The “Black Boomerang” UFO Of Poughkeepsie

Marcus Lowth
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December 15, 2018
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October 25, 2021
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The Poughkeepsie Boomerang UFO is either the result of misguided ravings or, and perhaps more likely, one of the most effective cover-ups of a UFO sighting on record. An incident alleged to have happened over three decades ago in an area of New York in the summer of 1985 had several witnesses and is still debated today. What made the incident even more intriguing was it happened right over the offices of the local Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper offices. Given that photographs had already been captured, journalists couldn’t believe their luck when the“story of the century” literally landed right in their lap. They couldn’t believe it even more when they were told, under no circumstance were they to write accounts or print pictures of the incident.

A depiction of the Poughkeepsie Boomerang

A depiction of the Poughkeepsie Boomerang

Perhaps even stranger, the “Black Boomerang” UFOs appear to have been a particular feature over the skies of New York throughout the 1980s. As we will examine, these Boomerang sightings stretch back to the late-1960s in the New York and New Jersey area, and while not as often, they still occur in the area today. As they do throughout the United States and the rest of the planet. Why, though, was this particular UFO witnessed so often over this region in the eighties? It is an answer we are not likely to find out, but the accounts from the time are extremely interesting reading. And, one day, as researchers piece the UFO puzzle together, may prove to be an important piece of the overall picture.

A “Strange Sight” That Was “Not An Airplane!”

On the evening of 25th August 1985, shortly after 9:35 pm a journalist for the Poughkeepsie Journal, Greg Boone, received an excited phone call from one of their photographers (who has always wished to remain anonymous). On the other end of the line, she offered that “one of those giant boomerang UFOs that people had been reporting for years” [1] was heading in their direction. It was currently heading along NY Route 9. If he was to go the windows, or even the roof of the office, the photographer suggested, he would likely see it himself.

She would explain in 2015 when the case was reexamined by Boone himself, that she had been out at the Dutchess County Fair that summer’s Sunday in New York. Around 20,000 people had attended, most of which were now heading along the same road as the boomerang-shaped UFO. The photographer had been on a hill overlooking the fair, hoping to capture several more shots of the hustle and bustle of the summer outing. As she was doing this and speaking to someone nearby, she suddenly noticed “a strange sight. Something that definitely was not an airplane”.

The object was rounded slightly and most definitely a darker shade against the early evening sky. And furthermore, it was huge. She and her friend continued to watch for around ten minutes when it suddenly vanished in the blink of an eye. She would recall in 2015 how “it just left. It wasn’t there anymore”.

According to later witness statements, people along the highway would pull their cars over and leave their vehicles. Everyone was eager to get a good look at this most strange object moving across the Poughkeepsie skyline.

“The Story Of The Century”, Right?

In the meantime, Boone, along with two other Poughkeepsie Journal editors went rushing to their third-floor window of the newspaper’s offices. Despite their prior warning of what to expect to see, all were still in awe at the black object, around five miles away and 100 feet from the ground, heading in their direction. On the underside of the craft, amber and red lights were glowing. Boone would later recall how large the object was by comparison to how slow it was moving. It certainly shouldn’t have been flying at such low altitude over what was essentially a residential area.

When the object was to within a few miles, the lights suddenly shut off. It then, would head directly towards the newspaper office building. It must have suddenly increased its speed as “the thing got huge very fast”. In fact, it would fly over the top of their building. From there, they would rush to the other side of the office to see if it was visible from the other side. When they couldn’t see it, they then made the decision to head to the bathrooms which would allow a clear view of the top of the building.

It moved once again, forcing them to rush once more to the other side of the bathroom. Once more, they could see the UFO, before it once more changed direction and disappeared completely out of sight. All the while, the huge object (at least 200 feet wide) made no noise whatsoever.

Rushing back, Boone and several other journalists marveled at the photographs captured by their colleague. And the “many thousands” of witnesses they could speak to. They would have “the story of the century”, surely. Especially given their access to such news outlets as AP and Reuters.

