UFOs And Electromagnetic Effects: A Consistent Consequence Of Otherworldly Vehicles

Marcus Lowth
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February 27, 2024
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All UFO encounters are interesting for many different reasons. Perhaps ones with electromagnetic effects, though, are some of the most intriguing on record, not least as there is consequential proof of something out of the ordinary having taken place. The fact is, these types of sightings go right the way back to the start of the modern UFO era. And the detail of electromagnetic effects and UFO encounters could very well prove to be an important one, perhaps even crucial in getting to the heart of the UFO mystery.

While we have examined many of these types of encounters in previous articles, there are some that are much lesser known and that are almost in danger of being lost to time. It is largely to those cases we will turn our attention to here. And, as we shall see, while the surrounding details of these other cases are all unique to themselves, the apparent electromagnetic effects are all very similar. Perhaps this should force us to ask if that means the same intelligence is behind all of these sightings, or if electromagnetic effects are an unintended consequence of UFOs, in general.

The 1965 Tokyo Airlines Convair-240 Incident

One of the most intriguing electromagnetic effects cases occurred just after 7 pm on March 21st, 1965, over the Ieshima Islands in Himeji, Japan. [1] According to reports in the March 21st, 1965 edition of the Tokyo Japan Times and the March 22nd, 1965 edition of the Mainichi Daily News, a Tokyo Airlines Convair-240 passenger plane was fling over Himeji near Osaka on their way to Hiroshima, with 40 passengers on board (one source claimed the passenger count was 28), when one of the crew members spotted something strange in the early evening sky.

Pilot Yoshiaka Inaba later described seeing a “mysterious elliptical luminous object” appear near their plane at an approximate altitude of 6500 feet. He continued that this strange object “followed for a while” before stopping and remaining motionless in the sky for around three minutes. It then went into motion once more, following them on their left side for around 50 miles across the Inland Sea. When they reached Matsuyama on Shikoku Island it simply “disappeared”.

Inaba would also offer further details of the encounter, recalling that “the object emitted a greenish colored light”, and that it “violently affected his automatic direction finder and his radio”. During the encounter, he tried several times to contact the Osaka control tower but was unable to do so due to his suddenly malfunctioning equipment.

At the same time, co-pilot, Tetsu Umashima, was making attempts to contact the control tower in Matsuyama. Although he couldn’t get through to the tower, he did hear communications from another pilot, this one flying a Tokyo Airlines Apache, and whose “frantic calls” stated he was “being chased by a mysterious luminous object” over the northern part of Matsuyama.

As soon as the object had disappeared, the communications and navigation equipment returned to normal, almost certainly suggesting that the interference was somehow connected to the strange object’s presence.

The Bizarre Encounter Of Mr. And Mrs. G

On the evening of June 18th, 1967, witnesses known only as Mr. and Mrs. G, decided to take their boat out on the lake in northern Ontario in Canada. It would be an evening that they would never forget. [2] It was as they were making their way down the lake under the moonlight that they noticed a brightly glowing object around a quarter of a mile away, approximately 50 feet above the trees.

After taking several moments to contemplate just what they were looking at, they slowed down the boat and then changed course slightly so as to give them a better view of this aerial anomaly. Then, without warning, the object suddenly began to move, gaining speed with each second. And what’s more, it was heading straight toward them. Immediately, Mr. G put the boat in motion as fast as he could take it and headed toward the shore.

Several moments later they arrived at the water’s edge and quickly got out of the boat onto land. When they looked back a moment later, they could see that the object had now returned to its previous hovering position. They remained where they were for several minutes watching the object while contemplating what to do. They decided they would return to the boat and set off down the river toward a neighbor’s house.

For several moments the object appeared unconcerned with what they were doing. However, not long after they had set off, it once more went into motion, descending toward them. By now both of the witnesses were terrified and once more turned the boat toward the shore, once more immediately getting out of the boat as soon as they reached it. This time, they ran toward another neighbor’s house that was nearest to them.

Further Witnesses And Physical Evidence Of Something Strange

As soon as they arrived at the house they banged on the front door as hard and as loudly as they could. As soon as the door was opened, Mr. G blurted out what had happened to them. The neighbors would later state to investigators that it was clear how frightened Mr. and Mrs. G both were and that they were certain they had seen something truly strange.

Although they didn’t know it at the time, there were several other witnesses to the same object at the same time. Although they wished to remain anonymous, a small group of people watched the object as it hovered just above the trees for around 10 to 15 minutes. And they were so perplexed and intrigued by what they had seen, they made an official report to Canada’s National Defense team.

