 2008, an encounter unfolded near the Black River off the coast of St. Elizabeth. On the night in question, the witness was at home west of the Santa Cruz mountains looking out to sea. As he did so, he was amazed to suddenly notice a “large glowing green ball” that was “falling from the sky”.

The more he looked at this bizarre aerial anomaly, the more he could see that another, smaller “ball of yellow-orange” resided inside the green globe. Even stranger, rather than falling in a normal manner, gathering pace the closer it got to the ground, it descended in an exact straight line, almost in a controlled manner, confirming to him that he was not witnessing a meteor or shooting star.

He watched as the object disappeared into the clouds. However, despite staring at the bottom of the clouds for a considerable time, the object failed to emerge. It appeared to the witness that it was either using the cloud cover to hide and remained inside it, or whether it had physically disappeared.

Several months later, at around 7:30 am on the morning of January 15th, 2009 in St. Andrew, a local man was standing in his backyard when the sound of a passing airplane caused him to look upward. To his astonishment, when he did so he could see a bright, glowing object that “appeared to be a star” hovering high overhead. The witness immediately called out to his wife, who rushed outside and saw the bizarre craft also. They continued to watch it until just before 9 am when it disappeared into the distance.

Just over six months later in Montego Bay near the pier, a sighting that was reminiscent of the glowing green spherical object near the Black River unfolded. According to an online report, at around 10:30 pm on July 31st, 2009, the witness was making their way to a party with their cousin. When they reached the pier, however, they witnessed something decidedly out of the norm.

There above them was a “big round ball shape green glowing orb” that was crossing a sky at a particularly slow pace. He watched the glowing object for several seconds before it “took off at the speed of light”. He immediately turned to his cousin to ask if he had seen the object also. However, he hadn’t.

At around midnight on the evening of October 7th, 2009, in the Mona region of Kingston, three friends were outside watching the stars. However, as one of the group looked on, they realized that the stars they had been watching were suddenly moving. They noticed that they moved in unison as if they were part of one solid, triangular-shaped object.

The witness quickly alerted their friends to the object, who each quickly spotted it also. They watched the object for around two minutes before it disappeared “like a flash of light”. They recalled that the object remained completely silent throughout the encounter and that it was their belief that it was completely transparent aside from the five points of light.

Strange Lights And Scrambled Jets

UFO sightings have continued as the opening decades of the twenty-first century have unfolded. For example, in the early hours of January 1st, 2012, at around 1 am in Negril, a husband and wife were on the beach looking up at the stars in the night sky when they noticed something a little out of the ordinary. [3] According to the report, the pair were staring up at the night sky when they noticed a strange, round object that had a metallic brown exterior and a “single red light” in the center of it.

The object traversed the sky in a perfectly straight line and remained completely silent. It remained in sight for between 5 to 20 seconds before it disappeared. The witness was uncertain if the object had disappeared into the distance or if it had been obscured by nearby trees.

Less than three weeks later, at around 11:30 am on January 20th during a flight from Jamaica to Canada, a plane passenger witnessed three strange objects in the sky. [4]

The witness described the objects as like “three glowing circles”, one moving faster than the other two. Even stranger, a few moments after noticing the curious objects, the witness reported that a scrambled jet appeared, as if in pursuit of the aerial anomalies. The witness continued to watch for around half a minute before the UFOs and the jet moved out of sight.

Multiple Reports From Barbados

If we turn our attention to Barbados, we can find a small plethora of further sightings of otherworldly crafts and apparent curious occupants.

For example, although the exact location is unknown, at around 7 pm one evening in 1972, a holidaymaker to the country found themselves looking upon an aerial anomaly. According to a report submitted online, the witness was sitting near the beach when they suddenly noticed an orange-red light overhead. And what’s more, it was heading in their direction.

To begin with, the witness believed they were simply viewing an approaching terrestrial aircraft. However, the closer the object got, the more they could see that it was “an alien object”.

The object suddenly stopped directly overhead and in front of the witness. It remained there for around two minutes, during which time, the witness could see that it was approximately two feet across and was a flattened globe or disc-shape.

Then, without warning, the object “dropped” around 20 feet before coming to a sudden, seamless stop once more. It remained in that position for several more minutes before suddenly shooting off into the distance.

A decade and a half later, another sighting was reported in Barbados. This one, though, had multiple witnesses spread over a large area.

Multi-Witness Sighting Of Multiple Objects Over Bridgetown

According to a CIA report, during the evening of September 2nd, 1987 in Bridgetown, “scores of Barbadians” reported seeing multiple unknown objects in the skies overhead. [5] The report continued that residents reported seeing “between four and 18 slow-moving balls of light with long, illuminated tails” that were “gliding horizontally” across the sky.

