From Bright Lights To Suddenly Appearing Figures: Lesser-Known UK UFO And Alien Encounters

Marcus Lowth
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July 22, 2022
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As in many countries, the United Kingdom has a handful of UFO encounters that are relatively well-known, even by many people outside of the UFO community. Such incidents such as the Rendlesham Forest incident, for example, or the various wave of sightings in Yorkshire or Scotland.

A superimposed UFO of Tower Bridge

There are many UFO sightings in the UK

However, the fact is that there are multiple UFO encounters that not only are the general public not aware, but many in UFO circles remain unaware of them either. These are sightings that linger in the piles and piles of online UFO reports, or incidents that might have received brief attention at a local level. Regardless, they are still potentially important to the overall big UFO picture.

While there are clearly too many of these lesser-known UFO sightings from the past 70 years alone for us to examine each and every one. However, some of them are more intriguing, detailed, and thought-provoking than others. And by ensuring these sighting stay very much in the public arena for the foreseeable future, we keep open the possibility that one or two of them might provide a key connection or clue behind the UFO and alien question.

We start our examination of some of these lesser-known cases by going back to the early 1980s, to one of the most scenic parts of the United Kingdom, and a place that gets more than its fair share of UFO activity.

A Creature “Not Of This World” At The Foot Of The Bed

According to a report from the National UFO Reporting Center, in the early hours of 30th June, at around 3 am in a small village near Cornwall, England, an anonymous gentleman was laid in bed with his wife in the cottage where they lived. Their home was a secluded one, accessed by a small footpath and with farmland on three sides of it. In fact, so secluded was it, there were no streetlamps or other outside lighting, meaning the couple usually slept peacefully and without disturbance.

On this evening, though, the witness had awakened for no apparent reason, at least that he was initially aware of. Then, as he came to his sense a little more, he noticed a light in the bedroom, similar to the light of several candles burning. [1] Realizing something was most unusual about the situation, he began to turn from lying on his side to his back so he could view the part of the room where the light seemed to be coming from. When he did so, he was confronted with a sight that he simply wasn’t expecting.

Depiction of UFOs near a lone house

Cornwall is a UFO hot spot

There, right in front of him at the foot of the bed, was a bizarre creature that he would later describe as being “not of this world”. It simply stood there, motionless and staring straight at him. Then, very slowly, the creature blinked its eyes and then maintained its stare once more.

Despite being shocked at what he was seeing, the witness recalled feeling a sense of “calm and peace” running through him, later elaborating that it was almost as if the creature was “transmitting” these feelings to him through “some sort of telepathy”.

After several seconds, he sat up slightly where he lay, a barrage of thoughts rumbling through his mind in spite of the calmness he felt. Was he still dreaming and not really seeing this creature at all? Was it some bizarre and unexplained trick of the light? And if it was real, who was this entity, where did it come from, and why was it here?

With these thoughts in mind, he reached to his arm and pinched himself several times. The creature remained where it was, looking straight at him.

Something Beamed Into The Bedroom

The witness continued to watch this bizarre figure as it, in turn, looked back at him. Although there were no physical signs, it appeared very much to the witness as though the creature was smiling and for the first time, he realized the light appeared to come from this strange entity, particularly from its face.

After several more moments, the witness quickly scanned each side of the room in case there was anything else in there with them. However, aside from himself, his still sleeping wife, and this mysterious entity, the room was empty.

The witness turned his attention back to the creature, who remained at the foot of the bed. He would describe it as looking exactly like the alien entity in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which essentially, would be a typical grey alien, and which was around four feet tall.

A depiction of a UFO in a field

UFO sightings occur all over the UK

He did note some differences from the Hollywood version of these apparent extraterrestrial creatures, though. For example, he would recall how the head appeared slightly more rounded than oval shaped. Perhaps the biggest difference were the eyes. They were certainly large, almond shaped and slanted upwards. However, they were not solid black, with the “whites” of the eye being a “very pale yellow” color. He couldn’t see any visible mouth or nose, and the actual body of the entity was not lit up meaning he couldn’t see it in any significant detail.

At this point, the witness turned toward his wife, realizing that unless she saw the creature as well, nobody would believe his bizarre tale.

He proceeded to try and gently wake her. She stirred slightly and mumbled something, before turning over in an attempt to go back to sleep. The witness, though, persisted. She eventually began coming round. However, as she was waking, the witness noticed that the light was fading. When he turned around, the creature had gone. He checked his watch, it was approaching 3:20 am. This bizarre stare-off of sorts had lasted just shy of 20 minutes, even though it felt much shorter than that.

