The Mini UFO Waves And Strange Encounters From The End Of The Second World War

Marcus Lowth
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December 1, 2022
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As the Second World War progressed through what would be the final year and a half of the conflict, UFO sightings began to increase dramatically when compared to the opening years of the 1940s. And while many of these were in Europe, following the fall of the Third Reich and victory on the part of the Allied Forces, attention began to focus in the Pacific regions around Japan, both militarily and on the part of these strange visitors from elsewhere.

What is also interesting about this time, early in 1944, the President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt prepared a top-secret memo – using White House stationary – and for the “Special Committee on Non-Terrestrial Science and Technology”. This memo essentially suggests that not only does alien life exist but states that humanity would have to get to grips “with the reality that our planet is not the only one harboring intelligent life”. Make of that what you will.

Could it be possible that authorities around the world were beginning to become aware of an alien presence on Earth? And was the Second World War – at least the final years of it – fought with this knowledge in the background? What that might tell us of the actions that came after the conflict, and what eventually became the Cold War between the East and the West?

As always with this article series, we don’t have time or space to examine each and every sighting here. We will, however, examine some of the most detailed, as well as some of the cluster spot encounters where a surge of sightings in various countries or regions would occur, suggesting that whoever was behind these bizarre aerial vehicles, they were working to their own specific agenda.

Saucer And Cigar-Shaped Objects Over War-Torn Europe

In early 1944 over Klagenfurt, Austria, bomber pilot, Major Leet, witnessed a “luminous disc” that followed his aircraft for several moments, performing maneuvers he had not seen previously. A similar sighting took place around the same time over Halberstadt, Germany, while on 5th January over Kiel, Germany, several “black plate-sized discs”.

By the end of January, several other sightings of similar objects were witnessed. On the evening of 28th January, a strange red light was witnessed moving over the skies of France. The following evening at a location somewhere over Europe, an identical object was witnessed, seemingly flying in a way as to avoid detection.

According to the research files of Bill Chalker, at around 2:30 am one evening in February 1944 over the Bass Strait in Australia, the crew of a bomber plane traveling at around 4500 feet reported a “dark shape” appear alongside their aircraft to within around 100 feet. The object kept pace with the plane for around 20 minutes. The crew reported seeing a “flickering light” at what appeared to be the back of the object, while also reporting that their radio and navigation equipment malfunctioned while the mysterious craft remained alongside it. Then, out of nowhere, the object sped off into the distance and disappeared from sight.

On the evening of 4th February in Frankfurt, Germany two separate sightings were reported. The first was of a “tear-drop-shaped” object that closely resembled a balloon, while the second was a report of a “shiny, silver ball” that appeared to have a “metal sheen”. On the same evening somewhere off the Dutch coast a “long black stationary object” was witnessed hovering over the North Sea. Four days later back in Frankfurt, another silver ball-like object was seen, while two very similar objects were witnessed a little over a week later on the evening of 19th February over Berlin. On the same night, reports came from residents in Coblence and Aachen of a silver cigar-shaped object that appeared similar to an airship but was much larger and had strange windows running along the bottom side.

Sightings Of Objects Like Fire-Balls

Sightings of strange objects quietened a little after the opening two months of the year. However, by early summer, they began to increase once more. One of these occurred over Normandy in France when a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, George Todt, along with four United States Army officers, witnessed a red-looking fireball-type object that appeared to pulsate as it hovered overhead. It remained in view for around 15 minutes before disappearing. Around the same time, over Italy, a metallic egg-shaped object was witnessed hovering silently in the night sky.

At around midnight one evening in June while anchored at Palmyra Atoll, the executive officer, Edward Ludwick, noticed a star-like object moving in the sky while searching for a lost Navy aircraft. As he watched the object, it began to swell slightly, eventually appearing balloon-like. When he viewed this strange object through his binoculars, the witness could see that it appeared like a metallic sphere. It remained in sight for around 30 minutes before finally heading off and disappearing into the distance.

A similar sighting occurred several days later at around 11 am over the Adriatic Sea. On the morning in question, three P-38 fighters were moving through the sky at an altitude of around 33,000 feet witnessed a silver disc above, approximately at an altitude of around 50,000 feet. All three pilots looked on in shock as the disc suddenly dropped to around 40,000 feet. The disc maintained pace with the fighters for several minutes before speeding away and disappearing.