When the group was interviewed, they offered that as they watched they noticed that the trees below the object appeared to be moving, as if the object was somehow causing this movement. They would further offer that the object was a distinct oval shape and was approximately 25 to 30 feet across. What’s more, the group had both the object and the moon in view at the same time throughout the sighting, meaning they could not have mistaken our cosmic satellite for the strange craft.

Another detail that all witnesses involved offered was that even though the craft moved with lightning speed it remained completely silent, with no sounds or noises that one might associate with engines or propulsion systems being audible. One of the witnesses further recalled that when they first noticed the object they were listening to the radio. However, when it was overhead, it suddenly went dead, only working again a short time later when the craft had disappeared.

An investigative team would eventually visit the location where the witnesses claimed to have seen the object hovering over the trees. To their amazement, they discovered several broken and wilted branches at the location. They would have these branches tested in an attempt to uncover the cause of the damage. The tests, however, offered no explanation, other than it was likely that some kind of intense heat had caused the damage.

The 1972 Route 59 Sighting

According to a report in the August 1976 edition of the APRO Bulletin, just before 10 pm one Saturday evening in August 1972 in Minnesota, a family was returning home to Canada along Route 59 following a vacation at Thief River Falls when they noticed a “very bright light in the sky”. [3] The witness – referred to as Mr. H in the report – pointed out the object to his wife, who suspected that it was merely the light of a nearby radio tower. Although he wasn’t certain if she was correct, he turned his attention back to the road and continued on with the journey.

Witness sketch of the incident

As well as his wife in the front passenger seat, their four children were asleep in the back. The only sound came from the car radio. He continued on for around 10 minutes when he happened to glance out of the driver’s window once more. He could still see the strange light, only now it was much closer. What’s more, it appeared to be keeping pace with their car.

He looked over at his wife, noticing that she too was now watching the light, and most likely realized it was something much more than a light from a radio tower. As they both contemplated what it might be it “suddenly zoomed straight toward” them, lighting up the interior of the car as it was the middle of the day. At this point all four of the children awoke, each immediately captivated by the bizarre events outside the vehicle. When their youngest child asked what the object was, the main witness responded that it “looked like a flying saucer”.

Then, he told his youngest son to reach for the flashlight in the back of the car.

Basic Signal Communication

The witness instructed his son to flash the light toward the object, telling him to do four, short flashes, which he duly did. To his amazement, almost immediately, the object flashed back four times.

At this point, the witness’s wife reached behind her and took the flashlight from her son. She then flashed the torch at the object, this time in a “series of long flashed and short ones”. Once more, the object responded by replicating the sequence back to them. As it did so, it came even closer to their car. When it did so, the car engine began to struggle and appeared on the verge of cutting out, while the car radio also started to lose signal. The car engine eventually cut out completely, and the interior of the vehicle grew considerably warmer.

As the car began to come to a stop, Mr. H managed to guide it to the highway shoulder. Despite feeling a sense of fear, he then proceeded to get out of the vehicle to observe the object more closely. By now, it was directly over the top of them. Of more concern to Mr. H was the sudden “prickly sensation” he could feel all over his body “like small electric shocks”.

Witness sketch of the formation of objects

After several moments, he made his way to the car bonnet and told his wife to try to start the car. He would explain in his report that “the engine would turn over, but sparks would jump up from the plug leads and straight across the coil to the metal side of the car and back”. He would further state that despite being an experienced mechanic, he had “never seen anything like this” previously.

As this was happening, Mr. H noticed the headlights of an approaching car and he began to walk to the roadside in order to attempt to wave the motorist down for assistance. As he did so, however, the object “moved away at such a speed that it would be impossible to estimate or even come anywhere near it”.

Despite his frantic waves, the approaching car didn’t stop. As Mr. H made his back to the vehicle, though, his wife tried the engine once more. To their surprise, it ticked over straight away, and the witness got in and immediately set off on their way. They could all still see the object, which was now “just a speck in the sky”. However, after a short amount of time, it began approaching once more, although it didn’t come as close as before.

As Mr. H continued to drive, his wife and children all witnessed three small discs emerge from the object, all flying off in different directions. After this, the main object disappeared into the night sky “at an incredible speed”.

One interesting detail to note is the fact that the witness’s wife was suffering from a terrible cold at the time of the sighting. However, almost immediately following the events, she felt that “her cold was completely gone, and she felt really good”.

The Lake Sorell Incident

On the evening of February 26th, 1975, at around 8:45 pm at Lake Sorell in Tasmania, Australia, two anonymous men witnessed a bizarre aerial anomaly while camping in the region on a fishing vacation. [4] According to the report, which appeared in the July 1975 edition of APRO Bulletin, the main witness – given the pseudonym “Mr. Smith” – along with a friend – noticed “three things” poking in and out of the clouds, leading them to believe they were looking at some kind of aircraft.

