Three Hat-Shaped UFO Cases In Denmark Each 25 Years Apart

First Published: February 13, 2020 Last updated: September 1st, 2020 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 14 minutes Posted in: UFOs, Close Encounters

Three different UFO sightings of an oval hat-shaped object over Denmark may indeed be separate incidents with no connection whatsoever. However, not only were the objects distinctly similar, but they occurred almost exactly 25 years apart from each other. What’s more, two of the sightings – separated by 50 years, were in the exact same town.

A superimposed UFO over an image of a small country village

Were three UFO incidents, decades apart, connected?

Might there be, then, a connection between these accounts? And what might it be? Some of the details are remarkably similar. As are the details and timeline of the accounts themselves. And how can they, if at all, help us shine a light on the overriding UFO and alien question?

And, as we will examine later, is the time in between the sightings of significance? If so, what might it mean to these events and UFO sightings around the world? Indeed, the three sightings we are going to examine here are easily lost in the shuffle of UFO encounters that are in the public arena, albeit spread on to many different platforms. However, once we bring them together, connections begin to appear. How real and important those connections might be is down to us as researchers and enthusiasts to realize.

Only 14 Hours Before The End Of The German Surrender In World War Two, 1945

The first encounter we will examine here – which comes to us from the National UFO Reporting Center and the files of Peter Davenport – took place in the immediate run-up to the end of the Second World War on the afternoon of 4th May 1945. In fact, it would occur at around 4 pm on the Jutland region of Denmark, only 14 hours away from the official German surrender.

The witness, a young schoolboy at the time, was walking home from school when he stopped at the side of the road in order to view the regular daily flyby of the three Mustang Jagerfly allied planes. As the planes made their way over the way, the young boy would raise his arms in greeting to the allied pilots. In return, the pilot of the plane in front of the group tipped his wings back and forth in a way of acknowledging him.

A superimposed UFO over an image of a lone house in a field with grey skies

There were many UFO sightings during the Second World War

However, within moments of the planes appearing, gunfire broke out from a German anti-aircraft station that the boy had not realized was still manned. The planes immediately changed their course and headed straight for the German gunman, who appeared to be in an area of forest to the boy’s left.

Two of the planes would crash land in the nearby fields after sustaining damage from the gunfire. One of them was hit in his arm, however, he was recovered by local villagers who would take the pilot to a civilian hospital.

The other pilot would also end up in a local hospital and was only saved from the clutches of the German army by the chief doctor at the hospital, who insisted the soldier was his patent and was undergoing treatment. It would appear the third plane managed to make a clean getaway.

A Grey Hat-Shaped Object Hovering And Observing

While this was taking place, however, the young boy noticed a strange object hovering the sky, apparently monitoring events that were taking place. Overhead was a craft that appeared like a “grey hat” shape.

The young boy believed the object to be a German experimental aircraft (a Haunebu Vril 7), even claiming that when it turned on to its side, a “German cross” was clearly visible on the underside of the hat-shaped craft.

A superimposed UFO onto a picture of a dock with splashing water

Was there an active involvement of UFOs in World War Two?

Suddenly, a noise rang out like the clanging of “metal dustbins” which the boy suspected came from the strange hat-shaped craft. The next thing he knew, the object was moving at an unbelievable pace away from the area. The boy suspected it feared becoming involved in an aerial battle with the three allied fighters.

The young boy, however, would find himself the target of several German soldiers in the hours following the incident, several of which would give chase to him forcing him to flee the area on his bicycle.

The young boy would keep the sighting and the incident to himself for over 5 years before finally reporting it in the summer of 1999.

A “Very Exciting Moment” To Witness The Long-Rumored Aerial Vehicles

Peter Davenport would manage to track down one of the pilots involved in the incident that afternoon in May 1945 just before the end of the fighting in Europe – a conflict that had cost millions and millions of lives. While the whereabouts of one of the other pilots was unknown, the third pilot had met his unfortunate end a decade later in Kenya at the hands of the “Mau-Mau movement. He was, though, happy to fill in the gaps that the UFO researcher may have.

He would explain that he at first did not see the strange object as his attention was on the gunman sending ant-aircraft fire in their direction. As he brought his plane around in position, however, he would see the metallic object hanging in the sky. He would state that he had heard many rumors from other pilots who had witnessed glowing crafts, but these were mainly on night missions.

Now, though, with the sky still light and clear as day, he could see the bizarre craft with his own eyes. This was a moment that he would later describe as a “very exciting moment”. He would further confirm that the object did indeed “take off from its hanging position”.

Again, this suggests the use of advanced propulsion technology. Propulsion that, to the best of our knowledge, was not available to the inhabitants of Earth. Certainly not at the speeds at which the witnessed observed it.

Extraterrestrial Visitors Or Secret Nazi Technology?