Sightings And Encounters Share The Same Details

At around 1 am on the night of 6th June somewhere over France, according to a report submitted retrospectively years later to the National UFO Reporting Center, a crew of a bomber plane was making their way to a railroad depot in Normandy that the German military was using to ship supplies back and forth on a bombing mission. As they did so, they saw what they at first believed to be enemy planes approaching them. The witness – who was the outside gunner – went to fire his gun. The weapon, however, jammed. He checked it but couldn’t see anything causing the apparent jam. The object remained in sight for around 15 minutes before it disappeared. When they did so, the weapon suddenly worked as normal.

On the same evening, two further sightings of an anomalous object were reported off the French coast, both of which described a “dark ellipsoidal object”. The following month in early July, also in France in Brest, two soldiers witnessed a “large rectangular object” moving across the sky with no engine or any other source of propulsion. The month after that, on the evening of 1st August, a mysterious yellow object was witnessed moving across the sky at considerable speed.

Just over a week later on the evening of 10th August over Kharagpur, India, Captain Alvah Reida was piloting a B-29 bomber place when he was informed of a strange sphere in the sky with them by his gunner. The bizarre object was a “very bright and intense red or orange” and appeared to pulsate. The object remained at the same distance from the plane, despite Reida making several attempts to “shake it off”. Then, without warning, it made a sudden turn and sped off into the distance.

On the same night in Palembang, Sumatra, several “reddish-orange balls” were reported moving across the sky. The night after that in Pelice in Southern France an “enormous disc” with circular lights that changed color from yellow to bright white hovered over the region for a considerable time. Several days later, also in France, a large cherry-red light hovered overhead before it suddenly went into motion and disappeared in the clouds.

Activity Continues Throughout The Summer Of 1944

As the summer stretched into autumn sightings of strange objects continued. According to the files of Don Berliner, for example, at around 9 pm one evening in early September in Antwerp, Belgium, a Canadian soldier near the front lines noticed a “glowing globe” moving toward his location. The witness would describe the object as being like a “cloudy glass with a light inside” and was approximately three to four feet in diameter. He further estimated that the object was moving around 30 miles per hour at an approximate altitude of 40 feet and moved without making a sound. The object was followed by four other identical objects that turned and headed into the distance before reaching the witness.

Around the same time, in the United States in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a bizarre “metallic-looking tube-like object” was reported hovering over a recently built power plant that was to begin working on the atom bomb. The object simply hovered directly overhead for several minutes before heading off into the distance. Given the many UFO sightings that would appear over nuclear power plants over the coming decades, this little-known sighting is perhaps one of the most important.

There were several sightings of spherical or cylindrical objects in various locations over England, each glowing various colors from red to yellow to white. A similar report came from the Netherlands around the same time, while several weeks later in early October, also in the Netherlands, several soldiers reported seeing a glowing “brilliant object” moving across the sky.

As the winter began to take hold, sightings of these strange objects appeared to increase.

Increasing Encounters In The Air

According to the files of Anders Liljergen, at around 8 pm on 10th October in Alghut, Sweden, a local resident was riding his bicycle when he noticed a suddenly appearing light shoot up from the nearby woods. He looked toward the light and was more than shocked to see a “shining sphere rise rapidly from the ground”, eventually coming to a stop and hovering just above the trees. It remained completely silent for around five minutes, shining a golden color. Then, without warning, the object simply disappeared.

On the evening of 16th October, a “small black dot” was witnessed hovering motionless in the sky for a considerable time before disappearing. Four days later on 20th October over Po Valley in Italy, a red light was witnessed moving through the sky, while in Florence a short time later came reports of two orange balls that appeared to be diving toward the hills.

On 29th October over Munich, Germany, a “light blue colored ball of fire” appeared overhead, remaining in view for several moments before disappearing. Two night later, also in Germany in Cologne, a similar blue ball was witnessed, with several lights of pale orange appearing along its edge.

In early November, an allied fighter pilot witnessed several strange round objects that moved with purpose and in formation across the sky. A similar object was witnessed on the evening of 5th November in the Aachen and Cologne area of Germany. On the evening of 22nd November, also over Germany, another spherical object which appeared to have pink color lights moved through the sky with “jerking movements” and changing speeds.