However, the more he looked at these “things”, the more he realized that he wasn’t looking at a conventional aircraft. He drew his friend’s attention to what he was looking at. From their vantage point, it appeared they were watching two large unknown aerial vehicles, as well as a slightly smaller one. They appeared to be traveling in the direction of Lake Sorell, eventually coming to a stop over Dogs Head Point. The clouds briefly covered them once more before clearing, showing the objects heading toward Mount Penny.

As they moved off into the distance, they could see that each object had a red, pulsing light on its underside, while around the edge of the craft were a series of red-orange lights. Then, the next thing they realized, one of the objects began in their direction. They estimated that the object was between two to two and a half miles away when they first saw it. Now, within a matter of seconds, it was a little over a mile away and only 500 feet above the lake. From this close, it appeared the object was at least 200 feet in width.

A ”monstrous light” suddenly appeared from the object and shined directly down toward the water below. In fact, the light was so bright that the witnesses claimed it hurt their eyes to look at it for a prolonged amount of time. The light then moved in arc motion, with Smith later stating that it appeared “like a careful search” of the waters was taking place and that there was “no doubt that the beam of light was intelligently controlled”.

It was at this point that the two men noticed the car radio – which they had been listening to as the portal they had brought was unable to pick a signal – suddenly burst into a cacophony of “intense static noise”. Smith reached in, while still keeping the object in sight, and twisted the dial in an attempt to tune into another station, however, there was “just static”.

After several moments, the light suddenly went out. After their eyes had adjusted to this sudden extinguishing of the brilliant glow, the two men could see the object, still hovering over the water. Then, “in a flash”, it took off into the distance with “tremendous speed”. Smith later described this departure as “like watching a tracer bullet going away from you”. Furthermore, at exactly the same moment the UFO nearest to them shot off, so did the second object hovering near Mount Penney. When Smith looked at his watch, it was 9: 30 pm, meaning the encounter had taken three-quarters of an hour.

Further Witnesses And Encounters

The following morning, the two men met a group of fishermen who were camped around a mile away at Silver Plains, and who had also seen the strange objects the previous evening. They offered to the witnesses that they had been inside the tent when a suddenly appearing brilliant, bright glow lit up everywhere around, as well as inside the tent itself.

Also of interest, is that less than a month later, on the evening of March 14th, another report of a UFO near Lake Sorell was made. On this occasion, Mr. Knapek, along with his two sons and their two friends, witnessed a strange, glowing object approximately a short distance from their camping location in a clearing, around a mile back from the lake itself.

The children first spotted the object as it ascended out of the nearby woodland just short of 1000 feet away from them. The object continued to rise, slowly at first, but once it was above the trees it then “shot up” into the sky, becoming nothing more than a star-like object in a matter of seconds.

The witnesses also stated that the object was football or oval shaped, and was approximately 50 feet in width. There was a bright yellow glow on the underside of the object which appeared to grow brighter the faster it moved.

Perhaps what is interesting about these sightings is that they took place near the lake – a great body of water. And as we have examined before on several occasions, there very much appears to be a distinct correlation between UFOs and the many lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans around the world. And there would certainly appear to be some kind of connection here.

Huge Object Stops Traffic In New York

At around 8:30 pm, also one evening in 1975, in New York, an unnamed truck driver was traveling from New York City to Albany. For reasons he couldn’t explain at the time, he was unable to tune his radio to any radio station, receiving nothing but static. [5] As he went along the road, he also noticed several motorists had pulled to the side of the road.

He didn’t think too much of it until he went under an overpass and noticed “this thing floating over the road about 100 feet above the roadbed”. He immediately “slammed on the brakes” and brought the truck to a stop.

Whatever the object was, it was “approximately the size of a high school football field, but not quite as wide”. He would further describe the object as having “lights on each end and in the middle, with blue square lights all across the back end of the wings”.

At this point, the witness got out of the truck’s cabin and went to stand in front of the truck to watch the bizarre object. As he was standing there, a New York State Trooper pulled up alongside him and also got out. They both simply stood there for two to three minutes, just watching the bizarre events as they unfolded.

One thing they both noticed was that the object didn’t make a sound and remained completely silent. It didn’t even “fluctuate or flutter”, as if it “just floated in the air”. Both the witnesses later recalled that the exterior of the craft was a silver-grey color and contained “no rivets or seams” anywhere as if it was made from one piece of material.