Poughkeepsie Journal

Poughkeepsie Journal

Orders From “On High!”

Then, came the order the story was not to run. And according to Boone, the order came from “on high”. As if the reiterate that order, the following day several “menacing chaps” arrived at the Poughkeepsie Journal offices. Although no threats were issued, it was made clear that “talk” of UFOs was to be steered clear of. Bemused, and more than a little angry with the decision, Boone wouldn’t write an account of the incident. He would, however, continue to investigate it privately. Nor would the incident be the last time such a craft was witnessed from the Poughkeepsie Journal building.

According to Boone, around a year later in the summer of 1986 a “huge saucer-shaped craft” approached their building. And like before, it hovered silently for several minutes. Boone would rush out of the building to his van to retrieve his telescope. As he did, he looked directly upwards and witnessed the “boomerang object” hovering overhead with the first craft. He looked around. There were three other people in the parking area. All of them saw the object above. Then, both of the objects disappeared. Boone would recall they must have been traveling “over 500 miles per hour easy”.

According to Boone, the “boomerang object chased the circular object away” and did so in full view of onlookers. It is an interesting account, no doubt. What should we make of one UFO chasing another away? Does that suggest a prevention of some kind of attack or operation by this circular craft? Was there an unseen circular craft present a year previously on the night of the Dutchess County Fair? And perhaps most importantly, who or what might be behind these strange black boomerang-shaped UFOs?

Boomerang-Shaped Crafts Over New York And New Jersey Since The Late-60s!

Perhaps what is more intriguing is that, according to Boone, these sightings of the Black Boomerang date back to the start of the decade in 1980. Boone would also claim to have witnessed the strange and distinctly boomerang shaped object six times in total. In fact, there are several reports, one as far back as the late-1960s of strange, boomerang-shaped crafts, several of which in the New Jersey and New York areas of the United States.

For example, shortly after midnight on the 13th August 1969 in Port Chester, New York, came a report of “two solid boomerang shapes” [2] crossing the sky in formation. The sighting came from the resident of a sixth-floor apartment in the area. They were out on the terrace of the apartment watching for potential meteors during the Perseid meteor shower. Suddenly a bright light appeared on the horizon. As his eyes focused, he could see “two boomerang-shaped things, one slightly ahead of the other but in tight formation”. The objects passed overhead of the apartment allowing the witness to see their “luminous silvery greenish blue color”. They would then vanish from sight, not at any point making a sound. The whole incident lasted no longer than two seconds.

At around 10 pm on the 15th July 1975 in Dover, New Jersey, a boyfriend and girlfriend witnessed “several boomerang-shaped discs” [3] hovering overhead. One was distinctly larger than the rest and would appear to have some kind of control over the smaller crafts. The couple, along with the girl’s parents viewed the encounter for almost two hours before the objects disappeared. A sighting of a boomerang-shaped craft in Rochester, New Jersey in January 1980 even has all the hallmarks of an alien abduction [4] following an implant recovered from the witness.

Artist's impression of the Poughkeepsie UFO

Artist’s impression of the Poughkeepsie UFO

More Sporadic “Boomerang” Sightings In The Twenty-First Century

There does appear to be a significant increase in boomerang-shaped UFOs in and around New Jersey in the 1980s. And while reports of these specifically shaped crafts decreased, some sightings still occur.

At around 7 pm on 28th August 1998 in West Islip, New York, for example, a husband and wife, as well as their two children, would report a “large black boomerang low to the ground” [5] near to their house. The object would hover for around two minutes across the street from their home. They would watch events unfold from their back porch. The husband, who would make the report, would state that the object had “fairly sharp angled surfaces”. Furthermore, this exterior of the craft had the look of a “rough surface similar to Velcro”. He would also report that one of the “wings” of the boomerang appeared “flexible” as it rose and vanished out of sight.

Another sighting occurred on the evening of 12th July 2005 in Parsippany, New Jersey. Around 11 pm a boomerang-shaped object [6] with “two lights in front (and a) red light in (the) back” was witnessed hovering overhead. The witness would claim the “red light seemed suspended from the craft” and was around 2,000 feet above the ground. It then accelerated and moved away at speed.