Two nights later, on the 24th of November over northern Italy, came a report of another round object, this one glowing amber with orange-yellow lights. The craft also appeared to give off a significant amount of heat that could be felt below.

On the evening of 26th November over Mannheim, Germany, a strange red light was witnessed moving through the sky at great speed, while on 30th November over Strasbourg, around ten orange-glowing lights were seen moving through the sky, staying in a strict formation as they did so.

A Surge Of Sightings Over War-Torn Germany

Following a sighting of an “amber-colored disc” by pilot William Leet over Austria in early December, several curious sightings unfolded over Germany during the opening days of the final month of 1944. One of the first occurred between Strasbourg and Manheim when a “bright fuzzy round ball” which game off yellow, white, and red lights was witnessed traveling across the sky. A similar sighting occurred between Frankfurt and Karlsrhue, “three to four very bright balls” shining similar colors was reported. Several nights later, between eastern France and western Germany, around 12 to 15 orange and yellow-colored lights were witnessed by the crews of two bomber aircraft.

On the evening of 5th December over the Rhine River, a fast-moving aerial object was soon ascending with great speed. A little over a week later, on the evening of 14th December over Erstien, a glowing red object that was around four to five times the size of a star was moving across the sky at an approximate speed of 200 miles per hour. At around the same time, although the exact location remains unknown, a report surfaced of an “amorphous reddish-glow” hovering in the sky that sometimes appeared cigar-shaped.

On the night of 17th December, six lights “flashing red and green” and in a T-shape formation were seen over Breisach. Five days later, at around 6 am on 22nd December over Hagenau, a pilot with the United States Air Force, Lieutenant David McFallas witnessed “two huge, bright orange lights” heading toward his plane. McFalls immediately banked his plane in an effort to lose the curious objects but they managed to remain locked into him for around two minutes. Then, as quickly as they had appeared they simply “peeled off and blinked out”.

Another sighting where the exact location is not known occurred on the 23rd of December when a “glowing red object” was seen to rise directly upward with great speed. It then went into a sudden dive and disappeared a moment later.

Over the course of the Christmas period, there were multiple sightings of strange red-glowing objects were reported all over Germany. Some of these objects hovered motionless before disappearing while others were reported to be moving across the sky with great speed. One particular sighting in Worms on the 26th of December featured a “circular fiery ball that had a reddish-blue color and moved calmly overhead.

As 1945 approached, reports of anomalous aerial objects continued in abundance.

The Final Months Of The War

In the opening days of 1945, over the airspace of Wonsan, North Korea, three Japanese fighters engaged with two disc-shaped objects, even opening fire on them. According to the report, one of the Japanese planes was shot down during the exchange, after which, the two discs sped off into the distance.

Several days later, over the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, multiple crew members of the USAT Delarof witnessed a “dark spherical object” rise up out of the water before circling their ship several times. It eventually headed south and disappeared into the distance.

Another intriguing sighting occurred in Habbebishopsheim in Germany, where an American soldier reported seeing a disc-shaped object descend out of the sky with speed. It eventually landed a short distance from where he was standing. At this point, the soldier left to report the incident. By the time he returned the object was no longer there. Around the same time, somewhere over Germany, a United States Air Force pilot was “followed by three red and white lighted objects” before they sped off into the distance.

On the evening of 10th January over Iwo Jima in Japan, a curious amber light was witnessed moving over the region. Only four days later on 14th January, this time in Ingweiller, Germany, a similar orange, the glowing object was witnessed moving at a relatively low altitude across the sky. An even stranger sighting unfolded four nights after that on 18th January over the Oyster River near Vancouver Island in Canada. On the night in question, a large “silvery cylinder” that appeared similar to a balloon was witnessed moving overhead. Then, a second identical object appeared to emerge from the first one before each craft headed off in different directions and disappeared.

According to the International UFO Bureau report from September 1976, somewhere between 26th and 31st of January, Louis Graci and four other crew members onboard the USS McCracken witnessed a “round object” that had a “dull finish” and was completely silent submerged itself under the water just in front of their vessel, which then passed over the top of it while it remained under the water.