As they watched, the object suddenly burst into motion, heading out toward the Hudson River before making a slight turn”. Then, “the next second – literally one second – it was gone”. The witness estimated that the object remained in sight for a total of around five minutes. As soon as the object disappeared, the truck’s radio burst back to life, something, of course, that we have seen in previous cases we have already examined here.

The Multi-Witness Sighting Over Vespucio

In more recent times, between 8:50 pm and 9:30 pm on July 15th, 2002, in the town of Vespucio in Argentina, multiple residents witnessed a bizarre object flying overhead. [6] According to the report, that appeared in the El Tribuno newspaper, residents of the town “took to the streets” when the bizarre, glowing object appeared over the hills of the San Antonio Range.

One witness, an unnamed housewife, offered to the newspaper that the object was “oddly beautiful”, and that the “intensity of the light was enormous although it produced no fear whatsoever” in the townsfolk. She continued, however, that although “we were all marveled at first, we got nervous when we realized that along with the phenomenon, the phones stopped working and the electrical systems of several cars were left for dead”. This made it impossible for motorists to start their vehicles or even just their headlights or car radios.

Witnesses closer to the canyon, and ultimately, closer to where the object appeared to be hovering, stated that they were “used to seeing this singular luminous event since 1999”, adding that “whenever they appear, they cause failures in motor and electrical systems”. Another witness, 22-year-old Gaberial Olima, offered that residents of the area had seen these objects so many times, that they were more than used to them, further offering that they were visible between July and August, “not before, not after”.

Olima would also state that on one occasion, a film crew from a Buenos Aries TV Channel visited the region in order the film the object, which they did. He would recall that the crew was extremely frightened by what they were seeing, with one member stating it was “very strange” and that the object was something unknown. Interestingly, however, the footage never appeared on the television channel, perhaps making us wonder if some kind of outside influence stopped any potential broadcast.

Ultimately, as they usually did, after remaining in place for precisely 40 minutes, the object shot off into the distance at an incredible rate of speed and vanished within a few seconds.

V-Shaped UFO Over Ocala Causes Truck’s Electronics To Malfunction

Another intriguing incident unfolded around 9 pm on March 2nd, 2006, over Ocala in Florida. According to the report, on the night in question, an anonymous resident was walking around Fairfield Village and just happened to be looking up at the stars when they noticed an “abrupt rushing sound”. [7] At the same time, they noticed a “V-shaped wing” moving over the trees at an altitude of around 50 feet above the treetops. It appeared to be descending and “banking on a 60-degree angle”.

The witness ran toward one of the nearby trees in order to get a better view of the object, which was already heading off into the distance. And, the initial rushing sound aside, it moved in complete silence. Although they could see details, including lights, insignia, or even joins, they could see the object was a solid craft.

Witness sketch of the object

The craft continued to descend, even appearing as though it was about to collide with one of the trees. Before it did so, however, it came to a stop, hovering just above the ground. Then, “the nose of the wing turned 90 degrees while rotating the axis of its wing so that the entire craft was on its side” approximately six feet from the ground. It then moved forward, and once past the tree, straightened itself out into its original position. After hovering briefly once more, it then continued forward, eventually disappearing into the distance.

The witness estimated that the object was in sight for only several minutes, and at no point did he feel as though he was in any kind of danger. Almost as soon as the object had vanished, the witness decided to go for a drive in his truck in order to contemplate what he had just seen. However, despite his seatbelt being locked in correctly, the warning light remained on and wouldn’t clear. What’s more, all of the electronic dashboards were seemingly going haywire for several minutes.

A Consistent And Potentially Dangerous Consequence Of UFO Sightings And Encounters

As we can see, then, cases of UFOs causing electromagnetic interference go back decades, certainly all the way back to the opening years of the Modern UFO era. As we asked in our opening, does this suggest the same intelligence behind each and every one of these sightings, or does it suggest that electromagnetic effects are a consequence of these mysterious crafts’ presence? And if the latter is true, is this an unintended consequence or a purposeful one?

While this question perhaps seems inconsequential when looking at the big UFO picture, from a general safety perspective, we might imagine what might happen – as has happened before – if a UFO happens to appear near a commercial airliner and has an effect on its navigational equipment, or even the engines and on-board computers. While this has not happened on a deadly level yet – at least to the best of public knowledge – it is surely a distinct possibility, perhaps even an inevitability.

With this last point in mind, it is clear to many in the UFO community that the subject of UFOs, what they might be, and what the consequences of their presence might be should be studied much more seriously by well-funded, publicly transparent departments, working alongside UFO researchers and investigators as they do so. If that were to become a reality, we just might make strides in getting closer to the bottom of the UFO and alien question.

The video below examines the UFO mystery a little further.


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