In total, the sighting lasted around 10 minutes before the objects disappeared into the distance. Newspaper reports the following day also confirmed that similar sightings had seemingly been reported across the island during the same evening. In fact, further sightings were detailed in such newspaper reports, including an interview with a commercial airline pilot.

He would state that he was flying at an altitude of around 8000 feet when “a group of objects” zipped by his plane “at a terrific speed”. He would continue that there was an object at the front of the group that was distinctly larger than the others, of which there were around half a dozen.

The Meteorological office examined the reports and the conditions on the night in question. However, they were unable to offer an explanation as to what they might have been. The sightings remain unexplained today.

Tubular Object Over Bridgetown

A little over 20 years later, at around 2:30 pm on March 2nd, 2002, also in Bridgetown, another sighting of a seemingly otherworldly vehicle occurred. [6] According to the online report, the witness just happened to glance up at the bright afternoon sky as they were walking on the beach when he noticed a silver “tubular object” that appeared to be moving at a high altitude.

The witness would further describe the object as having a “reflective” exterior and leaving a “singular contrail” behind it. As he was familiar with aircraft due to the many commercial airliners coming and going from the island, he was certain that what he was seeing was not a conventional aerial vehicle.

After a moment or two, he called out to his wife hoping that she would see it too. However, by the time she focused her attention to where he was pointing in the sky the object had disappeared.

Although the witness contemplated that he could have just witnessed a craft of extraterrestrial origin, he also put forward that it could have been some kind of experimental military aircraft, or even space junk. The sighting remains unexplained.

Multiple Reports Of Strange Red Lights

A decade later in 2012, further UFO activity is recorded over Barbados. On the evening of February 15th, at around midnight in Holetown, for example, a local resident spotted around six “orange lights” that moving from north to south overhead. [7] He would recall that they moved at a much faster rate of speed than a conventional airplane and that they appeared to move in a “strange formation”.

He called out to a friend so that they could witness the aerial display, and together, they watched the objects for around five minutes before they eventually disappeared into the distance. Whether of consequence or not, the witness further offered that the final light appeared to slow its speed before it disappeared. And rather than vanish from sight, it appeared to “flicker out”.

Several months later in Christ Church, at around 8:40 pm on November 19th, a group of churchgoers were stepping outside from the service they had just enjoyed at their local church when one of the ladies in the group asked out loud why there were so many planes overhead. [8] This caused the group to look up and see multiple orange-red lights grouped closely together. The group listened, but rather than hearing the noise of engines, all that greeted them was complete silence.

They continued to watch, noticing that every now and then, some of the lights would disappear into a bank of clouds before emerging again. After several minutes, one of the group took the decision to contact the local airport control tower to ask if there was some kind of training exercise taking place. He was told that there was no such training exercise taking place, and, of further interest, that many other local residents had contacted them reporting the same lights as he was.

The lights remained in view for a little over half an hour before finally disappearing from view. Despite the best efforts of the witnesses to capture photographs of them, they simply didn’t show up in them, or at best, were nothing more than a smudged blob on the screen. The sighting, however, remains without explanation.

Sightings From Barbados In More Recent Times

Just two years after the incident in Christ Church, at an unknown location at around 11 pm on January 25th 2014, another sighting of strange lights was reported. [9] The witness stated in their report that they saw six lights in total, each circular in shape and each moving in a V-formation at a considerable speed.

Further according to the report, the lights were evenly spaced apart and traveled as though they were under intelligence control. They remained visible for around a minute before eventually disappearing into the distance.

In more recent times, at around 9:30 pm in Bridgetown back in Christ Church near the shore on July 7th 2022, a local resident reported seeing a strange light hovering overhead. [10] According to the report, the object was described as “floating” before descending slightly before coming to a stop once more.

Around six months later, at just after 10:30 pm on January 15th 2023 in Wellington, a witness reported seeing a “right circular orb” that flashed many “different kinds of light” and colors. [11] As he watched the object, it began to grow brighter and then dimmer on several occasions. In total, the object remained visible for around 30 minutes before disappearing.

Bizarre Encounters Over Cuba

If we turn our attention to Cuba we find yet more UFO and potential extraterrestrial encounters.

Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing and strangest of such encounters comes to us from the files of Orestes Girbau Collado. According to his report, during the afternoon of September 14th, 1952 near Remedios in Santa Clara, a worker at the Dolores Farm named Caridad Martinez witnessed a bizarre “winged humanoid” move through the sky before landing on a nearby plot of land.

Martinez offered that upon landing, the humanoid began in her direction, talking to her in a strange language. Although she didn’t understand what the creature was saying, she could make out one word – Tierra, or Earth. She further noticed that this winged humanoid carried a glowing object in each hand, out of which came a “strange gaseous substance” that caused her to feel dizzy, almost causing her to lose consciousness.