Just what had he witnessed in the early hours that morning? As he himself asked, had the entity been “beamed down” to his room from a spacecraft somewhere in outer space? If so, why? For what purpose was this otherworldly appearance?

Little-Known Humanoid Encounters That Go Back Years!

It is perhaps also interesting to note there have been many other encounters with strange humanoids that appear to be carrying out some kind of monitoring mission. And these incidents go back years. In June 1952, for example, two reports are on record of similar humanoid encounters. According to Supplement 16 of Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, at just before 1 am in  Corby New Town, an unnamed witness was in their bed when a “tiny glass object” entered the room through the window.

The witness watched as this strange glowing shape floated through the air and down to the carpet and seemingly vanished into thin air. Then, the door to her room opened and three figures who looked similar to human men with what appeared to be large smiles on their faces walked through the door. Each had “golden-colored skin” and wore a tight-fitting shiny black suit. After several moments, the men simply disappeared just as the glass-like object had.

Around the same time in Newton Abbot in Devon, according to an account by Diarmaid McManus, Mrs. Woods was out walking when she noticed a strange “little man” watching a short distance away, appearing to shade his eyes from the sun. The figure was around four feet tall and wore a one-piece brown overall-type suit. When she approached it, it ran and disappeared into some nearby rocks.

Five years later, an even more dramatic event unfolded. And it is to that where we will turn our attention to next.

The 1957 Encounter Of James Cooke

According to an article titled Recent Contacts And Landing Reports: Mr. Cooke Goes To Zomdic by Brinsley Le Poer Trench in the July 1958 edition of Flying Saucer Review, James Cooke had an encounter with a UFO and its occupants at around 2 am on 7th September in Runcorn, Cheshire. It was an account that has been dismissed by many UFO researchers over the years, and perhaps with good reason given the outlandish nature of it. It is, though, still worthy of our examination here.

According to the report Cooke claimed to have received “telepathic communication” to leave his home and go to a particular hill in the town, which he duly did. Almost as soon as he arrived, he witnessed a large craft heading toward him, eventually hovering a short distance from the ground approximately 60 feet away from him. As he watched this hovering object, he noticed how it changed color, going from blue to white, then back to blue again, then to a dark red.

Then, a set of stairs slid out from the side of the object, stretching to the ground. A voice then appeared in his mind telling him to step onto the ramp and to enter the craft. He did so, with no sense of fear or trepidation, and stepped inside this otherworldly spaceship.

A depiction of UFOs over a typical British town

UFO sightings in the UK go back years

He immediately noticed that the interior of the craft was lit up and glowing, as if the light was coming from the walls of the craft themselves. This is a particularly important detail, as many people who claim to have been onboard a UFO – whether voluntarily or by abduction – often make similar claims about this no-source lighting. It is perhaps a detail so trivial that it perhaps suggests credibility.

Before he could take in any further details, the voice appeared again and asked him to remove his clothes and slip into a strange, plastic suit. Once more he complied with the instruction, before moving on, further inside the craft. He arrived in a room with around 20 humanoids inside, each around six feet tall and each wearing the same blue uniform. The next thing he realized, the craft was moving, and they were traveling into outer space.

He claimed to have been taken to their home planet, which he said was called Zomdic, which he claimed had “yellow vegetation instead of green” and was ruled by “Wise Seniors”. He was returned to Earth after this journey and was away for 45 hours in total.

How credible we should take Cooke’s account is open to debate. It is perhaps worth mentioning, though, that Cooke would establish The Church of Aquarius shortly after this incident. From here he would claim to receive telepathic messages from these alleged alien visitors. The foundation lasted around a decade before he simply vanished from the public eye. Was James Cooke a genuine contactee? Or was he nothing more than a charlatan looking for quick fame and profit?

The Strange Creature And The Metallic Hut With No Windows

According to Volume 6, No 5 edition of the BUFORA Journal, on the 15th May 1973 in Sandown on the Isle of Wight, 7-year-old Fay was playing with a friend on the golf links when a sudden siren sound cut the air. The pair listened for a moment before then following the sound in an attempt to locate where it was coming from and what it was. They eventually came to a swampy meadow. Once there, the sound stepped.

The two children decided to cross over the brook using a footbridge and take a look at the other side. As they did so, however, a strange figure suddenly appeared from underneath it. Although things were happening quickly, it appeared to the children that this creature had a “book” in its hands that it temporarily dropped into the water before retrieving it again.

This strange creature was approximately seven feet tall and was wearing a yellow, pointed hood-like hat that appeared to have wooden antennae on the sides. Fay would further recall that he had “triangular markings for eyes, a brown square nose, and motionless lips”. He also wore blue gloves that appeared to show only three fingers.