Glowing Lights Over Italy

While several sightings of glowing often disc-shaped objects were reported over France and Germany in early February 1945, by the middle of the month Italy experienced a sudden surge of bizarre aerial activity. On the evening of 11th February in Pisa, for example, multiple sightings were made of a strange object that appeared to “spiral” as it moved. On the same night in Viareggio, a similar object was reported.

The following evening in La Spezia a strange object was spotted moving across the sky that appeared to drop some kind of white flare. The next night, in Central Po Valley, a pilot reported seeing “two very bright lights” that suddenly appeared in front of his plane. He opened fire but the lights simply disappeared. On the same night back in La Spezia, multiple reports were made of strange lights, sometimes blinking, moving across the sky. Several planes attempted to intercept the mysterious glowing objects, but none could catch up to them or match their maneuvers.

Three nights later, on the 21st of February over the Po Valley, multiple “orange balls of fire” were witnessed by several residents, while a short time later, two “large red balls of fire” were witnessed over Piacenza. Three similar red-orange objects were reported in the Leghorn region of Italy the following evening.

One of the most intriguing encounters occurred on 27th February in Bologna where a pilot pursued “three lights in the shape of a triangle” before they simply disappeared.

Landings And Close Crashes

One of the most interesting sightings of March 1945 occurred in the opening days in Belfast, Maine, where a man who was out hunting witnessed an “elongated object” that was moving very slowly overhead and appeared to be “titled toward the earth”. The man continued to watch as the object “crashed” into a group of trees a short distance away. From what the man could see, however, the craft appeared undamaged. After several moments, the object rose into the air, a slight humming sound now audible. It then began to spin, sending a “shower of fine silvery threads” into the air before rising high into the sky with great speed.

Around the same time in New Mexico, an “aluminum colored object” was seen hovering around 15 feet above the ground before disappearing into the distance. Across the Atlantic over Misburg, Germany, two “balloon-like silver” spherical objects were reported, while two nights later along the German-Netherlands border, two similar round objects were seen. A further sighting of glowing round objects was reported on the evening of 9th March over the North Friesian Islands, and on the 13th of March over Bologna, Italy, almost 100 “balls of orange fire” were reported.

According to a report in the MUFON Journal of March 1985, at 1 pm one afternoon in the middle of March, several crew members of the USS New York battleship witnessed an unknown object hovering at an altitude of around 20,000 feet in the South Pacific. Descriptions of the object were that it was “silvery and very shiny”. The object remained visible for 30 minutes before the captain of the ship ordered his gunners to open fire. The shells, however, failed to make contact with the curious craft, and it climbed up high into the sky, disappearing a matter of seconds later.

Toward the end of the month, on 24th March in Nagoya, Japan came multiple reports of a “yellow ball of fire” that featured orange and red flashes. The following evening somewhere between Mannheim and Darmstadt in Germany, six “circular, yellowish-orange objects” that appeared very solid and moving independently of each other were witnessed by several local residents.

Bomber Crews Making More And More Reports

An intriguing sighting unfolded on the evening of 3rd April 1945 over Kawasaki in Japan. According to the report (which can be found in the publication Sky Giants Over Japan: A Diary of a B-29 Combat Crew In WWII by Chester Marshall), on their return from a night mission, the crew witnessed several “balls of fire” that followed their aircraft. The strange objects eventually retreated and disappeared. Incidentally, there were also several other reports of these strange balls of light seen around Honshu, also in Japan, around the same time. Furthermore, two weeks later, following another bombing mission, the same fire-like objects were reported once more.

On the evening of 7th April somewhere over the North Sea, a “wingless object” was reported that stopped midflight, hovered, and then disappeared at a staggering speed.

The following month in May, several other similar sightings occurred. On the evening of 2nd May over Fala Island, Truk Atoll, two “red circles of light” that alternated from a “cherry-red to orange to a white light and then cherry-red again”. The objects remained in sight for over an hour before disappearing just as mysteriously as they appeared.

Just under two weeks later, another “red or flame-colored light” was witnessed hovering over Nagoya in Japan. It remained in the same spot for a considerable time, with witnesses estimating that it was the same size as a B-29 landing light.

On the morning of 25th May over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco, the pilot of a B-17 bomber plane witnessed a “silvery disc” approximately five to 10 miles away. The object kept pace with the object for several minutes before disappearing.