She later described this figure as being approximately 7 feet in height, with “yellowish skin and a round face”. As it got closer, she could see a “disc-shaped plate” that was strapped around the lower torso. Furthermore, the wings appeared to be mechanical as opposed to authentic, natural wings, and seemed to be attached to the figure’s shoulders and hung down as far as its waist.

After several moments, the creature then spread its wings and used them to ascend back into the sky. Within several moments, it had disappeared from sight.

Huge Circular Object Hovers Over An Urban Street

A particularly intriguing encounter unfolded at around midnight on September 20th, 1973 over Ciudad Habana and was witnessed by a young boy and their friends. [12] On the night in question, the witness and several friends were outside of their house when they suddenly noticed that several people at a nearby bus stop were seemingly captivated by something strange overhead.

When the group of youngsters turned their attention to where the people at the bus stop were looking, they were shocked to see a “huge circle” hovering at a relatively low altitude in the sky. The witness recalled years later that the object was so big that it covered several of the buildings in the area. He further recalled that there were multiple lights, all different colors, including red, blue, yellow, and white, and that it was clear that the craft had a metallic exterior.

The witnesses, as well as the other local residents nearby, remained fascinated with the strange craft for several minutes. Then, the craft suddenly began to grow smaller as it ascended high into the sky, disappearing into the atmosphere within only a few seconds.

The witness recalled that he and his friends, as well as almost all of the locals who witnessed the object that evening, were convinced that whatever it was, it was not of this world. Furthermore, there were, according to the witness, many other sightings in the area over the coming months and years of similar objects.

Multiple Witnesses Report UFO Hovering Over The Sea

At around 7 pm on August 15th, 1980 in Banes, a couple who were on holiday and relaxing at the beach when they, along with multiple other beachgoers, witnessed a round object appear in the sky over the sea. [13] The witness recalled that the object was large and had a flame-like tail emerging from what he presumed was the back of it.

Even more alarming, behind this first object, three more, smaller crafts, each with “very bright lights” following behind it. The witnesses on the beach watched this bizarre aerial display for around 20 minutes before the object began to ascend, the three smaller objects following the same route. After several moments, all of the curious craft had disappeared high into the sky.

In a bizarre twist to the account, when the witness finally reported the account to the National UFO Reporting Center 20 years later, he recalled that his mother (who still lived in the same region) had called him only days previously, stating that another UFO had been sighted in the area. And this time, it landed in an open field. His mother assured him that multiple residents of the town had also witnessed this apparent landing event.

Red Ball Hovering Over The Bay

Another online report occurred much more recently, somewhere between 11 pm and 11:30 pm on one evening in mid-November 2000 in Santiago de Cuba. On the night in question, two friends were sitting in deck chairs overlooking the bay. As they talked, they noticed a “red light hovering” in the sky over the bay.

The witness struggled to get an accurate assessment of the size of the object and the distance it might have been, largely due to there being no reference point. He guessed, however, that it was around 300 feet from where they were sitting.

To begin with, the pair thought they were seeing a taillight of a car before they remembered they were looking out over the water. They then questioned whether it was the “point” from a laser pointer, elaborating that this was also the best way to describe it. They knew it wasn’t a boat, as they would have seen other lights around the same location.

They couldn’t be sure if the light was on the water or hovering around 15 to 20 feet above the surface. They were certain, though, that whatever it was, it was something out of the ordinary.

In total, it remained in view for around half an hour, although it appeared to occasionally disappear.

UFO Landing At The El Pedregal Farm

According to the research files of Prensa Latina, at around 10 am on the morning of May 8th, 2004, in Boyeros, multiple witnesses reported not only seeing a bizarre silver craft overhead but that it landed. Reports from the Juventud Rebelde newspaper offer that multiple people at a fairground near the El Pedregal Farm witnessed an oval-shaped silver object with a strange “metallic tail” appear in the sky before descending into a nearby field.

One witness, 17-year-old Raul Beltran would tell reporters that he was tidying shelves when he noticed a sudden bright light shine through the window from outside. When he looked outside, he saw an object “like a glowing ball with a tail in its lower section” clearly descending. He quickly called out to his mother before rushing outside to keep the object in sight.

His mother claimed, to begin with, she thought the object was nothing more than a kite, or even a parachutist landing nearby (seeing skydivers was not unusual in this part of the country). However, the more she looked at the aerial anomaly she realized “it could be nothing of the sort”. She elaborated that it was significantly smaller and that it “glowed a lot”, and that it “looked like a mirror”.

Raul also witnessed the object taking off several moments later, claiming that it “lifted off rather perpendicularly” and then left the region through the surrounding palm trees. He further added that the object “didn’t make any noise” and that he could see no smoke or signs of an engine.

Another witness, a warehouseman at a local school, Ramigio Sanchez, also reported seeing the object that morning. He would offer that had first noticed a bright light in the sky overhead, adding that it was a “powerful glow in the sky”. Shortly after he witnessed the light, he made his way to Raul’s house where they offered what they had seen.