As they watched, it made its way to what the children described as a “metallic hut” with no windows. He went inside temporarily before returning, holding something that looked like a microphone in his hand. At this point, the two children were approximately 150 feet from the creature. They watched as it raised the apparent microphone to its mouth and asked if they were “still there”.

It appeared to the two witnesses that his tone was a friendly one, and so they began forward toward it. They noticed that the creature appeared to be writing something in a large notebook which he then showed to them. It said, “Hello and I am all colors, Sam”. The creature then spoke to them directly, although without the aid of the microphone, and without moving its mouth. Although his speech was a little broken and unclear, the children could understand him.

The two children, who had now noticed his clothing appeared torn, asked why they were ripped, and asked if he was a man. When the creature replied, no, the children then asked if he was a ghost. This time, the creature replied that he wasn’t, but that “in an odd sort of way, I am”. When they pressed as to what he was, he simply replied that they knew.

Following this exchange, he invited the two children into his metallic hut, which they entered via a lift-up opening. Once inside, they could see that it was made up of two different floors and contained what appeared to be “simple wooden furniture”. There were also strange dials on the walls as well as some kind of heater.

They spoke with the creature for a little while longer before finally going on their way. When they saw a man on their way back over the golf links, they blurted out to him that they had seen a ghost that lived there.

Just what the creature might have been is open to debate.

The Truly Bizarre Encounter Of Jan Siedlecki

Three years later, at around 2 am one August night in 1976 just outside of Leeds in West Yorkshire, another little-known close encounter unfolded. According to a report in Volume 15, Number 1 of UFO Magazine, mechanic Jan Siedlecki had returned home from working late at Brydon’s Garage and was so exhausted, he went straight up to bed.

A short time later, however, a strange flash lit up his entire bedroom, causing him to leap from his bed and head to the window. His first thought was that an explosion had happened at the garage. However, when he peered outside, he was shocked to see a bizarre saucer-shaped craft hovering approximately 10 to 15 feet from the ground. The craft appeared to be in sort of distress and had a noticeable wobble.

Jan quickly dressed and rushed outside. He headed in the same direction as the craft as it descended over a nearby piece of grass and landed in three legs that protruded from the underside. Jan remained where he was and watched. A moment later, a tube-like shape emerged from the craft and stretched to the ground. A moment later, with the underside of the craft glowing a bright blue, the tube opened “like a book”.

A second or so later, two humanoid figures stepped out of the tube and stood in front of Jan. Both were around four feet tall, and Jan could see that they were signaling him to come closer. Cautiously, Jan did so. He could hear the creatures talking to each other in a language unknown to him. He further noticed that each wore what appeared to be mittens on their hands, while on their chests was a square patch that was full of different colored buttons and switches.

A depiction of a UFO over London

Many encounters feature humanoid occupants

He watched as both of the humanoids were manipulating the switches on these chest panels. Then, suddenly they began speaking in English, as if the chest device was some kind of futuristic translator. They went on to inform him that they had trouble with their ship and had to carry out repairs. He noticed when they spoke that their voices had a “tinny” sound to them. Jan was then invited on board the craft while the repairs were being carried out, an invitation he accepted.

As soon as he stepped inside, he was met with an odor that reminded him of rotting grass. Regardless, he followed the two humanoids, eventually finding himself in what appeared to be the main central room. Around the edge of the room there was a small trough of water – around two feet wide – and on top of this water was what appeared to be a strange, green grassy vegetation that seemed to grow on the water.

He noticed several figures, slightly different from the first two humanoids who appeared to be engaged with the said repair huddled around an area on the far side of the room. From what Jan could see they were gathered around a circular container that had a black, bubbling liquid inside and from which occasional flashes of red light jumped into the air.

Before Jan could take in any more details, however, a sudden football-shaped orange light appeared in the room and began darting from one place to another. As it did so, commotion broke out inside the craft and one of the humanoids told Jan that he would have to leave the craft, telling him once he was outside the ship, he should run as far away from the craft as he could.

He did so, and as soon as his feet touched the ground, he ran as fast as he could. As he did so, he heard a “high-pitched whistling” noise which increased in volume and intensity. When he turned around the object was rising into the night sky with what looked like red flames coming from its underside.

Strange Creatures With Doll-Like Hair

Another remarkable account occurred in Gateshead in August 1979 and features some intriguing similarities to other accounts we have examined here. The incident was documented in the book The Paranormal Files and is without a doubt one of the most thought-provoking on record.