It is certainly an intriguing account. And for two particular reasons. We know that UFO sightings tend to go up during times of conflict. There have been various theories as to why this is, not least that they are there in an observatory nature.

Or might it be, certainly in this instance, that the object had a more direct involvement in the events taking place through and over Europe during the first half of the 1940s?

A superimposed UFO over a picture of a river at night

Might these wartime UFOs have actually been secret Nazi technology?

Perhaps we should note that claims of the witness that the hat-shaped object had a “German cross” on the underside – likely a Swastika. Does this, then, shine a light on the much-debated and rumored “Nazi UFO program”. A program that even many of the most openminded conspiracy researchers claim is nothing more than half-truths, speculation, and outright lies.

But what if there was some truth in those claims? What if the Nazi regime did have access to an advanced aerial vehicle such as the one witnessed that afternoon in Denmark by the anonymous schoolboy. If this was the case, was this down to the advanced nature of the German scientists and engineers (many of whom, remember, would find themselves in the United States in the months following the war in order to continue their work for the American government as part of Operation Paperclip)?

Or might the reason many of these scientists were so far ahead of the majority of the rest of the world down to their access to a technology and knowhow that was not of this world?

Almost 25 years later, to the south of Jutland in Harderslev, another incident involving a hat-shaped UFO would unfold.

The Encounter Of Evald Maarup, August 1970

On the evening of 13th August 1970 in Hadersley in southern Denmark, police officer, Evald Maarup was guiding his car through the quiet and peaceful countryside close to the border with Germany. It would be a drive that he would never forget and would change his outlook on the world forever.

It was around 10:30 pm when a sudden “bluish light” suddenly enveloped his vehicle. At the same time, the car engine suddenly died, and the car came to a stop. When he went to radio the situation to the police switchboard, he realized that the radio was also dead. In fact, no electronic equipment in the entire vehicle worked at all.

Witness drawing of the UFO they saw

Witness drawing of the UFO they saw

It was also around this time that he realized that the interior of the car had suddenly heated dramatically. As he peered out through the car windshield he could see that the bright light was the underside of an oval vehicle, similar to a hat-shape, although definitely made from a metallic exterior.

He watched, and it now appeared to be ascending once again into the sky above and so leading to the lead appearing to dim somewhat. As it did so, it appeared to Maarup that the object itself was “withdrawing the light” back inside it as opposed to literally becoming dimmer. When the light had fully vanished, he could make out what appeared to be a darker patch with several protrusions around it. This would suggest a physical device attached onto the underside of the object.

An Attempt At Pictures That Don’t Develop!

He would snap himself back to his senses and then reach for the Fujaxa camera that he always had in his police car. He managed to quickly snap several pictures which were developed the following day. However, they would show no details whatsoever due to the dark of the night sky.

It was as he was snapping the pictures that he realized that the object appeared totally silent. Indeed, there was not a sound of any kind around him. He would estimate the entire episode lasted around five minutes before the object disappeared from sight at great speed. Certainly faster than any conventional aircraft of the times.

Bizarrely, although something that is experienced in multiple other UFO encounters around the world, as soon as the strange object disappeared from view the electrics and engine of Maarup’s car came back to life.

A depiction of the UFO by the witness

Why don’t many pictures of UFOs develop properly?

What we need to know here is whether the dying out of respective car engines and electrics is a purposeful act on the part of the occupants of these strange crafts, or whether it is a coincidental consequence of being in such close proximity to them – perhaps because of electromagnetic energy in the propulsion systems.

Perhaps also interesting, was Maarup’s findings when he exited the vehicle once the craft had gone. Walking around the sides of the car in order to inspect it to discover if there was anything out of the ordinary, he discovered how “heated” the exterior appeared as if it had been left sat outside on a baking summer’s day.

He would return to the police station a short time later and would make an official report of the incident.

Public Ridicule And A Second Sighting!

Shortly after making his report, the police officer was ordered to undergo a basic psychiatric evaluation. He was found to be of sound mind, and essentially, truthful and trustworthy. In short, there was no obvious reason to doubt his claims.

What is perhaps also interesting is that the police officer – perhaps expectedly – would receive a wave of criticism and abuse in the local and national press once the story arrived with them. Rather than cut him adrift, though, his fellow officers and superiors would publicly defend him, and his solid police record.

Sketch of the UFO incident in Denmark

Sketch of the UFO incident in Denmark

The incident was eventually reviewed and investigated by the Danish military. Perhaps predictably, they would claim that Maarup was mistaken in what he had witnessed that evening. As opposed to an otherworldly vehicle, they would claim that the police officer had likely seen “the landing of a T-33 jet fighter/trainer”.

Perhaps not surprising, Maarup and many in the UFO community would reject such suggestions.