Around two years later, just after 11 pm on the 28th August 2007 in the town of Glassboro, New Jersey, two witnesses would report seeing “two bright lights” [7] coming from over a house as they walked through the residential area. These lights appeared “out of complete darkness” and had the appearance of boomerangs. The objects, extremely low to the ground, made a strange “deep humming noise” as they passed over the pair. They eventually disappeared out of sight behind the nearby trees.

It Didn’t “Fly Away”, It “Erased Itself!”

One of the more recent sightings of these strange boomerang crafts occurred just before midnight on 19th June 2011. A parent and their 18-year-old daughter were leaving a movie theatre in Parsippany and walking to their car. The teenager suddenly shouted to “look up” as she was doing. In the skies, to the east of the pair, was a “very strange, huge group of orange, yellow and red lights glowing brightly. Together they formed an enormous boomerang shape [8] with the wing tips facing downwards”. Although the witness couldn’t see any specific detail of the craft, it was perfectly obvious that there was a solid structure behind the lights.

They would later estimate the craft to be “the size of a baseball field”. And was between 500 and 1,000 feet from the ground. It would hover, in complete silence, for around a minute. As they watched, an orb appeared on the right “wing”. At first, it simply remained motionless, but after a short time, it would travel along and around the shape of the object. Eventually finding its way back to the point it appeared.

Then, the craft began to disappear. However, the witness would point out that it didn’t appear to “travel away in the sky”. Rather, it “seemed to erase itself”. The lights would turn off or disappear one by one in some kind of order. The final light was the one at the center of the craft, although the outline of the craft was still barely visible. When this final center light went out, though, the entire craft vanished and there “was nothing left in the sky”.

Check out the video below. It looks at one of the more recent UFO sightings in the skies of New Jersey.


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  • Bob says:

    I saw this object near Wapingers Falls in 1985! Just as described in this article! The no sound for such a low, large object was the most bizarre element of the whole experience.

  • Brian Fraser says:

    It Didn’t “Fly Away”, It “Erased Itself!”

    Compare that statement with this from “Beyond Einstein: non-local physics” , page 21, 22:

    Example: there are two kinds of position and two kinds of velocity. Remember those two terms in the non-local form of gamma? We are using only one of them for propulsion—the spatial velocity one that depends on Newtonian mechanics. The other possibility, that of non-local motion, has been left unexplored. Using that, an aircraft could move from one position in the sky to another without traversing the intervening space. It would appear at one location, then disappear, then re-appear at another location. It could move at extremely high speeds without generating a sonic boom. It would use “field propulsion” based on the non-local characteristics of electric and magnetic fields. It would be completely self-contained because there is no action/reaction (exhaust) as in conventional propulsion (in this case, the reaction forces are radial, and cancel out within the structure of the aircraft, making the preferred shape one of something with radial symmetry, like a saucer or cigar). . . .

    Control of gravity and control of locality, would give us the ability to travel to the stars without traversing the intervening space. It would give us new forms of energy, and new ways of shaping our world, as well as many other astonishing things. But, clearly, there is a lot of work to do before we get there. At a minimum the currently “reigning paradigm” in physics must change and include things that are Beyond Einstein.

  • Thomm Quackenbush says:

    I witnessed this when I was a child and it, along with field research in Pine Bush, formed the foundation for my novel Artificial Gods.

    The Hudson Valley has played host to a curious amount of Fortean phenomena.

  • Scott says:

    I wrote about my experience with a very similar object in Ohio – August 1974 – “Encounter At Ascot Park” .. posted on my FB wall.

  • New Paltz Tree Banger says:

    It was a group of private pilots. FAA found them and were told to knock it off.

  • Marsh says:

    Not New Jersey. It was New York. Both Poughkeepsie and West Islip are in New York.

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      Thanks for the heads up. This was an error. It has been repaired now!

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