According to the account, in the early hours one morning, the witness – referred to as Carol W – was laid awake in her bed waiting for her husband to return home from work on the late shift. She had brought a cup of tea upstairs with her in an attempt to nurse the toothache which had prevented her from falling asleep. Suddenly, a strange and intense bright, red light appeared through the bedroom curtains, causing her to immediately leave her bed and rush to the window to see what was causing this mysterious glow.

When she looked outside, she saw a disc-shaped object hovering over the street right outside her home. This bizarre object “sparkled with multicolored lights” as it remained motionless a short distance above the rooftops. Then, without warning, it simply shot off into the sky and disappeared in flash.

A depiction of a UFO over a country house

Just what is behind these UFO sightings?

Unsure of what exactly she had seen, Carol retreated from the window and returned to her bed. Several moments later, however, an exact “miniature replica” of the otherworldly craft entered her room through the window, casting off several sparks from its exterior as it did so. It moved over to her bed and hovered above it for several moments. As it did so, Carol began to feel a bizarre sensation throughout her body. The object then moved away from the bed and left the room through the open bedroom door at a considerable pace.

This strange craft returned around two weeks later. This time, Carol’s husband was at home and she immediately called out to him. However, by the time he had arrived, the object had disappeared back out of the bedroom window. Carol, though, was understandably shaken by the events, and left with such an anxious feeling that the next time her husband was working the late shift, she opted to stay at her mother’s house.

However, the events were about to take an even stranger turn.

After retiring to bed on the night in question at her mother’s house, Carol suddenly awoke at 4 am. She immediately noticed the strange miniature UFO hovering over her. Of even more concern, though, was the fact that she was unable to move. It was only after several moments that she realized there were also several small humanoids in the room.

These strange creatures were around two feet tall, wore strange white suits, and had hair that appeared like dolls’ hair. She watched helplessly as they began approaching the bed, making strange “clicking” sounds as they moved. They proceed to perform some kind of examination on her before retreating and disappearing.

These strange creatures would continue appearing randomly for around two months before they suddenly ceased suddenly as they began.

Humanoid Encounters Have Continued Into The 2000s

In more recent times as the 2000s unfolded, several other encounters with apparent alien humanoids occurred. On the 27th November 2004, for example, two 12-year-old friends were walking near Sommerville Swamp near the estate where they lived when they encountered just such a strange and otherworldly creature. [2] According to the report, at one point, the witness’s friend climbed onto a pile of bricks that had been left behind by builders in order to see what was on the other side. The witness followed, but before they could reach the top, their friend let out a sound of shock.

To begin with, the witness couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then, when her friend pointed to where she was looking, they could see a “big tall figure walking crookedly on the swamp”. The witness recalled that this bizarre figure was silver and black, and had long fingers that appeared to be disjointed or dislocated.

At this stage, the witness let out a gasp of horror – one that immediately captured the attention of the creature. It turned its head in their direction and looked directly at the pair. The witness turned and ran, stopping after several seconds when they realized their friend remained, almost in shock simply staring at this monstrous creature.

After a moment or so, though, she too climbed down from the bricks and ran, neither stopping until they arrived at the witness’s house. They told their parents and other members of the household of what they had seen, but were immediately aware that they weren’t believed.

Perhaps even more unnerving, they also came to the realization that the previous evening, when they had been in the same location, they had seen something strange that they described as “cruckedy”. However, as it was already dark, they put it down to a large branch. However, they know believed that whatever the creature they had witnessed from the pile of bricks was, it had most likely been watching the night before.

Many Encounters Of Strange Objects Overhead

Of course, as intriguing as these close encounters with apparent humanoid aliens are, there are just as many sightings of strange lights and mysterious objects that are on record from the United Kingdom. Whether these sightings are connected (indirectly) to some of the humanoid encounters we have examined above is a topic for debate. They are, though, extremely interesting and potentially important to putting together a larger picture of the UFO and alien question.

One of these incidents, for example, could very well have been a sighting of a UFO crashing to the ground in March near Cambridge in the early evening of 5th January 1965. [3] On the night in question, local resident, Max Beran, witnessed something mysterious moving through the sky and fall to the ground. However, rather than be a meteor as we might suspect, Beran would go on to give a precise description of what would appear to be a solid intelligently designed object.

He would state in his report to the Meteorological Office that while the object was in the sunlight it gave “the appearance of a curved object”. He further claimed that it moved much too fast to have been simply a parachute. It eventually disappeared beyond the horizon, but was most definitely moving in downward.