Later that evening, back in Japan over Tokyo, the crew of a B-29 bomber reported being followed by a fireball-like object. According to the report, the B-29 was heading toward Tokyo at an altitude of around 9000 feet when the object began to follow them near the coast. The object stayed with the plane for around 50 miles before changing direction and heading out toward the sea.

A Bizarre Encounter In Denmark

It is perhaps worth our time examining one particular encounter from this era in a little more depth. The incident – which comes to us from the National UFO Reporting Center and the files of Peter Davenport – took place in the immediate run-up to the end of the fighting in Europe on the afternoon of 4th May 1945. In fact, it would occur at around 4 pm on the Jutland region of Denmark, only 14 hours away from the official German surrender.

The witness, a young schoolboy at the time, was walking home from school when he stopped at the side of the road in order to view the regular daily flyby of the three Mustang Jagerfly allied planes. As the planes made their way over the way, the young boy would raise his arms in greeting to the allied pilots. In return, the pilot of the plane in front of the group tipped his wings back and forth in a way of acknowledging him.

However, within moments of the planes appearing, gunfire broke out from a German anti-aircraft station that the boy had not realized was still manned. The planes immediately changed their course and headed straight for the German gunman, who appeared to be in an area of forest to the boy’s left.

Two of the planes would crash land in the nearby fields after sustaining damage from the gunfire. One of them was hit in his arm, however, he was recovered by local villagers who would take the pilot to a civilian hospital.

The other pilot would also end up in a local hospital and was only saved from the clutches of the German army by the chief doctor at the hospital, who insisted the soldier was his patent and was undergoing treatment. It would appear the third plane managed to make a clean getaway.

Hovering And Observing

While this was taking place, however, the young boy noticed a strange object hovering the sky, apparently monitoring events that were taking place. Overhead was a craft that appeared like a “grey hat” shape.

The young boy believed the object to be a German experimental aircraft (a Haunebu Vril 7), even claiming that when it turned onto its side, a “German cross” was clearly visible on the underside of the hat-shaped craft.

Suddenly, a noise rang out like the clanging of “metal dustbins” which the boy suspected came from the strange hat-shaped craft. The next thing he knew, the object was moving at an unbelievable pace away from the area. The boy suspected it feared becoming involved in an aerial battle with the three allied fighters.

The young boy, however, would find himself the target of several German soldiers in the hours following the incident, several of which would give chase to him forcing him to flee the area on his bicycle.

The young boy would keep the sighting and the incident to himself for over 5 years before finally reporting it in the summer of 1999.

Peter Davenport would manage to track down one of the pilots involved in the incident that afternoon in May 1945 just before the end of the fighting in Europe – a conflict that had cost millions and millions of lives. While the whereabouts of one of the other pilots is unknown, the third pilot had met his unfortunate end a decade later in Kenya at the hands of the “Mau-Mau movement. He was, though, happy to fill in the gaps that the UFO researcher may have.

He would explain that he at first did not see the strange object as his attention was on the gunman sending ant-aircraft fire in their direction. As he brought his plane around in position, however, he would see the metallic object hanging in the sky. He would state that he had heard many rumors from other pilots who had witnessed glowing crafts, but these were mainly on night missions.

Now, though, with the sky still light and clear as day, he could see the bizarre craft with his own eyes. This was a moment that he would later describe as a “very exciting moment”. He would further confirm that the object did indeed “take off from its hanging position”.

Again, this suggests the use of advanced propulsion technology. Propulsion that, to the best of our knowledge, was not available to the inhabitants of Earth. Certainly not at the speeds at which the witness observed it.

Evidence Of Secret Nazi Technology?

It is certainly an intriguing account. And for two particular reasons. We know that UFO sightings tend to go up during times of conflict. There have been various theories as to why this is, not least that they are there in an observatory nature.

Or might it be, certainly in this instance, that the object had a more direct involvement in the events taking place through and over Europe during the first half of the 1940s?

Perhaps we should note the claims of the witness that the hat-shaped object had a “German cross” on the underside – likely a Swastika. Does this, then, shine a light on the much-debated and rumored “Nazi UFO program”. A program that even many of the most open-minded conspiracy researchers claim is nothing more than half-truths, speculation, and outright lies.