Whether or not we should treat Maarup’s claims as serious or not remains open to debate. However, three years later, he would be witness to another UFO sighting. Only this time, he would speak only to UFO investigators and would refuse to make an official report of the incident.

However, back in Jutland, again almost 25 years later, another similar UFO encounter would unfold. And it is there where we turn our attention next.

Another Similar Incident Over A Lonely Danish Road, 1995

On the evening of 29th September 1995, at around 9:30 pm in the Vejle region of Jutland, a 24-year-old man would experience a very similar encounter to that of Maarup a quarter of a century earlier.

The unnamed witness was visiting his parents at the time of the incident and was driving along the quiet roads with his Labrador dog in the vehicle with him. However, without warning, the instruments and electrics in his vehicle all began to “go wild”. Even the windscreen wipers were also making their way across the windshield of their own accord which was particularly strange as they remained switched to the off position.

At the same time as these bizarre events, the Labrador began to become increasingly agitated and nervous. As did the witness. Especially when he realized his car was suddenly coming to a stop and the engine was dead.

Picture showing an alleged orange UFO

Does this image show a real UFO?

Worried that other motorists might be unaware of his predicament and would run into the back of him, the witness began to scan his surroundings. After being satisfied that he was, for the time being, alone on the road, he made several attempts to restart the vehicle once more. However, all attempts would prove fruitless.

It was then that he noticed the “strange sensation” that appeared to come from above him. It was a bizarre feeling, and one he would later describe as “oppressive” and “hard to describe”. As he was contemplating this unnerving feeling seemingly seeping in from outside, he became aware of an extremely bright light. So bright, in fact, that he would describe it as an “explosion” of light that occurred directly over his car.

A Bright “Oppressive” Light “Blinking Or Pulsing” From Above

He could tell immediately that the light was coming from above him. What’s more, it appeared to be “blinking or pulsing” and did so at “regular intervals”. He would look up through the windscreen of the vehicle and immediately saw a large oval shape hovering over the top of his car. Although there was a surge of fear running through him, he would open the door and lean outside so he could get a better view of the events unfolding around him.

He would estimate that the object was around 50 feet across and was only a little over ten feet away from the top of his vehicle. He would focus in on the underside of the object in order to make out as many details as he could. Maarup would recall there were several “concentric circles of light” that appeared to be in the middle of the object.

This is perhaps an interesting detail. As we might recall from the incident of Maarup, the middle section of the underside appeared to be where the light emanated from. The witness in the 1995 account would state that light appeared to be behind the grouping of circles. In fact, the light was so bright at the very center if the object the witness struggled to focus in fully on them.

One particularly striking detail that the witness would recall was how the lights “quivered” in a way he found quite bizarre.

A Credible Witness With Another Unsolved Account

He would continue to watch the object for several minutes before the lights suddenly began to grow lighter (much like in the Maarup case). By this point, he had returned into the car and watched the object move away from his location through the windshield.

It remained low to the ground as it moved away, only just above the treetops that hugged the roadside. Then, it would vanish out of sight within a matter of seconds. All the while, the object didn’t make a single sound.

After it disappeared, the witness would simply sit in his car, his dog still very much disturbed by the events. He would think the incident over again in his mind as he came to terms with the bizarre encounter.

A superimposed UFO over a block of flats at the waterside

Many UFO witnesses are seen as very credible people

After several more moments, he returned his hand to the car’s ignition key and turned it around. Much to his surprise – although a detail we have already noted that shows in many similar UFO encounters – the dashboard electrics, the engine, and the headlights all came to life as normal.

Still nervous and very shaken, he pressed down on the accelerator and continued on with his journey to his parents’ home.  Upon arriving, he would inform both of them of the encounter. Despite their encouragement to report the sightings, he would choose, at least initially, to remain quiet for fear of ridicule and of not being believed.

When he finally did report the incident, investigators would find him honest and trustworthy. And perhaps most importantly of all, credible. The incident, however, remains unsolved.

Strange Lights And Suggestions Of An Indigenous Presence!

What should we make of these three sightings? And might they have a connection that strings them together? Are they all, for example, the result of the same intelligence?

The similarities in the lights on the underside of the respective crafts are something that should be of concern for us. As is the way they would go from so bright that the witnesses couldn’t look at them directly to dimming in a way that suggested they were being withdrawn or “sucked” into the center of the craft. On two of the sightings, where these lights came from the witnesses noticed a distinct darker patch of area, possibly suggesting some kind of device.

Are these lights purely for illumination? Or, despite there being no evidence of abduction in the cases we have examined here, are they more in line with retrieving objects, perhaps even people, from the ground below.

This is a point we have examined and suggested many times before. And with good reason. The more we dig into the UFO and alien question, the more certain notions and theories return. One of which is that there is a connection to the legends of underground civilizations and habitats.