Beran’s report would eventually find its way to the offices of the Ministry of Defense who instructed the March police to investigate the sighting and then report back to them. This, and other lines of inquiry resulted in an 11-page report that was only declassified in the mid-1990s. It would state that as well as instructing the local police, the MoD contacted various departments across the armed forces, including the Royal Navy, as well as various aviation bodies, including the Ministry of Aviation. Ultimately, these various departments and organizations were unable to come up with any plausible explanation for what Beran had reported.

Perhaps what also makes this case particularly interesting is that it only came to light when it was declassified as part of the UK’s 30-year-rule (meaning all documents, whether highly classified or not, have to be placed in the public domain). That the government chose to hold on to this until it was forced to disclose it is perhaps an indicator of the importance and potential of the sighting. And, of course, there could always be the possibility that further information and details on this incident remain locked away from the public.

A Strange Cone Of Light Over North London

Five years later in the Finsbury Park area of London, at around 7 pm one October evening in 1970, a 20-year-old anonymous witness was just leaving their parents’ home ready to make their way to a night class. [4] They lived on the top floor of a block of apartments – which was approximately 50 feet from the ground – and their front door led out onto a balcony walkway that offered stunning views across North London.

As the witness went to leave, looking out over the city, he noticed a bizarre “cone of bright light pointing down from above”. It appeared to him that this “wide circle of light” was searching the waters and buildings below “slowly and methodically”. He stopped still and called out to his father to come out onto the balcony so they could view the anomaly.

A depiction of a UFO over London

Just what might be behind the many UFO sightings of the UK?

He did so and immediately suggested that it might be a helicopter. However, the fact that it was completely silent made this unlikely. He watched the strange cone of light with his father for several more moments before finally going on his way to the bus stop. From this angle, he could see the aerial anomaly from a different angle. It continued to seemingly search the area, with the only sound he could hear was the sound of the road traffic.

Once he was on the bus, and with the light still very visible, the witness tried to get other passengers to look at it also. However, most ignored him, and the only person who did look claimed that it was nothing but a helicopter, just as his father had. As the witness stressed in his report, when the sightings occurred in 1970, there were not nearly as many helicopters flying at (relatively) low altitude as there are in the modern world of the twenty-first century, and certainly not in more residential areas.

In the days that followed, the witness attempted to report the sightings to various authorities, including the police, the water authority, and even the BBC. None of the, however, treated his report seriously.

The witness has spoken to many people over the years about what he saw, but there remains no explanation for it.

Disc-Shaped Object Flies Alongside Concorde

Just over a decade later, at 10 am on 15th April 1981 in Reading, an anonymous 11-year-old boy and several friends were outside looking skyward ready to watch the Concorde pass overhead. Their home was directly on the flight path for the plane as it came into land at Heathrow and would regularly shake their windows as it passed overhead.

According to the MUFON report, on this particular morning, as they were looking up, one of the children called out, “What’s that? Is it a helicopter?” A few seconds passed before someone else responded that whatever this mysterious aerial object was, it was “NOT a helicopter”.

As the witness looked up, they could clearly see a silver disc-shaped object. And what’s more, it was flying almost side-by-side with the Concorde. It remained in this position for around 30 or 40 seconds, although the witnesses were not completely sure if it was above, below, or alongside it. Then, without warning, it suddenly “shot off like a bullet” and disappeared into the clouds, suggesting that as well as heading into the distance it was likely heading upward.

The witness would later add that the object appeared to be much smaller than the Concorde, but still large enough that it could be seen clearly. Whatever the object might have been remains a mystery. However, from the description in the report, it would appear that the craft was a typical disc-shaped object that seemed to have taken an interest in the Concorde before shooting off into the distance.

Large Four-Sided Trapezoid Over Plymouth

A particularly intriguing sighting that has recently come to light following an online report by a Mr. Tyler unfolded in Plymouth, Devon, in the United Kingdom. According to the report, one January evening in 1983, at around 8:30 pm, when the witness was a child, he was at home with his mother and his sister when his younger sibling burst into the room telling them to come outside to see a large object overhead.

When they followed her, they witnessed a “large four-sided trapezoid” shaped object that the witness recalled as being “like an inverted cone with a triangular rather than a flat bottom”. Mr. Taylor’s sister claimed she had seen several windows that were lit up on the side of the object. Furthermore, the craft – which was approximately 100 to 150 feet across – appeared to be following a commercial plane that was heading toward Plymouth Airport.

Sketch by the witness of the UFO they witnessed

Sketch by the witness of the UFO they witnessed

As they continued to watch, it appeared to descend behind the valley, literally seeming to skim over the rooftops of the houses as it went. Around its side, beginning at the top, were red lights and that made they down to the apex of the craft. The further it went into the distance, these red lights were the only indication that it was even there as it remained completely silent throughout the incident. It eventually disappeared into the distance leaving the stunned family to return inside the house and contemplate just what they had seen.