But what if there was some truth in those claims? What if the Nazi regime did have access to an advanced aerial vehicle such as the one witnessed that afternoon in Denmark by the anonymous schoolboy. If this was the case, was this down to the advanced nature of the German scientists and engineers (many of whom, remember, would find themselves in the United States in the months following the war in order to continue their work for the American government as part of Operation Paperclip)?

Or might the reason many of these scientists were so far ahead of the majority of the rest of the world down to their access to technology and know-how that was not of this world?

An Apparent Attention Shift To The Pacific

With the fighting in Europe now stopped, the focus of the last several months of the Second World War turned to the Pacific region, specifically, Japan. It perhaps should not surprise us, then, that many UFO sightings were reported in this part of the world during this time.

In the opening days of June, for example, 14 crew onboard a United States warship witnessed “a dark sphere rise out of the ocean” and into the air. The strange object then proceeded to circle the ship before it headed off into the distance.

Also in the opening days of June, at around 11 am one morning in Okinawa, crew members of the United States escort aircraft carrier, Salamaua noticed a bizarre “blip” on the radar screen. What’s more, this blip was moving at a “terrific rate of speed” – estimated to be around 1000 miles per hour toward Japan. They couldn’t make out or guess at the dimensions or shape of the object but were certain it would collide with them. However, at the last second, it simply disappeared from the radar screen.

Further sightings near Japan throughout the month of June were reported by the 9th Bomb Group which was based on Tinian Island at the time. According to their later reports, they would often see strange “balls of fire” during their night bombing missions. These glowing objects would often fly in the vicinity of their planes, with some even following the aircraft for several miles before disappearing. Despite the unnerving and surreal nature of these encounters, none of the crew ever felt threatened by whatever the intelligence was behind them, and no aggressive behavior was noted.

Sightings With Multiple Objects

On the evening of 4th July near Yokohama, Japan, Charles Chauncey was piloting a B-29 plane when he witnessed multiple unidentified objects. They had been making their way to Kawasaki where they intended to drop their bombs before returning to base. However, confusion on the part of the radar operator while the plane avoided coming fire resulted in the bombs being released while over Yokohama. Following this, the crew abandoned their original mission and began on their return journey.

As they did so, however, Chauncey, along with the rest of the crew, witnessed two separate groups of bizarre objects, each group lined up in what appeared to be a straight-line formation. He recalled that “one group of six were lower than we and (were) coming towards us from the front”, while the “other group was more distant and (were) headed in the opposite direction” although they were at the same altitude as the B-29. The objects, which Chauncey recalled like subdued balls of fire, didn’t appear to pose any threat to the plane and so no action was taken. After several moments, the curious craft had disappeared.

Only days later, on the evening of 7th July over Sasebo, came another sighting of an orange-red glowing object by a B-29 crew. On this occasion, the B-29 opened fire on the glowing sphere, and although it appeared to be a direct hit, the ammunition had no apparent effect on it. Five nights later, American servicemen witnessed almost identical objects seemingly in pursuit of Japanese fighters over Honshu.

An Intriguing Humanoid Encounter In Russia

A particularly intriguing encounter unfolded sometime around the end of June or beginning of July 1945 at Taganrog Bay near the Sea of Azov in the Rostov region of Russia. According to the report, on the day in question, a 9-year-old boy was returning home after spending the day fishing when he noticed a “giant plate” appear in the sky and begin to descend. The young boy watched in amazement as the saucer-shaped craft “smashed” into the water sending water spray high into the air. In fact, the water was sent such a distance that the witness found himself soaking wet as a result.

The object appeared to be made from a metallic exterior which the witness recalled reflected the sun brilliantly. He would estimate the craft was around 15 feet across and eventually came to a stop on a sandbar near the water’s edge. A moment later, the young boy could see bubbles in the water around the edge of the object. Then, a humanoid figure dressed in a silver-colored coverall and non-transparent helmet appeared from somewhere at the top of the disc. The figure then leaped to the ground and headed toward where the young boy was standing, coming to a stop when he was around 20 feet away.

The man then spoke to the young boy, although it is not reported what was said (it is unclear if the witness can’t recall this communication or whether they simply didn’t give details of it). After several moments, the man turned around and headed back to his ship. A short time after disappearing inside it, the object rose into the air a short distance before plunging deep under the water and vanishing from sight.