There were other witnesses who also shared their accounts and further details with the newspaper reporters. For example, upon investigating the location where the object landed, residents discovered that a patch of grass and vegetation had been significantly burned, presumably by the object itself.

Strange Object Witnessed Hovering Over The Sea From Holiday Resort

Several months later, at around 7 pm on 18th December 2004, at an all-inclusive holiday resort in Guarda la Vaca, when a British family and a family friend were vacationing and enjoying their evening meal. [14] The main witness had his back to the beach (which was around five minutes’ walk from where they were staying) when his brother suddenly spotted strange lights in the sky over the sea.

At this point, all five people at the table turned their attention to where the witness’s brother was pointing, all noticing the curious lights over the water. The witness described them as “a pulsating orange” glow that simply hovered “motionless” approximately three to four miles away. The was, though, some discrepancy between the group whether the glow was one, single light or whether there were several smaller lights grouped close together.

At this point, several other groups of diners had noticed the bizarre glowing lights, and they too watched in fascination. Shortly after this, waiters and hotel workers also noticed them, stopping what they were doing in order to watch the aerial display.

Everyone continued to watch the lights for around five minutes before they simply disappeared. The witness recalled that whatever they were, they were seemingly silent, with the only other noise during the encounter being the background music of the restaurant.

What is perhaps interesting about this account is that it was reported almost immediately after the family returned to the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the following day, the witness’s niece (who was also one of the witnesses) discovered that there had been an anomalous object picked up by radar in the Jakarta region of Indonesia.

Strange Object Witnessed While Walking Home

Around a month later, at just after midnight on January 12th, 2005, a local resident was walking home in Pinar del Rio. [15] As they made their way down the street, however, they noticed strange lights overhead approaching slowly from the west.

He watched the object for several moments before continuing to walk down the street once more. However, after taking a few more steps he stopped again and turned his attention skyward. The object was now crossing over the avenue at an altitude of a little over 300 feet.

As low as the object was, the witness could hear no sound at all coming from the object. He could clearly see, though, that the object was triangular in shape, with a bright light at each point of the triangle, as well as a single red light in the middle of the underside of the object. Despite its sheer size, it moved particularly slowly – much too slow for such a large craft.

The witness remained where he was, watching the object until it disappeared behind the roofs of nearby houses on the street. The sighting remains unexplained but the object described by the witness is clearly a typical black triangular object that has been sighted all over the world.

Sightings Over The Caribbean Sea

Although we haven’t concentrated too much on them here, there are also several intriguing UFO encounters that have unfolded over the Caribbean Sea itself.

At around midnight on 15th June 1980, for example, according to a report submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center in the early 2000s, the USS WS Sims was somewhere in the Caribbean Sea on its way to Puerto Rico. [16] The crew has been informed that they were heading out to sea to investigate a suspected Soviet submarine off the coast of Puerto Rico. However, as the days went on, it appeared to the witness that not all was as it seemed.

He noticed that as the dives went on, and the units returned to the ship, he would hear them speak of this “whole situation” being nothing more than “another Shag Harbor”. This suggested, of course, that the target was not a Soviet vessel at all, but seemingly an object of unknown origin, quite possibly extraterrestrial. This mission went on for around six weeks, with this unknown object that was “capable of mysteriously eluding detection at will only to reappear again”.

Three years later, at around 7 pm on June 30th, 1983, a young boy was standing on the balcony of their family home which overlooked the Caribbean Sea when he noticed something out of the norm. [17] There in the sky were three “maroon brown sphere-like objects” in a “perfect line” formation.

He wasn’t sure if the objects were individual vessels or if they were lights on a solid craft. Whatever they were, however, when they moved, they did so in perfect unison, all the while not making a sound. In total, the object (or objects) remained in view for between 15 to 20 seconds before eventually disappearing from sight.

Another Location Rife With UFO Activity

As we can see, then, the Caribbean region more than holds its own when it comes to UFO and alien encounters. And it perhaps shouldn’t surprise us that this is the case. If we think of the Caribbean region from the point of view of a strategic location, we might wonder if the seas and waters of the region play a role in the abundance of the many UFO sightings from this part of the world, only some of which, remember, we have examined here. There are many, many other encounters on record. Indeed, it is highly likely we will return to this part of the world in a future article.

We might also ask if UFOs – or more to the point, the intelligence behind them – have a preference for this part of the world, or whether sightings here are purely coincidental and circumstantial. If the Caribbean is of some kind of strategic importance to these potential visitors from out of space then we have to ask what those reasons might be.

Whatever is behind these strange encounters in the Caribbean, they continue to take place right into our contemporary era. And they look set to continue for the foreseeable future.

The video below looks at some of the most intriguing UFO sightings in history.


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