Amazingly, the following day, a report in a local newspaper claimed that two women had witnessed the same object while driving. They attempted to follow it but eventually lost sight of it as it head off. Mr. Taylor also claimed that local chitchat stated that the same object was witnessed hovering near the nearby naval base.

What is interesting about this particular base is that it acts as a refitting yard for nuclear submarines. It is well known to UFO researchers and enthusiasts that these seeming otherworldly vehicles have an interest in nuclear facilities, including nuclear submarines. Given that the region has experienced numerous UFO sightings (and still does today) might this nuclear connection be of importance?

Several Intriguing Sightings In 1986

In 1986, several particularly intriguing sightings are on record. On the evening of 15th June in Chard Town in Somerset, for example, at around 7 pm, the 16-year-old witness was playing in the local school fields with friends when they noticed a “ball of light moving incredibly fast” above them. [5] They all stopped what they were doing in order to watch the aerial display. They all agreed that they were not looking at a satellite, nor was it a conventional aircraft.

They would recall that it was around four to five times brighter than the brighter star and was approximately five to seven miles above them. They were all shocked at just what they were looking at, with one of the group even running back home because they were so terrified by what they were seeing.

The remaining friends remembered they had a rabbiting light with them, and so proceeded to flash it at the object repeatedly. The light, however, was unresponsive. It did, though, come to a sudden halt in the sky around 30 minutes after they had first noticed it. The group of friends continued to watch it, amazed when a “second light shot out of it to the end of our town’s edge and back at magnificent speed”. Then, a second light shot out of the glowing object, then a third, and a fourth, until eventually, they had lost count as to how many lights had been shot out of the object, guessing it was anywhere from 30 to 50 in total.

These emerging lights were no brighter than the stars in the sky, but they didn’t flicker as the stars did and so were easy for the group to pick them out. What’s more, they moved across the sky at various speeds. After several minutes these secondary lights began returning to the initial glowing object, one by one until they had all disappeared leaving the single, larger light hovering for several more moments before it simply faded away.

With that, the group left the field and returned to their respective homes. Although they had no idea of what they had seen, they knew it was something very much out of the ordinary. However, the following evening, the main witness would find themselves once more looking at a true aerial anomaly.

This time, the witness was outside their home, the events of the previous evening still very much in their mind. As such, they were staring at the sky in case they witnessed anything further strange activity. To their disbelief, they did see something else – a “large round sphere” that appeared to be an “up-turned hot air balloon”. There were multiple colored flashing lights around the exterior of the object. Realizing the object was likely not a conventional aircraft they ran back inside the house to grab the binoculars and tell their father to come outside.

When they viewed the object through the binoculars, they realized they were indeed seeing a truly strange, otherworldly solid vehicle. Although they couldn’t see exactly what shape they were, there appeared to be panels in between the lights (they claimed they were hexagonal or octagonal). The object remained in sight for around 10 minutes and the witness guessed it was at an approximate altitude of two miles.

Incidentally, the witness’s father also saw the object. However, he would refuse to speak of the sightings, even privately, something which “totally confused” the witness.

What is also of interest, only hours before the first sighting the group had in the field, at around 12:30 pm in Oxford, a similar sighting of a sphere-shaped was reported. [6] According to the report, the witness was on their way to London and was stuck in traffic on Oxford High Street. As they sat in their motionless vehicle, their attention was captured by something in the sky that the witness, at first, thought was the moon.

However, they quickly realized it wasn’t the moon they were looking at all, but some kind of “white colored sphere”. It remained in sight for around 20 seconds then accelerated away and disappeared into the distance.

Strange Object Hovers Over “Secret” Factory In Stoke-on-Trent

Several months later at around 3 am on 1st November in Stoke-on-Trent, a particularly intriguing incident involving an anomalous object unfolded, perhaps not least due to the location of the witness at the time. [7] The witness was on night security duty and was patrolling an area between two different factories, one of which was “a secret place” that was purposely built “in a small dip, out of sight”. In this discreet factory, the “manufacture of some sort of catalyst” that was “used for something nuclear”.

On this particular night as they patrolled the area, the witness noticed a “bright white light” up ahead. At first, he thought it was the security light of a helicopter, which wouldn’t be unusual. However, the more he realized that there was “something different” about the light, which he estimated was around three miles away. He quickly realized that the light, whatever it was, was heading in his direction. It was traveling at approximately 50 miles per hour, but as it came closer to his location, it slowed down dramatically.