Suggestions Of An Electromagnetic Propulsion

Is the fact that each of these UFO sightings took place with the respective witness at the side of a road of importance? While we might argue that the first sighting in 1945 was one of coincidence (in terms of roadside location) the 1970 and 1995 incidents are almost identical. And we have examined before a number of encounters that have occurred when the motorist has been alone on a quiet road only to find their path blocked or a strange object descending to their location.

Furthermore, there is the detail of the car engine’s cutting out, and the same with the electrics of the dashboard and headlights (although once again, we can discount this detail from the first incident). For the other two, though, and the many more identical sightings from around the world and across the decades, it is surely a detail that needs to be noted and underscored.

An image of a UFO over a sandy landscape

Just what does power these strange objects?

Are these targeted sightings? Ones where the occupants of these strange crafts somehow knew where the respective witnesses would be? If so, it would be interesting to know if any of the witnesses (aside from Maarup) had subsequent or even previous sightings to the ones we have detailed here.

Or might these sightings have been ones of coincidence? Might that be the reason the respective UFOs made a rather hast getaway in the respective cases?

Connections To The Rex Helfin Photographs?

We have examined before the photographs of Rex Helfin, who in 1965 captured a very distinct hat-shaped object. And what’s more, details of the sighting itself match those we have examined here. For example, the radio and electronics of Helfin’s car would suddenly stop working when the strange craft was in sight.

Furthermore, he would claim that on the underside of the craft, was a bright light. He would also offer that this light was “rotating”.

The photographs that Helfin would capture would prove to be authentic – at least according to the investigations by several independent experts. We should also recall how these photographs appeared to unnerve the American authorities. Especially when some of the negatives went missing following certain parties obtaining them through “false pretenses”.

Even more bizarre, when these negatives turned up a short time later, they had clearly been tampered with in order to make them appear as they were the result of a hoax. When the same independent researchers examined these suddenly reappearing photographs, they would claim it was a clear attempt to discredit both the pictures and the witness.

We have also examined the notion that these strange crafts that permeate our skies actually change shape. Essentially, morph into something else. Might many of the disc-shaped objects actually be the same as the hat-shaped objects, depending on what “state” the given craft is in?

Arguably, this attempt at discrediting Helfin – and, albeit indirectly, the notion of hat-shaped (or any other shaped) UFO – only served to increase the certainty that he was very much telling the truth.

You can check out the video below which looks at the Helfin photographs.

Is The Location Of Importance?

What should we make of the location? Denmark certainly isn’t a “hot spot” of UFO sightings. However, activity is as regular there as it is anywhere else in the world.

It would certainly appear, at least to some, that the Danish government is as tightlipped as most when it comes to voicing their official stance on the subject. Like many countries around the world in the early years of the twenty-first century, they would “release their UFO files” to the public and then largely refuse to comment on the subject.

However, there were immediate areas of concern upon the Danish released in 2009. For example, they would claim that any records prior to 1978 “had gone missing”. The Danish military, should they receive any reports of unusual aerial activity – unless there is a threat to security or a danger to life – will simply pass the reports on to the Scandinavian UFO Information group (SUFOI).

Interestingly, the SUFOI group would manage to find a corroborating witness to the Maarup sighting. According to their investigation, they would speak to a radar operator, Nis Krog, who was at his radar station at Skydstrup Airforce Base on the night in question. He would confirm that he had an anomaly on his radar screen in the same location and at the same time as Maarup’s alleged sighting.

These recent details certainly give us a lot to think about.

Intriguing Connections That Only Serve To Add More Twists And Turns!

The three incidents we have examined here are certainly intriguing. And most definitely worth keeping in the minds of UFO researchers and enthusiasts across the world. Lest that other sightings, some of which we already know of, enter the public arena that might shed more light on the UFO and alien question.

It is hard to see what the motivation to these sightings, particularly the second and third incidents, from the occupant’s perspective, actually was, given that they simply vanished into the distance within a few moments. Might this point be a key one in swinging us toward the idea that the crafts are perhaps ones of military design? Perhaps not from the Danish military, but from the many United States air force bases that are littered across Europe.

And, lastly, should we consider the timing of the encounters. Is it, again, purely coincidence that they each occurred almost exactly (give or take a month or two) 25 years after each other? Might this point perhaps suggest some kind of unknown phenomena that resulted in these strange sightings? Perhaps a portal that needs certain conditions of the planet and indeed the universe to align before opening a gateway from their world to ours?

This last point is pure speculation. And admittedly not very likely. However, it might be interesting to take note of other UFO sightings in other countries, examine them for similar patterns, and see if a case could indeed be made for some kind of naturally occurring phenomenon being responsible for the many UFO sightings we witness year after year.

Check out the video below. It looks at some other UFO sightings in Denmark.


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