Little-Known Encounters Over North-West America

There were also UFO sightings taking place across the United States during this time (some of which we have examined in-depth previously). Of these other little-known UFO encounters of the Second World War era, two specific ones stand out, each of which took place in the state of Washington, and one of which took place over a government nuclear facility.

At some time in mid-July somewhere over the Evergreen State, an oval-shaped object was reported that was “very bright” and approximately the size of three aircraft carriers placed side-by-side. It hovered silently for several moments before suddenly shooting straight upwards, disappearing into the sky.

Around the same time, at noon on the day in question, radar operators noticed an unidentified object moving at a considerable pace to appear to come to a stop over the Hanford Plant. Six planes were scrambled to obtain visual confirmation of this anomalous craft. However, as the object was at an extremely high altitude, this confirmation was delayed somewhat. Eventually, at approximately 40,000 feet (several feet over what the planes were designed to operate at), all pilots confirmed they could indeed see an unknown vehicle moving as if circling over the plant but doing so extremely quickly, occasionally stopping and hovering. What’s more, it was approximately 25,000 feet above their position.

The pilots reported that the objects appeared to be shaped like a saucer and were extremely bright. Similar to the previous report, the pilots also estimated the object to be similar in size to three aircraft carriers, adding that it appeared to be slightly pinkish in color, and “very streamlines like a stretched-out egg”. At least one of the pilots also believed they could see a strange vapor that seemed to come from portholes or vents along the side of the object.

After around 20 minutes, the object suddenly shot directly upward, disappearing in a second into the sky. The pilots returned to base. Each of these sightings remains unexplained.

A Further Concentration Of Aerial Anomalies Over Japan

As the end of the Second World War began to come into view (Japan officially surrendered on 2nd September 1945), sightings of strange objects continued to increase in and around Japan. In early August, for example, a huge cigar-shaped object was reported over Okinawa. The witness claimed that the exterior of this strange craft was definitely metallic, although they couldn’t see any markings, seams, or openings. They further estimated it was between 30 and 50 feet long.

Although the date isn’t entirely certain, a report of a bizarre sighting at around 2 am following the Hiroshima bombing. According to the report, several crew members onboard the USS Bradford approximately 600 miles to the east of Kyusha, Japan, witnessed a “star-like object” moving across the sky. When they checked their radars, however, there was no sign that there was anything there. They continued to watch the craft from the deck, noting how it was a solid white color with a “reddish tinge”. After remaining calm and steady, the object then suddenly changed direction before shooting off into the distance with astonishing speed, changing to a blue color as it did so.

During the afternoon of 28th August, according to the research files of Keith Chester, Sergeant Leonard Stringfield was piloting his C-46 aircraft between le Shima and Iwo Jima at an approximate altitude of 10,000 feet when the engine suddenly began to fail. The plane began to dip, quickly losing altitude as the engine continued to splutter, with the pilot eventually bringing it under control after a drop of around 25 feet. As this was happening, Stringfield happened to look to his starboard side and was “shocked to see three teardrop-shaped objects” hovering in the distance. Stringfield would further recall that the objects were “brilliant white, like burning magnesium” and that they were flying in a “tight formation”.

Several days later, just after the official end of the Second World War in early September, a “stationary bluish-white light” was reported moving across the sky over Buckner Bay in Okinawa, Japan.

The Quiet Before The Start Of A New World

It is unclear if sightings of UFOs appeared to drop abruptly in the final months of 1945 following the end of the Second World War. Might this have been connected to the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Could it be that the fallout from those blasts caused these apparent extraterrestrials to temporarily stop coming to the planet? Or might our collective actions have been such that they themselves required time to regroup? If this is the case, we might assume that long-term details project, even mission, is very much the reason for their cosmic visits.

It is perhaps also worth noting that encounters with humanoid creatures, although not entirely, dropped more than significantly. What the reasons for this – if indeed it is something more than coincidence – are unknown. Once more, could these fewer humanoid encounters be connected to the bloody conflict around the world?

What is certain, and something we will examine in our final examination of pre-Roswell UFO and alien encounters is by the time 1946 was unfolding, reports of these curious crafts and their occupants began once more. Indeed, the 18 months before the start of the Modern UFO Era in the summer of 1947 saw much more aerial anomalies than we might think – the quiet before the storm of a new era for humanity.

Check out the short video below which looks at UFO sightings from history.

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