At this point it was around 100 feet above the ground and around 250 feet away from him. From this distance he could tell there were no landing lights as per a standard conventional aircraft. More puzzling, there was no sound of any engines whatsoever. What he was staring at, he realized, it was something out of the ordinary.

Although he suspected that the light was attached to a larger, solid object, he couldn’t make out any definite shape, even though it was only a stone’s throw away from him. The object remained where it was, just hovering in the sky for around 10 minutes. Then, the witness began toward it. He had taken only three or four steps when the object “shot through the sky” back in the direction it had arrived from. All the while, this aerial anomaly remained completely silent.

No Let Up In Bizarre Aerial Anomalies

As the 1980s handed off to the nineties, UFO sightings in the UK continued. Perhaps one of the most intriguing of this final decade of the twentieth century occurred at around 7:30 pm one evening in 1990 in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire. The witness – who was only 12 years old at the time – was in their bedroom in the loft of the house watching television.

Suddenly, without warning or reason, a strange feeling came over them. Of even more concern, they were suddenly unable to move and they could hear a “pulsing noise, like an electrical rumble”. A moment later they noticed a “light moving across the window”. The more they looked at the light, the more they could make out a solid shape and “even some surface details”.

He watched the object, still unable to move. Once the object had cleared the property, however, he regained control of his limbs once more. At this point, he ran to the window and watched the object disappear into the distance behind the trees. He ran outside with his binoculars in an attempt to view the object further but it was now nowhere to be seen.

He would return inside and quickly sketch what he had seen. You can see that picture below.

Sketch of the strange object by the witness

Sketch of the strange object by the witness

The following year in 1991 in West Bromwich, at around 7 pm, a group of three friends watched an extremely “bright dot” move across the sky in an erratic fashion. Although they were not sure what the object was, all agreed that it moved much too fast to be a conventional aircraft. After around two minutes, it had disappeared out of sight.

A similar sighting occurred around five years later in 1996 in Foxham, Wiltshire. On the afternoon in question, 10-year-old Nick McClernon was laying on some bales of hay with three friends. As they chatted, they looked up at the blue afternoon sky. As they did, however, they noticed “two or three small white dots” directly overhead.

The witness recalled they were “dancing about like flies” and appeared to be far too high to be airplanes or helicopters. Furthermore, they moved much too fast and in a darting motion. As the events unfolded, several clouds appeared to drift toward the objects, which were eventually enveloped by it. What is perhaps interesting about this is that some UFO researchers suggest that UFOs could generate clouds to use to hide their presence.

Around the same time, at around 11:30 pm on 1st March 1996 in Westminster, London, a local resident witnessed a “cluster” of strange objects flying in formation. The witness was driving in the city and pulled his car over to the side of the road. He was looking out in the direction of the MI6 Vauxhall Bridge when they saw several strange lights in the sky. To begin with, they believed they were seeing “pranksters playing with powerful searchlights”.

However, when the lights began to change colors, going from red-to-orange, and then back to red, he realized they were something entirely different. This was further backed up when the strange lights began to move off in different directions. The lights continued to change colors, before eventually forming into a V-formation, eventually disappearing into the distance.

Discreet UFO Sightings Continue Into The Twenty-First Century

As we might imagine, with the spread of the Internet, camera phones, and technology, in general, sightings of these mysterious objects in the skies of the United Kingdom seemingly increased as the 2000s progressed.

At around noon on 4th January 2001 in the Greater Manchester area of England, a husband and wife were driving home when they suddenly noticed a “bright oval-shaped object rise up” into the sky from behind one of the nearby houses. It moved at a steady pace, beginning to increase in speed as it moved away from them. The witness estimated it was moving at approximately 20 miles per hour at this stage.

Then, it suddenly changed direction and disappeared behind the houses on the roadside. The witness then restarted his car and set out in the direction of the object, hoping to track it down once more. However, it was now nowhere to be seen and had seemingly disappeared.

According to the files of the Cornwall UFO Research Group, at around 10 pm on 9th August 2004 in St. Agnes Beacon, a couple were driving toward the beach when they noticed what they believed were the headlights of an approaching car. The witness’s automatic reaction was to dip his own headlights. However, when he did so, he realized there was no oncoming vehicle.

At the same time, the witness’s wife saw a “round glowing light” about 350 feet away and around 170 feet in the air. They continued in the direction they were going, the object eventually passing directly over the top of them. As it did so, they could make out an “inverted red-orange triangle” just below the clouds. It was visible for no more than two seconds before disappearing once more. It moved off in the opposite direction to the two witnesses.

Several months later, at around 1 am on 17th October in Cheshire, a Liverpool resident, Paul Reason, was driving home with his wife after visiting friends for the evening. Theirs was the only vehicle on the road and the night was quiet. Suddenly, to their left, a bizarre vapor appeared, as if it was a suddenly appearing fog. However, unlike a normal fog, this misty substance remained in front of their car, appearing to travel at the exact same speed.

The thought that some kind of vortex was forming right in front of them shot through Paul’s mind, and he told his wife to slow the car down so they didn’t drive into the strange mist. He could see something spinning within the mist, as well as strange blue flashes. Then, the mist transferred itself to the top of their car, the entire interior of the vehicle being lit up in blue.

They continued driving, eventually turning down another quiet road. The mist temporarily returned to the side of their vehicle before shooting up into the air. At this point, Paul opened the passenger window and peeked outside, looking directly up toward the glow. From this vantage point, he could see “two rings, one large wraith looking one” that was lit up in blue “inside smaller plasma-like teardrop shapes chained together spinning and individually wobbling”.

The object remained with the vehicle until the reached the motorway before it finally disappeared. Although the witness reported the incident to several UFO organizations, as well as NASA, the incident remains unexplained.

Photographs Captured Of Disc-Like Objects

In 2005, not only were there several UFO sightings reported in the UK, two of them resulted in photographic evidence.

Although there was no specific date mentioned, at some stage in the spring or summer of that year, a group of friends decided to pose for a photograph in Cornwall. However, when they viewed their photograph at a later date, they were more than shocked to see a strange, dark object seemingly taking off into the sky behind them. Some who have viewed this photograph insist that it is nothing more than a bird, while others believe there is a possibility that it is indeed something more otherworldly. You can view that picture below.

Several months later, on the afternoon of 18th November in Norwich, local resident Rachel Kleypas-Sparrow’s husband captured what appeared to be a classic disc-shaped object while photographing a church. The witness claimed that the object was not visible when their husband photographed the church, however, she could sense it at the time.

As the witness also points out, the church itself is barely 40 feet high, with the object seeming to be only a short distance above that. She also recalled that when the picture was taken, the streets were particularly busy with shoppers, although nobody appeared to have noticed anything unusual overhead. You can see that picture below.

Two years after that photograph was taken, at just before 9 pm on 12th March 2007 in Swindon, 17-year-old Chris Moran spotted an unusual object overhead. [8] According to a report – which received coverage on several local media platforms – the witness was walking near open ground when they noticed something out of the corner of their eye. He turned, and noticed “an oval-shaped object” that was “quite bright” and was simply “hanging in the sky”. It was only visible for a matter of seconds before it “zoomed off” into the distance.

Chris turned to the friends he was with and asked if they too had seen it. However, much to his dismay, they claimed they hadn’t. Around an hour later, however, the object was seen again – and this time, all of the group saw it too.

On this occasion, they were outside a public house when the object was once more visible in the night sky. The witness once more stated it was an oval shape “like a rugby ball”. And what’s more, they noticed that it was seemingly completely silent, with no sound of engines or the usual “rumbling” sound that might often be associated with an aircraft moving at such a fast pace, a pace, incidentally, that appeared “far too fast” for anything the witnesses had seen previously. Such was the commotion the group was making as they watched the object, that at least one person came outside of the pub and witnessed it also.

When the Ministry of Defense was asked to comment on the sighting following the publicity it received, they claimed that they had not received any reports of UFO sightings in the Swindon area on the night in question, and so could not comment further.

Like many of the other reports we have examined here – and remember, these are but a minuscule number by comparison to what is on record – the incident remains unexplained.

No Sign Of A Decrease In UFO Activity

As we can see, then, as well as the better-known UFO and alien encounters, there are a plethora of other incidents that could be, even in the Internet age, could be in danger of falling through the cracks of time. And while we should perhaps treat some of these incidents more seriously than others, all of them are important to keep in the public consciousness while we continue our collective search for just what lies behind the UFO and alien phenomenon.

We should also keep in mind that these sightings and encounters continue, regularly, today as we progress through the 2020s. And while we might be closer, albeit minimally, to some form of disclosure from the government, what intelligence, if any, lies behind these UFOs remains almost as much of a mystery now as it did at the start of the Modern UFO era that, officially at least, began with the Roswell crash.

What we can also see is that there are no signs that UFO sightings are about to decrease. If anything, there appears to be at the very least a maintaining of activity, and very likely slight increases as more and more people turn their attention skyward and contemplate the real possibility of extraterrestrial visitation, and if that is what is behind these mysterious aerial vehicles and bizarre entities.

The short video below looks at some of the best UFO and alien encounters from the UK.


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